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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City IN Oklahoma

Micco Chotkey

This is a great place to get a education. Glad to spend time here and gain some knowledge.

Dan Truitt

If this is your first year I would choose some place else. The financial and admissions office is not helpful and thats if you can even get a hold of them. It can be very costly and time consuming if you don't know what to do. So find a place that will help walk you through the process and explain it.

Camila Koech

lisa molina

Glad my Daughter made a good choice to come to college her! From colorado

Chi Pham

This is the best school to start for the general education. Nice environment here, great teachers, and neat equipments.

Amelia Chavez

Samantha Conley

I love going to this school. Everyone is so nice.

Alicia Gaytan

I go here

Stephanie Long

Great school. I just wish there were more social activities to do

Kitten B0mb

Bad school if you have a disability they do not understand nor do they care.

Guillermo Velazquez Chicas

teachers are good administration sucks ass

Daniel M.

Michael Eae

This school rapes their students financially while providing a lack luster education. I should have gone elsewhere.

Who's This???

Joel Crawford

Horrible school. Don’t take my word for it, just try calling up there.


Michael Varughese

Justin Burley

Worst academic experience ever. The financial aid office has no clue what they are doing. They lost documents that I had faxed to them, and even dropped off in person. I would talk to one advisor one day and then get a completely different story from another advisor another day about where my documents were that I had turned in. They had me amend my entire tax return from the prior year, visit the IRS office downtown, and get documents stamped to process my financial aid, only to lose the stamped document over and over. Then the entire time I'm going through this process for them, they knew that I was going to be denied financial aid the whole time and didn't bother to tell me. So now here I am with an amended tax return, which is causing me to owe more money, and no financial aid whatsoever. I can't buy books to continue my classes for the spring semester, and I can't pay the tuition for the previous semester. If you look at their graduation rate, it's horribly low, and this is an example as to why.

Adam Ring

gila ramos

charity bearden

JoLee Messerli

Sam M

dominique case

Joanna Marris


Nece T.

Financial aid office is Horrible. Always giving information extremely at the last minute when you have came into the office multiple time, which makes a bad "rock and a hard place" situation. Then they act like it is your fault. OSU-OKC really needs to do better, can't be messing w/ peoples finances. Uhg!!!!

bryan lance

There are some really good people at OSU-OKC, since 2017 I have come across nothing but helpful people. The advisors have been great the only thing i have had problems with was the VA center, but that person has since been replaced.

Dylan Seeley

very un organized. Classes keep getting canceled after I've already enrolled. And if your class does get canceled for the semester, don't expect them to call you about it.

maitham Alshaikh

Team Gizmoto

First Last

Good school, some rude instructors, office people never answer their phones when you call them, especially business office. I even tried calling them while I am in school during summer and they are not answering their phones. I understand they may be doing something, but come on. Repeated calls and still not answering? Students would have to drive all the way to school and waste gas for one question to be answered.

Labor Dave

This school is a joke. This school is too easy. College Algebra, Calculus, English Comp I, etc is not at a university standard. This place is there to hand out diplomas like they are Halloween candy bars. This school is there to boost the self-esteem level for a big group of idiots.

Reagan Roy

Cameron Michael

Best Nursing school around!

Tyler Ausmus

Dallius T. Bartole

Stop showing me your phone number!!!!!!!!!!1

Raquel White

At first I was nervous about paying for classes due to my financial aid not being processed but I reached out to my teachers and fellow classmates and someone was able to rely this info over to someone higher up. I got a phone call that they'll be able to help w/ getting books for me some I got one and also my financial aid was processed the week after so I was able to go get my books for class and pay for schooling. I'm really glad someone took time out of their schedule to help me. They didn't have to stay after hours to help me but they did and I'm very thankful that I'm attending a school that really cares. Blessing for the upcoming yrs here!!!!

Lance Parson

Everett Slavik

Great school! Campus is small so that it isn't overwhelming for students, especially recent highschool graduates. It's more expensive than other 2 year community colleges but slot cheaper compared to 4 year Universities and credits easily transfer to any in state 4 year public university.

Emmanuel Salewon

Jullie Winter

Jasmine James

They never answer the phone! It's so annoying, and they are slow with everything they do.

Matt Burdt

Cecilia Wanjiru

Best experience ever..Admissions, testing offices were very helpful. My transition from another was very smooth no hurdles experienced. My instructors are well equipped and are very good at what they do.

BenG .

Switched to open source books full of typos. The quality of the books has improved noticably over the last year as most classes and professors have worked out the kinks. Still an obnoxious change.

Skye Cox

This is a great school. The security is second to none and always available and more than happy to assist anyone who needs their help. The classes are not over crowded and the professors are wonderful. They are understanding and patient with their students. The support staff are exemplary with everything they do.

Myles Taylor

Easily the worst community college in Oklahoma. Spend your money elsewhere where they actually care about their students. There's only 1 basic chemistry class, which is required for your associates, in the entire school. Having 1 class for a required class is such a terrible setup. If you don't enroll in this class 2 months before it starts, then you have to wait another full semester before you even have a chance at enrolling in it again. There's no other options for this class, so if you don't enroll for it before October and it doesn't work around your schedule then you're out of luck. Tuition was also just raised, so on top of paying $300 to enroll, I also get to pay an extra $2000 to a school that doesn't care about me. My first semester there, my Algebra professor quit after 3 classes and we were left with someone that was too quiet to understand and his handwriting was so atrocious you couldn't read anything he wrote. There was material on the exams that were due on the homework the following week. Higher ups were contacted and nothing was done about it, leaving most of the class to barely scrape by with a C. The same semester I had a history professor that went off on so many tangents about the world's current problems that you would've thought you were in a current events class. I've also had my fair share of very unprofessional professors. One of my online professors didn't give any explanations on how to do assignments through the online course, so I missed the entire first unit. I emailed him asking how I could raise my grade before the end of the semester and his entire email he wrote back said: "Done." My grade was the same by the end of the semester so I emailed him back and he said opened up assignments for me, but not once was that mentioned in his very carefully crafted one word email. Overall, this school is not worth your time or your money. I have been in a class where they forced a professor to teach a class that isn't what he usually teaches, so I learned next to nothing in the class. The only thing this school has going for it is the amount of online classes there are. For the most part you can take your classes online, but be prepared to learn things on your own because the online professors don't enjoy helping their students. If you haven't figured out how to do the assignments for yourself, then you're out of luck. Save your money and go to another community college in the area. Also, administration is horrible. Everyone working in one of the offices on campus cares so little about their job it's truly amazing. I applied my senior year of high school in March. I hadn't gotten my acceptance letter by July and had to call the bozos in Admissions and tell them that I applied months ago and still hadn't gotten anything. The textbooks you have to buy for classes are sometimes made by OSUOKC. I payed $130 of my own money for an English "textbook" that was really just a pile of papers wrapped in plastic. These books have next to no resale value as OSUOKC makes new textbooks every semester and no one wants a textbook that only goes with OSUOKC curriculum from a single semester. HERE'S THE WORST THING THEY'VE DONE TO ME: they had me on the wrong degree plan for over a year, so I was taking some of the wrong classes for over a year and now I have to stay an extra semester because I don't meet the requirements yet to receive my associate's. Save your money and stay far away from this circus that is somehow considered a University.

Michael Cathey

I was there for a high school academic competition. Seemed like a nice school. But I don't know much about it otherwise.

Lyric Hawks

Every Saturday my d2l does not work and i.t does nothing. Also no one ever answers the phones there!

Nicole Case

Reina Williams

seema saste

Heather Said

Lalo Luna

Tracey Starwalt

Wonderful place to receive your degree. The counselors are truly interested in helping you plan the best course of action. No need to fear being the oldest class, for those who are deciding later life to pursue a degree. There are people of all ages, backgrounds and color. A truly diverse and wonderful environment.


Horrible Financial Aid Experience experienced here. Dealt with an unprofessional counselor who was not proactive in assisting me and was extremely passive aggressive. I called her a few times because she never got back to me and was never in her office and she called and left me an aggressive email explaining herself. Compared to just leaving me an unbiased email, separate from her emotions her personal feelings, as someone working in a service industry, such as a college advisor should do. The campus is nice. Teachers are average. But this horrible financial aid experience has led me to transfer schools, where I have had 0 of the stressful dilemmas brought about by osu OKCs horrible financial aid department.

Hayden Stanfield

Zac Welch

We were cheated out $1500 because of a paperwork error. Nobody answered emails or phone calls or responded to messages left. This school is a scam and a fraud.


Great school for individuals interested in the computer technology field.

Krs Blaylock

I have to agree with Tulsaboi53. I when to this school and they wouldn't ever return my calls staff was never in there office when i called i even left voicemail's bad experience with the Bookstore and the financial Aid office. 1. Last semester i was at OSU/OKC i returned something tot he bookstore which was never opened. They told me i could bring it back at anytime yet come to find out they told me you only had 10 days to bring it back after buying the produce from them. Will they didn't tell me that upfront and due to me having vision impairment i couldn't see that on the receipt. I told them i wasn't told that and i have disability with my vision. one of the bookstore staff told me" it wasn't his problem i was blind can couldn't see to read the receipt." i wasn't to happy i when talk to some higher up people over the University there and they took care of my problem. See OKC/OSU bookstore isn't apart of the the OSU System that what i was told by University administration. Unlike the main campus at Stillwater where that bookstore is owned and operated by the actually University so FYI on that to future students at OSU/OKC. 2. I was going to switch from one program to another program when i was at OSU/OKC campus. I couldn't get a hold of anyone i left voicemail's send i believe emails. for two to three day's finally i called the President office told them what was going on and finally i got call back ASAP from the Dean of that College. I was talked rude to and they talked to me like i was mentally Challenged or something they made me feel degrade. So i with un-enrolled myself and am not going to different school where i am happy at myself like TulsaBoi53. They way i was treated i give the OSU/OKC half star. They need to learn now to be more professional and treat there student, and realize without us the Student's they wouldn't have a JOB.

Katherine Dockrey

Amazing campus


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