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REVIEWS OF Mid-America Christian University IN Oklahoma

Aleena Ames

I tried getting in touch with my enrollment counselor many times to only find out she was no longer working for the school. Working with their financial aid department is a nightmare. Everybody I speak with has a different answer and they are extremely slow, so this has been an added stress on top of trying to keep up with the 5 week courses. With all the troubles and the cost, I would like to transfer out. However, I'm 6 classes away from graduating and 12 of my hours won't even transfer so I will suck it up and continue. No more stress needed...

Tyler Walker

I started attending this university in the Summer of 2012, and everything went really well. I enjoyed the students and instructors except for one. That class was a nightmare. When you have ninety-nine instructors, and one tells you, you will have a disciplinary action take place if you mess up again, that is messed up. The financial aid department was a joke. After three years of being at the university, it was time to move on. Last year was something else. I was randomly selected to provide a tax transcript, and after three attempts to have the IRS mail the statement, no luck! Now, I am going to attend ORU to obtain my bachelor's degree. Their financial aid is more timely, and less of a headache. Be cautious of the financial aid department. Great school, but not the best customer service.

Jae Garnett

Business office is HORRIBLE! They're unprofessional, and handle nothing responsibly. They have no clue on how to handle business. Other then that, the school is great!

Serina McAnally

Cheryl Engelaer

David parent

I completed the Christian Ministries degree, and really enjoyed the program. As with anything on line, there were a few glitches. However, the staff did a great job of sorting out and answering questions. I am proud to say that I am a MACU graduate (May 2013) - and the graduation ceremony was awesome.

Ro Thang

Justin Parker

Mark Dehart

I was attending OCCC before a friend of a friend recommended MACU. I have been a student at MACU since 2013 and it has been the greatest decision I have made for my adult education by far!!! Any working adults considering going back to get their degree and worried that they might not be able to balance it all I say don't stress, take the 100% online courses and work a little here and there on your assignments and everything will work out. Trust me I'm a husband & father of 5 working full-time. I wont lie it can get overwhelming at times but you just have to stay motivated. You got this!!!! Good luck All

missy lynn

The online MBA program is a disaster. I've had 4 classes not put online on the date the class starts and then got penalized for late work. If you have all A's and a D they wait till the end of the program and tell you that you can't graduate unless you retake the class. You are told numerous things, and the success coach turns around and says he miscommunicated information to you. I have SEVERAL emails regarding all these problems. Other students in my online class are constantly emailing with the same complaints. It has turned into a nightmare! You would think we were the first graduating class it is all so unorganized.. Save yourself the headache and enroll online somewhere else. I wish someone had told me before hand.

James B. Donnell Jr.

I have been a MACU for about a year now. Its my sophomore year. The courses are great. The professors are knowledgeable. However, the finical aide department is so slow. Great university, poor finical aide department.

Nick Tarter

Seems like a fantastic place with great leadership. I'm new to the University, teaching a class this semester but so far I'm impressed with the people I've met. I'm a local pastor and I love the Christ-centered nature of this university.

Christopher Hillman

Kidus Kumlachew

Junior M

The Great thing about MACU is you take a 5 wk course at a time. The nightmare is the Financial Aid! Terrible experience with Financial Aid, in 2014 it was bearable, but in 2015 it was so bad it became stressful so i had to attend another college. The university i am attending now (LU) they know what financial aid you are going to receive for the whole year and refunds are on time. No stress whatsoever at LU. If you are going to attend MACU be prepared for a finanical aid nightmare, they need more experienced financial aid personnel, but they are nice people even though they dont know what they are doing.

Francisco Quintero

Good and clean

Allie Parker


Rockie Lennox

I just started in the fall. Prof. Paul is wonderful!!! I've loved it so far. I hope and pray it is like this the rest of the time. We shall see :)


If I could rate zero stars I would!! But the academic advisors are nice and informative..... but it's the WORST place ever for online education! The business office is HORRIBLE and extremely rude!! Do not be fooled by their Christian University "title" they are nothing but a money hungry institution looking to nickel-n-dime and take advantage of Christians who are trying to further their education and better their life! Make sure you read all their policies, fine print and read the part on any financial or student aid and administrative fees (twice) do not be fooled by their mask of deception! Once you get accepted into their school and you sign all their agreements they will begin to charge your account until you have nothing left! They will give you a run around when you need financial aid and they will barely leave money to pay for books, definitely not enough for living expenses because they sucked it all dry. This school is a perfect example of money exchanging inside of the church and profiting off of God! (JOHN 2:14-15) Pray hard before you choose to go to MACU! it's a money racket!

Soma Swarna


Jayme Muskrat

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