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REVIEWS OF Western Kentucky University IN Kentucky

Mark Floyd

Skyler Wilson

Great university and beautiful campus

Ralf Ulms

Nice Stadium

Bret C.

Issiaka Djiré

Lincoln Head

My son attends and is enjoying his time there. His only complaint is that it's a "small" town. I compared it to Cookeville (TTU) in the 80's. By '93 it started exploding and lost a lot of it's charm. WKU only suffers from the lack of selection that bigger campuses offer in classes, majors and schedules.

teresa roberson

Morally Bankrupt

Shame on you WKU. Administration: Where are your Values? Win at all costs ($875,000 per year???)


Dorothy Smart

Linda Clark

Shawn byrd

Chris Gipson

John Doe

Jesus christ! They call the house EVERY WEEK begging for money. GTFO! make sure to NEVER give them your real phone number! They will call you for eternity.

Turki Altayyar

I love this school

Edson Lopez

wish they had soccer mens

Sunshine Flowers

Love it

Lucas Whittaker

Mari wilson

Abdullah Nasrallh


Mark Bartsch

Rosalynda Fabian

old cool

Antonio Lorenzo

Not many places to study at all is my main concern. The older dorms are very gross with small roaches that is not addressed. Clean campus overall and pleased for the most part with my stay

Jessica Leifheit

Eric Jackson

Kalyn Johnson

Amber Hyde

Both of my kids got here. Nice campus and safe. Thankful that they are located near us.

Maria Rubin

Chris Dukes

Michael Zeng

WKU was one of the best colleges

Charlene Darling

Ryan Ford

Birdwing Blackness

chris harkins



Kevin Slusher

enrique lindarte

WKU is one of the best colleges.I was studyimg there and got my master degree.

Billy Curry

Natalia De Ugarte Muñoz

Joseph Kerski

The geography and geology programs here… The staff the faculty the students are top notch.

Colleen Wesselman

Paul Blissenbach

Matthew Key

I went here for only a brief time. However, I had an amazing experience. Learned alot while I was here. Also, they are not as high priced as alot of the other universities.

Brian Walker

Bob Whittinghill

Johnathan Brest

hans raj

I want to get admission in this university

Nicolaos Batalis

Vikram Singh

shirley boorsma

Loved it. Prepared me for a successful and exciting career. Excellent school.

Terry Carrigan

Irma Marissa Eversole Towe

Jerry Beam

Kham Sawm


Teri Payne

Beautiful campus!!

Johnnie Sigler

Adam Foster

Good experience

Christos Emmanouilidis

An excellent choice. I spent my best years there and I had an all-around in depth understanding of the engineering studies. Great spirit, an easy going and safe town with the best people in US!

frankie parks jr

Great place to get your future started

Jeffrey Gibson

Awesome school. I love this campus environment.

Seth Cartwright

Chrissie Putty

President won't take your calls. No help if you don't come from a traditional family. They all say the care as you are bounced from office to another without anyone helping. Promising to return calls that never happen. We were so excited to see her attend there. She really enjoys her classes and campus. Now we are dreading the next four years. They are pushing us towards loans to pay when she qualifies for aide. I'm sure review will be removed, but maybe one non-traditional student will read and save themselves the trouble. Don't let the answer to my review fool you. We've been there multiple times in person. They want to force students into boxes instead of trying to understand unique situations. Trying to force them to rely on people the student knows won't help. What is the worse is having to drag student through their past then saying that it's too bad, it has to be that way. Not caring the pain they are causing. Again non-traditional students look elsewhere!!

Trey Copeland

Home to the world famous Hilltoppers football and basketball teams. And The Hilltoppers music group in the 50s. The campus is beautiful. The grounds crew keeps the campus looking great, from the flowers to the fresh cut grass. Everything is nicely manicured. Multiple dining options are available such as Popeyes, Panda Express and more.

Craig Powell

reg laughton

Virtually real

Monek Dean

(Translated by Google) WKU is the best !! (Original) WKU is the best!!

Aubrey Hinkle

I love Western. The B.E.P (Best Expectations Program) which is a program you are required to be in if our grades get too low did not do a good job to help students improve their grades this academic year (14-15) as it did previously (13-14). It is now student ran and there are no B.E.P advisers to help you with your concerns anymore, there are also no more study requirements... which for me helped me to make sure all my assignments were completed. Also there are no more guest speakers. The cut backs are probably due to budget cut backs. Dorms need remodeling all the funds (our money) seem to go to new buildings and the remodeling of places tourist go the most instead of going to our living conditions as if they don't care. But besides that Western is amazing, great atmosphere great people.

Aziz Saleh

Umit Tural

Lovely place

Alissa Stratton

I loved my years I spent at WKU and I love WKU football!

Nguyen Quoc Bao

Rosana McCurry

Plan on coming here in 6 years. This school will be awesome!I plan on having a writing major and my grandfather was the head of the biology department so that might help with my tuition. I am already writing a book that I plan on publishing before college.

Rana Alshehri

mohammed altaweel

I attended from 2014 to summer 2016. It was the best college experience. As an international student, all faculties were very helpful not in only at college, they were helpful in everything foreign people may need. WKU offers buses transportation from dorms to school and many shopping centers. Also you can find many fields of study programs. I am glad that I am an alumni of WKU .

Ali Aldoheem

Irma Towe


The people here are really cool and nice and the food here is lovely


Rohit Bhusari

Anel Mata

I would have liked the school if it wasn't for biased faculty members, racist cops, crazier than usual street preachers, rude drugged up locals in public transportation, and lackluster education. Don't bother going here if you care about your educational prospects and your sanity.

Twilight By light

Gud gud school but to much pay si

Paul Stratton

My advisor, Bethany took great care of me. WKU is a great school and relatively affordable compared to other universities. Parking can be rough though.

frank rucker

I went on a tour on October 26 2017 and I loved it!! The staff and students was very friendly. The campus was really safe and the security measures are very thurough

fayçal ben sassi

I just love this place, safe calm and beautiful!!

Anthony Coleman

Hussein Alsomali

Praveen Prajapati

Fernando Amador Diaz

Keith Privé

Beautiful campus in the heart of Bowling Green's historic downtown district. A lot of events in Bowling Green are held here. If you don't have a WKU parking pass, it might be difficult to find parking within close proximity to campus.

Sai Kiran

Jeffrey Elmore

Faisal Alnahari


My years on The Hill were some of the best of my life. I received a great education and am proud to call myself an alumni.

Ryan & Nicole Bufford

Beautiful campus, interesting classes, and professors who are willing to help.


The convenience of a WKU campus being close to home was the best part of this school. As far as the program I was in I did not enjoy it what so ever. The program didn't require critical thinking or much application of the concepts self taught from the textbooks. My ADA was violated 2 semesters in a row by the same teacher and the disabilities office declined to look into it because it didn't affect my letter grade when final grades were posted. The career prep services are mediocre at best and they are of no assistance once you graduate. The accommodations put in place for taking test for ADHD at the Owensboro campus are absolutely awful. I was put in a room a little bigger then my closet with 5 other students to take exams. I declined to use that service after the first time because of how distracting the environment was in that small space. There is no campus feel here and no organizations you can join since it's not at main campus. The financial aid department wasn't helpful while I was there or even once I graduated when I had questions about the loans I received, while at WKU. The class sizes are super small which was enjoyable. There's little flexibility to class times if you're in your major and that can cause some problems if you are employed full time. I personally did not feel prepared to go out as a professional once I graduated from WKU. I got the degree with no problem straight A's actually, but I don't think I learned as much as I should have. I did not enjoy my time at this school.


Tina Sneed

Gonzalo ManuelPascual

Aas Sa

My best academic year was start here

Blake Blackburn

WKU was a great choice for my undergraduate education. From the campus life to the education in the classroom I feel the time I spent at Western was both enjoyable and key to my recent endeavors in the real world. Thank you Western Kentucky!

gamer boy

We had camp kidjam there

미국맨디 migug mandee

My sister comes here. She always talks about how her classes give her a nice challenge and how she's respected. This is definitely going to be my future collage. It's not too far away from home so that's good

Taylor Diana

KillJoy Photography

Had a great time at the game

Abdulrhman A

nate gilkerson


محمد العاصمي

Pa D

Community of stars!

Kim Sheckell

I toured here once, but I've never went to school here, but I may go here when I transfer colleges.

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