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REVIEWS OF University of Louisville IN Kentucky

Pizza H

Sarah Tabugbo

Mirsad B

Ernesto Ricardo Ojeda

Tahda 401

Bryant Prenger

Oscar Javier Villarreal Mendoza

Cave Arnold

R. Orwell

Great professors, I can't think of one that I didn't learn a lot from during my years there. Made a lot of great friends. If you have other options, I would encourage you to consider them before this University, though. The administration is corrupt, you won't have to look too far to find out about the scandals of the University. I hate saying it because I had so many fond memories there, but you can get a quality education elsewhere and avoid contributing to the cash-grab by the University upper administration/athletic programs (Google: UofL and prostitution, read up about it for yourself).

XB Wang

Great place to study and have fun. Fantastic school in the middle of Louisville.

flexsup 12

(Translated by Google) excellent U (Original) exelente U

Darryl Davidson

Morris Harris

William Davis

Louisville is well known for its athletic talent. However, it is also a very solid school academically. It possesses a wealth of professional and pre professional programs.

Ah mee cho

Travis Waters

22,000 students can't all be wrong

mike stahl

Andrew Hall

Robert Palmer

Waiting over an hour to talk to Financial Aid Officer with no one attending the front desk. We are number #18 on a list and were skipped as they called #19 back. When I addressed the Financial Aid Officer, she rudely said, well you have to sign back in and start over. This should be a sign, why are we considering this school? Amazing to think the Financial Aid Office doesn't have a front desk person meeting or greeting prospective parents of 17 year old children looking to seek college funding questions. Out of State Tuition, no communication with Parents and rude staff??????

Big D

Stephanie Bowen

Susan Holder

MacGregor Main

Kevin Lamb

Leading edge of trauma & emergency medicine; advancing and innovative teaching & research

entrepreneur Amway business

Ben Kelley

Changing Everyday

U of L has spent some considerable money changing it's appearance over the past few years. Beautiful work along 2nd Street and Card Blvd.

Ayla Baunach

If I could I would give UofL negative stars. I would have rather attended Hard Knocks University.

Manuel Cardenas

(Translated by Google) NOT worth this school (Original) NO vale verga esta escuela

Claire Raneri

Patti Hoover

Love Louisville! The town is great the people are friendly. ..great restaurants! #1 Louisville Women's Lacrosse!

Victor Leachman

before you decide to go here have a major in mind and be 100% sure it is what you want to do for the rest of your life. Because one of the biggest mistakes you can make is spending a ton of money in financial aid and having no career to pay back your student loans. This school is outrageously over priced and that's not including the ridiculous fines they hit you with for dumb reasons. this school is the reason I will be struggling to feed my family for the next couple of months.

Jess Britt

So for those who do not know... UofL is trying to sell agricultural land in Okolona that was donated for the purpose of agricultural research to a developer so that they can build a 260 unit apartment complex where they plan to house refugees once its built. This will effectively triple the population of that neighborhood, gridlock local traffic all the time, and tank the property values of people in that neighborhood. Okolona and Highview where I live is a very blue collar single family area where hard working people live. The mostly elderly folk in that neighborhood have been fighting this for 2 years but the city is trying to push it through because the Developers lawyer was previously on the Louisville planning board. They are only trying to build it here because they know this part of the city doesn't have the money to fight it in a court room. Last night over 200 people showed up for the zoning change meeting. There were so many people that the Planning Board cancelled the meeting. I believe that if my like minded friends and the people of this city air their grievances on UofL's social media they will think twice about selling land that was donated to them for agricultural research so some builder can add more urban sprawl to an already struggling community. #TellUofLDontSell Don't sell that land to Barrett. You are lowering the value of Highview and Okolona to make a quick buck. Don't rezone agricultural land that's been in that neighborhood for centuries when it was given to the university in good faith.

tyra livers

Mohammad Mohaghegh Faghih

University of Louisville is where I am doing my PhD. I really love what I do and my supervisor, professor Sharp, is a great person both in research and personally. I learnt a lot from him. I am in mechanical engineering school. They have been spending a lot of money recently to renovate all the instruments in the mechanical workshop. For example they added five new 3d printer for students to play with. Also, they bought 5 new micro cnc machines. There is also one faculty member that teach the students how to safely work with these new devices. For the measurement lab, a couple of new instruments have been purchased that are really awesome. Fluid mechanics lab also has new facilities to explore different aspects of the fluid mechanics concepts. Being a lab TA, I can tell for sure that all the ME students are enjoying the new facilities. They have also been hiring top ranked new faculty members. I know some of them, they are from very top universities and can add to the reputation of the ME department. So if you are thinking about joining the engineering group in University of Louisville, do not hesitate to do that. Good luck with your study and have fun.

Curtis Ellis

You need waax

titir banerjee

Truly a great institution...

Charles Springer

Excels in a great many areas, including academic, athletic and facilities. UofL has had more Fulbright Scholars than all other Kentucky schools combined.

A Ranting Nerd

Mitch McConnell is my bae

Zach McClave

An unbelievable university, beautiful campus and great part of living in Louisville.

MissO N

I attended UofL from 2010 to 2015. I enjoyed my time there, I learned a lot and will recommend the school to a prospective student.

Deontay Webb

Mohsen Azimi

Michael Comstock

Good university, but too many moral issues to feel confident in.

Jacob Lazen

I tried to release a flock of cardinals on the campus and they arrested me. Bruh this place is low key stupid. I even tried to feed the birds a bucket of KFC to see if they would power up or something. Nothing.

Kaitlin Connolly

Scott Kays

Absolutely amazing campus! I have truly loved my experience here at UofL!! Very proud to be a part of this University!


Christina Hubbuch

My favorite part of attending the school was the great student life and most importantly my English teacher. She opened our eyes to many incredible new experiences, through our research and writing.

Srinivasa Sekaran Subramanian

Terry Henderson

My blessing from the Lord.

Lindie Chenou

imran ansari

The classic American campus. Very well laid out and super friendly staff. A nice place to be

Luis Cabrera

Jianxu Chen

Fairly views.

Noonie Strickland

Yaakub Yunus

Julia Thornton

Charles Phillips

One of the best colleges in u.s. of America

Hussen hadi

Ricky Patel

Danny Popp

Joseph Slaughter

It's in the city of Louisville.


Alejandro Guevara Valencia

me farted

Bamba Ndiaye

A great university with lot of cool professors. Their Pan African Studies department is one of the best in the region.

Kuuoosh kuuob

Is amongst the world wide and experience

Robbi Tracy

Great Campus, Great School.

Erik Fons

Stacy Obertate

Shannon helped me today with explaining air pressure and and diagnostic testing. He is awesome and has the best customer service skills ever. This is my big o from here on out

Darrell Gore

Paul Walko

Edwin Aquino

Jim Varney

Thanks UL for the most frustrating years of my life. Trying to speak to an advisor is like finding an open checklane at Wal-Mart. Scheduling events for the advisors to attend on the day seniors are supposed to select classes is on the same level as a football bat. Hey, at least I've got my 50000 dollar piece of paper. I would rather put my genitals in a blender than redo my undergraduate course there. I met a few decent professors/doctors there, but most have their own heads shoved up their own ass so far they can seen the back of their teeth.

Tabitha Rhudy

bobby acciardo

Really nice campus, all the employees are really helpful

abdulahi abdi

Alex Kerley

Kathryn O'Flynn

Cannot get anyone to answer the telephone.


Jeff Christian



The administration may have been corrupt but the general student body and faculty/staff aren't corrupt. This is, hands down, the best university in the city of Louisville. Transferred to UofL from BU and I love it. There aren't as many entitled students and people are willing to help you. As a whole, the university doesn't appear to chose favorites or try to silence students as I have openly witnessed at BU. Cons: TBH, I wish universities weren't so obsessed with sports. I feel like a lot of resources are channeled more to the athletic program rather than tuition affordability for ALL students. Middle-income households are the biggest losers because they have to worry about finances and don't receive support. Most college students aren't able to ask parents to pay for their college tuition in full so then why do we base students off of their parents income? We should base college tuition on the individual student's yearly income, not their parents.

Stacy Love

Dylan Vish

Good university. The education I received was awesome. The faculty was amazing and the campus was great. A lot of good resources here including the processors, libraries, organisations and recreational facilities.


Good school

Michael Gilpatrick

Miles Mu

The staff were super friendly and super smart

Hamed Gheethan

يرجى نشر اسماء الطلبه المتفوقين علميا والذين حازوا على جائزات الجامعه بعد كل تخرج والدرجات اللتي حازوا عليها

Sanghun Kim

Mark Jenkins

matthew heustess

Alyssa Nicholson

Go Cards

Christina Kennett

Very helpful staff, anytime I have questions about financial aid I receive a straight forward answer unlike most universities. Experience has been very positive and am looking forward to attending Spring semester 2017! I highly recommended this university.

The Original Brown Barbie

Katie M

Spencer Hill

Jackie Hurst

Great jazz performances and fine musicians/educators

Kelly Moy

Spent some time at UofL in 2013. I was in the library looking for the usual technical books or something releavant. I went to some campus meetings for graduate students. And there was Muslim comedy. I also looked at the law school, I guess my confidence was low. That is certainly a waste of time to look at comedy I mean law school when there is science out there diseases to be cured and things to invent. I don't really know why anyone bothers to study anything that isn't technical. I also remember the walk past historical homes to get here from downtown. I don't need to describe the architecture because what is really important is the science/technology you can get out of the place. Maybe I should apply here. I got a useless degree. I think alot of things have been figured out in chemistry. All my friends getting into jobs have already well the wheel has been reinvented so many times. I need to just finish some writing projects and start at community college. Can't we figure out how to grow fat cells, some people have fat stomachs. Should get my google point. Really maybe I should go back to school if no one will invent how to grow fat cells, I don't want implants, its scary to have water balloons in your body. I need to work on writing projects in order to make myself presentable it counts as an accomplishment. Its worth studying the octet rule again and working your way up and taking notes in organic chemstry to replace water balloons. The world would be completely turned upsidedown if people could take pills to enhance themselves. I think it would have anti aging benefits. I forgot that my career goal in high school was to reverse aging. i guess i might as well figure out where to go to school again.

Daniel Wolford

Tonya Young

The financial aid department is the worst! I'm not certain if it's just "certain" students (everyone knows that certain means black students....well the ones who don't play sports for the school) who this department gives a difficult time or if they just don't know their jobs in that department. They will tell a student that they need 1 thing to complete their file, and once the student returns the paperwork, they will tell them they still need another document. The student will return that document and then be told that they need another. Instead of giving a student a list of everything that they need to complete their file they will have students jumping through hoops, running back and forth to their office and placing holds on the students account as if the student has done something wrong. University of Louisville, if you want to revamp, start with firing everyone in the financial aid department.

Kat Ford

John Pacyga

A visit to the Speed Art Museum is always a great way to spend some time

Seth Phillips

Asaad Khattab

Bodhi Bixby

Angel Nation

Michael Neal

Mr. B.

The best school in the state of Kentucky, hands down. The city has come a really long way. And getting better.

Dawn D

Kacie Reeder

Barbara Sharp

Patricia Trenchs

Kim Sheckell

never attended school here, but I may go in a couple of years. its a nice campus!

Linda Roe

It has been many years since I walked the University of Louisville campus as a student. Also, there have been many changes since that time. The changes have greatly improved this campus. I enjoyed my time there, have fond memories of this college and am proud to have been a student and always will be a Cardinal fan.

Olgalidia Barroso

Andre Wingate


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