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GT Harney

You get transferred here for a specialist, where you then wait 6 hours without seeing them. And see an er doctor once. Staff is completely rude and disregard patient concerns, much rather gathering in the hallway gossiping about the night before.

Mirsad B

It was ok...

jacob fridley

Demarcus Cousins went here along time ago.

kevin Smith

It's a teaching hospital and most of the staff go above and beyond.

The Magnificent Whalens

Tonsillectomy costs WAY over the national average....the national average is $5-7K while UK charged us $15,000 .... how ridiculous is THAT? And the care wasn't even that good. Dr. Archer is one of the WORST ENT's I've run across. Avoid the UK Medical Center / Clinic if you can.

anjana subramoniam

The place is so welcoming with people, weather and with excellent faculty. The best of its kind

Miranda Nwadeyi

Best place to learn

Mongolian Pete

An amazing Institution with gloried athletics and renowned academics. I had fond memories here. Though I understand the modernization, new is not always better. Go Big Blue!

Jason Young

This school has an amazing campus and some beautiful buildings. I didn't get a chance to see all of it because it's so spread out but, I did go to Rupp arena. It was like I was at a real NBA stadium. There was so much to do and see around the school.

Michaela Hicks

im a 13 year old girl and im praying to god to go to UK when im older, im also a big fan of their basketball team. i love UK

Owen Swann

It is a great school they have the best basketball team and have had some of the greatest NBA players like Karl Anthony Towns I'm only 15 but I hope I will be able to go to U.K. I will always be a Wildcat fan go cats.

Brian McDonald

The best University in the nation!!! Go Big Blue! C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!

Makenna Theissen

Love this place!

Lee Vormbrock

Go Big Blue.

Morgan Hines

I love absolutely everything about this campus!! It's the most beautiful around, Lexington is everything you could ever want in a college town. I love my university!

Rick Thompson

It almost seem,s like the higher up,s have trained there employes to give you the run around.

Zachary Simpson


Tabitha Miller

Yeah I moved here as a Transfer from out of state in Fall and overall the campus is nice (aesthetically) and the classes aren't too bad. Professors are really good and informative and are adept in everything they teach. As for student services and on campus resources, THIS IS THE WORST COLLEGE! Do not expect the student services or ANYONE to be helpful on campus. I have made MULTIPLE attempts at asking around in all of the different "official" office buildings: -Where/How do I use the on campus printers? -I live off campus and am trying to find _____ and have been looking all over for it. Could you help me? -Do you know who I could talk to about financial or other assistance for first-generation college students? -I am having issues with _____ could you or do you know someone who could help me with this? Following asking any of these questions I have been directed ALL OVER campus looking for the right answer or person who knows the right answer and more (many more) times than not, have I walked away with issues unresolved. The staff that deals with students directly is incredibly unfriendly and unhelpful Be ready if you plan to attend here to purchase your own printer and computer of some sort. Because all offered printing on campus is either ridiculously expensive or it's only available for a "certain specified group of people." (Ex: ___ Major Computer Lab) This college is terribly unhelpful and I am beginning to regret my decision to move.

Theresa Hayden

Love this place Awesome!!

Vanesa Surtzy

Wonderful experience

Joshua Schaffer

Incredible campus, great student housing

Becky Terry

Worst school ever. All they care about is your money. The parking pass is about $300 a year and the bus sucks, it's always too full, they don't have enough of them, and they hire the biggest idiots ever to drive these buses. They want you to fail your classes so you have to pay to take them again. Don't waste your time or money going here.

Brant Daniels

its alright awesome basketball team go Wildcats

Djlaas Promix

I'm from New York ! But I love UK

Tutor Hub

Beautiful Place

miguel gutierrez

Kinda expensive and the service is kinda bad.

Mike Gilbert

This place seems to be more into sports than actually providing the education that you pay for.

Callie Kuehn

Gorgeous campus! I like it a lot, and how it is in a city!

Southern Sweetheart

As a graduate from the University of Kentucky I can truly say it is a wonderful campus. I loved the quality in education, the activities, and the student center. Everything has been recently upgraded and alot of buildings are brand new. 4 years here went by extremely fast, but I treasure the memories. The campus life is peaceful, and the basketball games at Rupp Arena are always so much fun and just a few streets down from the university. There are a plethra of resturaunts surrounding all sides of UK so there is always someplace new and exciting to eat.

Matthew Key

This school is great, with a world class nursing program, and many others. Not to mention the best college basketball program in the world.

ادم المهدى

Really i love this place its my home

Kara Knorr

Love the campus & friendly atmosphere. Yet it floors me how many doctors & nurses are outside smoking at UK's hospital

Maura Wilson

It has a great fanbase

Robert Parsley

Its a Lit institution...

Austin Monnett

Money hungry, for sure. But if you can afford it, great place to spend your four years.

Ashley Roach

I gave it a four because every time I have walked down there it has smelt like puke.

Matthew Musante

Beautiful campus. Updated housing and buildings make this a great place to attend in the next couple years.


AWESOME COLLAGE love you Kentucky


I'm hoping to go there said it is a great school can't wait

Lola Booker

they take such good care of me


Great University! Wonderful Award Banquet / Lyman T. Johnson

Charlestown Davis

Elevator trouble

ninegag infanty

The campus is lovely. The problem is the women. They typically strut around in yoga pants and bright colored shirts. I went to UK hoping for a conservative place. I was let down. Also, there simply are not enough Mcdonalds on campus.

Sandra Pearson

very good doctors

Noland Aull

Amazing campus with a huge variety of resources for students to access. Certainly the best campus in the state, with the second largest campus library in America.

Tori Slack

I received my undergraduate degree from this University and I have nothing but praise for this institution.

Lim Shen Sim

A place I called home for 2 years back in the early 90's.

Cynthia Snider

Teachers who care, beautiful well lit campus, respectful students and staff

Andy Ferguson

Sorry my past review was for the UK Hospital, not for the UK College. I have updated my rating due and apologies for this error. I also moved my review for the hospital to the correct place.

Denise Puckett

Horrible. Sent me to the wrong department. Sharon Denise Nichols


Overall a very wonderful university. There is so much UK has to offer. Their push for more research is welcomed to help Kentucky and the world solve problems and fight disease. I must say there is so much diversity at UK and each college has their own culture while being a part of the larger university culture. Professors are generally caring and knowledgeable. Facilities are for the most part very modern and well-kept. Students are given access to vast resources and opportunities. Academic, athletic, and artistic study, research, practice and learning are all championed here.

Glen Jones

Great service, the food is awesome!

Phyllis Quillen

My grandson is a big fan of the basket ball team


I feel bad rating UK a 1, because the teachers and faculty really do seem to care about the students, but I can't in good conscience recommend this school to anyone, much less anyone in the same position as me, where money is very tight. For what you are paying, you are getting screwed. And if anything ever goes wrong at UK, and you file a complaint, or are owed money by the university, prepare to be put over a barrel and effed by UK. They don't care about students once they enroll. If the administrative staff were better, or were able to be helpful without you having to spend weeks leaving unanswered messages for the one person in the entire department who can help you, it would be a decent school -- but they are not, and with the governor's peculiar ideas about educational funding meaning cuts all around, I sincerely doubt this situation will improve. You should only attend UK if you value paying through the nose in order to believe that you now have a special connection to their basketball team. Yay, you, you attended a university with a good basketball team, this means you are automatically better than someone attending a school with a poor one; this is definitely worth owing a large amount in inescapable debts!

Shawnee Oldshield

I was treated very well and I was taken care of with great respect and even better care, thank you so very gratefully!

Stick k

They are like most credit unions except, you have to have a open account for 90days before you can use mobile deposit which is my opinion is crazy any other bank/credit union can do that when ever

heather dawes

The campus can be very confusing, especially when you are trying to figure out which entrance to use, which building you are supposed to go to, and trying to figure out where to park without getting towed.

Boden Pedigo

nice basketball team my favorite!!!

vinay bakkannavar


Mackie Falireas

Being a former student at UK I can say that this University is subpar at best. The advisors are clearly just sitting back getting a paycheck and show very little to no concern for the students. I have often witnessed student graduating with degrees the didn't want because they weren't given any sort of useful guidance. Likewise majority of the professors show no enthusiasm for their corriculum or the advancement of the students, it is not at all uncommon for the part time tutor to be a much more helpful and available resource than the professor. This University is simply using education as a means of profit, and nothing more. If you are looking for a school that is engaging, stimulating, and upwardly mobile please don't waste ANY time or money at this place. The only thing substantial on this campus is drugs, alcohol, and a sick rape culture. Don't be fooled, invest in your future and don't pay for the party at UK.

Hagazi Gebre

the department of public is providing a very critical fields combination i.e, PhD in biostatistics and Epidemiology which are the back bones in the field of public health which deals on better health of the population or community. I really like the field!

RedDragon 2976


bobby acciardo

Beautiful school


I have been working as a faculty at UK for 4 years. Great place to work. At least, in my department I have great colleagues and the students are wonderful. Very big on sports and growing in research. As every major university, this is a big business! I do not like in this campus traffic jumps and no parking space, also about once a month or so there is some kind of shooting going on. Of course that is not the students, but makes me sad to hear such things.

Ken Rivera

Honestly they are such a flop, out here bribing refs for the sweet 16! The entire state is worthless and has a miler for a senator! I won’t have their legacy team continue to dominate things just because. Let’s talk about how the state is full of people that can’t move because they aren’t on the lighter side of things. I won’t ever be visiting that state and THATS THAT!

Tomahawk Stukes

Beautiful facilities

Cheyenne Wood

It looks like excellent

Colm Doogue

im the best all

sarah napier

Everyone was so nice great visit

William Kenimer

I graduated UK with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Overall the commitment to education is par to sub-par. The athletic department, however, is the best of the best!

Jaicey Cheyenne

my sister went here they said to her whats the point you are not smart enough the only thing that will get you in life is that you are pretty enough. So dont go here if you want to be treated with respect but if you want a good school I recommend you to go to East Carolina University or Virginia Tech of if you are high standard go to Stanford Or Yale

Denise McClain

The work they do is great but its so big asking for help to a certain lab or building is next tie impossible. People are willing to help but they don't always send you to the right place

Meghan Houbolt

Beautiful campus and continuously growing. UK is a community and a place I feel so welcomed and comfortable.

Willnard Anderson


Tiffany Cara Daugherty

Great campus life and people!

Tamara Mudd Burress

Always friendly

Nickolas Cross


marcia hurlow

Flagship university of Kentucky, R1 rated school, undergraduate and graduate programs, honors college for undergraduates

Jerry Lockard

Best school ever

Cheryl Hamil

Wonderful staff

Rueben Golyatov

The University of Kentucky Prides itself as being a smoking free campus. The truth is all the sidewalks are filled with people smoking and students like myself have to breathe in that smoke every time we pass by. Good thing we have a good cancer research program though!

Smith Parkerking

It a great place to be

Jessica Browning

Best decision of my life to attend UK!!! Go Cats!! Love my University!!

Aaron R. Decker

Beautiful campus in Lexington. Love this college town due to UK.

Job Tharappel

Great place to work. Friendly people all around

Lisa Turner

It is the home of the Kentucky Wildcats nuff said....

Tim Dodson

The school admits more students than they are able to teach. Worthless undergraduate programs, little to no decent counseling. The only thing that anybody seems to care about is the basketball games whether or not they went to college. In addition to caring for only the top 1% of athletes, the school is elitist when it comes to scholarship also. If you are looking for prospective college choices, do yourself a favor and learn to speak Australian.

jeff pendleton

A beautiful area with nice people!

Melissa Trouton

One of the most affordable out of state college options you may was cheaper for me to go to school at UK out of state (and live in a sorority house) than it was for my brother to go in-state to Pitt. They have some outstanding academic programs, to include nursing, kinesiology, sports management and architecture. My degree from UK has opened a lot of doors for me, and I have fantastic memories and friends to go with it. I loved my time in Lexington, and am proud to say I am a Wildcat for life.

Carmen Cornejo

This place sucks

Ashley Middleton

Well kept and very beautiful

Angela Bebout-Deckerd

Awesome....good times...good food...amazing fans...go UK....

Jessa Warren

When I grow up this is where I wanna go

Cody Pike

Don't even go here

Clinton Smith

Graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree. Currently enrolled (due to geographical simplicity) in the Night time Professional MBA program. Non-Athlete students are second class citizens here. Don't expect for teachers to be concerned with much more than their research. Your tuition goes to sports, not improved life for most students. Greek life is elitist and ugly. Personally would never recommend going here unless you received a great scholarship. Grad school programs don't provide much in the way of financial aid either.

Brett King

Gorgeous campus with beautiful people and gorgeous architecture

Dareen Abdelftah

what a beautiful place

Kobe Hughes

a great well funded school. all of the student have received a really good education.

Masood Shah

They are very cooperative and helpful.

Mr. Moore

It's strange reviewing an entire campus, but my experiences with UK's Staff, Classes, Programs, and all the in-between are surpassed by none.

Zachariah Setters

i dont know lololololololol snaic 4 life


My daughter Tasha O'Connor is here we have been waiting on a heart transplant and subsided here so far for almost a month it is one of the best places anyone could be everyone here is wonderful and it's a very clean place. I know she is getting the best care she can here. Thank you all for being so great!

3A Daddy

UKY is a great school if you are looking for digging into science. I spent five years here to complete my PhD study, and have gained the best memory of living in Lexington. Love you, Wildcats!

Allen Hernandez

My boy beasty went there

Christo S

Get physics program, please stop asking me for money.

Joseph Rogers

Great sports complexes

Johnny Hiett

UK. Good well rounded state university. Good parking. Good dorms, food and hospital.


i love UK im 14 and love their basketball team i hope to play in their marching band when im older

johnda hammonds

Best hospital in Lexington, they saved my life

Roraima Filho

Been an international student here for 5 months. The university is very good. Nowadays it has been under massive renovation and constructions. The buildings are good and cold. Bring some clothes with you. The staff, at least the ones I have contacted were awesome.

Paul Ingram

Fantastic univeristy in a great area. Faculty are friendly, at least I'm the chemical engineering department. The campus staff is friendly and willing to help with any concerns you may have. The campus is gorgeous and very welcoming over all. There is a large Greek precede overall, so if that's your thing it's great. I really can't put into words how much I love this school!


If you like Kentucky and Cheesr then look no further. UK is the place for you.


I love kentucky and I am gonna go there sometime but i met malik monk and de'aaron fox at a camp for basketball and i asked them and they said kentucky is awsome and its so clean and everyone is nice thats it so i really wanna go there now even more.

Ava Baker

this place is amazing

Danny Pendleton

Great place! Great University! Great people!

benard kidogo

I love these University,I wish one day I will be there.

ritop magnet

best yoga

David Mathes

The campus is alright but the fans are idiots Go Duke, Go UConn, Go UofL -SubZer0


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