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REVIEWS OF University of Cincinnati IN Kentucky

Luis Mexicano



Lawon Washington

Wouldn't recommend this place for anyone. Too many illegal acts and con artist playing both ends against the middle. Way to many people not introducing themselves asking for information. Would apply for identity theft protection before coming to this area

Brian Price

Great college. Fun to go to sporting events here. DAAP college is one of the best in the country every year.

Arlindo Cordeiro

Russ Hill

(Translated by Google) Sat. (Original) Lö


The IT person, Cameron was SO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL.

Maddy Katz

Love my school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Parker

Founded co-op education. Great campus.

Mahmood Alsaihati

Even if you don't study there you can enjoy the beutfule Campos

Megan Males

It is a beautiful campus, but the surrounding area isn’t super safe.

Luke Miller

Phenomenal and architecturally diverse campus, helpful and informative tour, friendly people, great atmosphere.

Erica Cruz

Its comments like the one below by *Steve James* that make this world so ignorant sometimes. I will be walking the stage Saturday with my Masters and I couldn't be prouder -- If my life was different I would have LOVED to attend on campus - even AFTER recent events. One bad egg does not reflect on the quality of the school, in my opinion. The curriculum and instructors are wonderful - I have had an priceless distance-learning experience with UC and I would recommend anyone without hesitation.

Matt Dorr

Great atmosphere. Fans are great and your welcome in as you arrive. Best place to watch a college game.

Atiya Thomas

I attended a class field trip to the UC campus, sponsored by class adopters. Overall it was an amazing experience. From what I was exposed to on the tour, the University has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics, resources, extra curricular activities. It was like a world within a world.

Abdullah Alsadah

Good area

Alex Misali

Love my Bearcats! Do not regret the four years I spent here and hope to make it 7 with law school!

Don Brannen

The business college is more vying to anew building... lots of steps and glass


Mackenzie Karg

nitin kaneja

The University of Cincinnati (UC or Cincinnati) is a public research university in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, it is the oldest institution of higher education in Cincinnati and has an annual enrollment of over 44,000 students, making it the second largest. university in Ohio. It is part of the University System of Ohio.

Joseph Groeschen

A beautiful campus with a wide range of architecture.

Andrew Hitchcock

Has a great engineering program and co-op program. Was able to graduate with only $3000 in student loans due to my co-op experience.

Maggie Koch

There are a few things one looks for in a University, 1. Placement, Location, Safety 2. Aesthetics of the campus life 3. Sports/School pride & 4. Academics. It is in a self-made little city called Clifton, in the middle of Cincinnati and close to downtown. Clifton is an area which holds a large selection of housing, bars, restaurants, shopping, and green space. It is truly ideal for a college student like myself. This is an urban campus and, of course, safety will always be a big topic and issue, but the University has taken measures that are above and beyond; not only do they protect the campus, but the surrounding area as well. The campus itself has a diverse student population, and architecture & landscaping. It never fails to keep my interest. It has the stadium right in the middle of the campus, and to me that is the coolest thing ever. We also have the best mascot, it is unique, fun, and intimidating. Go Bearcats! The academics are also great across the whole playing field (not just the exquisite medical and arts programs). I have had such a high respect for all of my professors, and I am in the Math program. In general the longer I am here and the more I find, the more I am happy with my choice. I will always have an appreciation for this University.

Neil Alper

Great school

Logan Cornell

Bradley Hale

Great campus with intellectually stimulating classes, impressive co-op program, and exciting clubs.

Andrew Finkenkeller

They gave back pay to officer Ray Tensing and somehow harambe's death got more news coverage.

emma hebert

I know someone who went here it markiplier or mark Edward fischbach from the YouTube community he has over 16 million subscribers are he's awesome

Nick Cipriani

Really unique architecture and huge! Very nice.

Dylan Brown

GET BETTER WI FI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruth Metcalf

Matt Coalmer

The University of Cincinnati is a great research and engineering University. Beautiful buildings and for the most part good staff.

Me Me

Loved it

Aubrey Backscheider

Vastly improved in 10 years in large part from conjunction with local fortune 500 sponsored research projects. Wish FCC could stay at Nippert!

Anisha Lalwani

Beautiful campus.

Mr Aldhemeer

(Translated by Google) A beautiful and excellent place to learn the language (Original) مكان جميل و ممتاز لتعليم اللغه استمروا

drwaqar anwer

Founded in 1819 as Cincinnati College, it is the oldest institution of higher education in Cincinnati and has an annual enrollment of over 44,000 students, making it the second largest university in Ohio and one of the 50 largest universities in the United States. In the 2010 survey by Times Higher Education (UK), the university was ranked in the top 100 universities in North America and as one of the top 250 in the world. Beginning with the 2011 edition of the U.S. News & World Report "Best Colleges" rankings, the University of Cincinnati has been ranked as a Tier One university, ranking as the 140th National University and 71st Top Public University in the 2016 rankings.

Brittney Conover

Great university!

Christopher Canty

Big, beautiful campus and great programs.

Alexander Torres

(Translated by Google) Hello (Original) hola

Jahan Zaib Ali

A beautiful and spacious campus with lots of places to go and work. Nice quiet atmosphere and has great events from time to time. Worth the visit for sure. Go Bearcats!


Go bearcats

Jocelyn Gaggiani

Great collage! Beautiful campus!


Awesome campus. Caring professors. Respected nation wide. What more can you ask for? GO BEARCATS!


Akanksh Shetty

La Flame

Pawan Kumar


Lindsey Swadner

I've been in college now 4 years, I changed majors in year 3. Originally I was told I could use my credits towards a fine arts minor- now I'm being told I cannot by administration and that the minor doesn't exist even though it claims they have one on their website. The parking garages constantly malfunction and are always at capacity but their signs alerting others never work. I'm currently taking a Spanish class and the "professor" has not even registered his class on the online portal which prevents me from doing homework, when trying to contact him his email is now invalid. So now I have to drop a class and lose $250 because I've already purchased the online portal. Oh, and nobody will help me on who to contact for this- which if I pay $5000 a semester I shouldn't have to deal with this anyway. This college is more concerned about building a multi-million dollar stadium rather than making sure it's students are safe, well-educated, and have access to technology.

dean hanley

My son goes there and I love the culture.

Gary Davison

It cost $3000 a quarter and there were mice in the lobby of Calhoun Hall. The walls were paper thin. I could hear the Taco Bell drive-thru two streets over from my dorm room.

T Merriweather

As a graduate of UC...duh...GO BEARCATS!


Abren L

great school i really enjoyed the environment and the way the curriculum was run. Great sports programs and great people i love UC

Oyuncu Freddy Fazbear

Hi I'm Turkish

Alexander Spivak

Good school and the area is getting nicer.

James Little

"Follow The Yellow Brick!" Author Jimi Little! Fresh! New Book! Based On Overcoming Obstacles In Black America! A MUST READ!

John D. Scott II

UC is a GREAT school!

Connor Wilson

Robert Parsley

Nice campus...

Ashley Lockhart

Loved going here.

Jonathan Killings

Mark Williams

Frank Stieg

With all the attention to landscaping and architecture over the last decade, the campus has greatly improved in appearance and certainly overcome the stigmata of an unsightly large urban campus.

Maggie Bellinger

Trevor Mayrose

Jerry Kendall

Always a great place for a football game!!!

Matt McConaha

They promised a lot and delivered on only the basics. It's a school, no more, no less. It's fine.

Owen Stayner/ThisWorkplace360

Wonderful campus ...must visit!

josh kulle

Veterans against university of cincinnati will not support this or any university that supports the disgraceful display of the American flag

Whitney Jones

ganga chamlagai

robert ross

For profit institution

rayshawn smith

Hmm I'm going to do a review soon I put this off for far too long . . Can I do the emotions and bad memories i attained while attending university of cincinnati justice? Can I huddle the years of expensive education that doesn't think outside the box but constricts the mind and hinders it students by only ever teaching them outdated methods while shunning new thoughts? It's a beautiful daze when you first arrive you're taken in by the ambiance they've invested your future well into their facilities but not the ones that have actual impact on said students. You'll love the recreation center and the new stadium, they seem to constantly strive for innovation with aspects that deal with outside matters, its the internal that is sorely lacking the university tries hard to impress those outside but skimps on enriching students once inside it's depressingly rundown barren walls. I'll stop here because im mobile this is just a limited draft.

William Chapel

Ahh the smell of studying and elevating your mind. Waiting to pick up dj ace from engineering camp

Mohammed Al Alawi

Ianna Bradley

Mark Fischbach graduated from there.

Nabil El Jaouhari

I workout there :) love the Rec center

guillermo Hernandez

Jackson Welch

great school and getting better every day!

Theresa Music

It's got a lot of good programs.

Quentin Winkler

bharat beltur

Ray Cheselka

Couldn't be more proud to be a University of Cincinnati Bearcat Alum. Great school, the area surrounding the school gets better every day, and they have programs that will help you get a job prior to or shortly after graduating. Go Bearcats!!!


If you're considering going here I don't recommend it. In my experience the teachers have very little interaction and time for students. I had grades not recorded on assignments that I had completed, grade books weren't updated for 1/2 the semester, and then teachers wouldn't respond to e-mails. I also had a few really good teachers while there which is why this is a 2 star rating instead of a 1, but I don't really feel they are the norm. The few really good ones are the exception, not the rule. My academic adviser was really poor as well. Another student that I had gone to community college with had a good adviser that actually complied a list of courses that would transfer to UC and sent me that list. I brought the list to my adviser so that I could plan out summer classes, but she just told me she wasn't an adviser at that college and couldn't provide me any help. Then she made me repeat a class that I later found out from other people that had taken the same class with me that their advisers told them their credits had transferred. I had an A in the first class, and an A in the second, so it turned out just to be a needless repeat of work. Lastly she was very unaccommodating of my schedule. Since i work full time and live more than an hour from campus i tried to get her to do my advising through phone and/or email, but she refused that as well. I would have done a better job navigating the year on my own if I had never consulted with the adviser that I was assigned to. Other students had better experiences with their adviser than I did. If other students hadn't had good advisers I might not have known how terrible mine was. At the end of the semester i took pictures of assignments that had been returned to me, but hadn't been recorded and emailed them to one particular teacher. I get that errors happen, but that particular teacher refused to budge even when I sent the assignment showing I had completed it. She told me that she wouldn't accept it as a late assignment. I don't really think she read my e-mail, that would have been too much of an inconvenience to her. UC teachers just aren't there because they want students to succeed. They are there because it gives them personal gratification to have a position (that's my observational opinion anyway). I'm transferring and paying the extra money to go to a private college.

Cindy McCall

I will go here like my teacher and sister did when im older, im proud to be an ohioan and bearcat

Adam Lipps

Great College Campus and the classrooms are very clean and up to date. Amazing Athletics as well including Historic Nippert Stadium. Overall an amazing College.

humphrey wayne

Great atmosphere

Nick Balyint

Terrible administration ruined my college experience, constant crime made myself and my property constantly at risk. Overall an abysmal experience and I couldn't be more ecstatic that I transferred.

Hidden Feels

Send your kid here

Austin Olding

Just graduated with a bachelorbachelor's degree. President Ono is great!

Henrique Savelli

Very good university. It is so organized and clean. They have everything around here. Awesome!

Madison Hoffpauir

eh its fine

Emily Smith

Q And Sal

Love the school

Adam Zimmerman

Close to some bad areas, but the campus is beautiful.

Ashley Martin

I luv it!!!

Zellar Asberry

I love university of Cincinnati great school and u.c medical center great doctors. and staff

Joseph Andrews

If you are choosing your school based on google reviews this is the school for you!!

Conner Buel

Very unorganized and terrible advisors. The advisors barely communicated with each department and I was pretty much left on my own to figure out how THEIR system works. I had a few professors that didn't care about how well their class was going at all, even had an English teacher show up maybe 50% of the time we had class. Transferred to another school and it's been a world of difference. I don't recommend this school and incoming freshman should beware. Hopefully other people have had a better experience than me.

Weng Yong


Very famous University's in USA

Christopher Roth

World class education in one of America's most affordable cities!

Osei George Kwabena

Ebony Sanderfer

The financial aid department is a joke. It took them more than a month to process my application...kept trying to charge me for health insurance even though I went throgh the proper channels to decline it. Then proceeded to tell me 3 days before the start of the semester that I would have to submit additional tax documents because it appeared that I had just typed in my personal info. Which was not true I had it directly transferred from the IRS to my federal application!

Kn bN

Pure trash. Sues former students

Made You Look Promotions

Great Fc game

Jerry Brown


Had to take a semi into a loading dock where there was no room to do anyting, but I did it because I'm amazing

PJ Elliott

Todd Herzog

Christopher Tape

Education is available, but the administration is arrogant and out of touch.

Andrew Van Matre

One of the most beautiful universities in the country!

Ragu Ram

Good school with a lot of scholarship and assistantship opportunities. Some engineering departments are doing some great research work!

Progressive Ohio

Sukran Sevilmis

Alan Jankowski

From my experience with an alumnus I am impressed with her integrity forbearance and her unselfish devotion to her daughters . A truly fine Lady that I admire. And since she spoke with pride about the university and had a daughter following in her footsteps becoming a Bearcat It must be a great University.

Eric Walker

This college is way to liberal! Anyone who believes in the Constitution should go else where. A students private life is none of their businesses. If it doesnt happen on school ground they should just stay out of it!

Kyle Gilioli

Incredible architecture all throughout campus. Unique and diverse environment.

Bri Hamilton

Ravi Teja Reddy B

Attended for my masters(2015 FALL). A very great university and excellent professors. Though my experience helps in work. Universities always helps in getting used to culture.

xingyu lu

(Translated by Google) study hard, improve every day (Original) 好好学习天天向上

Manoj Patankar

jon snow

A great school with students who strongly support ethics and improvements within their community. I am part of a group that has been organizing a boycott against the Bonbonerie a bakery in hyde park that is owned by a woman who not only supports severe gender discrimination but has also joined groups aimed at attacking the victims of gender discrimination. I have been astonished at how much these kids care. How much ownership they take over their community. they are truly fantastic people at this school and I am grateful for their help.

katryna vaughn

I like the hospital how ever I don't like the maternal fetal care. I think they are a bunch of wackos that just want a paycheck and don't care at all unless it means to stress the pregnant women out. Putting me on insulin and not the pill is freaking crazy. I think those people are rude in considerat.

Ryan Muniak

The University of Cincinnati is a great place to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. There are over 40,000 students to witness to, plus a plethora of staff, faculty, and others. I enjoy ministering on MainStreet because it's the main traffic area of the campus and it's near the Tangeman University Center, where you can find lots of great food options in the food court. The campus is fine with people coming on campus to evangelize, but don't plan on using amplification without a permit. I've been ministering there since 2014 and I love it!


What can I say about UC? It's a public university. There are many different schools and departments, so imagine your experience may vary.

Mar'ria Miley

I love The University of Cincinnati!!

Wendi Roush

Rachel Robinson

UC does have a gorgeous campus, I will give it that. I also always feel safe when I'm there, no matter what time I'm walking through. But that's about all the good things. The hills and the stairs and the walkways that go in circles/nowhere are kind of annoying, but it's Cincinnati... I shouldn't be all that surprised really. they could seriously do with some signage, or maps, or more directional markers. It's horrible when you're not quite sure where you're going. There's roads that look like sidewalks and sidewalks that look like roads, and the parking is.. well... as atrocious as the rest of Cincy really.... But I do love that their student center has great food choices, and a movie theater. The rec center is amazing as well! I just wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg and your first born to have a membership there.

Luke Kapitan

nicer area

Cori F

Olivia Garver

I LOVE this school. Can’t say enough about it. Construction stinks and they park in my garage which makes finding parking a headache but that’s all I can complain about!

Natalie Dauber

Meagan Lesher

Obviously the greatest place on earth.

Brianna Oneal

You can meet wonderful people thier.

Misti Cornish

I love jt when im visiting my boyfriend who's a student there. I go swimming over there when i have a free day from where i work.

Craig Slusher

Having the time of my life. Great professors and amazing students.

Nate Wessel

I'm starting my seventh year as a student here...Grad school has been great so far, though I can't say I would want wholeheartedly repeat my undergrad experience. Overall, there is not enough truly enthusiastic, self-guided learning going on. Too much teaching by some dusty book, and way too many people interested in football of all things. I still can't figure out what relation that is supposed to have to learning. But of course, I've also had some really great professors and good classes. The libraries are fantastic though, especially for grad students!

Vijay Anand

Epic School. The aerospace program is particularly awesome.

Imrana Amir

I found it very beautiful lush green campus with amazing people around.


Alexander Vinolus

Absolutely love this University. Coming to UC has been one of the best decisions of my life. The University is beautiful and the academics and athletics are among the best in the nation.

NB Shadow

thats the school Markiplier went to (Mark) lol

David Smith

Founded in 1819, the University of Cincinnati is the second oldest public institution in the United States. The Princeton Review selected the University of Cincinnati as the best public university in the Midwest. Ranked 25th among Case Western Reserve University and Ohio State University, ranked 25th among public research universities nationwide, and ranked 5% among the world's 2,500 research universities. The Career Planning Center at the University of Cincinnati is ranked first in the country. The University of Cincinnati is ranked 200th in the world in the Best Global Universities Rankings published by U.S.News.

Surfer Slayapkr

Great school - The atmosphere is amazing. Love being a student here. I lived in a dorm which was an interesting experience. I am now living off campus in a house. School is well maintained and I really like President Ono. You can't go wrong with this school if you play your cards right. The Coop program is outstanding, as we are the school that created the Coop experience. Safety is the only issue I see. The campus is very safe 24/7 but the outlying neighborhoods can be somewhat dangerous at night. IF you are street-smart and cautious then you will be fine. Walk with friends at night or only down wide open and lit roads and you will be fine! Overall, I am proud to be a Bearcat and this school is growing every day. GO BEARCATS!

Sarah Lee

Akashdeep Bhat

One of the best universities in US. The campus is really beautiful! The people around are really friendly and the best thing about UC is the Rec center!

Korey Rose

I went here once in seventh grade, it was a free trip and we got free lunch. I must say, the panini was good. Anyway, the campus was nice. Great university, I'll definitely try to get into here when I'm out of school. Luckily I live in Norwood, so it's not far.

Royalty Boy .0.14

I really like this university, I'm only 14 years old, but I'm sure I want and I can get to live in this university in the future, there's still a good time ahead, and I know very well that in order to enter here, it would take effort, So, I will do everything possible to be able to enter this university in the year that I am playing and can enter

Aasrith Reddy

Love this University! Very well planned. Good sports program. Attended here for my Master's and thoroughly enjoyed it. Engineering school is great but lacks proper industrial coordination

geraline rogers

never attand a college who support cop murders an than compensating them for it period! This is the type of behavior that U.C is rewarding!

Ulf Lönqvist

The Management


Max Inniger

Fun campus, I enjoyed being a student here. I want to highlight that the honors program sucks though.

Cassie Fisher

Great university with amazing programs and professors

Kyle Herbold

Great university


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