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Where is The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary?

REVIEWS OF The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary IN Kentucky

Seth Davis

Its a beautiful campus with a fantastic Library and wonderful people.

Kris Ullman

The finest institution I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Southern has a glowing array of Professors who equip and teach the gospel with humility and authority to build young men and women into strong followers of Christ. Highly recommended to anyone looking to enter into vocational ministry.

Nick W

Awesome place if you plan on going into ministry or just want to grow your theological basis.

Adam Wiggins

Southern is a tremendous school, dedicated to the Sufficiency of Scripture and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm deeply grateful for this school and its leadership under Dr. Mohler.

Laura Lynch

Privately owned. Nice grounds. I have found the people there to be quite unfriendly.

Sam Edwards

Unmatched academic excellence from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level. The best faculty in the world and an amazing atmosphere. Beautiful campus, kind-hearted people, friendly staff. Most of the businesses are closed on Sunday, so plan accordingly. The library is a must visit.

Litsabel Martinez

Great School and delicious food

Philip Denhollander

Austin Gibbs

I dont attend classes here but I have had a couple of events here. The grounds are beautiful and the ball room that the events were held were great. I would recommend it for banquets and weddings. I have been there for their basketball courts, and that was top notch as well. Great place.

Rodney Sones

Being a student there was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Always love to go back!

Yoandry Barreto

Excelente universidad y Bautista...

tiepeng lv

so kind and humble

Greg Lamb

First class experience all the way around. Gave a lecture for the SE ETS conference this past March. All staff/students were very courteous, friendly, and professional. Campus was clean, manicured, and inviting. Lots of history for fans of church history!

Jonathan Ahlgren

Ethan Lodics

Beautiful Campus

Dr. Truth

In this day and age where madness and extreme immorality surrounds us, its good to know that there are still large institutions like Southern Baptist that focuses on ethics, higher standards of behavior, morals, and values.

Mickey Moody

Miracles, signs, and wonders

Joseph Lehmkuhl

Fantastic place to be trained in ministry. The faculty are characterized by a strong commitment to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. The school as a whole is gospel oriented. A great place for any person looking to be better equipped for ministry.

Lesley Watson

Beautiful campus with nice facilities

Ashton DeLangoLunday

Matthew Hamrick

Good, conservative, quality education. More affordable than most competitors.

Jon McCrorie

Best seminary in the world.

Caleb M

Beautiful campus.

HeyPeeps ImLizzie

Amazing place to learn about the Lord and how to live for Him!

Mitchell Holley

Amazing institution!

carp bear

Southern Baptists DO love their red brick buildings! I wanted to see the seminary, even though I parted ways with the Southern Baptists 50 years ago. Weather geek note: part of the seminary grounds were struck by the EF-4 tornado which struck Louisville on April 3-4, 1974. The grounds are pleasant: lots of trees in a park-like setting. I wanted to see what would happen if a gay Episcopalian put his hand on a Southern Baptist seminary wall. If you look carefully, you may see a handprint outlined in sulfur on a seminary wall. I pulled my hand away before I could receive more than a mild burn; and then I drove away to baptize some babies and sing a song of devotion to the Blessed Virgin (the “Salve Regina”) in the Mother Tongue: LATIN.

Nick Anderson

Stopped at Edgar's Emporium on my way through the area. They offer a great variety of fountain pen related products as well as shaving supplies, ties, and teas. I hope to stop by again in the future. As for the campus, it is beautiful and not too busy in the summer.

Darryl Burling

A high view of the word of God and the God of the Word.

Elliot Cameron

Full of men and women who genuinely love Jesus and are concerned with knowing him through his word, not too mention world class scholarship in various fields of study. Thank God for this place.

Seth York

I attended the Leadership Briefing at Southern Seminary and it was fantastic. Attorney General of Oklohoma, Scott Pruitt, spoke at the lunch and gave an excellent message that was appropriate for the day. The facilities are always …

laverne halsel

Beautiful place

Marc Damotte


Noah Drake

World-class professors and administration. Perhaps the most theologically robust seminary in the world.


Great school. Godly and faithful to the Gospel. Leadership is superb to boot.

Derek Ervin

SBTS is one of the best theological training grounds available. They are serious about the gospel!

Jesse Haywood

Best school ever. The faculty is great. The campus is beautiful. Anybody who is thinking about a theological education should seriously consider this institution.

Living in Sky

I have awesome friends over there!


I love this seminary. Theology, professors, and facility of seminary are very good or the best. But that's all. It is just OK.

Prince Paul Akinola

A place to be, if you want to experience heaven why on earth.

Brett Sites

Beautiful campus. Thankful they let Portland Christian School use the chapel for graduation ceremonies.

Keef Carter

Great times

Andrew Hancock

Beautiful campus, excellent faculty.

Garret Hacker

Greatest college (Seminary) in the world... except maybe Boyce College.

Emily Dawson

I wouldn't go anywhere else. True to Scripture.

Sean Keeley

SBTS has been careful and patient as they have developed their curriculum to reflect the highest standards of academic excellence and the highest standards of theological integrity. I am proud to have been a student there.

Darius Pettway

Doctrinally sound seminary.

William Cody

Awsome school, you can feel God's presence on this campus. World class faculity

kurt gebhards

World-class institution. Study here if you can.

John Wade

Kind and generous people that were wonderful hosts for a conference I attended.

David Rummler

Beautiful Chapel! Great classical music events.

Tonya Smith

Beautiful grounds and facilities.

Shannon Depew

Love this place!

Johnathan Eaglin

This Campus is legitimately one of the most beautiful I have ever been on!

Scott King

The top seminary, nothing else can be said.

Rodney Whittle

Beautiful campus.

D Pedro

Very nice campus, good location, great community classes.

Natalie Walters

True Baptists that have gotten a hold on their theology since Mohler has become president. Wonderful campus, wonderful staff, great opportunities. Check out their Fall Festival, Chapel services, and Seminary Wives Institute.

Keith Winfree

I am an alumni. I would not send your child or you should not go to the seminary. They are very closed minded. They do not believe in intense and earnest prayer like our Savior. They have destroyed the music program. Mohler believes in a Young earth and does not accept science. Mis interprets YAOM in Gen 1 it is a journey over time not 24 hours like we know it. They are very hateful to people who disagree with them. Stay away until they change administration Mohler/Moore must go.

Jerome Leng

Only the best place to get a theological education!

Candice Dougless

The BEST seminary! Love the people, love the buildings and the grounds, love the's like a little oasis in the midst of Louisville. If you are serious about the gospel, come to Southern, because they are, too!

Charlie Roland

Have gone here for 4 years and loved every minute of it!

Dylan Sanders

Southern is an awesome God honoring place seeking to train the next generation of ministers.

Zack Melvin

Great teachers teaching us the great God.

Will Glover

Great place for solid theological education.

Matthan McQueen

Nice circus




You must have a Specific map in order to find your way in or out.

Pedreto Graham-Brown

Great school!

Akila D Adamu

It's a place to be I call on all true seekers of truth to be there.

Drake H

Wonderful institution dedicated to the advancement of the Gospel!

Sean Richmond

A fantastic school, which teaches sound biblical teaching with a heart for global missions. This is a fantastic Seminary with the highest quality staff and teaching. I cannot say enough good things about this school!

Dan Brant

Great friendly atmosphere.

Jeff and Jane Abbett

Great campus

jesus omar ortega

Aaron Tant

If you are looking for premier seminary education, this is it. Contrary to what Keith Winfree posted, science is indeed validated as it affirms with Scripture. Very God honoring, prayer soaked classes. Dr Mohler has done a fantastic job in restoring the centrality of Scripture to this institution - written by an alum.

Rob Ginter

Theologically sound and gospel centered. Privelaged to have been a student there.

Chad Dougless

John Star

I like it here. It is safe envirinment, and the people out here great, very warm hearted people.

Seth McGee

Hannah Fletcher

The campus is beautiful and the education is rigorous. There are always opportunities for improvement but overall we've really loved our time at SBTS.


God Bless you all! Please pray for Joshua, Grant, Eric and Emily who live across the street they knew the Lord but walked away....ty a strong praying and believing momma and friend

Anna Mills

Beautiful campus with friendly staff. Clearly marked parking.

Michelle Bradford

Beautiful campus. Great pride and care put into the facilities and campus. Friendly people and service everywhere!

Alan Kern

It's not perfect. It has blemishes. But I would not be anywhere else for a seminary education.


Attended as a student for 2.5 years. It was a positive environment, but I had to leave because I felt my undergraduate biblical education at another school was of better quality than the graduate education I was getting here. Not everyone had my experience, but all the classes I was most excited about turned out to be a disappointment.

Chris Jeemin Moon

We're serious about the gospel!

Deborah Wire


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