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REVIEWS OF Sullivan University - Louisville IN Kentucky

Shaun Tinnell

Mary Wood

Great school and in a great neighborhood.

Amber Herndon

My kids & I had a fabulous time at the open air fair. My youngest wants to go to pharmacy school so it was a great event for him to attend.

Brandon LaDuke

Trey Torrence

Moved down here from St.Louis Mo just to come to this school and get treated like sh***t this school was my dream when i first applied then i got here and it was so unreal I lived at the dorms my first quarter and two weeks of my second quarter first quarter i did not have a roommate and that was fine then second quarter i did and that was still fine till my roommate and a friend of mines had an altercation in my room and all i did was go get help after being threated for my life and safty and i was kicked out and the students who made the statments where able to stay.

Hannah Devereaux

sheena romero

The director over the café is sexist and refuses to promote his female staff. He also seems to have a problem with gay people and people of color as he chooses to keep drug addicts as staff over qualified people who happen to be minorities and/or gay. This would explain why the food is less than subpar and why people get sick.

Devin Wright

The experience here at the experience is real good here Sullivan college

Quanita Rice

Sullivan is a great school with a great culinary program! There are do many alumni that have so many chefs that are doing great work. Sullivan also gives back to the community is so many ways.

Gerry Beavers

I got my MBA at Sullivan University and it helped me land a few great jobs to include my current one as the Executive Director of Mister P Express CDL School in Jeffersonville IN. Now I’m happy to say my daughter is going to Sullivan for her MBA. I would highly recommend Sullivan University to anyone wanting a quality education.

Juan Rivas

Sullivan will never tell you that they have these policies that don't allow you to do anything helpful for yourself unless you're a student. So say you go here for a semester or a quarter and you see how terrible the classes are so you decide to transfer out. Well, any scholarship money, keys money, discounted rates or any type of formal discount on tuition rates they had offered you goes out the door and you're stuck with a balance for the full amount. You'll also have a hold on your account for the amount and wont be able to request transcripts until its paid in full. Terrible experience. The professor treated me like crap because I'm a veteran and had orders throughout the semester. He chose to not accept a copy of the orders and tell me they were BS. Needless to say that's why I stopped attending the school.

Hannah Striet

donna woods

Had a great time at loaf

John Gosser

MY EXPERIENCE ?!? DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE!! When I attended Sullivan College of Technology and Design (for two semesters) I was going through some extremely stressful life changes. I explained to my career counselor and also my financial aid advisor that I would have to make some changes to my attending college for a while during this time. They ADVISED me to discontinue attending until I had gotten those issues resolved. TWO MONTHS later when I tried to enroll for the spring semester I WAS UNABLE TO REGISTER! They told me that since my financial aid had lapsed that I was now unable to obtain financial aid and could not attend Sullivan because aid was not available. I MADE THE DECISION TO NOT ATTEND ON THEIR ADVISE!! NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO COLLECT ON TUITION THAT WAS PAID BY SALLIE MAE!! BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN CONSIDERING ATTENDING SULLIVAN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN!

Alexai Broen

Not worth the money. No one knows what they're doing. The culinary program is probably the worst. They need to take their accreditation away because they surely don't deserve it.

St. James' Episcopal Church

Yufeifei Jiang

Tamara Cecil

My daughter graduated from Sullivan and she loved it! She was able to learn all about her trade and begin working right away. Awesome place.

Dylan Martin

Good location, great staff, very easy to apply and register

Heather Cunningham

Quality education.

Brea M

I can honestly say that transferring to Sullivan University from the University of Louisville was one of the best decisions I ever made. Class sizes are small, so it's easy to ask questions and get help if you need it. The instructor's here aren't just trying to "push you through", they actually care that you learn the material. The food served in the cafeteria is great and all of the staff/personnel are super helpful and friendly. My only complaint however would be the financial planning office. Some of the advisers can be kind of rude and you have to constantly call/send e-mails just to get a response for an appointment, in my experience. It's best to just show-up in person and request a meeting. Other than that, I would highly recommend Sullivan University to potential students.

Rebecca Wheeling

I would highly recommend Sullivan to any one looking for a friendly, student oriented, and supportive educational environment.

Elizabeth McGee

Sullivan has a TON of great programs to choose from that are practical and in demand for future jobs. The classroom sizes are small, which makes for more individualized attention for students and improves their opportunities for success. The staff is incredibly friendly, too! This is a great place to come for higher education.

Katie Berger

I love the one on one you receive. I love the community we have with each other and I highly recommend going to school at Sullivan!

Brittney C

I transferred after one semester due to not being able to complete the degree I wanted in a timely manner. Even with 90+ hrs and an associate degree coming in, I still needed 27 classes for a Bachelors. I had an issue which required me to complete the final week of the course after the end date. Two out of three of my instructors were amicable however, One was an adjunct who didn't provide any assistance when I requested an incomplete due to a family emergency. Basic services like that and academic bankruptcy were not available. I requested a manual GPA recalculation for tuition assistance purposes and I got a response about 3 months later. I dropped my final course before the last semester started in October 2017 and still owe money. It took about a month to get my official transcript for the one semester I attended.

Helen Bradley

Annah Cecil

I attended Sullivan for their culinary arts program and I have some insight for future students going into the program. First being, have an idea for what you're wanting to achieve in life. Culinary school is very expensive for what you get and there are other, more cost efficient ways to achieve your goals. I recommend working in the industry for at least two years before you decide to go to culinary school. You will find a lot of well-known chefs didn't graduate culinary school. Everything you are learning in school can be self taught or learned in the industry.The key to becoming a great chef is the understanding of the industry. I say this all because at Sullivan its just a matter of time before you're screwed over by financial aid. The entire department is very disorganized. Important papers of mine seemed to keep going missing in their hands making my life very stressful. Also if you plan on doing on campus housing just DON'T. It is crazy expensive and it is exactly like high school. I loved my time at Sullivan don't get me wrong but is it worth the money you spend, NO.

Cedric Nasr

This school is very helpful and caring for their students.

Brandon James

It's an ok school seems over priced

Karen DeMarsh

Such a strong presence in our community!

Christopher Williams

Meh...teachers are great. But the people who work there seem like they don't even like the school. Not a good experience.

April Reesor

I attended Sullivan for culinary arts there I achieved my Associate Degree and the knowledge and skills to work in not only in a catering setting, feeding my family and friends more elaborate and delicious meals without spending my whole day in the kitchen but also earning a spot on a Fortune 500 company’s training team traveling across the country opening new restaurants and having amazing new adventures and friends.

Whitney brown

Michael Comstock

Great school in an easily accessibly location.

Merrick Coleman

I am currently working towards earning a masters degree as a part of Sullivan University's Graduate School program. I am tied to the Lexington, Kentucky Campus and enjoy the flexibility to study both online or in the more traditional on campus setting. I appreciated the easy admissions process and the fact that the GRE or GMAT was not a requirement for acceptance.

Jackie Howard

Living in Sky



Everything Changes And So Must I. New Review Coming Soon !

Stacey Head

Wish there were a few more local craft vendors but overall pretty good.

Lisa Tipton

Having a great learning experience in the online and hybrid courses!

Tamekia Darden

kayla Hardesty

Cintya Lara

Sullivan University has a great LPN program, with great teachers and good clinical locations. I plan on coming back for my RN

Sammatha Stiff

Dale Battaglia

I've been attending Sullivan online for a while now, working on a BSBA with a Management emphasis. Some of the instructors are better than others, but on the whole I have been happy with my experience. It's true that they are concerned about receiving the tuition payments, but so is every other college and university. I feel like I am learning a lot, and I have even been able to use what I have learned in my classes and apply it to everyday life.

Jennifer Gearhart

Shauntae Reed

Miranda Pepper

A lot of the bad reviews seem like 'user error' to me. I have been attending Sullivan for an entire year now and haven't had many issues. Although they don't 'baby' you, I have had an easy time getting in touch with staff when I didn't understand something or needed help. My only issues have been with financial aid office. I have been switched from different FA advisers about 3 times now, and re-explaining my situation is very tiring and frustrating. Otherwise, I have had very pleasant experiences at Sullivan.

N. Brandt

Joshua Gully

Amanda Mckenzie

I love this college. They show personal interest in my education and go above and beyond to see that I acheive academic success.

CJ Howard

Kenneth Welch

I have had some issues mostly concerning classes i needed to finish my degree never had any problems with financial aide personnel. Sullivan Fort Knox is where I have attended and every single military student I know has had nothing negative to say, I as a civilian however have always felt as though I were a second class consideration for the office staff with the exception of the registrar and financial aide personnel, at least until recently. And as for cost I pay less for tuition and books every two quarters then I paid at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (ECTC) for a single semester. With only six months left for completion of my associates degree I will soon find out how well career services treat students.

jonathan Williamson

Great school, well run, great teachers. I'm in my second year.

nina e

Steph Wright

Really enjoyed Sullivan university

Ethan Phillips

Yailen Pazos

After paying for admission fee, I went to the Financial Advisor who mistakenly told me you needed to maintain a 3.5 gpa to receive Sullivan loan. After letting them know I will not be attending because of this strict rule, I get a phone call from the head Financial that this is not true and the advisor who I sat with is new... fine. Later I get a text from admissions IN SPANISH, that if I didn’t understand well what the Financial Advisor was saying they could help me. I speak perfect English! I felt so insulted, just because I look spanish doesn’t mean I can’t understand English? Ignorance. My husband was with me the whole time and heard what I heard too. I’m just stunned that instead of admitting their own fault they pulled such a racist card.

Dana Kreft

I’ve really enjoyed attending classes in the RN program and the small intimate class sizes!

Tinna Davids

Stephanie Ernst

Instructors seem like they truly care. It is pricy, but it is a private school. The atmosphere seems to be okay but overall, education is great because I can actually apply it to the real world.

adinarayana andy

Karl Buckles

I started out at KCTCS in Middlesboro, August 2010, under Chapter 31 Voc Rehab. When I decided to matriculate to a 4 year, Sullivan was the ONLY university to grant me 100% transfer credit, even though all KY state universities are supposed to do the same. Throughout my academic pursuits at Sullivan the staff and professors were compassionate and extremely helpful with everything I needed. I can't speak well enough of my own experiences in achieving my Masters in HRL and don't see the basis for many of the negative reviews posted. Saturday marks the culmination of much hard work and dedication for this 49 year old Navy retiree. I couldn't have accomplished this without the support of the people who make up Sullivan University's Online division.

Cheri Lamaster

I haven't had any problems with Sullivan. I have been here for about 6 months and after attending JCC and UofL I must say Sullivan has already given me a much better experience. JCC and UofL let me (at 18) pick a bunch of random classes that were way too hard and never got back to me about any issues, it took way too long to get in touch with anyone for meetings or questions and at Sullivan they are always a quick phone call or office visit away. Teachers seem to really care and take the time to call you on their off time to congratulate you on good test scores, inquire why you are missing class, or pull you aside in class if you are on the brink or failing or even on the brink of getting an "A". If you don't miss a lot of class there won't be any problems, and there are even students in my classes who are active duty and miss class a lot and teachers have been as accommodating as possible. Edit- now i see why every one who goes here gets fed up.

Ted Shaughnessy

Chelsea Thornton

Sullivan is the biggest waste of time and money. For what you have to pay its not even worth it. I was a night student and they don't care about night students at all. everything is about day students. I have 6 classes left to go but they wont let me come back til I pay the school 2200$. I don't even know if when I pay them back that I'll go back. its nothing but a joke. I wouldnt waste your time or education at Sullivan.

Dana Bowman

Sullivan University is a rip-off and I wish I did my research before enrolling here. Once graduating, they offer career services to graduates, but the job positions that they offer are not even worth sending because they are not realistic. If anything, it is insulting! Please do your research before considering this college. I, unfortunately, learned the hard way.

Brad Woolums

Amy Pacyga

Great open air fair, thanks!

Summer Stupak

Rebecca Hall

Emily Abbott

Every single other student I've spoken to has had problems with the financial aid department or one reason or another. I, personally, haven't had any dire issues, aside of not getting emails sent to me in a timely manner. If I had a chance to choose a different school and do it over again, I would. The education was worse than my high school and the dorms were always leaking when it rained and the food was terrible.

Taylor Lane

Carli Dotson

New ADN program is amazing!

Darth Babe

I would not recommend this school. Long story short. I was in my second to last semester. I recieved an email the second week telling me if I didn't find a way to pay a "balance" I had that I would be dropped. I spent the next week trying to find out what that meant and how to fix it. Sadly, by then nothing could be done. Apparently one of my loans changed their qualifications and no one thought to inform me. I never met my beginning financial advisor but she apparently hates me. Why? She sent me an email one day demanding that I find a way to pay her. I had no idea who she was and thought someone was playing with me. I sent back no and asked who she was, I got no response. The day they were going to drop me, I left. I got a job with long hours to pay this "balance". I made an agreement with the school to let me come back for the next quartor available and got an ok until the first day of class. I was informed I could not come back until i paid the balance. So I worked hard and longer hours and then re enrolled and made an agreement and made sure to have witnesses and everyone sign it. The whole time they kept saying different things and never had the same story. Finally I was in class though! That is until the third week when I received an email telling me that I've been dropped yet again. I made 100s on all my tests but according to the instructor, I didnt do any of my quizzes online. I have picture proof and even the website sides with me. The problem is not me, it is the school and their lack of communication between their own departments. If you want a great school that you can even somewhat rely on, I warn you that this is not the school for you. It is most regretful that with all the hard work I did to finish, that I still cannot. Do not waste your time and money here.

David Veech

This school sucks. I was told not long after attending this school has a reputation for screwing military students. I was told the wrong times for events that gave out important information I needed. They take money from your 1606 and threaten to make you pay if something goes astray. Teachers told me I would fail their classes if I went on my orders. Came back to straight F's took the whole quarter to being them up to passing. My teachers bearly kept track of grades or even attendance! Almost got dropped even though I only missed a few days! I got a citation because the school failed to inform me about parking passes which are almost $30, took me 3 months to get it all worked out and still ended up having to pay for it. Now I have a hold that no one will even tell me what its for. Just says transcript, asked financial aid, enrollment, and my advisor about it but none of them would help me or even tell me. Cant find my class schedule anywhere for the up coming quarter. This school may be in the top 10 culinary schools but its not worth all the trouble. Le courton blu was higher priced but attending that was so much simpler and had less drama involving the school. Oh heads up to future students, they have about 5 drug dogs from the local police force come to the dorms daily, sometimes at night too. Force you out of your room for unconsented searches at any time. Yea even though its a good culinary school its pretty crazy that the cafeteria food and the dorm dining room have uneventful and sometimes even disgusting food.

Kim Sheckell

Never been here before, but I may attend school here in the future.


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