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REVIEWS OF Northern Kentucky University IN Kentucky

Ivan Chwalik

NKU has amazing scholarship opportunities and their teaches make the classroom experience more personal. It shows in their work and interaction with every student.

chetan raj

Grover Collins

Quinn Steele

Marcus Frederick

Leonardo Pereyra

Abbie L

Brandon Kern

spencer foreman

Nick Gamble

Andrew Bosma

Lots of concrete but it still looks awesome

Morgan C

I came to nku to get away from my high school. I was looking forward to meeting new people and making friends. I ended up having to pay out of state tuition (with a “metro” discount based on grades) even though I live less than an hour north. I was paired with loud and rude roommates that ignore me when I speak to them and keep me up until very late at night. Also, I received a parking ticket (not even a warning) during the first week of school for parking in the wrong lot. Im aware that my bad luck isn’t the universitys fault, so now I’ll talk about what I dislike about the university itself. The campus is incredibly depressing in the winter and it is very difficult to make friends unless you pay extra to be part of greek life. Everyone commutes so those who live on campus are left with nothing to do on the weekends. The walls in the suites are paper thin, the thermostats consistently get stuck at 65 degrees or lower, and the showers have little/no water pressure and dont heat up. A few professors I’ve had here act in an unprofessional manner and are not prepared for their lessons. It is disrespectful to me as a student because I am paying to learn from experts and I am having to teach myself everything or regurgitate it from the widly expensive textbooks I’m required to rent/purchase. After two semesters at nku I’ve decided to transfer to a different school where I will actually get my moneys worth. Dont waste your time here unless you’re a Kentucky resident who is just looking to get a degree and leave.

Christian Maines

Skylar Williamson

Oren Turner

Jon Covey


Lexington Tribu

Abdulaziz Albawardi

Heather Akers

Gaurav Aryal

I got my undergraduate as well as graduate degree from here. Nice medium sized university. Being an International Student, the tuition cost is slightly on the higher end. Hopefully, the budget cuts does not affect a lot of students.

Danielle Towles

Commuter campus. They are trying to make it nicer for people that dorm but they have a long way to go I loved my professors in biology and chemistry but not so much in my general education.

Andrea Stewart

Dustin Jackson

The only experience I have is through the wnku radio station than soon to go off air cause you'd rather fund sports than local community radio. You guys are the worst.

5 Mile Holiness Church

The GREATEST school in the nation! NORSE UP!

Hyunjung Kim

Eman M

Sam Reynolds

Paul Bishop

Morgan Bryant

NKU is so underrated! I loved this school so much! This school is on the rise for the tri-state area. Cincinnati is a powerhouse for colleges lately. Do not let UC or Xavier cast a shadow on this amazing school. Students, take a tour of this school! It is flourishing with opportunity. Greek life, programs, and clubs are amazing. They just built a new high way and academic building. They also have plans to build more dorms. Check out NKU! Go NORSE!

Ryan Straus

Jack Herer

This higher learning institution fired my father for a disability. He sued along with the EEOC and won. So, yea, discrimination

Michelle Halsey

Melea Yaslovitz

Nursing and Science programs are amazing and state of the art. Supportive and friendly professors who want students to succeed and pursue higher learning. I would highly recommend for anyone thinking about pursing a degree in nursing and or health sciences. Very pleased with undergraduate and graduate studies throughout my education at NKU.

Sydney Raquelle

I will always be thankful for all of the staff at NKU that have shaped me into the person I am and have helped me come this far with my degree in Criminal Justice. It is an amazing campus and so many resources to help you succeed and so many ways to be involved!

King Reynolds

King Reynolds has a good experience at Northern Kentucky University! The talented Rapper earned his Bachelor's Degree in December, 2015. I also earned an Associate's Degree in May, 2014.

Rusty Lockett

Aubrey Zettler

NKU is a thriving school! It has a well diverse group of students, great classes, and new and innovative facilities. In the past few years, NKU has gained many new buildings for the students and is continuing to grow.


I was exchange student at NKU in spring,2016. I really love the beautiful campus and enjoy the warm friendship in NKU.

Angel Moore

Mackenzie Manley

Michael Johnson

Nina Toyo

As a parent, I am convinced my daughter is in a good place that will let her grow in many ways.

Mason Milburn

Interesting place to navigate, great place to host activities.

Allsan EQ 511

Ting Yun Cheng

Great school with awesome professors! Love the library!

Jason Johnson

NKU is a dorm-reliant school. If you don't live in the dorms then your not going to get all you can from it. The class size was small to large depending on the class. The rules of dorm life are kinda laid back which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. My hall was always kept clean. They are also extremely strict with attendance(miss a class two times with out a note, the highest grade you can achieve is a B.) which again could be good or bad. Overall though I would recommend this college over others in the area.

Paul Sams

Despite their efforts to improve, this university still has the feel of a glorified community college. They still let almost anyone in! Sure, it's cheaper than UC but you get what you pay for with their unorganized professors and poor listening staff members

Meghyn Winslow

Krista Jarrell

Daniel Durick

Fantasia Mejia

The experience is what you make of it- if you get yourself out there, you'll have a great time and meet amazing people

Minecraft I like

It good school because I am Japanese so idon

ninegag infanty

Wow, never in my life have I seen a campus with so many buff, attractive men. I can hardly handle myself in class it gets so steamy. NKU is filled with the manliest men around. They must put protein in the water or something. I literally walk around looking as if I just peed my pants.

my old account

Jeff Maxfield

Kimberli Sinning

Take a walk around the Northern Kentucky University campus with me.

Alaa Hamid

Great university, interesting academic programs, very nice staff and friendly campus!

Christine Thompson

Go Norse!

Keith Jones

I'm at my second semester here. I transferred after getting my associates and about 110 credit hours from UC Clermont. UC Clermont is a satellite school and the quality of the Professors dwarfs the quality of the NKU professors whose classes I have been in, with the exception of one. I'm taking online classes, and the instructions for most assignments are incredibly convoluted. Not only that, but most of the professors seem to hide assignments. I am not a 21 year old whose dad is paying for him to go to college. I work and I have a kid and a house. I do not have the time or lack of stress to hunt down assignments all day. Additionally, the school charges you MORE to take online classes. This is pretty much the opposite of what most Universities do. I do not use any of their facilities or benefit from their campus. When I DO have to go to the campus for some reason, (like the ALLCARD that they intentionally force you to have by locking you out of your account after 90 days if you don't,) it's infuriating. Not only because I can't park anywhere for five minutes without paying a stupid amount of money, (there is no reason for that. It's in the middle of nowhere,) but also because I have to deal with a bunch of 18 year old kids working every desk or kiosk I'm forced to find. Don't even get me started on the "map" or the "website." Also, the audit system is terrible and barely works... And when it does (sort of) work, it only works on Firefox. What? The audit system at UC is so easy to use that you really don't need an adviser. But, you know, if NKU couldn't trick you into taking classes that you don't need, how would they make a gross amount of money off of people? I wish that I had transferred to UC Main Campus. In retrospect, I would gladly pay the $2,000 extra per semester to go to a school with competent professors. (Update) Moved my review to one star instead of two, as I have had nothing but problems here.

Weston Sharpensteen

Toured the place about 2 months ago and I enjoyed it! Everyone seemed so nice and one of the tour guides did a rap song at the end! The school itself was very clean and I really liked the informatics building. Definitely considering NKU.

Pavel Klementyev

Great school, great opportunities

Ron Healey

Nice campus and facilities

Forrest Richardson


sheryl spitler

Glyphs Smith

This school has lots of pros and cons to it. Little things and big things. Overall it's a nice campus assuming you can get there on time. For a commuter school, they have no idea how to handle traffic, and instead of fixing things they push the dorms onto people (but never have enough). so leave early. Majority of classes are of a smaller size and most professors are decent to good. In my personal experience, I've had far too many horrid professors for my liking ( at least one per semester) who are either inexperienced or far from knowledgeable in their field or simply do not care about their students. On the other hand I have met many professors at the opposite end of the spectrum who I have become very good friends with. I've also met very successful people who graduated from NKU, including a NYT bestseller. Some of the "art" around campus is god awful, while others are very interesting. There's a 100% tobacco free campus rule starting January 2014 which is either wonderful or terrible depending on your preference. The parking options for a commuter school are also horrible, as the regular parking lots and garages fill up quickly and only gravel lots are left so again, get there early. NKU is known for being cheap and within driving distance, and for the most part it still is. It's the entire reason I went to start with, and the same reason for the majority of students. However, tuition prices are going up because of projects only the minority want as opposed to the majority, who want to be able to afford a good college experience. Most students become disgruntled from time to time because of the rising costs of parking passes and tuition prices, while they have to park in gravel lots which damage their cars as well as for numerous other reasons. It's still reasonably priced, but it keeps going up. So do your research before signing up.

Aaron Thorn

Good school

Travis Fletcher

Rob Robbins

Taylor Hayes

If I could give this school a 0 I would. I started out as a freshman and participated in greek life and enjoyed it at first. But at the end of the first semester a girl at my dorm (who lived next to me) and my roommate started accusing me of steeling and they reported it to the NKU police. I had to meet with hall directors, police, and even the assistant dean of students. I was initially kicked out of my dorm, but i tried to appeal it because I did not do anything that I was being accused of. After the assistant dean interviewed me on my side of things, I was sent an email saying I was still being kicked out of my dorm (keep in mind these were accusations, and there was no proof of anything). I chose to live on campus because I had no car and no way to commute back and forth to campus. Because of what happened, I couldn't attend my classes and failed all of them for the spring semester. I was also not refunded any of the money for my dorm and had to pay for it for the whole semester. I hate NKU for what they did and how they addressed this issue. I then moved the Florida and am trying to get back in school Spring 2016 semester here but I can't get my transcripts from them because I owe $3500. $300 of which are account maintenance fees, which i should not be charged for I am not attending the college anymore. I would not recommend this college to anyone,especially if you're deciding to live on campus.

Chad Freeman

Kevin Wolber

Skyler Tapp

Great professors an amazing campus

Emily Phillips

Eric Menes

Jeremy Christ

Great turf soccer fields!

Sebastian Jacobsen

PJ Elliott

tee lee

As a veteran I appreciate the on campus support office , they do a great job at helping the vets be successful. But DO NOT take the PACE Program it’s very deceiving. They say it’s for working adults . The schedules change but some of them are ridiculous. I was fed up when they scheduled me a class at 1:00pm to 1:30 pm . Like who leaves work for a 30 minute class ? Plus when I tried to transfer after the semester the financial aid office screwed me and sent a letter saying I needed proof I went to class online but the letter came a week after the due date and I stay 10 minuets away from campus . How does that even happen ! Very bad experience . I’ll take the $800 loss . I’m at Full Sail University now and it’s changed my life . I recommend it to veterans over this university any day.

Chadwick Duncan




Jessica Zski

College is what you make of it. I was offered scholarships to UK and UofL but chose to commute to NKU to be closer to family. I was careful when selecting professors because I wanted to be challenged. The small class sizes meant I had closer relationships with the professors (which is great if you need letters of recommendation for grad school or med school). I participated in Greek life, professional associations, and student life. Some of my closest friends participated in federally funded research projects while others studied abroad. I created my own independent study program that allowed me to work with a disabled veteran to write a book about traumatic brain stem injuries. NKU is full of opportunities whether you live on campus or commute. You only get one chance at college so make the most of it.

Travis Hardesty

Lindsey Snider

Joseph Busher

Great school for an education

Daniel Ginn

If you're looking for a university you can call home, NKU is the place to be. With the supportive faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as the plethora of opportunities available to help you grow and succeed, there's no place better.

Tyler LaBree

Cierra Kline

Nicole Kallmeyer

I lived in the dorms for 3 years and commuted my Senior year. I had a fantastic experience through all 4 years and would recommend the school to anyone! Of course, it wasn't perfect, I had a professor or two I didn't care for and some parts of the administration that I found lacking. My recommendation: BE INVOLVED! Whether you live on campus or off, the more you explore the NKU community and work to become a part of it, the more life-long experiences you'll gain.

Ray Tamborine

The campus is made for a car, horrible to navigate by bicycle. Half of the classes I took were pretty good, others were surreal in how bad they were.

Jess Harshbarger

Sherry Poe

Jon Sansone

Raquel Rodriquez Samayoa

Great university!

Carter Levine

Dorothy Stone

My child has attended this school NKU going on the 3rd school year,only thing I have experienced about the school system is if your child gets any financial help for a dorm,the office staff will puts cash paying students applications in front of financial aid student's applications and that puts your child behind on getting the dorm they put in for to live in and that's not right @ all,I called to fix the problem with the main NKU manager and my child still did not get the one that was put in for but he did put my child in one that my child could be happy with,that is the only problem I see with the school other then that it's a super, super nice school and my child really likes it there because small classes,etc.



Small class sizes, personal attention, and a lot of talented faculty. Overall, a great value for the money.

Kevin Eagles

Maryann Reese

My Daughter and I loved this College!

Carlos Blair

Ben erhtraterebtrt

Greenflight18 M.

Awesome campus! Love NKU

Saeed Al Maznai

Nicholas Studdard

Doesn't work with you on tuition costs at all. They gave me the wrong information on something and more I'm being punished for it.

Jadie Dastillung

Jew Bacca

after 3 calls to administrators in the admissions department I was informed I would receive a call back. I never did. The school had tried charging me twice for tuition that was already paid for. I reapplied for school 10 years later and was accepted. However, even though I am a homeowner and resident in the same state for 6 years they still want to charge me out of state tuition. I would love to try and dispute the tuition discrepancy but no one will call me back. I have a feeling that even though I was accepted, they don't want me as a student. My money will be better spent elsewhere. UC isn't that much more expensive than NKU these days anyway.

Luke Miller

Ricardo Marrone

Tylisa Dean

Melinda Parsons


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