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REVIEWS OF Murray State University IN Kentucky

Francisco Luría

Thoroughbred room pizza is the best there!

phong nguyen quoc

Jordan Nugent

A great University that is highly underrated in the state of Kentucky. People from 57 different countries and 48 states come to this university to not only get an education, but make lifelong memories. I'm in the class of 2022 and I'm already enjoying it here. I highly reccomend putting this down as a choice and touring the campus.


Christine Meier

josh gallina

It's cheap

David Johnson

Nobody Important

Micheal Max

Great university! The only downer is that there isnt a Starbucks nearby. UT Martin has several Starbucks kiosks conveniently located throughout the campus.

Jarred deno

Ahmed Al-Ghamdi

Robert Lawrence

Great college, staff, campus, and overall experience. They helped me secure a solid job straight out of school

Mayur Chary

Best in every thing

Kevin Gose

Great university to continue your education.


Very good university, with a wide variety of culture spread around. I totally love the campus .

Mayowa Olanrewaju

Michael Busby

madeupby monica


Its a great school and I have spent a wounderful time. I wish to get back :(

Life of an African Princess

Its a cool place to be..a home far away from the place

Laura Fleri

I completed my undergrad here from 2012-2014. I absolutely love this place, and it will always have a piece of my heart. The staff is amazing, and the level of instruction you receive is phenomenal.

Oh Dear Deer

Quite a fine University. Very fine and well.

Marcus Allen

Ronnie Cole

Ryan Bieszke

Jennyanydots 85

Teddy Kollenberg

Horrid, I wish I could go lower than 1 star. They don’t know how to manage their finances so they punish the students by gouging them on prices of everything. They will ticket you for even the most minor infraction and it is nearly 200. Prices on everything, books, parking passes, lab vouchers, tickets, all these prices have nearly DOUBLED in the past couple years. Tuition prices are ever rising and the education wasn’t anything special so increased prizes are puzzling. It is embarrassing how bad they are at managing their finances and frustrating to students who just want to further their education but can’t due to increasing prices. Unless you are a fan of burning your money in droves, this is not the place for you.

Sulaiman Alqahtani

Kylie Liefer

I hate this school but I did get a good education. The teachers care about their students (most of them anyway), but everyone else just cares about money! When I came for summer o I had already been accepted and was excited to attend largely because of the low tuition costs. Then I get to course advising they tell me that I’m required to take a 1 credit hour class and if I take more than 15 credit hours I have to pay an extra $ 700 for each credit hour over! Either that or I would have to take 13 credit hours and be off track for graduation. Then I decided college wasn’t for me but I was so close to getting my associates I decided I’d switch my major to that and take two summer classes. I applied for graduation a little month late butveas charged an extra $50 on my application and the semester ends tomorrow and they still haven’t approved me! I emailed them and they are dodging the question and not being helpful. If you live in Kentucky I’d recommend going here because it’s cheap for you but if you’re out if state go somewhere else.


Janet Ross

Andrew Murray

Alison Risher

Garath May

ِAbdullah Albadrani

It's a decent school for who seeks for a degree, because he/she will has it for sure.

Joshua Temitope

Timothy Bowling

Fred Yang

This is the great university. Everything is great, people are kind, teachers are patient & nice, the environment is beautiful, I cannot express my emotion that how I love it!

Emalee Welsh

It was amazing going here

Deborah Graves

I worked as a lab instructor in the biology department while trying to get my Masters degree. I sent my sons there, one in electromechanical engineering technology and pre-dentistry, and the younger one in computer science. Both loved the experience, too. I had many relatives who graduated from Murray State before I attended.

Miao Tian

Alan Chiu

Great weather. great people, great teacher.


Tré Dotson

Had an older sister go there and graduate and I wanna meet the same cool people as she did

Sathya Nanda

Dakota Hoagland

Brook LeShea

Taminara Marjadi

Murray is a small town but MSU has accreditations, qualities, and friendliness that support international students.

Shivappa Chinnannavar

Katrena Jordan

Spencer Phillips

Biology? Come here! Love the smaller class sizes, especially for upper level classes where it really counts. Lots of opportunities to get involved in research and local professionals that love volunteers from the university. A close knit community that is great to be in. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a smaller school that still can offer great opportunities for students.

Sheila Totten

Good arena.

Christopher Demetriou

IF they beat Illinois tomorrow, im going to throw up.

Judy Jones

Foreigners didnt stand to honor and walked out after get their diplomas and walked around with foriegn flag . So they can not follow rules they need to get eduction some where eles in the sand. And the people can't shut up talking behind us . Couldn't hear anything for pass alumni talking how wonderful they are . To bad they didnt learn manners!

Marcelo Basura Ruiz

Horrible treat to students. I wouldn't recommend this university to anyone. I am just writing for those who are thinking of studying here. Really bad experience. Such bad people.

Callahan Kovacs

Jim Sickel

Prince Jeffery

I so much love the school environment and the way d teacher teaches the international students

Wilvanson Dutervil


Not surprised at all the bad reviews I was also a victim of their poor business practices when they refused to honor their affiliation agreement which the Kentucky institute of international studies. My entire immersion program was denied enrollment for no good reason and subsequently denied the college hours we were promised as part of the program. KIIS later ended their affiliation with them because of their lack of business ethics. I paid to have several transcripts sent to them before finding out they would refuse admission to us. When I wrote them to ask that those transcripts be sent back to me they ignored me and never responded. Their doesn't seem to be one ounce of integrity in this entire institution. Hopefully they'll do what's best for their students and close their doors for good.

Nathaniel White

Beautiful campus and friendly people. The shoe tree is unique and interesting

Amber Roper

max klevin

how can I come there to learn????

Nolan Winbun

Lori Shane

Tammy Lee Thomas

Go Racers!!!!! Thank you Murray State University for giving the kids growing up here the opportunities to use the resources that the university has - from all of the Christmas Concerts performed by the choir- to all of the plays we got to watch - to all of the sporting events - to all of the student teachers and all of the athletes that helped coach our high school teams - The list can go on and on - Now Im watching my grandkids enjoying and learning from your campus. Murray State University Your The Best!!!!

Vishnu koutharapu

Nice library

Dylan Weaver

Starting school there in the Fall of 2015. Visited Multiple times and the majority of faculty that met me on previous visits still remember me and can have an engaging conversation. Great faculty like that is something worth looking for in a university.

Tyler Madore

Spent a day at the library to learn that Murray isn’t even a state! Mind. Blown. Anyways Ja been racin’ to see Ja boy Ja Morant jam Ja rock on Ja hardwood.

Courtney Warner

The school is very nice from the outside well kept. The inside of the dorms were nasty and very unkept. Looked like a old roach motel. I can't believe how much kids pay to stay in a very outdated dorm. Hart Hall

Emera *

Rachel Netz

Murray State University is a fantastic regional university that offers many great undergraduate and graduate programs. Murray State offers many great benefits compared to other universities across Kentucky and Tennessee, such as smaller class sizes, friendly faculty and staff, decreased tuition and expenses, and a diverse student population. As a current undergraduate student and employee of Murray State University, I have been very satisfied with my overall experience at this university and would highly recommend this institution to anyone who wants to continue their higher education at an affordable yet educationally valuable school.

Jane Fitzgerald

Lynelle.t Z

Great school

Kim Fairchild

Terry Carlson

Wissem Zrelli

Great place for exchange students ! made good friends, met great professors, had a lot of fun and enjoyed my days in Murray!

hannah nall

Absolutely beautiful

Crystal Bacon

I wish you would more Master level programs at your regional campuses. One program in specific is the Counseling program. You only offer this degree on your main campus. Plus, there are more working adults wanting to return to school but its hard to do so when hours don't accommodate the working adult.

Melinda Gilbert

only school my daughter, a yankee from Illinois wanted to attend, well there is no yankee love in Kentucky, to get into this great school and get a great education they cater to their own or those from out of the country, super disappointed in the financial aid department, run by a bunch of students and not very helpful, my daughter got offered a lot of money in Illinois she will stay in Illinois and get a college education, southern hospitality, NOT.

Daniel Carr

Great Quality Institution, Great Community, Very spirited, Competitive Athletics, beautiful campus that continues to improve every year

Quan Shepherd

Andrew M. Travis

This place is so nice, the buildings are so beautiful!

Nancy Moore

Amie Heath

Lanie Hendricks

Yogesh Kantamaneni

Andrés Peña

squid lucio

Sean Mitchuson

The university is large and small at the same time. Not a massive number of students but plenty of activities and groups on campus make sure to meet all student demand.

Bree Stone

People are really friendly around here. I'm glad I'm becoming a Racer!


Brennen Peterson

Jolene Scholl

I wouldn't recommend this university to anyone!! They have squandered my Veteran benefits. I have filed a congressional on this school and they said "oh we just file them, it doesn't mean anything." The teachers hear are horrible! I have two separate teachers talk down to the students so badly, its borderline verbal abuse. They tell us things like... if you can't format a paper correctly, then you need to drop out and consult the nearest fast food industry for a career. Or another teacher comparing us to her children, who have received multiple DUI's! I am about to walk away without my degree and I have 3 classes left! I can't deal with this lack of professionalism, nor should I have too.

Megan Overholt



Jimmy R Tuck

jane mcgrath mcgrath

Had a friend who graduated from Murray.Good experience!!

Jason Lancaster

Grant Rudolph

muna ismail

Mike Morgan

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