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REVIEWS OF Lindsey Wilson College IN Kentucky

Oblivious Zt

Andrea Symbaa

I was given the amazing opportunity to present, along with my colleagues, to the Hal Rogers Scholars at Lindsey Wilson College. For starters, the campus is beautiful. The people are very receptive. The food was a much needed break. The Dean was inspiring.

Keeley Stewart

Best college around -Especially for individualized experience for students. Students leave LWC with an excellent education and lifelong network and support system.

Scott Patzer

Great college that strives for educational excellence while growing a well rounded student.

Hull Style Produtions Change the World

John Garages

Almost late to class because all the 12 year olds touring and clogging up the lunch room when they aren’t even thinking about college

Nissrine Bourbouh

Victor Garcia

Chelsie Stevenson

Matthew Key

This school does offer alot of programs, and will work a little with scheduling. Unfortunately, these private schools are unregulated so they can charge whatever they want. A four year degree will cost more than two houses. Not to mention if you are not someone in this town, well good luck.

Christopher Burden

Can’t live off campus unless you’re 23 wouldn’t advise going to Lindsey if you don’t wanna stay in a dorm even though you are a legal adult.

sumone udono

Church conference held there. Great food, clean site, helpful, accomodating staff.

Dr. Suzette Scheuermann PhD RN

A fantastic liberal arts college!

Pedro Veneu Terra

Shameka Sells-Moore

Phil Hanna

Lindsey Wilson College, a four year liberal arts college with several graduate programs .

Julie Sharp

Today is just the beginning. Orientation for my son. He will also play soccer. We are excited about this new chapter.

Sandy Pilgrim

Mamen Wilson

T Ross

Edward Blue

It's a good school and it's nice and small and peaceful. Update: If you're in the military (active -online courses, Army/Air National Guard and reserves) then I would suggest to go to a different school. This college now has an ROTC program however the school itself doesnt support military very well. I would suggest for anyone first of all to go to a cheaper college or community college to get your General education courses finished and then choose a school but for military please look at public Universities so your Tuition will be paid for but you still have to look at and figure out how to pay for room and board, food, gas, school supplies etc. and the GI bill check isnt going to cover all that and try not to spend it(ROTC will pay for room and board once you get a contract signed with them for going active duty when you finish or whatever other options they give but it takes a semester or 2 until they allow you to contract). Go get scholarships, as many as possible and dont worry about getting too much money because once those scholarships cover your cost you get to pocket whatever goes over so if you needed $10,000 and got $15,000 in scholarships then the school has to give YOU that $5,000 every semester you have the scholarship. Anyways if you made it this far, I had to leave LWC a few years ago since I couldnt pay $5,000 a semester since my parent plus loan was taken down so I told them I would be in Basic training so I couldnt pay anything yet on my loan. Apparently they tried contacting my home while I was in training and since I never contacted them back (because I was in basic training) they moved my 8 grand into collections which added another 5 grand and they refused to even speak with me about it even when i drove down there in person after i finished AIT obviously. I cant go back to any school until I pay off my debt because LWC wont give me my transcript til its paid off. This whole situation couldve been avoided if I had gone somewhere else or worked longer hours at my job or worked harder for scholarships but why I'm upset with Lindsey is the fact that they claim I never told them I was going to training and refused to speak with me even in person claiming they arent allowed to talk with me about it. So that's 2 years wasted anyways if you actually read all this I hope you got a little more knowledge of what to do if you werent sure already and work hard to avoid situations like mine because even if you're military and get the student loan repayment incentive, it cant pay if it's in collections. Lindsey is still a good school its just not too big on supporting military as they dont really care and they care much more for their athletics than their academic areas so facilities are very old and not in great operating shape, lots of and I mean LOTS of reports from many students and even some faculty of black mold, dead little animals found and it takes at least a month until they decide to fix it but that's with dorms too but the football stadium looks nice after it got another few million spent on it a couple of years ago. Anyways just be careful about what you're getting into and KNOW WHAT YOU WANT before you go to school especially a private college like this one.


Vernon Proffitt

Savannah Coker

Gerry R Brooks

I would have to say that going to Lindsey Wilson College was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I had a great experience in and out of the classroom. I also made some amazing friends who I am still very close to to this day. A great school that really has a lot to offer!

Andrea Willingham

We can not say enough about the staff at Lindsey Wilson-they are wonderful! My son will attend this fall and we couldn't be happier for this opportunity. We already feel like part of the LW family. Go Blue Raiders!

nikos panagopoulos

Yesim Dogruyol

mders clay

Samuel Hatfield


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