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REVIEWS OF Eastern Kentucky University IN Kentucky

Christy Noble

Stacy S

Jacob cannon

Liberal safe space eco chamber.

The Real Laura3466

The people are nice and most teachers are really accepting and offer extra assistance for students with disabilities.

Kenna Hoskins

Home town. Love it

VaTriese McFarland

Amazing I love EKU


There are helpful institutions. You may achieve your goal.

Ira J. Bates

Very helpful to local entrepreneurs.

Brad Heil

Absolutely love this place. Staff is friendly and helpful while the smaller campus helps foster a sense of community. I know for example in my program the students who are majors become very close and help each other out whenever possible.

Sir Buzzkillington

I have begun my Freshman year and immediately felt free, open, and welcome to this campus. The nearby city provides nice restaurants and a beautiful view from several dorms and buildings. I've heard rumors of a party school but I've yet to hear anything. The nearby police academy and the Richmond Police station on campus give it a safe feel. The professors are passionate and likable. If you apply yourself they will work with you. The staff has had a change of the President and it appears to have made some major improvements. They do a lot for their students.

Aneista Bishop

Jacqueline Hardy

Jessica Alexander

I love it so much

Emery Lee

Saved my life and set my course for a. better future.

Karah Stokes

Beautiful campus. I love the students here: they're serious about learning.

Richard Guseman

Quianna Drew

Jalen Rose

Brian Thompson

Yoandry Barreto

(Translated by Google) Very good school with a great program for Hispanics ... do not hesitate to ask and ask about programs for your children ... (Original) Muy buena escuela con un gran programa para los duden en pasar y preguntar hacerla de los programas para sus hijos ...

Talya Gerald

Love this place!

Joel Stanley

The priorities of this institution are way out of whack. We have a nice new pedway and many new projects to beautify the campus, but beauty is really only skin deep. If you can't keep a good faculty because of an unwillingness to fund pensions or honor tenure agreements, your University is as good as dead. This problem is not unique to EKU, it's a problem for the entire state of Kentucy. Anyway, you've been warned.

Christopher Boarman


Ladejaa Lewis

Austin Hiler

Rachel Noble

Love Eastern!

Jenean McBrearty

Aside from Professors who recruit students to fight behind students' back, call them racists in e-mails to other students, remove their Bd discussion posts, and violate FERPA by spreading grade & class information about students, and OIC Office/ Deans who do nothing when you object to that kind of treatment, and its hatred of veterans, the school is unethical. Especially their "College of Justice"... Steer clear of this place. It's filled with radical Liberals who hate the 1st Amendment.

Jordyn Plymesser

i in 6 grade i already love it.

Catharine FISHER

Shut up meanys!

steve green

Awesome place


Jakob Abrahamsen

Slyvester Richardson


Andruw Warren

It's a beautiful campus and the faculty is awesome

Ryan Weatherholtz

Stupid name, why name yourself "eastern" if you are in the MIDDLE of the state

Ashley Partin

Jake Blair

Crystal Cornelison

Purring Cat

Dylan Barnett

Connor Brumleve

Supposedly and said to be “the safest college campus” with Richmond Fire Station 3, EKU Police, a Madison County EMS Station, and a Kentucky State Police Post all in the middle of the campus! Fire & Safety Degree Program is by far the best in the United States based on all the research and college visiting I have done.

Keilend Jenkins

this is some good stuff

Katie Corbin

Zack Cypher

Horrible experience with a bunch of leftist professors.

joe heckel

Joy Bowman

Abdull K

Pam Yates

Parents, students need to know that if u pay $60-$90 for "special" EKU license plate, it pretty much does little good. Student will still NOT be able to park in many areas. Telford dorm is quite dumpy: no water at all at times, no hot water a few times, ceiling tiles and sinks broken; multiple requests for maintenance go unanswered. U will also get stuck with several ridiculous fees that no one tells u about ahead of time: drop class fee, but ur tuition stills goes up if u drop to part-time enrollment. Improper dorm checkout fee, even though dorm wasn't move in ready and not ever kept up to proper living conditions. BEWARE: the orientation and impression they give new students coming in does not jive with the real impression they leave


I am an EKU alumnus and, since my graduation a few years ago (as well as since entering repayment on my student loans), it has become clear to me that putting forth the time and effort required to complete my four-year degree was well worth it.

Lil Sam

Genita Hicks

John Smith

Kota Smith


AWESOME school!

Andrew Fast

Eastern Kentucky University is truly an AMAZING place! Both taking classes and to work for, having worked elsewhere I can honestly say the staff are 100% committed to the students and helping them succeed. While other universities have cut positions and services, EKU continues to offer more programming, support, and staffing especially in Residence life. Housing offers students the resources they their doorstep, in their lobby, so close you can taste, touch,and feel the love and encouragement from Resident Assistants, Residence Hall Coordinators, Graduate Assistants, Front Desk Workers...the list goes on and on. Having worked with faculty on Alternative Spring Break Trips, Living Learning Communities, Leadership and Greek Life, and many other Recognition and Awards committees, I can honestly say they are in it for the students, not the publicity or 'power'. EKU is a solid, tough Academic school with Nationally high ranking programs and many challenging degrees (>184). If you need help, they are there for you every step of the way, ask and someone will assist you, it has never been this easy to get support.


david collett

Sarah Sparks

I am a current student and I have been very impressed with the university thus far. While parking is a disaster, the classes are rigorous and the professors are very caring. Plus, the dining hall is fantastic.

Amber Bruner

Philip K

College- what you put in, is what you get out. Eku gives you all the tools to be successful. As with any "higher ed," you have to go beyond just getting by; you have to take the time to study and pursue every aspect of what your learning. I'm going to medical school next year and I'm proud to have gone to Eku. The cost and teacher ratio is what brought me here, and honestly some my professors are my greatest friends. So if you wanna think of Eastern as a second hand school, you can look to my time here as an example. Indeed, College is what you make of it and Eastern has given me all I need to become successful- a great library, small class size, wonderful professors, and access to many internships. I highly recommend!

Michele Coffey

Great campus!

Tori Hurley

EKU is in a transitional phase, right now, and I'm loving being apart of it. The Honors Program is notably the best in the state. Students are known, remembered, and cared for. I feel that my education here has shaped who I am in a positive way. The professors go the extra mile, and I love being in classes with fellow learners. I've had many academic opportunities, and I appreciate the financial support.


I came to EKU as a transfer student from KCTCS and my two-year experience was excellent. First-rate education at an extremely competitive price for its caliber. Terrific scholarship and financial aid resources, too. Most professors are down to earth and approachable, and all of my classes within my major were taught by Ph.D or Master's level professors themselves (not TAs or grad students). Within three months of graduating with my BA, I landed an excellent job that matches my qualifications. I strongly recommend living on campus. I lived in Burnam Hall my first year and met my best friend there. It's a much richer experience when you actually live in the heart of the university, as opposed to commuting, which I did my second year. Richmond offers nice local eateries but entertainment is limited; however, Lexington is right up the road. I could say more, but for brevity's sake, I'll sum it up here: EKU is an ideal school if you are looking for a quality "most bang for your buck" education with a community-based atmosphere.

Faye Lightsey

So Oseto

People were very kind, helpful, and friendly, so I could spend easily and comfortably in my study abroad life.

Claire Litzinger

Shawn Brown

Chartia Shepard

Emilee Eversole

Ian Doyle

Since stepping off the bus on a college visit to Eastern while still in high school I knew this was the school for me. The instructors are amazing and extremely helpful and my advisor has never steered me wrong. I have formed friendships and connections that will last a lifetime and I know I would not have been able to do this without Eastern Kentucky University. I love it here at and it will be a sad day when I graduate. I would not go to any other college! GO COLONELS!

Gina Gregory

Astral Rose

Cecilia Wang

Tiffany Cara Daugherty

Good campus for those who are looking for a degree!

rockjon hooron

i love 521 Lancaster Ave

Michael Savage

Hannah Schaich

My experience at Eastern has been nothing but absolutely wonderful. Eastern has become home to me and I couldn't imagine going to college anywhere else. I am currently a senior and I am a Social Work major and my professors would do anything to help me succeed. I have met so many lifelong friends at Eastern and I would encourage anyone that is thinking about attending here to definitely check it out.

Dylan Ceritello

Matthew Adams

Read the fine print during the admission process.

Aaron Shellabarger

loved the food for cyc 2018 best thing ever!!!!

Rezaun Karim

Has pilots program

Khalid Almuzayn

Great history

Willie Lin

Julius Kosgei

Nice to learn more about the institution. Bravo!

Stacey Campbell

I graduated from EKU with a 3.97 GPA and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I clean a strip club for a living. I'll be in debt for the rest of my life, paying $45,000 for a worthless piece of paper that has my name on it. That should tell you everything you need to know about college.

Lola Morgan

I spent four of the best years of my life at Eastern Ky Univ. I attended from 1979-1984 and then joined the work force until the fall of 1991when I returned to complete my BA degree in Speech Communication and Human Relations with an Emphasis on Marketing and Management I graduated May 1992

Jamie Hardin

College tour for admitted freshmen students!

Vanilla Cupcakes

sad illuminati

they changed all the vending machines to coke products

Jada Stotts


Allison Miller

Every experience at EKU has been a positive one since I first stepped foot on campus. From the welcoming faculty and staff to the beautiful campus, I have fallen in love with this place. Countless times I have had professors go above and beyond my expectations in order to help me. The small class sizes have allowed me to form personal relationships not only with other students, but with professors as well. One of my professors worked very hard last semester to find me a challenging and rewarding forensic science internship that I completed over the summer. I am excited to see where this experience, many others, and my degree will send me. I truly believe that Eastern Kentucky University has helped develop me into the person I was meant to be and that it has pushed me towards reaching my goals.

Amy Dugan

Amy Dugan is my mom's name but I've rode my bike here. #gobigE

mondo the burg

Michael Rega

Great school, knowledgeable professors (Dr. Young and Nancye Davis), great student advisers who go the extra mile for students and do not treat them like a number (Christopher Adkins) , and wonderful public safety major options (both on campus and online). Cost is much cheaper then schools in Georgia (my point of reference and experience as I was paying $575 per credit hour for in state [Ga] tuition). Best of all for those looking at online programs (especially for public safety degrees), EKU is regionally accredited through SACS unlike some other schools. I loved the school so much I am currently working on my second degree from EKU.

Luke Haruki

Taylor Dawes

I went to eku right out of high school and the first year sucked. My advisor didn't care one bit if I failed or not. I probably had 2 professors that actually helped me. Now I owe them 3,000. The accounting services will NOT work with you. So if you really don't have the money...oh well. They don't care. So I am paying every month, turns out I've been sending it the wrong day! So I've been charged a late fee every month and they didnt care to tell me, they just want your money.

D. K.

Now that they've spent all that money on a fancy entrance how about wasting a few million more on a pretty exit??!! Then you would be able to cut even more academic programs.

2324 hawk


karen nicole

Lil Bish

EKU is the best especially "Fat Kurt". #LegalizeRanch

Michael Nombe

Pretty good school to go to

abbey Hall

fcparsów 123

This is Richmond!

Kelly Owens

The best

Darth Warlie

Sillith BloomieGrey

They sold me a bogus degree. This post is kind of like the psychology major person’s post. I should have recognized the signs when they couldn’t find an internship for me at their “internship/co-op” center. I had to scape an internship together without a car. The teachers acted like there were so many opportunities for apparel and merchandising. I spent my time working hard expecting reward for my grades. When I got out, I should have been qualified for jobs like visual merchandising. NOPE. Even with retail experience and a degree they want you to have experience as that thing and are very discriminatory against social class in the retail industry. Luckily, I had no debt when I graduated but I’m going to have to go back to a college to get actual skills and actual connections that EKU should have offered but couldn’t because of the lack of connections they have. And yeah, I agree with the entry way post. If you have the money to waste on flowers, you should be able to create actual connections for jobs. They allow you to rent suits to get an interview in the co-op center but beyond that, that is as far as the help past graduation goes. I was homeless as soon as I graduated.

Crystal R

The programs are really nice and prepare you well, often people will seek out people from this school in certain majors. The internet never works, nor does blackboard. The rooms are absolute garbage and the bathrooms... There are a lot of nickel-and-dime things that you are forced to buy and everything is expensive. You are charged for EVERYTHING and your card can even be doubled as a credit card so BE. CAREFUL. You really need your own laptop to go to this school, everything is online. The financial office is reluctant to do payment plans and they really really push loans, and speaking of they recently switched systems so nothing goes according to plan when it comes to payment. Once you're out of school, Sally Mae will make your life hell, just warning you. However, the community is great. People are friendly and you will find a group, or several groups to hang out with. The people here are astounding and the professors are excellent. The cafeteria staff are some of the nicest people I've ever seen, and the other staff always are polite. If it weren't for the amazing atmosphere and chances that people bring about, I'd rate the school as garbage, you just have to be careful. The fact that everyone has a chance makes the school a wonderful place to go and you can do or be anything you want to be.

Whitney Croouch

Dustin Stumbo

Will never forget my time here.

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