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REVIEWS OF Bellarmine University IN Kentucky

Brandon LaDuke

Cory C

Great school! The professors and staff will always go out of their way to help you no matter if you just started or you’ve already graduated. Just make as many connections as possible, it’ll go along way. The school is clean, everyone is respectful, and will not disappoint.


Well, I am for sure going to this college.

Indy Marie

Quality education, caring well educated faculty, excellent connections.

jaden nimley

Anel Kovacevic

Adam Clark

Learn it

Joe Lipinski

Excellent school for personal attention and a small, caring community...outstanding academics ... sound, Catholic tradition.

Shannon McMullen

Rose Aboah

Logan Viens

Lynne Ross

Christopher Hill

Great library and wi fi open to the public at the library

Dylan Grant Clark

Once they get your freshman year tuition money they stop going out of their way to help you. This is just an average school with administration that only cares about the money. Nothing special about Bellarmine at all. If you want to waste a lot of money getting a sub par education this is the place for you. And if you like saying you went to a good school without the means to back it up Bellarmine is your place!!

Alana L.

Worst decision I've ever made. Transferring in the Spring if I can. Do not go here if you want to feel like you are cared for. Anybody who can get through 4 whole years of this school should get an award. None of my friends here are satisfied with their experience. Do not go here.

Jacob Schuhmann

Patrick Ryan

Excellent students, staff, and faculty. This place has the charm of Italy, with its rolling hills and architecture, nestled in the Highlands. Great for locals to come and watch the BU games! Go Knights!

Chad Howard

I live 3 miles from this EXCELLENT university. I went to Trinity a local all male catholic high school, & know of 5 guys the I graduated with, & who graduated before me went to this exceptional institution. They're doing great. Now I do not attend Bellarmine for a few reasons 1. I didn't score high enough on the act 2. When I could be the poster child for ADHD that doesn't help either. 3. I decided to follow the family tradition, & go drive the big trucks. Nonetheless if I could calm/settle down a little (if that makes sense) this would be the first place I would enroll in. The military academies will always be the best post high school education. Bellarmine, Norte dame, & Princeton for me are on the same level of course two have the big name, but for me I'd rather have a small local institution that has a great reputation, versus a big name. As for the other Ivy's like Yale, & Harvard I've delivered close to them both, the only way I can put it is they both have a whiff of old fart, & the yacht club prick about them. if you do come to visit the campus definitely check at bearnos pizza mama bearnos, or super mama bearnos. If burgers are your thing WW cousins, local BBQ bootleg, or mommas in st Matthews. Nicer dining would be aspen creek, j alexanders, pats steakhouse. Then within 60 miles of campus you can find the bourbon trail if that's something that interest you, & Lexington has the horse farms. In spring Churchill downs has downs after dark it's a really good time.

Tori Goodwin

Zac Goodridge

Incredible facilities, fantastic faculty and staff, and an affordable but top-notch education!

Samual Schaeffer

Best food.

m b

Lisa Tips

Seek another school. They only care about students with deep pockets. They make mandatory changes with very little notice or concern about students that may need more than a week to get money together. Find another school. Double standards and they pick and choose who they treat a certain way. They accept you in for their accelerated program. Then majority of the class is told they have to complete another year. That’s another loan, more money. Then they ask you to write a letter explaining extenuating circumstances and death in your family is not extenuating enough. They careless about their students. They want your money and that’s it!

Christine Fougiller

gosshhhhhhhhh They are best, all the goooodnessss togetherrrrrr


Sameh AbdelGhani


Honestly, I didn't enjoy my experience at BU. Everything is fun and cool during your first month here but then when the excitement cools down, a new face is revealed. Whenever I needed help, I was seen as an annoyance rather than someone with potential. There is definitely favoritism toward certain students. I should've listened to my instincts and transferred out after my first semester. I was too naive and actually listened to the faculty here as they told me, "You'll feel the same exact way at another university. All of this is in your head." In regards to the individuals in my specific major, they particularly don't like people from other countries or anyone who is different from them. They are not afraid to show it either. The amount of eye-rolling I witnessed my peers directing at a young lady should now be considered a chronic condition. I noticed them purposely sabotaging her reputation in the department because she was not a part of their group.

Jack House

Hamed Gheethan

(Translated by Google) I visited this university and met some doctors. I was very impressed with the details of the urban arrangement, tranquility, full-time science and encouragement of scientific progress, research, scientific and human participation. I also marveled at the calmness of the city, horse races, treatment, moral respect for visitors and the beauty of the city. ... all respect university and its teachers I thank Professor Mendels and Professor John and others many in his name and surname ... To manage the university From Ramallah ... Palestine (Original) زرت هذه الجامعه وقابلت بعض الدكاتره وقد اعجبت جدا بتفاصيل الترتيب العمراني والهدوء والتفرغ للعلم والتشجيع للتقدم العلمي والبحوث والمشاركة العلميه والإنسانية كما اعجبت بهدوء المدينه وسباقات الخيل والمعاملة والاحترام الأخلاقي للزائرين وجمال المدينه وهذا جزء من الإعجاب....علاوة على الدعم اللامحدود للطلبه المتفوقين والاهتمام بهم ....كل الاحترام الجامعه ومعلميها اقدم شكري للبروفسور مندلز والبروفيسور جون وآخرين كثير كل باسمه ولقبه...ولإدارة الجامعه من رام الله...فلسطين

britini'Lynn wientjes

They fired my father for not clocking out when his blood pressure crashed on the job. Bet if that happen to any of the higher ups it would’ve been excused. Took a pay cut and worked OT for my sisters education. Luckily she has scholarships to help and not just my father’s benefit. I feel bad for the other employees that take low wages and still do a awesome job for your students. This wouldn’t even happen under the old president atleast he understood the fact that people are human and they sometimes have medical emergencies.

Chris Hendricks

serenity chalmers

Joshua Sewell

Such a beautiful institution.


I went on a field trip in fifth grade on March 31 2017

BandGeek Productions

Juliana Yates

Great school. Anyone interested in majoring in Actuarial Science, I highly recommend Bellarmine University.

Thomas Finch

Alex Miller



I love this school.

Tracy Law

Went to undergrad and grad school here. I had a great experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Mehreen Mansoor

Vespi Fata

I love going here. The family atmosphere and accepting attitude from faculty and students makes this campus feel like home.

jessie bauman

Alexis Anderson

Jose Angel Salas Galvez


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