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REVIEWS OF Asbury University IN Kentucky

Kelly Cole

Emmanuel Mahendra

Parker Laws


As a Christian looking for a God-based education, I thought I had found a great place in the middle of a quiet and beautiful Kentucky town. Unfortunately, I learned that Asbury's motto of "Academic excellence and Spiritual Vitality" is only that, a motto. Staff: For the price that students are forced to pay for classes, I expected competent and highly professional instructors with much to offer. In a few cases, my expectations were exceeded! Some of the professors are highly qualified and go above and beyond any other teacher I have ever had. Most though, barley seem to care about being there. Instances that stuck out to me involved a teacher, who was not a teacher, but someone pulled from the registrar office to fill the position, who taught a classic literature class without reading any of the books, a teacher who failed me for disagreeing with her philosophy in a debate paper, a teacher losing my final examination and failing me for it and numerous occasions in which I was discriminated against and made to leave classes due to my service in the military. There have even been instances where professors had directly contradicted scripture. Academics: The classes are challenging, one thing I like about the university. The college of course requires you to take General classes such as math, science and literature whatever your major, as well as three biblical courses. However, expect your GPA to take a severe dip due to a professor who believes his subject to be the most important of all. Another odd attribute about Asbury is that they will exclude traditionally Islamic languages on the basis that they "have no place in Christianity". As a speaker of Arabic, I expected to be excused from the foreign language credits (which are quite expensive, all totaled), yet the school would not accept it due to its connotation. Facilities: Once again, for the amount of money one pays in tuition and room and board, one would expect stellar facilities. Almost all living facilities are outdated and seem to include some sort of pestilence (this year, Bed bugs ran rampant in one of the dorms). The food in the cafeteria is barley eatable, always fried or cooked in butter and next to impossible to keep a balanced diet with. Almost all funding for facilities seems to go to building baseball facilities, which only a small minority of the students are allowed to use. Rules: While I agree with some of Asbury's rules, I am steadfastly opposed to some. For instance, a n of-age student may be kicked out of school for responsibly consuming alcohol within their own home. Another is the curfew, in which if you come back to the dorm late, you must inform your Resident Director where you have gone. As a law abiding, free and responsible adult, no institution has the right to enforce either of these rules. College is a time for teenagers to grow on their own and learn to become adults and care for themselves. Asbury instead insists on trying to baby its students and keep them from taking any responsibility whatsoever. In conclusion, Asbury has a lot of potential. Were it to build off some of its more stellar staff members, improve the facilities of the majority of students and treat us as if we were adults and not like middle school, I may believe them when they quote their motto.

Glenn McGlothlin

Kylee Grimwood


Harry Argus

Costs too much. They raise oceans of cash, but mostly for new buildings and think nothing of graduating thousands of kids with a hundred grand in debt. It just costs too much. Raise your millions, but use it lower the cost to attend.

Joel Sams

I had an outstanding experience during four years as a student at Asbury. Faculty and staff want to see students succeed, and they invest in your academic and personal growth, both in and out of the classroom.

Tom Mangione

Madeline Vermilion

My experience at Asbury has grown me both academically and spiritually in the midst of a close-knit community. I've loved being a part of Residence Life here and getting to know all the wonderful students closely as well as the faculty & staff that make Asbury feel like home. It's a 4-year experience that you won't get anywhere else.

William H Adams

Josiah Barkdoll

The MC Airplane


aHelpful Reviewer


Gabe Gibitz

This is an amazing University that is academically rigorous and, more importantly, spiritually rich. Community among the students is strong. Majors are diverse. And the Holy Spirit is moving on this campus.

Dan Snyder

Great institution of learning, being a part of something bigger than yourself, and a place filled with people who love you.

Reece Hatter

A.C. Stephens

One of the most foundational and spiritually vibrant times in my life. I can't emphasize enough what a profound, messy, and beautiful experience my undergrad years at Asbury were. Great school, peaceful campus, world class professors in the Bible Theo and Christian Ministries/Missions Departments. A bit pricey, but worth it. School has a rich Wesleyan Arminian "#OfficiallyNotOfficiallyMethodist" theological heritage. Diversity in the student and faculty population is well-represented. If you are led here, you will be academically and spiritually challenged. Highly Recommend!

Becca V

Asbury is a great school with great community. I grew so much while I was there and continue to stay in touch with teachers and alumni. Like many schools, you get out of it what you put in. There are many awesome opportunities and connections available, if you take initiative. I have my bachelors from Asbury, but if I were to pursue my masters I would definitely look into attending Asbury again.

Lucas Green

marcia hurlow

Rated first in the South, Asbury University is a Christian liberal arts college, with undergraduate and graduate programs.

Russell Woods

The Luce Center is one of the best fitness centers in central Kentucky with exercise equipment, an indoor swimming pool, and a gym with an indoor walking track. The cross country course is one of the best courses in the state, and landscaping workers have done an outstanding job of keeping the course mowed. This is an excellent course for students to practice on, hold a cross country meet, or to even have a 5K race for the community. From what I've noticed, Asbury University would surely be a very good college for both students and faculty.

Stephen Mathew

Cassandra Lauer

Tyler Daugherty

Thought I was going to Asbury for a good education and life altering experiences, came out with a couple new friends and more debt than any person should ever have to deal with. Now those four years have caused me financial pain that will never go away. Don’t worry though, they have an awesome new guest house and some really nice computers.

Julia Toller

It’s were my favorite teacher goes

Royal king Thakor

Shelby Watson

Good school.

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