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REVIEWS OF Wilmington University IN Delaware

Ivy Wright-Freeman

Because it is stupid.

ariel wubker

christy jackson

I've called this school for information on medical field. And they waswas helpful at all, not mention when I went their speak too some one " they act like they didn't want too do their job at all I'll just stay with penn foster great school great help they don't judge at all they help and explain

Naga Ramesh swarna

Phani krishna

Mable Gracie

This is an amazing school, definitly the best in the state and on track to be on of the best on the entire east coast. To anyone considering going here and reading the negative reviews, consider a few things: 1) not everyone is cut out for college. Thats right, some of the sour grapes whining in the reviews likely just didnt have the mental capacity and discipline required to handle higher education. Believe me when i say idiotic lazy students who fail and then blame their teachers or the institution, it happens. 2) No the school isnt racist, theres no such thing as white privilege, not sure why that reviewer said that, he has no right to be upset, there was a graduation, which means the school did its job, so silence. 3) Wilmu really is the best, heres your choices in De: Del state, dont bother going there if your serious about your degree. Deltech: lazy staff, safety concerns and they (the institution itself) get tons of governement handouts for some reason. And then theres UD, snooty, over rated, super expensive, pompous teachers, and youll get lost in the crowd. Let me put it this way, most of my family went there, (Parents, some aunts and uncles, cousins, etc) based off what they told me, i never wanted to go. As far as wilmu, great staff who cant do enough for you, 75% of teachers work in the field they teach, low cost, great programs, Dave Caffo heads up the work study/internship department, he and others will make sure you get a rewarding job in your field. Great advisors. Basically, if your serious about your education, you cant do better than wilmu. For your information, there are many students who LEAVE U.D., Del tech and del state to come HERE to Wilmu. Whats that tell you?

phanindra varun Ardham

bret nelson


0 Stars Wasn't Available First: The Student ID number on the back of my Student ID issued by the school isn't even correct. I learned this by trying to sort out Financial Aid and Registration errors. Second: After spending half a day running around the school, going to just about every office in there, they tell me everything is cleared and I should be able to register for classes, FALSE. Third: I attempt to register, and holds are still on my account. Fourth: I call back to the school to try figure out what the problem is now, I spend 2 days being transferred to just about every voicemail box at the New Castle Campus, and they still can't tell me what the problem is. Fifth: Spending multiple days on hold for 10+ minutes waiting for someone to answer the phone is insane! Sixth: When I first registered to go to this school, I went through a similar situation. 1 year later, they are just as INCOMPETENT as ever!

Jenny S

You can not expect a high quality education, and high quality people here, unfortunately.

roopesh p

Jaguar G

Didn't have good experience.

Rajesh Chilivery


Jaymin Parekh


Avinash Ramana

Santosh Sah

Great school with great teachers, low tuition rate and very convenient location.

J Ezra Felton

Ebba Misla

Sahithi 45

sai krishna

Siddarth Surapaneni

Francesca Cuervo

Very rude and unhelpful financial aid staff. Paperwork and forms take extremely long to be reviewed and updated. They recently changed portals and failed to communicate deadlines effectively causing financial issues for students. I see in the reviews alot of students are having similar issues. Great price but beware.

Ravi Teja

cherrybloss xo

J. B. Billy

Lohith Bunty

Paritosh Jain

I’ve had an extraordinarily awesome experience with the teachers. They’ve really improved my skills in the fields I chose. Campus is also really big and smartly designed, always clean and u won’t get lost. I do have a major issue with the call-in number. Especially the international department, they members I speak to don’t deal with matter fast and majority of the time u can’t even get on call with them. U have to personally go to office to get any work done.

parth shah

Farah Bajwa

J Bell

The online classes are great but financial aid sucks. The new "systems" that they are using is causing way too many issues. I have financial aid that was suddenly dropped for no reason and am expected to pay the full amount. Not in this life time! Not to mention I had to resubmit everything else just to attend this school, which I was already attending in the first damn place. I may just transfer after this. It's too much.

devarasetty apuroopa

Mohammed Mirza

One of the best colleges which an international student can afford! very flexible course work and timing!!! AWESOME. The staff is also very AWESOME!!!! one of the best decisions of my life to join WILMU!!

Sanket Patel

Madison hoffman

Safeer K


Khalid Khan

Josh Secouler

Meghan Phelan

sandeepan mukherjee

One of the best growing universities, worth an investment

Chai tu

Stay Away

premchand ravuri

Great school. I love wilmu

Philly User

I enjoyed Wilmington Universities classes, but I had to transfer because their Financial Aid office is the WORSE and extremely frustrating. They act as if they're doing you a huge favor to do their job and help you with SIMPLE financial aid related issues. They act like they could careless about how you pay for your classes and when they'll get paid for. They're extremely slow with processing financial aid (4-6 weeks) The director of financial aid, Nicole was very rude every time I went to her for help; which is why the entire department is ran so poorly. It's a shame that a good university has such a terrible financial aid office considering the fact that majority of students use financial aid. Please do better Wilmu!

Sappa srinivasa rao

Jiaxin Luo

James Sanson


"This university consist of most unprofessional workers I ever met. When I stop by to apply, the international office worker Ryan did not want to talk to me. to all questions I had he only had one popular answer "no, and I dont know". They act very racist, and very belittling toward me. When I decided to go to a different university, they kept my diplomas and not releasing them for a good 3 month now. The motive for keeping my papers changed every week. At the begining Ryan said he is very busy and can't put aside his important "staff" (my, diploma, bank-statement and all other required docs are not important). Then he changed them to some other excuses, and at the end he refused to give back my paperwork at all. He said it is his property now. After several phone talks with upper management, another man, Jesse Orlando, over there said he will send all my papers to me and never did it. I am still waiting for my paperwork while I could start and finish 1st semester somewhere else. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS SO CALLED UNIVERSITY TO ANYONE.

Prem CK

Person answer the phone at international student center is very rude and hang up on me without even listening my question. They seriously need some help .

Jose Bedolla

The staff is very unprofessional, if you have to call Admissions Office, for whatever reason your call will not be answered. Try a different institution if possible, good luck!.

devandla venukumar

Caution my dear fellow students very bad university not good for international students especially IST program not worthy !! Scam

Gil Bunner

The admissions department in inept and if it is any indication of the rest of the university no one should attend


Thank you Wilmington U for allowing me to continue my education at an affordable cost . I am proud to say that I am debt-free and have had NO issue with staff/admin communication. Always prompt and supportive when I was living in the West Coast and Miami. One can truly be anywhere and successfully Graduate

Charles Carper

Parth Patel

Iara Figueiro

Quality with flexible schedule

Carolyn Holland


Jennifer McClafferty

Charlie Hines

Kartheek Kartheek

Ravi G

worst university for international students for Indians staff gives very hard time never reply s emails phone calls they wont accept toffel or gre only WES evaluation accepted if you are international student you need to take ELI which means 2 semesters extra every day for English course with is excess. overall had very bad experience with admission and staff got 6/7 on eli which is rare and i am transfer student form other university i don't know what makes them to do like this cancelled my admission process and waste of time and money

Maribel Diaz

Steven Wonder

Financial aid department does not accept phone call. Every time I call this number, it says no one is available. When you register for class, you should pay right away a certain amount (for me I paid 1,200 USD upfront) or else you will be charged $20 more for being transferred to a paying plan. Also, if you register for classes you will be charged $25 each time. I have never registered more than 1 time and I only register 2 classes for each semester.


Chelsea Schurman

Rocking Ankush009

Praveen Reddy

Yasin Kutlu

Giovanni Conigliaro

Great School!!!

Anthony Williams

Alvin Vincent

vijay gupta

This is the worst university .The fee is low however there are many extra expenses like WES evaluation and one more after getting I20. The admission department is worst. I am following up since long and no one responded yet.I called 20-30 times in last 45 days and no one pick the call in office hrs. I left voice message also but no one called me back yet. It doesn't see a good University to take admission

Bryan Habibi

Terrible school! The most unprofessional school and the admission office hangs up on people and have no clue about their own program!! STAY A WAY FEOM THEM

suraj tandukar

Nice and growing university. Flexible and affordable :)

Butterfly5 Vanilla

This is a good school, but there are some instructors who don’t care if you fail their class. They are not helpful and are selfish. I think that if you want to become a teacher remember that you need to have a compassion personality first and care about your students. Being mean and selfish and only caring about the paycheck you will receive at the end of the week, shows that you only care about yourself and not others. One day you will need help too. If your the kind of teacher who does everything to make sure all your students pass your class and is helpful I will give you a star and I will wish you all the luck in your future. The reason not many teachers are like that. Teaching is more than money. It’s about helping a student achieve their goals and be successful in life. Also you should give a good example to your students. If they see that you’re mean and a bully they will follow your steps too. That’s why it’s important to be an example and be a good and helpful teacher.

Cindy Parente

Jean Tiffany

I registered for classes at Dover AFB and had all my questions answered. I have always had an issue with financial aide at every school I attended. I was able to resolve the issues regarding FA through my counselors office. I was able to Fax and correspond easily. I am actually shocked at the negative reviews. So far I have enjoyed the online, campus and satellite courses I have taken. I never encountered anyone rude or a person that would ruin my whole experience at UWilm. This is a legit University and they do have all the accreditation I need to obtain my degree. That was something that was very important to me and why I chose them. Plus, you cannot beat the cost of tuition which was why I chose them over Delaware State. The University knows that a larger population of their students have full time jobs and/or families. That is why most of their courses are after 5pm. NOTE: Financial Aide is federal funds and the University is required to follow guidelines. Sometimes at the last minute the FA will request more paperwork. Keep in mind this is not the University's fault.

Edd Boi

Tijilana Mitchell

I've been attending this school since 2015 and the curriculum and convenience have been ok. My final semester here, its really been hell. It feels like they are looking for every reason to not allow me to graduate. First and foremost, they had switched their online portal which caused a discrepancy in regards to my status in school. I have attended as an undergraduate student (2015-2017 completion degree for I already held an associates) and thought I would be finished with my course work after taking two classes over the summer. I applied to Wilmu's MBA program for the fall 2017 semester. After reanalyzing my undergrad degree requirements, I saw that I had taken a couple unrequired courses and overlooked required courses. MY FAULT! understandable. So, when I tried to register for the required undergrad courses (Fall of 2017 as an undergrad) it wouldn't allow me because they included me in their new system as a MBA student for the Fall 2017 semester. (completely disregarded the fact that I was already an undergraduate student and hadn't graduated yet). I tried to be understandable and contacted financial aid, admissions, and the information center in regards to getting this fixed. Remind you, this was first initiated at the beginning of the summer of 2017. Its now Aug 16, a week away from the Fall semester and nothing has changed. Although, they did officially place me in their system as an undergraduate student and not graduate after I constantly nagged them, financial aid is still saying I must be fully admitted in order to receive financial aid. IVE BEEN A STUDENT SINCE 2015!!! Admission is completely clueless as to what's going on... and I am completely stressed. I've worked my ass off my complete course load never receiving lower than a B in all my classes and now this. Its been so stressful that I am actually failing in a summer class because I've been spending so much time trying to get this corrected and pondering on whether I am going to be able to graduate, whether my time at this school has been in vain, and whether taking out the many loans was even worth it. ( just to add, went on an interview for a position aligned with my degree and she had the audacity to say... they don't typically hire people from this school because they look at Wilmu degrees as "bought degrees"... like what?? Employers are really out here thinking people just go to this school and buy their degrees??? more stress) The representatives in the financial aid office are the worst. They really don't reply through email, and when they do they don't address the situation. They give vague responses, and when you try to call you're forwarded to a voicemail. I even tried to stop in once to see if that would make a difference. I spoke with a representative sitting at the front desk, wrote a letter explaining the situation, and I thought the problem would be resolved on their end, but nothing. I am so over it and honestly wish I would've invested my time at a different school. My word of advice to Wilmu, is to have better controls involved in your records system. I am now in the system as an undergrad which I already was ( I have been since I've attended starting in 2015, furthermore, received financial aid for every semester up until this one.) but still receiving problems in regards to being fully admitted which consequently is affecting my financial aid, my ability to graduate, and my stress levels.. I would like to add to my review that besides the unanswered questions and run around I received all summer from the many personnel I spoke to in the different departments, Felicia Quinn (Director of the UIC department) has been the most helpful. She follows up with questions and actually make it her objective to get the job done. I do appreciate her assistance. If you have an issue, contact her. Seems like she wear many hats and is the only person doing any work around there

MohammedSaadBaig Mirza

Awesome University

Nikhil Reddy Revuri

james montgomery

Breakfast Window

It's great one bcz my family loves it

chintu chintu

Very bad university especially IST course international students should be very careful especially my fellow Indian

Kristian Joseph

Great school but the Financial Aid department is the absolute worse. They are never available and takes forever to process your financial aid. I started my financial aid in the summer and its still not processed but I am still being charged late fees. I have only 3 weeks of school left before I graduate so hopefully it will be finalized before the end of the semester.

Malcolm Van Atta



Ola Olad

This school (Wilmington University) is a capital of racism. Real life event on the school's recent graduation (May 21, 2017); My brother graduated today with his MBA and the school literally derailed his family the opportunity to see him walk on the stage. Per the school policy, infants and toddlers are required to have a ticket, a policy which has never been communicated to the graduating class. We got to the door and told them all we have is four tickets (which will not cover my 2 nephews and 1 nicece). This quickly became a problem because the guy (Chris Foraker) was so rude in conveying their policy. To mitigate the situation , I asked what we can do to get inside, he said "We can stand by the door and might be able to get a seat once everyone with ticket has checked in". While waiting in line, I noticed another Caucasian family with 3 kids (more fully grown that my niece and nephews with ages ranging from 2 to 11 years) were checked in with only 2 tickets. I notified the police officer of what I just saw, he just blatantly ignored me. After waiting for one hour, Chris told the officer that the only choice that we have now is to go seat in the overflow and I could see that there were so much empty seats in auditorium. The new option he commuicate through the officer was very different from what he had communicated with us earlier. I had to make the ultimate sacrifice of letting my nicece and nephews check-in the ticket we have and wait outside for the commencement to be over. I wouldn't feel comfortable denying little kids the opportunity to see their Dad walk on the stage.I think policies should be applicable to ALL. The whole experience was a definition of White privilege and I will certainly write about this whole incident to the School President. Personally, I will not recommend Wilmington University to anybody and I don't have to ever worry about any of family attending this RACIST unprofessional university.

Ravikumar Sureddy

vaddi naresh

Ashok Kumar

Alex Feeney

Ahmed A

Great University with great programs. The information systems technology program is very organized and valueable. The IT classes give you hands on learning. The professors are great and will go out of their way to help you out. Will RECOMMEND this University to anyone

Bom Italia

Wilmington University is a joke it is a fake school don't waste your time and money you want to study go to UD or a real college if you have multiple campuses stretching across the state your fake you might as well be a technical school I don't even know how to schools accredited the teachers are a joke they know nothing they won't help you they'll basically tell you we'll do it on your own and figure it out they're unorganized unstructured nobody at the school can tell you which building is which the the student are advisories rude and ignorant no one at this place is worth a dam don't waste your time like I did go to a real School the ministration does not care you're all there for her paycheck and nothing more they don't give a damn if you pass or not and they're not going to help you this was the biggest waste of time I interviewed for a job when I told him I studied at Wilmington University they stopped the interview and said sorry we can't help you I had a better shot before I went to Wilmington u this is not a real University

Rohini Rao

Excellent environment to study and excel. Enhanced courses and tailored teaching. Instructors with much expertise. Amazing university for career growth and skill development.

Avan Patel

Sallie Reissman

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