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REVIEWS OF University of Delaware IN Delaware

Ian L

Beautiful campus, amazing college town, painfully mediocre school. Still the best school in the state, but that says more about Delaware than it does about UD.

c Qiang

It was a very nice, pretty campus with some geese walking around the lawn. The students are very friendly and always seem to be down for a good time. Thing coming from a non student.

Akram Naeem

I find peace where I work and for this I rate it 5.

Steven Zhou

This is a great university especially for CIS(Computer and Information Science) departments. they got a lot great professors and really invoked my interests in pursuing deeper in this area. - Xingyu Zhou

Barbara Wong

Food was great!

Chenjian Jia

Proud to be a Blue Hens.

Ian L

Beautiful campus, amazing college town, painfully mediocre school. Still the best school in the state, but that says more about Delaware than it does about UD.

Audrey Stephens

Love the new Rodney Building ,,,check it out soon....

Atul Kakrana

0 star for this university. The staff is overpaid here but to harass students and other academic members. Most of these are on vacation whenever you mail them, do not pick their phones, put you on hold for such long that you disconnect - especially the Payroll and HR. There is a web of staff people, they keep e-mailing each other all day for even petty issues, while academic members suffer; zero accountability. In brief, staff is the king, and actual researchers who bring the money to university live at their mercy.

David Ruffolo

Great interactions with other scientists!

Michael M

Though I haven't gone to school here personally, I've spent a lot of time here with friends. A major reason I see out of state students come here is because they take a tour and see Main Street. Main Street is awesome. It's like a little city. But that's it. And it's all they'll shoe you if you take a tour. If you are interested in Delaware purely because it seems like a fun place to live, make sure to see the other streets. Because after a month you'll have every shop and restaurant memorized. Delaware also only has one mall and two movie theaters which you will see everyone and their mother there because there's nothing else to do here but drink. There are plenty of bars and frat parties. If you like traveling out of state it gets good though. Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, West Chester and Ocean City are all 2 hours or less away. Great for a spontaneous vacation.

Maan Albalushi

The BEST place I've ever studied at. Great atmosphere and wonderful girls that make you wanna stay for more and more time than what you have to. UD for ever <3 GO BLUE HENS.

Diana Norniella-Burke

Beautiful Campus, excellent lightweight Rowing Program, great Main Street, the perfect college experience!

_selfmade 61st

It's been a cool place ever.

James Leithren

5 AM on my 6 AM lr

Toby Klein

We had a really fun time at our visit!

Ashton Smith

I enjoy coming to the University of Delaware what a great place this is I really enjoyed myself it means so much if they hosted Special Olympics area s a training camp

c Qiang

It was a very nice, pretty campus with some geese walking around the lawn. The students are very friendly and always seem to be down for a good time. Thing coming from a non student.

Ibrahim Al-Saggaf

Fake administration especially the ELI administration.

Bianca Yt

Sksk it was great Chill a f

Yohana Wichess

Love the brick around campus and old buildings!

Vern Wingfield

Looking forward to attending

elvis pj

Love their campuses

Joyetta Perry

Absolutely the best place in Delaware and can compete with many others.

Independent Journalist

****This "University"is torturing and abusing innocent animals in their "labs"......... tormenting mice.......drowning mice for "entertainment".

Catherine LaPenta

I worked my way through, like many others, paying my own tuition through long nights of waitressing. I had to spend my few off-hours in the library, and worked hard for my grades in most classes, with a few exceptions and those expectations quite frankly, were too low. A good school should mean some 'time in the chair' doing the work. Can't help but wonder how much 'time in the chair' is spent by those claiming the work is too hard. My professors were available, even those in the largest introductory classes, if I was struggling but it was my job to ask for the help. I hope that hasn't changed. Got a good education, at a great price. Go Hens.

Rosina Keller

The reason I rated your school a 1 star is because I had to pick one. I have been told that you take infant rats from there mother and tear these poor rats apart to shreds which is horrifying enough, but to force alcohol down there throats and to see the reaction. O donf see what thpe of science your trying to get out of that or the outcome but im sure if you were strappex into a chair force feed alcohol and other horrifying things you have done to them you would have it stopped. I donf think you realize how smart these creatures are and how loving a rat can be, I use to raise them as pets and I made sure they were boughg so they could be held not Ferrell and deff not for feeders. You really need to find a new way to do your science testing without using animals. They are precious rodents. I dont even kill the ones come in my home I have a box that traps them and they are then taken out to a field near by and released.

Bianca Yt

Sksk it was great Chill a f

Megan Burgess

Received my chemistry degree here in 2005. Loved the university through and through. Incredibly caring and supportive professors. Go Blue Hens!

Yohana Wichess

Love the brick around campus and old buildings!

Jared Goldman

Great college. I learned a lot of necessary skills to thrive at my current profession.

Let's See

Terrible university!! Professors teach pro North Korean ideology!!

Vern Wingfield

Looking forward to attending

Bruce Segal

This is a terrific spot on U.D.’s campus.

Evan Brown

Great school for a balance of work and play. Graduated with an engineering degree.

elvis pj

Love their campuses

Brad c.



Calm and quiet, very friendly and polite staff. Amazing physical therapy!!

Joyetta Perry

Absolutely the best place in Delaware and can compete with many others.

Ronald Rosebure

Very good school get sport area pool an basketball courts an football field

Allison Lisberg

Great university for some majors- engineering, physical therapy and buisness- with very good academics in these areas. The campus is gorgeous, especially during the spring and summer. However, University politics can sometimes get in the way of academic progress and the financial aid department is the absolute worst to deal with. Overall, a good place to study and learn, but administration can get in the way of an ideal experience.

Jonathan Seel

A great school

tony tony

"Professor" Kathy Dettwylers comments about a young man Otto Warmbler are beyond despicable.She hates white people obviously and thinks humans are expendable because of making a mistake in a 4th world hell hole of N Korea. The hate spewing from the left is endless.# boycott this University until at least she's gone. You need to fire her or we will know you agree with"her".

Lori DeBald

You are a number not a person. Find another place that values all you have to offer. The SAT scores required for acceptance are NO WHERE NEAR the scores required for Scholarship Awards. So basically, they want your money!! Find a University that is accepting AND rewarding their prospective students.

Mark Gagern

$50,000 a year for tuition, room and board and they can't afford to provide air conditioning in dorm rooms?

Beth Marie

As a taxpayer for 40 plus years I want some of the BILLIONS wasted on child abuse experiments! Seriously forcing alcohol down baby rats among other hideous experiments. Children are not rats. Tania Roth, the experimenter needs swift reprimand and thorough investigation! I am furious with this "university"!

Mohammed Alali

I'm studying at the Computer Science Department. The school is very strong and care about its students. It is a wonderful place to study. I love the library and the green grass. Free shuttle buses that go throughout campus. So many free services and activities.

pam miller

Their exams don't cover anything they've seen in class. My son passed AP Calculus, but got the bright idea to take it again as an easy A. Imagine his surprise when he failed it. This also happened in Physics. He understood everything in class. But, on the exams, they pulled out stuff they'd never covered. This was their way of weeding people out of Engineering. This is what the head of the Department told me. Some kids I know had to take these tough classes 2 or 3 times, dropping them at the last minute, so they could see what would be on the exams. Maybe it's all about the money. Also, discourage your kid from declaring a major until they are forced to. The study guide for students not in Engineering was what he was used to in his AP Calculus class. After one year, my son's grades were so low, it would take him years to pull them up. His relationship with his Father has plummeted, and may be irreparable. And, my son has lost his confidence. He has dropped out of college. With no idea what he wants to do now.

Jolly Hanson

Daughter graduated from UD and I love visiting this town. I'm glad she decided to go to the East coast for school.

Tamara S.

Today is finally (!!) my last day here. I am graduating with an engineering degree. UD is a top-rated engineering school. Why? Because they force you to think outside of the box. To the mom who is complaining of just this, I'm sorry he couldn't adjust to this style of thinking. However, when you are faced with real engineering problems, you have to be able to think of solutions. The tests use the same principles they are taught in class, but in different ways. They want students to understand the concepts and apply them, which really is what engineering is about. I have had the pleasure of participating on the Marching Band, sororities, and other campus groups. I love the atmosphere here, and it's comfortable. I like how open and green it is. I recommend UD to anyone who is actually up for a challenge.


The university cares more about its athletic facilities than about the academic quality of the university.

Edu SI

I had good time at UD. However, The English language Institute is so bad. One day, I had a problem because I had been paying for the CAP program and 2 months before I finish the program they changed the handbook which I think illigaly to do that and forced me to sign. I refused; then Karen dropped my classes.

Edward Cotton

Nice looking campus

Rick Harman

The University of Delaware is one of the most underrated Universities in the country. It's a top 50 endowed national research university and ranked in the top 75 of all National Universities every year. The quality of life and diversity of student body is continuing to grow. The campus is one of the most historical campuses in the nation as the University is the 6th oldest in the country and one of the most beautiful. Check it out!

Donna Arcaro Serratore

Very well organized graduation ceremony!

David Brake

Fantastic school at the forefront of technological advancement!

Matthew Mehrazar

Beautiful campus, wonderful college experience

Christopher Murrin

Love it. It's the best school that exists.

mohamd ebrahem

It will the best to experience with comfortable atmosphere and a great students and very peaceful professors with a very good educated background. In addition, a great campus and very nice old buildings.

Tech -78

Great education & sports programs.

Edward Cotton

Nice looking campus

Troy Saltiel

Ignore the moms that complain their kid is failing a difficult class. Exams are designed to be something you haven't seen before to see if you can figure out what to do. Memorizing the steps to do one particular problem isn't going to cut it. That said, very few questions are like that, and professors have been great in my experience. Everything else about the school is top notch, they really try to give you an experience. Once they rebuild all of the older dorms, it'll be perfect.

Lisa Scott

My son is finishing up his schooling this year. He has had a good experience at UD. His classes were very rigorous and challenging. The campus is beautiful and very well maintained. He always had a nice dorm to stay in. Parking seems to be an issue and is expensive for him because it is so scarce

Jérôme Besnard

I went there for my undergrad and grad degrees and I loved it! Now that was 16 years ago but the campus is still beautiful and in the last 15 years you can tell a lot of money has been spent on new buildings. I bet the facilities are better than ever.

Sam B.

Brooks Raup was a huge help. He made sure that being a veteran and going to school that all my required paperwork was turned in. He helped getting waivers for certain deposits and met with my wife and I to answer any questions.

Caitlyn Hamill

As a UD graduate student and former UD undergrad student, I can say that the school is deeply systematically racist. If you have financial aid issues, you're best option is to go to the actual office. They are useless on the phone. The fraternities are awful and definitely practice hazing and are homophobic. Also if you plan on living on campus in the dorms, Beware! My friend got sick from the black mold in her dorm. She couldn't even get out of the housing contract after getting doctor's notes and things. Driving in Newark is a pain. The roads suck.

Fatih Gezer

Overall great experience at UD during 1 year of ELI and 2 years of Masters. Pros: Amazing campus which is located in a small town. Very close to big cities and nice beaches. Many events on campus to integrate people. If you want to make your own event, university provides place, facilities and financial support. Gym is great! I haven seen such a gym in other universities. Library and their sources. Library multimedia services. International friendly. Very helpful staff. Cannot remember an unsolved problem. Administration of UD is very experienced and friendly. Cons: After leaving the university, I cannot even remember the negative things about it. I already miss UD.


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