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REVIEWS OF University of Arkansas IN Arkansas

Ali Fawaz

Jacob Herrington

Emerson Taylor

I know a lot of people talk about how great it is here, but it isn't. My advisors were not helpful career wise or any other way. Most professors don't care about their students with the exception of their favorites.

Juan Miguel Castillo

Bonnie Obama

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Alex Murphy

Went here my freshman year of college and it was a terrible mistake. Moved from Dallas, Texas and the only way you would enjoy this college is if you grew up in Arkansas. Out of state people always hated it. Frats own the social life, so if you aren't in one you can forget it. House parties are rarely in walking distance, so DWI's are incredibly prevalent. I couldn't WAIT to transfer, and though the campus can be pretty at times overall there are much better options. This school blows, go somewhere else.

Kevin Johnson

Tom Juergens

Great experience


This place is pretty amazing and everyone is pretty welcoming. The campus is pretty easy to navigate.

Christina Gleave

Foe those thinking of taking math or science classes here please read. I enjoy the campus a lot (I mean the scenery). But, I have to say the math dept has been in a slump for years (commonly known by students). Students purposely take math courses at Nwacc just so they get out of the horrible teaching (huge lectures and power points that dont really help students actually do the real homework) in fact, I have yet to see my professor do an actual problem in class. Drill is a joke. I paid way to much at the uofa when I could have gotten a cheaper class in a classroom of 30 at nwacc where the teacher is actually doing some math work and visually showing us how to do the work. (Nwacc has a lot of math classes at the jones center in springdale) Abt 10% of people in america are auditory learners where 80% are visual. Yet, classes are taught as if everyone benefits from auditory learning. Its upsetting. Next semester im taking any math or science related classes at NWACC and I refer students to do the same.

Elwin Hoover


I spent two years in grad school for a Master Degree here and I am so glad I moved away and attended a PhD program in another school on the West Coast. I did meet some great professors and they literally changed my life in many ways (funny all of them have left in the end). I hate people apply stereotype to the South but I have to say a lot of things do fall right into their dumb judgement. So many undergraduate kids I TAed for did not give a crap to learn new knowledge; some professors know nothing about their research and I was just amazed how they even got tenure; so many people are brainwashed by religions and do not care about the outside world at all. The list goes on and on and on. I feel really sad for all these people and also the school. Way to go, U of A. Hopefully one day the school and the people here can realize football is not as important as you think when kids are uneducated and know nothing about themselves and the world around them.

Scott Eby

Beautiful campus and great people! Fun place to live, work, and go to school!

Jordan Nichols

My husband and I both attend the U of A. The culture here is very diverse and the campus is beautiful. I am in the agriculture college and truly enjoy the professors and curriculum. My husband is in kinesiology. He loves the HPER and intramural sports that the college provides. This is a great university. The variety of students makes it whimsical, especially due to the 1,000s of internationals that are studying here. There are plenty of communities to join, churches to be a part of and places to eat in the Fayetteville area. There's a place for everyone, so come and find yours here! PS I highly recommend the Dale Bumper's College of Agitcultural, Food & Life Sciences for those who are seeking a degree in ag!

Kamal Ahmed

Nice place

Gage Alvis

Mosaraf Hossain

Peggy Tenbrook

Nancy Guillen

Ibrahim Sa3id

I think every thing in america is so good

adam sakhour

João Victor Pontes

What to say unless wonderful? The most beautiful campus around. Good for a walk to admire the beauty in every corner. The university is excellent, with great professors, staff and opportunities. It is home for international students, they are very good in receiving and make you feel good and almost at home.

Samurai Jack

Nice place. One hell of a football stadium.

Anthony Fisch

Benjamin Hixson

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pig Sooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee

Gabriel Del Carmen

Great facilities, great engineering program, lots of oppurtunities to get involved, and everyone seems like they want to help you.

Highlight Up Tight Videos

Very nice

Abigail McMoran

Angela Peckham

I am currently a student and mother. I would never send my kids here. If you are not a grad, honors, or athletic student you get treated like crap. They charge for things that they can't explain (e.g. First year student and new student fee) I tutored athletes who failed classes but left with Cs or higher. I have witnessed teachers giving there future grad students As on things they didn't get As on. Their biology is a joke. You can't get in to classes you may need because they have over 20,000 students and not enough classes offered. Their math department is horrible and that is why a majority of students take math at NWACC. They lie to people on tours and say classes arent that big when the average freshmen and sophomore class hass 300 or more. And the list goes on. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

Mark H

No other place in Arkansas to be than Right here!! WPS! GO HOGS GO

Timothy Reynolds


Barbara Keene

Love it all. Go Hogs! --Loved my A D Pi's. Moved to Winter Park FL and found wonderful alum group that helped me join in to this growing community.

Carlos Fierro

The best university in Arkansas. Go Razorbacks.

John Shadwick

A beautiful campus and great place to work.

Amelia Polk

Alex King

Stephen Volsted SR

Associates week u of a

Toby Snow


Madison Smith

Ashley Smith

Ben Jessup

Gorgeous campus and facilities.

Steel Edge


Rachael Greene


Alberto nunez garcia


(Translated by Google) Japanese students visiting this university for the first time will be impressed by the spacious university. (Original) はじめてこの大学を訪問した日本人学生は広々とした大学に感銘するとおもいます。

Naje' Harper

Visited last December and I loved it. One helpful tip if your going to visit is pay attention to parking. They do not play and will write you a ticket for parking the worng way. Enjoy your time here.

Carlos Montoya

Anali R

Nicholas Cummins

They make me wet

Matt Davis

Loved my time in school there! Best time ever!

Wendy Lilly

Chris Clemmons

Razorback Football

James Little

"Follow The Yellow Brick!" Fresh! New Book! Based On Business Success! Overcoming Obstacles In Black America! Author Jimi Little!

DiamondRhino 57

This was an awesome school! It was huge! I went for the Arkansas Razorback in 2018 and we just traveled around the school like 75% of our time! It was nice to see all the sights in this area and I hope I can come again! I liked how the building went above the road! Although, my only complaint is: The elevators are ruckety and their are way too many floors! (Note: My true grade for this place is 4.8 but there is no 4.8 so I rounded up to 5)

Rick Crook

Hey I no I'm spoiled but he'll did me when I 12 Jesus saved me ever since this for u wise guys

Pete Scrimcher

The Hogs shaved points tonight against Alabama and need an immediate FBI investigation. Missed extra point, a go-ahead touchdown from their huge QB near the goal line. Stinks of corruption. Way to go, Jeff and B. Ya dang criminals. Wow.

Shirly Medlin

Ayouba Atta

Good place to be

Gary Peters

Lorena Lopez

I did not go to school here but my in-laws did and they are both teachers. It is a beautiful campus, worth walking around if you're near by.

Wesley Johnson

Mackenzie L


Lorenzo Castelano

Breno Martins

kris perry

Great staff. Very friendly. But smoke before you get there. The entire campus is 100% tobacco free.

Harrison Dance

I currently go here and I love it, but some things are simply beyond frustrating. Once such example was a couple of weeks ago. I park my car at a friends house even though I live on campus because the parking passes are so expensive. Where the problem comes into play is during move out then I needed to bring my car to where I live so I could pack it up. While I had it there then I received a ticket for not having a permit. Normally I would say 'Okay, I understand this' but it was during move-out, (which I scheduled through the University) and I still received a ticket. After I reached out to parking and transit to explain my predicament then they told me that I was supposed to acquire a permit. The thing is, is that the UA staff member in charge of our move-out never informed us about that and now because of that then I am stuck with an expensive parking ticket. In the photo then you can even see my car stacked with all of my belongings. Even after explaining to multiple people at the parking and transit office that I was never informed by one of their fellow staff members that this was required, then they are still denying me. Furthermore, just the appeal process alone has a $10 'processing fee' and even if your ticket is appealed then you do not get a refund on that $10. Last time I checked (and I have worked several months in the technology industry) then having a system that automatically processes online forms costs fractions of a penny. I like attending here, but things like this make this place unbearable.

Divin Divakar

I luv roaming around campus

Jeff Cheney

Abdulrahman Alsayari

The U of A is a place that you always have to call home if you went to school there! I lived there for 6 years around this campus and I always enjoyed being there! It's defiantly the best thing I have ever decided to study here! Go hogs and Woo Pig!


very nice campus

DJ Bothwell

I visited the dorms, but really enjoyed the campus. If you come prepare your body for those hills.

Tom Z

Zachary Armbruster

Camilo Cedillo-Sosa

Love this place it's has great people. Its beautiful and there's always something to do.

top anime

(Translated by Google) Until (Original) Tot

Ross McWilliams

Matthew Womack

beautiful campus with good people and close to a lot of cool attractions

Beth Strack

Mohammed Al Hamada

Great University, great memories in this place for Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP2018) in the university, this is the best university in Arkansas State

Sourabh Panwar

I work hard in study and in future join the university

Whitney B Deepseadweller Broussard

Siddartha Kanumalla

Mark Palace

Great university. Beautiful campus

Alan P

Phom Sisoukrath

Beatiful University, good times there and WPS!

Ray Kanishka

Graduated from here, then moved on to a better school (out of state) for my Masters.

Arick Higginbotham

Daniel Strauss

Boban Bird

(Translated by Google) Wor. (Original) ฤๆ.วฟห

Mohammed Abdulaziz

Good university

bryan umana

2793 a kasey springdale .ar 72764

Connor Morris

lely prajasari

Ryan Stackable

Carys Elise

I've only been here half a semester and I will honestly say this place is WAY better than Mizzou. I'm a transfer student and I thought college was terrible because of my experience of it prior to transferring. Once I got here, I fell in LOVE with the campus! Not just the campus itself, but the people--everyone is so nice and the campus is easy to traverse, especially with the help of the Razorback Transit.

Tyson Twin 2

This is a beautiful campus with lots to offer. The people here are extremely nice. I've had a nephew and some friends go to school here and they loved it. They do lots of community service. All around great place.

Joshua Bradley

Walton College of Business has endless resources and very caring professors (especially when you reach upper level courses)

A Sands

I love the Razorback culture that instills pride in all of the students. The Walton College of Business is a comparable program to other state universities. The Career Services office for the WCOB is a great tool to help students network and find either an internship and/or full time employment. The Greek life experience is not the same as used to be due to more and more restrictions. The University does not have the most student friendly administration as they will attempt to nickle and dime anyone over any minor issue. The University could be improved by eliminating all the petty bureaucracy bloat. I never had any problem with my actual professors as they challenged my thinking and demonstrated professional behavior.

Connor Marlin

Great school

Kaitlin Rose

Cathy Woyat

They really need to update the dorms there. It is clean though.

Master Chief Tshepiso R


United Home Logistic Packers and movers

Rasheed Oluwafemi

Sanghamitra Mandal

Beautiful campus. Fayetteville, Arkansas is a calm and quite place, best to focus on research.

Julius Mays

Peregryn Shattuck

Moses The

Silver Surfer

roy jackson


Adrio Bailey

Vu Thach

Rupal Bohra

Amazing college!

Laura Harrington

Man Up

My hometown of Fayetteville! Go Hogs!! Nice new modern establishments and free bus service in F-town courtesy of the UofA. Top notch campus and good vibe.

Megan McCleary

I love it here! It's cozy, beautiful landscape, dining halls with easy access. All I have to complain about is parking. It's difficult to find parking, even on the weekdays and they ticket and tow if you park in the wrong place. So beware, other than that perfect university!

Ronda Walker, MA, ATR

Many family members have attended The University, and have had amazingly wonderful experiences. All have established great careers with their degrees. My husband and both sons have graduated from the University of Arkansas. We have been very happy with the choice of our sons to attend from Texas. We have felt welcome each time we were on the campus. Our youngest graduated this past Saturday with two degrees. Thank you to administrators, staff and a special thanks for the skilled set of professors that keep this a leading university in the United States! Woooo Pig!

Michael McDaniel


Chi Mai

Jacqueline Holmes

Great MBA program. Do it!

Keldon Williams

Great university

Dakota Christensen

just want to see how low it can go


Beverly Elliott

John Love

This town would have 4 stars, i give Fayettville 3 stars, for a lot of reasons, including common misunderstandings, and people get away with bullying, i give the town 2 stars, but has dropped to 1 star since then too me. The university and public library have a great collection of books, the books 5 stars!

Ashley Lewis

This is gonna be kind of long but it'll be entertaining I promise. I can say for a school located in a small college town in Arkansas the quality of life and inclusive atmosphere is admirable. I never really felt unsafe here and it was pleasant. The Dean made decent strides to have a diverse and an all in attitude. However! The allowance of on campus carry was the most outrageous thing to have happen in my 6 years at this school. Let's not get political with my review I will focus on the "FOCUS" of the school. Sports. If you are not an athlete or honors, etc do not expect TOO many perks. From the buildings to the funding. Everything is associated with sports. GO RAZORBACKS! We have a new addition to our stadium now...oh and we have a study area exclusively for student athletes (Incoming student athletes this is actually cool for you though not gonna lie). Anyways I was very happy for that because we don't need new faculty buildings for our teachers whose offices reside in apartment buildings and extremely far from their classroom locations because there is no room on campus....... ya...PRIORITIES ARE IN CHECK HERE. The Frat and Sorority student organizations pretty much make up the population (so if you like that go for it ayyyy). If you actually want to have peers who have a sense of mind. Don't. This is not to say that the members are uneducated (They have decent scores and I've met some who are actually brilliant and fantastic friends). BUT GENERALLY they just don't have the most basic life experiences (a.k.a spoiled brats)...(like 7 1/2 out of 10 are gross and they never tip.... who does that.. those are like actually trash humans (last part was personal I will admit sorry) ) THESE ARE MY OBSERVATIONS ON GREEK LIFE ! GO GREEK ! Enough time wasted on that ughhhh ...I'd have to say department/faculty wise is person to person.. department to department. Some couldn't be less helpful while others are extremely so. OH AND PARKING SUCKS it goes up more every semester! Have a paper to write or exam to study for and want to come to campus SORRY you have to wait till 8 pm when it's free BUT GOOD LUCK FINDING A SPOT BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE IS HERE AS WELL! whew...the parking really get's me. OH AND DON'T CALL THE PARKING OFFICE WOW they are grade A prime cut jerks ( I wanted to say something else.....) Like I have never been so disrespected by a school faculty member ever until I went there. It's a 30 dollar ticket Susan-Bob chill out. I will say though...the food on campus is not bad! It's actually pretty good! ALL IN ALL I can't say I hated this school...but I do wish everyday that I had made a different choice. Anyways GOOD LUCK! p.s. ----> the art department just got a huge grant as well so if you're creative you should take advantage of that... the teachers are pretty amazing and scary at the same time, but I loved em! They'll treat you decent....maybe not some but you'll have to figure that out yourself...; )

Hassan Barzani

Beautiful college campus for sure!

Terri Taylor

This University is awesome. Much bigger than I originally thought, but it is an amazing place to attend for future career of my oldest grandson.

Trevin Schall

Mark Cox

Solid school. Especially the Walton College of Business.

Itz Runnin

_itz_ya_girl _zozo_

Cant wait for the opportunity to go to this AMAZING COLLEGE!! Im a HOG FAN ALL THE WAY!!!!

Chris Fine

Wooooo pig soooie!!!!!

Amber McGrath

Delicious DeBlair

Long ago I worked there, they were kind and compassionate employers, I truly enjoyed my days on campus! <3

Erik Frey

Amazing electrical engineering course. Great instructors.

Joylynn Smetana

Payton Dunn

Best thing ever go hogs

Leonides Moreno

Eva Pedick

Too many one-way streets

Parker Davidson

I love the university, but it is getting crowded.

Abdulaziz Al-Asiri

Price Johnson


P9braxton 9

I loved it when the Razorbacks had Brandon Allen

Chuma Okeke

Ayidh Almansour

Great school with great environment. The only issue is the parkings.

Jennifer Monti

Sydney R


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