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REVIEWS OF University of Arkansas at Little Rock IN Arkansas

Perryn Andrews

Great campus, helpful staff, good location


Emili Towater

Mark Gray

I love UA@Little Rock for life!!!!!! Go Trojans!!!!!!!

Keith Lambert

Welcome feeling

J. Leonardo

I love the staff. Great place to study.


This is a fantastic school. I enrolled in Fall of 2015 and so far the experience has been great. The teachers are really good at what they do and very nice and easy to get along with. And compared to other universities in Arkansas, it is very cost efficient! One of the best decisions I made in my life!

an johnny

good 2801 S University Ave

Terraino Adams

Christian Ball

Excellent science programs

Tina Hesabizadeh

Gabriel Del Carmen

The campus is very nice

Bridgette Armstead

I have been in the graduate program at UALR, since the fall of 2017. I cannot recall any issues that I have had with staff, classes, registration, or financial aid. My professors are always available for me when I have needed them and they respond to me in a timely manner when I reach out to them. I am in an online program and it has been a rewarding experience thus far. If I were going to say anything negative about UALR, it would be about the pricey books that I have purchased in the bookstore. But, I cannot even say that, considering what I have spent on books in undergrad in Texas.

Alandrea Griffith

They have a great teaching program

Yas Yas

Very caring staff

yunus yunus

Kayce Someone

John N.

Venkatesh Gannamaneni


Jason Tipton

Shekhar Sonowal


Meng Wang

Lauren Watkins

Literally the worst school in the mid south. They don't care at all about students only about revenue. Instructors don't care, and clearly have no genuine interest in teaching or students. Advising departments seems overwhelmed and ill prepared. Faculty never takes accountability for dropping the ball at any point in the process. All they're policies are revenue based, and don't benefit the student. Few classes are transferable making you stuck at university that you're unhappy at. I attempted to seek help for depression in my second year and the counselor just looked at me odd and made me take career assessment and leave his office. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. I will not be attending grad school at University of Arkansas system school.

James Little

"FOLLOW The Yellow Brick!" Fresh! New Book! Author Jimi Little! Based On Business Succes! Overcoming Obstacles In Black America! A Must Read!

jimmie glover


I love this school! I graduated twice from the business college. It is challenging and you learn a lot. Great opportunities to find work through networking with your UALR contacts.

Kristofer D

A student since 2013, I'm very happy with my education.

Jeff Long

Great school, go here!

Arti Koppar

787.478.6899 Whatsapp

UALR doesnt just abuse the position of authority they have, they make sure to make more rules or excuses about how there is no responsibility for students needs. Do not study here unless you believe that college professors and administration should really be no help at all.

LJ Ervin

I Love the college I just came from a companion on campus Kind and caring staff.

gav da hood tv

i start collage in 2 or 3 years and i finally find the right collage that it #universityofarkansasatlittlerock i graduate next year from #maldenhighschool in #2020 and i,m a 11th grader

Thomas Goursaud

Megan Hemphill

Alona Mckenzie

Eric Grasby

I have been a student at UALR since mid 2014. It really is a great school. The faculty and staff can care about the students since it has a low student to teacher ratio. The campus itself is rather old, though, and updates to it are slow to none. If you can put that aside, it is an excellent choice for a simple college experience. They have many programs of study that aren't paralleled elsewhere in the United States, such as Information Quality, Information Science, and Systems Engineering at the undergraduate level.

Ian Hamilton

I am enrolled at 2015 spring. I HATE it here. Everything is about money and money only. They have their hands out for everything and have little to give when asking for help. I truly made a big mistake. God bless!

Brian Williams

Great school, it's had a long history of being a low end day school, but it's really coming up. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good education for a great price

Rafael D

Will Arnold

Mahfuzul Hasan

Nice campus, great teachers, quality education specially in chemistry program.

Montez Taylor

Danny McNeely

I have been a student at U.A.L.R. for two years. The education is affordable but a little over priced. If you are looking for a university that provides a stereotypical college experience, this is not the university. However; if you are looking for a decent education at an affordable price this is a perfect place for you!

James Bradach

Great university with some of the most passionate faculty and staff I've met. The tuition is affordable, allowing you to get a great education without the heartache of crippling student loan debt. If finances are an issue, ask the financial aid office. They have a surprising number of private scholarships that may be available.

chris brown

(Translated by Google) Oops (Original) YeeYee

Juanita Collins

Elexus T

If you have the patience to deal with lack of communication and knowledge of the most basic things like me than apply if you do not avoid this school like the Black Plague! Seriously! I am in process applying for the nursing program transferring from out of state University. Mr. Jon Vickers never answer the phone or give you a call back, I literally call this man 10 times in the past two weeks and no answer or phone call back! He is suppose to be head of nursing department but he never answer any calls. Front desk people could never answer the most basic questions like “ when are the nursing application going to be available” they always transfer me and no one every seems to be available. Only good experience I had is talking to Belinda White. This school needs a lot of work with communication and keep their staff up to date on basic information.

Chris Holloway

Great school, needs better atmosphere. I've never seen or heard of a professor not willing to bend over backwards to help a student. Very knowledgeable professors who have real world experience in their fields. They're trying to get a better atmosphere for students by making students stay on campus (see rules and all on their site) and I commend them for that. As with any other college, food is so-so and parking sucks (but that's college).

Margaret Kealy-Machella

As a student in the college of Mass Comm for an online Masters, I can say that this is one of the least organized, ragtag, messy programs I have ever seen with an astounding lack of communication (ironically). The lack of basic understanding for the requirements of a degree by some of the department members is unbelievable. The class offerings of classes required for graduation is abysmal, especially considering you are required to be advised of upcoming semesters. With that advising session, one would think that with a reviewer, the classes on that graduation plan would be vetted to ensure they meet requirements and that their offering within the next year is reasonable, but alas, that is not the case. I would not recommend anyone attend nor waste their money on the online Masters in mass comm.

Aravind Nalika

Francis Jackson

Shelbey Bilnoski

Serene shaded paved paths weave through nature, sculptures, and buildings on campus—and, of course, you’ve got to see the fountain.

Sidney P

I was originally a student at a private school in Texas. One of the best in the world. So when we had to move here for a family illness, I was highly guarded about what I would find in quality at a public school...especially in Arkansas. Although I had three advisors screw up my plan three times in a row, I finally got the assistant dean as my advisor. She was wonderful and I am a graduate of the College of Arts, Letters and Sciences. I have to say I was highly impressed at the level of education and support that I received at UALR. Additional to a quality education, I was impressed with administration and the people's willingness to help me when I needed it and to call me back when they said they would. Teachers are mostly helpful. I was an online student so availability in a teacher is key. Sure there was one or two that weren't the best at it but I fortunately am tech enough to get myself through what I needed. I did not witness and racism, homophobia or bigotry on campus between students and teachers. However it seems to me that a lot of angry people in the reviews feel differently. I personally did not witness it. Additionally, my wife is an adjunct professor here and I know for a fact she cares immensely and passionately about ALL of her students and a lot of students are looking for excuses to not do the work but to get credit for nothing. It's not a food line, it's college. You want a good grade? You have to do the work and you have to do it well. You are adults. Act like it. A lot of people I met were just adult high schoolers in their maturity level. THAT is not UALR's fault.


John Poole

Graduated with an undergraduate degree in biology in 2017. The university as a whole cares very little about it's students. It is 110% a for-profit university. They hire very underqualified professors who pride themselves on "not rocking the boat." The administration has no interest whatsoever in helping students find employment after graduation, or making partnerships with industries or businesses in the community to do the former. The sole focus with the current administration is to generate revenue so as to not lose accredidations and faculty members due to a steady decline in student enrollment and graduation rate. There are a handful of professors in some departments who care for and cater to their students, but they are either retiring or going to other universities for less pay. I hate to say these things about my alma mater, but the truth is the truth.

Mikel Wyatt

Ruth Overstreet

Amer Olwan

Ranjeet Peddisetty

Steele Alexander

Go somewhere else. I was an all A student until I was exposed to this money hungry lazy University.

Red Rabbit

The university has gone straight up in the past 10 years. They have established one of the top 3(possibly the very top) engineering and have partnered with a great medical school(UAMS). The money they have been given helped to secure talented professors and great staff. Past that though, they have started to recruit high end students and provide scholarship money for all. For example, I received a full ride plus some spending money as a result of my "high performance" (read as standardized test scores). Be aware that, like most other state colleges, most awards are based off of test scores and having above a 3.5 in high school. Overall, the school has a bit of a bad rap around Arkansas because of what it was over 50 years ago, but it has become a competitor for the best in state college and is definitely still headed up.

Darius Bennett

I'm ready

Grandmaster JayD

Ryan McQuen

There are a few great professors here, but they cannot save it from being the worst University in the world.

Joel Tanner Jr

Beautiful campus with friendly advisors

go justine

great school. great to study criminal justice

Pynshailang Nongsiej

Moh Alfaraj

John Love

48 miles, to far

Olympia Johnson

Beware of there loop holes. And the teachers are not there to teach and help you be successful in college. Pick them wisely

Carey Benedict

Jessica Rivera

Clean campus and scenic views


money hungry, who charges people to open a door, and their college transcript!? i am an out of state freshman. they have you running around campus trying to get one simple thing done and one person cant do it. its just bad. do not apply if you dont have the patients!

Jonmichal Walker

It has been a great college to attend at.

Kanchan Poddar

I loved it

Terry Gomillion

Good school to go to or visit its also in a good location

Kamal Sikarwar



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