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REVIEWS OF Arkansas State University IN Arkansas

Millie Coe

Frank Walker

Alec Bowden

Mary Bell GR

Angie Alonso

Austin Meeks

The cafeteria is awful. I pay way too much to not have any grilled chicken at the grill line, no rice cooker, no toaster for the sandwiches, hardly any ice in the ice machines, and no fruit. How can I have a balanced diet, or even any nutrition, when the cafeteria only offers burgers and sodium rich "homecooked style" food. Treat kitchen staff better on an administration level, and maybe they'll have a positive attitude serving food. Rather than the current, lifeless response that feels like we're ordering food in a prison line. The cafe had its problems last year, but it was certainly better than the situation that we have now.

Moneybagg Turna

Susan Starks

ASU has a great on-line Education Master's Program. I really enjoyed each one of the instructors and they taught me so many new things I can use in my classroom! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Pae Yung

I agree with "Bray H." that the quality of instruction is poor at best. I am also in the online MPA, currently taking a "leadership" course with Darrell Phillips. He docks off points for typos, not ideas, and says it's "grad school." So I wrote a stern e-mail to him that as a graduate instructor in hard sciences, ideas matter more than syntax (we're not talking egregrious errors we're literally talking about a 1500 word essay where there is 1 typo and you get docked a point off a 25 point assignment). Very petty and obnoxious to say the least. The professor's response btw? This is "graduate school." Lol, first of MISTER (not doctor) Phillips. You're an MBA from some no name school. Secondly, your course on "leadership" is just busy work every week with "book reports" and discussions with narrow grading ranges meant to dock points off students for no real good reason. At these low calibre institutions, they are a bit too pompous and conceited. The bothersome thing is that Mister Phillips is one of the "better" instructors here. Practically all of the other instructors teaching online MPA classes have even more busy work, unclear grading schemes, and disorganized classes. My employer fortunately is footing the bill for this MPA and it's only $10,000. It's just a piece of paper, and you won't really gain anything valuable from the MPA besides the same old useless outdated crap that no one cares about outside of academia. It's not even a matter of academia, it's a matter that the courses are literally garbage, and teaching yourself outdated, crusty, and irrelevant modalities for credit. There is certainly nothing you will get out of the MPA from here besides saying you've got it (which is why I'm doing it), and for career progression reasons if checking off you've got a degree matters more than what you learn and which I'm fine with. So yeah, you get what you pay for, which is not a lot to begin with, so as long as you keep your expectations low, given a 5th rate institution, from a backwards state, but at a cheap price, you will be fine. That said, given the price of this degree, I don't see any other good options for a cheap online MPA.

Haden Birdsong

Rajan Chaudhary

it's a great university. lots of memories of the great days spent here. got a lot of love and respect from everyone.

josh akel

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Nick Weatherford


demetris shabazz

ozark mom

Sodexo is an Excellent Catering Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Fantastic for any large scale event!

Sara Sweetman

So far, I have not had a good experience with this institution. I submitted my dependency form and updated FAFSA over two months ago. And I went to the office to hand in he dependency form. I even FAXED it as well when I noticed nothing was being reviewed. Then I called the office. They had not even bothered to look at any of the submitted documents until I called them to push this through. Now it's almost time to start school and I have NO financial aid because the Financial Aid office failed to do their job. If you want them to do anything, you have to ride them constantly and continually visit the office to get anything done. I have been neglected as a student and now have to face the possibilities of not being able to go due to lack of Financial Aid and funding.

Sulav Regmi

Prodigystyler Gifted

Hi, can someone tell me about the MPA program online before i start and i won't to know where you a dedicated student. I don't mean no harm at all but there's a difference in a student who's trying and a student who's not.. In addition, can someone please email me back with some valuable information. Thanks to the students who attendant at ASU for sometime now, and please tell me about the professor's that You all had some encounters with. Furthermore this website is acting up and trying to stop typing but waiting until it allow me to post. While I am still waiting to for this site to allow me to post .

EMT Quiver

My experience with certain faculty whose name is everywhere has been profuse and very rude! Your Ag people (especially the equine department)need to learn to respect the people who promoted your excellence instead of threatening and demeaning our handicaps, not to mention using our information as your own. There are issues your admin and human resources need to know about your faculty. The Abuse is prevelant and its taken several (5)years of data breaching/hiding to show just how irresponsible and immature some people can be to get "ahead of the game".

Kajavia Woods

Nkusi Basile

McKay Andrew

Trinna Filbert

Jason Voss

Dakota Girard

Jason Boyd

Beautiful college!

Ahmad K

One of my favorite campus I have seen!

Khan Clark

ashantee miller

steve davis

Jacie franks

Eliazar Zuniga

Alex Nguyen (VG-MD)

I had a very good experience studying at A-STATE

Isabela Sousa

This is a really beautiful campus of the Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. They develop important scientific researches inside the University, that is included in different areas of study. The University has an app to the cellphone so the students can be updated on the news and find information about the facilities, events etc.



cornelius thompson

Brandon Morris

Raj Patel

Alfonso Arteaga

Good people, good memories, great education and faculty.

Pedro pablo Leon jaramillo

Very nice place....

Gerður Janusdottir

Aaron Green

Arkansas State all in all is a good university. I went there for a year and lived on campus. I was very impressed by half of my professors but I felt like the other half lacked a passion for what they do. The freshman dorms are low quality except for the honors dorms. Upperclassmen housing is much better. Theres a great sense of community there and the majority of students I met were proud to be Red Wolves. One of ASU's weakest spots is in the finances, transfers, admissions, and advising areas. You can't depend on their offices to do anything right. I know many people who went there and had a difficult time getting or sending transcripts. I also know people who had to go extra semesters as a result of poor advising. But you don't go to a college based on how efficent the offices are. You go there based on the quality of the education and that's what makes ASU a good school.

Home Computer

Money hungry, thieving school. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE A FELON. THEY will DENY you OUTRIGHT. NO REFUNDS. They should warn you, but you know money.


Larry Weisenbach

Nirneth R

Only MBA professors teach well and good...and you see lots of other departments staff knows nothing!!!.

Animation Circle

Joel McCracken

Bachelor's in criminology

Kaylee Benson

Rho Armstrong

I stayed on this campus when I was in a summer youth program at age 13. I am now 41. I have so many memories. We did alot of fun and adventurous things!! Truly good memories!!!

xiaohan li

gav a wiseVEVO

Its nice there and that's were i,m going i,m going to be a Meteorologist and i got 1 1/2 years of high school in 5 months i be a 11th grade and to be a Meteorologist it will take 4 to 6 years of school and here comes arkansas state university i like the collage there its nice down there.

saiteja siircilla

Felecia Pique

Geraldine Staples

Bethany Simmons

Rajat Raj

Eric Wood

Shakthi Prasad

Moonsong T

Hassan Al Ramadhan

JSambasivaRao Welder

Andy Andros

Bhuiyan Tareq

Love ASU...:)

Apon Siddique

David Grigsby

Warm, Welcoming and Educational! Great Experience!

Brey H

I made the decision to get my MPA through this program because I am a working adult and I had no desire to complete graduate school the traditional way after spending 4.5 years at a university for my undergrad studies. So far, it has been quite a rocky experience. I do not live in Arkansas and the ASU internet is horrible at best, I literally receive at least 2 emails per day about outages and the network being down. Obvisously with this curriculum being online, these network issues cause problems when trying to submit exams and homework. There are several professors that seem a bit pompous, most of them are "doctors" of some elaborate subject so they come off as if they are God's gift to man and don't really seem to care about the students and/or their success. However there are a rare few that are awesome. Some of the grading scales are a bit outlandish as well as there are several petty things some of the professors will deduct points for on assignments. I would definitely advise you to do your research on this school and this program before investing to far into the program. Yes it's a cheap masters program (less than $25K) and you can finish pretty quikly (within 1 1/2-2 years) but you know what they get what you pay for. Just my thoughts.


Kevin Marshall

Jesse Melchisedec Yarakawa

Saroj Sapkota

Want to know about bachelors degree in mechanical engineering??

Edith Martinez

I love it!! I got my BS in Civil Engineering in 2012 and the education in that department is great. Excellent professors!!

Nguyen Van Toan

Terry Gomillion

The first time i went Jonesboro, I seen a state university, it was awesome nice campus, nice people on the campus, it was fun

SIVA Charan

jannatul naima siddiqua nisha

its good!

محمد السعدي

John R

The staff is all weird, the grounds are weird. The library is nice, at least?

ola deji

Fady Amin

Atomic Hive

Proud ASU is such a big part of my hometown. Beautiful campus.

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