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REVIEWS OF Arkansas State University Beebe IN Arkansas

Paul Ford

Will never forget a person that I look up to asked me if I was "stupid or something?" My father was in the military and I had the privledge of taking my dependent/e1 photo in my rotc uniform issued by major Garringer. Thanks major really thanks alot you gave me something to never forget. And oh yeah I hope you get your tire on your trucking journey


Kish Tattooartist

5th Element

one of the Worst Colleges I've ever attended, I was ridiculed, harassed, and shamed, by students and administration, for being an out-of-state student. they also tried to scam me out of my scholarship money, which prompted me to look into other College's. I wouldn't recommend this College to anyone ever!

Joseph Urassa

Sarah C

My "Temporary Advisor" scheduled me for a class I didn't need the first semester I was there. I didn't know I didn't need the class until I finally got to see my real advisor a month later and he said it was too late to switch out. That was a waste of money. When I was letting my real advisor schedule my classes for me I ended up 3 classes short of what I needed to get my degree and he failed to inform me that if I changed from a 3 credit P.E. (even though I only need 1 hour) to a 2 hour, I would loose my scholarship. Another waste of money. I had to take a summer class to get part of my scholarship back. The class started right before I had the money saved, I was only $150 short, and they kicked me out the second day. So here I am setting up my fall schedule. $1,400 seems cheap for two sciences and a fine arts. However, if i don't have the full payment by the day before class they kick me out. There are payment options. For this amount it will be over $350 a month, starting the day before class! I am doing this on my own, working full time while trying to get a degree. This school is sucking its working students dry!

Jennifer Chambers

The school doesn't care enough to assist students in dire needs with obtaining financial aid in a timely fashion or assisting students with disabilities. Only a few of the teachers I encountered were helpful and reasonable...the rest would rather take the first opportunity to tell you to drop if you have any issues (even if your only issue is related to not receiving financial aid for supplies). The school won't refund if they push you to drop a class...or if you are failed due to lack of supplies from financial aid issues. Last term, I didn't get my aid until school was over...this term...the month before the end (so if you need aid to attend...choose elsewhere!!). None of the supplies and additional labs/observations are listed on the roster when you sign up (like textbooks are) you don't know until you've wasted money on the book and entered that there are hidden fees. Most teachers choose not to answer (especially not in a timely fashion in order to not be late on assignments...which they also do not give full credit for...even though you were waiting on their response to multiple requests for help) or give snarky responses of "google does wonders" even though the assignment gives a website...with conflicting data and you're unsure which set of numbers to use (as one example). Two terms of financial aid issues...and tons of credit card and bank fees later...and now I cannot get the longer eligible for aid. I had all A's before...4.0...and all the completed work was excellent. To top it off, their online program is a mess...blackboard issues with no mobile access, old assignments with dead links and mixed up, pasted questions, deadlines that are erratic and constant (rather than having the freedom online is supposed to offer), apathetic teachers that, among many things, don't utilize the calendar tool (so you have to hunt through link after link to be sure no work or test was added)...etc. They will screw you over and not even take the time to reply (in most cases) or assist you...for your sanity and to have a chance to better yourself...choose a better online option (I cannot speak for all in-person classes but between the student forums and the physical class I took, I do not recommend that either...with teachers choosing not to show up, respond or send a message about not being there...and only finding out from a taped paper on the door after you waste a trip)!! Oh...and back when I was a military spouse and saw my husband off to Iraq, the teachers stated they would allow make-up of midterms and assignments upon my return...they lied...failed me...and the school never attempted to fix the issue after contacting them repeatedly. They want the money from having students but not to actually work on making it a good experience.

Carolyn Utley

Great place to go

Bryan Mccurley

Barbara Benjamin

Wonderful school

A Google User

The staff at ASU Beebe lack serious customer service skills. I am transferred to person after person jumping through a million hoops every single semester. I have a different advisor every term and this is the 4th time in 2 years that I have had to fill out an admissions application. I am no longer able to log into my portal or email and have been attempting to register for spring classes since November. Either there is a complete lack of knowledge with the counterparts to make a whole, or there is some reason you are treated this way once you are no longer a new student or if you are self pay. I'm so upset by the complete lack of respect I just recieved from the admissions office when questioning why I had to fill out yet another application and asking for answers as to why there were issues every single semester. She kept interrupting me and talking over me as if I were a complete idiot. As usual, the tactic is to send my phone call to someone else because you do not have the answers. She "transferred" me so she thought, but I was still on the line when she was talking about me to her coworkers and whoever else was probably standing there. This is a prime example of what the last 2 years have been like at the university. Lack of respect for students and a whole heap of confusion for everyone involved.

Regina Stiffler

Hannah Pratt

ASU- Searcy is the absolute best community college you will find! It’s affordable, close to home, and the instructors are the best! The office staff were informative and SO polite... not caring if I had 1 questions or a 100 questions. My first year of college I struggled with math and considered giving up. Ms. Amanda Smith turned my cant attitude into a CAN attitude! She devoted so many hours of her time to make sure I understood the material. This women has made a HUGE impact on my life! I couldn’t ask for a better school or staff! I highly recommend ASU Searcy. They treat you like a deserving individual, not just another number at a college facility.

Leea Tuck

LaMonica Gray

Tabitha P


FE_THE_OP ysst

Eleven Hopper

Arkansas State University in Beebe has great fine arts!


I love it

Meagan Jones Moore

Great school to get your associate degree


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