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REVIEWS OF Arkansas Baptist College IN Arkansas

Justyce Allen

Lewis Sockwell

Maurice Hall

First the stars at the bottom are a fake so that the school can average out. I've been calling for three-four years to receive my associates plaque and still haven't received it. No one answers the phone and the people in financial aid are very rude. Giving them one star is being courteous. Worse school ever on the planet.

Tracy Hamilton

I HATE THIS SCHOOL! I am stuck here, some of the credits are privately owned/fake and won't transfer. They have lied to my face several times about financial aid. We are always the last school in the nation to receive student fund disbursement. The instructors and the curriculum is quite outstanding, it's the business part of the school that is a horrifying situation, which have resulted in a lot of academic downfalls. One time I had to drop all of my classes and re-do them ONLY BECAUSE they hold the financial aid for so long to withdraw interest so they can stick that money into their pockets and drive BMW's and other nice cars. The president is a crook and so is the financial aid department. They have a lady that works there, she's just as lost as a goose. But I don't think she's lost, she's just a liar and is working with the crooks to create problems to prohibit others for graduation so they can keep the numbers to receive interest on the held loans. I am LIED to every time, I speak to them. Which is another problem. They are almost always closed and unavailable. When you do get to talk to them, you have to take off that entire day from school, just so they can tell you ANYTHING to get you out of their face. The president was in the news paper one time standing in the empty new useless building they just built and said "does this school LOOK like a school with a financial problem". Which is the only reason he built it, to make himself appear that he is doing SOMETHING other than looting funds from students. We don't have books, internet, and the students aren't getting their financial aid. If we don't LOOK like a school that doesn't have financial aid issues, then we sure as do SOUND like it. I guess I'm suppose to be proud that the school has lights and chairs. That's supposed to be good enough. We don't even have paper in the library to print off Word documents. We have like 9 1/2 working computers in the library that we must wait in line for like a DHS office. PULL A NUMBER AND TAKE A SEAT! I hate this school, I wish people would stop enrolling as new students or just remove the crooks and bring in a mixed-race of people from different ethnicity to know what.... I'ma not "cute" it up, BRING IN SOME GOOD WHITE FOLKS TO WORK THE FINANCIAL AID DEPARTMENT!!! BECAUSE THESE NI...African Americans are holding the school back. We are not known as a historical black college, we are known for "that" school with that has been on the news almost every week with the big financial aid scandal. Imagine a degree from a school with THAT reputation. - India Hamilton. #teamteartheschooldownandbuildastarbucks

Thomas Kegler

First off this school HAS financial problems because they're too busy stealing money and holding financial aid refund checks to put in THEIR OWN POCKETS. The people working in the lunch room don't even care about the students they're just here to get their checks they don't even wash the dishes properly the"CLEAN" plates ALWAYS have leftover food on them I have had SEVERAL occasions where there were ROACH EGGS IN my breakfast and HAIR in my "DINNER" the health department should come and shut this school DOWN PERMANENTLY. I stay on campus here and I REFUSE to eat here. there is ALWAYS a problem with the food halfcooked or just plain nasty and the servings they give you don't even fill you up you have to eat 3 or four plates of food to get full but they only let you eat 2 plates. they really need new staff running the kitchen and the school period. I absolutely hate it here and I will not be returning for the next semester...

St Paul Vital

Chris P

this place is garbage. i mean literal GARBAGE. where do i even begin? first off let me say and explain how the financial aid department is garbage. we’ve been here since june, and we still haven’t even received our refund check, then when my mom called up here they would never answer. it’s EXTREMELY rare that they answer the phone. they choose your own majors for you if you’re an athlete. the classes here are terrible, the teachers don’t even care about the work they give, they just throw an assignment in your face and let you go. when we first coming here, the staff lied about this place entirely saying it was a “university” then when we came here it looked like a condemned playground. the food here is disgusting, they only give you two tickets, and give you food as if you’re a kindergartner. the breakfast is trash, especially the breakfast where the cereal is served. they’re always out of cereal, and give you some baby bottles. the WiFi here doesn’t even work, barely. i have to go in the lobby just to get a text through. the people below who say the school is bad are not lying, at ALL. take it from me. i don’t recommend this school, at all. i wouldn’t want my worst enemy to attend here, id rather take online classes.

Donna Kautz

Helpful and kind staff. Trust that i have left my freshman in hood hands.

micole ezell

These people are so unprofessional to be an HBCU. I never felt so much disrespect coming from so called professional. They will exaggerate about the financial aid falsify information in your face I am sorry to say that this HBCU is horrible I wouldn't want any mother to trust them with their Precious Cargo they will hurt your babies and try to cover it up I would never requested anyone to go to Arkansas Baptist College. My son was there on a Friday & returned Monday. They never called to check to see if he had made it back home safely at all. My child was there by his self didn't know anyone & he was 5 hrs away from home. This was scary for me as a mother. I prayed & talk my son through the process. Brought is ticket & he was on the 1st Gray hound. He had to uber there because the coaches stop answering their phone, but was taking him other places. Please be careful if you are considering this scary horrible HBCU

Christopher Hill

This school on the rise, but there's a lot that needs to change.

Tia Jo

This school really sucks, I have been attending since 2011 and nothing has changed.. Here it is almost October and I still havent received a reward letter, not only that they never answer the phones and the staff is RUDE.. This school should be shut down due to their poor conditions, they dont even have air in the classrooms

Jay Does MAGIC

I like that the teachers don't just treat me as a number. Since this is a small campus, I like that the teachers are aware of this and don't just treat me as a number and I actually have a personal relationship with my professors.

LaLa Newdeal

Salih İncecayır

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Jaevon Prince

Arkansas Baptist is a school that is in the process of rising up. It has great potential and gives OPPORTUNITIES other people can never get. The school has drastic changes coming to it, which will greatly help the school in vast ways. Arkansas Baptist is a college with great one-on-one experience with the students, they get to know us personally and help us in a number of ways. It's a very warm network of students here, some looking for a better life for themselves and others wanting a second chance at life getting off the streets. The President of the college is very active and our Vice Presidents are just as active. I personally love it here and I can't wait to see how the school turns out In the next couple of months.

Md Shahriyar

Kay Bunting

This school sucks the staff are rude and have bad attitudes and their financial aid SUCKS I’ve been waiting weeks for my refund and they always give me a different date to come back to check in on my refund it also isn’t even the correct amount it’s the end of the semester and I still don’t have a PE book...

dianne taylor

Ar Baptist College has good staff but the administration/ staff is rated poor. First this g I would suggest is a person who is an expert in IT technology. The cams could work if the proper data was implemented:but the school will not pay to get this done. You get what you pay for. I graduated in 2016 and marched on August 1. Two months later oam just getting my degree. Because financial aid says I was over my financial aid limit. If They had not put on cams I was getting a refund then I could have had heads up. Then a week before refunds are distributed I was told I would not get mind. Even though Cams showed me getting a refund over 3000.00 but when time to get them i was denied. Today I finally got my diplp

Trey White

The opportunity to mentor students and give back to the community has led me to leave a lucrative job and accept a career opportunity at Arkansas Baptist College. Our students make every day a blessing. They are energetic, passionate, eager to learn and have new experiences. The College is making every attempt to strengthen our foundation of education and leadership in the global community. It's a pleasure to work with the students, faculty and staff at this institution.

Calvin Johnson

Well It does help you may not be when you want it but they help you get it done in time .

Joseph Jones

Arkansas Baptist College is in the process of transformation. As President I am working extremely hard to ensure that students have the best academic experience as possible by providing a safe environment, student activities, and a first rate customer service atmosphere. This college is truly special and I invite you to come to our campus and visit us to feel and see the changes that are occurring.

Ambar Brady Lacose

AnotherPure Nation

Arkansas Baptist College is a great school for a one-on-one experience. It's a very warm environment of people that will take time out to help you. As a current freshman I like it here at ABC.

Mrs. JB

Realinda Williams

jordan Culberson

Arkansas Baptist College is a great institution for young men and women, academically and athletically, to be active in campus life and chart a great success for life. This college gives students an opportunity to speak with their professors about anything they need; most colleges won't even give you the chance. Thankfully ABC is the main college where students have this chance to succeed.

Anderson Lewis

Arkansas Baptist is the Worst College on God's Planet....The school is SOOOO Unprofessional....It has been 2 years since I left the school. And I am transfering schools because I moved...And I have sent so many Transcript request forms that have not been answered. One day a lady called me and took payment over the Phone...I gave her my credit card info and she took the payment for 5$. I have still yet to see my transcript....I have called...NO answer. I have faxed..Emailed and everything else under the sun..NO ANSWER!!!.....I live in Atlanta Georgia...IF I could go up to this school...It would not be good.....This Place is an disgrace.

Serenityd Dorn

This school is a scam they will hold your refund check. They will give the run arounds and they will literally have an attitude when you want information about your financial aid but they will charge you for your class immediately. I will never attend this college again

Divante Langley

Kasondra Owens

Regina Favors


I've been trying to get my transcript for the last 2 months & there was no luck. Was told I'd need to come down to verify my id or something like that cause I didn't remember my student id so I could access it online. Come to find out the entire time I just had to request an order off some other website. Now I just missed the whole summer coarse at a new college I'm planning to go to & close to missing the fall smh then the prez had a short fuse cuttin a mf off while Tryna talk to her

TeRon Greene

I love ABC. Teachers here are phenomenal and they care about you and your future endeavors.

Malik's Clips

Arkansas Baptist College is a school of opportunity. Most people that comment negatively about the college are not involved on campus or off. Arkansas Baptist College is loaded with opportunities such as student government, internships, and job opportunities. Being a current student, I have witnessed one-on-one help with students and professors, one-on-one with advisor, and financial aid guidance. We have an active President and Vice Presidents, also a Dean of Students that will go above and beyond to make our campus great.

Rashad Lee


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