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To this day the business gets a rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 and that rating has been based on 28 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Global Vacation Network IN Ohio

Clerissa Criswell

Complete Scam. They asked me twice if I was coming alone. No company would ask that information over the phone!

Kellie Lindesmith

I have had this for almost 10 years are thing has paad for it self for the lasr 5 years m uhh family love's it there's lnow where you can go and find a condo to stay in for what we pay for know way its not scam and yes they dont like you coming alone to the seminar because they dont want you to feel like your being pressured so we invested in this and i or my family has not regret it

Liz Cooper Klish

Rick from Pawn Stars (History Channel) has some great advice, "Never get all of your information from someone who is trying to sell you something." I was initially contacted by a vendor for Global Vacation Network to set up a time to sit through the presentation, which would be delivered by what turned out to be a comically, disingenuous salesperson. I asked the woman if 90 minutes was all that it would take, she advised me that another presentation is set after the one I was attending, so they don't go a minute over. In the back of my mind, I was suspected that this wasn't true, and I was right. After the 90 minute presentation, a group of sales persons block the door and meet with each single/couple individually to close the sale. The salesperson in the one-on-one session still went through a half-hour of material. The only reason I didn't walk out is because I wanted the gift that I was promised in exchange for my time and attention (the Android tablet, which was some no-name brand). The salesperson in the after session made it a point to show me Global Vacation Network's Better Business Bureau rating: a highly respectable A-. Well, I went on the BBB Web site at home, and their rating is an F. I don't know what the GVN rep showed me, maybe a bogus Web site that they created to mislead buyers. A lifetime account with GVN sounds like it may be a good deal over the course of years, but that's only assuming that they are there throughout your lifetime to provide this service and do not go out of business. It also assumes that they have the vacation packages and destinations that you are looking for at the times you want/need them. This is a lot of money to spend on a complicated product with many conditions and restrictions. I am shocked that people would actually sign up for something that they have only known about for 90 minutes. People need to be good stewards of their money, but GVN is clearly not above blatantly lying to close a sale. I only caught them on the BBB thing because I did my own research, I have no idea what else they lied about during the two hours that I was there. Needless to say, I threw away the sheet with the anytime price of $12,900 membership fee. They were right to assume that someone leaves without buying a membership, they won't come back, that's why they pressure you to sign up on the spot. People who are smart enough to research something before buying don't fall for the pressure of a low price in exchange for an immediate commitment. I also threw away the vacation vouchers, they are loaded with special terms and require a "good faith deposit." No thank you, I am not going to pay for a free vacation.

Cherie' Walker

Good information, Good program if you travel.

Charles Reed

BEWARE! This is a SCAM company trying to con you with a free tablet computer and lying to you in order to get you to sit through a hard-sell travel presentation for almost 2 hours.

kate curry-da-souza

I have been called at least three times at this point, each time the initial representative tells me they are calling from a different airline company and area and want to invite me to their grand opening but I need to book a time to come see the center. Then another person comes on the line and tells me that they really are not from the airline company, but rather a travel booking company that represents many different carriers. But they need a lot of my personal information to book me for this. They also tried to confirm what my name and number was, but it was a completely different person and telephone number.... Full of sketch. I asked them to take my number from their records but they keep calling. I will be filing a report with the FCC.

Nick Garcia

They called my cell phone to tell me I won a contest. Claimed I entered a contest form at a mall. I told them I had no recollection of this and wanted to know if they could send me that info. Was then told I was "wasting [their] time." Their approach reminded me of every creepy telesales tactic but the exchange ended before anything was ever sold. Rude and evasive. Check out their Better Business Bureau complaints in addition to these Google comments.

Kev Ngu

Complete scam .. !!!!!

Steve Pytosh

They keep listing rooms available that are not, they say they will let you know with-in 24 hours if you can get the room. We had to reach out to them a day and a half later to find out we couldn't get a room. It is a busy weekend we are trying to book and understand rooms go fast well now we have to spend more on a hotel. Stayed with them once before (wasn't a good experience but was going to give them another chance) and were told we would have cable and WIFI which we didn't they cable company said they didn't pay the bill. what a joke. Called to speak to someone and was lied to about talking to a manger and just got passed around. The phone was breaking up and I couldn't understand the rep (who said he was a manager) blamed it on his broken English and made me out to be the bad guy. Long story short they are listing booking s that aren't available and will give you bad service. 0 stars if I could

Warren Conkey

Joe Carlucci

They have an F rating with the BBB!!! Don't waste your time. They said I "won" a free vacation from a form I filled out a year ago. I never fill out contest forms in malls, etc. They're just for harvesting info. Received two calls from the same guy, an hour apart, once from a Dallas, TX phone number then from a Florence, SC number. Probably rerouted from outside the country. Google their address and "vacation scam" and you'll find many testimonials of people who were scammed out of thousands of dollars and not a single person who was able to use their promised "free" cruise or vacation deals. Shameful. Go to a real, honest, established travel agency.

Linda Sheppard

Don't know about all this "free vacation" stuff but this company is not a scam about it's travel product. We didn't get, or weren't ever enticed by a vacation. We have been with them for about 5 years and have saved on really nice hotels for a low weekly amount. You do need to plan ahead. We said no to the new upgrade and there was no pressure. We weren't happy with a condo in Punta Conta and Global moved us. BTW I am not a ghost writer, paid or the mother of someone who works there, just a regular customer.

Achievers Real Estate, LLC

Definitely NOT a scam. I've had my membership for many years and regret not using it more often. I used it the first time in Vegas for a girls trip. The room was perfect. Full kitchen, living room, patio, everything we needed. It wasn't on the strip but literally a quick 5 minute walk to the strip bus line. You can't get a cheaper stay. $179 for a 7day stay. Tell me where?

jeff h

Great people!

Tiffany Luckart

I had a very bad experience and along with EVERYONE else who has became a member of this company has found out this company is nothing but a SCAM. I just want this mess to go off my credit report. I have contacted them several times and get ignored. I have made reports with BBB who has also tried to contact them and simply got ignored again. I am not paying these people another penny of my hard earned money. They are a bunch of crooks. I wish I would have known a lot sooner. I just cant afford an attorney to get this settled. Can someone help? Thank you!

Scott Morris

We didn't buy what they were selling, but if their "free gift" incentives are any indication, it's a total scam. Don't waste your time or money with these guys, and don't believe the positive reviews; several of them only have this review and one other for a branch of the Global Vacation Network in Michigan!

Renee Weldy

COMPLETE SCAM! Got a call on a Saturday morning saying I had won a vacation based on an entry form filled out at a mall or supermarket. Red flag #1: I NEVER EVER EVER fill out those forms! But, I enjoy messing around with these scam-monkeys, so I played along :-) When the Senior Manager called me to give me my reward claim #, he eventually said he wanted to email me my confirmation letter. And I said "well use the email address on the entry form. I clearly remember filling it out!" And we bantered for a bit, until I said "you know, I think this is a complete scam and I'm just enjoying wasting your time"...and he thanked me for my time and hung up. I have to say that they were VERY polite though :-)

Nagini Devarakonda

got a call on a weekend morning to make a decision as to which part of the country I would like to go for a 3-day 2-night vacation. I think it is a LITTLE difficult to make the decision. I first spoke to a representative and said that I might consider but I will talk to the manager who would be calling me after 5 minutes. The manager calls me and before anything I tell him that I am not interested. The guy got so upset and asked me very rudely as to why I was not interested. (what a ridiculous question) I said that I was not interested in going to the places they mentioned to me. OMG! That guy got so defensive and spoke so rudely to me. His quotes from our conversation 1. I don't know about your time but my time and my representative's time is very precious 2. Go and tell whatever you want (when I told him that I will have to give bad reviews if he continues to speak that way) 3. You Indians are like this. And he hung up the phone. There must be an option of 5 thorns instead of 1 star.

Randy Smith

Very good value


Shirley Workman

We were in and out in 1hour and that's good for us

Dwight Williams

Sherrie Chastain

Tiffany Green of Global Vacation Network was such a pleasure, and so helpful.

Andy Hershberger

Complete and total scam. Beware! They even have people ghost writing reviews to up their ratings on Google.

Lisabeth Warncke

So glad I looked into this after the "mysterious" call claiming I had won a vacation. Having entered sweepstakes periodically when I see them, I thought it might be legit. However, I got suspicious when the representative started pressuring me to come to their local office that day. I reluctantly agreed to come to the office tomorrow, but then was told there would be a 90-min "presentation" I would have to sit through in the "VIP lounge". That was when I knew it was a scam. Looked it up after the phone call and yeah, I'm not going. I am really too nice to these scam artists on the phone when I really need to shut it down. Guess it is my wishful thinking that I will win a vacation. It would be nice.

charles deter

If you want a great vacation plan call Global and ask for Brad

Cody Yeagley


Alan Bates

Scam Artists. They said I won a cruise. This is a high pressure time share sales operation.

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