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REVIEWS OF AAA Upper Arlington IN Ohio

Elango Narayanasamy

Recently I visited AAA Upper Arlington for my vacation planning. The adviser was very knowledgeable and helpful. She gave all the travel and hotel options. And possible savings for the all the options. I really liked the experience very much. And I would highly recommend AAA Upper Arlington for all your travel planning.

You Should Know

I have visited this location many times over the last few years. We have been AAA members for several years but just a few in Ohio. We have gone into this location for many things from membership to large trips to just maps. Our experiences have always been second to none. I have regretted not posting a 5 star review for them earlier on but now I am taking a minute to voice my opinion. Everyone was very welcoming and interested in us regardless of what we were there for. I have visited the other local stores in Columbus as well and none can stand up to the customer service, knowledge, and genuine desire to help people as this one. Even though we lived a bit farther we continued going to this location for all of our needs. However, when I recently visited I learned that we lost both the manager and our travel agent in a matter of a couple weeks. Kristen was very integral in our experiences there, and Linda was the only AAA agent I have ever worked with that actually cared about me and what I wanted. The things that I was told in the store that day are not in line with what I expect as a human, let alone a member of a very old, and supposedly trustworthy, company. I am embarrassed to be a part of this Ohio club and will take my business and membership elsewhere until we move out of state again. I was also told of other things that have occurred in this club and people should know how it is being run. So, I will be calling my previous club to see if they can help me get this message to a home office or something. Please take the lead from others and learn from your mistakes and lack of professionalism and sincerity. I post this as a warning to others to not do business with the Ohio locations until operations are repaired and people are respected. My hope is to be able to trust AAA again one day.

Katie Jenkins

Went to AAA Upper Arlington to get some assistance for a road trip to Denver. Received excellent assistance from Todd. He did a TripTik for us with one route going out to Denver and a different one for our return. He provided me with Tour Books and Maps for the states we will travel through.

Elite Home Remodeling Inc.

Very disappointed...cannot comment on the service as they offered none! They do not answer the phone!!! It rolls to the "Main Office" and a very rude man tells you to leave a voice message when you call back for the 6th time!!!

Chris Lo

Be careful getting a International Driver Permit there. There is a lady working there was so careless. My wife and I went there on two different weekend, and there are mistakes made on both of our IDPs. My last name was misspelled and her date of birth was wrong. Instead of getting a new IDP for either of us, the lad just crossed out or used a bolder marker to correct her mistakes which can be easily avoided if she had be a bit little more careful. I am worried that refusal to issue us new IDPs with correct information might hinder our capability to rent a car in Japan. So save your own trouble, double check if you have to get IDP here, or just do yourself a favor going somewhere else.

John Andrew

Outstanding service! Very professional and friendly. Staff offered assistance and answered questions. Very enjoyable experience.

D King

We decided to take a different route to Hilton Head due to information we learned about construction. Tripe A had our TripTik, tour books and map ready within 1 hour of calling. It was delivered with a smile when I picked it up the next morning. Great service at the Upper Arlington location! Thank you.

John Riley

Not impressed. I am a long time member. I went in expecting to speak with a travel agent about ideas and discounts for a trip to Los Angeles. Instead I received a book to do my own research, and a couple maps. I might cancel my membership after this year.

Mark George

Accessories for travel and books on destinations. Member prices are ok. Non member are quite high.

Henry Scurlock

Just slipped in to pickup a few TourBooks. The store was well stocked and the checkout was fast and friendly. Great service all around from greeting to farewell.

Lindsey Wesney

My wife and I just joined AAA at the Upper Arlington Kingsdale branch and were very pleased with the overall service. We met with a travel adviser who was very helpful and patient with our questions. We look forward to using our AAA membership. Thank you

Pablo Flores

Nice people very helpful with any questions you might have

Craig Holderby

Everything was good at this storeand everything was taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. The only thing (this is gonna be good) was that we were offered coffee and hot chocolate but we were not knowledgeable of how the coffee maker worked and there were no instructions of how it worked, so we just let it go. Either asking if a customer knows how the machine works or putting up instructions for such would be a good thing.

Tina Schneider

The staff was most helpful in helping me put together an assortment of car accessories/AAA membership for a 16th birthday gift! All of their choices were a hit and I found some things I now need to buy to keep on my car too! Thank you all for your help and suggestions!!

Pam Moore

Ordered a Trip Tik and books for my son driving to Ontario, Canada. Received in a very timely manner and everything was ready for pick-up. The only confusing thing is when you call the Upper Arlington office (any office) - if they are all on the phone and busy AAA transfers you to another office - I first got Oxford, Ohio and when I told them I was trying to get Upper Arlington they transferred me and then I got Worthington who took my request and sent it to Upper Arlington. I could see this as a problem if you really to needed to talk to someone at that particular store. The store is always well stocked and they greet you upon entering.

Susan Thomas

David Buschar

The lady I dealt with is great. She always promotes AAA stuff. I never knew AAA guarantees their luggage. Does anyone do that??? I'l buy my next suit case from AAA. She also makes suggestions when she sees what maps I pick up, ie Tour Books. David Buschar

Eric Zimmerman

Super helpful. We are not members but could still go inside and look through their travel guides to get ideas of our own.

Jess Butalia

deepen Khanal

Diane Villars

I went to this store yesterday and the staff were all amazing and friendly. We have been AAA members for about 30 years but this by far was the best store we’ve ever been to. The manager Jessie went above and beyond to help us with a complicated problem of our membership being cancelled and thinking we were covered by Sprint. Jessie contacted Sorint and worked out everything for us. She did not have to deal with the Sprint issue ... it was not her job but she did... happily.

John Courtright

Beth Johnston

I recently went into the AAA in UA to try and get some help with an upcoming trip to Italy. I felt like I was "imposing" by asking questions like "do you know anything about these hotels" that I have tentatively booked? she gave me nothing. Then I asked about train tickets and stations...she didn't have a clue. I asked her what things should I go do and see? she told me to go to a website and then she said "I can only spend 5 more minutes with you (I had been there 10 mins) b/c I have things to do before I go home at 5....who does that? this is supposed to be a customer service industry and I've had my membership with AAA for 35 years and rarely ever have used their services, now when I do she "doesn't have time for me?" Then I asked if they had any printed material on Italy and she said no. Needless to say my experience was a complete waste of my time. Why call themselves a Travel agency if she can't help me with my travel?

Raul Ramirez

I went to AAA to ask for driving directions. The service was great. The material very helpful.

Kathy Goldberg

Love the office itself - very attractive. Even better are the people. The staff is extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful. They gave us great advice on re-routing a trip to avoid a difficult drive through the mountains. Also love the convenience of having the office in Kingsdale.

liz lyons

David Wolf

In the past, I knew AAA had a product called the TripTik. They had created several TripTik packages for me in the past, but these were all short excursions. Currently, I am planning a trip for in the future that would have my wife and I drive for about three months across the western half of the United States. I was not sure how to approach it. They informed me that TripTik is now on the computer and available for me to use directly. This is a wonderful service provided by AAA. I have been editing my TripTik as our needs and desires dictate. Many kudos to the folks at AAA for their assistance in getting me to use this tool.

Roman Skoracki

Antonio Armas

Todd Adam Decker

Excellent AAA store and great staff.

Dolores Bennison

Had a great experience, plan to us in future.

Jennifer Schmeisser

Triple AAA in UA is TOP Notch! My experience with Jessie, Sales Mgr was phenomenal. She answered the phone and was a ball of energy and information for a trip I have to Italy. We made an appt to come in and go thru my multi tasks at hand. She helped me organize my tours, hotels, even printed out a calendar & triptick to track my activites, transporations and hotels. She also pulled up maps between activities and found routes and passes via train, bus, a private car and a water taxi!! She is good!!I She really saved the day noticing I needed to change a tour in Florence as my train arrival too late and I would have missed Uffizi and Acedemina. Whew that woulld have been a tragedy but I got a tour 1.5 hrs later. She is a ONE stop shop, membership, maps, tours, phone calls and peace of mind. My nerves are gone and it's time to get excited for my trip. There is no guess work left. I highly recommend Agent Jessie Johnson. She was so excited for my trip too!

p.a. d.

I called the UA office to see about getting an international driving permit. Starting with a phone call phone and continuing to my visit to their store/offices at Kingsdale Center (between Mkt District & Chipotle), everyone was so efficient and helpful. Super friendly. I got the permit in 15 minutes, walked out the door with it! And they have the BEST luggage for sale, by the way. (I wish I had bought my carry-on there instead of through Amazon.) Plus free travel services. I had no idea there were so many kinds of services for both non-members as well as members!

Angela Hedges

I know the reviews were pretty good for this particular location. However, I did not have a good experience. First of all, I came in for Cedar Point tickets. The website was down to access any tickets. I understand that happens from time to time. However, there was no apology or an alternative given. So, I decided to talk to an agent about a possible cruise. I had to wait when I saw certain agents just talking to each other. Maybe, only certain agents can assist with cruises. I don't know. The agent, Susan Underwood, was the only highlight of the visit. She was very informative, friendly and helpful. Then, as I was leaving, I asked another agent if I needed to check out a travel guide. He rudely whispered, "I am on the phone." I had no idea he was on the phone because everyone has headsets and he hadn't been talking earlier. It's not that anything terrible happened. I just did not feel very welcome.

Lori Lynn

Appreciate the personal service. There was an issue with our tickets that the agent caught after we had left. She was quick to call and correct it.

Orgil Bayarsaikhan

I am a visiting scholar from Germany and got sent by the BMV to get a translation for my driver's license. Miss Johnson (Sales Manager) took it upon her to help me and went above and beyond in my case. There was another lady who helped me, but unfortunately I forgot her name. Great staff over there.

john white

Very helpful

A. Mack

Virtually always have the map or book I need. Very helpful staff.

Robert Taylor

They were somewhat helpful and tried but I wasn't thrilled and didn't feel that I was taken care of well

Jim Davidson

Excellent, friendly, and quick service: created Trip Tik, provided maps and tour guides. Thank you.

Linda Macik

Had what i needed. Todd was pleasant and helpful.

Norma Koutz Wallace

Russell Fazio

I’ve been a member since 2001. I think I have the right to expect better service than I received in a recent visit. It should not take 30 minutes for something as simple as purchasing tickets to the zoo. And, after some 10 minutes of waiting, when I inquired of the receptionist as to whether she had any estimate as to how long it would be, the response was a curt “you are in the system.” So helpful!

Fritz Almario

Thanks for helping me with my TripTiks to Myrtle Beach and Pittsburgh, Kristi.

Ann Garcia

The AAA Upper Arlington store is my go to location, even though I live in Bexley. The manager Lynsie is helpful and very knowledgeable on all areas of travel and how to get the most from my AAA membership. The staff demonstrates true teamwork and seem to genuinely love their job.

Gina Sullivan

Terry Nicholson

Scott Dailey

I arrived just before 5:00 but did not realize that the store closed at 5:00. I was looking for some maps of North Carolina and anything around the Pinehurst area. I have been at the store many times and know my way around. I was told I could go back and look around. I didn't find anything for the specific area I was looking for and although I didn't ask for help, nobody asked if I needed anything. There were about four employees in the map area and one was helping another customer for a couple of minutes. When I left and checked out a couple of maps I asked if everything you had was out as I was looking for something for Pinehurst. The answer was yes everything is back there. I was then told the door had to be open for me because it was after 5:00. So, in hindsight I can see why nobody was too interested in helping since it was closing time or maybe it is just store policy to help when asked? I would think that the store should stay open until 6:00. I just happen to leave work early the day I was there. I am being a little nick-picky. I like the fact you can just walk in and look around and grab maps as needed. It's a nice store and always in good shape.

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