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Sarah J

Awesome service and knowledgeable staff. Christine is the best!!!

Andrea Tose

Sue Ellen is amazing!

Nancy Whetstone

Stopped in today to purchase a couple of items for our trip. There was no one working the front desk. After about five minutes of standing at the checkout counter waiting for someone to notice me, one of the representatives looked up from her monitor and told me I would have to wait until someone could help me. I told her I didn't have much time since we were leaving in a few hours and she finally agreed to check me out. At least three times during the transaction, she made negative references to my lack of planning. It will be the last time I stop by to purchase anything from AAA.

Joe Wabnitz

Needed passport photo for myself and wife (AAA members). After three failed attempts and 45 mins. we were told they could not do them and to go to another location. Went to UA AAA Office and had them done within 10 mins.

Jake Smathers

We walked into AAA Hilliard just to pick up a Florida Map and one of the Southeastern United States, as I had forgotten to pre-order a Trip Tik. The gentleman immediately greeted and assisted us in what we were asking for. He even offered twice to go ahead and map us out a Trip Tik right then, even though I had not pre-ordered it. It would only have taken him 15-20 minutes he assured us, but we were on a time schedule to start driving on our trip right then, and could not wait. I was amazed at his willingness to do that for us immediately and greatly appreciated it. It would have been extremely beneficial to us if we had had the time to wait. We were very impressed with the professionalism and the Excellent customer service we received there! KUDOS to him and the other staff there as well. They offered to do whatever they could do assist us. I am very happy to express that I am fortunate to have the excellent services of AAA.

Mryia Williams

Lovely visit. Lots of travel information and helpful staff. Easy currency exchange with pick up in just a couple days (no fees for AAA members). Travel store has some great luggage and accessories at fair prices.

Tom Hawkins

We stopped in to the Hilliard AAA to look for some maps for our vacation to Myrtle Beach. We had great customer service from the minute we walked in the door. After finding our maps we looked around a bit for ideas for our NEXT vacation. We had considered heading west to Montana area, and one of the reps gave us several ideas and suggestions for the trip. We couldn't have had better service!

Lorelai Rose Rimbauer

All of the agents were busy when I walked in so I started to look around. I just got my card in the mail a few days before so I'm all new to AAA but when the associate finished with her customer she came over and asked if I was looking for anything, I told her where I was planning on going and she grabbed EVERYTHING I could possibly need, information about the city, the states I would travel in, general ticket discounts for this summer in my state. She was very friendly and nice and I highly recommend this store!

Teresa Grant

Thomas Hill

Ordered trip tix for our vacation this year and was not impressed. Was just handed a piece of paper to fill out myself with limited information on it. Filled it out as you would for a round trip package but only received directions one way. Was expecting the packet to be mailed to me but it wasn't. I was not even notified when the packet was ready for pick up, I had to make time to drive back to see if it was there or not 2 days before leaving on our trip. This is not the kind of service I am used to getting from AAA after being a customer for more than 20 years.


Always attentive service.

mike springs

Excellent service.. Will never go anywhere else.


Great location. Staff is very friendly. They have a great insurance agent here named Monica. I recommend her highly. Very clean and well organized store.

Dennis Dellinger

Outstanding service with Amy on setting up a trip and taking care of Everything!

Tony Reed

Dana Whittemore

Only had one person working on a Saturday and about a dozen people waiting. Waited in line and when I finally got to the front the one poor woman working told me she couldn’t help me (I was there for passport photos and an international license) because she was already too far behind with the dozen people in front of me. It looks like a nice location with a lot of resources but so poorly understaffed it’s not worth going.

Mike Angel

Service was good. Computer went down, but that was not their fault.

Donovan Yutzy

Christine was very friendly and extremely helpful! No complaints at all

Tim May

Parked right in front - A-plus Greeted immediately by Amy Schneider -- A-plus She completed currency transfer application quickly -- A-plus She provided extra tips on trip to Toronto -- A-plus. Overall rating -- A-plus.

Debra Henrichs

Great customer experience. My agent spent time with me looking at different options to get around construction and also advised me of the lack of gas stations along a portion of our route.

Joel Hopwood

I visit AAA Hilliard several times a year for currency, maps, tour books and advise. The staff is always friendly, efficient and very helpful.

Robert Colgan

Had a really great experience once again. The Hilliard location has been my main travel agency for a number of years now. Especially with maps and currency exchange. Very prompt and helpful, plus pleasant personalities. Always makes it worth returning!

Jim Gutzman

I like the Hilliard AAA office location. The staff is friendly and has had my Triptiks and supporting maps and books ready when promised. However, I typically do not ask for anything special or use many other services outside the norm, so I have no insight to other services they provide.

Warren Conkey

Vacation info

A and A

Triple A, stop just hiring any1 2 drive ur trucks. I'm a member and very upset u let child molesters wrk 4 u. Joe Duff got my 15 year old pregnant. He's 38 and been to prison for violent crimes. U are allowing him to be around children. Shame on you

Lauren Barber

Very helpful resource for vacation planning!

Michael T

WOW You close at 5:00 pm most of the week. This is great for people that don't work. What about the rest of us. This diminishes the value for me!

Cathy Schwandt

Very good service, friendly and well informed about the travel we were there to discuss.

Sue Benner

Devendra Yadav

Rose Petals

Mkes me upset AAA isnt going back further on back ground checks. If u get a driver named Joe Duff. He stabbed sum1 31 times n is wrk n 4 Triple A. Plus he been known 2 steal from several places. Watch ur stuff. He will steal pills, money, anythng of value from u. Plz b careful wen u get a driver. Its obvious AAA isnt doing enough 2 protect us. No im nt an Ex but I no him personally.

Elizabeth Wright

On Thursday of this week, I decided to wash my car at the car wash at the location, Hilliard Rome road and Renner. I live right across the street, so I just decided to take enough change to hand-wash my car. After I finished, my car wouldn't start. I didn't have my cell phone but I saw a man doing maintenance, who was kind enough to let me use his phone. I had my AAA card on my keychain, the membership number had rubbed off. But, the customer number was fine. When I called the woman on the phone, told me she had my information but the membership was cancelled. I had no idea this had happened. My mother in law had bought the membership for her kids, their spouses and grandkids. I asked the lady on the phone if my husband had a member, I told her his name, she verified that he had a membership. So, I thought the lady on the phone would be kind enough to send someone anyway. Instead she said twice that my husband was at work. and he had to be present. in order to help me I went on to explain,he could not leave work. I thought her attitude was cold and uncaring. I was in a bind, stranded with no money, phone, a dead car. The maintenance man, who loaned me his phone, didn't have jumper cables, but went the extra mile to call a to come and help me. Which proves there are good people in this world.

Felicia Cropper

Suellen was beyond helpful today. Thank you.

Sheila Jackson

Fast, friendly, helpful and informative.

Stephanie Miller

Very excellent service and fast thanks


Very nice people at the Hilliard site. Gave me everything I needed in a fast professional way.

Chris Hilles

Great very helpful

Mark Ulrey

I walked in on a Friday morning, selected a few maps and tour books, all very accessible and easy to get to. I just helped himself which is all I needed. I dropped my items at the counter and strolled over to look at the luggage and other items. When I returned to the counter, the clerk advised me that my card had expired (1 month) but that she had reviewed my account and saw that I was in good standing. There was no problem in getting my maps and tour books. She could've taken issue to my expired card and asked me to come back, but she didn't. This made for a good experience.

Donavan Kane

I walked in to get a simple map of the US for an upcoming trip. I left with so much more info than I thought I needed. It was absolutely wonderful, the staf were warm and inviting. They walked me through aspects of a trip i didn't even think of. Now I feel more prepared then ever.

Rochelle Mercurio

Very nice and helpful. Prices are awesome too.

Sean Crown

Incredible service backed by a depth of knowledge to travel the world. The staff are kind, involved, and attentive.

Fritz Almario

Thanks for getting my TripTik routings for Boston, MA, Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, TN and Atlanta, GA ready, Jennifer.

Donna Tozer

Terrible. This location is no longer in business yet they still have a website and come up on searches for the closest location to my home. I drove 30 miles only to discover they are no longer there. What a waste of my time and gas

Ruth Ann Yoder

Stopped by Hilliard to see if they could match an international car rental. They were able to give me a much better price and gave helpful information. Staff was very helpful and friendly. Also easy and quick place to get Euros for our trip. I will be using them some more.

Brenda Bauer

I was very pleased with the service I received from Shirley. She was very knowledgable, friendly and courteous. I got everything I needed in a short amount of time. You can't beat AAA, even in the age of technology and apps!

Kathryn Foster

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