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530 John F. Kennedy Memorial Hwy, Newark, DE 19702, United States

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Where is Biden Welcome Center?

REVIEWS OF Biden Welcome Center IN Delaware

John Fontana

I mean, what is there to say, but this place stands out - super clean, good food choices including healthy stuff like sandwiches and salads, plus Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. Lots of seating, which is nice, and like I said, it is clean in the dining area, rest rooms, outside you name it - well done, Uncle Joe!

Enmanuel Ramos

My favorite welcome center super clean restrooms... food is great.

Joan Donachy

Very nice and clean bathrooms. A good stop for a quick break.

Jason Westerkon

A clean and modern rest station in the First State. It can get crowded, and it has a 'busy' feel to it, but it has everything you need to get you fueled up and back on the road.

JingAn Chen

Clean restroom, gas station and Burger King. Plus with plenty parking lots, what else you can ask for.

Oscar Frank, I

Ok but I need coffee and all they had was Starbucks, McDonald's and Burgers King.

The Benjamin Banks

We drive out here to meet my wife’s ex husband so he can pick up the kids for the weekend. Every time it feels like we’re doing some sort of top secret swap. Or child trafficking lol.

Lisa autry

Very nice place to stop & relax or just find out about the many things near by

Gavin Schumaker

Clean and comfortable - good array of food and beverage.

jamie lea

Modernized rest stop for food and coffee.

Michelle Persaud

Good selection of food. Pret A Mangia which offers healthier eating alternatives.

Rony Kalfarisi

It's a good place to stretch and relax from long journey

Juan C Calderon

Great rest stop. Big place with good fast food options and clean bathrooms

Richard Smith

I would rate this stop higher than most. There is a big open food court and a decent selection. More like a mall food court than the average gas stop. There wasn't a brass band playing but all things being equal I would plan to stop here if a stop is required.

carl malone

Nice place to go

mikem mattiace

For a stop on Highway great. It serves all of your needs. ....

Gail Murray

Very well lit and plenty of places to eat. Restrooms we're very clean.

Rich Latourette

Great rest stop. It felt more like a shopping mall!

Aaron Frank

We have loved this rest stop since it opened! It's clean and nice. We miss the Baja Fresh but Pret a Manger is a nice addition. And if you forget your EZPass you can pick one up at the convenience store and activate it!

Harvey Neuman

Nice place to stop on a road trip. Very greatful that it was there.

Shannon ODell

Clean, alot of food choices


This is a really nice rest area when traveling, nice placed to stop a get a gas, some food.

Girish Lakade

Good options for food. I have visited this often and place always is clean and neat.

Salvatore Nuzzo

24 hour starbucks was literally a life saver tonight. 10/10 wpuld recommend

Dennis Brooks

I like this rest stop. Nice clean modern.

Geri Goss

A beautifully designed welcome center and rest stop on I95.

Mark Freedman

Joe Biden is a bit of a sack, but a decent rest area. Three burger King kiosks is a bit overkill. One wasn't working. Tried to log in as Brian Peppers, but I failed.

Eric Kuessner

Stopped here and the location was clean and in good repair. We ate at the Pret location and everything looked awesome and I wanted to try it all. The manager was out on the floor talking to Customers and providing feedback in products. This was a great stop.

Romonica Stokes

Nice place to stop

anthony pomponio

Great rest stop.....clean and a variety of foods

Robin McKelvey

Very clean restrooms. Nice rest area.

Arjun Menon

Always clean, well maintained

cindy johnson

Very cool welcome center

Rupesh Tiwari

Very nice and great place for family. Clean restrooms. Lots of eating options. Overall great experience. We took chai from Starbucks and enjoyed our visit.

Julie Murphy

Crowded but it's a big place that can handle crowds

Kerry McCoy

Good variety of food and convenience items. Plenty of restrooms. Easy on and off highway.

Wayne Viener

One of the best travel plazas I have visited. Great public space. Ample seating, food selection and rest facilities.


Great place for a pit stop.

Juart Reyes

Nice rest stop

R Wiggins

It is clean, beautiful, & has a variety of eating places.

Shraddha Mankame More

Good one. Enjoy.


Cool, too bad it's all in the matrix

Arthur Miller

It's a nice rest stop. Full services. Electric car recharging available. Clean restrooms.

Sirremus Robbie Robinson

Good rest stop.. Plenty of food choices in terms of food, drinks, service, restrooms and gas station mini Mart also..

Britty Lucas

Extremely convenient, has a little of everything there. Gas, a good variety of food, and lots of free parking.

Sean Conway

Couldn’t get a cup of coffee here. Tried my best. Only one person in line in front of me. Counter person helping and assisting client at counter, so understandable. 8-9 mins later, person in front of me gives up. Now there is line of 8-9 people behind me. Someone in the back preparing. Another employee comes out. Now line is over ten people. Another 3mins go by. New employee just stares at growing line. Another 3-4 mins go by and STILL can’t get s cup of coffee. I went here as opposed to Starbuck’s since line at Cinnabon was so short. 12 mins later, apathy of employees evident, just completely unconcerned about line of ten people, and now waiting over 12 mins, I left as well. Incredible how they can make a penny here. Got my coffee in five mins over at Starbucks watching the growing line at Cinnabon. Crazy level of no service. Crazy.


A nice reststop on 95

Sarah FrithDeane

Bathroom smell terrible. Workers serving food with bare hands after touching money and everything else. I will try not to stop there again. It use to be my favorite rest stop.

James Rathz

Best rest stop in Delaware, the best state without sales tax.

Thomas Andrychowski

Really nice welcome center in Delaware. It's big, but they keep it clean. A couple of shops, tourist info, bathrooms, and restaurants. Tons of parking and areas to walk your pets. Telsa, and EV charging spots, gas station, plus 2 Starbucks locations. Easy on and off I-95 from/to North and South bound.

Henry London

Love stopping there on my way to Baltimore, and my way home to New Jersey.

Sportbikepc 1

Nice area very clean and well taken care of.. need more shade trees or carport/canopy tho...

Zainot Martin

Slow lines, but food is good.

NoNo Lofty

It was nice and very clean. You can get to it from both directions of the highway. Many choices in the shops/restaurants.starbucks, popeyes chicken, Burger King, Surf shop and even perfumes. Plenty of restrooms.

Pranay ravi

The massage chairs are a good idea ,I helped my mom relax after whole day walking on our trip back

joseph sulloway

Rude employees. Really rude

Wai Lam

Huge area, plenty of parking, nothing to write home about for food but definitely above average for welcome centers.

Tigist Ketems

Good coffee.

Stacy Tucker

So glad Pret has opened!! Healthy options are a rare find on road trips and here we have it. Great sandwich, salad and drink options. Lovely pasties too. Carrot cake cookie is amazing. Selfnserve coffee beats the lines at the other coffee shop.

Nathan Vaden

Great place to catch a rest while driving.

Tyrone Cooper

Clean and friendly service

Steve Carney

I would have liked it much better if it was the Trump welcome center.

Kit Ligand

Clean, easily accessible, with a good range of vendors. The station is in the center between north and south parkway lanes, as is typical of New Jersey, so left exit. Gas and the pavilion are separate so limited fumes or contention for lanes and parking. The restrooms were very clean which, let's face it, is the most important feature of highway welcome stations. Also there's a good reason range of food from junk to reasonably healthy and fresh. Accessibility is mandated, so it's a given that mobility impairment won't be a problem. The less than perfect rating is because by its nature this isn't going to be a destination location for anyone who isn't collecting roadside welcome centers, but this is a good example of the breed.

Deven Bhagwandin

Pretty cool Welcome Center. Lots of food choices. Cool gift shop. Very crowded, though. Prepare to spend a lot of time in lines.

Astro Face

Stopped here for gas & use the restroom. I was moderately impressed by the cleanliness of the facility & bathroom. They have a wide variety of foods to choose from but only Starbucks for coffee? (unless you choose burger King for their version of coffee) Would not hesitate to let my parents stop here, nothing bad to worry about.

Sridhar Srinivasan

Nice place to have a break between DC and NYC Journey..

Eunkyu Lee

good place to rest. when I was driving from MD to NJ, I stopped at this place and was surprised on how nice this place actually is. Will be using this place more often now.

Brianna Cabrera

One of the nicest welcome centers I've been to. Fair amouny of food/snack options.


Stoped here grab a cinnamon bun and a drink to stay focused on my trip back home to philly from Baltimore and it was clean and ok service!

Edward Blum

Nicely updated , this rest stop on I-95 in Delaware offers both the usual array of fast food stands, rest rooms, and stores selling healthy sandwiches, salads and soups. The left side merges from the rest stop back to the highway have better sightlines than most.

Sara Ramirez

Nice structure, only legit rest stop I've found in delaware. But the lines are crazy long. They have Burger King, Popeyes, Carvel, Auntie Anne's, and a couple other places.

K'enosha Genesis

Nice atmosphere but like any welcoming center the food are so exciting

Fosod Wasson

Spacious. Love the high ceiling and large photos. Best rest stop outside of Italy.

Private Private

My granddaughter and I had a great time visiting the different eateries at this Welcome Center.


Nice but busy

Pedorosa Villales

Not bad, relatively clean bathrooms with plenty of hand soap. They have two starbucks a drive thur and one inside the rest area. Theres a Pret sandwich shop and a lot of fast food choices.

Sridhara KS Rao

Left strandes by wanda coach person for 3 hours Inform your driver before getting down.

John Heavener

Great food and coffee

LJ Smith

Busy, but clean. Lots of appealing food options.

Adeola Williams

I always stop here on my way to New Jersey. It's a beautiful rest stop. I feel safe being here at any time of night. On my last stop it started to rain and I got out of my truck and danced in the parking lot. There is a large variety of food, and the Starbucks is almost always open.

Jason M Sweeney

Not sure when this name changehappened- but okay. Feels like an airport terminal- over priced and not for everybody but a bathroom stop is a bathroom stop so it works. Take another exit either direction and you'll find a gas station with much better prices and service if that's what you're needing. The gas station is horribly staffed and in need of better service (I'm not one to go heavy handed in criticism but this is one of my least favorite rest stops on the 95 corridor)

Nathaniel Thomas

Great place friendly people very good food and reasonable prices..

Annhastasia Murphy

Lots of places to eat. Very expensive.


Excellent clean modern road rest station with many shops.

Luv_It_Coiled &_Kinky

Everything you need in one spot. Just be careful the gift shop is very expensive. Less than most places though. It is for travelers so the prices reflect this. Great area and very convenient.

geo chax

Why did they name it after someone living. Did he achieve that much? I dont think so.

Adam Twardowski

Love it because it’s named for VP Biden.

Lars Smallrick

Love this stop in Delware!

Jeff Schober

Really nice and clean. About 5 different eateries. BUSY.

Richard Ball

Very clean place. Multiple places and choices for food. Easy off and on highway.

Julian Fishov

Great rest area. Lots of parking, plenty of outdoor and indoor space to relax. It's got your standard vending machines but as a bonus there is also a food court with 5 or 6 different fast food options. This is relatively new building and it's very well kept.

Natalie Shipula

Go here first when at the inner harbor. Every one is so nice and helpful. You might even get up close and personal with some wild life.

Frank Font

It's an ok place for a quick bite. Bathroom was clean and plenty of table seating.

Alex Urbano

Bathrooms are extremely clean and well ventilated.

Toni Laich

My preferred rest stop whenever I travel through the 95 corridor. Always clean.

Levon Martin

Not a bad place for a quick stop.

Amanda Schopf

Clean, but everything is way too marked up to get anything, unless it's an emergency.

Sporadic Travels

Very convenient stop located on the highway (I-95) with restrooms, restaurants, seating area (including massage chairs) and stores with souvenirs. Plenty of parking for napping or charging your electric car. Big area for exercising or walking your dog.

stephen heller

I make a point to stop here everytime I drive from Dc to Nyc. Good halfway sari g/rest area

shim Garrel

Clean, plenty of bathrooms pretty much all you want in a reststop, prices of the stores are pretty high though.

Maria Quiles

Very Clean, had some great massage chairs that were a huge blessing since my drive is long. Bathrooms nice and clean. The gift shops equipped and staff very friendly.


A comfortable rest stop named for a great American.

Trevor Sequino

Clean facilities, well lit parking

Renee Cunningham

Good selection in the food court but bathrooms not very clean.

Mitchell Jones

The only rest area I use when traveling to NYC from VA. My favorite rest area on all of I-95!

Eriks Goodwin

This is your standard service area kind of place along an interstate highway. Same general offerings as any other service area. I was there fairly late in the evening I was surprised to see most of the food purveyors were closed. Perhaps it was just the wrong time to walk in, but I found it fairly dirty. The bathrooms were not cleaned appropriately. There was a lot of trash laying on the floor.

Ahmed Alim

Huge place with variety of different things

Polly Perdomo

Big Welcome Center with big restrooms and several fsst food options.

Margaret Shipley

Ok for a rest stop except no water pressure in the bathroom. None of the toilets were able to be flushed.

Gretel Coverdale

Busy but good rest stop. I prefer this one to the 2 in Maryland along 95.

Faiz Khan

Always clean and always welcoming! My Midway pitstop to and from NYC.


On our way out of NY, we always stop here. Plenty of parking, stores and plenty of fast food restaurants

Lindsay Yotsukura

AVOID. Popeyes staff are slow, rude, and the ripped us off; charged us for two dinners but didn’t give us our sides!

Goose Lover

Good for peeing.

Ernie Joanne

Geat place. Really love Panda Express.

Igor Ostrovsky

Spacious modern rest stop conveniently located on Route 95. Gas station, Starbucks, food court, plenty of parking.

jenny love

Great place to eat and Relax and rest of your trip

Moby Man

Clean and roomy with plenty of food options.

Matt Murphy

Large rest area stop, many food options, usually crowded, most eateries and quick stop close around evening. Large restrooms decently clean. Gas station is easy to get to. Great place for a quick stop or meeting location.

Kathy Stachkunas

Nice rest stop

Franky DeMayo

Was great to visit the childhood home of Joe Biden

Jo Ann Lewis

I know people are traveling and willing to pay, but this place is high as hell! Cinnabon ain't worth the money andbthe fast foods are out of control. Very nice bathroom facility.

Bernardo Hernandez

A well built and beautifully design place. Just make sure that when you get there, you better have money cause it is expensive. Definitely give it a visit.

Garland Neal

Nice place.

Leighton Smith


Barbara Roddy

Lots of choices to grab a snack or meal and keep moving. Nice rest stop.

Sanjay Sharma

Good place for a small break

Peter McAteer

For a rest stop not bad. Was very clean and has a good variety for food. Pretty good gift shop. Has massage chairs and everyone seemed friendly.

bhanu kannan

There are Tesla superchargers at this Delaware welcome area. This is the one closer the Delewarre Memorial Bridge. A ideal location for Tesla supercharging and grab something to eat while charging the car.

Min Ho Rim

On DC~New york trip, here was really helpful. Clean and safe place for family! Thank you! :)

Sherry Gupton

I cannot give a true rating because I visited in the middle of the night when most areas were closed.

R Walkins

Great stopover spot on 95. Tons of parking. Gas station and many food options; Popeyes, Burger King, Starbucks, Cinnabon, Pizza, Chinese, Deli, and a quick Mart. Bathrooms are large and there is a companion/family restroom. There is also a drive thru Starbucks if you don't want to make a long pit stop. Just beware of the merge lanes back onto 95, as you are merging into the fast lane!!

Matt Johnson

Great as far as rest stop's go. Alot of food options go. Restrooms are large and clean. Fuel area too.

David Cintron

Nice place to eat and bathrooms are nice and clean.

Dot Henrich

Beautiful welcome center. Nice and clean.

Crystal Carroll

Never get my service

Victor Liguori

This is a good place to stop.

Adam Reeis

Lots of food options and great for groups.

jawahar N Suvarnakar

Fast service..

Barry Lyman

Better than average interstate service area with a good selection of food including some that are actually healthy. Starbucks too.

Erkan Saka

The cleanest restroom I have seen in my recent stops at rest areas. It is a big one with different food and drink options. It has a market, too.

Anurag Bansal

Nice and clean with all major amenities for quick stop with some major food outlets.

Michael Brown

Popeye chicken supervisor is extremely unprofessional, reason I say that is because Las week I ordered my usual 3pcs chicken, and upgraded to a large red bean and rice, usual price is $11.91. She wanted to charge me $14.69 . I told her I stop in there every week for the past two years, and always paid the lower price her reply was "so what " she is the supervisor, and she is charging as if I bought 3 small size red bean and rice,because that is equivalent to a large one. Unbelievable!

Jorge Perez

We got a raccoon Stuffed animal named Biden

Lisa Wilson

Love coming here on my way to and from NYC, never a dull moment! The folks I bring here love it too, one stop shop

Sam Dee

Big and spacious rest area. Easy access back to the Interstate.

Rasika Tata

Clean. Good choices.

Shawn Wu

This is very good. It is easy to see from the highway and the prices are a little expensive. They had a good convenience store, that was very convenient. It had a lot of necessary food for long road trips.

Chris Arcadia

Long lines but clean and convenient. I stop here for a Starbucks for myself and for lunch for my finally each time we pass. We're still continue to visit each time. Very welcoming!

Scott Entwistle

This is a solid rest stop that's relatively new and has a lot of different food options. They also have Tesla superchargers so it's a great place to stop and charge up on the run from NY to DC. Their Starbucks is nice and clean, and the Burger King even has 3 touchscreen ordering screens to place your order. They had good breakfast options there, and at a bakery across the food court area. The bathrooms are pretty solid, though they looked like they have seen a lot of days even though they're pretty new. There are a lot of stalls and urinals though, and they have two sets of bathrooms so there's always room.

Daniel Moreno

Open spaces, good parking, plenty of gas pumps, clean restrooms, good options for eat. You have all you need for a rest area


The restrooms are clean and maintained. There are good options on healthy food and snacks with lots of seating.

Isaac Daily

Convenient location to hop off and back in the highway

Harold Schultz

Was on my way back to Florida

Ron Glive

This rest/welcome center sets a new standard for all others to follow!! Absolutely Magnificent

Riad Khattab

It was the right rest stop on a long trip.

Giuseppina Amendola

Clean fresh vibrant bubbly place too long lines if on a timed bus tour or trip need an upper level....that should be limited to the regular travelers and bus and travel companys should be using lower level SHOPS...

Miriam Castle

Delaware is full of endless discoveries. For example, after stopping here, I discovered that Delaware actually exists.

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