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3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, United States

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Where is Prabhupada's Palace of Gold?

REVIEWS OF Prabhupada's Palace of Gold IN West Virginia

Debbie Martin

Beautiful place with friendly staff!

Bhumita Trivedi

It's a beautiful place good environment amazing

Ashley Bennett

Very unique experience enjoyed visiting

Savita Jain

Very beautiful and peaceful place...

Mahendra Bhagat

Wonderful. Must see.


Like no other place you have ever seen before an did not know its home to the largest stain glass ceiling in north America

Ami S

Really an appreciative experience that this palace was built only by volunteers who weren't real craftsmen in trade... just devotee's. The love and work that goes into the palace is incredible. Its really sad to see how run down it is now since I last visited in 1997 (the years it was banned from ISKON) Take the tour inside! Its really insightful and you help pay for the restoration/upkeep

kush Rao

Beautiful serenity, heaven on earth.


Palace of Gold has such beautiful glass work with intricate details throughout, be sure to take the tour and then visit the rose garden which has so many All American varieties, during the summer months.

Hillbilly FamLife

I loved the beautiful atmosphere! Everyone was so kind and friendly. Can't wait to visit again.

Sunil Kumar

Very pretty and very well maintained sprawling place


Good to rest

Robert Steltenpool

Although under renovation the Palace is a diamond in the hills of WV. A 20min drive off the highway down a winding country road gets you to this unique place. The tour guides were great, answering all our questions, and after the 25min tour we wandered the grounds and had a smoothie. There was also a restaurant in the complex and lots too see beyond the palace.

Mike Patel

Nice place


The place is as the name given. It's on the hill and scenic beauty around. I felt as if viewing one of the palace of India. The palace has beautiful rose garden but we were not able to see the Rose as we went in mid week of May. Also garden had variety of other flowering plants. Craftsmanship excellent. It's a historical place. You can enjoy the nature from the top. . Don't miss the Krishna temple. It's Beautiful temple and we had the opportunity to attend the Aarti (prayer). Lunch is also free and lavish food. Those who want to stay back can stay around with advance booking. Also restaurant is there where in you can have veggie food. This is a wonderful place and full of greenery. You will find pond with lotus and swans here making the feel more pleasant. Variety of flower plants you can find. And more surprisingly you can watch Peacock lots around and also albino peacock ( white peacock) you can see if you are lucky enough. Architecture of temple is very good. Photo genic place.Gift shop is also there. Mobile signal is not there around. Just amazing experience

Parag Gupta

Nice quite place

Prasad Reddy

Great place for peace of mind

Gordon Andrew Crowells

Wonderful place. Very enlivening. Felt very peaceful. This year it became registered with National Register of Historic Places of the USA.

Shayini Mathan

I liked the place on the hill but they are trying to preserve the nature. It has lotus pond, which I have not seen in years. The swans and the peacocks are too cute to ignore. This is the place I have first saw albino peacocks. The architecture of the main building is amazing and the a lot of labour went into making it a historical place. Arts and crafts are beautiful too. Garden is simply breathtaking with a number of rose plants and variety of flowering plants. It was a unique experience.

Vibhav Jha

Pretty interesting place, but it's really just another way to sell books. I would've liked to hear more about the architecture stylings and how it was built, as it is a truly fascinating tale, but the tour only briefly covers it. The tour is mainly just a lecture on spirituality, which is fine, but I expected to learn more about the place.

Robert Aberegg

I’ve visited on several occasions, and it remains very interesting. While progress has been slow, it’s apparent that restoration is being done. While it isn’t visually perfect, the Palace is incredibly beautiful and stands out in stark contrast to the surrounding countryside. I highly recommend a visit to the Palace and the rest of the property. Photographs are a must. During warmer weather the rose gardens are breathtaking.

Adelle Elizabeth Kirk

Amazing experience, tour guide was great. Totally worth the drive.

Rahul Anand

Nice serene place in the lap of hills.Devotees of lord Krishna or not a must place to visit the temple and sorrunding

Liz Smith

The palace is incredible. Beautiful building, great views, lush rose garden, peaceful atmosphere. The people were super friendly. We also checked out the temple, swan lake, and grounds. I would definitely come back for a weekend trip to be able to take in more of the community.

Ethan Towns

Such a lovely and wonderful place to visit. Everyone was extremely kind and helpful. Simply beautiful.

Yogendra Thakur

Pea cocks, temple scenic beauty

Becky Frazier

Love this place very peaceful

Bipana Pokharel

Such a peaceful place

Tom Yenk

Nothing special about the palace compared to others. Out in the middle of no where but it was worth the time and effort to visit.

Samir Doshi

Cafeteria menu need revamped. Tea quality needs improved. No snacks available when we went at about 4 pm. Only lunch buffet. That too no appetizers or sweet in buffet and $13. Temple and surrounding area great as always.

Sharath Rojanala

Divine, peaceful and pleasant!!

Gene Eubank III

Awesome and beautiful place!

Kristen Ross

Very interesting place and definitely unexpected in West Virginia. The palace has some beautiful features with many kinds of marble and colored glasses. You must take your shoes off to do the tour and "donate." There's peacocks wondering around the grounds. You must also take your shoes off in the temple.

Asish Subedi

Krishna temple by ISKCON.Daily aarati.Ample parking.Lodging and food available.Big forest area to roam around.

santhosh v

Very nice temple ! But it’s situated in a very remote and isolated place so leave early or make sure to have accommodation inside Vrindavan itself if you plan to stay. Getting outside to the highway is a challenge at night because it’s pitch dark for 6-7 miles.

Vinny Vijan

Beautiful place

Vijaya Sri

What an experience it was! Hare rama hare krishna chants, peacocks,beautiful hills. It was mesmerizing and spiritually uplifting. Food was amazing too.we were recommended to stay overnight in there cottages. But we couldn’t. They had an amazing rose garden, cows. There is a schedule for everything. I would recommend to go through that before planning a visit.

Velva Wilgus

Very interesting

Vamsi Pulavarthi

As usual a very nice place to go. If for nothing you should go just to see the roses in summer. It's open air with lots of flowers and the pond behind the palace is full of lotuses and water lillies. You also get a vote of many of the cows belonging to the Temple. For those of you who are lucky, you will see the many peacocks walking by.

Akshay Gauba

Beautiful place surrounded by nature. Great Hindu heritage and craftsmanship is displayed inside.

Harish Adithya

A memorial for ISKCON founder which showcases his disciples dedication and love towards him! A peacock with gold plating and amazing glass art as it's feathers attached! No photography permitted inside the palace.

Nishant Sahay

The construction of the entire place is amazing and awe inspiring. There are detailed carvings all over the place, beautiful glass and crytal work, not to mention the 22k gold paint on the walls. This place was meant to be home for Swami Prabhupada but unfortunately had to be made his samadhi. There is a ticket required for entry into the inside of the temple, but entry into the premises itself is free of cost and worth the view - though I would recommend going for the tour as well to appreciate the real beauty and architecture of the place as it really it.

manvantar das

Beautiful place spiritually uplifting Hari Krishna

Raj M

Beautiful place in a very verdant setting. Must have been an amazing religious place when it was initially built. Seems more like a tourist attraction now. Glad we went, though.

Vijay Rathore

This is a good place to get with Nature and feel peace.

Pankaj Deshpande

Govinda restaurant is nice. No pressure for donations. Very peaceful location. Ideal for meditation

Haritha S

Amazing place to visit. So much of reality and beautiful crave for Krishna. Kudos to the builders.

Uday Raikar

Excellent place, love to visit again and again

Sangeeta Solanki

Beautifully built in remote area

Sanjeeva Reddy

Amazing work done by disciplines of Srila Prabhupad

Ankur Misra

Great atmosphere and food

Naveen Kumar Mereddy

Serene religious place with lot of greenery around. Love this place and I visit this place annually to take a dip in his holiness Srila prabhupaada's divine Grace and Lord Radhe Shyam's blessings. Hare Krishna.

Netra N.

Peaceful place

Chantelly Marchelle

Very peaceful.

Buddha Thapa

Great place for refreshment and religious vibe.

Kay Pippin

Neat little find. Hidden treasure.

Kurt Steinhaus

The Palace of Gold is a tribute to the founder of the Krishna Consciousness movement. It was built by devotees, many of whom had to learn new skills and trades. It is awesomely detailed. Simply awesome in its beauty. Not too easy to find, but very much worth the effort to get there.

Raghu A

Great place and very peaceful!

Navaneeth Narayanan

Amazing palace! Have an option to select guided tour of the palace.

Alexandra Kathryn Pearl Bookamer

Beautiful area! It was great to walk around and appreciate all the intricate architecture of the palace.

Pam Stout

Great sandwiches and fries!

Arianna Logan

I didn't end up doing anything there, but it looked interesting.

Lissa Ludinich

Quite the spiritual experience reguardless of religious beliefs. The beauty of this place and the workmanship is seen in every detail. Peacocks walk freely and the most gentle and generous people i have ever met. The food was a delight even to my 9 year old child, i now have to figure out how to make these dishes at home. A must see! A truly amazing manmade wonder!

Binod Gupta

This is a wonderful place to visit. There is a Krishna temple, lodge with different size rooms including double bedrooms, apartment, cabins etc. there is a vegetarian restaurant and kids play area. The Palace of gold is amazing with a rose garden , lotus pond. There is another pond by the temple where swans roam around freely. Peacocks also roam around freely. There is a Goshala. Aarti are done many times a day and on Saturday there is a Swan pooja by the pond and fireworks, only in the summer. It’s a peaceful place to visit and get away from the daily hustles of life and be closer to nature and god.

Denise Anhorn

This was an absolutely beautiful and peaceful place. I enjoyed the learning opportunities and the wonderful people here. The Krishna worshippers are lovely people and I would absolutely go back. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Ajit Pradhan

ISKCON temple in W. Virginia. Very nice interior.

prajjal nag

Nice retreat away from City hustle and bustle .

anu tandulwadikar

Beautiful Palace with beautiful rose garden

Heather Rayl

Beyond in love with this place. I love culture and this is the one thing in the area that has a lot of culture. I come here every year for the Festival of Colors they host every year. The drive and scenery alone is amazing. The aging of the building is starting to show, but it's still an amazing building to see. The tour doesn't take long, but the Marble and design are incredible. I've taken this tour about 3 times with different groups.

Vincent Ciaramella

Awesome place to visit and meditate while surrounded by the beauty of West Virginia.

Subramanya Jois

Nothing is great in here. But devotees will like it of course.

Amit Kumar Raut

Very peaceful and quiet on weekdays.


A bit much asking to take your shoes off to do the tour, could they not allow for soft skin moccasins ?? no one likes to go barefoot , what if you step on a nest of yellowjackets or a west virginia copperhead which are very big in number there ? I have been inside the homes of Hindu dentists and always keep my shoes on all the time in case of fire if you have to run out, also with a bunch of people not wearing shoes, the aroma is ''not a peachy rose garden'' by a long shot !! all they need to do is put carpet the whole path of the tour, a very easy fix

Kumaran Muthukumar

A definite place to find calmness and peaceful moments. Wonderful gardens, beautiful peacocks, awesome temple and the nature will make you feel that you are in the hands of nature....

Lucee O

Incredibly beautiful place!

Shamima Nasrin

Its a beautiful place on the hill and surrounded by clouds. Palace looks like historic heritage site. There's a rose garden but we went on May first week, so roses were not blooming properly. Most attractive thing is you can see peacocks everywhere around you. Different types of cororful peacocks will blow your mind.There's a lotus pond and a gift shop also.

Ritesh Kumar

We visited on Memorial Day weekend in 2017. It is very far from near-by city. Nice scenery and place to assimilate with nature. More gatherings are from Nepal and North India. I don't find much crowd as still in construction. You need to pay extra to have tour to temple (inside). No accommodation at temple. You will get food during lunch time. Canteens are there. Price of food is ok.

Kristen Boo McGrail

Really cool and beautiful would definitely come here again

Shyam Sunil

The palace of gold is a quite and peaceful place and best time to visit are summers and fall. It is HIGHLY recommended to follow the instructions on the website to reach this place. DO NOT follow the GPS which could take through a rough and patchy road especially soon after a downpour. The palace is itself located .25 miles away from the main temple and is the located on a higher elevated place. There is an entry fee and a guided tour if you wish to go inside the palace and see the gold work and Prabhu's personal belongings when he moved to the US. The outside of the palace is open to all and can go to the rose garden and the lotus pond in the back.

Heather Jaeger

It is a very beautiful place! We went for the festival this weekend and we had an amazing time!! I took these pictures at the festival!

ramji jeevanram

Nature at its best for humans

Jahnavi Crawl

I will always love this place

Eric Stowell

The tour is short, plan 10 minutes for the tour. It is in disrepair. The real marvel is how it was built. Worth stopping if you are close but I wouldn't make a trip just for it.

Parameshwaran Venkataraman

Most peaceful memorial

Roopam Sharma

Scenic place....with lots of Indian touch.

Kunj Mishra

Very beautiful visit. There is guided tour every half hour and place is open daily until 8pm in spring and summer.

Sundar Ananda das

Awesome ethnic settings.. lot of interesting history Breathtaking stain glass windows and gold plating!

Rishabh Deo

Beautiful temple. You will be surprised at how beautiful it is.

poornima shankar

Jai Shree Krishna... A lovely calm place with pure bliss n beauty. The whole place has relaxing n uplifting feeling as you stay there pray and especially the gold palace. I wish we are close by to visit more often

Kerry Tennant

An amazing one of a kind place nothing else like it just a little piece of heaven in West Virginia a must-see

Jenn N

The outside is a little run down you can tell they ran out of money for upkeep. But the inside and gardens make up for it. The stained glass inside is absolutely beautiful. The Mountain View’s are breathtaking. I’ve never seen a lotus pond before it’s beautiful. It’s definitely worth a visit if near there.

Crystal Huff

Love the staff..the Doctors are wonderful

Breanna Neville

The grounds are beautiful and some of the wood furniture in the palace is gorgeous. The actual palace itself was build rather poorly IMO, but the tour guide did stress that it was built by his followers who did not have any experience in construction. Loved the marble in many of the rooms; the bathroom was cool too. There were lots of kids and it was a hot day, so maybe go on a weekday if you prefer it to be less busy. Over priced tours considering the palace inside is only 3-4 rooms, but definitely visit the temple, which is really cool. Definitely a go-see if you're a follower of Hinduism; as a non-religious person, I didn't really understand much of the Lords and such in the temple, but it was still pretty.

Patti Mccarty

It was on my way home and I had always heard about it so I figured why not. Very peaceful setting and is in the process of restoration. If you are interested in places in WV it is worth the stop.

Satya Kumar Kondapalli

Hare Krishna peace mission

Brinda Patel

Just awesome... unforgettable experience

Rohit Maheshwari

Nice experience! Guided tours are available which gives good idea about history and indian culture.

Will Wagner

Nothing quite like it. You feel like you're in an Indian Palace in West Virginia. Very nice people too. Tour is worth it. Peacocks everywhere.

Sarah Campbell

This place is definitely worth a day trip. If you ever feel like you want to be traveling this makes you feel like your in India. Cool temple, great food at the restaurant and everyone was very friendly.

Ravi K.R.

Place to visit atleast once in a life time..

George Neat

Interesting place but needs a lot of remodeling

Braden Parker

Pretty cool place to visit. I can recommend it at least once.

Arun Sharma

Good place .

Ramaan Kangatharan

This temple is located in one of the most peaceful and tranquil settings. Beautiful and is somewhere that can't be explained must be seen.

Tim Lasure

Amazingly beautiful place.

Mohan Kalavakuntla

Beautiful place. it is a tribute to Gurudev Srila Prabhupada. HareKrishna temple is just nearby. Sunday evening is a must visit to enjoy the spiritual bliss. Nice Kirtan, Class & Tasty Prasadam. Harekrishna Harekrishna.

Vyjayanthi Rajan

New Vrindavan We left our home at Hermitage, Pennsylvania at about 9.30 am on August 9th 2014 for New Vrindavan located in West Virginia. We reached the place at about 12.00 noon. We took the scenic riverside route and enjoyed the running rivers, green trees as also the hydro electric power plants and the coal mines. As we reached our destination located at Marshal county near Moundsville, the mighty Appalachian mountains evoked awe and wonder at God's creation. The place seemed to make Krishna devotees build a model of Vrindavanam. More than the temple to Krishna, the temple to the acharya who revealed Krishna to so many people across the globe and immerse in Krishna consciousness deserves special mention. Yes there is a palace of gold to Srila Prabhupadha on the mountains. We got down and proceeded to the temple of gold. The flag flying on the spire had Hanuman on it reminding us of the flag of victory on Arjuna’s chariot. As we entered we saw a glass case inside which was the depiction of Ajamila story. We went down to the rose garden and enjoyed them There were roses of all hues and their perfume filled the air. It was a captivating sight and the realization that all the roses were for Krishna made them more beautiful. We learnt that these roses were grown organically. Such flowers can be used for making rose water, agarbathis etc for Krishna. An Isckon devotee took us round clockwise explaining how the place was constructed for Srila Prabhupadha to stay. The devotees love and enthusiasm resulted in this grand structure. Choice materials like marble, stained glass, gold, teak, chandeliers etc were used artistically by the devotees. Though Prabhupadha never got to stay in this palace it has become a memorial shrine to Prabhupadha. The wax statue is realistic and the shirt moved gently under the fan making us feel as if Prabhupadha was actually present. The room containing the bed, cupboard, the puja altar with Radha-Krishna and the bathroom which was never used by Prabhupadha are maintained respectfully and neatly. After this we made our way to the lotus pond behind the rose garden. Some lotuses were in full bloom while others were buds and the rounded leaves filled the whole pond. Even as we we were proceeding to the pond we heard the sound of peacocks coming from behind the trees. We then proceeded to the Radha Vrindavanachandra temple.We saw Radha- Krishna, Gopala, Chaitanya-Gauranga and Nrisimhadeva with Prahladha. Nrisimha seemed to remind us of the pervasiveness of the Lord who is present in every blade of grass and every spot on earth. Outside lunch prasadam was being served to devotees waiting in a long line. The suggested donation was $5 for lunch and $3 for breakfast. Besides there is a restaurant called Govinda which serves satvik food. We then proceeded to the swan lake. On the way we saw an elephant statue as also a statue of a bull and a cow. There is a Gosala with about 80 cows which provide milk for the temple and we were told that a calf had been born three days back. Old cows were also taken care of with love and milking was done by devotees. We spotted several cows grazing on the green grass and also rolls of hay waiting to be taken to the barn. A white peahen caught our attention and was not scared of us humans and moved freely while being photographed. Many had set up their tents on the grounds nearby and overlooking the lake was a cabin, one of the many accommodations where visitors can stay. We went to the gazebo adjoining the lake and enjoyed the water-sports of a pair of swans. It was a relaxed atmosphere and Krishna’s presence could be felt in the surroundings. We left the place at about 3.00pm filled with thoughts of Krishna and Krishnabhakthas who can make a Vrindavan of any place where Krishna’s thoughts are present.

Avalamanda Satish

Can't believe that there is a place like this in the US.

Vikas Sankla

Great place

Yamuna Nambiar

Scenery and good garden

Paul Howard

Prabhupāda's Palace of Gold is amazing!

shiva kumari

Not worthy to go for a specific trip,can be as a part of. Trip

Jeffrey Richards

Beautiful scenery. I would suggest visiting during both the Summer AND Fall seasons. During the Summer season you can expect to see gorgeous flowers in their garden. There are so many varieties of flowers in the garden, it's worth visiting during various stages of their life cycle to appreciate their full beauty. During the Fall season this area is surrounded as far as the eye can see by beautiful Appalachian trees, varying in hues from yellow to orange to red. It's truly a sight to behold. There are amazing peacocks that can be found by the main lake and lovely swans, with a walking trail available for peaceful strolls.

sanjay sane

Amazing architecture and landscaping,at the same time the place is overhyped.General amenities are ok,but the place is no way near the other Iskon temples .The restraunt is ok with limited menu and ok taste.These are my openions as a tourist, and not as a devotee.

Anjana Menon

Very beautiful palace with gorgeous locales..views are breath taking including the big lotus pond and Rose garden !

Matt Shaffer

I love it here and come back as much as I can.

Subodh Chaudhari

Great temple. Nice garden with lotuses and peacock roaming around!

Roshni Patel

Nice place to visit


Eye opening and not what I expected. Very respectful of everyone views.

Shubham Sharma

Beautiful place in the serenity of the mountains. Lookout for slippery road conditions in winter. Accommodation is nice, be proactive in booking lake front cabins. They fill up way in advance. Was unable to get one even booking a month in advance.


Peaceful, interesting, great food.

Santhosh Manoharan

Nice place to visit when the weather is above 70.

rupshi ssec

Lovely location left me spellbound

Gerald Monge

A bit of India in the hills of West Virginia.

Gar Chuwan

This place wonderful, and having a great adventure

Charles Frazier

Beautiful :)

Anil Mahajan

Wonderful place to visit and admire selfless and hard work of young devotes.

ashish varman

Amazing views...

Varun Gambhir

Reflects tireless dedication of the devotees.

Jenny J

Cool place. A very different destination for the typical WV traveller.

Naresh Bhatt

I love visiting this place and it is very nicely maintained and tour is great learning experience. The rose garden had 1000s of blooms.

nagaraju keshetty

Nice place to visit

Subhadra Hemphill

Beautiful, and everyone was so friendly.

Luz Zenaida Casillas

No body at the moment in the place, you have to call. Just a. Note in the door with phone number.

Sheba Daniel

very serene place to sit out and enjoy nature.

Shannon Lacey

Omg I love this place! I want to live here!! Locals don't even know it exists! It is worth the visit! Very affordable, so much to do! I cant believe a place like this exists an hour and a half from pittsburgh!

Anastasiya Semyonova

*Different cultural experience in the middle of nowhere* is what you have on your mind while leaving the Palace of Gold by worn down backroads with barely any cell coverage for good 30 minutes of drive. While the road took us 3 hours one way, we couldn't help admiring crafted solely by volunteers without any architectural skills then - residence, and now - memorial of Prabhupada, the forefather of Krisnha movement in the US. Covered in pure 24 karat gold, bearing hand-carved marble plates from 50 different countries, furnished with hand-carved teak masterpieces - it all gives you a feeling of one's heart put into this place. Sadly enough, keeping this place from weathering down requires extensive finances and labour,and which one cannot witness in abundance there. With that in mind, I definitely recommend to hurry and visit this place until it deteriorates to it's worse condition. Be sure to grab socks or shoe covers as walking barefoot in a sacred place is what they have in their culture.

Becca bidwell

Was run down bathrooms were gross.

Tammy Lawson

I am Christian . But was in the area and we decided. Since it was raining we would explore. So we went. It is a cool experience. And they were very nice people and the Monk who lives there spoke to us and even put flowers around my husbands neck.

Sathya Patlolla

Peaceful and Beautifully done. A dedication to Sri Prabhupada.

DND Druk

Nice and profoundly peaceful place

David Hissey

Very spiritual group with a very humble yet powerfully pure teacher (guru) who lovingly helped them realize a very elevated understanding of God and how to live in Him moment by moment. Magnificent building, full of wonders!

Tankruler 4

It was neat and it is definitely a place you would want to visit if your in moundsville because it is a good cultural experience and it is like you stepped into allmost heaven West Virgina

Kingsuk Chatterjee

First of all to all reviewers who marked less than 5 star..."This is a pilgrimage, you have to come out of your life comfort to stay near the god , its a charitable organization, the money you spend here goes towards maintenance of the place as well as toward the thousands of social work they do .. if you try to compare the comfort vs money then you should go and stay in some resort ."... Now do not misunderstand me , this is a very nicely maintained , peaceful place where you can take a break from your busy life and meditate about god , even if you are not that god loving person , you can simply try to find peace of life , the environment , the free animals , the cows , the temple , everything as a whole gives you the push towards divinity. The palace of gold is another fantastic creation of art and needs separate review section. The whole place is named as new Vrindavan for its TRUE similarity with actual Vrindavan in india (in some aspect it is better), the location is on top of a mountain , it has two lakes with Swans swimming in it , there are lots of peacock , at least 50-60 in there , they will roam around your beautiful cottage/cabins while you can enjoy their dances thru your patio ..Yes! there are very nicely maintained cabins , as well as shared rooms if you are looking for little low budget , plan to stay there for at least two nights ..I guarantee you will like it .. btw for those who try to compare this place with resorts ..its good to mention , they serve delicious breakfast (prasadam) and Lunch Prasadam free of cost to all visitors , you dont need to stay there for it. Tips: get lots of drinking water with you , also fill gas , there are no good shop nearby , and the temple store has limited stock . If you plan to stay try for the cabins ,

Saranya Kota

Very pleasant

Shyamagori devi Dasi

Epitome of love and devotion

Dhanshree Patel

Iskon temple and the gold palace both are very beautiful. Guided tours are available to visit inside of gold palace.

Patrick Allen

Drove by. Interesting to see this large golden palace in the middle of the West Virginia hills.

Niccole Miller

Loved the landscaping, but we didnt do the tour of the inside. Definitely try the rose garden!

Satyabrata Pradhan

Nice and quite place

Kamal Kikani

A beautiful Krishna temple set up by ISKCON in Wheeling amidst endless acres of sylvan surroundings. From on top of the palace, as far as the eye can see, one can only see dense, green woods. The palace is set on a raised platform displaying intricate carvings in black and gold with a peripheral walkabout around the building. At a lower level, one can view below a calming fountain in the midst of a rose garden. Walking along pathways crunching over small pebbles placed to create a gray track gives a differ feeling. Guided tours are conducted every 30 minutes. The palace also houses a small gift shop that presents beautiful idols and other trinkets.

summer jones

Best people, great conversation with all especially with the guy running gift shop what a beautiful peaceful place. Truly Almost Heaven West Virginia!!!

haritha reddy

Peaceful loving environment in this busy life

Austin Rupp

Felt a little run down. It was interesting to see. I would recommend it if you are in the area.

Nirajan Gopali

Food is best ever

jamie conner

The nature and beauty of this masterpiece Is breathtaking.

Rohini Rao

Spiritual and scenic place. Small size Adventures drive. Peace and calm area. Palace of gold is purely about Swami Prabhupada and his living at the place and preachings. Architecture is amazing, each carving inside the temple is finest. It’s designed with gold layers. We can see some peacocks moving around the place. And from there is the ISCKON temple of Lord Krishna which is extraordinary and beautiful.


Prabhupada's Palace of Gold en West Virginia
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