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Where is Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad?

REVIEWS OF Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad IN West Virginia

Job Smith

Train is a bit older. Meal was well, ok. The staff are super friendly

Doug Sowers

Great people and staff great view great food. Of course their is a train so I am bias but you will not be disapointed. Take a ride on the Potomac Eagle.

David Bohm

Beautiful scenery. Amazing dinner. Staff is friendly. A great experience.

Sarah L

Rode this for the Christmas ride. My kids had a blast. My only complaint is some of the bathrooms were out of order & I had 2 kids to walk thru several cars to get to a working 1. I give 5 stars cuz I'll be doing this again. The train was decorated nicely, met Santa, Ms Claus, Elsa, Olaf, & the conductor. Drank hot chocolate, sang songs. Wonderful atmosphere. Makes me want to go to ride it in the summer. I probly wouldn't mind walking the cars then.

lisa Osborne

Went while on vacation. Great experience.

Donnie Paul Mason

Your guides very knowledgeable about what they are talking about the train ride is very pleasant great for all ages

Adrian Flores

Awesome train ride!


Interesting and fun. Nice people nice train ride.

Kathleen Owen

Great views and fun train ride. Saw eagles and nests. Great staff too

Robin Thompson

Get senerary and the food excellent in the Club car.

Jim Charlesworth

Fun trip.Took the 8 hour trip to Petersburg. Petersburg a nice town. Relaxing trip to and back.

Lisa De Vasquez

Took this day trip with husband and two kids. We all found it really relaxing and enjoyable. We were allowed to bring our own picnic, but the coach passengers also had access to hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, snacks, drinks, ice cream and more that were reasonably priced (not like at the movie theater). The train was pretty well kept in the seating areas, although not so much in the car with the bigger windows and the gondola. But eagle sightings were the highlight. There were several eagle sightings, sometimes difficult to spot, but we did see two eagles and were quite satisfied for the day. We may do this again in the fall when the foliage must be spectacular!

Johnnie Miller

Great way to relax and see the river and woods.the food was delicious.

B Kevin Newton

Will let you know after I get a ride

peter w

Enjoyable trip went on the hour and a half trip and the kids enjoyed it and wanted to go again, ticket prices were reasonable as well

Cindy Crowley

Very relaxing and beautiful.

Kyle Unnewehr

Very scenic ride. Saw several bald eagles along the way. Bring binoculars. Friendly staff.

Rachel Twigg

Great atmosphere! Beautiful area

Criddicall Lover

It was loud and my anxiety went off but the Trough was nice.

Lisa Dubich

Beautiful tour! Get a coupon on groupon to save money! Take snacks!

D. Sean Baer

Very nice excursion train. Not as well maintained as Strasburg RR, but everyone was friendly.

Patty Runge

Would have enjoyed the ride a lot better if better seats....very uncomfortable

Tate Bailey

Very nice place friendly

dilek ant

Total waste of time and money!!! This trip is over priced!! Worthy $10 max.. it is only 17 miles train trip, very boring there are no eagles around, but cows$bulls...Do not give your $50+$25(additional unknown fee) for nothing..very dissappointed and cant recommend to anyone...

Henry Starring

Amazing scenery. A great place to bring the whole family.

Lynae Young

Enjoyable ride. Saw lots of eagles.

Christine M.

My dad wanted to ride the train for Father's Day. I really wasn't excited about a 3 hour ride and didn't think my kids would last. I was wrong...we had such a great time. Beautiful views of the woods and river. We saw plenty of deer and eagles and lots of canoes and kayaks on the water. The cars were old and had seen better days but they were spacious. There are cars with tables and chairs but even in the regular cars you can turn the seats around to face the other direction--and other members of your group if you like. They allow you to bring your own food on board. No AC, but all the windows open wide and we enjoyed the fresh air and the breeze. Kids age 6 and up can ride on the open gondola with a parent. We didn't know before that the gondola isn't open for the entire ride--about 40 minutes into the ride they stop the train and allow passengers onto the gondola, then they shut the gate and you must stay there for the next 45 minutes--the kids, parents, and grandparents loved this--our favorite part of the ride. However, be sure everyone has used the restroom, brought water and cameras with them; there's no chance to go back to your seat until they open the gate again 45 minutes later to let the next group in. We would definitely do this again!

Marty Sutphin

This was an excellent adventure for the young and old. I really did see Eagles. Perched and flying. It was very good.

Michele Mejia

Very nice! A great trip for every age group and we saw Bald Eagles. Bring a lunch or snacks. They sell that on the train, but expensive. If the temps are in the low 80s or 70s, bring a light jacket. It got chilly traveling along the mountains in the shade.

Gregory Homatas

Night photo shoot could have been better.

Emily Stokes

Went on a cold rainy day but it was really cool!!!! Took my six year old for his birthday, thankfully we dressed for the weather. The Gondola car was only open part time and we were nearly the only people on it. I suggest going off season or in mediocre weather because everyone said the gondola is packed when it's nice out! Saw three or five eagles!!!!! The crew was informative sharing information about sites as we passed them.

Flavio Vettorel

Very nice day out, train ride is about 3 hours taking you true amazing scenery, your allowed to take your own food and drinks on board but there is also a possibility to buy it on board. Personel comes true the train constantly and is very friendly and engaging, only negative thing was the p.a. system wasn’t that great so in times it was difficult to understand the guide telling you what you were seeing.

Rusty Carlson

Nice comfortable ride. Crew was very helpful and friendly. Food available.

Mary M.

I can only said that I was very upset about the train ride. The best things on the train were the friendliness of the staff. They were the nicest ever and coffee and cheesecake for desert was nice but that was it. The ride was basically behind trees almost the entire ride. The video they show with it being wide open does not match the ride. We only had open scenic areas occasionally. We paid the $110 per person but discovered that this is not a separate scenic train but a local commuter train that is used for tourism, we simply were in cars on the other end. That would have been ok because West Virginia residence needs the income and transportation in rural areas but they could have atleast cleaned the carpet and chairs, it was dirty and smelly. I had to get up and keep walking out to get some fresh air. The seats in the diner car were very small not a lot of room. Last but not least was my prime rib. It was tough as a piece of leather. First one they brought me was too rare and the second was better but man I had to stop on the way home and get something to eat. They didn't even have steak sauce. The 2 stars are only for the wonderful staff otherwise I would give this a zero.

Luz Bennett

The food at the train was ok... The Eagles did not come closer for a Picture


Loved it..... Saw a lot of Eagles. Only complaint wish they had two open cars not just one. You have to go if you never been.

Amalesh Murali

Trip started and ended on time. The route was scenic hence making it a joyful experience. Gondola ride gets a special mention for the bald eagle sightings and beautiful potomac river views.

Mrs Brown

Waitress was very nice.

Patricia Hamilton

Staff was very friendly and personable!

Steven Duing

Nice place to see but the speakers were not loud enough.I understand though since its a old train.

Karen Tomlinson

The trip was beautiful! We purchased the meal plan. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it. You don't have to wait in that HUGE line everyone else has to wait in. Just wait outside, comfortably on the deck and wait for them to call your name. You get reserved tables for your group. The seating is a little tight but it's comfortable. Your food is served shortly after you leave the train station. If you're seated on the Mountain side, DON'T WORRY , halfway through the trip they announced that we can move across and switch seats to the other side of the train to see the river side.

Kathy Collins

Was a very enjoyable train ride. Saw about 6 eagles.

Scott Silverstine

Scenic. I would have rather been on a bicycle.

mohamed taha

Very happy to ride old train for 3 hours

Joshua Nightingale

Great scenic trip through WV, Recommend to anyone wanting to relax and enjoy a train ride of a lifetime. Meals on train are to die for and service is the best.

Fry Family

Wonderful even though there was no fall follage saw about 8 eagles. Staff was great?

Roxanne Santiago

Really enjoyed our train ride. Very beautiful, relaxing, and educational. We will be returning closer to fall to see change of the treez. I'm blessed to be able to enjoy this amazing station.

Christina Dorward

Beautiful day, very relaxing. You get to go out on the gondola car to look for eagles!

Rhonda Campbell

We had fun

Pittsburgh Pap

Perfect, our first time seeing bald eagles.

Becky Carbin

Enjoyed the ride.

Jackie Richards

Bathrooms on train. Snack bar with lots of choices. ( cash better for snack bar ) doesn't matter what side you sit on, they will ask you to switch sides on the way back. Don't lean out. Did see bald eagles, Deer, historic homes and the teach history of area as you ride. We took lunch with us and went in coach via groupon tickets. So cost was minimal.

Bob Mayhew

I cannot tell you how great an experience riding Potomac Eagle is. From the time you are boarded until the time you disembark, you are treated in luxurious Style by a caring group of railroaders. I cannot recommend Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad enough. Remember, it is only 2 hours from DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Family friendly fun at a more than reasonable price!

Vasanthi Vittal

We did not see many eagles but the train was cute and nice

A OReilly

Wonderful time with the family. Will go again!

Sue Graff

Wonderful! Staff are organized and friendly. The trip was beautiful, although we didn't see eagles. So relaxing. Family friendly.

Mark Sickle

Somewhat worn facility and train cars but an awesome experience. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Very interesting trip, great pictures and scenery. Lots of bald eagles to see and photograph.

Adrian Davidson

Very relaxing and enjoyable

Matthew Dawson

very good tour for train


Absolute best time with my parents.


Saw 4 eagles in the trees and 2 others flying!

Jonathan Franzen

Very nice employees, great view and food!

Donald Kurkey

Best train ride in the East!!

David Jones

What a fun trip


Nice Scenic ride. the train itself is pretty old, and the radio narrative throughout the train ride is very static. If you are sensitive with noise, this may bother you. Other than that, the scenery is very serene and the ride itself is very safe.

Stewart Johnson

Great staff, nostalgic train ride, watch for the Eagles

Jon Loff

Scenery great once past rusting farm machinery, trailers along river bank, and corn fields. Trough scenery + eagle sighting great. Rest rooms filthy, some cars heated....others cold. Worker at car entrance rude. Make shift boarding facility. Disappointed. Not return.

Carolee Roenicke


Leslie Dahl

We had a wonderful train ride, it was 3 hours round trip and all the people were soooo nice. They have a snack bar on board with hot dogs and alot of other things. On our trip were lucky to see 6 eagles, some say because it was a little cooler and there out more. Very comfortable, with bathroom on board, you can walk around while moving.

Jodi Devores

We enjoyed a short (90 minute) ride. It was lovely. We're now planning a return visit in the fall for the longer Trough ride. Highly recommend it.

Casey Zinn

This trip was pricey, especially for what you get. We couldn’t hear the guide over the intercom and asked an employee if she could speak up or adjust the volume. It never changed until the end when she was informing us of all of the extras we could buy at the gift shop, future rides, etc. The ride itself was just boring and lacking, not to mention hot and uncomfortable. We definitely won’t return and feel like we wasted our money. Also, don’t buy your tickets online because the “convenience fee” is $7 PER TICKET! Over the phone is still $3 per ticket, but better I guess.

R.D. Porter

Thoroughly enjoyed this excursion....the meal in the club car was excellent. The folks working on the train were friendly and quite knowledgeable. Saw several eagles buzzing about, and heaven knows how many whitetail deer !! Great people, good food, scenic train ride....whats not to like??

Gowri Shekhar

Awesome for you n your family

Kristen Reyes

This was a nice experience. The river was beautiful

Alexandra Grizas

Novel weekend excursion with a little wildlife and history lesson. Enjoyed standing in the open-air car the most. Loved that you could bring your own snacks for the 3 hour round trip ride. Bathrooms on board were fine and staff were friendly.


Great train trip! Very informative and wonderful views!! So neat to see the eagles too!!

Harley Bronson

Great family trip along the Potomac River.

Gray Corbett

Beautiful scenic railroad excursion along the south branch of the Potomac River. Must have seen a dozen bald eagles during the ride in a 1920-30's era passenger car. Caught to the train in Romney WV.

james straub

Had a great time staff and food were great scenery was beautiful and so were the eagles we will be going back

Mary Sherman

Enjoying the ride

Chris Leahy

All around nice trip. Really enjoyed the experience.

Jennifer Gelman

The views are great! We had seats in the first class car which comes with a meal (choices were salmon, beef, chicken cordon bleu, and a veg option. It came with a salad, green beans and mashed potatoes. Dessert was strawberry shortcake. Honestly the food was mediocre, but the first class cars were lovely and the refilled our drinks (water, lemonade or tea) often. There was narration as we went along. I recommend sitting on the left-side of the train ( better views). I also definitely recommend taking advantage of the open air gondola for the fantastic views. There is a snack car if you don't spring for first class. Restrooms are available on the train.

Alicia Barker

Beautiful, scenic train ride. You can bring your own lunch/snacks. Just a small note there is no room for strollers

Mark Fekete

Overall a great experience. The coach cars are all a little stuffy, don't be expecting ac, you will however get a good breeze from the moving cars. Bring your lunch or get some snacks while on board, popcorn is always an easy purchase. The announcer could have used some excitement, but the information was good and enjoyable. Definitely check out the open car in the rear, much cooler and some great views. The gift shop is very disappointing, more like a garage sale/estate sale setup.

Forrest Fraley

Great ride! Excellent service aboard the train.

Leslie V.

I was looking for fall foliage train rides. I wanted to experience a new fall adventure besides the haunted attractions, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. I found Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad! It is 2 hours and 20 mins from where I live. It isn't that far of a drive. I purchased tickets for my parents and I. I went October 21st. The leaves were patchy at this time, but the view was still beautiful

David Ambrogi

Wonderful relaxing ride through history.


Great Family Fun

Jesse Fout

Great fun, make sure you bring the grandparents so you can take a nap on the way to the Trough.

Michael Cowne

Over rated.....

Jason Taubel

Great way to experience history and nature

Glenn Miley

Neat place, saw some Eagles. Enjoyed the ride..

Karen Evans

WOW! A completely unexpected experience! I took my mother and step father on this trip. First off, we showed up the day of not having a ticket for my step father, unsure of whether or not whether he would get one or not, let alone in the club area, well with a little magic from Jean and the other workers we were able to get him a seat in the club area no questions asked! The experience was breathtaking! We went at the end of October on the trough trip. Scheduled for 4 hours, not a minute late or sooner. From the many different viewing carts that you could meander through during the trip, to the delicious food (roast beef was perfect), to the many times we saw the bald eagles that the crew was on top of pointing out to us during the trip. EVERYONE that we came in contact with was so pleasant. I truly appreciate all they did! We gained so many delightful memories from this trip and I can’t thank the crew enough.

2 Wild &Crazy Iggies

Only a small portion of the 3 hour scenic ride is actually scenic. But the small portion is worth it. Pristine undeveloped river and multiple bald eagle sitings.

Osvaldo Luna

something neat to try out. made a day trip out of it. really nice scenery. the staff was great and friendly. got to see some Eagles as well

Linda Utt

Very relaxing and good food..would do it again.

Elias Darraj

Scenic train ride. We saw a number of American Bald Eagles. Great fun for all ages. Three hours went by very quickly.


I enjoyed the ride. The narration of where we were & what we were seeing was a bit garbled. I might return in the fall when it is a bit cooler and the foliage is colorful. I would have appreciated a fan/exhaust in the restroom.

Scott Starry

I just love riding on a train so keep that in mind. The view along this side is just breathe taking.

Frances Sherertz


Sam Mccall

Great way to spend time with groups or family

Aniruddha Bhat

Super friendly staff. Great scenery but no eagles. The staff makes no attempt to show the eagles. Hope the staff made mir sincere attempts to show eagles. If you are happy with just a train ride then this is great. But do not count on seeing eagles.

Kerri Armentrout

Super friendly staff, beautiful scenery, a little pricey but very fun. Kids loved it.

MaryLou Elligson

Train ridewas very nice,river was muddy from storm so eagles weren't feeding.

Wendy Hiller

So fun! Amazing experience! Tickets are pricey but worth it!

David Gronowski

Whether you're a train guy or you just like beautiful scenery and watching Eagles Fly this is a great train ride if you're in the area you need to do this

Jenna Nick Trifiro

Kids loved it. We did the greenspring trip (short). Definitely a unique experience.

Stephen Garnier

Enjoyable trip along the South Branch of the Potomac. We saw 2 eagles, but I would not recommend the trip for the wildlife - you can't count on seeing any. It was icing on the cake. If you enjoy trains, this is a fun outing.

Barend Van Der Sluijs

Small but quiet park with some spri gs

Author Thompson

Ride was great but snack car way over priced


I didn't think we would see any eagles but we did. We saw adult and juvenile eagles flying over the river I lost count on how many. The chili dog I bought on the train was surprisingly good.

Gary Gillespie

Enjoyed seeing all the eagles. 7 going up and 9 on the way back.

Margaret Kidhardt

We were on a bus trip. Our bus arrived half an hour early, but the staff would not allow anyone one bus to use the restroom. The person who spoke did not have a pleasant voice. The train ride was super. The staff needs training on being more pleasant to customers and seem like they enjoy their jobs ..

jeremy states

A perfect way to celebrate my mother in law's birthday weekend. The train ride was very relaxing. The staff was very accommodating and pleasant. The meal was very good. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Tim Zugger

Beautiful trains and awesome rides. Come out and enjoy!

Daniel O'Callaghan

The rail road ride through the "trough" was beautiful and we saw 7 bald eagles in the wild!

Linda Filbern

Wonderful experience saw several eagles

Tiffeney Davis


JR Lasecki

The eagles are breath taking and so are the views of the river. A must do excursion ...

Ketara Speed

A delightful and relaxing experience to see the countryside of West Virginia! Freedom to move freely around the train and several observation points made it easy to take pictures and take in the views. Train staff was friendly and helpful. There were also lots of bathrooms and a snack bar. I would recommend the club ticket experience as snacks and dinner are included. We also had a pitstop in Petersburg and the local tourism branch took us on a free mini fieldtrip in which they supplied transportation and a tour guide. We chose the trout hatchery tour and got to feed the fish. I can't say enough good things about this trip. I give this trip 5 soaring Eagle stars!

James Egal

Fantastic train ride. Saw many eagles. The food was good.

Karen Hess

Beautiful scenery by train... guides pointed out all the eagles along the way.

Bonnie Saltsburg

Was awesome

Mike Lowrey

Nice relaxing afternoon trip

Randy Caley

A little pricey great sightseeing and friendly staff

Willia Stepney

This train ride is AWESOME! I went in the summer and the fall. Saw Eagles in the fall

Dillon Bella

Smooth ride and great scenery.

Jane T

Wonderful trip! Scenery is beautiful, staff is great. The open gondola was fabulous...especially for photos.

Sonia Macewicz

It was a nice trip to get away and take a train trip. The people were friendly and it was summer so not to many nest next time go in the fall

Michael Gelman

Great little train ride through gorgeous West Virginia scenery. Highly recommend going out on the "gondola" car if the weather is nice. Very friendly staff

Kevin Michaelis

A very lovely and wonderful train ride.

Sparky Spark

On the train now. Rudest staff ever. You can't hear any instructions. Don't go as a bus tour you will be treated like 5th class citizens. Cars are old and run down. Will write more when I get home.

Michael Huang

Great experience for the family! The trains physically showed their age, but it added to their overall charm. The route runs along the east side of the South Branch Potomac River, stopping at the Sycamore Bridge to head back for a 3 hour total trip. The train offer concessions in the form of hot foods, chips, and beverages for cash only if you didn’t prepare your own snacks. There are restrooms aboard, and certain trains consist primarily of reversible seats, while other cars are equipped with tables and chairs. The reversible seats are a nice touch, and allows groups of 4 to sit facing each other, or to permit those who might get some motion sickness traveling backwards to face in the direction that the train is moving. The experience was nice for the children in our party, ages 2 - 5, by allowing them to move about freely through the train (with exception of the lounge cars that can be accessed by purchasing the Club car tickets. The coach tickets are for the general cars, and is what we purchased. The weather was great when we took the trip, so it was very comfortable traveling with windows open, without it being too hot or cold. On the way north, there is an opened top car they referred to as “the gondola” that allows passengers to ride in for an unobstructed view of the Trough, about a 45 minute ride through the eagles’ nesting area. It’s worth noting that once a passenger moves to ride in the gondola, they are not permitted to return into the covered cars until the train stops again at the bridge to turn back for home. Additionally, children must be 6 years or older to be permitted on the gondola. The staff on board were professional and polite, and the informational tour guide provides background details and insight into the areas you travel through.

James Briles

Saw Bald Eagles and other wild Life very good train ride

Colton Toney

Great way to spend a day!

Doug Wilson

It was disappointing

Rebecca Nitz-Rippeon

It's great if like looking at the mountains of West Virginia and wild life.

Joe Miller

Relaxing ride out into the countryside and back. Seat backs flip so you can always face forward. Very friendly staff.

Mike W

Lovely excursion. The eagle sighting and the drive there is what made it all worth it!

Veronica Robinson

Beautiful three hour ride including lovely scenery. There were wonderful views of the river, historic farms, and majestic bald eagles along the way. The weather was great and there were two opportunities for passengers to board the open air gondola for a better view of the area in which the eagles nest. There was a concession car with a variety of food and drink. Or if you prefer, they allow a personal cooler on board. Definately worth the trip.

Tracey Springer

My husband and I really enjoyed it. Food was good and the views were spectacular.

Ariana Campos

Boring I was hoping to see eagles but didn't very disappointed

Pilar Goicoechea

It was not disclosed you needed to buy 1st class tickets to have ac. That should have been made known when you buy online and it is 100 degrees outside. Not a fun ride today. If course they ask you to buy in advance for the fall. Nope.

Marcia Grubb

This is a trip my bother in law asked us to go on because my husband loves trains. It was not as pretty as we would have liked but a nice time. The train was clean and I was surprised at how spacious it was for the four of us. We did the ticket that included the meal. It was well presented and delicious. We saw lots of Eagles!!! The people were so nice and it was a great day. Also visited a local gift shop, it was extremely large for the area. McDonalds next door so had coffee too!! Wonderful way to spend a Fall day!!

Lewis Woodward

Can wait to come back to take a ride in the Autumn colors. My 3 yo daughter concurs!

Julie Huffman

Love this..

Robin Rickman

Great historic train trip. Not too long, not too short. If you plan to go, pay the extra $$ and buy the club car ticket that includes "dinner" during the trip. The club cars are fantastic and take you back to a time when rail was king. Food was much, much better than I had been expecting. The wait staff was wonderful. Conductor clearly takes great pride in "his" train and all of the work that has gone into it's restoration efforts.

Kevin Cole

Comfortable seats, nice scenery, relaxing ride.

Linda Metala

Fun family trip!

Elissa Steele

It was great! The cars were comfortable, and air conditioned. There was food you could buy. Beautiful and scenic. So glad we did it and happy to do it again!

Shelly Graham

I didn't ride on a train yet but I definitely am going to in the near future. The facility is very nice and a great activity for the whole family.

M Brown

Great adventure

Michael Lite On Your Feet Sims

Very nice. The speaker was heard only if you were really listening. Sit on left side of train, River Side.

Lee Eismann

Nice relaxing day. Beautiful scenery.

Tracey Salinas

It was a nice ride ❤

Paula Pindro

The ride is amazing. Now for the issues. Cold n rainy day. My 87 yr old dad went with me n hubby. They made us all stand out in the cold and dampness. Instead of letting us all go get seats. No HEAT on the train. Ppl complained but excuses were made. Bottom line is if they heat the train they loose profit!!! Now my 87 yr old dad has a upper respiratory infection and on meds and laying in bed and weak. My hubby is sick and has to still go to work for 14 hrs a day and i am right on the verge of a cold. So i say ONLY GO ON A NICE WARM SUNNY DAY or find yourself in a med express or ER a few days later.

Tom Reading

Nice train ride.

Rebecca Lowmiller

The most relaxing trip ever. I would highly recommend the higher priced club car with the dinner. It is well worth the extra cost as well as the wonderful hospitality that came along with it. The interior of the car was beautiful! The air conditioning was great being that it was almost 90'

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