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Where is Organ Cave?

REVIEWS OF Organ Cave IN West Virginia

Craig Y

Did not have the time to go into the cave for a proper tour but the history of the area and the estimated time of an hour and forty five minutes would seem to make it a good stop. Regret not having the travel time to take full advantage of the place.

Steve Wilson

Neat little slice of civil war history, with great cave tour on the side.

Kayla Wood

Loved it they were extremely nice and knowledgeable we will deffinatly be. Comeing ba k for the waterfall tour. Cant wait!

mark lane

Good history

Jesse dravenstott

Mandy Walton

Clay Dillon

Voluptuous ASMR

Aaron Ferrari

Grant Broadhurst

Solo travelers be warned: They apparently can only do a tour if there's at least two people on the tour. And on a Monday, it's apparently not busy (and I feel like it's rarely busy), so they told me I'd have to wait and hope someone else would come. Which they said was rather unlikely to happen in a timely manner. So... I went, I wasted half an hour there, and then I left. Never saw the caves, though I wanted to. Seems very strange that they'd turn away a paying customer, but that's what they did. Highly disappointed. But hey, Lost World Caverns is nearby, so I went there instead.

Fred Haxton

Raphael Lasry

driver ozz

Awesome place to tour! I've been here twice and will go back a few more times. Good civil war history. Wouldn't take children under 5. There's a lot of walking involved. Wouldn't want to carry a child all the way through. Also I would recommend socks and shoes. I did this once in sandals and my feet got pretty cold since the temp stays in the 50s in the cave.

Larry Clement

Dreama Hatcher

Great place

Samantha Stockman

This was an over priced joke of a tour through the caves. We got a very young tour guide that raced us through the tunnel leaving most of our group behind. The safety rails are falling apart. We were given barely any history about the caves. Two others joined halfway through the cave tour and when we finished one side we would told we could leave or wait for her while she redid the first side with them. It didn’t matter what we did she didn’t care. Would not recommend to anyone.

J C Sergent

I wasn't given the option of the Jesus tour like the other reviewer. We just got it. I was appalled. The gave no explanations to my children about the geology and formation of the cave other than it was the result of Noah's flood. And of course that the earth was 6000 years old. It was the biggest load of crap. I would have never exposed my children to such lies had I known that's what it would have been. They can keep their religious ridiculousness. I'll stick to the science.

Jim Westfall

A very informative tour, friendly people. Way cool cave.

Rach Allgyer

we loved it but it's not a good place for little children. a very real caving experience and not so touristy.

Valerie Hutson

After I wrote this, I received a personal message from Phyllis who runs Organ Cave. Her daughter had been killed in a hit and run and that's why it was closed with no explanation. Of course I felt horrible about my review, so here I am. For what this dear lady is going through, here she was PERSONALLY looking me up to explain and apologize. Like I told her, NO apologies needed!!! And I am now following her daughter's story hoping and praying they find the chicken who ran away!! Prayers for you and your family Phyllis!! We WILL be back!!! Came to tour the cave today, july 8th. Got there at 3:18pm and gate was locked and got machine when called. No notes of why you're closed early. Website says you are open and close at 4...???? Was looking forward to the tour before going back to Cincinnati. Now we are going somewhere else. Bad business.

Shigeo Nagaya

Ana Mangus

My nephews loved it

Jasmine Roy

Honestly, it was horrible. Our tour guides were like 14/15 years old, & barely knew any knowledge of the history. They were laughing & joking the whole time & were constantly whispering to each other trying to remember what to say at certain parts. If I knew I was going to be guided by uneducated children, I would not have wasted my money. That place is honestly not safe for tours & I would not recommend bringing children. They should at least make you sign something to tell you that if you’re hurt it’s at your own risk. There were many times people were slipping & tripping & the tour guides would not let us know or inform us about messy & unsafe spots until the moment it would happen. I am disappointed. To anyone reading this, make sure your guides are older, & more experienced with the knowledge of the history there. IT IS DANGEROUS though. Take it slow, watch where you’re going. My opinion is though, don’t waste your money.

Sarah Morningstar

We got the youngest tour guide. She was so sweet. It was definitely an experience in West Virginian culture. I loved the family run feel. She opened her tour with an explination that "We believe this cave to be made by Noahs flood in the bible." What an experience!

Tom Oderkirk Sr

Jeremy Overstreet

Kaye Hughes

Very cool to learn about the history and what the military had to do.

Crystal Spradlin

Was great, and tour guide was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Brent Birsa

We took the kids for the 1/2 day guided tour when they were about 12 y.o. They enjoyed the scrambling down shafts and the physical nature. It is non-technical but you will notice that you weren't driving all day, which is why we stopped there. My wife and kids have fond memories including using the bottle & supplied diaper for the bathroom break. The guide was great and the group was just us 4. The equipment & showers? were nice. I was surprised that we moved and dropped material to make our way safely. I don't remember any odd civil war or regious content. I've been on some guided cave trips before and this experience was special (#1 atm in Belize).

Gillian Schmillian

The tour was amazing, our tour guide was very helpful and knowledgeable. You're given a flashlight to help guide your steps which are uneven and very slippery at times. Wear non skid shoes! There's tons of significant Civil War history to learn about and see as well.

Charlotte Burdick

Going to take my children to see so amazing .


I have been coming here for 5 years. I take my students every semester. They absolutely love it and the staff make for an excellent experience.


Mike Evinger

MaryAnn Corliss

Chad Silva

I took the Waterfall Combo expedition - a five hour adventure into some of the deepest parts of the cave. It was a great experience, and I would absolutely come back to see other parts of the cave. I found it physically challenging, despite being in quite good shape. Good footwear is essential, but be prepared to get dirty/muddy. A small, tight fitting backpack for water and snacks is a good idea, but little else was necessary (I had a light jacket, but took it off half way and just wore a t-shirt).

HSK Director2

Lisu Kitty

Matthew DeLuca

Good place to visit

Johnny Moore

Save your money for something exciting.

Christi Hendricks

Fantastic trip. Commercial tour into a small portion of the 77 miles worth of caves found so far. Part of the tour views chambers with original Confederate hoppers used for mining Salt Peter. Tour guide was great! They also offer long tours and under night tours (tours that you get to spend the night underground in the caves).

Steve Cravener

A lot of history. Good for the family.

daniel stone

Diara Santiago

Sally Thompson

What a neat place!

Luke Swiney

Really neat tour. The tour guides were very nice and provided a lot of great information.

rob massie

A must see

Robert Walkup

Very informative. Your tour guide was good

Casey Bailey

Awesome tours! Beautiful cave, we can't wait to go back! Prices were fair as well. This place is amazing! I want to go back for the extended tours they offer!

Ronald Hardesty

Winters Larca

Clerk was extraordinarily friendly and helpful. She gave us directions to our next location and even called ahead for us. The cave tour guide was very informative and the tour was amazing! It's a definite must see if you're in the area!

Carl Turner

Mark Nagy

Theresa Cushman

Mackenzie Brown

This is one of the most fun and amazing things I've ever done in West Virginia. I would highly recommend coming here, the people working here are extremely nice and very accomadating.


rob kelly

While all caves are wonderful in their own way, Organ Cave is truly unique. You will be hard-pressed to spelunk a space with more relevance to American history. Go, listen, learn, and realize the secret that was, and the beauty that has forever (10,000 years or more) been Organ Cave.

Gary Holcomb

Rachel Gonzalez

Jon Heidenreich

Great adventure with the crew at Organ Cave. We "rocked" out the wild cave tour with Aca and explored for 4 hours. Our favorite spot - the waterfall room, for sure!

Kennith G Perry

Very interesting history.

Corbett Hickman

Melissa Harlan

This cave is full of history and fun things to do.

Rosalind Walker

Christian Altice

bobbie steep

Jeanie Carpenter

Megan Abernathy

Kati Holland

The cave itself is very neat and spans 70+ miles total (only 34 miles have been passed through). Lots of history, very cool, open passageways for a quick 1-1.5 hour tour that's only 2.2 miles. Just beware, this is privately owned entrance (the only commercial entrance) and instead of answering scientific questions with actual facts, the guides simply say the fossils are because of Noah's ark and the flood. I knew this going in from other reviews and even saw the poster on the gift shop wall proudly proclaiming this belief. I actually am a spiritual person, however, I am a believer in science and much prefer a different kind of tour;) With all that said, it's still a cool cave so I'm giving it 4. I'd 3.5 were an option, though, it would be that.

John R Miller Jr

Stephen Briggs


Bryan Fato

Our guide made the tour quite entertaining! Would go again!

Jim Cristallo

Challenging walk, slippery and uneven paths. Nice tour though and we did see a few bats.

Paula Walters

Awesome attraction

Steven Smith

Really enjoyed the history and beauty in it. Great experience.

Debbie Vetter

Great experience.

Devera Wilmoth

Although the cave has wonderful history is and is reasonably priced, you are really rushed through it by the guide. Between trying to watch your step with a flashlight and keeping up you dont really get to see anything until guide stops.cant even take pictures for walking so fast. Was disappointed and will not recommend.

Angel Meadows

Loved the place

Ari McEntire

Great wild cave experience! Tour guide led our group on a 3hr tour with lots of crawl only spaces and discussions on local history and geological history. This was my 2nd tour. There are lots of passages and your tour can be customized to what you want. The owners are very accommodating and nice people. I will be back again.

Melinda Hoffman

By far the most fun in the Virginias, or so my son says. It was his first time in a cave, and I can believe he's returning soon. He says that the tour guides were very knowledgeable, and the cave formations were very unique. The largest cave in the Eastern Time Zone, he says, is also the neatest cave, too. But 77 miles of mapped cave, and 250+ more unmapped, this kicks Mammoth Cave's behind. The clerk was very nice, and the surface facilities are clean. (Tip: Slick cave floor, but no ice; just get some grippy shoes, or you'll slide into the "Winter Wonderland" formation!)

Ashley Morris

Adam Iglehart

Tracee Page

Great guides and a very interesting cave.

Tiffany Hubbard

James Foreman

Organ Cave: wow. First the cave is worthwhile, the tour and tour guides leaves something to be desired. They offered me several options, one, I could take the Creationist Tour, base on the King James Bible, (I am not kidding) which I choose to past on but instead took their "one for the price of two- I know nothing tour". A brief explanation, the guy in the Nascar hat explained that they needed a minimum of 2 to do a tour and since I had just driven a couple of two or three hours to get there I decided to pony up the $24 dollar. They did in fact make it up to me, with their 'know nothing special." How many wagons did they use? How big were the wagons, did they use horse, mule, ox? How much saltpeter did they mine? on and on, etc. To these and many more basic questions they didn't have a clue and further more they could care less. I am currently retired and I take trips like this all the time. This was without a doubt the worst tour ever. Do your sell a favor, do your own research on line, then checkout the cave, preferably with a partner, but don't count on any help from the tour guides.

Sarah Cofer

Great cave! It's large, and offers several different tours. My husband and I came down to West Virginia from Columbus, OH for a long weekend looking for a good time caving, and Organ Cave delivered. We did the historic tour this time (included amazing cave formations and a piece of Civil War history with well preserved saltpeter mining hoppers), but we'll be back for the wild cave tours! :)

mark thompson

Very cool

Michael Harrison

Cave was great Tour not so great

Chaya Thumin

CC Snyder

Or tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Great tour with lots of interesting sites.


Christina Milhoan

jeremy raby

I thought the cave was great. I did opt for the creation tour based on the Bible, I would rather take biblical fact over scientific theory any day but that is just me. There are other caves in the area you can go too for the "millions of years" old earth theory. So if that is your thing go there. For me the creation tour was the draw I knew it before I came, and I enjoyed it all.

Shea Hudson

Amy B

The cave has some historical significance, but did not have as many formations as the other local caves did. Some of the formations that were there, were damaged. For example, the the "organ", which is a large clump of stalagtites, is missing most of it's pointy tips. The tour guide was also lacking a lot of knowledge.

Krista Odle

Lauren Starr

Drove an hour and 45 minutes on a Saturday to get there at 1 o clock.. for the gates to be closed and nobody answered the phone number provided. Website and everything else says they are open until 4. Luckily there was awesome caves less than 20 minutes from there that we got to enjoy.

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