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Where is New River Gorge Bridge?

REVIEWS OF New River Gorge Bridge IN West Virginia

Misty Shumate

Absolutely beautiful

Big Chuck da Yooderhas

Awesome place, we went in late March when there was no foliage on the trees - awesome views and super great viewing area and visitors center!!! Make sure to drive below the visitors center to see the bridge from the bottom and get some excellent views of the river!!!

Travis Rector

Nice visitor center. Stop for a quick picnic and a great view of the gorge. It is not to crowded.

Joanne Warrick

Breathtaking view!

Daniel Kert

Amazing views. We drove part way down into the Gorge. It was awesome. Would have loved to do a hike if we had had more time. Plan accordingly and spend a day there. It's magestic

Lori Jsckson

It's beautiful and relaxing

Alyn D

There is a fantastic view from here. We did not stop and tour the area unfortunately. I hope we can one day.

Heather Lum

Always a stop on my travels. Have had a chance to rappell off of it and go under the bridge. Definitely worth a visit.

Ryan Reddell

Quick, easy and free. Great views are available with a very short walk. Take a 20min break and do it!

Angela Chestnut

Put Bridge Day on your bucket list!!! 3rd Saturday of October each year! You don't want to miss the fun!

rené wallrodt

great feat of engineering and quite a sight to behold.

Love Nagesh

New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia. USA Some bridges represent a real miracle of engineering thought. Such constructions are some of the most complex mankind has created. And this photo gallery that we created specifically for you proves it. Enjoy it!

Helen Coynor

Its the tallest span bridge in the western hemisphere and the 13th tallest in the world. We took the bridge walk that takes you under the bridge on a 24" wide catwalk 830 feet above the New River Gorge. Amazing views and a test of your courage. We loved it! They host Bridge Day every year on the 3rd Saturday of Oct. Lots of diving, parachuting and repelling from the bridge over the gorge. Sounds like great fun.

Gnanasekaran Loganathan

The view and history of bridge is awesome, good place water rafting and sky diving. There is full of water sports

Steve Tietjen

Just a beautiful stop to make. Went there for Bridge Day and had an absolute blast

Jacob Faltermayer

Awesome place. We can't wait to go back for the one day a year they let people walk out on bridge.

Daisy Henson

It was the most beautiful fun exciting thing I've done in years. We went for a 25th anniversary (first trip without kids) and was so welcomed and looked after that i felt the love of the people and what they do.

Scott Robinson

BridgeDay was a good time as usual. Lots of people

Roberta R Baker

Love watching people jump of bridge. A great place to go

Vic Igawaya Austin

I love this place. Nice to be there when the train comes through the valley. Hope to return soon. Its one of the most beautiful places around. Wish I could eat a lunch on the deck and just enjoy nature.

Deer Suicide

Bridge should have been made out of glass! Can't see much when driving over it... BIG architectural misplay.

Billie Evans

Wow! Beautiful national park with beautiful grounds and phenomenal views. We've been on a motorcycle all day and just did not have it in us to take the hike down the stairs to the river.

bruce Scott

Awesome place to visit . You have to pay it a visit. Especially be sure to visit the lower original bridge..


Not enough kids to throw off.

Gregg Shelor

To much walking and nothing new to see

NOYB Pittsburgh

Beautiful Views of the Gorge as you drive across. The park by the visitor center is well kept and the restrooms are clean. It would be better if some trees were trimmed for a better view of the bridge and gorge. We enjoyed our rest time here during our trip. Fall colors here are amazingly beautiful.

Peggy Domen

Great hiking great sights and if you rock climb or water raft I highly recommend it.

Jordan Lovejoy

Absolutely beautiful! There are also tons of trails in the area

Mark Swimm

Just go! Beautiful views. Walk the bottom of the bridge.

Katy Tincher

This whole area is beautiful and should be explored. If you're driving through, you should consider taking a moment to check out the bridge. Fayetteville also has many amazing restaurants and shops to visit.

Matthew Burcham

Great location, fun adventure road needs some work but fun in general. Don't bring a bigger vehicle and go to under the bridge, it would be very rough to pass others.

amanda shingler

This place is awesome

Krissie Satchwill

Beautiful place. White water rafting, hiking trails, BASE jumping 3rd Sat in October.

Shawn Hernandez

Bridge Day 2019 was great!


Worth the drive from any direction to come see in person. Dont be afraid to deviate your route to include this magnificent bridge.

Jennifer Hall

Coolest bridge! In October WVians celebrate Bridge Day by watching some crazy folks base jump and repel off of the bridge. Nice drive and walking trails.

Miss C

Best part is going down the street behind the welcome center that leads to the bottom below (where the river runs under the bridge) is breath taking! Ask the "visitor's center" for directions to the small bridge under the New River Gorge Bridge, you'll be amazed! A lil advice, don't cut the curves too close & stay on the asphalt & you should be safe in any vehicle (weather permitting). You will be able to get amazing pictures of the giant New River Gorge Bridge above (check out the pictures I added of it @ dusk)! Hope you take the extra 20 minutes to enjoy this beautiful opportunity!

Matt t

Beautiful and amazing place. Lots of adventures from zip lines to white water rafting .

Homyra Tasnim

Loved the colossal view and the most exciting part was going down the street behind the visitor center, where enjoyed a closer view of the bridge! Was lucky enough to have rain that day,the mystic rain encompassing the majestic bridge just made my trip Worth!

John W.

Awesome experience with fantastic views. This is the perfect place to stop for a break. If possible, take the route back down under the bridge as well, there are a few stops along the way and it's simply awesome, especially in the fall with all of the leaves changing.

Susan Thompson

Beautiful views. Friendly locals to help you find the best spots

Chas Kuhn

I remember some ppl bungee jumping and base jumping off this bridge as we rode the rapids below. Impressive span and height.

Mike Echovanson

This was a last moment trip for me. So missed out on activities like Bridge Walking and kayaking. If you plan ahead, there are a lot of activities around for both children and adults. The view from the bridge was amazing! Definitely worth a visit, especially during Fall season.

Edna Rouse

Great place had fun

Timothy Boone

Bridge Day Was A Great Day. Plenty of vendors for food clothes and bunch more niknaks and jumpers jumping off the bridge and being catapulted.

Harry Moore

Epicenter of outdoor adventure in WV!

Lorene Huddleston

Had a great day out for Bridge Day 2019

Adam Salyers

Nice place to vitit. The museum area and the park are both nice.

Tim Vaughan

Amazing bridge and beautiful scenery. This is a rare type of bridge with a great history. It overlooks the New River where some of the best whitewater rafting can be found.

Daniel Louis

Awesome place. Great views. Amazing architecture. Be sure to drive down under the bridge to see the full magnitude of this structure. Wild backroads, mostly one lane, but worth the drive... amazingly beautiful.

David Hosey

Very scenic. Worth the stop

Joshua Gantt

Nice Spot to Visit!

Melissa McMillion

One of the best views and A MUST SEE if you live in West Virginia or if you are visiting our beautiful state. These were taken on the New River Gorge, Bridge Day 2019.

Janet Lowstetter

Beautiful area. Nice hikes. Poison ivy of course.

Saybella White

Absolutely beautiful! Serene and I enjoyed it so much!

cDubya M

If you need a Google post to have a reason for visiting the Bridge then maybe you need to get out more. It is a beautiful area, with hiking trails and vistas galore. Come to WV, see what makes it so Wild and Wonderful!

Daniel Silva

West Virginia Just beautiful ! Folks are very friendly !

Lisa Bleakley

Great time at #BridgeDay2019

Russ McDaniel

Great Experience, The Bridge Walk

Ginger Anderson

I was super nervous when we started the bridge walking tour and our guide, Doug was excellent and helped erase my fears. The views were incredible and am so glad I took the tour!!!!

Ramesh Manni

If you are an outdoor person, then this place is a perfect fit for you. "Bridge Day" (google for details) lets you see BASE jumpers fly off the bridge. You don't realize the size and magnitude of the bridge, when you drive on it. Make sure you drive down to canyon, you get good views from there. FALL is the season to visit here..

Nikki Nieto

Bridge Day 2019 was incredible. Love the views of our beautiful state! Almost Heaven West Virginia!

Joe Kaufman

Went for bridge day! The bridge is never open to pedestrians except for this day. Great views from the top. It's a long way down!

Tom Taylor

Breathtakingly huge bridge. Decent visitor centre with free WiFi.

anthony 35

Nice view of the bridge. A long walk down stairs and up stairs. Not sure if theres for handicap I dont recall...but a great place to stop !

Ilham Mamat

Wonderful place with view of this spectacular architecture!!!

Sayani Shome

Would you like to visit ? Come soom

j rich

Awesome area, if i would have know how much so i probably would have dedicated more time to it. Bridge is massive and cool. Loved the road going down to the river. Walked a couple trails and viewed some waterfalls. Watched some white water rafters and kayakers go through under the bridge.. very enjoyable all around. Beautiful visitor center as well

Artie Banks

You'll never forget the experience of rafting down the New River and going under the New River Gorge Bridge! The rapids are truly awesome!

Julia Seacrist

We had a great, time the cabin was very clean and felt very homey. We will come again.

Nicole Seaman

Has the most beautiful scene when your a tourist I wish I could have stayed forever

Krista Barnett

Gorgeous views. Bridge Day is always a great time.

Pragya R

This was a last moment trip for me. So missed out on activities like Bridge Walking and kayaking. If you plan ahead, there are a lot of activities around for both children and adults. The view from the bridge was amazing! Definitely worth a visit, especially during Fall season.

Shamima Nasrin

Nice view from the top. Love the place and enjoyed out time there.

Jerry PSP

A great way to spend part of the day beautiful views nearly 900 feet up where bungee Jumpers in parachuters will hop-off , stop by the National Park Service and read about the West Virginia history while there !

Aaron Rosier

Wonderful West Virginia, great views, trails, and adventure sports

Katherine J O'Malley

Amazing. Just larger from below than you can imagine. You can drive down into the canyon all the way and across an old one way bridge. Very cool. We stayed at country roads cabins near by. Really well equipped and quiet.

Michael Yates

A must stop. Great history!

Greg Blanchard

Awesome views.. incredible bridge. Be sure to drive down to the bottom of the gorge. Amazing drive.

Chris Burt

Do the Bridge Walk. About $50 per person, but 100% worth it if you're not scared of heights. Also, it's cold under the bridge. Bundle up!


This is just an amazing place. Seeing a feet of modern engineering from the top and bottom of the gorge can't be beat.

faith broadstock

Beautiful place. I'm from northern Ohio and decided to take a day trip down here to visit relatives and stop here along the way. As a photographer I couldn't get enough of the views. Looking forward to my next trip.

Luke Trinosky

Great energy!

Mia Broome

Bridge Day 2019 I was There!

Carpe Diem

Best Event in WV!!! bigger and better every year! All the booths and vendors food, free and the amazing food. Watching the people parachuting off the bridge is just breathtaking!! Kudos to all of you brave souls

Teresa Stephens

Grandkids loved playing on the riverside.

Jason Ross

Very beautiful views. Fantastic rock climbing and rappelling. Great time watching the Whitewater rafters on the new river. Highly recommended to see.

Lamont Landrum Jr

Our guide Doug was amazing, the views were excellent! I'm going back soon!

i just wanna grill for god's sake

Absolutely beautiful, for anyone traveling through WV, if you're going northward through the state this is an absolutely worthwhile diversion.

Tina McKenzie

What a beautiful sight. Well worth the stop

patsy watson

Beautiful love to go back

Milan Fain

Been there a few times last time I was 1st unofficial date to my future wife

Jerry Grimes

Great scenic view. My family and I enjoyed all the amazing sights. I highly recommend to all tourists


Great to visit in the fall! The colors are amazing!!

Alisad Mellin

My family went to the bridge to celebrate my daddy’s life. His last wish for us. It’s was amazing. I definitely now know his love for the beautiful scenery. Magical personality I keep coming back

debbie martin

Beautiful place and so many places to hike and enjoy the scenery

Carrie Keener Brown

This is my happy place. Just beautiful.

Ryan Joseph

Cool bridge with many scenic overlooks. A neat stop while passing through.

Pirozhock S Kotom

Amazing place with amazing vews! When you’re going on the bridge, there is a river of clouds underneath you. If you’re afraid of heights, there is staircase to the bottom of the gorge- might be slippery in the winter and spring time, so be careful. The river has plenty of fish, and there is also boat rent- awesome outdoor area for everyone. The bridge itself also has museum and guided tour- if I was lil braver, would do that for surely. Enjoy!

Johnie Hamrick

Great view of grandparents father hauled some of the steel for it.

Michael Winder

The bridge walk is amazing.

Debbie Case

Great, it's an experience everyone should try.


Cool place for sure. You could take some beautiful pictures here.

Lisa Feeny

What a great place to stop on our way to our vacation. Our family Loved the views of the bridge and gorge. Already planning to stop again on the way back home. A most stop if you are in the area.

Jeremy Martin

I always love to go down to the bottom of Fayette Station and enjoy the view.

Chuck Johnson

Drive across and then go down the winding road underneath the bridge to get the best views.

Robert Imrie

The New River is the 2nd or 3rd oldest river in the world (depending on which site you check). The impressively engineered New River Gorge Bridge stands 876 above the river below. The public lookout about 200 stairs below has a good view - but not great; the view of the bridge and much of the gorge is obscured by trees. I wouldn’t make a trip there just for the views, but if you are in the area anyway you won’t regret stopping by.

Alan Murdock

Unique experience for me to see Base Jumping from a bridge. Drove 3 1/2 hours to be there and had a good day. Beautiful scenic ride.

marla payne

Great place to be on this beautiful day!

Jeana Woods

Beautiful and great tour

Wendy Bujak

Always a great spot to stretch! Clean bathrooms and great views.


A must see and great family experience.

Sandra Nethken

My first time here, except for all the walking I enjoyed it very much. Fantastic views

Nicole Hovanick

Beautiful view of river. Man made masterpiece.

Sebastian P

I fell in love with West Virginia. It was indeed wild and wonderful!

Asma Salek

It was a beautiful bridge. It was kinda foggy. *The information center was very helpful but the working hours are 9-5so keep it in mind. *The bridge overview was well made. However there are a lot of stairs so not knee and wheelchair friendly. *The park itself is a beautiful place so you would better take your time and have fun in the park and river.

Stephanie Jackson

It is a beautifully constructed bridge. Check it out from the river looking up. They have a nice souvenir shop . Don't leave without a reminder of your visit.

Jon J

Amazing man made bridge stretching an amazing God made gorge. It is awetaking.

Joseph Scott

Seen it lots of times, a very impressive bridge. Take the time to take the road that runs underneath. It will give you a new perspective.

rhonda richardson

Words can not describe

William J Dockery

Very cool to visit on bridge day! People come from all over to base jump off this bridge. Was lots of fun!

Maryann Cases

It was cold when we crossed the river. We had ropes on us for safety purposes. The scenery during our visit last October 2016 was really picturesque

myles samuel iezzi

Amazingly beautiful area. Arch bridge near Fayetteville, WV. One of the longest steel spans in the US. Stunning views.

Rhonda Medina

Lots of hikes and a great drive to the river below. Lots of photo opportunities.

Kandise Nance

So much to see! And learn. Best for children who can do stairs but still great for all ages.

Sandra Bowles

Awesome love bridge day!!!!

Tanner Kramzar

Incredible experience during the festival on Brodge Day 2019. The transportation from Fayetteville Walmart was cheap, easy, and fast. Really well planned out event. The police presence and an site security made it seem very safe. The festival itself had an awesome vibe as well with a constant stream of daredevils jumping, flipping, and being launched off the bridge and parachuting down to the river 900ft below. You can also see people rafting the last stretch of rapids and all kinds of festival stands are available to get fair food, snacks, and local crafts.

Richard Zowacki

I linked this location to a buddy on the internet to visit in his meantime and ended up getting banned on League of Legends! Riot does not recommend this location to anyone apparently! 0 out of 5!

Debra Arcus

A true marvel of engineering. Such a lovely area. Been there will go back to hike some of "THE TRAIL" one day!

Dana Kosiorek

Bridge Day 2019 was gorgeous. 1st jumper fell into the mist. To watch was a thrill, but to jump would have been exhilarating. Met a Jumper. We talked a little before he jumped. Very friendly young man. He spoke of jumping before and his face was aglow and his eyes were sparkling.

Heather Glenn

My husband and I visited the New River Gorge Bridge while on our anniversary getaway. From the visitor's center it is a very short and easy walk to an AMAZING view of the bridge. I highly recommend going in the morning to get great shots of the bridge wrapped in the clouds!


Beautiful place to visit. Great for people who love the outdoors. Good for hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and rafting.

Ashley Jones

The views were amazing! Our tour guide Paul was great as well. Definitely worth it. We would definitely do it again.

Tim O'Sullivan

This is a very impressive bridge! There is a very well done visitors center which allows you great views of the bridge and the surrounding area. The visitors center has a small museum and gift shop and is free to get in.

Kathryn Burgess

Visited on Bridge Day! Where/when else can you walk across the New River Bridge? Everyone should do this at least once. 1. Park at the far end of the shuttle run, get on the bus, and get dropped off right at the bridge. Wave to everyone who parked on the road and is trudging miles to get to the shuttle stop. 2. Walk to the northern end of the bridge and stop by the Visitor's Center. Learn all about the New River Gorge and check out the 3D model they have. 3. Walk down to the viewing area. It's the best place publicly accessible on Bridge Day to watch the jumpers and rappellers. 4. Walk back to the shuttle, get to your car, drive to wherever you're staying and collapse from exhaustion. :) The bridge itself is gorgeous anytime of year, but it's hard to beat the Autumn colors that accompany Bridge Day.

Stephanie Haga

Amazing heights and huge rock cliffs millions of years old!

Adventures of a Rebel Photographer

It’s a really beautiful place & the people in the community around the bridge are so nice. There’s so much great scenery.

Tina Smith

My husband and I spent the day celebrating our anniversary. We did the bridge walk and went to the canyon rim. The view of the mountains was amazing. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the building of the bridge and the local areas we could see from the bridge. Bridge Walk is a must if you are ever in the area!

Tyrone Dilly

Breath taking views

Darrion Wise

It's one of the tallest bridges in the world.Wish I had time to see it from the bottom.

Tracey Hebert

Its beautiful and worth the visit !

Frank Alotta Jr

Very nice place to run through on 2 wheels or 3 wheels.

Jill Pietropaolo

Beautiful views! The visitor center was full of information & very well done. Definitely worth a stop by!

Stephen Williams

I did the bridge walk. There were seven of us and Paul our guide was Brilliant, very entertaining. It was 70 and sunny perfect weather. The visitor center showed an eleven minute film and there were lots of exhibits. All in all a great place to visit.

Brad Matthews

This place is amazing and fun to experience. Make sure to go down the one lane curvy road to get under the bridge. Fun stop

Edward Huber

Love our trip to the new river bridge! We came to the area to camp and whitewater raft and decided to explore. We found the bridge visitor center which also leads to a nice overlook and view of the bridge and some of the gorge. Be sure to stop inside after, they have cool artifacts and short bus of info about history of the area. We also went on the Bridge walk. Right down about a 2 minute walk from the visitor center is where you can sign up to walk the catwalk of the bridge. It was a bit scary leading up to it but the guide Dennis was great and the view and bridge was just breathtaking.

Sue DeGan

Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful motorcycle trip

Ann Tarantino

Beautiful views! I highly recommend this. You can take a walking tour under the bridge, which I didn't do. You can drive down to the bottom for wonderful views too.

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