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Where is Mothman Statue and Marker?

REVIEWS OF Mothman Statue and Marker IN West Virginia

Julie Wise

The festival was a bit of a letdown. We drove 3 hrs to go to the festival and it's all just commercialized stuff. The museum was pretty cool. Do not waste your money on the bus tour. Although the female tour guide was very good at her job, the guy was not. And we had already known everything that she told us. So if going out to the tnt factory grounds is something you think you'd like to do. Take your car. You'll save lots of money. Their were 7 of us and we paid $140. I understand that helps pay for the charter rental. Use school buses or shuttles.

Travis H. Childress

Pretty neat statue the guy that made it has great craftsmanship and has made many statues of many different kinds there is a moth man musem around the corner of here

Melissa Moore

When we stopped to see the statue the clock started chiming at 7:10 p.m. Is that normal for the clock? We were also there after hours and while looking in the museum windows, music started playing, an older style of music. We weren't sure where it was coming from. It wad a fun place, the eerie atmosphere of the town made it very interesting

Gloria Shaffer

It was cool to finally see the famous statue! It looks like a giant bug!

Karlie W

Great history for not only mothman but also local history, highly recommend a visit to this little hidden gem

BigE Moptop

Of coarse it's not hard to get 5 stars when you're just a statue but you'll have more to do when you come this way. The Mothman Museum, River Museum, Riverfront Park, and Tu-Endie-Wei Park are very close as well as multiple other places to visit. Very historical area.

Steven Heatherly

The statue is really cool looking. The museum next to it has a ton of interesting items and lore about the story.

Tasha Stokes

Love the photo I took here

Andrew Long

All hail the mighty mothman

Lawson Revan

Pretty amazing public art.

Tony Mehalick

Excellent statue. In great shape. Very well taken care of

keith Budai

Me and my family had a very good time there good experience. investigating the supernatural I believe I believe

Linda Kasal

If you have seen the movie, this is cool.

Douglas Naegle

A truly magnificent work of art.

Larry Cody

Always stop by when I come down from Ohio. This where my roots are.

Anna Richardson

Eh. Mothman schmothman. .

Diana Darvin

Love this!

Cindy Satory

A little disappointed, the statue was a couple of blocks from where the Silver Bridge actually collapsed.

Keegan Sherlock

Everyone loves to take photos with Mothman and his stunning red eyes and killer abs... But don't forget to walk around to the other side! Mothman has a butt that won't quit!

Michael Gaebler

A fun monument to a piece of cryptozoological history, who's story has been made into a movie. I recommend the Mothman Museum also, for those interested in the paranormal. There is also a festival in the late summer/ fall.

Kurt Tarvis

The truth is out there! Seriously a cool place if you're into the legend or cryptozoology in general.

Lee Ball

It is always fun to have your picture taken with a local legend, and when that legend is a world-famous cryptoid, well, that's even better.

Anthony Sims

Awesome place to see. Watch movie before going.

Lashanna Buck

Great place to take a picture

Doris Tope

A nice place to visit.. beautiful Riverfront Park and Amphitheater on the Ohio River..

Gabriel Sauers

This is actually pretty neat, if you read up on it,it may not be the statue that theh originally wanted as that one was to havd glowing eyes and be much larger but this one is really great! I gave him a lil keees

Gary Langston

Its unique

Roy Grimm

Great place to visit.

Roberta Hysell

I have been going to these festivals for years. This year it seemed like so many more people. I didn't stay long but glad there are so many people iterated in the MOTHMAN. Granddaughter having fun last year at festival.


The Mothman legend is both fascinating and intriguing. I had to stop in Point Pleasant WV. and take a look around. The town is a nice relaxing break from the big city. I’m planning on taking a trip back to explore the abandoned TNT bunkers soon!

Steve Brouwer

Nice little stop in Point Pleasant. For the price the museum is a good way to kill some time too

Rosebud S

Saw the statue, took pictures. My family enjoyed it.


Such a cool statue and area so worth checking out on your travels

Anthony Cornelius

I was really lucky to get to visit Point Pleasant while delivering a load to this small town. This is one of the things I have wanting to see for a long time. The towns name is very fitting.

Fred Bennett

Interesting that's about all I can say about it

Katt Funny

So very cool. Cute town! I would like to visit again.


Nice area be sure to visit the riverfront while you're here

Ashley Prevost

I've been there twice for the mothman festival , definitely an interesting event

Rebecca Lanning

Absolutely worth it, amazing, life changing

Robert Day

I love my Town!

Rodney Parsons

Great festival

Larry Harris

9-12-2019 I've seen the statue of the mothman but I haven't experienced the other parts to the mothman, such as the museum, the tours, the unground passage ways, ect.

Richard Pack

Nice town all round fun place....

Tammy Treichel

Such fun!

TONE 66666 6666

A statue that helps to bring life to an area that desperately needed an upheaval or a saving shot so to speak to it's bottom line. The town decided to hire a city planner and along with some of our key business leaders decided to highlight our areas biggest selling points. This being the mothman ledgen , Our haunted motel ( the Lowe ) , Chief Cornstalks curse , the Shaddle bridge collapsing , The towboat museum , And the Mothman museum , Tu - Endie - Wei & Krodel Parks. Coupled with the new River Front Park has been a saving grace to an area in need of some. . .

melissa harbert

It was okay... Nothing else to do in town so even if the statue is cool, might not be worth the trip

Jared McCullough

Nice roadside attraction. But I saw something different...a man in truck pulling helmet with wings.

Shannon Savage

Cool statue. Not much else around.

Renee Gill

The statue was really interesting and the museum was fun to go through too. Urban legends are so interesting to see how they come about.

Ashley Kitchen

This statue and the museum is so cool!

Sarah Roath Zimmermann

It's cool. Different but cool. Great place to get off the hwy and stretch your legs.

Melissa Dailey

Fun and interesting place to see

Odie Mongeni

Great visit. Pleasant town.

Lyla Tov

Nice place to visit..........#myhometown

Ed Cunningham

Fun times with my son. The museum is small but cool!

David Hildebrand

It looks exactly like it does in the picture.

Tina Musgrove

Very cool.

Chad Harrison Ford

Grotesque statue (purposefully) representing the Mothman of lore. Pretty impressive piece of art... More than enough to draw you to visit this little town in the Ohio River.

Josh Hughes

It was cool. Wish i could of went when the stores was open, but still a fun trip.

Tyler Smith

Motharific. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Jean Gonzalez

No I didn't take a picture

Lou Peretzel

So cool to be up and close to the Mothman

Janet Randolph

Great job ,clean auto

Niecee McMillian Niecee

Always live going to Point Pleasent~~ Shops are great, People are Friendly Beautiful Place, Awesome Life Size Statue of the Mothman

Ace Fraley

It was a nice walk. And to the artist who created this, daaaaang. Mothman is Dummy THICC

Delia Carr

It was a project erected by students at the Mason County Career Center & represents a part of our counties history. Many people come from all over to see the statue, visit the Mothman Museum and enjoy the events during the Mothman Festival.

Mike Lundy

Super cool folklore and the festival is awesome

Gabe Roush

Awesome depiction of the coolest cryptid! Even cooler it was made by a local out of stainless steel. Even cooler x2 because other statues made by the same sculptor are nearby.

Anna Ousley

Very cool place.. lots of reading to do, letters from eyewitnesses

Leslie Casto

Very Nice and tastefully done the museum is everything you could want it to be!!!

Jay Tyler

My kids and I go every year. And ever year we tour a new place around town. The history is amazing

rancell longworth

Always been fascinated by the Mothman legends and the workmanship on the statue is exceptional.

Dan Chrest

Fascinating story and it is neat to see how it is being preserved all these years later.

Christina Johnson

Great place to walk and learn about history

Barbie J

Lots of fun... love visiting him every time we come for a visit my mother-in-law in Gallipolis Ferry.

Bill Huber

Worth seeing if you are looking for the Mothman. See it before 8 a.m. on Festival day if you want to avoid the crowd.

Dave Haupt

Very fun myth. The town does a nice job of preserving the mystery and fun of it. They're is plenty to see. The Riverside murals are beautiful and historically accurate. The Lowe Hotel is wonderful. Old architecture and plenty of stories to satisfy any historian. I got more than I expected it off my visit downtown.

Chris Marion

A very unique story behind this one.


Mothman is not just a cryptid. He's a lifestyle. The artist did a great job. I teared up at the sight of this mighty god. I hugged his leg and never felt so protected. Praise mothman.

Linda Oates

Looks good.

lea crayon

This was an amazing piece of art that was beautifully crafted.

wanda harshbarger

The statue is awesome and they always have something to do there and the ppl were very nice the bunkers was awesome to see it gives u a creepy but very cool feeling being there

Aimee Turcotte

Cool for kids to see after seeing on Buzzfeed Unsolved

Ethan Eldridge Hager

PSA: This statue in no way resembles the creature sighted by residents in 1966-7. Regardless, the statue is very iconic, creepy, and wonderfully built. I had a great time taking pictures with him. P.S. the base can support at least a 170 lb male in case you want to give him a big hug, in case you were curious

Sarah Mccoy

Always good to see WV s best.

James Widen

This things cool. Close to the museum and a historic park. It's worth a stop by.


My wife and I LOVE Point Pleasant and lots to see and do for such a small yet beautiful town!!! The statue is very cool and we plan to spend a night or two at the Lowe Hotel very soon on our next delivery in the area. Point Pleasant may be our top favorite little town in the U.S. and we always stop or make a quick drive threw whenever we are on the interstate and in the immediate area! Big police presence makes it a bit uncomfortable but so far have not had any tickets or harassment by police earning the town revenue off unfamiliar passers-by and hopefully the PD is a honest and good bunch of men and women who enjoy and respect their job and its residents/visitors!?? Check out the old abandoned TNT Area off TNT Road where the "Mothman" and/or his kin still resides!!! 10 out of 10 for this AWESOME LiL TOWN!!!

Erika Smith

The statue is awesome the location however could be better. The parking in the area is usually a mess and such a pain more people would check it out if they felt like they could and it not be a hassle

t dowd

Great place...check out the mothman festival

Christina Payan

What's to say? It's the one and only Mothman statue! It is nestled on a quaint little main street surrounded by an odd array of shops. Be sure to hit up Pleasant Point early in the day. I arrived at 6 PM on a Saturday, and everything was closed except for a cute Mexican restaurant. Bring your camera to get memorable photos with the shiny icon!!

Dave Harding

Besides the Moth Man statue, there is a local museum dedicated to him. Located on the south side of the Ohio River, Point Pleasant is the home of the Moth Man. Other attractions include quaint restaurants, shops, and a beautiful river walkway with colorful painted murals and other statues depicting the area's history. A most see if you're in the area.

Pixelator * or Pixie Stick it's up to you *

It was nice, you can tell they took pride in making it... IT HAS A DEFINED BUTT!!! Though, all joking aside the museum are jerks. We got there at 5:45 and it closed at 5 though, there were still shoppers in there. We had friends with us who play fallout 76. They're from St. Louis Missouri. They came all this way to see it and buy stuff but nope. They wouldnt let us in for 10 minutes. Even though there were other shoppers.

Kathleen Adams

Fun drive to the middle of nowhere. I didn't expect the town to be so cute! It was awesome seeing the statue.

Stephanie Cooper

Fun little statue for everyone to see

Seth Parker

Dope AF! My partner and I stopped in Point Pleasant on a whim coming back from vacation. Saw the statue and Mothman Museam. Loved them both. Cool statue. Friendly staff. Highly recommended if you're in the area.

Curtis Lenhart

This was the best trip ever

Kindyr Penumbra

Was a fun start for the trip I'm on..worth the visit

Traci Richards

The statue is neat but it's in the middle of the street. It was raining when we went to see it and nothing around it was open. I wouldn't make a special trip for it but if you are in the area it is worth stopping for a quick minute.

Christine Clark

Nice area to spend a few hours. Learn about the or myth? Also enjoy the beautiful flood wall murals as they tell the history of the area. Beautiful park along the river.

Andrew Sockett

My wife brought me here, we came to check out the town and the museum, the museum was closed by time we go to town.

Kristin Lawrence

So cool to finally see the Mothman statue and Bridge and be where I have heard about all the Mothman stories I have heard about for almost 30 years since before I was so little I can't even remember. This was so cool to finally see. Now to the bunkers!!!!!

Shirley Bowman

Look forward to it every it..

Tommie Mongeni

Love going to this little town.

Jeanie Ward

I like to visit this place It is very interesting place to visit.

Herb Hall

Pretty cool a definite must see

Donovan Adkins

A great monument to our savior

Tracy Kratzer

Such an awesome statue!! Detail was impressive....loved it!!

Nina Smith

Great place to take interesting pictures and share good stories

Franklin Sampson

It's pretty cool

Jake the shark

The moth man satue was just incredible the amount of detail they put on the that thing was just amazing

Trudi Ratican

Loved seeing the Mothman. Sad to see what's left of the town.

Zoe Zumbro

Every time in I’m West Virginia I take the detour to go see the Mothman statue. It’s honest so cool and the gift shop is adorable. For a small place like point pleasant, they sure do keep up with it really well. Just wish it wasn’t raining when I was there to see t longer. Lol

Charles Bowen

The town is pretty neat. I'm not sure, but I think we crossed the bridge that was featured in the movie. Took some photos at the Mothman statue. Its only 2 minutes off US 35, so talked the wife into driving through. The river and surrounding hills do have a mysterious feel about them. It was well worth the few minutes.

Jerry Phillips

Must see. If your in to this kind of thing

Jenny J

Put all preconcieved notions aside and accept the butt for what it is! All jokes aside, a seriously cool piece of art done by a local artist.

Terry Hunter

Pretty cool place to stop and look around.

Donna Stokes

Took my grandkids. They had a good time

Chris Corbin

I recommend everyone come to the mothman festival at least once.

Kimmie Simpson

Took my children here to learn about the Mothman. Do far it has been one of their favorite adventures. They enjoyed posing with the statue and the background story of it all. It was nice and quiet. People all around were friendly. We had just the best experience. I personally had been here a few times since 2009 and never had a bad experience.

Joshua Fisher

If you live in Point Pleasant, then you know that this is an icon of sorts for the area but I think it great and love that it brings a lot of tourists and locals alike to Main Street to enjoy the local shops.

Stephen Mclaughlin

Cool place to take kids Halloween is coming soon

Tim Hampton

A unique place to see...

Clarissa Traylor

It was very cool to see the statue wish we had took pics with it

Anna Marz

Really cool statue! It's a great photo op.

Barry Moore

Just an attraction to bring tourists to town.

Shawn Hall

Great time at the mothman festival!

Jess Wollin

My kids play Fallout 76, so they were super excited when they saw the sign for Point Pleasant on our way to Chicago. The stop didn't add too much to our drive, so we stopped to see the statue. They, being teen boys, got a kick out of its butt... The museum wasn't open at that time, but we plan to try to stop by earlier on our way back. It's located in a historic quaint town with an old hotel and other shops, too. I'm looking forward to seeing if the coffee shop is open next time.

asha agrawal

A lot of history behind it. It is in a very small town. So quite and peaceful Place. There is a nice park around it. We went by the lake close to the statue and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. I reccomend to have a water fountain and restroom there.

Genetta Coleman

It's great craftsmanship but the others behind the flood wall are better


A great tourist photo stop. Definitely also make a stop for local wares along the way, including a stop at the mothman museum.

Jeremy Hansen

Nice downtown area with view of the river and small shops. Mothman statue is kinda cool, but the murals next to the river are well done and worth the short walk to see (on the river side of the flood wall).

Duane R

Way cool!

Kim Tomblin

Just had to see for myself. :)

Tim O'Sullivan

Cool statue in the small town of Point Pleasant. The statue is easy to find and there is plenty of parking on the street. The statue is very well done and worth a stop if you are in the area.

Crystal Glasslight

He was glorious and he spared my life back across the bridge. This time.

Jimmy Moats

A very unique piece of scifi and comic book lor

Demetria Midkiff

Just a cool place to visit if you are fan of horror and supernatural. I use to live in this area and thought it was kind of lame until I visited other places to look at what locals, also, thought was lame.

Buffy Riffle

Don't look Ethel! Ah, too late, she's done been mooned.

Katelynn Blankenship

Not really into mothman

Randy Earles

Very nice town to visit... The statue is amazing

Tristan Williams

One of the more intriguing attractions of West Virginia.

Harriet Whitaker

Was born close to there our mother used to tell us the stories.

Megan Newman

It's a pretty impressive piece of art work!

Mykel Duso

When you get it in just the right light you can get some nice photos.


Creepy but interesting

amanda ostaszewski

Excellent experience! The Christmas trees behind the statue and the fog and rain really added to ambiance.


Cool quirky sci-fi statue, photo op.

Marv Ice

Point Pleasant is a interesting small town worth visiting with lots of history. And of course the Mothman

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