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400 Main St, Point Pleasant, WV 25550, United States

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REVIEWS OF Mothman Museum IN West Virginia

Alex Lucard

Mothman festival. Interesting place although I warned against taking the shuttle bus it's slow and you'll be waiting a.

Christopher K.

I’m not believing in it but this is some cool Americana! Charles Phoenix should drop by and make a video clip of this place.

Tracy McCoy

Some interesting things to see one time but not worth a second visit

Becky Perkins

Really fun, interesting little museum. The staff was friendly and happy to talk and share stories. Admission prices were very reasonable. The gift shop had a nice selection of souvenirs. Gift shop prices were about what is to be expected. Worth visiting wether you are a believer or not. There was a lot of local history in addition to the lore. It makes you think about life in a small town in that time period and speculate about the mystery. It was well worth the visit.

Stephanie Inman

This is amazing. There is a lot to see. Loved it!!

Scarah Fulci

The history and lore in this little museum is intriguing. If you are interested in Mothman this museum is a must see in Point Pleasant, WV. Enjoy!

Justin H

What a surreal and interesting place. It's not very big and who cares if you actually believe any of it but theres alot of cool history and reports in this small building. Everything from the mothman legend to the bridge collapse that happened in town. It's so interesting to drive across that bridge into town and read about how it collapsed and was rebuilt to then driving it back out. Theres alot of documentation and visualizations in the museum that are really interesting to read into. The entrance fee was super cheap, I was surprised. And if you have the time you could stay in for an hour or more reading everything that is laid out. Highly recommend if you're driving through on a trip but I wouldn't come here for itself alone. As it is kinda a short stop. Theres lots of other stores nearby to waste time though.

Morgan Barganier

Interesting museum for some fascinating WV history, everytime I come back they've added something new and interesting about the legand surrounding the mothman. With 4$ tickets for adults you can't beat this attraction.


Cool place for a day trip if you live close by

Cynthia Rader

It was definitely hot!! No air!

Duane Herdman

Cool place and nice town, a very pretty park is one block away on the river.

Megan Carbone

Look, it's a little on the corny side, but it's awesome. I love the mothman and came for the festival. The museum is really neat and informative. And there's some cool movie memorabilia there. They will have you believing in the mothman too!

Ian Mason

It's definitely worth it. I wasn't expecting to be quite as impressed at some of the exhibits as I was, which is rare. My wife and I found the handwritten depositions that the first TnT witnesses wrote to the police to be particularly compelling.

James Reilly

It is it's a nice museum a nice store I believe that the Mothman was actually there and the Men in Black were there it's sad that that silverbridge had to collapse

Brittany Wick

I loved my visit to the museum! It was a little bit difficult to navigate though! They may have outgrown the space. Admission was reasonable and I learned a lot!!

Matthew Hurtt

My wife and I had a good time, but it appears that the proprietors are banking on the reputation of the Mothman to carry the museum, rather than making a really well put-together place. Some of the props are displayed kind of haphazardly, some of the props seem cheap, although the original documents of the Mothman sightings as well as props from the movie were really cool to see. Definitely check it out if you're in the area, but don't expect the atmosphere to match the subject matter.

Aaron Elliott

Neat little place in Point Pleasant. I've driven by a hundred times, usually by myself. My wife wanted to go and I'm glad we did. Going to take the kids some time.

Douglas Naegle

Tons of information about the Silver Bridge collapse and the Mothman legend. The gift shop has a nice variety of Mothman t-shirt designs and other standard gift shop fare. Overall, a fun place to check out.

Alice Taylor

Loved it. Very interesting

Comrade Mateyko

Would totally recommend but it's a lot of reading. And some of it is in sloppy cursive and no transcripts so good luck trying to read it

Kayla Roush

It was fun. Had wanted to visit for a while and finally went. It's over a 2 hour drive but was worth visiting. It's right next to the Mothman statue. The selection of merchandise is nice. It's only $4 plus tax per adult to visit the museum.

Keegan Sherlock

You gotta appreciate it for what it is. Think like the Mystery Shack from "Gravity Falls." When you review the Mothman Museum, you're kind of reviewing the whole town of Point Pleasant, since it's such a major local fixture. And we loved our trip to the Mothman Festival, and to the museum as well. Although I have to admit, we went to the museum the Friday before the festival, and I'm glad we did. The line to get in was several blocks long on Saturday, and it's just not worth a Disney-level wait. It's such a fun, kitschy little spot though. We've wanted to visit for years, and I'm so glad we finally did. See you guys next year!

lafe denton

AWESOME! A MUST STOP! If you are within 60 miles swing in. Was only 4 bucks for an adult. It isn't big but super cool. For those of us over 40 that remember all the crazy kooky roadside attractions you will love this. Lots of info on the bridge disaster and owner was nice. Has maps to other locations and they are willing to answer any questions you have. Neat little town with few antiques stores to stop in and shop. Great art gallery across the street please check it out also. Statue is just outside the musuem. Walk 2 blocks to the new restaurant MIKE'S and enjoy a great meal.

John Conner

Definitely worth the price of admission. Interesting artifacts covering not only the Mothman sightings and legend but the collapse of the Silver Bridge. There were also plenty of items on display from the Mothman Prophecies movie (which was fine-I am not a fan of the movie myself). The museum was crowded (due to the Mothman Festival) but the museum employees were good at crowd control and the line to get in moved quickly. I would recommend a visit to anyone with even a mild interest in that part of West Virginia history.

Thomas Black

There were almost more props from the movie then there were from the actual event, however the collection of newspaper clippings, storytelling, and photos where exactly what I would expect to come to such a museum. Whether you believe in the mothman or not, the museum serves as an adequate testament to the events of the silver bridge collapse. We brought a group of Boy scouts here on the way through to the summit high adventure camp. they had a great time listening to some of the stories over summer camp and also looked forward to experiencing the museum. It was a good visit.

stephen boroff

Just a really cool place to visit.

DarkAlice InWonderland

It was a neat little museum!! Quite fun!!

Brandon Lewis

Awesome staff and very informative. I've been wanting to go for a long time and I was not dissappointed.


This place is so awesome if you like spooky and mysterious stuff. Admission is very inexpensive so you can go more than once during a visit to town if you want without breaking the bank. Inside, there are a lot of real-life newspaper clippings and photos, plus some fun handmade models of the mothman and lots of props from The Mothman Prophecies. Right next door is a giant silver Mothman statue too that’s perfect for photos. Definitely worth the road trip if you’re not nearby.

b moore

This place was super fun and only $4.00 to get in.

P j Donahue

Was really fun and interesting if you're into crypto species, conspiracy and history.


Nice little distraction when you're in the area. Really informative about its local cryptid.

Aaron Dove

Great museum about Mothman and the Men in Black. Had a great time and the town is worth a walk around.

Mark Runnion

It's ok if you are into cryptids

Elizabeth London

What can you say it's point pleasant WV!

Jose Mendoza

Can't believe I drive to this, but had a blast with the statue and the kids loved it.

Joseph St. John

It was different, but the people were very friendly.


Neat little place that shows a lot of history behind the mothman and the events that took place.

Ross Love

Very interesting little place. Love the Hollywood movie, the statue was cool, went to the TNT area. We've seen MOTHMAN on the travel channel and other shows. Cool to see in person.

Kinder Miller

It is incredibly well run and so interesting! Definitely worth a stop in!

Alkem 10 10

Cool! Totally worth the trip. Will go again

Brandy Jackson

Friendly people and much to explore! My 8 year old son was beside himself! Love the Mothman statue and highly recommend checking out the bunkers in TNT area!! So cool plus wildlife everywhere you look!

Chris Cook

Very informative. Friendly staff. The main street itself was a little strange with traffic going to and from the courthouse.

Cooter Tansky's Outdoor Experience

Great place to go very friendly people and the masked man tried to touch me

Justyn Cox

Closes early and we missed it. Try the Trading Company across the street for good service and tourist stuff. They were super friendly!

Matthew Johnson

Made a detour here to see this museum and it was very interesting for anyone who likes legends, unexplained events, monsters/creatures, or horror. It was fun learning more about the Mothman than I thought even existed and for the price it would be silly not to stop by and check it out. The gift shop is also great and has many awesome items for sale

Film Diva

Loved it!! Everyone was so nice. Learned alot.

Martin McCoy

Goon museum the back. They had a very large collection of newspaper articles about the Mothman, from the first sightings to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. You will find sketches from people who claimed to see the legend themselves. The Meausem also has alot of movie props from the Mothman movie starring richard gear. In a back corner is a viewing room so you can watch documentaries on the legend and folk lore of this Appalachian river valley location. Gift Shop was very well priced. A limited edition Funco Pop of the #mothman along with a free Vault Boy mask for around $12. They had Tshirts in sizes SM-XXXL in almost every available style. A XXXL tshirts was $13. They even carried a children's selection going down to a 3T, there may have been smaller. A Hoodie was $32 for in size XXXL. There are plenty of novelty items and other related merchandise, like the for mentioned Mothman FunCo Pop. All items seemed reasonably price as well. Mothamn Rootbeer tasted great at first. Very sweet and loaded with a more than ample sampling of spices. But it became too heavy as I began to drink more. If you like a lot of sweetness in your beverage this might be just your style. A 2.50 a bottle you can try for yourself. If you dont like it the bottle looks cool if you are a collector or lover of Mothman. And let's be honest, if you find yourself inside this Museum and gift probably are a fan of the LEGENDARY MOTHMAN! If you like the lore of the Mothman or the Fallout 76 game you should check this place out if your are traveling through.

Timothy Zachrich

Pretty cool collection of items involving the Mothman and the conspiracy. There is a picture of Bobcat Goldthwait and Mike Wolfe from American Pickers visiting. There's a souvenir shop as soon as you go in that sells Mothman items and some of other cryptids. You have to pay to go into the actual museum but it's not much. It is a decent collection with multiple news clippings and a few artifacts. There's also movie props from The Mothman Prophecies. They have a room where they show a documentary type movie about the Mothman. When I went part of it was under renovation to make more room for additional items.

Melissa McMillion

Interesting place and facts and mystery about our state and unusual activities. The town of Point Pleasant is absolutely beautiful, historical and fun to just hang out in. Take the River Walk and see the riverfront and a beautiful mural that's painted all along the wall. Visit West Virginia!

Michele Turner

Fun museum to visit documenting the legend of the Mothman. Point Pleasant is a charming town and enjoyed the memorabilia.

Matthew Maynard

It's pretty small to begin with and half of the space is devoted to selling souvenirs. Admission is cheap though. The actual museum is nice though.

whitney bonecutter

Its alright about the only thing in point pleasant wv to do and its neat I guess lol

Deborah Kelly

What fun! I go whenever I can! If you like small town charm mixed with myth and history then a must see.

Jon Seeger

Great little store museum. Open Sundays right by border. Don't pass it stop by doesn't take real long unless at the fest

Rachel Myles

My grandmother kept books on Weird and Paranormal West Virginia. You can't have weird West Virginia without the mention of the Mothman. I was always so intrigued by the Silver Bridge collapse coinciding with the sightings. I still get goosebumps reading the accounts of eyewitnesses. Lovely tribute.

Bill Minear

Excellent little museum dedicated to the story and history of a local legend - the Mothman. Entry fee is reasonable, and the contents are worth reading and watching if the subject interests you. Museum also has a gift shop with lots of shirts, stickers, books, and much more.

Anthony Brewer

Great event,good food from the festival

Heather R.

Really a fun and unique stop if you're in the area.

Al Cuzzone

Gallipolis, Point Pleasant and nearby Pomeroy are all great river towns worth a visit. Great day trips or weekend getaways. Relaxing and friendly atmospheres. The tale of the Mothman is quite cool! The museum offers souvenirs and memorabilia with really top-notch artwork, at reasonable prices. The people working there all seem to be very friendly. When you go make sure you get your picture with the Mothman outdoor sculpture. For us the area is a couple hours away, we are already planning to be there for the Mothman Festival!

Mary Clinton Thomas

Fun place to visit. My husband and 4 yr old loved the museum. It's easy to get to and not too expensive. There's fun shopping and good food nearby. I definitely recommend it for an enjoyable weekend road trip.

Donna Davis

Interesting bit of history. I went here because my friend really wanted to go here. Great videos giving details of the bridge collapse.

Marion Bennett

Wonderful visit, a step back in time. Gracious front desk staff.

Jeremy Dove

Fun quick stop in a history rich town. Well curated memorabilia of local lore. A great stop if you are into cryptids and novelties.

Mary Biros

We didn't get to see the museum but had fun at the festival

Robert Roach

So much fun. We had a blast during the festival

Mary Locatelli

We drove across country specifically to see all the Moth Man attractions and were very satisfied by the museum. Well organized, a nice size and interesting exhibits. Nice selection of gifts in the gift store.

Ronald Vierling

It was a pretty cool museum the statue is nice bars just opening so it'll take a little time to that place will catch on did you know the legend you'll appreciate the museum how can you pass through West Virginia and not stop there

Tonya Tackett

The museum was ok. They should somehow advertise on their signage that they have info about the Silver Bridge that fell in 1967, also.

Scott Birchfield

Fun place to go and reasonably priced. Would recommend this place if you've never heard of the mothman and want to do something different, totally worth it!!

Katerina Sterling

Fun place to visit. Lots of interesting news clippings, photos, etc...

NAB 101

Awesome place! Awesome artifacts! Just awesome!

Cindi Sanden

This was a neat place to explore. They had a descent sized collection of artifacts and the admission was very affordable. My daughter really wanted to see it so we stopped in for a look.

Joe Ruppel

The place is cool. A better tourist trap than most. But still a tourist trap. Worth an hour if you are nearby. And if you are into cryptids a must-visit.

Rhonda Otworth

Sorta disappointed actually. We were told it was free to tour, but had to pay 4$ a person. I know that wasn't much, but to see mostly newspaper clippings and letters written from people, and not much else..should of been free.

Adrian Sewell

This was one of the best folk museums I have visited in a long time. The myth behind the Mothman is interesting and the exhibits in the little one room hall are jam packed. They have a great gift shop with plenty of trinkets for all types of people. The prices are fair and worth the couple of bucks for a memorable trip through American lore and folk history.

Otto Gross

Fun place to visit. The story is suspect but it's a pleasant distraction. I actually found something related to something I'm writing that was coincidently part of the Mothman story. Point Pleasant,WV is a sleepy town but I also enjoyed wandering around and the view of the river down the street from the museum and Mothman monument is fantastic.

Jacob Winkler

Very fun experience. Weather the mothman is real or not it was cool to read different stories from different people and even news articles and much much more. Staff was super friendly and even got a free mask from Bethesda which i was quick to put on and go take a photo with the mothman statue outside. We were from alabama visiting family in Ohio and decided to come to the museum and was well worth it! Thank you so much!


Traveled 10 hours and stopped by point pleasant to check out the museum, arrived 5 minutes after closing and the guy inside was doing nothing, looked right at me, and turned his head toward the back of the store. Would’ve liked to pick up some cool merch or a statue, but the sorry employee had no intentions of making a quick sale today. Very disappointed, probably won’t be back. p.s. Yeah you right idk why I thought the mothman "museum" was anything more than a corner store selling keychains.

Tiffany Dunn

Such a great museum. Knowledgeable and courteous staff.


So many little different souvenirs,great time for kids especially if they are fallout fans,nice little town with friendly people..

Donna Drennen-Shouldis

Walk of life! An experience. Interesting. Vivid stories.

Eva Caulder

We drove 9 hours from the ocean to see this place. The museum is fantastic. So much to see in there. Got so many stickers and post cards! I love that they have shirts for kids and adults! There is so much history in this place and it is very informative. Quite sad also when you learn about the deaths that occurred in this town and the back stories to that. I learned a lot of new things about the Men In Black! I definitely recommend coming here seeing and learning for yourself! Definitely get some shots of the statue outside it is wonderfully crafted!

Robert Huston

Great collection of artifacts. Nice store too. Everything Morgan with a little other local history added.

Brandon Henderson

Interesting to finally see some of the memorabilia and artifacts collected surrounding the mothman. It would have been better if our twin babies were more accommodating but definitely worth the trip since we live in the area. Also, buy the Mothman hot sauce. It's not super hot (IMO) but it has good flavor.

Bad Wolf

If your in Point Pleasant you need to stop here. Take in the history of Point Pleasant and it's paranormal past!

John Savage

Wow. Who knew. Was he real or not. Once a year they have a huge crowd to celebrate. Small museum in a small town by the Ohio River and historic park

Jeff Gilliam

Cool place to hang out and hear and learn about mouthman. Plus the info they have so you can read about this legend. An the sad story about the bridge collapse in Point Pleasant. Great staff to.

eugene kepes

Had a great time can finally scratch it off my bucket list

Rhianna Schoonover

Nice little museum. Cost friendly, but lots to see.

Beauty Crow

It was awesome to go and listen to the town's folk talk about that event!! I had an amazing time !!!

Hav Marie

Loved having this here! Such an awesome tourist spot for the cryptid lovers like me and my boyfriend. I also love the merch!

Gabe Roush

Great museum dedicated to a unique view of Point Pleasant, WV History. It has a great display of one of Appalachia's most renowned folklore/sci-fi/cryptid figures! This is worth the trip to Point Pleasant. Not to mention the other cool stuff in town.

amy heinrich

Great place! Interesting stuff!

Elisha Wheeler

Great tourist trap! Stopped by after seeing this place in Fallout 76. The paltry $4 admission was worth every penny of the leg stretch. They've got obscure Mothman paraphernalia ranging from a High Times magazine to props from the Richard Gere movie. When you're through with the museum, you can find the Mothman statue less than a block away.

Aaron Miller

Fun place, nice town!

Capricious Pixie

I loved this place. In a nice little town. Amazing root beer, best ive ever had honestly.

Danyel Myers

I'm from Kansas and a storm had knocked out the power right before arriving here. The owners allowed me to tour the museum with a flashlight which made it a tad more spooky. I loved it! Worth your time to check it out!

Dean Spiker

Very nice place with friendly staff. Large amount of detailed information on display. Great gift shop that included items connected with Fallout 76 game.

Bret Mix

I've always been interested in cryptozoology, and was very fortunate to have been able to visit the Mothman Museum. It tells quite a tale, and it's one worth hearing, particularly with its time proximity to a horrific bridge collapse (which has its own story, a much more tragic one, also told through the Museum). A bonus is Point Pleasant itself--it's not often you see a town named so appropriately. It's a wonderful little place that feels like a throwback to another, better time. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to go back next year. A tip: the "Mothman droppings" at the coffee shop across the street are actually dark chocolate covered coffee beans, and were outstanding, a very welcome pick-me-up after our long drive.

Paul T

Top notch weirdness always worth a visit.

lea crayon

Had a great time here and the staff were friendly and helpful..... very interesting to think what it/he/she might have been

Kimberly Stocker

The best part was the statue outside.

James Vanover

Nice little museum and loved the park too.

Catie Reed

Went from South Carolina all the way to the Moth-man Museum and then back home to Ohio. It was well worth the trip and super budget friendly.

Karin Townsley

Unique and affordable. One if a kind place. Not very big, but fun.

Michael Dominesey

The Mothman terrorized the mountain people of Point Pleasant decades ago.. interesting museum. Great gift shop! Lots of local history here.

Ken Strong

Interesting riverfront town. Wish we had more time to explore

Andrew putman

Cool little stop in Point Pleasant. Lots history about the TNT and Point Pleasant area.

Jennifer Lee

A hidden gem! Staff is friendly! Great gift shop! Cute little town! I highly suggest a visit, you wont be disappointed.


Super rad. Went a bit out of my way to go and it was Worth It. Good exhibit, I was having a grand time.

Craig Cole

Fun place. Cant beat the price

gamerboy 1999

Absolutely loved this place. Will definitely visit again.

Matthew Stowe

Great place to learn about the Moth Man, Friendly Staff definitely worth the visit.

Brian Anderson

It's an interesting place to check out. Liked the statue.

Roger Rinehart

It was a bit touristy but is expanding soon.

Charlie Fish

It was a bucket list place & we were headed some place else when we realized we were driving right through Point Pleasant. It couldn't have been better! Quirky & kitsch! The town definately owns the legend. Beautiful little town, too.

Michelle Russell

How cool is this place?? Loved it. !


We were passing through and saw this place on a sign so decided to stop. Very much enjoyed visiting the museum and the town. They have a lot of info on display. We didn't actually know much about the Mothman and decided to start with the doc they have showing. Enjoyed it and it was a great way to break up a long drive. Even ended up driving out to the ammunition facility area after. Price was very reasonable ($4 per adult). I was worried about my small pup getting hot in the car and they let me bring him in (he's a well behaved guy).

Pamela Kay

I thought I was going for a fun little excursion to this museum, instead I heard stories and testimony that really peaked my interest in what happened in Point Pleasant in the 60s.

Laura Barnes

Really detailed and concise! I was really impressed with the museum. Not to mention they have props from the movie The Mothman Prophecies.

Sowie Starshine

Had a great time looking at everything they have collected on the Mothman. Good Job!

Nate Houston

I had no idea this was a real thing . I heard about it by playing Fallout76. I was in the area so I couldnt resist checking it out ..So cool

Diane Taddeo

Campy. Worth the trip from NJ

Alec Curts

Awesome little museum, great place to stop by and grab some merch.

Ronna Musto

Had alot of fun going here, it was the whole reason I came to west va! Beautiful drive, wonderful sweet people <3


Love this event music was fantastic people are great xoxo

Sarah Murry

Awesome! Great, affordable gift shop. The museum includes real props from the Mothman Prophecies movie, a ton of newspaper clippings, costumes, and other artifacts and the documentary is playing in a room in the back.

Jeanna Burch

Wonderful museum. It's a great stop that showcases the wonderful and weird history of the area. I highly recommend!

James Kohler

Fantastic. Full of information. Great artifacts. Awesome place.

Gary Altman

What a cool place! The folks working there are amazing!

Donna Jacobson

A must see if you enjoy an urban ledgend

James Rodriguez

Great experience, friendly staff and clean all through out.

John Thompson

A fun, kitschy place dedicated to American folklore. Worth a stop if you're in the area.

Anthony Colleen Rivas

Fun place to go! Has many artifacts from the movie and lots of original documents! Very interesting. I neat little place to tour. It's not very big but its a great place to bring the family. Kids will be fascinated!

joseph ruzomberka

Was interesting....helps to have an open mind to these kinds of things.

Vané R

Fun little museum, just wish there was more to see.

Anna Marz

Really cool little museum! AWESOME gift shop with pretty reasonable prices too for a museum. If you're a cryptid fan this is definitely a fun stop. I see they're expanding soon, I'll have to make a trip again in the future to see whats coming

mountain mamma's outdoors

If you're enthusiastic about Mothman,this is definitely the place for you. Full of interesting, informative displays that tell all about Mothman,you can also pick up some very cool merchandise.

Sean Vhloche

Great place, friendly folks, awesome lore.

Bi-polo Lori

Super interesting. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Cool gift shop

Chaps Benfield

Very cool If u have never been read up on it and go

Gabrielle Radmore

Great museum with amazing handwritten documents from the year the sightings happend and the bridge fell!

Jenn S

My mom and I had a great time here at the museum!! We enjoyed the history and the staff was very nice. It's fun for people who love cryptic stories and want to learn more! For me being a West Virginian, it was fun learning about a local legend here in my state and seeing the town because I had never been to see where the Mothman sightings took place or this museum.

Tim O'Sullivan

Cool and quirky museum about the legend of the Mothman and the bridge collapse. Very reasonable entrance fee and plenty of things to see in the museum. No bathrooms on site, but there is a gift shop!

Laurin Jeffrey

Great place to stop in if you're in the neighbourhood. Nice people run it. TONS of info on Mothman and the bridge collapse. Great t-shirts too!

Jeffrey Barnes

More a research library with reams and reams of documents and artifacts the key elements of the lore of the Mothman and the ancillary stories surrounding the mystery. The presentations are informative and the staff are friendly and helpful. Discover the origin of the Men In Black!

Lori H

It's different. Lots of newspaper articles. Photos, stuff like that. Just a cool little place to visit that's close to home.

Candice Donaldson

Great museum featuring the one and only, Mothman. We really enjoyed reading the original news articles and bought some great t- shirts as well.

Ryan St.Clair

it was a great display, and the gift shop had alot to choose from at a reasonable price

Robert Chehovits

Pretty neat place, very lnformative

Andrew Levine

The moth man museum was cool. Plenty of places near by to get a bite to eat or a decent cup of coffee.

Denise Farris

Small but really interesting.

Nikki Treadway

Very informative and interesting. Nothing exciting though. Beautiful town though. Nice little shops, etc. The statue was very nice, not near as big as I thought. Idk I just was hyped up far more about the mothman than the town is I believe. But I went during an off season. Hopefully I'll change my mind next time.


It's interesting just kind of small, would go again if they added more to it


Cool sci-fi museum

Randy Edrington

it is a nice little museum with, the real life notes and eye witness accounts of when the mothman was first spotted in point pleasant wv and movie props from the mothman prophecies moving starring richard gere,has a nice little gift shop and admission to museum is only 4.00 plus tax and if you are coming from far away the historic Lowe hotel is right across the syreet... you can walk to wear the silver bridge stood it's where the memorial is, pt.plesant is a great small America. town check out the mothman meuseum!

Michael Davis

The museum offers spectacular finds such as creepy lib balm and a woven blanket that touched Richard Gere. If you love off the wall oddball niche' places then this will be your cup of tea. We got our money's worth and loved visiting part of the mythical West Virginia.

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