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171 Shoreline Dr, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, United States

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Where is Harpers Ferry?

REVIEWS OF Harpers Ferry IN West Virginia

mocha princess

What a FANTASTIC little town...It was our first time there. It is best you take the bus. They will get you parking. It is only $15. Its hard to find parking. They drop you right off in the town. It felt like we stepped back in time. It was such a historic place to visit. Fabulous hiking

Hannah Degn

Really great historical town! Great hike and lookout as well

Me and You

Loved it. This place is amazing. Recommended for everyone.

Cheryl Johnston

What a great place to visit! We didn't have a lot of time to explore all of it, but what we did visit was wonderful. We went to the area with the town, and it was great to go inside and see what it may have been like when it was a real town. There's so much history to learn both in the buildings and outside. We enjoyed walking over the bridge over the river too. Dogs on 6ft leashes are allowed. We asked about taking them on the bus since we needed to take a bus to the town from our parking lot. Staff said it depended on the bus driver, whether or not they're allowed on the bus or not. They're not supposed to be allowed, she said, but some let them. We got ours on the bus. Wear your walking shoes and bring water if it's hot!

Abhijit Sharang

Cute little historic town at the banks of Potomac and Shenandoah. Lots of historical places to explore in an exhibit style display. Great hiking and rafting options in the place too. Try the Maryland trail to the overlook point.

Stephanie Tschohl

Beautiful place! Something for everyone! Lots of history, hiking, and little shops and cafes. I was particularly fascinated by the way the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers meet; you can see the line where the two rivers come together. Very cool! We will be back!

j king

Beautiful park, WV has a lot of hiking and camping and outdoor activities for the whole family. Fit to be able to make it you favorite summer vacation spot. I enjoy tubing and the nearby cabin rentals:)

David Robson

Had always wanted to visit the scene of John Brown's infamous anti-slavery revolt, and when I got the chance I was delighted with this quaint and haunting little town. This is a fantastic place to walk, ride bikes, or simply stroll through the streets, imagining what it must have been like in 1859, when violence wracked the armory and galvanized the nation.

Ruth Mullin

Great access to rivers and scenery and history. Nice eateries, limited shops

Mark Zusman

Nice place to stop for a bite and stop by John Brown raid museum. Parking is either free but in Bolivar, or for $15 in NPS lot that has a shuttle, 30 minutes including wait.

Priyesh Patel

Great hiking day! Enjoyed the train station, and the lovely ice cream in the downtown area. Lots of places to get gifts and many many trails. There is a shuttle bus which can take u from the car park area to the downtown section to save on the walking (about 1.5 miles)


Great views, awesome beer and great space, what more could you ask for!?

Chris OShea

Small but nice visitor's center. They have shuttles that will take you from the visitors center to the downtown area. Don't try to park downtown, there is limited parking at the train station. The shuttles run every 10 minutes (it's probably quicker) and is much easier. The downtown has some interesting historical buildings. The paths along the water give great look outs. Costs $15 to get into the park per car ($10 for motorcycle). There a number of trails around the park if you want to do some serious walking.

Paula Tully

It is similar to, although a smaller version of, Williamsburg in that it is historic with shops from years long past and period costumes. The views of the river were great and the town very nice. Parking is a bit tricky. We found it easier to follow the signs to park a couple of miles away and take the shuttle bus. I loved that almost everyone sold Pepsi! We had great food at Coach House Bar and Grill. It was very warm inside and out of the restaurant but the food and company took the bite out of the heat. Ice cream at the creamery was good but they ran out of soft serve - their specialty. Boo!

Adeline Warren

It is so amazing! It is such a beautiful and historical place! Tonight the young women youth in my church, went on a wonderful night hike. We stopped at one point and turned off all the flashlights, to look up at the gorgeous twinkling stars. I love the feeling of this place, and it's is a really great place to go to with your family and friends! I definitely suggest going here and enjoying everything nature has to offer

Jennifer Nichols

Much more beatiful than expected. So much to see and do with the family. We are glad we went.

Snowman Vocals

There is so much American history here! Far more than just John Brown's raid. I highly recommend making a visit here!

Dimari Hernandez

Great for families! Variety of small shops and restaurants. Many activities like kayak for reasonable prices. Lot of history.

Howard Moretz

Very nice national park it is educational and very historic it is well restored and lots of shops there

Alex Elemental

I'm from this area and grew up with frequent trips to Harper's Ferry. We went back to visit this summer and while the park itself is still very nice, a lot has changed. They now charge to get in and one of the close parking lots has been removed. They've also changed the foot bridge across the river (the one next to the train tracks). If you like doing stuff on the water, there's tubing and kayaking (tubing is fun). It's also a very photogenic area. Lots of history to be learned. And there's a great ice cream shop that has the best peach ice cream I've ever had.

Jedediah Seltzer

A very pretty area. Nice hiking and the little village is cool to walk through. Last time I saw a Perigean falcon in May!

Michael Karman

One of my favorite parks / historical sites. We love walking the trails and visiting Lower Town.

Shreyasi Dutta

Quaint historical place to visit, with many water activities to do, also nice picnic spot, the houses there are about 200 yrs old will get a old rusty feeling ..perfect spot for day outing

Matthew Keller

Awesome little historic town. Beautiful scenery and a great educational experience. Love the History and the little shops. If you visit you definitely have to stop up at Battle Grounds Cafe. Had the best breakfast sandwich and Hot Apple cider.


History and nature blend well. I wish the dining was a little better. It wasn't bad, but we had our best meal at Blue Moon Cafe in Shephersdstown.

wayne v

Great place to bring your family or significant other. Go white water rafting for beginners or walk the town and enjoy the food and company. Prepare to pay for parking to enjoy this area.

Eric Hollman

Hiking Maryland Heights is a great beginners hike. Only around 1.5 miles to the top (3 miles round trip) , leave yourself around 2 hours for the entire round trip hike. Although it’s not very long, expect a steep climb going up and make sure to bring plenty of water because it’s still a decent work out. Once you get back to the bottom, try to remember to bring your swim suit and take a dip into the Shenandoah River. There is access to the River directly across from the beginning of the trail entrance. A perfect ending to a nice 3 mile hike!

Mike Richardson

We visit Harpers Ferry several times a year to visit family and to observe the tourists. The scenery from the house is breathtaking. And there is so much history to take in. Be sure to visit Jefferson Rock!

Brian Gasser

Such a beautiful place. Perfect for a hike with your dog and family.

Peera Amornkit

Beautiful historically place. Great spending weekend time with friends and family.

Mark Basniak

Beautiful, historic town situated on the Potomac, Appalachian Trail, and 3 states. Lots to do and see. Also is booming on saturday nights.

Joe Markus

Phenomenal experience. A "must-see" If you're in this area. Such historical accuracy. We've been traveling over a year and this was our very favorite. Highly recommended.

Nadana Ravishankar

We have planned to visit here for very long time but it wasn’t happened but this time we made it. We went there for memorial weekend and enjoyed the visit. Plenty of scenic spots, rivers join and many historic sites over there. $15 per car including the bus tour to Lower town and old armour factory site etc. You can also enjoy river ride and many more games. It’s good for everyone to come here and would love this place

Jay Badiang

Such a beautiful place to spend a day. A unique entrance to the Shenandoah and Potomac river. You can walk over the bridge along the railroad tracks and soak in all the views. Walk along the river in areas and Wade when it's warm and the river is low. Plenty of great places to eat or pack a lunch and sit along the shore line

Mike Morgan

Lots of history and shops. Always a good time! My family from Austria enjoyed it

JM Bauer

Well-preserved 19th century town. Hike to Jefferson rock for a view of the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers -- great views of foliage in the fall. Harpers Ferry National Park is a good place to take in Civil War history, and there is decent hiking nearby. I recommend the guided tour, call ahead to know when it is scheduled.

David Moore

Overcrowded tourist trap. If you want history, try somewhere else. We used to have a good time here, but the last fews time were so frustrating we will just be avoiding it from now on. Just head over DC way for educational purposes, and head down River for recreation things to do.


Beautiful views historic history. A really educational experience. Did you get a chance I can't eat all of you would enjoy it

Leanne Bowers

I love going to Harper's Ferry. Great views and the walk up the hill to Jefferson rock or the cemetery are worth it. Typically I pay to park and then take the bus to Harper's Ferry. Some places that aren't in downtown Harper's Ferry you can park at and pay via PayMobile. I would recommend not trying to park at the train station if you aren't using the train station. I would recommend not wearing high heels. I've certainly seen folks brave that choice of footwear but with the hills and cobblestones it seems overly hazardous.

Paul P

Incredible! So many different places to explore in this extremely unique place!! Such a strategic location in our nation's history! The gorgeous scenery makes this place a must see.

raul abreu

Great place for getaway. The people were great and the history is better live than reading from a book. It is what they don't teach you in school. Experience it for yourself

Charlotte Detwiler

We were charged $15.00 to park in "free" parking by what appeared to be national park service employees. This lot was free when we visited in the past. Love natural beauty all around and lovely quaint little town. Almost Heaven had the best spinach dip ever!

T. Steele

Great park, plenty of displays with information on John Brown's Raid and life in the 1800's. If you love history, you will love this park. If you like hiking, you will love this place and there are plenty of small shops for those looking to purchase a unique gift or souvineer.

Nelly Molina

This place is amazing. Great trails, great views and lots of things to do.


Such an amazing and important national park! John Brown is a national hero, no doubt about it, and his spirit lives on in this town of Harpers Ferry. We spent 5 or 6 hours here and I feel like we hardly scratched the surface. Anyway, it is beautiful here, absolutely beautiful; the historical markers provide so much information, some that is difficult to find even on the internet; and then the various shops and museums are fascinating. We ate at a place called Almost Heaven tavern (or something along those lines) and the food was excellent! I can't wait to return.

Rich Dobry

Love Harper's Ferry! Been coming for 40 years, so much history and amazing hiking. If you are up for it, Maryland Heights is awesome!

michael mudd

The ice cream is good but it depends on who scoops it out as top how much you receive. My wife and I each ordered one scoop each yet hers was double the amount on several occasions. The last two times she went in alone and it's ordered for both it is and came out with like amounts. The help is very nice.

Donna Valentine

Our group had a guide that was the best. We heard about the movement of the troops in and around the valley and river.

Tony Cooper

I love this park... So much history, wrapped in a lot of sweet people, shopping, food, and beauty.

Ahmad Popalzai

They were fully booked and didnt have room for us. My review only covers the site and the experience at the store. The staff were friendly and professional and there is ample parking. The park is easily accessible and not too crowded. However, there were loud prayer songs sound echoing throughout the park. The prices are comparable to competition.

Jennifer V-C

This is a very cool town where 3 states meet. We went there on a whim after we spent the day in Gettysburg, so we were there late in the day. I definitely want to go back to explore the historical sites and buildings. If you remember your pre-Civil War History this place has great significance, think John Brown. Also, it is the halfway point for the 2000+ mile Appalachian Trail. We got time some hikers coming in to town.

Dhanvant Ganapathiraju

Pretty Vistas, lots of food options, little too much walking for me, but I'm also not a fan of walking in general.

Maryanne Dolci

Enjoyed the historical aspect of the park. Had an excellent lunch in town

Tilly Lo

I love this park. Everytime I visited, I always find something new I missed during my previous visits. There is so much history. I come for the experience... Hiking, seeing some historic landmarks, the scenery, the shops and restaurants. My favorite is the creamery. Parking can be a challenge and expensive. Bring cash because the parking fee deposit box takes cash and there is no attendant. We walked at much as 2.5 - 3 miles, but you can walk as far as you want by hiking the trails. The restrooms are in the train station. This park is very dog friendly.

Susan Sweat

The Park Service has done a great job here! I used to live close to Harpers Ferry and have visited many times over the years. This is a great place for kids, lots of open space to run and burn off excess energy.

Jesse Soileau

Beautiful trail and scenery. The local restaurants were expensive but the burger that I had was delicious. Will certainly explore the area more.

Dimi M.

Quaint little town. History buffs and hikers will appreciate it a lot. The "downtown" area is super small but cute! The people we met were friendly. Overall though nothing to really write home about for average visitors. So if you have the time and it's sort of on the way - stop by! Otherwise I don't see it as the main destination of itself.


I love it down here! Such a nice historic town. There is parking areas all over however it's just about all paid parking. You can download an app to your phone which will allow you to pay.

Eliza McClain

Beautiful scenery and the staff were very helpful. History taught an in engaging way.

Erin Buynak

Great place to visit. The town is cute and fun to walk. The history is informative but not overwhelming. Floating the river is fun and chill. It's a great destination for a day trip.

Roxanne Klinger

15 dollar admission fee. Free bus tour available, shuttle into town propper, but must be able to walk through town as very limited parking. Not good for disabled.

jeneen garcia

So close to Washington DC, accessible by car or train, with bike and hiking trails that are not too strenuous but have great views of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers converging. The historical buildings have been preserved and they've done a great job of putting information everywhere so you can do a self-guided tour. You can also bathe in the river or do some thing kayaking or rafting. Cute little town!

Candice Cross

It was very fun! The best part is probably walking over the bridge. There were no trashcans or recycling bins, which doesn't make sense because you can buy food and other things there that are wrapped in plastic, so you would think there would be bins, right?

Braden Bradford

Do the Maryland Heights trail to the summit! Go early enough to get tubing in down the river as well. Lovely area and time! Best thing to do in West Virginia, I reckon.

Sarah Laura

Beautiful place, full of history and cute stores to explore. Bring comfortable footwear as there is quite a bit of walking to see all the sights.

Charles Tomasello

I really enjoyed a visit here. The town is basically a historic reserve and museum combined into one. There are plenty of trails and nature surrounding it. I visited the town for a few hours, which is worth the trip. Add the natural surroundings, this is a must see.

jos no

Nice area. Very qaint little town with shops and history. Place to eat. Enjoyed my visit!

Kyle Milbrand

This historical town has so much to offer. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings that serve as exhibits. This is paired with boutique shops and restaurants. The town is surrounded by trails with amazing views.


An amazing place to visit with breathtaking views and it's easy to get there!

James Masciuch

Harper's Ferry is a great DC getaway. Close to the city but it feels like you have been transported in time. It's really taken off in the past 10-20 years and it is filled with cute trendy shops and restaurants. If you are feeling active local trails offer great hikes and the Canal offers great biking experiences.

Kellie Corcoran

Great place to visit. The town is very cool and the guides are very informative. You can just visit different buildings in the town and each has its own information pertaining to Harper's Ferry. Would definitely recommend this place.

D'Atra Montgomery

What a great weekend getaway! Great walking trails, beautiful views, cute small village and interesting stores! Definitely worth it and can’t wait to go back!

Hannah Roberts

This is one of the most beautiful places in America, by my standards. It's a great place to visit if you want to take a hike and grab a bite to eat afterwards. They have several trails with historic sites and the Appalachian trail runs straight through the town. Historic sites are preserved for education. Once a year they hold a blacksmith class to show how it would have been done long ago. Little gift shops with post cards are scattered around town and all kinds of restaurants can be found. There's even a vegan restaurant a couple miles from the town center.

Jason Daniels

Great time. Make sure you bring cash if you plan on parking in one of the lots.

Lindsey Wright

Cute town and great hiking. Check out the Rabbit Hole. Great place to eat!

John Wettstein

Great site...lots of reenactors. Was only able to spend a couple hours there because we were on the way home from a vacation in Virginia. Will definently be going back to Harpers Ferry though. If you love U.S. history like I do you'll love Harpers Ferry. You can drive down to the old town or take a shuttle bus. The confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers is a site to see.


Such an important piece of history that every American should know. The Civil War was intense and this location and many others helped shape the future. Would recommend for ppl to wear comfortable sneakers or boots since best experience is being on foot. I will come back.

waverly phillips

Excellent trip. We visited in the dead of summer so the humidity and heat was pretty bad but this would make a great fall visit. Highly recommended!

Robin Bond

Cool town no parking except $15. Parking area unless u walk a mile or catch a bus. So we drove around couple times then left.

David Gerlak

Amazing place to spend time. Its quiet and not too many visitors unlike so many other landmarks around DC and Baltimore. There are more outdoor recreational activities here than just visit the park. When you come please bring your fishing pole, because the fishing is stupendous here, also there are several white water boating companies nearby. You can also get here by train to and from DC. Most of the food places here are very good and are very reasonably priced. The visitors center is very informative and the battlefields are worth the visit. Walk you dog here but you can feel the historical significance of this place.

Jacob Bieker

Really cool place, nice hikes around, although hard to get to on public transportation on the weekend. Nice history available too on what happened there.

Joe H

Beautiful national park with gorgeous views! Extremely interesting to see and feel all of the history. The downtown was beautiful too with lots to see and do. Even the candy store was a history lesson. Magnificent experience.

Sinan Abood

Very good place for a simple hike. Great views and history. Wonderful location brings three states together. Also, there are many options for outdoor activities such as kayaking and rafting.

Doug Foster

You really need to call ahead here. Was only able to get passport stamped. The scenery around this park was breathtaking. I was unable to find a gift shop.

Brandy Muller

Beautiful day on the water! Always friendly shop owners with handcrafted or fair trade sourced goods.

Donna Davis

We could have spent a couple of days here. This was the highlight of our visit to WV. There is a village with original buildings. And many eating establishments in the old buildings. We had lunch at the Cannonball Deli. My friend and I had the turkey wrap and the grilled chicken wrap. The included lots of chips and a small side salad...each meal for $10.00. And boy were they delicious...and huge. We took half out. We must return!

charles shaffer sr

Very nice and interesting the wife and I hiked down to the lower town here is a free buss if needed and went into the old buildings and the small stores in the upper part of town the museum was very interesting on John Brown life will put together video in 3 parts but informative had lunch there in town a li pricey but good

Bob Grub

Nice historic park. Amazing hiking trails with beautiful views! Also, you can go tubing or white water rafting in the river!

samuel elswick

Nice trail, more parking would be nice. but shuttle bus is available.

Jason Nurenberg

Went for one of the parks historical presentations, and will be back for more. Lovely little place, great for exploring and investigating the history of the area. The person giving the presentation was excellent with his prepared remarks, and was quick to answer any and all questions from the crowd.

Jack Szallai

Historical site that is well maintained and has very friendly staff. Wonderful location on the river.

kristine lin

I love this little town! It is a fun place to get away for a day.

Elyse Porter

Such a great place to walk around, check out sites, and even do a little hiking. Tip: go as early as possible when it’s less crowded and check out a sunrise!

William Young

Beautiful landscape Historical buildings. I should have taken more pics without my family to share with the World. I've Been A few times And will return. Good Food there too.

Katie T

Nice scenery and u learn a lot about what happened in the war. There's a cemetery on the top of a hill. U have to walk up steps though. Good work out.

Sherman Sabie Jr

Just a grand experience. Lots of history here that I was not aware of. Put it o, your places to go. Next time we'll be doing a coue guided tours and floating down the river(s).

The Automotive Masochist

Great local tourist destination for the whole family, very old town with a lot of history. Walk right from historic harpers to the ruins of Virginius Island. Lots of great shops, I highly recommend checking out the historic candy shop, theres so much history to learn about.

Scott Shaffer

Truly an incredibly beautiful place. Don't even hesitate to visit, worth every mile and minute ot takes to get there.

Lindy Collamer

Very cool stop; full of history, great food and beautiful scenery!

Rick Gonzalez

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite historical locations to visit in the country! It is not only an impressive visual as you approach the town’s hills, steep roads, 19th century architecture and experience the super nice folks, but the shops, nostalgia and artifacts are only undone by the wildlife, river and complete surroundings. Enjoy one must when absorbing the incredible amount of both activity and ambience exuded here. One must ensure to take in as much of this town on visiting, with real life original homes, shops, activities that make it the perfect day trip for anyone staying nearby from as far as Washington DC! Plenty of places to stay – from motels to B&Bs, restaurants and ice cream parlors, to historical museums, all abound. This is a must visit, at least once in a life time. Enjoy.

siemon j. franken

Go, deepen your understanding and knowledge of history at different points of this nations history. Beautiful hikes surround the town beyond the confluence of the Potomac and the Shenandoah River.You can breathe the history there.

Margaret Deuel

This is a designated state park, it is extremely interesting and full of history,it is a (living historic )site You get to walk the streets and learn about the civil war and yes there is shopping and food! The only caveat is the parking! In the town there is some parking but it is almost impossible to get, they do offer parking in the main park and a free shuttle to town

Mohit Singh

It's a beautiful place to visit. Picturesque town and surroundings. Restored heritage buildings and establishments.

Charles Tomasello

I really enjoyed a visit here. The town is basically a historic reserve and museum combined into one. There are plenty of trails and nature surrounding it. I visited the town for a few hours, which is worth the trip. Add the natural surroundings, this is a must see.

Sara Reinert

Love Harper's Ferry! It's beautiful. There's tons of parking and a frequent shuttle to take you into town. The town itself is small and so many cute mom and pop shops. It is hilly with lots of narrow stairs, gravel, etc for anyone with issues on different terrain.

Liz Fagan

This place is great. Beautiful scenery great hiking trails, camping and a lot of history. Historical shops mixed in with restaurants and shops for today. Just check the hours of the historical shops. Walking path over the Shenandoah River. If you don't want to drive there is train station. We can't wait to go back.

Anne Weidenhamer

Enjoyed the lower town area, very much, the museums. Did a park ranger tour. Interesting. Toured the battlefields. Not impressed. Good if you like to hike and/or can walk distances, Perhaps we could have seen more. The battlefields would be better if there were some remnants of buildings, buildings, monuments, something to see..Very little here. The battlefields especially need to be maintained better. One road to one battlefield had such a ditch in it. Be careful driving.. This is something to see, but most likely won't be back. Can't even compare to Gettysburg.

Amber D. Guzman, PsyD

Almost heaven, West Virginia. How I have missed this place. Anything you think you might want, you can probably find it in one of the eclectic shops. I also love the history of the place. Of course, the backdrop of mountains and river makes for a breathtaking view if you want to walk around.


Such an amazing little down. Great place for a day trip or a tiny get away. They have beautiful Airbnb here if you were looking for a serene peaceful organic getaway. Friendly people plenty to do. Each restaurant offered delicious foods. A must see place

I Am Wondertwin

We had a great time and saw many exciting things. Kids also had fun. It's a wonderful town to visit. Plenty of shops and food. A very enjoyable trip over all. We will be coming again.

Bill Butcher

Love it. Go often. Biked up from Brunswick on C&O Canal Towpath which has been tar & chipped. Several good restaurants. Good history.

Robert Ryan

What a great place. Really enjoyed walking around. You can go right into lower town and bypass the National Park fee...but parking is limited.

Diane O'Nele

Great place to hike, take in the beautiful fall foliage and tons of history in a well maintained National Park.

Sarah Burgess

Gorgeous, informative, and so cool to visit a preserved town. Happily surprised at the accuracy of plaquards and sensitivity to the marginalized. Guides were very knowledgeable and helpful.

wanda jones

It was a nice view while I was on the train going to Cumberland Maryland

tom medicus

love Harpers ferry. So much to do and see. Love the history along with the scenic view of the Potomac

Caty K

They had so many cool old shops set up that you could walk into and see what life was like back in Harper's ferry's hay day. There was also a video when you walked into town across from the book store.

Barbara Medicus

Love this place. It is so Beautiful and peaceful here. I will come back to visit again.

Peter Franklin

One coolest places to live and visit. Love the history and hometown feel evrywhere you go.

Patrick Nolan

This is a very cool place to go definitely go and spend the day so much to do so much to do around it. Very gorgeous we're able to fly a drone go up and down the river that was very cool as well. Don't miss this opportunity to see it

Joy Andreasen

This is one of my favorite places to go! There is water, hiking, cool shops and restaurants, as well as some history and intrigue all mixed together!

Colby Hartke

Harpers Ferry is a great historical town with good sites. Some good shops. A few places to eat located in the historical part.

Adam Peters

Fun stop, lots to see. It's uphill both ways. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Joshua Whitehead

A great park with lots of well presented historical information, buildings, and artifacts. Definitely plan on spending a few hours to see everything, and the tours offered by the National Park service are well worth it. I would recommend parking at the main visitors center (which is about 1.5-2 miles from the downtown Harper's Ferry area) and taking the shuttle down, it's much more convenient. Also just a gorgeous nature area as well, lots of trees and rock cliff faces, in addition to the two rivers joining up.

Blair Wright

Harper's Ferry is a cool little town along two Rivers, there are some great hikes here and the twin its self has a rich history which the US Park service has guides there that can explain it all to you. The only issues here are that the parking in town is minimal so you normally need to park up on the top of the hill and bus in, secondarily the restaurants are not the best and tend to change hands often, this is however a cool place, just bring food and drink with you when you go to check it out.

Kristina Maye

Loved the history even though it was a walk from where we parked. But if you park at the National Park there is a shuttle.


When on a ghost walk...was very good and enjoyable... something great to do before Halloween

Lightnin Will I AM Robin

If you like to steep yourself in history or just walk the bridge and trails, you will enjoy this little town on a point next to the Shenandoah River. I saw some inner tubers floating by. Revolutionary war battle was fought here. I stood where the general stood to watch the field of battle.

Lhey Pabs

We went there yesterday with my little family and we all had fun. It is a beautiful place to walked around and the views are just amazing. Definitely going back.

Smart Dog

Site of John Brown’s Raid. Great portrayal of history makes you feel like you are living before the Civil War. Original town is gone due to flooding. You can park in the town and save $15 but unless you are used to NY parking, you won’t have a good time.


Super nice place to spend a few days, especially in the fall. Very scenic and pretty.

Ming Chin

If you bought or earned a national park pass, this is a great place to visit and learn about our American heritage. Black history museum is a small but informative account of anti-slavery movement.

Pascale Lemaire

Harper's Ferry is a gorgeous place to visit in the Fall. Not only is this tiny gem of a historic town loaded with Civil War History, it is also notable, geographically. Nestled into a rocky cliff in the Appalachain mountains along the Shenandoah river, Harpers Ferry West Virginia touches two other states: Maryland and Virginia! It was the location of John Brown's raid and pivotal for harboring runaway slaves during the the Underground Railroad movement. Tips: Parking is not allowed in town, but you can park at the State Park up the road for a $15 fee ( good for 3 days). A free shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes and will drop you off in town.

Jennifer Kohan

So much history and very well taken care of. I recommend parking in the major lot and riding the shuttle in. We will be going again for sure!

Liz Fagan

This place is great. Beautiful scenery great hiking trails, camping and a lot of history. Historical shops mixed in with restaurants and shops for today. Just check the hours of the historical shops. Walking path over the Shenandoah River. If you don't want to drive there is train station. We can't wait to go back.

Payman Kohan

So much history here and so much beauty. Trails to walk and hike with amazing scenery. The town is small but quaint with many shops and eateries. Definitely worth the visit. Just drive to the shuttle stop to take you to town otherwise you won't find decent parking anywhere else.

George A-R

There is very little parking and the visitor center is a long ways away. They have bus shuttle, but you have to wait for it to arrive. Walk over to the rail bridge and see the junction of the two rivers. That is worth the trip. There are several companies offering tuning down the river

Idan Cohen

Amazing!!! Beautiful place. To get to the view you need to pass the train bridge and the trail is just ahead. The trail is around 6-7 km, up and down

Shelby Lenker

Wonderful scenery, quiet and clean. There are NO trash cans. Polite shop staff.

Matthew King

BEAUTIFUL area!!! Well worth taking the trip if you are ever close by. Parking was easily accessible and well-placed and there are a ton of great places to take pictures along with a lot of good food options close by. Glad I took the time to check it out.


Enjoyed the lower town area, very much, the museums. Did a park ranger tour. Interesting. Toured the battlefields. Not impressed. Good if you like to hike and/or can walk distances, Perhaps we could have seen more. The battlefields would be better if there were some remnants of buildings, buildings, monuments, something to see..Very little here. The battlefields especially need to be maintained better. One road to one battlefield had such a ditch in it. Be careful driving.. This is something to see, but most likely won't be back. Can't even compare to Gettysburg.

Amber D. Guzman, PsyD

Almost heaven, West Virginia. How I have missed this place. Anything you think you might want, you can probably find it in one of the eclectic shops. I also love the history of the place. Of course, the backdrop of mountains and river makes for a breathtaking view if you want to walk around.

Richard Thobe

Clean and not crowded. Love the history and trains travelling from DC to Chicago. Beautiful day!

Nicole Silva

Quaint little town with lots of green pastures, hiking trails and little shops to explore. If you're looking for a place to just disconnect for a few days this is the place. Spent a fabulous weekend of R&R with my girlfriends at an AirBnB. Went hiking a bit, tubing at the Shenandoah and just resting and decompressing. Really popular with those who are doing the Appalachian trail.


Such an amazing little down. Great place for a day trip or a tiny get away. They have beautiful Airbnb here if you were looking for a serene peaceful organic getaway. Friendly people plenty to do. Each restaurant offered delicious foods. A must see place

I Am Wondertwin

We had a great time and saw many exciting things. Kids also had fun. It's a wonderful town to visit. Plenty of shops and food. A very enjoyable trip over all. We will be coming again.

Philip Mathew

In the DMV for more than 15 years and this was the first time I made it out here. It definitely has very much old English town vibe. If you ever been to Wales or northern England you will get a similar Vibe here. The trails in the park a fairly packed during the spring and summer months.

Clinton Weaver

A very enjoyable place to visit that is full of history. With the Amtrak passing through it is even more interesting. There are lots of small shops and eating places. The buildings are well kept up and great for photography. You can take a short walk up behind the church to Jefferson rock where you can get a nice view if the trees are maintained. A walk across the railway bridge takes you to the C&O Canal and Lock 33. A great place to visit. I prefer to visit on rainy days as there are fewer people on the streets and it gives it a moody feel for the photos.

Sharmila Shrestha

I like the place, I love how you manage the trash. No trash anywhere. Thumbs up. Keep it up. But it rained a lt . we could not go for hiking

Nurse Tara

This has always been one of my favorite spots. We always come here just to walk around and take pictures. Beautiful atmosphere and scenery. The shops are quaint and the trails are fun to hike. History is all around you and it's also a learning experience.

Dana Phillips

Most beautiful place ever. I may be biased because this is my home but the beauty is unmatched. Quaint shops, delicious restaurants, and rich in American history. Proud to able to call this area home.

Glynn Praesel

Great historical place to visit. Read up on John Brown and you will have a greater appreciation for its significance in history. The Appalachian trail comes down through this town as well.

Nurse Tara

This has always been one of my favorite spots. We always come here just to walk around and take pictures. Beautiful atmosphere and scenery. The shops are quaint and the trails are fun to hike. History is all around you and it's also a learning experience.

Andrea Griffiths

Very nice historical park. You need to park at three visitors center and take a bus into town. The pass $10 (I think) its good for 3 days, so you can revisit. There are no trash cans! They believe in nothing left behind, so you have to take trash with you. Some people just leave it in piles in the parking lot

Diana Mellinger

Very historic and a great place to spend a day or longer. A lot of nice shops and museums to visit. Be prepared to do alot of walking so wear comfortable shoes and remember to bring your camera.

James Hall

Loved the historic park and all that it offered. Highly recommended

Grace Albrecht Klooster

Really nice to walk around the town. The parking lot is about a mile outside of town and no shuttle bus from it to the town. The walkway is also pebbles so if you have a child in a stroller, be prepared to be bounced all over. Also be prepared for steep hill climbs but the views and people are worth it!

Markus Dale

History, beautiful nature and the amazing Appalachian Trail. So grateful to all the builders, maintainers and protectors. Thank you!

Jagan peddamallu

Went for tubing and it took almost 4 hours to us.need to have lot of energy and patience to do tubing.

Leah Swenson

It is the cutest town ever! The river is great too!

Don Wynn

Quite a few important things happened here including John Brown's Raid, 4 major battles during the Civil War and the the use of mass production in manufacturing. This is also considered to be the mid-point of the Appalacian Trail. There is limited parking in the restored town but the park provides a free shuttle from the Welcome Center.

Friday13th fan

My family and I will visit here again. There is honestly too much to see in a day and if you like hiking this is a good spot to visit. The town even has coffee shops and ice cream for the kids. Whether you like the outdoors or history this is an appealing place to visit. They even have buses that will run you from the park to the town if you dont want to hike or drive.

Kendall Stevens

We loved Harper's Ferry. Beautiful views, fun little shops, with history as a bonus. My boys, 5 & 3, did great walking along the street of Lower Town. However, the favorite was by far searching for sea shells along the seashore (river).

Life is Your Right llc

Absolutely a Gem. I hung my hammock played some Marley and enjoyed some relaxation. Warmest river water ever. By end july its bath water. This place is a must see and do. Summer winter fall

Sharon Bollinger

I had not been here since I was a little girl. Much has changed! We truly enjoyed the historical part of this visit but there is so much more. Shops, food, hiking and history! Not far from nice hotels.

Taressa Norberg

Oh my goodness, this was wonderful. On a whim, we decided to visit this area. Didn't read reviews, didn't know what all was here, just was a close drive to see the Shenandoah River. It was so worth it. We walked to the river and spent time watching the geese and then explored around the little town. My only disappointment was the church on the hill wasn't open, even though hours posted said it should be. Would have loved to take a look inside. Hopefully we'll get to visit again soon.

Mark Hopkins

A place that people should visit to learn the history of the country. The 11 am tour was a well done history lesson about John Brown, a complex character, and the abolitionist movement. The tour leader gave a very interesting and nuanced narrative. Worth every minute.

Jeffrey Hyer

A lively town mixed with a historical park. There isn't much parking in the town so the free shuttle from the visitors center is the best option, but dogs aren't allowed on the shuttle so plan ahead and try not to bring Fido.

Kathlynn Womer

Weather you're hiking the Appalachian trail or just visiting this quaint town walking around the shops and getting a taste of history it had great food and friendly people everywhere you go. Took a 4 day trip & will definitely be returning next year to do some more adventuring!

Cynthia P

Even if you are not interested in history, see the confluence of xx and xx rivers and 3 states: Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Short bus ride from Visitors Station to Park. Exhibits nicely done and included parts of history I wasn’t aware of. We stayed about two hours and could have easily spent more time.

Jamie Weyandt

Love Harpers Ferry! Great place for fellow history buffs to visit, and also is just a beautiful, quaint little town to walk around in too. Plenty of little shops and restaurants, and beautiful views of nature all around.

Marcus Jones

Came to Harper's Ferry to ride part of the C&O Trail. It's really beautiful out here. Highly recommended!

Mike Peggs

Great town to travel back in time. Beautiful buildings and great shops and eateries. Only down fall for me is that traffic is allowed to drive their the town, should replace the cars with carriage rides.

Dustin Simpson

This place is really awesome. So much history. Be prepared to walk some hills because it's not level ground! They have some neat exhibits. We want to come back when we have more time to enjoy it.

Marc Bretzfelder

Historic sites, shops and restaurants abound between the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, which both offer plenty of recreational opportunities.

Morgan Burke

Harpers ferry is one of the most beautiful little nooks of the United States of America. I took a group of clinical researchers from Washington DC on a tubing trip down the Shenandoah River and it was one of the relaxing and lit experiences of my life.

Dana Phillips

Most beautiful place ever. I may be biased because this is my home but the beauty is unmatched. Quaint shops, delicious restaurants, and rich in American history. Proud to able to call this area home.

Nikolas Kamenz

Very nice place! To enjoy wonderful excursions and activities. The activities have something for everyone. Shopping opportunities are also given.

Mercys Tambunan

This is really nice place for you who love Nature, perfect place for hiking, biking, camping! You can reach this place by Amtrak train on weekend or Marc train in weekdays! Shenandoah street is a small old town and its nice ☺️Visiting in end of October would be a perfect timing you will see the colorful leaves before all falling

Kate Savidge

Whenever we go to see our daughter in MD we like to stop in Harper's Ferry. I love this little town. We have been when there was an old western movie being filmed there and when artists in residence had an exhibit. The people are always so pleasant and informative. The landscape is gorgeous. One of my favorite places to visit.

Gregory Stiller

I've always read or heard about Harper's Ferry in association with Appalachian Trail. The short bus ride was a nice change. The Book Store had lots of Passport Stamps and Postcards etc. Ranger on duty was very nice. I saw a real PAYPHONE ! Working.

April Carrio

Worth the trip! Short drive from West Virginia. Lots of family filled fun.

Oswaldo Navarrete

This is a memorable place to be part of your vacation ideas in Maryland's landscape

Brennan Butler

A group of us went to do some White Water tubing. The price was more than fair for the day pass, which includes the tube. It was never a long wait for the bus to the beginning, as well as the truck back up to the main site. The staff were friendly, and the experience in general was very positive!

David Seyer

I was in HF for a day on finishing a section hike on the Appalachian Trail. Found a couple of good restaurants and a good hostel in the lower part of the town close to the train station. This is one of the best trail towns on the AT.

eliz_sherry van-read

Exceptional geography set this town up for military collisions central to U.S. history. It is a beautiful, poignant place, full of powerful stories, very old houses, morterless stone walls and wonderful elevated views of the Potomac and Shenandoah confluence, and mountains.

Dennis Barrett

I think this is the only town I haven't lived in that I just had to visit again. Tons of history, a unique style of architecture, and key geography all combine to make this a town with which to be familiar.

Yolanda Gramajo

I love Harpers Ferry, West Virginia! When you visit this historical place you'll go back to John Brown's time. And what a blast we had going on the trail, the view is breathtaking to enjoy with your families and friends!

Peter Moon

Beautiful town and parks with a ton to do, eat, drink, and explore. Truly loved my time!!

Jody Resnicow

Very fun! Did rafting, more challenging than I thought out would be! And tubing! Very relaxing, though dragonflies kept hitching a ride! There are ruins to explore.

Sarah Lorigan

Very neat area to explore. Parking is tricky, but beautiful scenery and great paths to walk. We will probably return to try tubing the river.

J. Jurg.

There are trails to hike in this area of tremendous natural beauty. The historical area is well attended and offers guests a true glimpse of life in the 1800s. One meet need to park in the home and walk in, but there is limited parking by the train depot.

Heidi Manner

Great place to visit with lots to do! Lots of history and nature, and different activities for everyone!

Michael Krasa

Nice quaint town, don't even think about parking at the train station, it will be full. The last bus at the large parking lot leaves at 6PM so parking there wasn't an option either. We decided to just park near a restaurant and have dinner since the parking lot is not exactly in walking distance.

Austin Rupp

Fantastic place to visit. There are some great shops, museums and, food. The area is rich in history.

Sandeep Mann

Beautiful quaint town with nice vibe and lots of hiking. Beautiful scenery. Restaurants and parking can get busy. Parking spots only use ParkMobile app. A good day trip with 3-4 hrs hike.


Beautiful area,autumn can be a treat. Great history and historical significance!

Akin I.

Great place, nice trails and beautiful scenery. A few restaurants to eat at too with very nice and accommodating staff.

Christine Keefer

Nice little historical town. Buildings are self tour and provide lots of information. Nice and clean. Well kept national park area. A few cute shops and small restaurants. Nice hiking and scenery in the area.

Saanvi Reddy

Maps location is incorrect it shows destination reached while Visitor center is 2 miles away !. 15$ is expensive just for 5 min bus ride to see the town. There is no water most of it dried up. Good only if you plan to camp/hike. Just to pass through in car i would say it’s expensive and you can’t see ant waterfalls. Bridge connecting maryland heights is good !

Anastasia Barbara

Very peaceful with lovely views. You can eat lunch right down by the river and the warm breeze is really nice. There are delicious restaurants all along the main roads with lots of good ice cream. Highly recommended!

Piash Debnath

Great place to visit and hike. Really unwelcoming when you come back to your car for a $15 fee you have to pay. No signs anywhere at the parking lot that about such a thing. Or else would’ve never came honestly.

Gabrielle Flanary

This is an absolutely beautiful and cute town to visit. The people there are so friendly. The views of the rivers coming together and the mountains can't be beat. There are a lot of stores to shop at. My favorite was probably the candy shop and the main gift shop. A great town full of history and beauty.

Matthew Sigley

Love adventuring through this historic and beautiful town. I travel to Harper's Ferry several times a year and have some really awesome adventures there with my wife.


For my first visit into the Historic district, this was probably my most favorite place that we went to. Sat by the water, under a tree with a little picnic packed and we read our books!

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