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801 Jefferson Ave, Moundsville, WV 26041, United States

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Where is Grave Creek Mound Historical Site?

REVIEWS OF Grave Creek Mound Historical Site IN West Virginia

Ashley Taylor

Pretty park and decent museum. The West Virginia State Penitentiary is right across the street, so you can take a tour there too if you'd like.

Ashley Bennett

Love all the history

Drew Sudkamp

Pretty average

Bethany Stefaniak

Caleb Minger

Francee Allen

History and nice little gift shop

Erik Kulick

Mark Sowards

Great food good prices

Stephanie Ellis

lots of interesting artifacts to see here and a beautiful veiw at the top.

Elizabeth K

Timothy French

Very educational and interesting facility.

Linda Smith

Free fun educational can't beat that anywhere

Rebecca Trapp

Great kid trip. Outdoor walking & historical learning. Happy find for me



William Duckworth

Cool Adena mound with a great museum. Well worth a visit if you're anywhere near the area or just passing through.

William Cullen

Informative and interesting to know about

Derrick Terry

Great sites

mike mills

Liz Smith

Nice museum with local artifacts and information about the Adena people and the construction of the mound. You access the mound through the museum, which has free admission. There's a gift shop and an information desk with WV tourism brochures and info.

Jaime Booher

Very nice history lessons!

stella thomas

Alot of interesting sites

Daniel Pomeroy

There was alot of history there

good vιвeѕ

Pretty cool, lots of stuff to look at but it'd be cool if you had some sorta of guide or something, wasn't many people there but it's super cool because another historic place is like, right in front of it

The Barn Artist

I was very impressed inside the museum and really enjoyed the artifacts displayed inside!

Mike Boggs

Brought back memories....walked by it as a kid on my way to school

Clyde Cruz

Very nice free history museum

Keith Gleason

Awesome place. The staff are very friendly and my wife loved the gift shop. Definitely worth the trip.

LaKenya Monique

Great experience

Tim Kuhen

Always very nice people and interesting events

Dona Eberlin

Carole Knowles

nive place to visit

Hayley Hummell

The museum was very informative and interesting for me and my young children. We enjoyed climbing the steps to the top of the mound. What a great view from the top!

Kara Summerfield

Anita Finck

Very interesting place

Isaac Manis

It is a peace of history

Kate Kostilnik

Very cool! Stopped over here after touring the penitentiary. We were pleasantly surprised that the entire thing (museum and walking up the mound) were free. Definitely worth a stop.

Alexandra Schmidt

So interesting!

Deepak Dakhore

If you like history

Spike PoochimusMaximus

Great view from the top. Bring your camera!

Joseph Volz

You can't beat free

Sue Sisson

Such an amazing visit. The people that work in this museum are so full of information...made visit so worth while!!

ray vargo

Mystical,a sense of going back to Ancient,Pre-Columbian Era.Alot of Information and exhibits.Andrea is very kind, Nancy is such a sweetheart & the woman in the gift shop makes a Pleasant experience .Nice and adordable gifts and children's archaeological toys,books.Local artisan gifts.

Cindy Keely

Well done State Park showcasing the history of ancient Indians who resided in WV, Ohio, and other states. Located just across the street from the former Moundsville State Penitentiary.


This is an awesome conical mound. Nice museum, visitor center. Give yourself a couple hours to take it all in. And ofcourse there's the prison across the street

Theo Minor

Very entertaining place to visit with history from the past

Kazi nazir ahmed

A historical site and good history of marble making etc

Louie Clay

Awesome place

Susan Nester

Bri' s Surprise

We loved it!!

will doolin

Complementary food would have been nice. Bathrooms are clean. Watch out for mystical snowstorms.


A fun place! Great museum and don't forget to walk to the top of the mound and get a great view of the valley

misty kading

Very interesting facts about history there and learn a lot about what's made here in wv

Laura Fulk

Great place to visit and learn.

Jen Matthews

Nice museum. Everyone should check it out.

Tammy Vargo

Amazimg and Informative

Charles Farnsworth

Grayson Speaker

Very nice small museum. Lost of activities for kids. Very educational. And super friendly staff!

ashley gazzo

Our first stop on our family vacation, this place is seriously cool. If your interested in history or anything Native American related this is right up your alley! Even our kids really enjoyed it! They also had a little free craft for the kids to do! Also the museum was free!

Bill Minear

Excellent visitor center and museum. Take your time to learn the history of the mound and the events that transpired around it. Don't forget to climb the mound while you're there! The views of Moundsville are excellent!

Armbar Guy

Dale norris

Great place to get a better look at Moundsville.

M Woods

Charles and Kimberly Littleton

Rachel Legg-Fields

Wendy Weatherford

Interesting and educational. I love learning the history of places I go! Not overpriced

Hubert Bassett

Great place to take kids

Chad Carpenter

Lots of interesting things to check out make sure to bring the kids

Yvonne Simon

Nice history. Very big mounf

Robert Thompson


M. Farrell

Interesting historical site very close to the Moundsville Penitentiary

Nick Prescott

Good, little, free museum and a good view from on top of the mound.

Carl Larson

Kinda spooky but cool and historic

Dave Johnson

Fascinating history here...the free museum is very impressive.

Kasey Lynn

Beautiful.. That mound is phenomenal, it just gives you this good feeling. Especially when your at the top! I'm from Clarington Ohio. I climbed the hills my whole childhood, this one was different. Just good vibes and inside all the arrowheads n precious artifacts were amazing.. Just loved it..

Jonathan Bowers

This place is great! Lots of cool stuff inside to learn about. My favorite part was walking to the top with my wife and enjoying the view.

C Hall

Fun for the whole family interesting facts about the mound and it's free to visit

Amelia Redmond

Very historical


Nice place

Heather Dewberry

Neat place and lots of history...loved the museum!

tomas I

Very interesting place to go

Roger Woodland

Sara M

Love visiting native American sites. Museum was cool.

James blake

Great Historical Sites, with plenty to see. Very informative displays and exhibits pertaining to the ancient Adena and Hopewell civilizations. The new exhibits are new and updated. The staff is friendly,just a great learning experience also be sure to follow them on Facebook. They post informative history and cultural artifacts along with live lectures and presentations. Can't wait tell I'm invited to speak at some point in time.

Chuck Bones

Great place for the family

Allyson Fitzparick

There is lots of history to learn

Will Wagner

It's an old grave site. Good views of the town and the old jail. Really unique.

Joshua Mathias

A great historical site with a fabulous museum

Candida Van Natta

Educational, interesting.

Just Rick

If you know about Indian mounds you'll see this is a good one, small museum adjacent, wish I had time to tour the prison next door


It is astonishing that we have a witness to a very early civilization, since it was built between 250 - 150 BC! Well worth a visit. Unfortunately, went on July 4th, and the museum was closed

Vicki Lough

this place holds a lot of memories for us locals. great view from the top

Pattie Norman



Cool park and museum of ancient history regarding the famous chief/leader buried there.

Lacy Marcum

Stewart Hurst

Ron Collins

View from the mound is spectacular

Andre Parquette

It's hard to imagine the pristine wilderness that predated White settlement..the Ohio valley has changed so drastically, thankfully we have this interpretive resource to begin an understanding of North Americas past.

Ronnie Hohn

J.W. Petterson

The Museum is very educational. I enjoyed the exhibits.

Charese Rhodes

I live in Moundsville. As a kid, I remember how much I loved going there. It's not nearly as facinating as I remember but I've been through the museum and walked up the mound at least a dozen times over the years. It's a must do for anyone just visiting the area. My kids enjoyed it... definitely a family friendly historical place to visit:)

Robert Kissinger

Love history!!! Loved this!!!

chad strope


Ron Cain

Great history and nice displays

Heather Coppock

Very interesting!! want to go back

Brandy Eggleston

Interesting facts and information about the Indians. Just couldn't climb the mound, it's too steep for my bad hip

Jeffrey Richards

If you have some spare time during the day, this place is worth checking out. They offer Native American history, as well as information regarding the history of pottery and the local area. The sights at the top of the mound is worth the walk.

Elizabeth Wyers

Susan Rheal

Great place to learn history

Robert Malbouf

Valerie Thomas

Love this place so amazing to see.

Harris Geddes

Very interesting site to visit. Wish I had more time here!!


A well preserved part of history. The museum was fantastic.

Rainbow Goddess

Super neat place...FREE ADMISSION to the museum AND the mound! Very educational...very nice & affordable gift shop. Nice, clean restrooms. Highly recommended to visit & learn about the mound and those who built it.

jonathan rogers

Museum is dated, but overall it was a great experience!

Fred Finney

Grave Creek is a world class archaeological site and very photogenic. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. The museum does need to be updated.

Kevin Tracy

Wonderful collection of artifacts at the Museum.

Grant Cheramie

Pretty cool, displays seemed a little empty tho.

Chris Johnson

Awsome place and the museum was amazing

Nancy Trent

I want to know more of the giant skeletons found there.


This us always a great stop for the kids. The exhibits really change but they have a fun craft every month right before you walk out to climb the mound. Very nice gift shop, also the head archeologist can often be seen walking about avalible for questions.

rondell white


Kevin Cuichta

Very interesting part of the local history! A must visit!

Shannon Lacey

Free entry, free museum. Whats not to like?!

Kyle Sturtevant

A lot of history and climbing the mound was fun.

Brenda Kay

Nice clean. Nice family outing

Kyle Broussard

Admission is free and the museum gives a great history of the local indigenous people who built the mound. Great all day event, especially when paired with the West Virginia Penitentiary right across the street

David Boxx

I am giving this 5 stars because there is not a choice for higher number. The information and displayed are awesome and very breath taking. The fact that you can ascend the mound and see the city is amazing

Mark M

As a history buff I loved this museum and burial site.

Crystal Louise

The Best!!!

Chris C

Stopped here several times on the way through the area. Very glad the town has taken steps to keep this preserved for generations to enjoy.

Gregory Orcutt

Was closed!

Randolph Briggs

Learned a lot about WV history. Had a great time.

Daysha Hall

Very interesting place!!

Betty Ward

Very interesting and exhibits were great

Aaron Whipkey

Cool little place to visit for history of the mound and they added a couple new things to the museum from the last time i visited, would recommend.

Marcia Ward

Great learning experience!!! Plus it's free entry into the museum and you get to walk up the mound, loved it!!!

Kenneth Clark


Kris Belcher

Todd O'Neal

Nice historical site, excellent location with the prison you can tour next door

Patrick Allen

Very interesting museum and visitors center. Well maintained and staff were friendly and helpful.

Cody White LDPF

Debbie Douglas

Loved looking at WV history

JusA Piece

Such a beautiful place! Can't wait to go back to tour the prison and mound and see more of what West Virginia has to offer!

Isaac Reid

Paula Varndell

I really enjoyed myself

David Whiton Vose

Free admission is nice. Well worth a look over all the old photos and drawings of the times past. No handrail on the walkway to the top. I didn't miss the handrail until the walk back down. Good view from the top.

Roger Lashare

Very interesting

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