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Where is Cathedral Falls?

REVIEWS OF Cathedral Falls IN West Virginia

Daniel Hartmanstorfer

Beautiful setting right off the road, nice place to stop and stretch your legs

Eden Murr

Extremely beautiful, even with no foliage and it being very cold.

Jennifer Brown

Fantastic for kids and old folks that can not walk far. Great waterfall!!!

Pamela dean

ABeautiful place to visit.

Larry Wigal

I have lived in WV my whole life but stopping at this waterfall never gets old. Beautiful WV attraction.

Anthony Rimicci

Beautiful and unusual, and very easy to miss if you don't know it's there.


Right off the road and absolutely beautiful

Verónica Pavón

This place was espectacular, make sure to have water proof boots or flip flop because you are going to want to walk between the rocks. It really worth it

Barrett Sorrells

Driving through WV on 7/31/18 and this was Cathedral Falls after a huge thunderstorm had just gone through. Absolutely incredible to see this usually calm and peaceful creek become a powerful and raging torrent of water!

Danielle Lammert

Beautiful and accessible for iconic pictures.

Nicholas Culler

Very great view must stop for a pic if in area

Iris Shimmell

Beautiful place to visit! When you see it for the very first time, it feels like you have discovered one of Mother Nature's best kept secrets in the middle of a dense forest!

Kenneth Green

Beautiful and easy to access.

Amandae Melton

So beautiful! Can really get down to the water fall.

jan mathews

Beautiful falls

Tommy H

Beautiful, easy access, very relaxing and the drive to and from the the falls is beautiful also.

Beens TheBeen

Beautiful waterfall can be seen from the road. Very easy access. Definitely worth visiting!

Dan P.

A small trailer was set up selling hot dogs the first time I visited during the memorial day holiday. Tried my first hot dog with coleslaw. Very good!

Susan on. olx222iealr. m mm. mmsJujzjjs UTiller

Beautiful! Able to get up close! Make sure to wear shoes with good traction.

Mark Wooldridge

Easy to visit is just off the hard road and has a parking lot and picnic area


Beautiful loved it

Nate Eckhard

Amazing waterfall with easy access!

Duane Poling

Beautiful place!!

Gunner Greaves

Love it have sence I was a kid no water this past weekend it's kinda dry but still a wonder to see

Jessica Palmer

Beautiful waterfall. Easy access. Best time to go is right after a rain.

Amanda Oakes

Beautiful, right off the high way, walk right up to the falls!

Leesa Will

Very beautiful waterfall. A must see if you are in the area or traveling by the area.

Dave Pogue

Definitely worth a stop if you're passing through, especially if you haven't seen it before.

Jon Henderson

It's beautiful and requires no hike it's right beside the road.

Bryan Wray

Brings back old memories!

Tina Kennedy

Super cool spot to stop in West Virginia! Beautiful waterfall right off the road!

Kurt Tarvis

Always a fun time. I like to stop by on my to the NRG.

matt cline

Amazing view awesome waterfall easy access

Karly S

Beautiful, quick stop along the road. Definitely worth swinging in.

Katy Tincher

Beautiful falls that are easy to access.

Micah Mullenax

Cornerstone of heaven!... make sure you pee before going... sounds of the fall antagonized the urge.

Matthew Burcham

Fun place to see, right before heading up to Hawks nest.

Eddi Tucker

A little spot off the trail, but its a place you will never forget. I have pictures of my kids growing up in front of these falls.

1 CrazyCubfan

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Jishu Kinkar Medhi

A naturally wonderful place where you can get up close to the waterfall

Melissa Kern

Highest waterfall in WV. Nice steady flow since it rained. Quite a lot the week before. Locals said it has often dried up in the past years. Was beautiful 6/2/18. Parking right off highway. Could pull in, stay in the car and enjoy watching …

Tim Hall

One of the most Beautiful place's I've been in W. V.

David Boyer

Sadly the water was at a trickle when we were there. Very convenient parking. Right off the highway

Chris Fig

An absolute must see if you’re in the area, especially after some good rain. Wow!

Tyler Springer

A great, quick stop on the way to or from Fayettevile. No climbing necessary. Great place for family pictures. Has a picnic table too.

Denise Dorman

So beautiful, can't wait to go back!! We plan on camping next time

Carlton Padgett

Beautiful spot for anyone not wanting to or able to hike to a spot with a view. This can literally be seen from WV 60. Although the path to the base of the falls is primitive, the view of the falls can be enjoyed from the small parking lot. There are also many other scenic spots in the area around Gauley Bridge, WV. I will be in the area for a few weeks and will definitely be going back.

Patti Harris

It was beautiful

Rebecca Hurst

It was a beautiful waterfall close to the road. Easy access made the experience better also.

Howard Jones

Beautiful scenic waterfalls, stop by and see whenever you are near here.

Matthew Key

This is a nice place for a short hike, pictures, or just to cool off.

Sheila Bays

little water flowing but great view

David Harbison

Beautiful little site to visit

Everett Nelson

Falls were dry but very beautiful

Kaye Hughes

Beautiful, serene, butterflies.

Amy Egress

Easy access off Route 60. Parking is limited. Pictures do not adequately capture the beauty or serenity of this little spot. If you happen through this part of the state, make this stop. Electric lights are installed to light up the falls at night.

Don S

Beautiful little pull off. Great photo op and place to stretch your legs. Kanawha Falls is just down the road and is gorgeous.No facilities at either park:(

Stephanie Crosby

Very beautiful and well worth the detour to visit.

Ron Sass

Super easy access and, in our case, on our way home from Hawks Nest.

Jacob Mcdaniel

This is a very beautiful Must see waterfall. Is a beautiful ride through the West Virginia mountains. Is a beautiful place to take pictures. today We got to meet people from other States other countries that come to visit. Watching the kids play in the water was really nice today. It's A short walk . It's visible as soon as you pull into the parking lot. The only downside To it is the parking lots kind of small. But if you love seeing waterfalls, It's one to see for sure.

Tiffany Tyler

Absolutely beautiful, great picnic spot!

Jacqui Martinez

Family had a great time checking out the falls. Heads up! Parking can be challenging... Quick fun stop. Not wheel chair friendly for the falls, but the bridge is accessible...

J Hart

Lovely spot to stop and stretch your legs or have a picnic. You can see the falls from the road and the trail is very easy to reach the falls. Not sure if there is a trail to the upper part of the falls.

chris s

Best kept secret in West Virginia! Right along the road and beautiful!

Amber Sloane

Beautiful! Took my 5 year old son and he was amazed. Little path takes you all the way to the falls. Take water shoes with you!

Shashank Suresh

Good place easy to miss it when you are on road. Pay attention when you get close to it.

Off-Grid Mountain Adventures

This waterfall is absolutely beautiful. You can see it from the road you can see it from your car when you park less than 200 feet from where you park is the waterfall no hike required easy place to get to easily accessible and viewable by anybody no strenuous requirements to reach perfect place to come and clear ur head an relax.

Debra Raines

Beautiful! We go all the time. Planning to have our wedding there

Sierra Gandee

Beautiful and easy to access. Bring water shoes if you want to get in the falls. Makes a great day trip if you live in the Huntington-Charleston area as it's very close to Kanawha Falls, Hawks Nest, and Babcock state park.

Leslie Whelan

Beautiful and is justoff the road

Kristi West

This was beautiful and it’s right off the road. No hiking. You can walk right up to it and just hearing the sounds and feeling the cool mist can soothe the soul.

April Shouse

Beautiful lil spot! Perfect for pictures and to stretch your legs!

Tootsie-rollingstone Travels

Beautiful, peaceful waterfall. I slept here over night. So amazing

Carl Rose

Love these beautiful falls

Scotty 2Hotty

Absolutely magnificent waterfall. So beautiful and extremely tall. Love that u can walk right up to it. Great for pics.

j rich

Nice big waterfall! Conveniently located right off the side of the highway! Hopped along the rocks a bit. Picnic tables but no bathrooms

Glenn Scheidler

Beautiful falls and scenery.

Rochelle SL

Nice little park. Beautiful, but the hike up to the falls is VERY steep. Young & fit folks got a great view from the top, middle-aged and doughy got to see from the bottom.

Carolynn Tilley

Beautiful falls!

Regina Roberts

Beautiful view, picnic tables, and a trail to the top of the waterfall! The trail is very steep though.

Will Curtis

I use to visit these falls on a daily hike everyday. Not the biggest in the world. but still beautiful none the less. And if you look around the falls and side to side there are great little trails to go to the top if your into that kind of thing.

Cade Stone

I found this rare beauty while traveling over the mountain for work. On the way back, I had to stop just to admire the natural and serene wonder of cathedral falls. If you're traveling in this area, I definitely recommend stopping in the conveniently located parking area and enjoying the sight.

James Rinehart

Beautiful stop on any road trip. Must see attraction when traveling RT 60. Don't miss it.

Travis Keiper

Very cool place tucked back off the road. Two small picnic tables. Parking is very limited so you're better off to park across the road.

Jake Jones

Pretty medium-size waterfall. Very easy access directly off the road. Paved and gravel parking area. There are a couple picnic tables as well. A wooden bridge and dirt path will get you close to the bottom of the waterfall.

Tammy Napier

One of the most scenic waterfalls in West Virginia. It is very easy to find, located right alongside US 60. Definitely worth a visit. Very Beautiful, has a small picnic area right at the location, sound of the falls resonate in the area, makes for a great spot to unwind and enjoy from a roadtrip. Highly recommend.

The_Ark_Guy_ Ellison

Very beautiful spot! would love to go back sometime !

Jawna Banks

View was completely amazing! I almost broke my neck looking at it as I was driving by so I knew that I had to go back. It didn't disappoint! Clean and well kept. Love that everyone writes on the wood so you can see all the people that have passed through and when

Lauren Sullivan

Beautiful!!! No hike to see it, and so close to walk right up to it!

Nicole M

This waterfall is a must see. Parking close by, not a long walk to the waterfall. There is a small area you can get your feet wet and walk around at the bottom of the fall. Kids love to play in it.

tomeka miles

Such a beautiful spot right off the road

Alexandra Torrijos

Nice place but lacking of parking

Robert Freiberg

Nice loud falls. Hard to get direct view. Someone should prune a bit.


Beautiful and bigger than I expected. It has been raining a ton, so it had a lot of water. If you come in from the east, the road is super curvy and steep, but many gorgeous overlooks.

James Jameson

Gorgeous and easily accessible waterfall

Sriram Udhaya

Just a beautiful falls can able to view from the road side..less parking so plan ahead ...

Jasmine Dagostino

So worth the drive!!! West Virginia gem

Lisa Ogden

Beautiful waterfall.

Ricky Wilcox

Very beautiful and a must see if you're in the area. Easy access right off the road so you don't need to be an experienced hicker yo get to it. Lol

Aimee Turcotte

Beautiful, secluded and serene. Was able to walk at the bottom of the falls.

B Wilk

Caught this driving hwy 60 instead of the main road. Nice falls close to the road and you can walk right up to it.

Lovie Dovie

My favorite place to go. Had my wedding there

michele deem

It is so beautiful ❤️

Terri Breeden

Nice, easily accessible waterfall. Four picnic tables, small parking lot. Clean.

Sandra Nunya

Falls are dry right now but had a lovely picnic anyway

Clark Zealand

Stumbled across this location while touring around. Beautiful waterfalls with a decent parking lot and some picnic tables.

RK Starkey

Always stop here when I go back

Evan Bingham

Amazing quick stop right off the road.

R Pratt

It's a fun stop off when traveling to Hawks Nest or Fayetteville. I just wish whoever maintains the trash receptacles would do so regularly, especially during summer evenings and weekends.

Debra Moore

Amazing water falls!

Gabriel Hughes

Fun for the kids and beautiful view

Chris Cummings

Stopped while me and my son were on a little fishing trip. Very beautiful and clean. I would love to see it with the lights on. Definitely stop if you are passing by.

melissa simmons

Mildly underwhelming. Its beautiful but the water wasn't flowing well, middle of summer, I guess. Don't make the trip just for it.

Jordan Pearson

Gorgeous and fun (though challenging) to hike around!

Phil Hissom

How could you not stop here? It’s beautiful and right next to Route 60. We stopped ‘for a minute’ and stayed for an hour. The falls are a bit mesmerizing and the creek they land in have nice big flat rocks you can safely walk out on.

Mallory Koci

A beautiful stop! The falls were not too heavy, so we could see the rocks behind. My kiddo really enjoyed climbing over the rocks and tree branches as an "obstacle course" to get to the falls.

Jessyca Kindt

Beautiful surprise on our roadtrip. Recommend a stop.

Jeremy D

Really nice place to stop, rest and enjoy the water fall.

Mike Yeary

Very crowded the day we were there Not alot of water at this time but that can change rapidly. Be careful going in and out there are some blind curves in that area

Jason Lilly

Absolutely one of the best day-trip destinations in West Virginia. On a good day, you can hike right up next to the falls and wade into the water. It can get crowded with other travelers at certain times of the year, but it's still a great place to stop by.

Harold Bishop

A wonderful side of the road attraction

Denise Horne

Beautiful, Great pictures

Davina Moore

A nice little detour on our drive

Kody Rose

Well... ;) Let's just say it'll always be a fond memory

jamie marshall

Such a gorgeous place tucked away right off the road

Elizabeth Riser

Such a gorgeous fall, the coolness and serenity it brings is breathtaking and its directly of the side of the road. A must see sight!!!

Jason herber

Suck a beautiful view

Samuel Caplan

Gorgeous water fall, if a bit crowded. I've never seen such clear water, fresh off the side of the mountain. I wish we had some like this down in Florida!

Natalie Meeks

This is a definite place to stop at, its beautiful. You can even walk in the water to cool off.


Absolutely gorgeous! Make sure to take the time to stop to see this waterfall!

Gerry Ram

Unfortunately the waterfall was not even close to being at its peak because it has not rain but well worth the stop since it's right off the road.

Goldy Justyn

It was beautiful. The drive there was very scenic. Not hard to find.

Ginny Smith

Very beautiful. Just to sit by the waterfall is so peaceful.

Bill Kelly

Another beautiful West Virginia attraction

Kyle Berry

This was a pleasant surprise stop on our trip. It's a really beautiful natural scene.

Paula Finley

So beautiful! Worth the stop!

Stacy Addesso

Very pretty and very congested.


One of my favorite spots from my childhood. Loved taking my kids

Billy White


Ellie C

Beautiful to look at. Great place to stop and stretch your legs.

Chris C

Stop here almost anytime I'm in the area, it's a nice natural feature and the small park is well kept.

Denise Burgett

This is easily one of the most beautiful places I have visited in West Virginia

Scotty Hotty

Breathtaking beautifal high falls simply magical to observe!!! Can go right up real close even wet your feet at the base. Parking super close too. Nice for a quick stop or picnic lunch.

Jeremy Mynhier

Great place to go on a hot summer day

Summer Alcala

The scenery is beautiful and the water is super cold. It's a great place to take the family and little ones to splash around if you're looking to get a quick trip out of the house.

Helen Ann Burton

Loved the falls

Rich Goodman

Breathtaking. This should be a much bigger deal across the state. You can easily see the falls from the road, and it’s an easy enough walk, though not accessible for mobility issues. (A police officer just told me that the falls are not always running, so try to come after a storm for best results!!)

James Hopkins

Beautiful and scenic. Right beside the road so everyone can enjoy

Theresa Bennett

This a beautiful place to take those special pictures.

Pamela Dean

Beautiful place!

Travis Spoonamore

Beautiful place

Malena Ponder

Absolutely gorgeous! A must see if you're in southern West Virginia!

heather heitz

An amazingly epic waterfall tucked in just off the road. Incredible!

Rj White

Its beautiful check it out

Mandy Childs

Beautiful location with very limited parking (there were maybe 8 cars there when we were there, and it was getting tight). The falls are lovely and easily accessed via a short walk from the parking lot. There are also two or three picnic tables there for some seating.

Jay Detty

Caught this little gem just driving past. Had to turn around and go back because we only caught it at a glance. It was a year ago since we were there. Some trash lying about but not horrible (I know, any trash on the ground is horrible). Definitely worth a stop!

Dani Vandermark

Just incredible ❤️.

Kyle Wilson

Cool place to check out.

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