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Where is Capitol Market?

REVIEWS OF Capitol Market IN West Virginia

Angel 8776

All the shops have great people working there that help out a lot to help find what u need.

RW wiseman

what a great place to support local farmers! every booth we visited the folks were very helpful!

Cliff Meadows

Neat things you can't get anywhere else!

John P Lichter

Great place to browse and eat!

Andrea James

Very nicely set up. Each store is marked as it's own. Everything is clean, and well kept. There is a huge nursery along side that looked wonderful. Definitely worth visiting for a walk through to at least get a cup of coffee and some swiss chocolate.

Mandi O

I'm a big fan of reusing old buildings, and that's exactly what they did here. There's sushi, a deli, good coffee, chocolate truffles wine market, possibly a restaurant, and more. It's a casual place with outside seating to enjoy your food purchases. The farmers market out front has great produce, and lots of plants. This is a great stop if you're in the area. There's also an ATM on premises.

Daniel Hanshew

Neat place, you can still find something new each visit.

Ashley Watkins

Love this place! The outside market in the summer is always full with some great local produce and the shops inside have great products too!

Johnnie Gavin

Nice shopping and food.

Robert Chandler

So many different things beaut flowers and amazing produce.

Joi Ballard

Purple Onion is the ultimate stop. They have a great selection of various fresh salads. Excellent

MikeG is Me !!

Excellent farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Decent prices.

Jeannette Slack

Love this place, different varieties of spices, vegetables, cheeses, just check it out you will love....

Carl Addington Jr

Food was good and all the workers was polite and friendly

Angela Chestnut

Whether you are local or visiting - check out the Capitol Market. Something for everyone! Gifts, crafts, meat market, and yummy food choices in addition to the outdoor market. It's like the Charleston version of Tamarack (but smaller price tags)!

Kim Wriston

Great to walk around and get some fresh, seasonal produce or plants. If you are looking for a WV souvenir or gift, go to the indoor shop just before the restrooms. And you must try the Big Fish sandwich from the indoor fish stall. It is huge and so yummy!

Susan Baldwin

Good shops. Specialty items you can't find elsewhere. I went for the coffee, but bought two bottles of wine in addition to a bag of one of my favourite African coffee beans. Plants outside.

Devin Fields

Extensive produce and plant selection!! The prices are good and the vendors are friendly and helpful. The different selections on the inside of the market are great too with sushi, seafood, sandwiches, and a healthy market. I love it here

Kassaundra Willis

Fresh food and product from local business. Staff is friendly and helpful. Produce is great. Salads are my favorite! Vegetarian Southwest is awesome and more should be added to the shelf

Terry Campbell

Great place to shop for some unique items. Meat market is awesome as well.

Kellen Shearin

Cool place. Lots of local goods


Great indoor market with tons of local vendors with a wide range of options for food, good and coffee. I highly recommend the coffee shop in this place. You would never expect the quality of the coffee you can get in this little place. It is surprisingly world class.

Lori Mandich

Really neat place..need another restaurant!

James Richmond

A great place for visitors to go a spend some time and if I lived there I would shop there also.

James Parsons

Just a great place to go. Good deals and good people.

Missy Wilson

Kinda crowded inside due to the special event going on, but as always love this place.

Maria Runyon

I love this place! Always friendly , great food, beautiful and clean!!

Wendy Thomas

Purple onion always has good variety. Good place to get bulk "goodies" and veggies

J. Michael Mollohan

Capitol Market is diverse and moderately convenient. Since the old Farmers Market morphed into Capitol Market, the prices have increased, and I don't like that, but the freshness and selection can't be beat. The inside stores are aimed at a more upscale clientele, but I do occasionally partake. The Purple Onion offers decent produce year round. Johnny's Meat Market offers the best meat around. My main complaint, other than prices, is that they close at 6:00 pm. For a lot of people who work until five o'clock and have a commute, that's not at all convenient.

Ronneisa Smith

Always a pleasant trip to the fish market

flower child

I love the local produce.

Becky Dickerhoof

Love visiting when we pass through the Capital. All the vendors are excellent

Jeremy Foster

Great place for to grab some lunch and plants for your garden

Debbie Kerns

Love getting produce from John Crihfield! It's always fresh and delicious!

Betty Belanus

Great selection of live plants outdoors and local products indoors. Git there kind of late in the day and it was very quiet.


This is the place to get everything. Local farmers, businesses, and products are the best.

Jennifer Rinehart

Nice little unique place with a great variety of items and restaurants. Great little outing!

Anne Summers

The Market is so beautiful with all the flowers in bloom. It was a beautiful experience.

Dotti Underwood

Love Capitol Market! Always a great visit!

Paul Van Dyk

Great vendors. "Reasonable" pricing for being as much a tourist location as market. Well done.

Clarice Boyden

The flower selection was just amazing and overwhelming. There is so many flowers to look at and pick. I will continue to go to the capital market for all of my flower, plant, and vegetable shopping. Also, the meat market was the best I've ever seen. The meat selection and cuts or astronomical. The meat was so beautiful. Everyone should try to make a stop at Capital Market.

Edd Brooks

Good fresh produce, good prices , and a clean venue . No zombies on the inside ! City needs to clean up on the ohtside of the market

alex cook

Nice I got alot of stuff there

Tyler Springer

All the flowers and plants. Great food. Nice place

Mathew McCoy

Disappointed I sonr know what I was expecting but that much of a price difference was shocking. I guess I cant afford to eat healthy lol.

Connie Selbe

Great places n this place, I shop for meat at Johnnies Meat Market, GREAT DEALS!

Yousef Abdelgaber

This place is a representation of what West Virginia could be, very nice environment!

Neal Haynes

Great place to buy produce fresh

Rhonda Campbell

Love this place, I suggest the salted caramel latte at the coffee shop

April Blankenship

They had anything and everything and more! I can't wait to go back. I want to go back for fall mums.

Rachel Fitch

So cute! Lots of vendors. They take cards

Emily Roche

Great food to choose from. Great prices.

Tammy Bibbee

Friendly service and the yellow watermelons are delicious.

Yeo Jott

A lot of flowers, plants, and products. It's nice just to walk a look at all the different items that are being offered at the Capitol Market.

Jackie Keough

Love the outdoor market. Good selection of vendors.

Jean Ann Lehman

This is a great market. Outside vendors have beautiful mum's, excellent produce choices, and fall decorations. Inside vendors have a variety of foods, jewelry, candy, prepared salads, sushi, etc. Excellent choices for a quick lunch. We had lunch at Soho restaurant and our meals were absolutely delicious. Our waitress was always attentive and pleasant.We enjoyed every minute of our time here in the market and restaurant. Definitely, a place to visit if you're in the area.

Patience Sayler

Colorful array of local produce, specialty food items, gifts and plants along with salad, meat and seafood lunch vendors.

Leandria J

Fresh and Fantastic! There is something for everyone here! The outdoor section is full of plants, fruits and veggies with so many offerings you can easily spend an entire day shopping for your favorites! Inside is more than you can hope for with coffee, wine, crafts, and the purple onion market! I left with some amazing honey, pepper mustard, fresh produce, several marinades, gorgeous hanging baskets, and a few local crafts that were high quality! Spend some time here, you won't regret it!


Really great fruits n veggies, seafood, meats, drinks, candy etc....

Boyd Edmonds

A nice place to grab a quick bite is the Fresh Fish Market. All of the restaurants in the market have good food.

Charles Meade

We love this little market. There's not a ton of stuff, but it's all good. Plus all the veggies and flowers outside are well priced and delicious!

Melody McHomitch

Fresh produce, flowers, honey, wine and food locally grown

cDubya M

This place is amazing. Inside has a good variety of groceries and local artisan stuff. But the real reason to come is when the outside market is booming with plants. Whether it's veggies or herbs, or house/outdoor plants, the market will blow you away. It is gorgeous. Well worth a weekend visit!

Henry Lopez

Good produce and plants for sale.

Norma Cordle

I love the different salads from Purple Onion.

george roberts

Love the market...lots of fresh local fruits and veggies..all the restaurant's inside- delicious!!!!

Randall Hubbs

A great place for the family and fresh produce.

Brady Campbell

This is a wonderful stop to get everything from dinner and groceries to fine chocolates, sushi, and wine. For those from out of town, you can get a great sampling of WV manufactured goods such as glass, salt, and a wide array of foods. This is a great place to find gifts for friends and family.

Eddie Hopkins

Great selection of plants & the market has a large variety of products not found elsewhere in the local area. Also, a nice area for lunch!

Adrienne Taylor

Great variety on produce and flowers and plants. Nice store there too!

Michelle walker

Fish market, Purple Onion and Me a Cuppa are great!

Mike Grady

Love Johnny's, the Fish Market, and the fresh vegetables!

Lori Elling

Such a nice shop with lots of vendors in one cohesive center. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and locally made goodies. Stop here for some fun shopping and some lunch or dinner as there are a few dining spots on location.

David Williamson

Good fish sandwich on a croissant. Coleslaw is tasty. Always a favorite when I go to the Capitol Market

Julie Doss

Great local fresh produce and Johnny's meat market,fresh seafood and top notch restaurants are some of the good reasons to visit.

Joan Parker

A wonderful place to get fresh local produce, hand crafted local (YUMMY) chocolate from Holl's, wine, seafood, a butcher, and more all in one great location with free parking!

kevin o'keefe

Awesome Farmers market and great artisan stands.

Barbara Anderson

It's a nice place to visit. Go if you haven't been. Good for tourists. Good for souviners. Good for lunch. Fresh and local made.

Lewis Perkins

Capital market very nice such wonderful store cheese fresh seafood fresh cant wait shop there many many types cheese imprted and others

Hannah Snuffer

Love this place so much. There need to keep more vanilla powder in stock though. They are always out when i go.


Mostly flowers/plants and vegetables. I wish they sell wide variety of fruits. The Soho restaurant is pretty good.

Teresa Blevins

I love the outside vendors! They are always super friendly and have the most beautiful flowers!

Linda Barnhill

Take lots of money with you. Great quality

Briane Turley

Delightful indoor/outdoor market with WV grown plants, vegetables, and other native products. Well worth a visit even for those passing through.

Nick Patel

Love this place. Local vendors

Josh Muncy

Awesome place to get plants and produce very fun time

Deborah Mcintyre

You can get any plant,flower or vegetable here love it


I seen nothing great about the place. Wish they had done something for the homeless that try and survive just feet away. To me it's just a glorified fancy place for the people who would rather brag about how much they paid for lunch than even wonder if the people they can't see out back even ate today. Just my opinion, if you love the place walk around back.

Janice Jones

not crowded, vegetables & fruit not their normal quality.

Frank Stemple

Great place to purchase fruit,vegetables, flowere and food items. Personnel are very helpful. One can find most anything needed.

P Wile

Beautiful healthy plants at good to excellent prices and very good selection and service. Beautiful looking fruits and vegetables could not buy on a long car trip. If return to Charleston will return to Capital market.

Shea James

I love Capitol Market! Lovely local finds, yummy food options, and a great place to stop in for a gift! Not to mention the farmers market in the summer!

Chris Clark

Lots of vegetable plants, flowers for the ladies. Fantastic food, sauces, jams and jellies

Amanda Fletcher

Cute market with places to eat and a grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables. An impressive spice selection as well.

Charles Green

Always interesting to visit, anyone could find treat

Jennifer Smith

Best farmers' market that I've ever visited. Period.

Becky Pettry

Great place with good food

Ashon Woodbury

I love the Capitol Market. There are so many things to find here and many reasons to go back. The seafood, the wine, the cheese, the fresh produce, etc.

Brittany Reavis

Love this place. So many different stands for fruits, veggies, and now pumpkins. They also had a potting/planting class going on. Could be fun. Inside different shops, seafood, candy, Wine. Cafes to eat at and usually have ice cream.

Prudence Dotson

The set up of the whole market has a welcoming atmosphere and everything there offers the best that WV has to offer

James William Gross

Always a good time! Beautiful flowers and a plethora of locally grown vegetables. Never complete without a pint or two with Eileen at Soho's. She's the darling of the Market!

Jim Schmid Photography

Great food and pumpkins.

Tim Hyatt

no actual "farmers" per se....only vendors are all greenhouses & growers from the area. The selection reflects local growing crops, but is somewhat narrow. the current management and policies has completely driven off small producers. Prices also reflect this policy. Recent attempts to push out any homeless from "hanging around" has reduced available benches and seating to a bare minimum. If you're used to real farmer's Co-op markets from other cities, you will be underwhelmed. The "permanent" residents inside the main bldg seem to be misplaced, believing the;re in an upscale warehouse in Tribeca....


What can I say? Yummmmmm. Happy smiling faces! Yeah. Can't go wrong here.

electroman 1974

Great place to visit... dont skip over this place. Well worth the visit!

Margaret Devan

Old train station converted to shops and great restaurants.

Kenny Groves

We buy most of our garden vegetables here. A lot of good vendors.

Robert Zimmerman

Me and my grandson had a blast at the market.So much to see inside and outside. Such a variety of produce and flower. Lots of beautiful mums. At the fresh seafood store inside they had Alligator meat for sale by the pound and my grandson had to have a pound. We fried it up and we all loved the flavor.

Vernon Devol

Tomatoes were very good.

Bill Nelson

Went when they were having the wind down sell .got a good mess of half runners,they were delicious.some heirloom tomatoes and cukes with some balsamic,it was out our local farmers.

Bruce Adkins

Good Food and Service at the Fish Market. Great Fish Sandwich.

Jonathan Butts

During the summer months I get all my fresh vegetables from the market. I also shop for fresh fruit and vegetables and all my meats at Johnny's meat store

Heather Armstrong

Best place to buy fresh veggies and flowers by far

Joseph Burgess

Great selection of fresh from the garden

Randy Bell

Loved this Haven in downtown Charleston! Great choices, fresh market and a nice cultural experience.

Paula Taylor

Great place to get fresh, local products

Tom Jarrell

Always a great selection of produce.

Alaina Moore

One of my favorite places in Charleston! Definitely check it out.

Jennifer Bunner

Local, fresh cracker spreads! I will be back soon for more goodies and fresh produce

Samuel Wilder

Great place to hang out and shop for food or gifts!

Susan Crumbacher

A fun place to visit for a few hours.

Alan Reeves

Very interesting place. Nice little shops where you can walk from on to another. Sushi Garden was great

Larry Reams

The Capitol Market is an eclectic mix with an ever-changing set of options outdoors as well as the independent vendors inside. One consistent theme with the indoor options is the uniform quality. Quite the selection of interesting viandes and hard goods. Definitely worth an explore when in Charleston.

Melissa Jarvis

Lots of places to sit to work or talk. Great coffee and delicious eats! Visit soon!

Margie Devan

Soho's restaurant had delicious food, large servings, and great service. The outdoor garden center had a wealth of beautiful, healthy plants. Limited parking but we got a space.

John Dalton Speak

Amazing place with friendly merchants. Some of the best produce I’ve ever had!

Judi Almond

Variety of business and quality. Always enjoy. Friendliness of owners and staff.

Gerry Ram

Nice local farmers market with fresh fruits and vegetables

Eric Nichols

Nice variety of fresh produce. Be prepared to shake out the dollar. Prices are high.

Melquiades Estrada

Fine selection, great place for people watching. Relaxed atmosphere. Thanks for a great afternoon!

Tim Zeller

Decent parking, an amazing variety of floral and fresh veggies. Great hospitality from the workers and the restaurant food from there is delicious also.

Vernon Casto

Market is great, good food, shopping produce, and flowers

Linda Moore

So far, we've had some of the tomatoes and canteloupe from the Purple Onion, and they were great! The country style ribs, complete with a cooking suggestion from the clerk, were delicious... We'll definitely be back!

Josh Beane

Good products, but not a lot of variety. Some shops are prohibitively expensive.

Holly Finney

Always my favorite place to go for lunch and to grab a quick coffee

Quentin Ellis

Johnny's meat market was the bomb very friendly staff very helpful


Not much there and way over priced !!

Jacob McNeel

Good place for an afternoon with family/significant other.

Mary Whitney

Great food and lovely produce!

Jenny Contenta

I loved this market. It is definitely a diamond in the rough. It is bright,fresh,clean,and busy. I started with getting a salad from the purple onion and I also purchased the best honey crisp apples ever, I then went to Mecca Coffee and Holls chocolate. The people were all so polite and helpful with the exception of the sales employee at Holls. Their chocolates were amazing so it made up for a rude employee. This market also sell wine,fresh,fruits and veggies,houses a restaurant,sells fresh cute meat,seafood,and sushi. I will definitely come back during my monthly business visit. Enjoy the photos!

Vernon Washington

Soho's... excellent food good service and nice atmosphere.

Nickie Guinn

Most awesome place on planet Earth! I'd move to Charleston just to shop here.

Lakeisha Guerrant

Lots of different option to shop from . Fresh foods

Mike Prince

We always love this place.

Amanda Rucker

Love capital market. Especially in the spring and summer. We get almost all of our meat from Johnnys.

Erika Frazier

I enjoy Capital Market our Family visits Johnnie's Meat Market often. Plus they have an amazing Farmers Market in there when it's in season, they also have a very nice Restaurant and a Produce store called The Purple Onion for those months that the Farmers market isn't in season.

Kevin Leigh

Great coffee, great restaurants, happy people and awesome farmers market. When you arrive your are treated with free parking and easy access. Then flowers and veggies. Then you look around and you realize your standing in history. The closest thing that comes to this is the market in Venice I recommend


Wonderful place. Lots of yummies. Very friendly folks

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