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162 Visitor Center Rd, Lansing, WV 25862, United States

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Where is Canyon Rim Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF Canyon Rim Visitor Center IN West Virginia

maria Turney

Amazing views, friendly staff,great source of info about area

Erin Lewis

Amazing visitor center with gorgeous views!

Matt Buri

Very beautiful scenic over look under the highway bridge. The trial is a short walk but well worth it.

Shirley Barbour

Amazing hike. One of the most beautiful places in wva

G. Opdyke

Beautiful views. Going to be even better in the next few weeks with the leaves changing colors.

Steve Maynard

Very informative and helpful.

Gena Koelker

Very nice exhibits. Helpful staff and beautiful view that you can view from indoors

Herman Wells

This needs to be your first stop before hiking or visiting this area. You can pick up a free map from the National park service that shows all the trails. Not into hiking but just want a good view of the gorge and the bridge? You can do that at the visitors center too.

Daniel Kert

Nice little starter view of the bridge. Lots of tree coverage, which is nice, but blocks much of what the view could be

Kim Woods

Nice and clean...access to see the gorge is safe.

Dana Stoltz

Loved the views and the trails to the lookouts.

Janet Kennedy

Went to Bridge day at the New River Gorge Bridge. It was amazing.

Helen Coynor

Lots of good information and a great view of the gorge. A good place to plan your exploring

Amanda Gard

Love the walk down to the overlook of New River Gorge Bridge+

Jacob Faltermayer

Easily accessible and in good shape. Good information, small museum, and friendly staff.

Phil Vania

Awesome views, a must place to stop and rest and take on the grandeur of the valley and the bridge. Take the steps down into the valley to get a better view. Opportunity to see the longest freight train travel along the valley trail was a sight to see.

Michael Wilson

Awesome place you definitely want to stop and see.

Allen Chafin

Very nice and informative great view

Steven Kallman

Great place for information about the New River Gorge and spectacular views of the bridge. Definitely worth stopping as it's only a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot to the lookout.

Josh Yeager

Beautiful view and great history.

Brad Sovich

Definitely worth the stop. If you take the steps down to the lookout, just remember that the trip back up is much more difficult than the trip down!

Cliff Lear

Really large selection of knickknacks and souvenirs. Just what you'd look for in an Appalachian gift shop plus a bonus of delicious ice cream and homemade fudge.

James Sturdevant

Was an excellent place to go with the family. Well worth the detour if you don't mind the stairs!

donald wilkinson

Very educational and very scenic. Lots of steps if you go down to the lower viewing area.

Lisa Flowers

Worth the stop. Beautiful. Awe inspiring.

Moon Beam

Good views, easy walking boardwalk to overlook the bridge

Fred S

Well worth the time to walk the short trails to the overlook

Stephanie Pollard

Love this bridge. My husband proposed to me during bridge day 2017

Paul Damerell

In WV, the New River Gorge Bridge us not just a river crossing, but a source of considerable state pride and a tourist attraction in its own right. Hence, the nice visitor center adjacent to the bridge with history displays, local information and walkways/trails that give nice views of the bridge and valley. There is a nice overlook easily accessible from the parking lot and then a somewhat better one that is about 100 steps down. Save your energy for the climb back up!

Cody Graham

Beautiful place, has plenty of interesting information, and the displays are set up in a way that makes it fun to learn. The facility was clean, very well kept, and the AC feels amazing on a hot day.

Eddi Tucker

A nice walk satueated with some of the best views West Virginia has to offer.

Cindi Hagan

Absolutely lovely place to get out and walk around! Fishing, hiking and just beautiful scenery

jewel Slayton

Is really something to see. The view was spectacular.

Dave Henry

Very nice facility and friendly staff. They answered any questions and also recommend places we should try to visit. Walkway to view New River bridge and River.

Mark Oliphant

Only a 5 mins stop, but look like a place with great adventure when traveling from the north to the south.

Eric Badgley

Educational with a beautiful view. Even for a 1 hour stop it was fun.

Chas Kuhn

Amazing views! A picturesque place to visit before or right after crossing the New River Gorge bridge. Lots of good information and a little documentary movie as well.

Phillip Michalowski

Many beautiful items, nice staff and we purchased shirts there.

Harry Mike Dodge

They are closed to all visitors. They are constructing a new walkway. Wish we would had known this prior to wasting our time.

Shelley Johnsen

Beautiful walk through the get to the observation deck. Not for the physically challenged. The pathway down, is a new wooden walkway that has various degrees of steps, twists and turns. It is about a 15 minute hike, taking it at normal tourist pace down all of the steps and back up. From the furthest down vantage point, you can take a beautiful picture of the bridge and the gorge. The visitors center was closed by the time we arrived at 6:30 pm.

Sarah Morningstar

This is one of my favorite national parks. Its beautiful and the hiking is great. A must see.

James Herrington

Nice place to view the bridge!


Great views clean area super awesome and knowledgeable staff

Karina Stephens

Awesome Visitor's Center. There are maps of the trails and the employees will help direct you to the trail you are looking for. An excellent experience as a tourist from out of state. I will definitely return to this location and hike the local trails again in the near future. Pure beauty!

Daniel Louis

Beautiful views. Great walking area.

Michelle Fortunato

Beautiful a great place to stop and rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a bit of a walk to the lowest platform approximately 120+ steps down, so you know you still have to climb back up those steps! It is worth it but you should know!

Kurt Lindstrom

New River Gorge Bridge View. This is tall enough to place the Washington Monument and 2 statues of Liberty on top of each other with 20 ft to spare! Its the 3rd longest bridge span in the Western Hemisphere!!

Kay Pippin

Its an amazing place to stop! Worth a stop to get out and stretch.

Charita Petrina

Nicely designed center. Interesting historical display inside, but the star is the boardwalk/stairs to overlook the bridge. Worth a stop, and you can't beat the price (free).

Jeff Black

Great views of the gorge and they were New River Gorge Bridge, excellent history in the visitor centers as well, easy access to drive underneath the bridge although be careful very small one-lane roads it's going down into the bridge

Zachary Buckley

I've driven past this place countless times and never actually stopped and visited. I finally did so recently and I'm glad I did. The view was great!

Sriram Subramanian

Best staff out there at Canyon Rim Visitor Center. Really enjoyed the 180 step walk and 8-mile drive (do it if you can) to get best views of new river gorge bridge. Make sure to stop at Visitor Center. Kudos to you guys !

Ronald Kragnes

Cool place to stop. Little museum and lookout. Wish signs were a little better posted on what it is and where to go.

Angel Saylors

End of the day and the staff let my son help take down the flag. Very clean bathrooms and of course the view was gorgeous.

K Steele

If the New River Gorge isn't on your bucket list it should be. The NPS rangers and employees were top notch and took pride in their little slice of heaven. A great place to stop to figure your next adventure steps.

Joe Kaufman

Friendly place with a ton of good information about the New River Gorge. Great view from inside the building of the gorge too. Definitely check out the overlook trail located a few hundred feet from the visitor center building.

Vance Blackburn

This was a great place to learn about the history of the area. They have great displays and many park ranger are available to answer your questions. The presentations cover everything from the bridge construction to the effects on the wildlife of the area. A display of very old equipment that the coal miners would have used. There is a great wooden walkway to a lower observation deck.


The view from the back of the visitor center is absolutely incredible. There are many spots around the property that one can view the canyon from as well as a nice, wooden walkway that goes down the gorge. From the outside, the visitor center seems like a rather friendly and open space poised in a great spot but it's difficult to give this a fully informed rating, as it was closed due to the current government shutdown. (12/18)

Michael Wahl

Gorgeous views, well maintained park, and pleasant staff.

Josh Whitaker

Great gift shop. Informative displays. And one heck of a view on the back side of the building.

Lisa Browning

Great place to visit. They arent kidding when they tell you the walk down to the overlook is spectacular but the walk back up is treacherous. Very worth it.

Jim Coffman

Great stop before you head down a trail to get a great view of the NRG bridge, be aware that the trail can be a little challenging to anyone that may have limited mobility or a hard time decending hills or climbing up hills but well worth the trip to the observation deck. The canyon rim visitor center has a great view from the deck on the back side also.

Rob Graff

Beautiful setting overlooking a spectacular view of the New River Gorge.

murlidhar kadam

I thought to have a quick stop on US route 19 while passing by Canyon Rim Visitor Center but it turn out to be a 2 hrs stop by the time I realized it & I am glad that I made stop here. Visit center and surrounding is not only clean and well maintained but also provide great view of New River George bridge. You can see this beathtaking view from main overlook inside visitor center or from boardwalk path which has some 100+ steps. You can see park film if you have time .

Randall Smith

Lots of steps to an observation deck overlooking the river. Great views of the natural beauty.

Ed Blanton

Heard a lot about this but was more and better than imagined.

kevin o'keefe

Fun way to kill 20 minutes and look at the new river gorge.

Debbie Moore

Beautiful views of the river. However the walk down is not so easy and coming back up all the stairs is even harder. I would not recommend the walk down or back up to anyone with health issues.

Joshua Shuttlesworth

Great little 15 minute diversion from your north/south bound journey. Not the best view of the bridge but the best view for those short on time. Warning lots of steps to best view but ones pictured there were 0 to get there.

Christina Reissig

Beautiful view, helpful park employees and interesting history area inside the visitor center. Must take the drive down to the bottom. Its awesome!!

Shamima Nasrin

People are so kindly and friendly and helped us in many ways. Center is clean and tidy and overlook from the center is too mind blowing.

Nanette Campbell

Very nice facility and staff was friendly and helpful.

Vernon Helmick

Awesome place to visit... great views

Daniel Redford

Wow. Had to go down ( and back up of course) many many steps to get s good view of bridge. Huge.

Ryan Elowski

It was very nice here with well maintained trails, and a nice visitors center. Definitely worth the stop.

Daniel Fletcher

Amazing views of the New River gorge bridge. I recommend the Bridgewalk guided tour. IRS right down the street from the visitor center. You will get a perspective of the bridge that very few people ever see. My 17 year old son and I did it and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Lou Chandrus

Beautiful scenery hiking trails clean no trash

Judy Good

Beautiful wiew.

Ed Steller

Nice view. I had a very informative talk with the ranger.


We had a great stop here. Leaves we beautiful.

Jen D

This place is AWESOME! Friendly and helpful staff, clean facilities and lots of history!

Mark Beshel

Very cool place to stop and stretch. Great visitor center, very clean facilities, and friendly folks to help you out. There's a little eatery nearby (not part of the visitor center) that has some basic food and good I've cream and fudge. Otherwise enjoy the scenery, take a hike down into the gorge, or just take the stairs down to a great view.

Wayne Giovinazzo

Good stop along Midland trail. Avoid GPS to take turnpike. Not for the faint of heart.

Jason Campbell

Scenic views of the longest arch bridge in the western hemisphere. Interesting history of the area presented.

Natalie Greene

Beautiful place to stop on a long drive. Indoor visitor center has with small museum, clean bathrooms and amazing views of the valley below. Outdoor picnic space is right outside center. Take boardwalk and huge set of fresh wooden stairs on the edge of the cliff that lead amazing scenic overlook of the giant bridge and river valley below. Simply amazing! We stop here every time we drive through.

James Parks

The New River gorge is gorgeous. The observation points are easily accessible so long as you have functional legs and a strong ticker. The kids loved learning about how the gorge was formed, and mommy and I loved the opportunity to show the kids how truly magnificent nature is. If you haven't been here yet, don't hesitate to visit.

Adi Gamon

Beautiful view of the New River Bridge. 177 wooden steps.

Chad Mitchell

Amazing example of our national park. Great amenities and views - the visitor center does close at 5 though!

Mary Roberts

Love to stop here every time I travel by

john lowstetter

Cool place but it was foggy when we where there

John Snow

Way more than just a visitor center for the bridge. Easy way to see the history of the New River area. Great advice and maps for hiking.

Ricky Wilcox

Really nice experience, the view is amazing. The walkway was really nice wide and sturdy.

Edd Sharp

Great place to start your visit.

David Tooley

A great central place to park & enjoy activities in the area!!

Patrick Tipton

Very nice stop along the way to your destination.

Samantha Willard

The visitors center was closed when we were there, but the walk to the overlook was awesome. The area was clean and beautiful. I'm glad we stopped on our road trip

Robert Marsh

Great place to stop with some great views. Clean walking path and stairway. There are quite a few steps to get down to the bridge view but it is definitely worth it.


The folks at the visitor center are very helpful and it has a few great scenic views of the bridge.

Joe Peters

Great views, good facility ... Preferred rest stop with great displays but open after 8 a.m.

Mark Knowlton

Very knowledgeable staff, well stocked gift shop with MADE IN USA articles.

Ryan Joseph

Neat little gift shop with a variety of different items at reasonable prices!


Very scenic with a nice little gift shop there.

Susan McNeill

Breathtaking. And the area is kept clean and well maintained. There is a visitors center and I saw a spot to get ice cream and fudge. Nice touch.

Teresa Stout

The view is spectacular. They have an interesting documentary on the history in a small movie theatre. Very nice and informative. Very clean. Pop machine. Of course, souvenirs for sale. Great place for family. Restrooms available. Wheelchair accessible.

Clark Zealand

Arrived just after the visitor center closed, so I can't offer much about that but I hear that it's very interesting. The stairs down to the overlook are impressive and the very of the bridge and canyon is amazing!

Jeremy Wilcox

Visitors Center is clean and welcoming, with a friendly and informative staff. The walk down to the bridge overlook is well maintained and comfortable. Beautiful views. Well worth the stop.

Malena Boggess

Great place. Clean bathrooms. Super helpful staff!!

Jackie Millan Realtor PA

This is beautiful, if you are driving by it is a must to stop and take in the beautiful scenery..

Steve Hollingsworth

A great place to learn the fascinating history of the New River Gorge area, a lovely out of the way place north of Beckley WV.

Doug Alpaugh

Very nice , Clean venue. Informative, great views, and the relaxing rocking chairs are a nice feature. Clean restrooms, picnic area and nature walk as well.

Eric Dilley

The center is very nice with history of the gorge and river. I enjoyed the video.

Jeannie Mleczko

Gorgeous! Just stopped for a breath of fresh air and to stretch my legs and was just taken aback by the beauty here!

Chuck Johnson

The bridge is high and there are good views driving across, but to get the full breadth of what is going on here, stop at the visitor center and take the stairs down to the lookout point. Going down is easy; the walk back up is a little tougher! The visitor center is comprehensive; including exhibits and a short film about the gorge. Included is the obligatory gift shop, however there a a smaller, private gift shop next door with better prices.

Adam Alterman

Pretty good view of the bridge. Nice visior center.

Angel Lynn

The step trek to the overlook is not for the winded or faint of heart. It is a strenuous and strategic climb back to the top. Bring water and take many breaks. The view is totally worth it! We counted 168 steps... or was it 186? Hmmm

jon jackson

Beautiful place to stop and stretch your legs right off of the highway.

Laura Richards

Beautiful view of the gorge and informative displays on the bride construction. We did not visit the inside of the visitor center, but it looked like it went into further detail on the history of the bride and surrounding areas.

Brenda Scott

Spectacular View. Friendly staff.

Jessica S

Nice vistor center. Has some cool overlooks. Great place to take a break and walk if on a long drive

Terry Priester

Besides a lot of factual history Inside it has a very Nice overlook

John Scott

The people went out of their way to answer our questions. They gave us very good directions and tips on sites to see.

Gery Oswald

Nice visitor center for a great bridge to view. Beautiful area.

Lisa Wills

Pick up the cd for the driving tour down into the gorge! It's a beautiful drive with stops built in to the narration.

Trey Lee

A beautiful Scenic view! A nice place to stop and stretch your legs. Be prepared to walk down about 200ft of stairs to getting to the viewing deck. Seeing the New River Gorge and the New River Bridge is a sight to see! When my group arrived the visitor center was closed but from the outside it looked very nice.

Susan Dunlap

Really neat place to go! Especially at sunset....❤️

Russ Fleeger

Beautiful views on a beautiful day.

Earl Nichol

Great scenic look out and visitors center.

Joe Douglas

The center is at the beginning of the path you can take down to get a really good view. The path is not wheelchair accessible and is very stair heavy and not friendly for those with physical disabilities. The visitor center does offer a view of the bridge though. It has a lot of information as well about the bridge and the terrain surrounding it. Tours are available but im not sure on pricing or length and details of those. A gorgeous sight to see though

Dan Hoffer

Great views and information about the area, lots to see. The restrooms were clean andwell maintained.

craig beltrame

You feel so small standing next to this beautiful art work in the best state

R & N Pool

Didn't stick around for the movie/video or any of the educational signs, but great views for pictures and easy access to stairs that lead to a look-out! Great place to stretch your legs after a long day of driving

Miki Falls

Such a good place that we came back the next day just to see it because it was closed before. It has a nice view of the New River Gorge from the big windows inside the center. Also, There's a scenic spot once you take the wooden stairs that goes down which gives you a view of the bridge . The visitor's center have a small video about the Canyon Rim which is interesting and informative. Would love to come back!

meghanjay sahu

Had a lovely time. The gentleman at the help desk was so helpful. Explained most of the popular trails to us and how to get there. We did the endless wall trail. Even though it was raining but it was fun. There is also a shop where you can buy stuff that would come handy when camping or trekking

Tammie Townsend

What a cool place to visit, very interesting and beautiful. No bathrooms if park is closed. FYI

Jay Gilmore

Definitely worth the drive. The visitor's center was clean and staffed with friendly people. There is a nice view from the center, however, the most picturesque spot is down a wooden walkway. While a short walk, it does have steps. I did not see a handicap accessible ramp for that part of the experience.

Elizabeth Wilkinson

This was nice for a quick little stop. It wasn't quite the park I was hoping it would be , but we did get to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

David Kravetz

One of the great places to see the amazing New River Gorge and the big bridge

Alex Kowalewski

Gorgeous view, and interesting history. Not just a rest stop, definitely something you should see.

Dennis Kreson

Great facility, had a lot to offer the public. Everyone needs to visit if they are in the area.

Allie H

Every where we went it was sincere interaction.

Alysa Lanier

Beautiful place with kind people.

Andy Bickel

Breathtaking Views! The visitors center provides a gorgeous view of the New River Gorge from inside and an outdoor balcony. You can see calm and peaceful waters as well as some rapids from this view. There are several outdoor trails ranging from a short distance to several miles to provide another view of the New River Gorge. The trail we went on was paved and contained many wooden steps and balconies going part way down the mountain. Parking: Free Hiking: Free Restrooms and beverage machines were available onsite.

Ryan Chinnis

Beautiful place. If you're traveling near the area, it's worth a detour.

Cecile Robertson

Wonderful stop! Great views of the New River Gorge and the New River Gorge Bridge. The visitor center is a beautiful building, bookstore is well-stocked with a nice selection. Nice job Park Service!

roger myers

Beautiful scenery. Wonderful people. Love seeing the history on display.

Joan Marsh

The scenery is wonderful. Make sure to stop in when you are there. The river and bridge are quite the site to see.

Brian Baker

Nice facility with friendly staff. The canyon vista was fantastic, as was the stair walk down to the observation deck! Plenty of factful exhibits, and a great topographic relief map of the area. Bathrooms were clean, and there plenty if beautiful flowers out front to walk through.

Edward Huber

Interactive, interesting, informative. This was a fun stop to learn about the history of the area. Also you have a great view of the bridge from here.

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