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34 Oakwood Heights Road, Williamson, WV 25661, United States

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Where is Buffalo Mountain Trailhead, Hatfield-McCoy Trails?

REVIEWS OF Buffalo Mountain Trailhead, Hatfield-McCoy Trails IN West Virginia

John Wellons

Brandon Wicks

Great trail system

Randy Crone

Tourist trap


October here is beautiful.

Brenda Franks

Don Steinmetz

Tracy Harmon

The Rockhouse trail system is awesome! However, if you want hospitality while you are there, you better pack you up some and take it with you. The people of Man and Gilbert are so rude. We had planned on staying 4 nights and riding 3 full days. After our first night there, we were treated like they didn't care if we were there or not, we only stayed 2 nights and rode one full day. Our hotel room stunk and the water in the shower even smelled bad. We tried to go to the restaurant right beside the hotel the first night we were there, the waitress seated us but never came back to took our drink order or nothing. The next day we rode to Gilbert and ate at a place there and still, our waitress was not very polite. It's really sad that we were looking forward to a nice, relaxing vacation there but had to cut it short. I told my husband there was no point in us staying any longer and giving the ungrateful people in those cities our hard earned money.

Wayne Riemersma

Ray Gonyea

Best place ever

Stephanie Shippy

Some of the best trails we have rode on! Great maps and trail signs make it Easy to navigate through trail systems!

S.A. Skidmore

Clayton Rinaldis

Great trails for whatever it is you ride. All the town's are off road vehicle friendly, so you can ride right into town get food, gas, whatever it is you want to do and get right back on the trails. They could use better signing of the trails.

Brydon Deforge

Came down from Canada... CANT SAY ENOUGH !!!! well groomed clean trails, well run..., trail staff are very friendly AA ++ Going back this summer

Mike Fraley

jon dix

Favorite place to ride

Luis Alvarenga

Justin Tyler

First time here to HatField McCoy trail system, It was a very large and fun trail system. Talk about Mountains! For awhile i felt like it was nothing but switch backs. The only down side to these trails are that its so large you never know where to start.. I would recommend starting around Ashland Resort for you first time here. I will be back.

Nello Santana

Billy Jenkins

Jeff Arnal

faithy lover

There is not a better way to experience West Virginia. Amazing well maintained trail system, lookout points, steams, wildlife history what more can you ask for.

Tyler C

Rick Kiser

Me and my wife came from Eastern Kentucky and Road are side by side for a week traveling 350 miles riding all the green and some blue Trails on every system enjoyed it it was very exciting wonderful Adventure I'll never forget it

Bryan Vernatter

i live here

Bill Ashby

Amber Tawney

A Google User

Jen henthorn


Chris Ward

Britne Johnson

Nice trails had a blast but could use some grooming, big boulders on a green or blue trail where we almost flipped and we were going as slow as possible down the hill.

Tim Teboe

Richard Paul

jeromy Mckeel

I've been here 2 times. Yes the trails are nice and fun but different websites show all these different local restaurants that you can supposedly eat at but both times I've been there almost all of them are shut down. All of these towns that are part of hmt are very poor. I don't know what the locals eat because there's hardly no restaurants or grocery stores nearby unless you drive about an hour away. If you do go bring your own groceries. I personally think it's overrated.

Brian Ward

We've ridden the trails and "The Rockhouse " is the best.

Tim Jordan

Cale Wholeeo

Andrew Schaffner

Jonathan Moore

Thomas P.

More of a atv and hiking trail. Tried it on a dirtbike and you almost need to be a dirt track allstar. I went middle aged and out of shape and it beat me down. Should have used a lighter bike. Nice place, easy to miss though.

Josh Meade

Awesome ride!

Scott Clevenger

Misty Marcum

James Lusk


This place used to be awesome for dirt bikes but now all the single track has been closed and the only thing left is dirt roads for razors. I used to love coming up here from Alabama to ride these trails but will not come back to ride dirt bikes because there is less tha. 5% singletrack left. Pitiful. If you have a razor this place is completely awesome

James Griffiths

Terry Ross

Great trails for riding no matter your skill level. Always a great time and would recommend for any one wanting a great off-road ride. Dirt bikes, ATVs and side by side welcome. Huge trail system guaranteed not to disappoint

Donna Ellis

Best trials on the east coast!

grant steiner

Smooth trails

Sean Black

Jake Bowlin

As someone who is a highly experienced atv rider, these trails are my savings grace

mary phillips

Love, love love it n the trail workers Derek, Ronnie n Ricky are AWESOME

Matthew Short

Saybella White

Shawn Komer

Flash Gordon

Jay Collins

A great place to get to see the wilderness of the West Virginia mountains that goes on a long way with connecting trails

Sam Clifford

Single track trails are not being maintained. They are super brushy. Just a little work it would be prefect. Trail outfitters outside of Williamson was fantastic.

April Cordova

Hunting Phil

Staff very helpful. Had a blast.

Tony T

We were on the rock house section, staying at twin hollows campground and cabins. First the bad part; these trails will ruin your view of your local trails (at least if you come from Pennsylvania or Ohio anyways). They are well groomed and well marked. The trails in my humble opinion are just the right, the are open and easy with some challenging areas and obstacles without being too easy and boring to ride, but just because the trails are broken down into sections no longer than 7 miles, don't expect to do short loops, these are very long trails with very long ascents and descents. The scenery is breathtaking. The towns are all atv friendly, meaning you can ride your atv right to the gas station, restaurants, car washes etc. The locals are absolutely nothing but nice, the rest of the country could learn a thing or 2 about friendliness and hospitality from southern WV. I was also very impressed with the other riders on these trails, everyone we passed was very courteous and knew how to use hand signals to let oncoming riders know how many more were in their group.

Ron Petty

Trails are awesome !

Hillbilly Hog

Rock house is rough but the trails and area surrounding our motel is perfect for the boys weekend


Jeffrey Fried

Darren Hedrick


Wow OK got 5 star rating

thomas wilson

Trails to ride for days

Bud Holmes


Wes Wilson

Buffalo Mountain Trail System is awesome...full of everything you'd want to see and do off-road. Trails are kept up well and fun for all riders with different experience levels.

Floyed May

Connor Brady

Nancy Markle

Tonda Sapp

Great on and off.

Ben Cohely

Edward Rohr

Trail Heaven explains it! They keep trails in great shape and are always taking care of them!

Dwight Rhodes

Hatfield McCoy is the best place on earth for trail riding hands down.

Elijah Deweese

Kimberly Kay

John Brown

Ashley Bonbrake

Stop in at Buffalo Mountain, Hatfield-McCoy Trails for beautiful scenery atop rich history!!!!!

Gabriel Crozier

We traveled all the way from Toronto, Canada to ride the Bearwallow Trail. You need to get a permit which is good for the season. You can it get it at this specific trail from 9 am - 2 pm. After that you have to go to the welcome center I believe.I'm going to answer the questions, that you can't find answers to. Jeeps are only allowed on the Bearwallow system, Greens and Blues trails only ,to my knowledge. Green is the easiest and blue is more difficult. You need a helmet to ride even in a jeep. It took us 3 hours to complete a circuit of trails, so you will not get bored. This is a rare trail system that is open 7 days a week and open during "daylight hours", you can ride alone as well, most other trails make let you either only let you ride on weekends, or with a minimum of 2 vehicles. As for directions, your map will show WV 17 and WV 10 forking off and you are suppose to follow the WV 17. The WV 10 has a new extension which is not updated on any maps including google, the new extension is only 3 months old. So their isn't a real fork, there is a left you have to make, your map will show a fork but it is a left turn. This was an amazing experience, worth the 9 hours drive from Toronto.


James Ewing

Kip Z

Love the HMT trails..... however the trails are booming in popularity..... great for WV, bad for users! HMT needs to step up their efforts now to police their system with people with authority to enforce rules and laws. Speeding and drinking becoming a big problem and the accidents and wrecks are proof. Hope they can figure it out, those trails are no joke, even the green trails have little to room for error. We cancelled our plans to attend Trailfest this year as it has gotten out of control up there.

Ronald Fey

Nice variety of terrain and difficulty

Todd O

Denise Adams

Beautiful scenery, well maintained trails for all skill levels. Trails clearly marked, reasonably priced. My new favorite adventure spot close to home.

Kristen Parker

Shawn Walsh

adam lyman

Lc Blankenship

ed krisch

This was our first time here. We stayed just outside of Gilbert with access to the Rockhouse trail within 100 yards from our cabin. We rode 22 hours and 173 miles during our 2 day stay. We rode every trail in Rockhouse that side by sides are permitted on, and probably a little over half of devil anse. The trails are well maintained and 99% of the time we never seen any other riders which honestly made it nice. We were afraid it would be crowded. We'll definitely be going back again to ride some of the other trails. I will say this to end my review. We drove from south western Pennsylvania which took us about 5 hours to get to where we were staying. It's definitely worth driving 5 hours to ride there. If it was 6 hours away, I don't know we'd go back. Maybe it's all the nice riding areas around where we live influencing me saying that, but for a 5 hour drive I know we'll be going back next year.

Randy Richter

Awesome riding!!!

Pam L

Eddie Wright

Gregg Johnston

LT06 gaming

leann dent

Great and beautiful

Trenda Coffelt

Diamond Dave

The trail system is large and super fun. There are plenty of places to eat, get gas, and even get your rig fixed if you were dumb and bought a Polaris. Very friendly people all throughout the area. Had a great time!

Josh Kloenne

Adam Kaiser

Crusty Lemons


Haunted Heather

David Martin

Sonny Esposito

We stayed at the Mud Pit. Accommodations and the trails were excellent. 1 Stop shop-Food,gas and beautiful cabins! What else could you ask for? Highly recommended.

Motley Fager

It was our second trip to Hatfield McCoy trail system. The weather was excellent again especially for mid March. The people in and around the trail system are very friendly it's a great place to go.

Brian Johnston

awesome :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

ann colerheault

Drove from New Hampshire down. Stayed 4 days at the Mountaineer hotel. Beautiful historical building. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Got our permit right there. Our favorite places to eat were Tracks End and starters. Trailhead was easy to find. Trails are well marked. The steep cliffs on the side of the trails can make passing on coming vehicles difficult. Took the trails to Matewan ate at Wingo's grill where the food was awsome, staff was welcoming and even let me plug my phone in to charge. Round trip it was 70 miles. Saw a black bear on trail 23 and a red fox on trail 20. My husband moved a box turtle off one of the trails. Question how does a box turtle get that far up? Definitely worth the trip.

Brendan F

Fantastic place to start the Buffalo mountain trail system for the Hatfield McCoy trails. If you're a single to track rider, this is where you want to start. Quick access to most of the great single track trails.

Timothy Kinnaman

Great trails and great amount of smooth, to rougher, to mudholes.

Michael Allen

Awesome, there needs to be a camp ground

Brad Rollins

Justin Fruchey

Been here 4 rimes before. Love everything about the trail system an the people down here. So eager to lend a hand. Thanks to all for all the help. The down side to our trip was a few too many mechanical priblems. And our lodging. WARNING STAY AWAY FROM THE BOARS NEST. AC dont work. Theresa May the lady the manages the property. Is full of excuaes of why she cant do here job and take care of things. No toilet paper. Not clean. No ac. Just a grimy place to stay. She told me she was doing all she could di ti get the ac working. Said she couldnt get in touch with a heating an ac guy. Googles great. Took me 5 seconds....... if yoy dont mind coming back to a place that is 90 decrees. Have a ball. And good luck. Oh. And if yoy dont mind all yhe junkies calling the landline costantly..... something aint right with this place. Go some where else PLEASE. Save yourself the trouble

Jim Baillargeon

Ching Chang

Spent a weekend at the Ashland resort and had an awesome time, great trails and people. The only problems we experienced was dirt on the cabin floors when we arrived and the trails have traffic going two ways which wasn't a problem until we someone speeding down a narrow trail in a side by side, taking up the whole path. Great place, great trails and the game warden monitoring the trails was very helpful, will be coming back. Only recommendation would be stock up on anything you need because the grocery stores are few and far between.

Glen Sampson

RJ Holsinger


One of the must go to places my family and I had a blast lots to see

Ryan G

Amazing! Too bad it's a haul from Ohio or I'd be here every weekend!

Kevin Alloway

Love riding at Hatfield

Vincent Caporaso

Patricia Dorton

They have a lot of trails, and the ride is smooth mostly.

Rob Crider

Angela Martin


Wesley White

Great riding for many skill levels with a very friendly town to stay in nearby.

All Out

We just spent another weekend on the trails we rode 102 miles on Saturday at Rockhouse and explored some of the new Devil Anse trails. rode sunday at Bearwallow, the new section they just opened. Totally awesome. We go down south to ride at least 8 to 10 times a year. The trails are in better condition than I've ever seen. The trail crews deserve a great deal of praise for their efforts. Now with a Cat dozer at every trail system they work all trails as they need it. We ride a lot of black trails and they are also very well maintained. We talked to a board member on Saturday on the trail and I was very impressed with the plans they have for the trail systems. If you don't come to WV and ride these trails you are missing out on one great place to ride. Way to go WV and all at Hatfield McCoys team TRAIL CREWS AND ADMINISTRATION

Brian Edmonds

Richard Miller

It's a awesome trail for your quad or side by side

Jacqueline Rhodes

Lucas Walton


Buffalo Mountain Trailhead, Hatfield-McCoy Trails en West Virginia
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