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137 Juliana St, Parkersburg, WV 26101, United States

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Where is Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park?

REVIEWS OF Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park IN West Virginia

Allison Miller


Kirah Knobel

It's a beautiful island! When we first got there's we went on a lovely Conestoga wagon ride around the island (you can sit in the front with the driver). After that, we toured the Blennerhasset mansion. It was a great way to spend a Saturday

paula vaughn

Dan Penn

Interesting history behind this home

Larry Deems


Rick Yerby

This was a very interesting tour and time on the island. The museum in town has some great items and information. The island trip and the people that work on it are very friendly and helpful. We truly enjoyed our visit and highly recommend it for those visiting or residents that haven't made the trip yet.

Soni Avey

What a wonderful hidden treasure. Beautiful house and wonderful look at history. Exceptional fun experience for the whole family. The staff was outstanding, the food was great, wagon ride was very informative and the boat ride to and from the island was outstanding. Fun for whole family.

Joshua Lott

Very nice, historical state park to visit. Have been many times over the years. Bike rentals or wagon tours allow you to explore the island with plenty of things to see.

Zachary Frieben

To start off, this island is beautiful! It's well kept and there are some beautiful, massive Sycamore Trees out here. The ferry ride to get here is fun, and I think $10 is pretty darn reasonable. The history here is awesome! There are many signs and a few volunteers that'll tell you some of the history. And finally, there are some very nice trails too. Overall, an excellent start to my first time being in West Virginia!

Ron Dolly

Nice place to visit get a boat ride to and from Blennerhassett Island visit the Blennerhassett Manchin while on the Island.

Stephen Maher

Knowledgeable volunteer docents and a wagon train ride with a driver who is a true horse whisperer. Reasonable prices and a paddle boat ride out and back. What's not to like?

Tim Stinson

This was a cool place. Boat ride took a while due to the river being so high

Barb Roseberry

Beautiful island.. lot of history..

Derek Sanders

Justin Chambers

Blennerhassett Island. Aaron Burr got busted (probably by Hamilton loyalists) for treason here in the early 1800's. Much more interesting colonial estate then that Drayton Hall nonsense in South Carolina.

JJ Curfman

Great day trip.

Wendy Marks

Very beautiful.

Kay O'Clair

Very informative!

Blake Bonar

This place is AWESOME. My favorite part of a road trip to WV was going here. Oy reachable via ferry ride. The ferry ride was affordable and a LOT of fun with my little girl. It's about a 20 minute boat ride down the beautiful Ohio River. The island itself is pristine. A cool gift shop, historical and preserved buildings, a lot of history and good signage. The trails and roads are very well kept and I was pushing my baby girl in a stroller. The island is quite big, heavily shaded, and flat. Beautiful outdoors area!

laura beatty

Great place to enjoy the day. Learning experience. Relaxing, fun, and reasonably priced.

Brenda Mccray

Well maintained.

Lora Hall

Beautiful year round. Historically so unique. Spend the day you will love it

Michael Robinson



Great place to visit the horse wagon ride was great.

Steve Oliver

Fun and interesting. The paddle wheeler is wonderful. Guides are informative. Lots of history in a park-like setting.

Duane Poling

Love love love this place!!

Mike Cain

It's a lot of fun and educational

Dave Der

Definitely worth the visit. My whole family loved it.

Colin Joyce

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! That’s all I can say about Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park, with plenty of attractions it is truly fun for the whole family!

Laura Harper

The package is what I recommend. Three stars because of the supression of native American history. It was barely mentioned and the exhibit in the museum's basement is presented as factual, when it is actually based on one individual's outdated (mid 1800's) theory. It is time for the museum to update information and add current theories to the immaculate artifacts. Instead, it is an afterthought pushed to the basement. Very much part of the history of the island and surrounding area and worth more than just a mention. Otherwise, the staff gets 5 stars. The people are authentic and really connect with their audience. I would do the tour again, but I highly encourage this museum to strive for all inclusive history, as it is completely relevant and equally important than the recent history that is front and center.

Jon Henderson

Very interesting location and history

Olivia Pokas

Great visit to the island by ferry. Plenty to do for a few hours.

Dana Cole

So much to do. We lovwd it

Jennifer Starcher

Had an enjoyable visit with family.

Tracey Westfall


Rebecca Waderker

Knowledge overload.

Jennifer Rinehart

Amazingly beautiful place and great experience and the price is cheap! Definitely try this!

Alex Martin

Awesome island in the middle of the ohio river right between wood and Washington counties. Great historical location and tons for the family to see and do

Jennifer Hanshaw

Fantastic experience! Absolutely beautiful island, boat and great tour guides

Don Cutlip

Alyssa Baker

Amazing, Beautiful place to visit, and very interesting.

Jerald Ream

The experience of history.

Joe Mahaffey

Great place to visit

Alan G

Cool piece of history!


Awesome. Boat trip can get pretty hot so bring a fan or some shade. Island talks about a lot of interesting history on the island with all the traffic during the colonial times. Also has parts of the island that have special wildlife that is off limits being researched.

Brad Marks

Justin B.

Very beautiful area. Several activities to do.

Shawnta Montgomery

beautiful and informative

Dinah Sailor

Beautiful area

Melody Davis

Beautiful! Great historical outing. Lovely staff in period costumes and covered wagon rides.


Great place for family.

Todd Twyman

The ability to step back in time.

liz robertson

It was nice and clean

Melissa White

Fun trip, great for any history enthusiast.

Deanna Straw

Docents and carriage ride we're great, especially for people who have been impacted by the Hamilton musical.

Jimmie Williams

The boat ride was nice cool .Good place for kids.

Pam Cunningham

Great place full of history and!

Stephen Rodrick

Really cool place if you like to experience history .

ashley harper

Great place my daughter went here on her school trip and she loved it wants to go back

Ernest Avey

The staff was very informative. The food bar food was in good portions and hot.

Justin Scott

GREAT place to visit

Mona Lisa Anderson

Beautiful,clean, friendly folks

Jonathan McCarthy

Clara Williams

Beautiful scenery, friendly folks, lots of history and plenty memories to be made!

Sarah Y

So much fun was had! We will definitely be going back to revisit. Everyone was so. Ice and there was so much to do.

James Pocket

I got to see my wife and kids laugh and smile all day and for that I'll give 5 stars

Buzz Sayre


Timothy Brown

Do this if you're in town. Definitely a great experience.

Bart Demeter

Lovely. Lived there for years and never went. I was amazed how many famous people lived and worked there. Fairly expensive, but worth the effort and prices.

Scott Mahoney

Just the right amount of things to do to fill a day.

Aldine McGee

Interesting history! Fun evening.

Joshua Loftis

Interesting place with a cool history

Faith Van Schaik

Nice relaxing island, but not much activities. Was expecting music for picking in the park but there was none.

Richard Mcculla

Richard Keenan

Great history

Jessica Neal

Great educational experience!

Bill Hathaway

It would be nice to note on your web site if the ferry is not running. Would save a trip for people traveling from out of town. Or at lease placing a recorded message on your phone line if the ferry is not running.

Suzie Hassan

Tim Kuhns

Interesting history lesson.

Michelle Holmes


Wonderful moments here! A wonderful trip to go on! Take your family in the ferry and ride over to the wonderful island! 10/10

Holli Rager

Loved it.

Dawn Randle

Been going for 30 yrs.

Emmalee Elizabeth

George Tortolon

interesting historical setting

Danny Rhebel

All sorts of beauty and history here! The trees were just gorgeous.

randy Skinner

Very relaxing

Nicholas Smith

I made a school project and visited and absolutely fell in love with the mansion

Shawn Dakin

Very interesting historical site

George Fain

Beautiful and historic home with great views and grounds

Lynette Golden

Lovely visit

Jeffrey Joseph

Beautiful place to visit. Everyone was very personable. Amazing food!! And any question I had was answered. And did I mention very peaceful..

Cynthia Jones

This is a great, relaxing place to spend a few hours with the kids. Plenty of room for them to run and play. Love to sit by the river and watch the barges go by.

Kelly J Morse

Buy the package to see it all of you arw able.

Dolores Bond

Very beautiful place with great history. Love the museums Native American artifacts.

Lisa Grogg

My son's and I had a great time at Blennerhasset, I highly recommend this place as a historical and fun place to visit.

Eleanor Pomerat

Such a cool place! We chatted with the Sternboat captain, did the wagon tour, toured the mansion, and toured the house behind the mansion. It was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. All of the staff were very nice and really knew their stuff. I loved how much care was taken by the wagon tour driver with the horses. Our mansion guide was very nice as well.

Steve Burgin

Peaceful, historic & beautiful!

Leslie Casto

Historically a true Treasure TOTALLY Beautiful place

Anthony Tennant

Alittle piece of history and very friendly staff

Jessica Short

You can tour the mansion and other historical houses. They have buggy rides around the island or you walk/bike on the trail.

Dan Merzke

Beautifully maintained historical park, entertaining, friendly and informative staff. We really enjoyed our whole experience on the island and at the museum and gift shop. Great for all ages and a very interesting little know segment of Ohio and U.S. history.

Kanda Ritchie

Must see it in the daylight and the evening dusk. We had a great night on the island and spent a few hours enjoying the fares.

Cory Caudill

Great family adventure for a day!!!!

Christina McCune

My family had a blast

Sandra Givens

Wonderful place to see! Lots of things to see and do



Kerri Burrows

Audio Extortion

Fun place to hang out for the day with family. Horse Rides mansion tour.

Cindy Shears

Went to buy tickets for boat ride only to discover the island is closed for maintenance on the boat. Closed until August 6. It would be nice if someone would update the website site.

Carrie Roberts

Great place to visit..

Matthew Witt

Interesting story behind this island mansion. Learned a lot.

Nancy Gregg

Wonder place. So peaceful and the history comes alive when the people who work there (dressed in period dress) give tours of the mansion and the wagon ride. I was concerned that one horse (though wearing a shoe)had badly cracked hooves.

Debbie L Hennen

One of my favorite things to do; take the sternwheeler to the island and walk around. So relaxing.

Candice Luts

A boat ride is always a hit with kids. And the guided tour of the manor was great! The ladies really knew their history.

Amanda Kemper

Neat experience!

Johnnaston Kimble

Very interesting place with alot of history

Crispy boi EH 23

Beautiful island love all the history

sharon roach

Beautiful place an my grandkids loved the wagon ride they got to ride up front with the driver an their mom an we all loved the boat ride over an back

ManBaby 23

It was amazing and I thought it was a good historical experience

Jackie Everett

Was a neat experience to explore n learn some history

J Lu

Greeters are informative and engaging regarding the history of the Island during that period of time. Gift shop and eats on site. Set aside at least 3 hours and go there!

Cường Hoàng

It's awesome place for a group picnic. Nice view and fresh air will satisfy you.

Jim L

The manor house tour is very interesting


gordon white

Nice restoration. A LOT of history..

Angela Montgomery

Totally enjoyed my day spent here learning about the island and touring the homes. The kitchen was my absolute favorite! The staff is friendly and the sternwheeler ride to and from the island was fun!

Danita Brunk

It's cool if you're never been there! It wld be an amazing place for wedding pictures of something like that! The grounds were beautiful

Russell cook

Great history! Must see... Reasonable prices!

Allen T

Always fun. The Island was central to a treason plot in the early 1800s; and is now dedicated as a state park. You arrive at the park via a stern wheel ferry (about $10/person), wghich is about a 15 minute trip. Once you get to the island, there are a couple of things to do- the Blennerhassett house tour (fee), the Putnam house tour, a wagon ride (fee), bike rentals (fee), and a good amount of roads and walking paths. There is a gift store and food concessions on the island. Accessibility for mobility impaired people is somewhat difficult. There is a golf cart for help, but terrain on much of the island would be difficult. Most of the roads on the island are small, packed gravel, although in good condition. Most of the stuff on the island is grouped within 1,000 foot of the landing for the boat. The first 150 foot from the landing is somewhat steep.

Derek Sword

This is probably the best way to spend a day in Parkersburg. It's best to spend the $25 for the full package deal. You get a ticket on the sternwheeler to the island, a guided tour of the (replica) Blennerhassett Manor, and a horse drawn carriage ride. Each of these activities will provide you with history about the Ohio river, the island, and local history. The island is great even for a relaxing walk or picnic with the family. And tickets to the island are only $5 Note: dogs are allowed on the island but not near the carriages or in any of the buildings.

Ida Givens

Come see ida, eevon and jenna at the wagon rides.

Marie Nester

Loved it

Kevin Tracy

Great history on the island. Enjoyed the Island Belle sternwheeler ride and the docents are very knowledgeable. The attention to detail of the mansion and furnishings allows a step back into the time period. Don't pass up the Putnam-Houser House tour and look for the names in the window glass panes. Must see for any lover of Ohio Valley history.

Kathryn Hackney

Many great memories of the island.

DM davey

Beautiful mansion on this Island in Wood Country in colorful West Virginia. I have received an original lithografic from my dearest business Friends of Borg Warner Chemicals in Washington W.Va when I retired in 2001. I am Dutch and visited Parkersburg frequently in the years between 1970 and 2001 when this beatifull mansion was almost rebuilt with the help of many gifts of people and companies.

Heather Schaad

Beautiful island filled with history.

Heather Williams

Very beautiful place to visit

Jenny J

Excellent way to spend an afternoon. The ferry ride over is cool. You can pose with the wheel for a pic. Get ready for some serious history lessons when you get there! Also the wagon ride is actually very cool. You get to see the hemp field that used to exist on the island, as well as some other significant sites. Would go again.

Maddie Sneary

The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. A beautiful place to visit when in the area. You take a short boat ride over to the island and stay, 8f you want to, until the last boat pickup. It really isn't a large area to see, but you could spend several hours or longer if you wanted to sit and read, or watch the water, people, and birds.

Joseph Harbrecht

One of the best places in the world

Shannon Williams

Very pretty island with some very weird rules. If a tree falls it cannot be moved. They do not provide training to the horse and buggy drivers they have to learn facts themselves and they are not consistent across the board.

Shawn Edwards

Carlo Vannoy

John d Echols jr


Drew McIntire

Really fun place to visit. A surprising amount of things to do and see once you get to the island.

Laura Davis

Wonderful experience!

Boss 23

Beautiful place to visit, and very interesting. Will definitely go back.

larry ruble

Clean well kept

Randy Dodd


Tonia Smalley

Very informative and knowledgeable tour guides. Everyone from the sternwheel operators to the Island volunteers and employees were kind and courteous. Really enjoyed visiting the Island and hearing it's history.

Crystal Koenig

Heather Taylor

Very beautiful and interesting place.

Caleb McHenry

Enough for 2 hours of activity. Hiking, biking, wagon rides, house tours, and horses to look at. Some omelets at a cost. 20 minute boat ride to get to the island.

Vicky Marinova

This was a beautiful experience. You can buy a ticket for $25 which allows you to take a boat ride to the Blennerhassett Island, do a tour of the mansion, ride on a horse drawn wagon around the island and visit the museum in downtown Parkersburg. The island is beautiful. The mansion was also interesting. The staff were nice and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the whole experience. There are a lot of cool things to see and if you're into history stuff this is a fun trip to do on a weekend. There is also a concessions store and a gift shop.

Julie Diehl

Love the history!

Vanessa Flowers

R Everything was neat about this place. The ride over was good, the wagon ride was neat. And the historical mansion was nice. All of the events on the island had information along with that was very interesting. The history behind the family was surprising to me. There is a concession stand if you get hungry, the hot dog was good that I got. We are interested in going again. We really liked it.

Linda Hill

Beautiful Island

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