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REVIEWS OF Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine IN West Virginia

Eric Simons

A great historical tour of a coal mine. They have a miners town set up as well. We try to visit there once a year on vacation. The tour doesn't change but the campground is very nice and super cheap - inexpensive. I think the price is around $30 / night for full hookups. The staff are friendly and the neighborhood fairly quiet. You will occasionally hear helicopters at the hospital in town but I was an EMT and I kind of like hearing them so it doesn't bother me.

Steve Wilson

Fun little underground tour of a early 1900's coal mine with some modern equipment set up to show how hard they really had it back then.

Vin King

After scouting this place, I came to the determination that the old rampaging worker bots were no longer preventing me from claiming the workbench. There were no raiders, and other players here did not challenge my claim, even going so far as to explore the mine interior with me once we got the train ride unlocked. Didn't run into any molemen miners, and the local wildlife did not appear to be mutated by radiation. My Geiger counter did not alert me to any radiation. Saw many historical pieces dated to pre-War times, in amazing condition. Tours were done by humans, no ghouls or bots were seen here at all. This is probably my favorite location to explore in all of the Ash Heap.

Marcella Roberts

I would like to say how wonderful the landscape is , so neat looking the grounds keepers do a wonderful job , keeping everything looking so Great !!

Debra Cummings

Very interesting and informative. What the miners had to endure to make a living.. Unbelievable. I now know what the song meant "owe my soul to the company store". Going into a coal mine was quite the experience. People flip a switch to get electric, with no thought of how they get it. I look at it all differently now. Thanks for a better knowledge of it all.

Soni Avey

Wonderful place to experience history first hand from the people who worked and lived there. You get to ride in a coal car and see what the miners had to go through to get the coal, then visit the houses and see how they lived. From single men to those with families and hear first hand stories from a lady who lived in one of the houses when she was a child. Great experience for all ages and we'll worth the visit.

Natalie carlin

Great tour of the mine and the guide really gives a great walk through what life was like for the miners back then. He answered any questions we had. When we left we had a great understanding of their daily life.

Russell Parker

Very nice staff. Educational experience!

Herman Wells

Thanks go to Marvin for a great ride through the bowels of the coal mine. What a great teacher! If you want to really learn about what coal mining is all about, this is the place.

Daniel Kert

Just go and look around yourself. No need to take the paid tour. Mildly interesting. May be more so for locals, youngsters or seniors.

Nip Melton

Great tour for an understanding of the hardships of coal mining through the years.

Dennis Smith

Great time at the honey festival

sarah hake

Found this place randomly on Google while traveling through West Virginia! My kid loved it, they are 11 and 7! Guides all very knowledgable and funny!!! A lot of history!

Stacey Hepner

Cool very informational about the lives of wva coal miners, how they lived, worked, pay and family.

Elizabeth Salai

Excellent tour guide under ground. Fun exploring grounds of the past. Nice museum for kids and a log cabin community. Nice gift shop with exhibits and homemade fudge! Very friendly staff.

Bbalila USA

Shot tour about the coal mining history, Mike was our tour guid & he was good at it.


Absolutely fantastic, fun, and reasonably priced experience! We decided to not up this old historic coal mine. We had a nice tour guide who gave us alot of detailed information about the mine. The entire experience was on a old minecart so if you enjoy minecarts it will surely be a ton of fun.

Elizabeth S

Super cool and our tour guide was very funny and knowledgeable.

R Sweeney

Very interesting, informative. and well done tour conducted by real miners (at least our tour was). Well worth the visit.

Douglas Cooper

Awesome explanations of how coal was mined and how the miners and their families lived. The mine tour is very exhilarating, actually being in the mine and seeing how it all worked before the machines of today were invented. Great family tour!

Dina Christensen

Fun stop. Don, our guide was an absolute treasure.

Nattie Fleshman

An awesome place to take the family. Learn some facts and history about coal mining while also enjoying a ride through a non-active mine. Children love it. And it is totally safe. You can also learn about their classrooms and living.

Teddy Li

I could explore history from the site. they guide me to their obsolete mine.

David Symonds

Highly recommend visitors to the area visit the exhibition coal mine to see the working and living conditions for miners who dug the coal used to power and build the industrializing country.

True southern Accent

It was great. I am so glad we went.

Gary Wortman

Great place. A lot of information.

Shannon Mitchell

Great visit to the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine! Everyone was so nice & helpful at the coal mine camp. Don Barrett was a fantastic guide! He took us thru the mine explaining the day of a miner to us...showing us mining equipment that was used then & now. As a former miner, he was very knowledgeable about the process and shared personal stories which made it a more meaningful experience! So glad we added this stop to our road trip!!

Tonya Hagerman

I love ❤️ this place. Growing up as a proud coal miner’s daughter . It was the first coal mine my daddy was allowed to take me in. Back in the day before safety was first lol I had many more mines to explore. As my Daddy began to invest and own his own mines.

Marilyn Morris

Loved it! Real underground coal mine! Guide was great!, friendly, super informative and funny! All the homes and old items in them was nice to see too. Ladies in the gift shop were so sweet. Speaking of sweet, we loved their fudge! Easy parking right in front. Glad we went.

Monica Sue

The haunted coal mine wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It was worth the trip though.

Jadriene Balduf

The coal exhibition and the youth museum were great fun and very informative. Definitely a hidden treasure. There are gift shops at both mining exhibition and museum.

Amy M. Toman

This is a really nice museum! It looks small from the outside, but it's surprisingly roomy inside. There was a good amount of parking, and the staff were friendly. We wandered around for an hour or so, checking out the exhibits, which are nicely designed. Their gift shop is also a treasure grove of themed items and books. We'd definitely recommend you drop by if you're in the area!


Experience history! Most recent visit was for annual honey Bee Festival. Vendors, educational programming, kid's entertainment, plus live music! Great day.

John Curran

Excellent , people all had lived in coal camps and were miners. They were friendly and informative.

Brandi Ray

Enjoyed the tour of the coal mine, and seeing g the buildings. My son really enjoyed this side trip while on vacation.

Reprove, Rebuke & Exhort Evangelism

A great place for a family day or a homeschool trip. Lots to learn about, to see and do. The brainteasers at the youth museum are great too!

Ben Foster

Went to due to tour since I work in the coal industry loading the coal ships to send over seas. Wanted to see what it was like to be in the mine and see now it worked. Learned alot and our 4 year old enjoyed the tour and playing on the train and other play equipment.

Dave Hissom

Great trip! Had a lot of fun and it was entertaining as well.

Russell Allen

The staff here are very helpful and knowledgeable. Time well spent. My favorite quote from the mine tour was: "For every law that was passed, a miner was killed." A very humbling experience.

Frances Porter

My son is here on vacation from Florida and I wanted to show him some of WV history and he really enjoyed it and hit the gift store as well.

Andy Layne

It was a very neat experience not previously knowing anything about coal mines. If you camp at their campgrounds you get a very good discount on the mine tours. The mine tour was really neat. The old coal mine village was very interesting to learn about. Donna and Roger were excellent tour guides at the mountain homestead. Very affordable prices at gift shop. Only downside is that they say they close at 6, but start locking everything up at 530 so there isn't much to see around closing time. Overall great experience.

April J

It was a very educational and fun experience for both the kids and the adults. Super nice and knowledgeable staff. Great nearby touristy place to visit when family/friends come to town.

Don Cutlip

My dad mined coal for 35 years and it was neat to see the environment he worked in.

Angela Figgatt

It was was a wonderful time for my kids and I. Our tour guide was amazing he really taught us alot.

Debra Johnson

It was AMAZING!! Would ABSOLUTELY Go Again... For for All ages.

Ben Huston

This is well worth the time and price. $20 for adults and it is very informative and gives you a whole new respect for the men and children that worked and dead in these mines.


A woman with short dark hair at the gift shop was on the phone when I entered around 10:30am last week, and talking loud while the blonde haired woman told me I should wait for her to get off the phone because she knew more about what I wanted to ask. I walked around gift shop for over 10 minutes, used the restroom, went upstairs looked at the artifacts. Finally she got off the phone for a moment then went right back to it before the other woman told her I wanted to talk with her. She was not very friendly, she just told me a couple of things and just couldn't wait to get back on the phone, another personal call! She needs to keep her personal calls at home or a private room and not stand at the counter talking loud when people are trying to ask for help. I drove a long way to go there, and she was very disrespectful and inconsiderate. I didn't go anywhere else or go on the mine tour so I can't speak to those aspects.

Thomas Payne

Great experience, very educational. Highly recommend

Rachel T

We loved going in all the outbuildings and riding inside the old coal mine. Well kept, detailed, with friendly staff. Our tour guide, Dorsel, is a retired and As soon as he opened his mouth I was certain we could be friends. Such a likeable guy!

Mac DeBusk

This was a very neat and informative place to visit. Riding on real mine equipment to get in and see an old mine was truly a must have experience, and the grounds are covered with other reminders of the coal mining heritage including authentic mine housing a settlers' village and a museum. Also there was this Youth Museum that had nothing to do with mining or history. It was cool, but seemed a little out of place.

Patricia Norwood

Very nice and informative. Grandsons had a great time exploring.

Jeff Bailey

Spent the day with my grandaughter there. We both enjoyed ourselves. Her first time and I hadn't been in over 40 years.

Ian Pereira

Drove over 2 hours to get here, called ahead 3 times to let them know what time I'd be arriving and asked them if they could hold the last tour for me, which they said they would. Arrived 2 minutes after your was scheduled to leave and it had already left with plenty of room for more tourists, desk clerks claimed they didn't remember talking to me over the phone. They offered me the kids tour instead but described it as a non historic/informative tour. They suggested I come back but am only in town for the one day. Museum portion of the building was mediocre at best with several glass cases of old mining equipment but had little to no description of the items, no in house tour guide to give further information. Gift shop was only a few small racks of children's toys.

Elaine Wilbert

Very nice coal display! Loved the mine and houses!

Jon Macarter

Had a wonderful time and experience, learned a lot. It gave some real insight. Thank you very much, John an Jill

Steven Watts

The tour was very interesting, especially if you do not know much about mining. The tour guide had been a miner himself for over 30 years and offered great stories about working in the mines.

Pat Fink

This place is awesome! Fun for the kids and interesting for adults.

Schuyler Wavrek

It's an old time coal mine which is interesting. They also have several old coal camp buildings and a museum that give a better view of life back then. A good stop

Kat Eck

Nice tour, lots too see, youth museum for younger kids, beware of cricket suckers do not bite it in half

Kelley Kelly

Such a great time for our 3 year old grandson and us. Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Fun time!

shiloh Filhart-Stoltz

Nice tour. Kind guides.

Galen Andrews

I never thought I would enjoy this, i was just looking for something to do. It's a beautiful informative tour. Highly recommend

Alexis Downes

Come here every year and every year we love it!! Our 2 year old loved it too and we know how 2 year olds can be and they were so nice

Ron Markle

Great exhibition would recommend to anyone.

Marlene Giglio

So informative and a wonderful tour. The surroundings were so tidy, neat and well kept. The employees were helpful and kind. We truly enjoyed this place. We have a new appreciation for the hard working coal miners. Recommended highly!!!

Steve Meyer

Awesome place to spend some time. We wound up spending 4 hours there. The employees were terrific and very helpful. The mine cart ride was informative and the kids had a blast. This is a must see if you're in the area!

Patty Arbuckel

The ride thru the mines were so informative our guide was funny and he taught us a lot we didn't know

Melissa Williams

Really excited to go there but Google says its open year is not. Only open during warm months. Plan accordingly. Probably would have loved it if it were open.

Brenna MC

Wonderful. Very informative for all ages!

Zackary Hake

So cool to take the train tour through the mine. The guides are amazing and so knowledgeable

Brandy Lemen

Mine tour was interesting and informative. We also enjoyed the rest of the camp buildings and the 19th century buildings. Docents were friendly and taught is something new. Youth museum is very cute, but mainly for toddlers and preschoolers, with the exception of the brainteaser section. Highly recommend!

Amanda Dietrich

Great little museum and underground mine exhibition. The tour guides were very knowledgeable about mining history and technology and were happy to share with the crowd. It was very neat to be able to experience what mining would've been like and how it progressed over time. The mining village is also a very cool experience to see the accommodations for the miners and their families. It was easy to tell that the staff love what they do and are passionate sharing their teachings with new generations.

Larry Bargeloh

Very informative! First time visitor.

Keith Hammack

Good history not compelling

Richard Marks

Interesting stop, very good presentation of coal town of 1890's.

K.L. Wiseman

Very cool and educational coal mining experience.

Christine Spring

Loved it understand more about coal mining

Joshua Shuttlesworth

Best activity in Beckley, be sure to visit during the rocket boys festival if they continue to hold it in the future. If you have never been in a coal mine it's a very educational experience.

jamie Miller

This was a great experience. Our tour guide, Gerald, was very informative. We learned so much. Lots for adults and for kids as well.

Mrs. Misty Almond

Take a jacket or sweatshirt. There are waterdrips. Kenny was a wonderful tour guide. Very informative and underground exhibition really helped put what the commoners talk about into perspective. Very little walking up ramps to the church house and superintendent House and to the very cool school house. Tour underground is on a rail sytem.

Yolonda Canterbury

It's a pack and you have to try the water slide so take the hole family have just have fun

Randy Worley

Great place to see what it use to be like to live an work in a WV coal camp. Nice gift shop very awesome ride through an old coal mine. Park, pool an camping. Nice place to spend a day or two.

See Jane

Interesting and educational tour, especially if have miner relatives/ancestors or a future mining engineering student. Leave enough time to explore all the buildings.

Misty Morris

Everyone from wv should go through the mines. Shows you what miners go through. Wow!!

Dana Blackstone

It was a awesome tour not very long but well worth it... ty to everyone that works there to make this happen we had a good time...

Patty Johnson

Excellent history involved. Nice train ride in a mine led by a retired miner. Docents know history of the mining town. Knowlegable and friendly. Good campground located there.

Stevie Gillian

I want to clarify that this review isn’t negative for the mine itself or for their staff or the regular tour and I don’t put blame on them, but the haunted coal mine put on by the Theatre of West Virginia (I believe) that takes place at the mine and is intended to be a warning for those who decide to go. I did not find any other reviews for it so I wanted to put mine here. It is not scary (and I am a scaredy cat). Not worth the $15 per person for the experience we had (maybe $5 per person would suffice). Might be scary for 5 years and under but if you want to be scared, this isn’t the place to go for Halloween. Truly sorry to write a bad review. Normally I don’t write reviews, our experience was just very disappointing. As a young boy put it at the conclusion of the ride, “that was it?” My family and I are currently on our way to Fright Night following this experience.

Judy Good

Interesting place to go.


Had a great coal mine tour. Don't miss it it's worth taking the time to do.

Dieter Motz

Fantastic journey into coal mining's history; the bitter along with the sweet....

Brenda Ruyle

Excellent tour with a very experienced miner. All employees were friendly and welcoming.

Elizabeth George

Really enjoyed our trip inside a real but not actively functioning coal mine . We would recommend anyone visiting West Virginia to make a trip here and explore it. The tours go every hour on the 30 min mark on a open trolley . Would recommend wearing a light jacket even in summer since the weather in the mine is colder than outside . The guides are miners by profession and are very friendly and knowledgeable giving an in-depth tour with real life experiences. They also have places you can explore in the compound replicating an old mine town which includes a school , church , manager’s quarters setup like olden times with furniture from the era, youth museum. However if you are on a time crunch would recommend to do just the mine tour lasting about 40 minutes which makes the trip worth it .

Bonnie Robinson

We spent 3 hours touring this replicated coal mining camp. Our tour guide, Don, was highly entertaining and informative. (Try to sit in the middle of the mine cart during the tour. We couldn't fully view the underground stops sitting at the very front.) Everything Don taught and demonstrated was reinforced with additional artifacts in the upstairs museum. Touring the miner's house, shanty, and superintendent's house was a nostalgic blast from the past. There was a knowledgeable guide at each building available to share information and answer questions. Admission to the children's museum was also included, though it was completely unrelated to the coal mine. If you have AAA membership, make sure to tell them. It was a significant discount!

Darlene Blum

Nice exhibit. Enjoyed museum and train into mine. All staff pleasant.

Sarah Paschall

The only thing holding me back from a 5-star review is the price of the tour. It's $22 a person, which is a lot for just a ride through the cave with a very informal tour. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and engaging, but it's just a lot when you're taking a family of 6 to go check out the cave. We did enjoy it, and we also made sure to check out the model homes for the miner's shanty and then the superintendent's home. What a contrast! This place is definitely worth a one-time visit.

Victoria Fisher

Going down into the mines is an insanely cool experience. My only complaint is that the tours only run every hour. I got there at 1:32 and had to wait until 2:30. The only things to do were tour their coal camp recreation and look through their small museum. This was not as cool as the mine tour.

Sharon Nickels

Very nice tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable. I do recommend this.

John Fried

Very informative and well laid out. Guides told it as it was from personal experience. We learned a lot.

calvin salsgiver

Great tour of the coal mine and village that spang up around it. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny!

Kevin Michaels

Great for kids. Wonderful staff.

Roscoe Horst

Great history! Guided Coal mine tour. You can walk through what would have been the buildings of the old time coal camps. Very educational and interesting.

Jeff Woolyhand

Great stories they educate you on everything! you can walk in the past and many villages always a great place it's a blast from the past this is a must-see

Rebecca Bryant

Awesome experience going down in the mine. Very informative

Jeremiah Townsend

We really enjoyed this experience!! Great place to visit and our tour guide was a veteran coal miner so very knowledgeable and made the tour even more awesome!!

Deborah McKnight

The coal mine tour was very interesting. Would definitely recommend a visit. Good for all ages.

Melinda Gallimore

Wonderful tour guides, great place!

Ghost Medic

I've been coming here and doing this tour since I was a young lad. Now I get to bring my son and he loved it. I only wish the tour was longer. It went by fairly quick.

Loretta Mahoney

We really had very little knowledge of coal mining/miners. It was so informative. We had a former miner as our guide who involved the group in the conversation. We thought he was excellent, including a little humour. Also, the widows of former miners were guides for the school house and other camp buildings. They also did a really good job sharing sharing personal and general info. Whether you are for or against coal being used for energy, this tour helps you to understand the background of mining. I have already recommended this tour to family and friends.


Extremely educational and informative. The displays where well laid out and interesting. The employees where helpful and friendly. A must visit!

Jewel Harris

I really enjoyed my visit! The tram conductor - (I can't remember his name) - was amazing! If I don't remember anything else, I'll sure remember this: You owed your soul to the company store!

Sharon Kulp

Our tour guide Kenneth was very enjoyable and very knowledgable about the mine and its history.

E Rife

Great, very informative for all. Mining experienced guides on the underground tour (apx 55 degrees, take a jacket). Adjoining camp neighborhood is just as good with guide/hostess inside the supers home and school. Don't miss the settlers village at the bottom of the hill, they say they are still adding to it. Typical gift shop.

Marc Cahill

What a wonderful place! This is a great opportunity for regional history education! Plus it's really fun!

Madison Czerepak

Very unique and interesting. Great place for history.

Alvie Pay

Very interesting to see how mining was done through the years.

Melissa Shook

It was an amazing history lesson. I will never forget.

Rocky Eskins

Everyone should take the time to see and hear what coal miners went through and than one would appreciate their job more

Michael Clegg

Great informative tour!

Chastity Millikin

Very educational, well organized and fun

Shane Jolly

Great way to learn about coal mining from real miners who have lived it. Tour into the mine on the man-car is exciting and fun. It’s cool underground, but not uncomfortable. The staff are all wonderfully friendly. Eddie was our tour guide, and he was funny and very knowledgeable. The restored coal mining town buildings are all well set up and full of cool artifacts. Highly recommend this place for families to visit and let kids (and adults!) learn about West Virginia history.

Maria Vasquez

New respect for mankind♡

Cathyxjdh Kayladhj

It was very exciting to see what a coal mine looked like, to see the tools used, and to learn what the miners did. My father was a coal miner and my grandfather.

Tiffany Massie

Wonderful place to full of history. The staff is exceptional. Coal country Christmas in November and December is magical. The Christmas lights are gorgeous.

Kirk Jones

A hidden gem. Extremely thorough and well done. A lot to see that both adults and kids will like

Phalon Bennett

Lots of history and entertainment, Gift Shop was reasonably priced and had fantastic homemade fudge!!

soulseeker aka sandy wolf

Cool place so much history in one location highly recommend the mine ride is super co

Anita Schulkers

Nice little stop over on our way to our destination. Bathrooms were not up to par, otherwise ok.

Human Behavior

This Exhibition Coal Mine Tour is a "must see" if you are visiting West Virginia. The tour guides share their knowledge as the tourists ride through the cool, dark vintage coal mine on a train. The tour guides are said to be veteran miners and thus have a wealth of info about historical accounts of mining. The grounds are well kept and the employees are awesome. This tour is family friendly, so all can enjoy. But before you leave the meseum, parks, gift shop, homes etc Do Not forget to taste The Fudge. It is some of the Best.

John Lujan

Marvin, our tour guide is one cool guy!

David Walrath

Awesome place to visit. We enjoyed the mine tour & buildings on site.

Matt Shaver

Great tour! James is a great guide and puts on a wonderful presentation!

Kaye Zemerick

Rocket Boys Festival is awesome. Honorees were Homer Hickham and Roy Lee Cook, pioneers on rocketry.

Leslie Fennell

Awesome place and friendly people! You definitely get your money's worth with everything that you are able to see. Great place for any age person young or old. Highly recommend!

Caleb Morgan

Such a neat historical experience.

Jim Nelson

You get to step back into some of the history of this great area and hear about it from people who were part of it. You enter an actual coal mine as it was many years ago when our parents and grandparents worked this very dangerous occupation.

Topher Ellis

Great museum about a mining town including an informative below ground coal mine tour.

Joseph Castrovillari

Educational and fun had a good time

Amy Comer

We had a great time our tour guide Carl was very charming and knowledgeable. It was 12 per person and absolutely worth it!. We got to see the old coal town and a church there's a lot to do here!! Our 4 year old had a ball playing in the children's museum. They have people working every building to tell you bout the historical meaning of everything in there. It was like stepping back in time. They also have military and AAA discounts. Great way to spend the day!

Scarlett Brown

This is an amazing place to learn heritage. While I could as a student or a teacher talk about the first settlers, coal mining workers, coal industry, and the inventions along the way in the's it quite another to visit and immerse oneself or students for that very tangible breath of knowledge. Staff was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to do immediate and personal tie-ins between the past and present. Everyone in my party enjoyed their trip and as we left many were trying to figure out a return trip to see parts we missed due to our personal time restrictions.

Debra Woodrum

It puts "hard day's work" into understandable terms. These men went underground in the damp and cold to work in dangerous and cramped conditions with very little pay to support their families. WOW! A Must see. Helps you to understand these magnificent providers.

Marilyn Corso

The miner that we had was very informative and conveyed to us a good understanding of how life was for a miner.

Sarah Cofer

My husband and I stopped by the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in Beckley, WV on our way back to Columbus, OH after a long weekend of caving. I highly recommend making this stop, as the whole compound offered a lot in the way of coal mining history. The campus included log cabins (houses and stores) from the 1800s, coal miners' houses from the late 1800s to early 1900s, a coal mining museum, a children's play place, and the best part: a ride through an old coal mine! All throughout our visit as we stopped by each exhibit there were guides there to share with us the history of these buildings and the mine itself. The whole experience was enjoyable and relaxing; my husband and I definitely learned way more than we ever knew about the coal mining industry during our visit. So anyone stopping in or traveling through the Charleston, WV area should add this stop to their list!

Joshua A

I had a great time at the exhibit. The coal mine tour was informative, fun, and entertaining. The tour guide was a retired coal miner and he was funny. There is a small replica of what a coal mining town consisted of. There is a Youth Museum on site as well. The gift shop has a variety of items to choose from including coal carved figurines. I hope to come back in the future.

Rich Goodman

This is one of the most interesting and best experiences in all of WV. The mine is cool by itself, but the guides take it to a whole new level. If comfort is important to you, bring a windbreaker and a hat - it’s a little chilly, and the ceiling of the mine drips.

Anthony Springer

If you want a great perspective on mining in the late 19th to mid-20th century you've found the right place! They have recreated a historical mining town with a church, living quarters, school, and superintendent house. You can also take a ride in a coal train through the old mine. All of the guides are very friendly and knowledgeable; our mine guide was a former miner himself. The main building has several artifacts including tools, lamps, and helmets. You'll spend about 2-2.5 hours visiting everything.

Mike McDonald

Very interesting And informative mine tour given by actual miners.

Tim O'Sullivan

Fabulous museum! Gives a real insight into coal mining and the local area and the challenges it faced. The highlight of the tour was the trip into the mine itself, a decommissioned mine. The mine remains cool regardless of the time of year so make sure you bring a jacket. Plenty of places to park, and the folks working there were friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

Charlie Stanley

Great family place had fun really enjoyed the coal mine nice quit campground


My grandpa was a coal miner, but had retired when I was very young. This exhibit was very informative, fun, and interesting...very cool place. Glad to have a better understanding of his life and career.

Pam McDonald

Excellent tour experience. Comfortable, beautiful and clean buildings, friendly staff.

Laurin Jeffrey

Was neat, being able to take my kids here decades after I went as a kid (in the early 80s). I wish they took you through more of the mine. Explanations of how the miners worked was cool, but I wanted to explore more! Lots of buildings, pretty much none of which were there back in the 80s. All in all a fun time, definitely recommended if you're in the area.

Andrea Tooley

Very interesting all the guides are former miners which adds to the experience. The underground tour is very interesting just bring a light jacket and get ready to be dripped on a little but totally worth it. We had all ages in our group from 6 to 70 and we all enjoyed it.

Edna Gonzalez-Kemner

As we were entering the mine I felt this would be an experience. A seasoned coal miner of 44 years lead the coal car into the mine, as he did so he spoke of the safety process at the beginning of each day by the Fire Boss. Followed by the all the precautions taken during your work tour. How exciting listening to him speak of his personal knowledge. Would recommend this specific tour. Once through you’ll have the time to visit the different buildings to see how life was during the time that this mine was opened. There’s also a kids museum that would provide insight into the young minds. Go and enhance your knowledge, it’s an eye opener.

Carrie Spittler

Awesome trip. Everyone was friendly and very knowledgeable!

Drake Maxwell

What a fun day! Great for all ages, very educational. Even my 84 year old mom who uses a walker was able to get around and go inside the mine on their little trams.

sherry Odom

Really great underground tour of a coal mine. Tour was given by a former miner and was able to answer all my questions. It was a great length too, just long enough to keep my 11 and 13 year old interested. It was worth the stop!

Robert Loudermilk Jr

Nice place to go to nice size park

Michael Davis

The mining excursion you can take is a great way to learn about what hardships early miners had to go through in order to make a living for their families. Michael was our tour guide and was awesome. We also explored the town setup. It gave a great look at early mining town living from a bosses house, a church, a school, log cabins and different businesses.

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Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine en West Virginia
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