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1801 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum of Glass IN Washington

Estonian Family

Was ok. Would be nicer if had more exhibits. For price seems they should offer more. We liked the working sessions with live glass making. Check out video.

Scott Morris Rose

If you are even slightly interested in art glass, this is ground zero. Besides the exhibits, there is active art glass creation going on all the time, and it's fun to watch.


Always a lovely and magical place to visit. I have the best memories visiting the first time and it just gets better each time after.

Mikhail Isakharov

We loved so much. Entreating creationists and designer of glass.

Richard Carr

Oh boy, wish I could split this up into sections, but 3 stars might be the average. 5 stars for staff who greeted, worked with me to find the best and least expensive way to take a group of school kids through the museum. We visited the snack cafe also, very nice. A little slow but due to very individual service and care. Food was tasty despite (tongue-in-cheek) being all healthful ingredients and preparation. I guess I expected more from the museum itself. Displays they had were interesting but not at all what I was expecting from a museum. I expected maybe some history of glass, glass through the ages, uses, variations, future outlook. There was a section of projects done by kids which might have been fine if coupled with the other. The main exhibit was of native American art. I am still not sure how "glass" figured in to it unless the pieces, clay-colored and really looking just like standard native American art, were actually made maybe of fired silicon so could be called "glass." I ended up being disappointed for knowing little more about glass than before I went in. The working glass blowing shop and exhibition is probably great, but happened to be on break while we were there. So, overall for me, a disappointing exhibition but with wonderful staff. We will return but maybe will be more selective about the current exhibit.

Chris Goodrich

Best part is, of course, watching the pros create glass. Small museum.

Debbie ODell

It's not worth the full admission price. Couldn't see what blowers doing even with big screen & piece made not very exciting....a pitcher. Exhibits were sparse. The sections over the Bridge of Glass were way more interesting and free!

Svyatoslav Liashedko

Outside is very appealing, great for photo shoots, a little dirty but will do.

Dennis Schimke

Worth the price of admission. Make your own glass tile for $29, a one hour workshop.

Jody Pettengill

Not worth the money you pay to get in when the walk across the bridge was free and the most interesting. The best pieces are in the bridge. Personally wasn't impressed.

Marcia Dickerson

Wow, beautiful blown glass, learn something every time I watch in the Hot Shop.

Linda G

Was nice. Good place visit while visiting the area.

Daren Chidester

The glass museum was wonderful with all the glass artwork on display. Me and my girlfriend watched as they made a vase from molten glass,,very cool, this is a must stop place

Mark Verheul

Tacoma is so lucky to have this museum. Some of the best glass sculptures in the world. The "hot shop" is a must. You can see first hand how it's done. It's free during the "Art Walk" from 5 to 8 pm third Thursday of the month. Don't miss it.

George Llama

My wife chose this place to visit. I probably wouldn’t have chosen it but it turned out to be very fascinating. Not only did we see art pieces like the ones in these pictures, we watched as regular people mad their own glass sculptures. My 16 year old son was too embarrassed to work on a piece in front of other people or would be posting pictures of his sculpture.

Francine Beckman

Great family outing with my 2 girls. I like that they offer classes to make your own art. They also make glass items & let you observe!

aerostats aerostats

Excellent place to spend a few hours looking at people creating glass art at their glass blowing shop. The art here is unique, I hadn't spent a lot of time looking at this type of art which I now appreciate and have a better understanding.

Elizabeth Bourne

cool glass works the kids creations were the funniest creations

Elora Lyon

I'm so glad I finally drove myself to visit. This place is fascinating and I can't wait to return!

YouDon’t NeedToKnow

Our kid loved it! Kid friendly.

Taylor Carter

Such a cool museum. Make sure you get there in time for the glass blowing! On of the best experiences to witness in Tacoma.

Kimberly G

Great place to visit especially on a dreary day. Small museum that won't wear you out. Beautiful glass exhibits and a fun time watching glass being blown in the hot shop. Fun for adults and kids.

Brett Grossman

Another unexpected surprise. Visit to Tacoma was too see a concert at the dome. But with some time to kill during the day, decided to head to this museum. Wow, totally worth it. The exhibits were beautiful, and the love demo in the 'hot shop' by visiting artist was totally worth the time.

Michael Hall

The glass gallery and art exhibits are spectacular! Check it out if you have time, quality experience!

John Woodmansee

Interesting to watch the artist's in the Hot room.

Amanda Collins

We had such a great time watching the glass blowing. This was a highlight of our trip. I especially loved the exhibit with the native lore. Friendly staff and receptive to feedback on including Ada accessible doors to the bathrooms.

Alexa Byers

Beautiful works of art. Artists' work space is educational. Manageable museum. Quality over quantity.

Elizabeth Gassner

The creativity is exceptional. Blown glass and other processes are masterpieces.

H H cindy Todd

Joined the guided tour at 1 pm on Saturday. Learning about the biography and cultural history of the special exhibition. When viewing Chihully works, the guide told us why she considers Chihully our hometown hero. We were very moved by what chih6has done for Tacoma. The hot shop was so exciting to me. Saw them making a sea turtle. Ate in the cafe, very tasty Argentina wrap and great butternut soup. Will go there just to eat.

Crystal webb

They did a glass blowing demonstration while we were there! Beautiful and unusual glass work. If I had to pick my favorite part, it would be where the glass artists partner with little kids, turning the children's 2D drawings into 3D glass sculptures. So fun! The museum shop has all sorts of blown-glass and fused pieces.

Zane Jackson

Honestly my favorite thing is glass museums. Highly recommended and well worth the price for the tours. They go in depth and show you how the glass is made which is both intriguing and cool. The bridge is awesome and free and the train station is also free.

John G

We visited over the weekend and we tried the glass tile class. The instructor was great! He was very helpful, provided guidance on how to approach our design and cut all the shapes we needed. Now it’s cooking excit to pick up in a few days!

Sandra Diaz

Such a beautiful place to enjoy with your family and loved ones

Camilla Fondren

Beautiful Beautiful Glass Art !!! You can actually see artists creating their pieces. Love it!!

Doug Kaufman

Very informative and inspirational. Great place for a family to spend an hour or two depending on if you take the tour or watch the video.

Patricia Schwartz

Fantastic place to visit. My husband called it a jewel. I love watching glass blowing and they made it even better by having a narrator. I could stay and watch that all day. Great exhibits too. If I was local I would definitely want to schedule visits to see the guest artists blow glass.

CJ Livingston

Modern building, in a museum area of the city, reached easily by the free Tacoma light rail transit system. Has a few free exhibits outside (the bridge has two sets of display, taking advantage of natural light). To me, the museum's main exhibit is it's Hot Shop, where active glass artists are creating actual artworks while observers are seated in risers in a half-circle facing the ovens and kilns (if that is the right word) used to heat the glass. The audience may have a narrator with a mike who is describing what the artists and art-assistants are doing, and explaining a little about how they do it. There are samples of the final work being created to the side, giving you and idea of where the artist is going with the glob of glass they are working on. (Glass artists often work in a series, varying colors, techniques, details, etc. to create several variations on their final product.). The museum has one very small historic display in the large lobby, and one current static display available - one artist, or one school of technique. It has a gift shop, and has classes (multi-age) that can be completed in about 45 minutes, with the end-product given to you before you leave!

Patric Rogers

The live furnace for "artists in residence" is very cool. It's actually fascinating how blown glass is created and the things they can do with it. The other exhibits are also fun, and it's nice that they change things up, so there are new things to experience. The underground parking garage is a good one. The couple times we've used it, there has been lots of free space, making it easy to get around in.

AE McAuley

Great museum if you love watching artists work! While the galleries are small, they usually do a great job at featuring artists, both new and old. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and I love their events. I will say check and make sure you're not going on a day the galleries are down. They don't charge you as much for a ticket to enter, but I'd hate for people to be disappointed to show up with parts of the museum are being changed out. Also for military families, they're part of the blue star program, so you can get in for free during certain times of the year!

C. E. Weber

Excellent exhibits including stunning examples of Chihuly. Rotating exhibits allow for some variety. An excellent gift shop where, among other things, one can purchase art. And best of all, regular glass blowing demonstrations by guest artists.

Michelle Fekete

A friend got married here. It was a beautiful ceremony. However, before the ceremony we were able to walk around and see the artist in the hot box.

Roberta Lacy

Glass blowing was boring. Outside fountain wasn't working. Customer service was excellent.


This is definitely a "Must See" point if interest in Tacoma. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to my next visit.

Val Hannah

What a disappointment! We had guests visiting and thought this would be a great place to visit. Much more than glass in there, weaved baskets and such. Nothing we expected to see. Watching the glass blowing was interesting and thats about it. The gift shop was crazy overpriced as well! Would never recommend it to anyone!

quynh chi tran

Be ready to bake if you watch the live glass blowing in the hot spot...the museum is nice to visit but dont miss the bridge above the part has lots of vases of glass and another part has a part of the exhibit that is above you when you walk on the bridge.

Bill Elliott

Nice place. Not as big as expected. Takes about 2 hours to see and experience it all.

Hunter Montiel

I love this place! Very fascinating how you can go into the hot shop and watch them blow glass.


If you haven't been here or family and friends come you must go. There's nothing like it. It was amazing.

Shaun Johnson

This Museum was just amazing. I had a great time looking at all the interesting types of glass they had there. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends. If you happen to be in Tacoma and want to do something with your free time, hit up the Museum of Glass. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Brandon Daby

Just a scouting trip before I start the "Hot Shop Heroes" program next week!! Going to be incredible!! The place is Awesome!

Lan Khuc

Wow great museum! Come if you like and appreciate blown glass. There are so many art pieces to look at. The technique that were used to fuse the color glasses together are wonderful. Watch the short video of how they are made in their theater, it will be worth your time.

Rich James

Unique to see glass blowing first hand and some amazing exhibits, although the exhibit section was smaller than I expected. Free admission on 3rd Thursday each month

Skip Cournia

Awesome museum. Definitely worth a visit

Debbie Sanner

Incredible!! Definitely worth checking out

Tracy Schaffner Knouse

I highly recommend visiting the Museum of Glass of you are visiting Tacoma. Beautiful exhibits.

Dave Bloom

Don’t bother. At $5 it might be worth it but this is not nearly the exhibit you’d expect for $14. Theater running a boring movie, no one there. Glass exhibits are three or four small rooms on the main floor. Takes 20-30 minutes to see if you are walking slow. One room of art glass. Store is nice but extremely expensive. No ticket needed for the store. Hot glass demonstration was cool not nothing earth shaking. Be sure to see the free glass displays on the bridge near by. Save your money for the other museums nearby.

Sherri Adler

Beautiful but small...the free outdoor walkway is the best part...was disappointed that some galleries were not open

Scott Carroll

Amazing! Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Great gift shop. Exhibit space is somewhat small but I could spend hours in the exhibition room

Jason Ranciato

the art is beautiful, the stories are breathtaking, and you can see them being crafted live!

Yuri West

they have some of the most beautiful exhibits here. it really a must see

Judit Strasszer

Really interesting museum, there's a whole story of the artworks on the walls. On Sunday it is free for college students!

Kathy K

The blown glass portion is the only part I found to be interesting. There was not as much "art" to see for the price that is charged. Although you can park under the building, that adds an expense. If you want to see glass, head up to the bridge/overpass over 705---its free!

Danikah Yaguchi

The museum is cool and I love the projectors and the background noise in the rooms! I gave three stars because I bought the class where you can create your own bowl with different shapes and sizes of glass and then they tell you they’ll call you in two weeks when it’s ready. My boyfriend and I were rushed to finish our bowl we decided to make (which was an unreasonable amount of time) when the class before us had overlapped into our session, and I also never received a phone call about this $30 key size dish that I paid for and “made.”

S Birdstone

Went to Preston Singletary exhibit. Fabulous, loved it. The Lalique collection was very nice. Kids art pieces turned into glass was fantastic love to see their wonderful imagination in 3d.

Chuck Covington

Very cool stuff at Museum of Glass, but expensive to bring the entire family. Well worth the visit.

Bethany Freundschuh

Wow!!! These glass arts are incredible! One of my favorites were the drawings that kids did turned into glass. Such a cool experience

Josephine Fernandez

This museum is just wonderful. Beside galleries, there is a large room where glass blowing is demonstrated. I was lucky enough to be there on a day with a special class. I was able to make a glass tile which will be fused in a kiln. I can't wait to see how it comes out. One of the most awesome parts is the children's glass. Children submit drawings and 2 are chosen to be made out of glass. The children not only get to watch their drawing come to life but the artists make 2 so the child can have one and the museum has one.

Richard Blunden

Really like watching them blow the glass. The girl explaining what they were doing was helpful. Some of the Raven exhibit was a little out there.

Paul Snider

They do a great show, making glass things before your eyes.

Alexandra Gondry

Fun experience. Smaller than the one in Seattle, but still worth it.

Sarah E Dutton

So much fun! Informative and beautiful all in one place! Watch glass be blown and go in an artistic journey!

David Derrough

The museum was great, but $10 walking tour was not worth it and hardly anything to see.

Billy Sou

It's an art museum from glass. Also glass is made as well. There is a show for it.

Seth Sims

It blows. But in an artsy fartsy can't affortsy kinda way.

Tom Nakayama

Interesting focus on glass with glass making (a little warm in that room). Watching artists making glassworks, as well as looking at glass art, offers insight into this art. Also interesting are the children's drawings that they turned into glass pieces. Museum is connected to the glass bridge which is worth taking a walk across.

Melissa Buchler

The Museum of Glass has a glass workshop where you can watch glass makers in action. The exhibits are beautiful and unique. There’s a children’s place for children to do creative activities. There’s a cafe for eats and drinks. Workshops are offered.

Paul Berebitsky

Fantastic. Always interesting and fascinating to watch the artists work with glass. Well worth the price. Can watch for hours. Nice gallery as well.

K c

Worth a visit. This place does glass blowing demos.Some of the most inspirational and detailed glass I have ever seen.

Randy Spangler

Very enjoyable watching the glass artisans at work. The cone is impressive.

Posture Doc

Lots of fun for us boys, some native american history was nice to see also

Wendy Johnson

I loved watching the student glassblowers working and explaining what they were doing.

angiee angiee

The art is neat. But I'm not someone that spends too long in museums anyway (I can see everything in 10-15 min) haha. The best part was the live glass making where you can sit and relax and they also have it on the tv screen so you can see up close. I wasn't too impressed with the glass gift shop, nothing too fancy to keep in my opinion..

Angelica Garcia

Fabulous and amazing art of glass done with love.

Jennifer Palmer

I absolutely love this museum. Everyone should see the artists at work in the Hot Spot

Jennifer Sommer

I really enjoyed this place it wasn't very large. We watched the glass demonstration and walked the exhibit and looked at the kid creations, which were so imaginative. It was a nice unplanned stop.

Lydia F

Pieces on display were beautiful, I was expecting more. We were impressed with the hot room where they demonstrate the art of glass blowing

slεερү clεσ

It was amazing! Being in the hot shop (i think that's what it's called) was awesome! I got to see the people at work and saw how much they have to do to complete a piece, which just fascinated me! If you're just traveling, pass by and look at all the beautiful art pieces!

John Tutt

Watched a visiting artist create a life size sea turtle. Absolutely awesome.

michelle lara

Absolutely beautiful work of art. Each piece was so different, so unique. The hot room was truly a highlight to this visit, to watch them blow glass was just fascinating. Can't wait to visit again soon.

Mike Miller

One of the glass blowers interacted with my daughter & she thought that was cool:-) Thank You, TGM!!

Lana Johnson

Tacoma is an amazing city. The glass museum was absolutely breathtaking. Walking across the glass bridge was just as awesome. We watched the glass blowers put on a show of the process in making hand blown glass. Very educational.

Bill Darnall

And I on the calendar and be sure to catch a show when local and World known artists come in. We saw one artist come in and watched hours as he made a fantastic turtle. Definitely worth keeping an eye on and bringing the family or if you're visiting the area be sure to stop in and take a look. They have a pretty good calendar where you can keep track of when the events are so that you can put it on your calendar.

Jamie Breakfield

Great visit, and the hot room where they show the glass blowing process it's awesome

Asa Jordan

So good! We really enjoyed spending lots of time in the hotshop watching the visiting artist work on a piece with the museum hotshop team.

Mark Peterson

The Museum of Glass is an exceptional showcase for amazing artistic skill. If you can, try and go when there are artisans are working in the hot shop. It is really fun to watch.

Shirley Nyenhuis

Fabulous show of Preston Singletary glass. What an incredible glass artist he is.

Ryan Grossman

Very Nice place that isn't too expensive. A great way to spend some time.

Cameron Knox

This an experience you need to take, at least once in your life. The exhibits are stellar, the staff are knowledgeable. Please experience this place for yourself!

Bill Evans

One of Tacoma's most incredible treasures. Spend time to absorb the beauty.

Adam Longwell

Nice venue but small and quick to go through. All the art is modern but worthwhile to look at. The placards are very informative and well appreciated. Staff is nice as well.

Joleen Karl

Quite small and boring. Expensive entrance fee. Gift shop was crazy expensive. The best part is the FREE glass bridge! Once in a lifetime was enough for me.

Mark Alexander

It such a great time we had over the weekend. It's good thing there's places like this that we can go and that are not far from home.

Amber Lind

A surprisingly family-friendly experience. The exhibits change pretty often and my two kids really like it there.

Ares Esias

A little pricey, but fun. They had a live glass blowing exhibit going on, where someone on a microphone explained the glass blowing process. They also have a looping movie that plays in a theatre. My favorite part, though, is the hallway that has children's drawings brought to life in the form of glass creations. They were so cute!

John Emery

This was a very unique and interesting place to visit. Watching the actual process of the artists creating works of art was awesome.

Mary Keenan

Very cool! My only complaint is that it's a bit small so you can easily get through in an hour. The live demonstrations are a must-see, and the hallway with the kid's art is funny.

Leonid Shteyngart

$12 for 3 rooms of museum. Definitely very poor presentation, got worse since last visit 7 years ago.


Watching them blow glass is cool. The collection is super nicely organzied but smaller than I had hoped. The Tacoma Art Museum seemed to have a better glass collection.

Kaitlyn Wetzel

The museum exhibit was beautiful. It was laid out in a very easy-to-follow way and everything had well-written descriptions. We loved watching the artists working on a new piece while we were there, and we each picked up a couple cool items from the gift shop!

Angela Collins

Really awesome exhibit and I love that you can see people work on glass blowing as well. I would skip the "gift shop" unless you want to deal with attitude from the sales lady and want to spend over $30 for something the size of a river rock. Dont miss the hallway of kid winners. These kids just did a drawing and glass blowers brought them to life, its really fun to see and read about the art. The outside glass feature was down during my visit but still looks amazing. And take a walk across the Bridge of Glass!

Rex Jennings

Very cool glass works, be sure and see the glass sculptures inspired by kid's drawings!

Tehila Derfler

The heat rose from the ovens and blow torches to us, watching from above. Applause scattered through the audience when the delicate fin finally was attached onto the body of the sea turtle made totally if glass. A dozen experienced glass artists sweated while they worked feverishly to keep the fragile art from becoming too cold and weak. Over 150 hours of work went into one piece. It put my glass bowls in perspective and now I'm in awe when I see a simple glass jar.

Ingrid Martinez

I wish I knew more about the hot room before I went! I had about 30 minutes to check everything out before I needed to head to a conference, and I could have stayed at the museum for at least a couple of hours. The Preston Singletary exhibit deserved more time as well, to read and truly appreciate the art and story. Watching him in action was super cool, and I wish I could have spent more time there. Great prices for what this museum offers!

Richard LaCroix

Terrific experience. Beautiful artwork. Check out the hot shop, always fascinating to see folks create stunning pieces of art.

Carol Heesen

Interesting museum with nice displays. Costs $15 per adult

Kris Alwine

Best part is open area to watch the artist work. Kid inspired pieces, a few chihuli, native American influenced works, flowed well and engaged the kids!

Kimberly Hall

The Glass Museum is really unique in that they have a "hot shop" that you can sit and watch the artists blow glass. There is a docent that explains the equipment and process which makes for a really interesting experience. There are some nice pieces and the traveling exhibit changes so there is often something new to look at. It is smaller than I thought, however, still worth a visit. Bring your AAA card for a discount.

Kathleen Forte

I have a membership and go to the museum fairly often. I always enjoy myself but the current show, Preston Singletary's Raven and the Box of Daylight is exceptional. Give yourself extra time and read the artists' statements. The museum staff is uniformly well informed and always add to my experience. This visit I enjoyed sharing perspectives with the staff member in the gift shop.

Tiffany Belcher

Beautiful venue! So much to enjoy and admire here. Incredible views of Tacoma, gorgeous glass and art...we had a great evening. Our group reserved this location for a private event. We had a catered dinner, a Program in the auditorium and were able to view the museum. We enjoyed the event very much.

Chantelle Gonzalez

Not only did i learn a few things! I watched glass blowing gor the first time and it was amazing!


Beautiful museum. Unique experience with the Hot Shop. Kids love seeing the art come to life right before their eyes. Art Alley with kid art (drawings) interpreted to glass art is a favorite. Don't forget to visit the Chihuly Glass Art Bridge. 4/5 vs. 5/5 because galleries are often closed. Already a smaller museum.

Amber Lane

The outside area is fantastic. Wish we had an extra day so we could explore the museum it's self.

Black Diamond Electrical Contracting

Watching them blow the glass is great and pretty impressive.... the downside is the length of time that it takes if you are wanting to watch the process which obviously is not anything you can control the probably not something you want to bring young children to to watch the whole thing. They do have a little craft room for the kids to do a craft that was great but really other than that it takes about 5 minutes to walk through the gallery and another couple minutes to walk through the sales area. Just seems lacking oh, I'm not sure how else to express it.

Fred Sayer

Preston Singletary exhibit was awesome and transformative.

Renee Goffinet

The kids really enjoyed the glass blowing exhibit. The presenter was great with them and all of their questions.

Pamela Kay

Check out their glass blowing area and watch artisans at work. I loved my entire experience at this museum.

Matthew Monroe

The hot shop is the focal point of this museum. Watch glassblowers work complex pieces while learning about the tools and techniques. Unfortunately, the galleries were a huge disappointment. They were small and mostly uninteresting. The current exhibit featured glass works, that while obviously challenging to make, did not intersest me at all (indigineous people humanoids and baskets). Be sure to look online before visiting. Also, the outside fountain was turned off for repair.

Matthew Love

John Ferguson and his wonderful staff were so delightful to work with. Accommodating, communicative and friendly, I would not hesitate recommending this venue for your wedding or special event. I can see this room being used for gala fundraisers every bit as much as the wedding ceremony and reception I facilitated. The theater works as a perfect transition area while the main room gets changed from one purpose to the next. While there, your guests can receive information about your beneficiary or the couple in an entertaining and comfortable way.

Sue Goodson

Enchanting and informative. Beautiful work. Opportunity to watch glass blowing.

Julie Eckman

Awesome works of glass, though only one gallery was open at the time. But there was a visiting glass artist and they were making a piece with the audience watching, way cool, so that made up for the gallery issue. And we participated in a fusion glass class to create our own pieces of art.

Thomas Barron

Very educational and fun experience! You get to actually watch artisans creating works of art with a narrator giving you insights.

John Edwards

This may have become my favorite museum in the area. There is nothing like the Hot Shop, where you can sit in an auditorium like setting and watch the process of making this art live in front of you. Just amazing to watch the process in making a bowl. I also really dig the exibits, especially the glass pieces that resemble Native American woven baskets. There is a nice store there also that sells the pieces made in the Hot Shop.

Erik Olson

Top-notch presentation with something for all ages. Well worth the $17 adult admission price. Live glass blowing in the hot shop is not to be missed!

Patricia Siltala

I took my cousin from Florida, who has worked in glass in the past, to the MOG. She was thrilled with the hot shop; loved the Preston Singletary exhibit and the Chihoulys, and just generally enjoyed the whole thing! She felt like it was an unusual experience; it made me proud to be able to share this Tacoma gem with her.

Kathy McDaniel

Fabulous experience. Watch glass art objects being made in the Hot Shop. New and exciting exhibits. Fun area for children. A must see in Tacoma!

Alma T

Sat thru a demonstration on making a large vase, amazing, you must do this, then walked the bridge WOW the glass work! Amazing!!!!

Stew Martin

Matching a top notch place for making glass, internationally recognized, and then a museum that displays a variety of it. What a wonderful community place for glass artists.

Chrystelle-maree Villarino

The museum of glass was very fun. I went there in 3rd grade with my classmates. When we went there, they were making a burger. It was as fun as watching the Seahawks game.

Maria Mosqueda

The museum was a great place to have taken my family they also enjoyed the cafe inside

Carol and Mac Todd

A museum filled with all manner of beautiful glass art pieces and opportunities to see skilled crafts men and women shape true works of art from molten glass. I could have spent all day watching the glass blowing but then I would have missed some of the most fabulous glass artworks I have ever seen.

LaDonna Peterson

As good as it gets! My favorite is Chihuly's Chandelier but everyone needs to experience the Glass Bridge!

Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Watching the glass blowing demonstration had my kids and me MESMERIZED. It was wonderful to see the work done live.

Andy Bishop

Took a high school group, it was great. Our guide lead her very first group and did amazing. The students were engaged the whole time. The fusing class was a fun experience as well.

Damon D. Edwards

Impressive displays, neat workshops. Definitely want to try the glass blowers workshop at some point!


This is a tough one to write. The exhibits we saw were terrific. Well laid out and superb quality. The hot room is great you get to see the artists in action. But is very small won't take you more than 1-2 hours to exhaustively see it. Is less expensive than others of course.

Dakshil S

Some great pieces, however the demo should be done better. Couldn't see all actions clearly from audience or on the screen. Perhaps having head mounted cameras would help.

No Name

We went here yesterday and I would highly recommend this museum. It's native american focused and I found it to be very interesting and relaxing. Some of the wart work is amazing and worth seeing. I suggest going out and exploring around the museum as well they have hidden areas of glass to explore. I suggest walking to the bridge behind it and looking at the glass walls and ceilings.

Steven Stone

Cool place but surprisingly small. The live glass making was great.

Taylor C

Beautiful, with a chance to watch visiting artists and a permanent staff of artists at work

Vivian Smiley

One of my favorite places in Tacoma! I adore Chuily glass and enjoy watching the new artisans.

Saul Farber

Amazing Tacoma institution. The hot shop is worth the price of admission alone.


Pretty neat glass art of all kinds including some from Chihuly. The Raven exhibit was exceptional. We saw the furnace in action, too, and an actual piece being made. Complicated, and hot! A little spendy, $17 general admission with a small break for us geezers, but worth it if you are going to see a particular exhibit. Check website for schedules of activities and what's being displayed.

Lisa Lauderback

Dont miss the glass blowing sessions which are free. I go to these more in winter as it gets Hot in there. Nice display of glass and glass art along the boardwalk

Tiki Scroggins

Not worth $17.00 unless you really love blown glass. The only thing I enjoyed was the room whete actual artists are blowing glass.

jim's opinion

It's a bit pricey but very beautiful. You can watch artists craft glass art in a large furnace room. This room is what gives the building its unique shape.

Deb Lindsey

This place is amazing!! Not only will you see many different artist and their beautiful work, but you can actually sit in the gallery (hot house ovens) and watch then build, blow and create gorgeous glass pieces! Truly facinating. This is not an experience to miss. Make a point to go whenever in Washington state.

Makenna Cornwall

A lovely museum showcasing the various applications of glass. Real glass artists work in the hot shop, demonstrating glass techniques beyond simple glass blowing.

Thom S

There are more pieces outside the museum (which you can walk past and view for free) than there are within. But admission is cheap, and if youre interested in how glass is blown the workshops are worth your time.

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