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54124 Mountain Hwy E, Elbe, WA 98330, United States

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Where is Museum and Event Grounds for Mt. Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum?

REVIEWS OF Museum and Event Grounds for Mt. Rainier Railroad and Logging Museum IN Washington

Steven Weeks

bryce henriksen

Vicki Doherty

Had a great time! I would recommend this for a date or family event. The museum is a wonderful place to be educated about logging community.

Laura Upton

Max Walker

We did the Polar Express train ride it was a really fun time

Alisa Belova

Bre Lamping

Amazing people, amazing history, amazing machines of wonder. Highly recommend this attraction to anyone both young and old. <3

Cari Davis

Michael Caling

Chris Wright

We did the polar express holiday event. Over all it was a lovely and magical event. The "North Pole " itself looked thrown together and underwhelming. However, the train ride too and from was delightful.

Derek Huntington

Mark Corbin

Nick Kent

Teresa Cosio

We just went on the Polar Express ride. It was our first time and we had lots of fun.

Judy Burris

Loved this!

Brian Shafer

I called to see is the ride was steam and told it was. Lets be frank. Yes they have steam engines. Do they run? Do not know I had a bad feeling as soon as saw the passenger needed paint badly. Worse feeling when i displays rusted. An hour 15 at the museum is an hour too long.

Kelly Moore

Lots of fun, we did the polar Express ride. It was a bit cheesy but fun for the kids. The staff was friendly and the actors did well.

E M P R Railroad93

Katherine McCusker

We went on the cider tour and it was great! It was a beautiful ride both to and from the museum. We had first class tickets and were able to experience some cider tastings on board! The gluten free food options and the quality of the food was not the best. But the museum, train ride, and cider more than made up for it. Plus they sell snacks at the museum!

David Walker

Such a cool experience for us. We were going to head out last December for the Polar Express ride and unfortunately when we arrived learned that the train have been derailed. They made it up to us by refunding our ticket price and giving us a complimentary ride which we took this last week. Everyone is extremely friendly it's a beautiful area and the tour guides are knowledgeable. The displays and information at the actual museum is Incredible. I'm not super into trains but I was still very entertained and the kids loved it. Thanks for doing right by us.

Jonathan Nash

Andrew Persaud


Broderick Johnson

Laura Fischer

David Nagel

What a great way for a railfan to spend a birthday. You really can see The Mountian on a clear day. They have a lot of fun stuff at the Museum. They have several working Locomotives and a few more to restore. I w [uld like to have more than an hour there though. 90 minutes would be great.

Patti T.

Fun and cute, but it is geared more to kids 8 and under.

Ari Fleming

Kallie Grochowski

John Shrieves

Polar Express train ride

David C Hagerman

Good place to be in a crowd and spend money if you are a tourist.

Sarah Byrd

Chris Rouchaud

Great fun adventures at this place. Kids will love it

Jan Cox

Loralai Worms


We went on the Great Pumpkin Express. All 3 of my boys ages 2-13 enjoyed themselves. There was trick-or-treat ally, color booth, meet Snoopy and Charlie Brown, lots of fun scenes to take photos with, a pumpkin patch, and pumpkin races. They also had a tractor ride. After doing all that we spent time looking at the history. The train ride for first class had complementary drinks and snack. But all participants got a chocolate train and the children got Snoopy ears. Lots of little things to make it very memorable.

Ranae Hendricks

Phenix Alessandro

We recently took the Wine Train for our anniversary & really enjoyed it. There were just enough people at the venue & the train was not incredibly packed. What a cool way to do an event without being terribly packed. The service off & on the train were great, parking was easy to find, & the wine & treats were good choices. At the venue destination, the wines being poured were of a great variety & the lunch was decent. The only suggestion I have is more comfortable chairs.

Bill Merrow

This museum is located in Mineral and accessed by taking the steam train from Elbe. It is wonderful if you are interested in old steam equipment or just a history buff. There is also a gift shop for those interested in such.

Harry Everett

The train ride the museum the day was very fun would recommend for all ages to experience this. My family has done this a few times now and each time find something different to explore and learn.

Suzanne Rowley

Fun train ride. Great, friendly staff. We went on Peanuts and the Great Pumpkin day because it fit our schedule and we weren't interested in wine day. Only critisizim is the train should have slowed considerably at the one brief opportunity to view Mt Ranier. No opinion on the food because we brought our lunch. A fun day and we had perfect sunny weather. Nice museum.

Jacob Bayles

So awesome


Wow fantastic journey, great museum and great staff. One of the most memorable moments.

Tara Durham

This was great the people are so helpful and nice and the kids had a great time

Erin Myers

Extremely disappointed. My boyfriend and I wanted to take his son to see this museum (the kid loves trains) and were excited to see what the museum had in store. We took the road trip down on Sat. 11/10 with the information about the museum showing it was open. Nothing on the website's calendar saying otherwise either. When we arrived to town, we went up to the museum, opened the door, and a lady working asked how she could help us. I stated that we were there to see the museum. She quickly commented that they were closed and went back to her business. Nothing was available to view or check out. Completely rude. If a business is going to be closed for any specific reason, they might want to adjust their hours or add something to their calendar to notify potential visitors before they make the trek down to Elbe. We were interested in possibly taking my boyfriend's son on the Polar Express, however with how we were so quickly dismissed are debating if the trip is worth the time/money.

David Thornton

kid love the train

Vivica Annis

G Spevak

Steven Smith

Came down from Arlington for the Cider Train. It was a lot of fun. The First Class Cabin ride was nice and the Cider plus the specail wines selection was really good. Next time they hold the event, we'll be making anothw r trip down!

Model Trains and Railfanning

Very great place to step back in time to the golden age of railroading. The Northern pacific F9 has one of the best horns I have ever heard on a train.

Dan Spurling

Old stream engine train

Ovidiu OANA

At home with Troy

Russell Segner

Lots to see in addition to great trains.

Richard Leetz

Lydia F

Great assortment of historic train and logging equipment, best we have seen!

Liz Mieirs

Thom&Brittney Younger

Your coffee will either be undrinkable or fantastic. There doesn't seem to be an in-between. All depends on the barista you get.

Guy Sykes

Really nice place to hold a private event. In the town of Mineral, the only way in is the Mt Rainier Steam Railway. Event content and age can be controlled. We did Oktoberfest and no one under 21 was allowed to attend. Even with attendees policing themselves, staff was on top of checking ID and making sure everyone having the beer was supposed to be there and safe. There is a really scenic event ground at the town that you need to go through the rolling stock to get to. There are several Ales to Rails events per year as well as a Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Ride and a Polar Express at Christmas. All are well worth the trip for the age appropriate audience.

Mike Miller

Love this place!!

Kathryn DiFoxfire Wilson

Train ride from Elbe to Mineral was cool with lots of scenic views of creeks and Mt. Rainier. We did standard class. Passengers were free to move around once train started, including between the two standard cars and outside onto the platform. On the way to Mineral, first class car is first, behind the engine. First class has tables, and alcohol options. The seats in standard are two on each side with an aisle in-between, but each pair of seats can be set facing forward or backward (before train moves) so that 3-4 people traveling together can sit on the same side facing each other. On the return trip, the first class car becomes the caboose. Train has air conditioning. During the ride to Mineral, there is some interpretive information provided over the loud speaker, but not a live interpreter, though there are train attendants in each car. The museum at Mineral is a collection of engines and other logging equipment with interpretive signs, some of which are outdoors. Husband loved it. I would have liked more time for the museum, but my seven-year-old wanted to play the outdoor games. We did an evening Express special event which included an outdoor BBQ complete with volleyball, badminton, horseshoes and frisbee. Came home with a souvenir frisbee. Website advertised dessert on return train ride, but someone forgot to let the train staff know. Overall, it was a good trip for the price. While waiting for the train, we also checked out the Elbe Church, and ate ice cream at the store across the street.


Great time and bbq food catering was awsome.

Henry Moreno

Awesome experience every time!

Brady Cagle

Emily Jordan

Sarah Watson

Valery Villarreal

Ronnie D.

Informative, thoughtful, attractive exhibits; helpful guides, set in beautiful mountains.

Justin Pleasants

cellogirl1992 RKW

I had an absolutely wonderful time here! My husband and I rode a train pulled by a steam locomotive from Elbe, Washington to the logging museum in Mineral, Washington, where we learned all about the history of logging. Oh, and not to mention seeing some beautiful views! I would definitely go with first-class again. It's well worth $54 per ticket. They'll give you snacks, drinks, alcohol, and a really nice water bottle. I might also mention that all the cars are air conditioned and heated.

Telma Gacia

It was cloudy so we couldn’t see Mount Rainier

Rebecca Carlman

Wonderful family experiences I recommend it to everyone. Friendly hospitality and great for all ages.

Scott Buttermore

Nate Schubert jr

Nothing better than old iron, the smell of hot metal and billowing steam in the cold air

Mike Carpenter

Awesome love the place will take family.

Steve B

It's a haul to get to this location, but the kids loved the train ride.

Becky Mullen

It was so much fun! & our twins loved it. The employees were so good & fun to them too!

brianna golob

Had fun, first time doing something like this, definitely will participate in Polar Express around Christmas time!


What a great time we had with our 9 yr old grandchildren. They loved the train ride, and enjoyed the museum more than we expected.

Mirta Daniela

Erik P

Robert Pope

Great display of logging equipment. Nice collection of side-geared steam locomotives.

Rebecca Ramirez

We went on the polar express ride. It was a lot of fun

Gary Cavanaugh

Very Mt Rainierish.

Kate Sarff

Charlie Shuler

Wonderful Views

void walker117

Theres a nice store

Marci Cline

We had a great time, outdoor eating was a surprise but was really good. Wine tasting was definitely fun. Live band was very entertaining. Lots of old steam trains and equipment to see. History of the area and logging information.

melesa bosley

Very cool if you are into old trains. Have some cool logging info and items. Wish I lived closer so we could try the Polar Express ride. That sounds fun for the kiddos.

Heather Robertson

Theresa Seufer

Wow. It was so awsome. A memories my boys will never forget. Thank u all for making it so wonderful

Linda Witherow

Alicia Jackson

The Cider Train is so much fun! I look forward to going to more of these in the future.

Dylan Block

Very nice the tour people knew a lot about trains witch made for a fun day

Chey Smith

Linda Johnston

Brian Gladding

Nat foot

Could not ride train from Mineral only Elbe. Cell phone service is spotty here turn phone to airplane mode to save power.

Ray Hendricks

For kids never riden in a train extra cool. But for parents little short bad couldn't be longer.

Danielle Dykas

We saw the Polar Express. It's was amazing.

corrine farnham

This is a truly amazing experience. We rode in the first class for polar express. Just being on a steam train alone is enough to be excited about! But, add in some christmas magic and BOOM you got yourself a wonderful family experience. If you read negative reviews, remember, a lot of people are cynical and may have expected the exact movie plot to unfold before their eyes. Unrealistic expectations. Take it at face value and ENJOY. Well worth the drive and fees. Get to ride a peice of remarkable history. Again that alone is a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Scott G

Isaac Kumia

the people that work there are great. the tour was two hours long. really great sights, lots of trains for my son to look at. but, there were two things wrong with it. Bring snacks with you. The snacks they had on the train and at the stop were very limited. No atm's in the area if you were going to use cash. my phone had no signal if you wanted to put money on your card to pay for stuff. So plan ahead. have money on your card before you get there, cash, and snacks and drinks. Other then that it was awesome

Cody Bakken

Dee L N

We went to the Santa train event and it was phenomenal! My children loved it! A real steam train and 6 coaches. The inside of our coach was very nicely decorated! The trip makes a pit stop to pickup Santa. We will be back soon!

John L. Haubrick

Very nice place with a neat gift shop.

lisa potter

Katherine Tyner

Marlynn Arndt

Nancee Long

Fun but perhaps a little overpriced.

Adam Parent

Nicholas French

Lots of history wel preserved abd displayed.

Tim Wisnewski

Just a fun experience. The train ride is a must do.

P Bernard

Its a cool place to get a little train ride an history lesson

Amanda Colestock

Laura Curtis

My kids had so much fun going on the Polar Express. This was well done entertainment. We'll likely go again in the future.

Julia C.

We participated in the Cider Train for adults. I would have liked to see more of MT. Rainier but overall it was a fun trip.

Steve A

Robin Riley

Great museum!

Jon Krause

Linda Pankow

What a great experience! Beautiful place!


Lots of interesting history. We rode the train from Elbe to the museum behind Engine 17. There is a ton of stuff to look at and an equal amount to read about. 5 stars because everything is fantastic, but... Only 45 minutes at the museum before you have to catch the train back. That's only enough time to gloss over the exhibit, and you're left with wanting so much more. We did learn that we could have driven back to the museum and spent more time there. I recommend this trip wholeheartedly.

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