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Where is Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest IN Washington


Not just a newly exposed mine shaft 1 mile on the east side passed the rest stop but waterfalls and wild flowers are abundant


Beautiful, mountainous region of Western Washington with great camping locations sprinkled along the banks of the Stillaguamish River as it intertwines with the Mountain Loop Highway. From sanctioned campgrounds to random spots accessible from roadside turnouts, there are sites to suit most everyone.

Jada Brookens

There were a lot of bullet shells from people shooting out here. Its a really nice hike and a great way to just get away. Still a little cold but that's always expected. There's camp grounds and what not and I'm sure there's a place for shooting.

Tammy Hensley

It's beautiful everywhere and all year round. Each season has a different landscape but all are special. The summer offers full trees and plants, green and full of life. Fall is such an array of colors with cool, crisp air that feels so clean. Winter snow brings out the grandness of the trees and outlines everything in such a unique way. Spring is so cheerful as leaves refill the trees and makes everything seem so fresh, new growth almost pulls you out to dance like you are part of the flora. And all the in betweens of each season are a unique experience for each person to have for themselves.

Samara Peters

What a beautiful area! Roads in are well-maintained with good signage to get where you want to go

Allen Mathew

Went to rattle snake ledge and got there by 8am. Got a place in the parking lot. Most folks were arriving themselves. The place was great, and the hike was not to difficult to complete.

John Gault

Needs some trails but a great place to chill and collect your thoughts!

Bianca Glinskas

Lots of free camping at Lower Sandy and alongside the gravel road lakeside beyond the campgrounds. Beware of lots of moths and mosquitos though! Beautiful views. I recommend the Anderson-Watson Lakes hike. You can get there in a compact car though drive slowly and stay alert as it is a slightly steep unpaved road for some 10 miles to the trailhead. You'll need to buy a Northwest Forest Pass online and print before going.

Andrew Shamael

Beautiful motorcycle ride in the fall time. Very fun too!

Dennis Cook

Never gets old going up to God's country thank you pse for such a nice place to come and unwind

T.D. Womack

Backpacked to Bandera Mountain. Friday/Saturday backpack venture during our 80+ heatwave. Setup a tent in the snow a bit below the summit. Beautiful clear night...from the trailhead we tracked 3000ft vertical in 5k of distance. Snow near the summit - trail was in great condition, plenty of rocks where the vertical gets challenging. Great views of Rainier with the Olympics visible to the west. Definitely will do again and check out nearby Mason Lake.

Sarah Benjamin

Skyline Divide hike was drop dead beautiful! Glacier creek road is pretty potholed, plan on about an hour once you leave Mt. Baker Highway and leave early to avoid crowds! We hit the trail by about 7 am and had blissful solitude for most of it. Bugs were not too bad.

Chris Shearer

Beautiful area. Lots of recreation activities for everyone. Hiking, swimming, wakeboarding, pretty much anything you would want.

Tonya Whitlock

The hiking is a must see so many beautiful views of lakes and mountains, really amazing

Norma Ambrocio

Nice view, the river, very nice bridge not to many people, weather was great, I recommend.

Jamale Schubert

Enchanted Forest. Clear trails. Great for kids and adults.

Anastasia Stuhler

Took one of my friends and her beautiful daughter to take some Trails off roading they had a lot of fun

Peter JH

Great hike. Be young or be in shape!

Barbara Farrand

Outstanding beauty! Easy access, large parking area.

S.P. Dudley

Amazing area to hike with so many trails. It's popular so consider getting out early to start your trek.

Kayla DeLarme

Very beautiful. It was a climb getting up but taking a dip in the lake will cool you off. A very unique place so green yet so rocky.

Kelsey Cross

One of my favorite places to hike. There is a hike for everyone (easy, strenuous, mountain views, waterfalls, rivers, etc.), and it's absolutely stunning. Well worth the drive.!

Mike M

Beautiful area and where we went you could shoot your 2nd amendment items.

Susan Deeter Murphy

It is so vast.So varied. Wild and Noble. Endless possibilities for exploring, for refreshing one's soul, for reminding us of the deep connection humans have with the earth.

James Meckem

Beautiful Scenic Drive. Did it over the weekend. Be advised horse trailers Drive slowly and take up two lanes take caution. Rest stop was wonderfully accommodating excellent coffee and donuts. Also Leavenworth is a must this time of year with Oktoberfest right around the corner.

Bill Zika

Its always my favorite place to go when you just need to get away from the city life!!!

Dan Hoyt

Absolutely gorgeous location. Calm peaceful usually not terribly crowded during the week. If you're in the area absolutely worth it a stop. Beautiful photo opportunities!

Kelly Elizabeth

This is a great area to explore. Before you go consider doing some research and show your respect for the national forest system by practicing LNT principles. Take only photos, leave only footprints

MR Turaide

I grew up in these woods, it's a beautiful place and I give it 5 stars but I give it's visitors 0 stars. So much trash laying around. Each time I go out, I come back with 3 large trash bags full. Pack it, pack it out, if you can do that, don't go to the mountains.

Kevin Clark

It's just an amazing national park! So many awesome places.

Lester Alexander

Went up the Mountain Loop highway to the Granite Falls fish ladder or the falls saw these two brothers selling jewelry could not believe how cheap their prices were and their work was awesome gorgeous necklaces specimens you name it highly recommend checking out Mountain Loop Highway and the boys from stilly rock art

Aaron Dupre

This was a section of the PCT trail I hiked. Beautiful area.

eva molina

The scenery and atmosphere are beautiful and calming! Definitely a place to go for a walk or hike or caming.. Just a great place to get out in nature and smell some fresh air!

Jodie Hendry

Every way you turn there is something beautiful to behold! I always meet interesting people from all over the world.

Mrs. Michelle Bowen

Absolutely no words can describe the beauty... you must experience for yourself

Bo-Yuan Huang

Well maintained trail. Straight elevation but easy to walk. Nice view to Mt Rainier and the valley. Great Lake to have a rest.

Liz Zeski

Beautiful but fill out the gas tank before you come

Carol Tapley Reid

Love it up there. Its so beautiful. Worth the drive up. ☺

William Bailey

Camped on the southeast end of the lake. The lake was recessed quite a bit, but still beautiful. Lots of space make your own spot.

Sweety Belle

It has the nicest trails that your are able to walk, ride bikes, and have a picnic at too! It is a really beautiful place and an easy walk too.

Violet Purdy

Lovely hike with a beautiful view right outside my mom's camping grounds. We had a great time here

Chris Grove

Spectacular National Forest. We are fortunate it is public land. Definitely worth a visit.

Jacob Seeley

Beautiful place to visit! Great area food and lodging!

Rhodora Shorthouse

Beautiful view and such great tourists attraction

Ken W

I live here. This place is Beautiful. Temperate w four distinct seasons. Traffic is easy. People friendly.


Breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful. Love the winding roads through the mountains. Got to drive this during the day to take in the beauty.

Castro Michellā

Always a great treat to drive around this place!

Quan Son

Such a nice hike but the place can be extremely crowded on the weekend, you literally have to stop almost every 5 minutes to yield for other people. Make sure you have National Forest Pass or have cash to pay for the pass at the trail head $5 per car.

Ann Pascal

It's nice few days camping get away.. free very quiet...

Simola Nayak

Well maintained trail for Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene, with excellent views. Hike is strenuous but worth it.

daniel hope

I have been camping,hiking, fishing, swimming,boating, and much much more here for many years and I love almost everything about it. Sometimes I end up cleaning up some other people's mess well usually I end cleaning up others mess but it's still a amazing place that has changed very little. No dumping please they have a dumpster at kulshan campground year round and many others so no good reason to leave your trash Pretty please .

patrina Parks

Must be caution bring different cultures going up here but beautiful no cell service at all be aware once u past the small town safety is number one key to the mountain it federal land once enter I'm lived here my whole life

HT Spence

Various hikes throughout the region. September 22, 2019 Otter Falls. The giant rock slab at the end of the 5 mile hike was awesome and I think worth it even tho it rained the whole time. Stayed dry with waterproof gear and 10 round trip. Ran into couple that lost their dog. We never saw it but hope Burner was found.

Ash S

Beautiful! A lot of places to go including lakes, hikes, camping areas. They have bathrooms available. Boating, kayaking, tubbing can all be done. Awesome views!

Jacqueline Dang

Even on an overcast day, the view of Snow Lake was beautiful. A bonus when hiking on a misty day is a view all to yourself!

Raviish Gupta

Amazingly beautiful blue water lakes, scenic beauty of grassy mountains with glimpse of waterfalls surrounded by snow covered mountains. Do you seriously want more? Well it doesn't end there you can have glimpse of actual glacier.

Michelle Clyde, Realtor

Awesome hike. There was black ice and I was almost crawling at times but made it to the top and let me tell you..... Incredibly perfect. A must do hike. Be safe. #Clydeafornia

Just Me

If views are what your into, and the feeling of being in The Lord of The Rings, then this place is ideal! It has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I can't do just with words. You just have to come see it for yourself. Absolutely breath taking.

Rod Koenig

One of the most grandeur places easily accessed you'll see in the NW WA region...on a sunny day.

Collette Reiman

The area is just filled with natural beauty and stunning vistas. Beautiful lakes, rivers, waterfalls, even little ones running over the rocks from the snow melt. It can be a peaceful day, or one of physical exertion and something for anyone. Walking, hiking, cross country and down hill skiing. Mountain biking, picnicking or just resting and enjoying the sounds and sights of nature.

Saroj Kumar Mohapatra

Awesome scenery. Fresh air. Majestic view of mount rainier. Good trails.


Great for exploring. Easy hike

Bill Merrow

Beautiful area - one of my favorite biking spots up north.

Paul Bakovic

I grew up at the base of the cascades. I still live here. Honestly there are few other places as beautiful nearby. Trails, lakes, rivers, off road trails for the jeep guys and the mountain bike crowds! Miles and miles of easy going maintained dirt/gravel road. Camping and more camping! It's all here.

Stan Kuppens

Paved access road, bathrooms and handicap parking available. Steady climb to the reward at the end of the trail; Franklin Falls! The hike follows the stream all the way to the falls. Even though you literally walk in between the east and west bound of I-90, you don't hear the road due to the water running down stream next to you.

Aaron Jaeggi

Always a great place to camp. Fantastic views everywhere.

Caleb Day

Excellent hike up Granite Mountain. Parking lot at the base was nearly empty for a Thursday considering its right next to I-90. It was 11 miles round trip but worth it, even on a cloudy day.

Jannabeth Bannister

Love this Forest!! So many places to hike into. And beautiful Baker Lake. Recommend reservations for camping, but there are several sites that may become available if you get there early.

Matt Wolenetz

So many quiet, beautiful places to spend time alone or with loved ones. I love living near enough to frequently visit.

Jiya Bahar

It's very beautiful. Too much elevation. Don't forget to wear proper hiking shoes and carry your hiking sticks

Sapphire Wolf

The most beautiful place. There are options for car camping to back country backpacking. Open waters so much to see.

Chad Painter

My Sauk is challenging, but the view is worth every upward step!

B Dubb

A nice drive with nice views (depends on route)to enjoy the trip. If get off the beaten psth msny gems await those who venture ( views, wildlife & FRESH AIR )

Richard Martinez

It's a great drive, but there is some

kent smith

Beautiful scenery and trails in decent condition, however there is little to no cell coverage within the park which can be troublesome if looking to get from on place to another once inside. Additionally, once we got off of main roads and got onto national forest roads they were quite rough and winding.

Kevin H

We had trouble finding disperse camping that wasn't right next to a road and ended up at an actual campground. The campground fee was reasonable and the camping spots were far enough off the road that it felt somewhat private plus we got a bathroom out of it. All of the campgrounds near the water had the sites close together and were packed but going to a site a mile or two back allowed us to find a nearly empty location.


I went hiking here with some family members. Depending on the time of year make sure you have boots that go past your ankles because you will more than likely go through snow. Also have some sort of GPS device, if it snows while you were hiking the trail is very poorly marked. We saw one black bear, he was no threat at all. I would still recommend having some sort of bear mace and be very careful if you bring food with you. Overall the hike was incredible, we did the chain of lakes hike. Do not do this alone some parts can be dangerous and watch your step.

Jason Yee

There absolutely are too many trails and campsites for me to list, let alone visit! All I can really say is that when you visit any place, remember to leave it cleaned than you found it, to bring the proper great and clothing, bring the proper parking pass, and tell someone about your adventures! Letting people know where your had your outdoor fun is the best way to keep the parks alive and open! Stay safe!

Jennifer Kailus

Immersion into soft pine needle carpeted paths, towering trees, and fresh, sweet pine-perfumed breeze.

Fish Lips


Gina Devine

Great place to hike or camp. Free camping all along the mountain loop highway.

bananiz izzy

the scenery here to be here is very nice the air feels so fresh out here beautiful wood people here are very nice obviously not too many food choices since this is in the middle of nowhere but definitely like coming here

Raymond Martinell

I enjoy driving up here the views are beautiful there's waterfalls and lots of trails to go hiking just a daily Drive Thru the woods

Bill Roemhild

Escape early. Later in the morning there are long lines to get in. Better to be there early. (Summer).

Kelly Brammer

Stunning as always. Great get away from the heat. Cool shade, a lively stream and lovely lakes, who could ask for more?

Allan Hood

Beautiful area. Lake Easton is a wonderful mountain lake.

Dawn Woods

I enjoy driving up there the views are beautiful there are waterfalls and lots of trails to go hiking.

Barbara Kovacs

Great Hike and a beautiful spot. You don't need 'equipment' to make this hike.


My family and I go camping every summer here and we love it!

Jeff Carlson

A great place to get out on the dirt bike with some amazing views and single track trails.

Allison Brizburk

Best hiking around, can’t wait to go again. My dog loves it too

Andy Stearney

Beautiful park with challenging hikes and magnificent views

Chet Kobahigawa

Best place to go 4 sight seeing & taking pictures because it's beautiful place.

Dennis Webster

We found pleases that we never knew that were there .. lot's free camping..and good people..

Matthew Berry

My Baker is hard to see anywhere but especially when close, except at this national Forest. Spectacular! Check out the Shade of Centinnals trail. Anyone can do it and you learn so much about the important old growth forests that we are so lucky to have.

Melinda Johnson

Breathtaking! This is a fabulous place to hike and enjoy some gorgeous scenery. There are also nearby off-roading opportunities and less crowded campgrounds. This is a perfect area to plan an extended weekend around.

Steven Lungaro

Beautiful trail. Can get pretty busy on the weekends. Would recommend other trails if you are looking for tranquility

Karri Kuoppamaki

This is a very nice and relatively easy hike, you can visit both lakes for a nice 6 mile round trip or turn back at Talapus lake for a 3.5 mile round trip. Good for kids too

Jackson Malone

One of the best sunsets of my life so far. I didn't hike as far as I wished I could have, but every minute was worth it.

Cameron Knox

Clean, well-kept, and the rangers were approachable and knowledge. Be ready to get your steps in!

robert jackson

Awesome place! Very beautiful drive , should be on your bucket list!

Maria Bailey

I've grown up spending tons of time in these woods and I am very disappointed in the amount of trash and people destroying it. The roads are riddled with potholes and garbage from to much traffic and not enough maintenance. It makes me really sad to see so many naturally beautiful places like this get abused. Pack it in pack it out. Please take care of these places when you visit or there won't be anything left in future.

Dane & Janelle Norris

One of the most scenic places in Western Washington

linda Lewis

Absolutely gorgeous scenery. Easy to walk around. Trails are very well marked. Very natural. Quiet and peaceful.


It's a nice trail, quite long but not difficult. To get to the waterfall, you'll need to take a left when you see the pile of rocks and go up a steep hill.

katie finley

Beautiful area and a short hike to find amazing quartz pieces! Bring water and snacks to keep your energy up!

Micah Neptune

Love it here beautiful forest and scenery

brian benedict

I just enjoy being out of the city and getting a little fresh air.

Edd Mewborn

Hiked Bridal Veil. Great hike. To the fall was about 4 miles, and it wasn't too hard or too easy. The waterfall was beautiful and the views on the way up and down are fantastic. Lots of gorgeous mossy trees

Tammy Caldwell

I love Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. It's one of my favorite places to go.

Dave Sykes

Climbed Sauk Mountain after driving up a long access road and hiking up a rugged switchback trail to reach the top of Sauk Mountain and finally be rewarded with spectacular views of the valley to the south and particularly the wilderness to the north!

Brandon Reeves

This area offers such a wide variety of activities to do! Hiking wise.... photos of lakes within this park will never do it justice! The next stop on my bucket list is Mt. Index! Highly recommend getting out and exploring this park you wont regret it :)

Chey Fregon

Always a wonderful hike. The trail is rough in a few places, and there's quite a few felled trees closer to Sulfide and the campsite itself has had a few casualties, but it's still reasonable. Big improvements to some of the water crossings in recent seasons. There's one risky spot where there's a narrow ledge on a shear drop, but it's reasonable or you can pick your way behind the trail.

Christopher Smith

I love this place because it is where me and my family go to connect with each other and with nature. It sounds corny but it is true. Every time that we go through packing for the weekend and driving up it feels like we are a whole unit instead of individuals. We tackle the beautiful terrain and bask in the wonderful sounds of nature. I do not know what I would do if I was not allowed to experience the outdoor activities that is nature. It is beautiful.

Book Snobbery

The awesome event put on by the Muckleshoots. Wonderful lunch of salmon and crab.

Jenn Conn

The views where amazing the place was some what clean there wasn't trash every where but the bathrooms where disgusting! You had to hold your breath to use them it smelled so bad!!

Benjamin Joseph

Great drive with the family. Watched the fireworks from the Mountains. We really enjoyed the wide view over the valley floor.

Sandra Pellervo

It is one of the beautiful drives we have in Wash

Anthony Aliaga

Such a great hike! Beautiful views and a lot of resting points

Chris Curtis

The views were/are spectacular. Lots of easy trails to the water. Franklin Falls is a hidden gem. Now we can think about the beautiful falls below the bridge when we are driving over I-90.

Mihir Sharma

This place is amazing! I went on the rattlesnake ledge trail which took me around 60 min to complete: the trail was 1.9 trail but due to the elevation felt like 3-4 miles. But whatever trail you go on you will not regret it because the view is amazing. No matter what trail, YOU CAN DO IT! ~ another nature lover

Robyn Deboer

Beautiful. Great to hike around. And have a bit too eat. Loved being there.


So fun!!! Even though the last bit of the trail is closed we kept going and it was great! If you have dogs and you want to go to the caves i woudnt recommend bringing them unless theyre good climbers or easy to pick up for a few parts

Cassandra House

This was a beautiful hike for myself and family. We had kids aged 3-12 with us. Perhaps a little rough terrain and long distance for the 3 or 4 year old, but they still made it with a little help from Mom and Dad.

Kevin Richards

This area has some of the best views in all of Washington <3

Eric Gregg

Great hike. The trailhead is a lot farther off the main road than we thought but well worth it in the end. Anyone under the age of 5 may have a hard time walking this trail. Bring your camera the views are amazing. Shoot to hit this trail on a clear day for the best views.

Cameron Griffin

The PNW woods can’t be beat. There’s no where to else you’d want to get lost. Yep lost you go in and realize that you don’t want to leave, and suddenly you find yourself building a life in the woods. It’s not what you plan on but hey what’s the alternative... society with their rules, nah man I’m a mountain man now. 5/5 won’t end up leaving.

Michelle Scott

Beautiful hike! Ran into the people fixing up the trail and they were on mules so it was fun to see!

Alegria Canales

A good place to visit when you need the restroom or need a break from driving

Erick Mulyadi

One of my favourite backyard. Always stunning!

Mike Morris

The views are awesome! Ok so GPS routed me here via a new address that had not been placed on google.maps. However, that hour drive out the way was well worth the adventure.

Bob Kelly

This place was so incredible. I loved it. I am so glad I saw this place.

Kevin Miller

So many trees , and other things that are green. I never want to leave the places in that forest . I would live in a tree there but, I'm sure it's not ok . I'm still looking for big foot and his friend mister bear .. Keep Washington Green Humans!!

Rickey Martin

Such beauty may require a little effort, but it is worth every drop of sweat!

Ann Gusiff

What an amazing place to ride! We rode about 13 miles from Rattlesnake Lake to Carter Creek Campground on a warm afternoon on our ebikes. I can't wait to ride another section of the trail.

Ron Watkins

Amazing places to camp. Great hiking and Woodlands, rivers to play in, fishing and a shooting range not far too. Awesome vacation area!

Kristin Ringstad

We like to camp in this national forest on 4th of July because our dog is afraid of fireworks. We always enjoy our time because it's a national forest. Bring bug spray!

Caleb Wilson

We went in the Glacier entrance at the end of October. Fresh snow fell the night before. The road was de-iced all the way to the Heather Meadow parking lot. Fantastic sunny day with stellar views and crisp air. Highly recommend and want to come back in the summer time. The snow got deep quick so bring snowshoes

Antonius Gautama

Fresh air n still origin open area for relaxing yr soul

hali michaelson

I love the views from up here... I love the fresh crisp clean air... And at night it's so quiet.. absolutely breath taking views!

Lance G

Spectacular natural area that offers plenty for anyone who is interested in the outdoors. Camping, both at established campgrounds and backcountry, are all available. There are loads of scenic hiking trails throughout the park, although one does need to ensure they get a pass before embarking. Additional recreational opportunities, including off-road vehicle trails, mountain biking, skiing, and others can also be found here. Highly recommended!

Miguel Diaz

Great mining history trail (iron goat)

Jill Pettersen

Pacific Northwest at its finest! Clean, fresh, well maintained trails and campsites

Amy M

Beautiful scenery, very worth the drive up during summer. Just be aware that there’s 1 public washroom around the area (that we could find) and it is very foul smelling as it is basically just a dump hole. So relieve yourselves before heading up! As it could take 3 hours for this trip up and down the mountain.

Saulius Bračiulis

Should bring crampons and ice axe great climb to reach Three Fingers Amazing views!

Sal Hernandez

Spectacular views during the hike and from the top of Maple Pass Loop. Take the right trail going up. It's a lot less steep

Lisa Miller

The family actually stayed at Jim creek resort, and it is definitely on our top 10 of mini getaways!

willie james

I've lived in Washington for almost 10 years and marvel that I have never been to this forest. It's definitely a beautiful place with many places to stop and take pictures littering the trail or lake area at the bottom. The animals are friendly and curious. The atmosphere vivid and engaging. If you haven't been I definitely suggest a trip. Oh, and bring a camera lol

Todd Woodruff

Endless beautiful trails, lakes, campgrounds, waterfalls, dams, historical sites, natural resources like this park are what makes this area such a gem

Dale Smith

Beautiful view, great place for hiking or kayaking. The final bridge at the paved road's end had deep potholes before and after the bridge. You may continue your trek on a pretty chunky improved road for quite a few miles. Be aware there is no cellular service and if you get in trouble you better be able to self rescue. I bring a ham radio when I go.

Becky Kim

Gorgeous place in Summer. Looking forward to experience the trails in snowshoes this winter

Tanya Padgett

Nice view of trees and mountain with minimal traffic compared to i5 and 405

Brandon Hall

Great hikes, amazing views. Very popular spot, try to get to the trailhead before 9am to get parking. Buddy and I hiked up to the Katwalk and back down. Took 6 hours with a 30 min lunch break. Can't recommend this highly enough!

Jackie Meyers

It's a beautiful and tranquil Place. Good for hikes big and small. And awesome place to bring kids just to show them what Mother Nature is all about.


Don't go here, it's horrible. You should just stay in the city or heck maybe even move to California, I hear it's nice there.

Leslie Strassberg

Incredible scenery worth the trip from Seattle or Vancouver.

gtr mode

It's green, quiet and far away from everything and everyone.

P Burnett

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone that this place is here! It is often overlooked due to the proximity to Mt Si and Twin falls but that is just fine with me. Amazing views, sunsets and easy access to amazing trails. A hidden jewel for sure. I am pretty sure the kids at the middle school (you'll see it in your way in) have zero idea how lucky they are to have such amazing views during P.E.

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