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3029 Spirit Lake Hwy, Castle Rock, WA 98611, United States

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Where is Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument?

REVIEWS OF Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument IN Washington

Eric Helwig

Mt. Saint Helens has become a 4th of July tradition. In 2019, we hiked the Boundary Trail #1 to the Mount Margaret Wilderness overlooking the Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument. We set out to camp at Dome Camp in between Coldwater Peak and Mount Margaret. Permits are required and limited to 4 per night. At the time, they cost $6ea. Upon our arrival after a ginger 6 hour hike in, we were greeted with expansive views in all directions. There are 2 campsites, one low in the saddle and one up top, with a latrine in between the two. We chose the higher ground one to have an incredible view of Mount St. Helens to the South, The Dome to the East, and Mount Whittier to the NE. The site is nearly perfectly flat with soft sand gravel mix. There wasn't any debris to clear and plenty of room for 2 two person tents. We staked down the tents as it tends to get a bit windy, but guests never got above 10mph. No camp fires, ever! We arrived around 2pm, just enough time to settle in, set up, eat and then enjoy the landscape's shifting shadows as Sun lowered toward the horizon behind us. The mountains glowed in the summer evening sun as the clouds sunk lower and lower, down into the valleys below us. Low cloud fronts built strength at the Whittier Ridge and slowly crept over and down into the valley. The fog rolled up over us and The Dome, creating rivers of clouds flowing down into Spirit Lake and the valley. The clouds came in waves drastically changing the environment every 30mins, giving us something new to see everytime. In the morning, there was a herd of mountain goats along the ridge to the south west looking down over us, playfully dancing along the steep walls. Woodpeckers and coyotes could be heard in the distance truly expanding the environment.

Angela Coltrain

So beautiful. A great place to get away and explore Washington.

Mandy Latson

Beautiful Mt. St. Helens May 18th Anniversary of Valcanic eruption. Tour guides and free video/19min Family Informational Forrestry Movie. Gift shopping with pumice rocks and Valcanic lava rocks and suvaners to take home to remember your adventure at Mt. St. Helens Washington out Silver Lake Hwy Casttle Rock ex. I-5

Sue Troy

Great view and very friendly people!

Michael Ochs

Amazing and awesome! Hugh view. Nice hiking trails.

Kody Foust

With a view combining past destruction and a natural prolific evolution of cultivation. It is hard to imagine the horrific tragedy that befell this Amazesome landscape. But if you know where to look it's easy to decipher. All around you are signs of a past doomsday with a smidgen of blossoming confidence, anticipation, optimism, and a fiery desire that the forest will return and is in the process of returning to its once former glorious utopia.

William Putt

Great views from the north side!

Abigial A

This place means so much to me. Since the first time I came here in June 2016, I always find a way to make it back. This hike is steady and for the most part easy, but the sun can make it seem pretty hard. Wear sunscreen! Beautiful flowers in the early summer and you can't beat that backdrop

Kenneth Wise

Love love loved this walk. If you are fortunate enough to get here on a clear day, you can wander everywhere. It is a longish drive, but so worth it. The paths are right beside the steep sides of the canyon where you walk and is dangerous for younger kids depending on how young they are. Easily a half day walk and explore path or more. I found out that a US president is still buried near the mountain and had never been found.


It's about 12mi round trip to the summit and It requires basic navigation, fairly easy to get up if you are in shape. The views are amazing so check the weather forecast for the summit before going. If there's snow: crampons micro spikes, snowshoes, or skis/Snowboard can be helpful.

Jonah Flick

It was ok. A little short and not too interesting with the cable bridge in repair. Still nice if you're looking for a short, easy hike with water and huge lava rocks

Eedyn Monger

Wonderful trails, educational and worthwhile for the whole family.

Selena Chu

Beautiful view! Finish the loop took us 90mins. It was mild/easy hiking with not too intense hills. Highly recommended! Free parking.

Alan Kaiser

We were here 25 years ago, total cloud coverage and didn't see a thing. And this time...same exact thing, but with rain. Lots of rain. So instead of rating the mountain I am rating Johnston Ridge Observatory. The staff was awesome, the exhibits were interesting and the movie was really good. Spent nearly 4 hours here, in total downpour hoping, and did not feel like we wasted our time.

James W. Harms

It's been awhile but it's worth the drive. There is a few area that you can get information and take pictures.

Jonathan Erler

It's administered by the US forest service so have an annual or access pass handy, it saves you on day use fees. Always worth the trip.

Roger Sewright

Good place to spend some time and check it out

Jason Dreier

Amazing drive. Amazing views. Excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Tiffany Heese

Amazing views. Make sure to leave your pup at home as it's a national park and pets aren't allowed. I saw a lot of dogs locked in cars.

Mike Houston

This is one of the great Pac NW hikes with a nice mix of forest, alpine Meadows and volcanic rock.. amazing views and the pay off.. an active volcanic crater make this difficult hike worth while.

Scott Comin

Beautiful site with great viewpoint. Go on a sunny day though as clouds will block your view!

Deborah Poremba

Beautiful views, great trails, worth the trip!

Alan McRae

Proof that catastrophic events like this can create incredibly deep gorges and major changes to the Earth in 24 hours. A 600 ft gorge in one day, who says this Earth has been here billions of years. Ha!

Darin Douglas

Very cool place for a nature hike

Karen Bernhardy

Great place to visit. I highly recommend you go here. Even if it is a little off the Beaten Track for you, take the time and go there. It gets a little cold up there so be sure you're prepared when you go. We were met with quiet a wind also. Even though it was a beautiful day down the mountain, it was very cold up the mountain which would be expected obviously but we weren't really thinking about it. There was a really nice Visitor Center that will educate you about what you are seeing. Be sure to take a walk around before you leave. There are some beautiful views from paved walkways that anybody can go on even a wheelchair. There are also more challenging unpaved trails for those that are little more adventurous.

Michele Waite

Great hike to Loowit Lookout with my son on Mother's Day

Dan Mitchell

The observatory gets all the attention, do yourself a favor and make the drive for the view from Hurricane Ridge. Don't forget to stop on the way at Ape Caves to cool down.

Laura Durand

Beautiful area and our hike was amazing (up to the arch via Harry ridge)

Erica Turner

This place was amazing and well worth the drive to the park. The park had knowledgeable staff that explained the event very well. They gave us directions to a hike that had logging equipment that was buried and left from the explosion (we're a group of forestry students so it was pretty cool)

AJ Alger

Great place to visit if you want to know about what happened when Mt St Helens blew up in 1980. You can drive all around and get different views of the park and the mountain. It's a nice place to take your family, or if you're a photographer, a really great place to do some landscape photography. The scenic view points give you spectacular views.


Truly awe-inspiring monument, but it is quite out of the way if you are traveling nearby.

Marisa Love

Beautiful place to go to and Coldwater Lake has amazing hiking trails! Worth the adventure!

Josephina B

Nice park and visitors center. Everyone should visit.

wayne stephens

Was fun. Definately easier and quicker to walk the 1.5 mile trail to the end of the upper cave and then come back inside. Was cool inside but unfortunately some individuals have gone inside and spray painted on the walls.

Michael Hudson

Coming from splitboarding in Canada I was surprised to see so many people touring up but it's kinda awesome that so many people in the area get out there

Wayne Dyck

The caves are amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the hike and exploring.

Jeff Campbell

The Ape Caves were a blast. Can't wait to go back. Photos courtesy of a friend!

Sandy Spreng

Fabulous! Went around the mountain. Saw Mt. Hood, Mt.Adams, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Raineer all together. Wonderful day.


What a spectacular park, my son liked it a lot to see the Volcano and the details when it was active and damages made .. when we went it was foggy but during return trip it was beautiful.. also visited cold water calm and beautiful..

Melissa Rancour

Beautiful views and well worth the drive. At the end, walk up the steps for spectacular views even on a cloudy day.

Adam DiPietro

Just amazing. What a beautiful place.

Dan Bellamy

I enjoyed my stop much more than I expected. The evidence of the lava flows is fascinating, and the vegetation is beautiful. I was surprised how many wild blueberry bushes I saw on my short hike. Ape Cave was a pleasant surprise, and if you aren't claustrophobic it's a must see. You have a choice of a 3/4 Mike hike in the lava tunnel to a dead end or a 1 1/2 tunnel hike to connect to an above ground trail.

Nick Mattheisen

Stunning. An absolute must for any adventurer. It's a day hike, with reasonable fitness and an early start it's not too he'd, bit rough on the knees coming down. Wouldn't recommend bringing a dog due to the rough porous rocks. Winter route is longer but a bit easier in my opinion on the frozen ice compared to the summer route, but just as gorgeous. A very rewarding climb for sure. Can't wait to do it again.

Stew Evans

This is one my favorite places to visit. There are not too many places on the planet that you can go walk around on a vocano that blew. I highly recommend that you hike as far as you can, you will be rewarded. In the fall there are even huckleberries...


Awe inspiring views and if you are lucky to be the only ones up there with all the views to yourself then god blessed you. If you know its history, then you should know this beauty is a beast and you should fold your hands and bow to her majesty for she plays death and life right in front of you.

Len Poole

Beautiful park lots of information on the eruption and aftermath

Steve G

I live about an hour away and go there pretty regularly. It's always interesting. I just wish tourists were more respectful and would clean up after themselves.

Joven Mou

Great place in a sunny day! I went there in May 2018.

steve baker

Being able to step back in time and look in the mouth of a volcano, and see how the death becomes life.. The Flora and fauna is awe inspiring. The presentation at Johnston observatory details the lead up.. the day of.. and ends with the projection screen raising up to reveal the crater.. WOW..

Abhijith LN

One of the best upslopes ever

John Moyer

Beautiful views with a nice information center but to even get in the visitor center is $8...

Jose Ferreira

Enjoyed the visitors center and sights. The movie was interesting in regards to the eruption. Very popular destination given the view and fresh air.

Watson Whitehurst

You can get a great view almost anywhere


Amazing I was 20 miles away 18 th May 1980

Don Barbacovi

Great exhibits and knowledgeable staff.

Stacy Wood

What can I say? Nature, she's awe inspiring and completely volatile. Yet, if during the winter months, it's closed down and you're not able to get the best view of Mount St Helen's ( Johnston Ridge Observatory) . You'll have to settle for Seaquest visitor center instead. Seaquest is a great starting point and has a nice tail that takes you on a wooden bridge that allows you to walk over the marsh. Seaquest charges a fee to get into the educational area but the bathrooms outside and trail is free. And Johnston ridge is the final stopping point to view the volcano up close. Its North Face that blew. The fee is $8 to walk the trail, with a guided tour by game and fish, view their movie about Mt St Helen's ( that has a very nice little surprise after the film I won't ruin it for you ) and gain access to the educational area and gift shop. Children 0-15 are free. I went on a Saturday and I'm not sure if the guided walk is offered during the week. Johnston Ridge Observatory, is open from May- October. After that, only Seaquest is the suitable option as Johnston Ridge is closed due to likely inaccessible roads due to winter weather conditions.

Andy Adams

You know that scene in The Incredibles where the volcano chamber is closing in on Mr. Incredible? It’s kind of like that, but in reverse, when the film curtain opens at the end of the show. Surprise! You’re still alive! Note to self: don’t get stuck going down the mountain behind really slow Gen X’ers going 10 miles under the speed limit on their ridiculous tricycle motorbikes. No joke they teamed up to prevent people passing, almost causing a car ahead to crash and bringing shame to America. Other than that, yay Mt. St. Helens!

Erik Peterson

I love all of our National Parks one by one as I meet them. Mt St Helens did not disappoint. An amazing event recorded in our history and local to my home. I was born in '81 so there was a ton of memorabilia for the event when I was a kid but I did not visit the park till I was 38yo. Spectacular.

Noah W

This is an amazing piece of geography in southwest Washington. Permits are hard to come by to climb the mountain during the nicer months but I highly recommend you try and get one (or two and bring a friend). This is mostly a Class 1 climb. Depending on which route you take, you can get into some Class 2 (scrambling where your hands are needed) areas. Keep in mind that there is no water near the mountain, so bring plenty for your trip.

Eric Rodman

Can't wait to come back! I briefly studied Helen's in college while in a geology course, but pictures just didn't do it justice. So much power. The observatory has plenty of information and history of the area and the staff are very friendly and helpful. There are trails nearby that are easy-going, which I noticed people of all age groups hiking. The views are fantastic!

leslie veenstra

Well worth the trip up there to the observation center to see and learn about the geological history of the area. Incredible views.

Derek Ferchoff

Very cool place. It almost seems like a different planet around here. I would definitely recommend going

Dan Parkent

So we did not summit, but we did loowit falls trail and it was beautiful. There is a waterfall coming out of the the freaking volcano! A beautiful lake, several different changes in landscape. I would definitely recommend that trail to everyone! Not too demanding, about 9.5 miles long for us I believe.

Mt Ns

This place is listed 4 times. See "Mount... Monument, Washington" for my review.

Lacey T Morgan

Difficult. We climbed the Monitor Ridge route. Beautiful hike but very steep. No snow on the trail as we climbed late September, but there is a boulder field that is 2 miles long and quite steep, especially on the way down. However it is very fun scrambling up. I'd avoid this trail if you have troubled knees. My knees and thighs were aching for a week straight after the descent. The view at the top is spectacular and worth the challenge.

Sean Hulse

It was cool, but not my favorite. Would rather watch a good movie on the subject. It can be a long drive to get out to the park

Rob Hartman

Breathtaking scenery. Plan ahead for a clear day to see the volcano in all of its beauty. You can see the steam rise from the crater. Awesome place to take your family.


This should be on everyone's bucket list to visit. Just don't give me the number of St Helen's barber.

Jacqueline Phillips

Great place to visit. Lots of geological information. We loved the Forest Learning Center and it is free for all ages. We're also visited the observatory which was also good, but there is a $8 charge for adults. Kids are free. Plan to spend at least one full day, two of you want to do any hiking. I also suggest packing a picnic lunch as there is no vending or resturants with exception of a hot dog stand in the parking lot of the observatory.

Paul Greco

Great to revisit after so long. Great family outing with some nice hiking. Smoke in the air from wildfires made the view a bit hazy and yet still some incredible views. It is amazing that you can drive so close to the crater on very nice roads. Pack some snacks as there are not a lot of options for food and make sure you have a full tank of gas.

Angela Lillie Blanks-Bennett

I was in Geologist’s heaven. Definitely coming back to hike some trails here this summer.

Brenden Billingsley

Very nice visitors center. Great day trip experience.

Mari Clements

The Ape Caves are amazing--easy hike on the lower cave, more challenging on the upper. Make sure to wear layers in the summer, because the surface hike back from the top of the upper cave can be warm, but the caves themselves are 42 degrees or so! Bring multiple light sources, as there is no light in the caves, and leave food and dogs at home. (Try the Cougar Grill for an after hike meal--you'll have earned it!)

Angered Bees

No mall up top but the view is nice

john hong

Pretty close view of the mountain side that slid away. Next time, we will take one of the longer trails nearby. Cold Water Lake is a must stop on the way down the mountain.

Luke Price

So beautiful! We it took us about 4 hours to get to the top, spent an hour up there, then 3 hours down. There is some boulder scrambling and slogging thru sand as well. But the views are worth it.

Miss H

Amazing hiking experience! Be prepared when you come as it is a long drive up 504 with minimal cell service, and no gas stations past Toutle. Mornings can be foggy with limited visibility, but hiking in designated areas in Restricted Area 3 of the original blast zone is phenomenal!


I wish I had an Eagle to fly me to the top but I was able to throw the ring into the fire. 10/10 would not hike again.

Dalin Williams

At over 8300 feet, Mount Saint Helens is a fantastic hike for both the novice mountaineer, and the advanced hiker. Make sure to climb this mountain! If you wish to Summit during the winter, make sure you make an attempt in early spring, preferably mid-to-late February. For a summer Summit, make sure to climb between late May/early June and late August / early September. Most people can Summit between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the conditions of the snow and weather patterns.

Muri Rod

Ape Canyon Trail has beautiful views to the left and right most of the way.

Gagandeep Singh

Really good hike. I've done both summer and winter route, and summer is more difficult, even though winter one has higher elevation gain, it's really hard to get a grip on the ash on the summer route when there's no snow.

Joe Kelly

The last time I was up there was about 1996 it's amazing how much regrowth.

Sue Rakes

One of most educational places I’ve ever hiked ... came here in 1997 and it was totally different. So glad the Monument is actively staffed with very helpful folks and the visitors center is a gem. Nice nice trails too!

Kris Colburn

Breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring! Looking forward to going back

tyler tucksen

4th time summiting the peak, one of my favorite hikes in washington

Ed Dewitz

One of the best places in the world to see up close

Alex Larson

So interesting, the history surrounding the now, cap-less mountain!

Charles Waugh

May 18, 1980. That is when the mountain blew, and I was living in Olympia -- not far away, though I was at the time another 100 miles north showing some out of state friends around. The regeneration in such a short time (even in the first 10 years ! ) has been amazing. If you have the time, do not miss ..

Lea Sanchez

Favorite mountain to climb!

Nikki Stewart

So much fun for the family!! The Ape Cave(s) are dark and cold, so be sure to bring a sweater, hoodie, or jacket and flash lights!! It was such an adventure for this Florida family.

James Dorais

Windy road and usually breezy. Go when it's totally cloud free

Jackie B.

It's a lot of fun going to the different hiking locations.

Kenya Flores

Absolutely breathtaking. Quite a drive, but the views are priceless on a clear day.

Max LeDog

We did a great hike. I won't say which one so it does not get overcrowded. But the photos might give it away.

Jake North

Welp, this is a much tougher climb than I thought it would be. Made it to the crater rim and it was totally worth it. You have a great view of Mt. Adams the whole way up.

Sheldon Khougaz

Awesome. See the movie too

Delena Holcer

If you are going to hike to the top of Mount Saint Helens I recommend you do it at night. It makes everything much easier I think LOL I'm not sure if I would have been able to do it otherwise but I did I summited it! Along with my amazing 10 year old son. Good luck and be careful!

Al Sherwood

Most of us have heard the history but you must go here to really experience the beauty!

Mark O'Neal

Hiked to Coldwater Peak last weekend of June. Fantastic views, wildflowers. Trail goes through an arch/window!

Jennifer Lawrenson

Our family really enjoyed hiking the cave. I was surprised that non of our 3 park passes worked. We had to buy a seperate one just for this park. Not far from the cave parking is dirt roads that go for awhile with some beautiful views. A great place to have some family adventures!

Jennifer Gustafson

Stunning panoramas. Beautiful wildflowers! Great film at Visitors Center - a must see!

Mariano Garcia

Such a spectacular park. To see the volcano and the massive hole on the side was very unbelievable to see. I remember hearing about the explosion as a kid but to see the mountain in person was really cool. I wanted to get closer to the mountain but when we arrived at the Johnson Observatory we learned that it was about a 13.5 mile RT to the base of the mountain. Also if you did want to go to the summit, climbing passes get released in the spring time. My only critique of this park is that it very hard to find information about the trail distances unless you do some digging or actually go to the park and talk to someone.

Joshua DeJong

I went hiking in this area with a few friends. The views are breathtaking and a blast. If you go in the summer make sure you bring sunglasses and if they fully block out your peripherals that's even better.

Ashlie Kennedy

Late April 2019, on the Northside the farthest we could get was the Hammock Trail,hike out for a great view!

Ephrem Yemru

Excellent view. On a clear visibility day, one could see, Mt Rainier from the summit. The view of Mt Adams on right, and Mt Hood right behind will accompany the climber during this beautiful ascent to Mt. St Helens Summit. Words aren't enough to express the beauty, photos don't do the beauty justice either. It is just amazing. Good weather is always the caveat of course.

Mason Clarke

My experience on the Climbers Bivouac trail was one of the most sublime experiences of my life. I loved every second of it. Mount Saint Helens has its wildlife returned, and it is just breathtaking to be immersed in. I love hiking and climbing, and this is my favorite trail I’ve ever been on. The fog added a surreal, movie-like feel to it all. Just wonderful.

Elkins Muteheli

One of the hardest hikes ever done.But it's awesome coz it was in the dark and great company. Lost sense of time.


My go to National Park/Monument in Washington. Crowds are small and traffic is light! The wildflowers in June are amazing. Plenty of parking with a small food trailer in the parking lot. Cellphone service is very weak to non-existent at this location.

Bryan Peck

How can you not give a volcano five stars? Awe inspiring, the hike to the top is pretty brutal but there's easier trails around the back side where you can just traverse the base and view the volcano. Either side feels like you're in a prehistoric time due to the desolation caused by the eruption and lava flows. Kind of surreal.

Brian Cantley

Nice walk and favility, however did not choose to pay the exorbitant fee to enter the visitors center.Preferred to save my money for the Johnson ridge Observatory.

Katie Canty

A bit out of the way but worth the trip! Amazing views, a variety of trails, and lots to learn. Ranger Jorge gave a great talk, even though he wasn't prepared for only kids to show up, but they had a blast. The Jr Ranger Book is challenging, but doesn't take long to complete. Cold water Lake is also worth the stop-great place for a break or a picnic.

Lis Weller

A lot of history here for my family and it gets me every time, especially super early on the fourth if July when I have Windy ridge and Spirit lake all to myself!

Simon Johnson

Well worth the time to go for a trek. Our 13mile hike had a few climbs in it. We left from Portland early as it took us 3 hours to get to the Windy trail trailhead and we still hiked for over 7 hours. Generally there is no shade so please do bear that in mind. Views and scenery we're all worth the effort.

Kyle Spencer Kenny

Hiked it with my girlfriend on a Sunday. 12 miles round trip with 4,500ft elevation gain, 1st half of trail is beautiful, easy, slow incline, nice views, 2nd half gets very steep into the snow, and steeper, and steeper all the way to top. Breathtaking view and the summit, scary edge at the top where everyone hangs out, cold and windy, getting down is fast. Defiantly need crampons, walking sticks, and some other gear. Took us under 6 hours up and back, but most take 9-12 hours.

Eugenio Bacordo

This is a park that you can drive in without having to pay and the drive offers different angle views of Mt St Helens. However if you want to take the trails from the Observatory, honesty is best and it will only set you back $8. Highly recommend doing this as the trails lead to more spectacular views


Super fun hike and very amazing views! Ape caves are fun to explore too!

Good News

A beautiful cold sunny day. Miss Mt. St. Helen was clear for us to see. Stunningly gorgeous!

Allessandra Donaldson

There is so much to do at Mt St Helens and all of it was amazing and life changing

A Smith

I love coming here for the history and geology. The views are incredible of the destruction of the landscape and the rebirth. A must if you visit WA.

Karen Christian

We did the Loowit Trail to Loowit Falls. 8.88 mile and it was absolutely stunning. The wind was bad tho.

Heather Manning

A pretty good walk to the top but beautiful views. Lots of people as to be expected in the summer.


Hiking the ape caves is very beautiful and fun! But if you hike the long one I recommend hiking all the way up and coming back through the caves, that way you're coming down. It's a little easier

Donna Carlton

Mt St Helens was good BUT it was the roads that makes this rated lower. We suggest they get repaired/replaced soon.

Makayla L.

Gorgeous views the whole way there and absolutely worth the drive.

Chris Glenn

Definitely a challenging climb, had to turn back at 7,000ft due to a late start, definitely will be back for the "summit"

Nisha T

Love this state, great day for a hike around Mt St Helens and exploring Ape Cave.

Horlacher Grace

Great family activity. Make sure you have extra batteries.

Samantha Matthews

Only an hour and a half drive from pdx- this is one of the best places to spend a weekend! The phlox were blooming like crazy.

Jonathan Howe

Did the longer track of the Ape Caves and it was great!!! Make sure you bring more than a 400 lumen headlamp. You don't know darkness until your down there!!!

Sheana Hawes

The coldwater peak trail is a favorite. Absolutely gorgeous and easy to navigate.

Neas William

Absolutely stunning

David Godfrey

Well worth the drive, great views.

Tiffany Chou

One of my favorite hikes. Beautiful, brutal, and totally worth it, both in snow and scree. It's hot as hell because there's no tree cover in the summer, so bring sunscreen and lots of water. It's steep in the winter, so bring your crampons and ice axe. It's a Washington gem, that's for sure!

Justin Jenkins

Cool place. Lots of history.

James Speed

It is definitely worth the drive off of I5 to go see this wonder of nature. Hard to believe there is still so much desolation in some areas around it nearly 40 years later. At the visitor center there is an admission fee of $8 per adult and kids are free. Watch for elk from the various viewpoints.

Liliya Mosh

Roads is good. Forest is amazing

Jeff Kersting

This place never gets old. And it definitely, never disappoints.

Jack Wert

Amazing experience! Climbed to the peak earlier today! Ice, snow, temperatures in the 20s and wind gusting made for a challenging still non-technical climb. In the winter crampons and an ice axe are needed for safety. Only disappointment was that we didn't break through the clouds at the top which obscured our view into the crater. I can't wait to go back in summer for the scenery!

John Bemis

It may be quite a drive off the main roads, but it is worth the trip. There are plenty of opportunities for great views at the many vantage points along the road. The road itself is in a state of dis-repair, so slow down and be prepared to dodge big potholes and loose rock. Plenty of good hikes can be found along with one scary big staircase without handrail up to a spectacular vantage at the final overlook.

Jared Scofield

Ape cave was great! Easy cave and hard cave options. Recommend go in groups for hard cave. You have to climb a difficult wall and having a friend makes it a breeze.

lonny simington

Amazing ride up to the observatory. So much beautiful scenery.

Keegan Olson

This place is stunning. Way exceeded my expectations!

Scott Henderson

Plenty of hiking trails and St Helens is visible from almost everywhere.


First time up here. What a really great place!! Everything looks well kept. There are decent facilities to use. The hike to the summit was a lot of fun. Met a lot of really nice people. Even in August it is a bit windy and chilly at the summit. What an incredible view and definitely worth the hike. The last bit to the top is a real scramble but don't give up!!

Hardcore RC'S And Gaming

This place was so beautiful and worth the long journey but it was a little windy at times but after seeing everything you forget about how cold it is .... This place will warm your heart

D Hopkins

Amazing views, solid hikes. Very weather dependent.

Robert Verheggen

Pretty amazing place. Hiked to the summit via monitor ridge. Challenging climb, very challenging descent. Beautiful views inside the crater, of Mt Rainier, Spirit Lake, Mt Adams, Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson.

Sharon Lucas

Since the Mt. St. Helens eruption took place in 1980, I have wanted to see this mountain. I finally had the opportunity and I am glad I went. We listened to a talk given by a park employee and it was interesting and informative. When I thought back to the pictures and films I saw of the eruption in 1980, it was hard to believe that this peaceful giant standing in front of me once had that much destructive power. Mt. St. Helens is a little off the beaten path, but it is well worth a visit.

Joel Mailand

More dramatic than johnson observatory side

Matt Hanrahan

Climbed to the top. Awesome hike, you've got to take care of it!

Tamra Owens

Loved this experience and the overwhelming power that was unleashed. Try to go on a clear day when you can see the mountain.

George Yun

I circumnavigated this mountain in 15 hours on July 20th with 6 other crazies.

Patrick Schultz

Glissading made me feel like a kid again!

Christopher Doyle

It's challenging to fit this stop into a road trip as it is pretty out of the way, but it is well worth the detour. Stop in at the Johnston Ridge Observatory for the film on the eruption. Amazing to try and comprehend the magnitude of the eruption that occurred here. It's almost 40 years later but it looks much more recent.

Platon Kachkaev

Nice pyro flow. Killed a lot of people. It was quiet loud though, i thought it would be like a hitman you know.


Beautiful. The visitors center seemed dated but the staff was friendly, the view was beautiful, and the trails were well maintained.

Dallas Dickerson

This place was amazing and well worth the drive to the park. The park had knowledgeable staff that explained the event very well. They gave us directions to a hike that had logging equipment that was buried and left from the explosion (we we're a group of forestry students so it was pretty cool).

Christopher Walker

This whole area I'd an amazing part of the Mt. Margaret backcountry. Camping is by permit in designated sites reservable through Day hiking opportunities are abundant, however access to water is scarce, especially in late summer when the snow has mostly melted out. Bring good sun protection, as much of this area is exposed with little to no tree cover. Easily some of the most picturesque and enchanting landscapes in Washington. Be on the lookout for elk, mountain goats, and black bears. Wildflower season is usually around mid June through July. Abundant berries like trails and are usually ripe by mid July to August.

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