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1702 S Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA 99203, United States

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Where is Manito Park?

REVIEWS OF Manito Park IN Washington


Great place to just enjoy the great outdoors. Don't miss the Japanese gardens, a must see! Beautiful rose gardens.

Amber K Anderson

Great afternoon stroll. The signs are a little confusing and there's parts where you have to walk on the road - and, parking was a pain. I bet the neighborhood loves all the people parking in front of their million dollar mansions

R Key

Beautiful gardens. Many varieties of flowers and gorgeous rose garden.

Sabrina Jones

Whether you’re a local and need a few minutes to breathe and refocus your day, or a visitor to the area, Manito Park is a must-see. Well-kept walking paths are safe for people of all abilities and bicyclists, too. In the spring, the lilac gardens are outstanding, in the summer, enjoy the elegant Rose and Duncan gardens, in the fall, take in all the colors from the park’s deciduous trees, and in the winter, up your serotonin by visiting the Conservatory. Manito Park truly has something for everyone, year-round.

maxy cheriyan

Excellent place for a day outing. There is a kids play area near to the entrance. Also the Ross garden and Japanese garden are a must watch.

Navneet Harika

Its a nice park. Looks like, we didn't come in the right season as flowers were not blooming. But the park is nice and well maintained. Recommended, if you are in Spokane and looking for some park to visit.

Molly Straub

I love this park! It is just beautiful, there is something there for everyone! The flowers of every season smell amazing and the view is always calming and peaceful. It is a great place to just walk and take in the beauty.

Michael Pesch

Really beautiful! And I was very surprised to learn that I could bring my small dog with me next time, but ON A LEASH ONLY. The dogs can't go in the Asian garden section, but they can go everywhere else. Definitely bringing my wife and our dog back here!

Cham Maffei

I love this park! It’s calming and big enough you have your own space but small enough you will still see someone at some point. The free music on Friday’s is very nice. Also I love coming here is Community Day in Pokémon Go!

Beth Alday

This park is absolutely wonderful! No matter the season you will find something charming to do in this park. There are multiple playgrounds and picnic tables, walking paths and so much beauty. I've been on random times and even then its busy but it doesn't always feel overcrowded. There is a lot of space to run around and enjoy a day at the park. Head up the the gardens and see a spectacular array of flowers and plants. This is definitely a must see in my books and one that I could go to over and over. If you park up past the gardens you can walk through the neighborhoods and see all the spectacular houses and if you are up for a little walk (about a mile) then you could even walk to an ice cream spot called The Scoop (highly recommend).There is so much to see; bring your camera, a picnic and a pair of walking shoes to make sure to see all this great park has to offer.

Tim Greene

Gorgeous all around the gardens were all well cared for and worth visiting every time. I especially enjoyed the botanical gardens myself.

Tasha Wells

Love bringing my kids here, we hike and play all in one trip with amazing sightseeing.

Jackie Scardino

One of my favorite places to visit when I am in Spokane. I came in July and the flowers were still gorgeously in bloom, grounds are groomed and clean. Visitors are respectful and peaceful.

Matthew Lowrey

This was a beautiful park. The trees, pond, paths everywhere to walk, and playground for the kids. It's a pretty big park so I don't think I saw but a portion of what else I could have, but it was late in the day and parts of it close around 7PM.

Kat Sykes

What a beautiful park! The city of Spokane is so fortunate to have a place like this. We visited the Japanese garden and enjoyed the quiet beauty of the koi pond and waterfall. We also went to the perennial garden and the Rose garden. I wish we had more time to enjoy this place as we didn't even get close to seeing it all!

Toi Lanayza

A nice place to feel calm, many flower, a baby stole my bubbles but she was cute so I guess that's fine. As long as she has fun.

Tina Cunnington

Manito Park is beautiful. It’s huge and has a lot of different areas to walk around in. The play area for the kids is really awesome. Both play areas that is. I love all the different gardens

Northwest Raised

A gem on the South Hill. Quiet neighborhood, rose garden, flower gardens galore, interpretive sites, Japanese garden, playgrounds, venues, duck pond. Too many amenities to mention. A must for an afternoon with the family!

Jackie Williamson

Love this park! It's huge and beautiful with lots of different plants, not just the lilacs it's known for. Plenty of places to walk or stroll. The only downside is if you walk along the paved roads, cars do drive through so you really need to keep an eye out on your kids. Kids being kids think park means play!!

Mya Thomas

Beautiful gardens and a huge asset to Spokane. You cannot truly explore all the areas, playgrounds, trails, gardens and greenhouse in one day it is a great place to bring a picnic and spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying the surroundings and sights.

Emma Case

Beautiful well maintained park with lots of varieties of plants and flowers throughout. Family and animal friendly.

Aliea Werneth

Manito is amongst the most beautiful parks in Washington. It has something for everyone. Manito is perfect for the tired mom who needs a safe place for her kids to get some extra energy out, to the happy couple tying the knot. Not to mention the tourists and the family reunion BBQ's. Manito is an amazing park for everyone.

Shane Johnson

Flowers, trees and other beautiful nature can be found in this park. Lots of manicured nature as well as some organic nature.

Shirley Blackwell

Quinticential multiple venue botanical gardens experience.

Heather Murie

This is place is GORGEOUS!! I absolutely loved visiting here and will definitely return. I loved the organization of the flowers and overall layout of the scenery. Anyone with OCD would LOVE this place!!

Kori Klaue

Wonderful place for a walk. Great place to chill and enjoy watching the ducks. Love taking the kids to play at the playground. Perfect place to take pictures. Many flowers to enjoy in different parts of the park. By far my favorite park in Spokane!

Victor Alvarado

Great place. Love that there's doggy bags at every trashcan. It would be nice if people read the signs about not feeding the ducks or having pets on leashes at All times! Other than that it's a great family park.

wyate powell

The pond is import care they could be doing a lot more to take care of the pond to improve a wildlife preserve there but I went there with my son and we had a great time they have rules against no feeding the Ducks which is unnecessary I wish that they had coin machines to where you would allow your child to feed the ducks with natural food that was organic and good for them but unfortunately they do not have that

Josh Wellsandt

A great place for a family outing or a nice romantic date. A great destination for Star staring and quiet night conversations.

Paula Riggs

Beauty everywhere. Fountain, Greenhouse, Rose gardens, Japanese garden, Perennial garden, pond with ducks, Duncan gardens with annuals, covered area, playground, and outdoor eating and beverages. On my must do list for Spokane visits.

Andrea Streissguth

Nice city park, lovely variety of landscapes. Surprisingly I didn't find a gift shop, snack counter or vending machine anywhere. Great place for a family picnic, but be sure to bring your own supplies. I was there in mid spring to visit the botanical gardens. Very little was in bloom. Might be better in early summer.

B. M.

Absolutely breathtaking. I have never seen a more beautiful park. The online map was kind of worthless for getting around but we managed well enough without!

Brittaney Scholes

Such a fun family experience! We were in town visiting from Utah and we saw this park online. It was a very hot day, but still worth it to come visit the park. There is so much to do and see! We loved the Japanese gardens and the flower gardens the most. We will definitely go back next time we are in Spokane!

Christopher Simmons

Beautiful, meticulous, sort of a really special place where you can walk to Japanese Garden, go into the Greenhouse, walk among the flowers - roses, irises, and everything you can imagine. One of the more beautiful parks I’ve been to. Get a book and a blanket and go sit under the trees - so many options.

C. E. Weber

Beautiful park with lovely amenities throughout. A pond, playground, and picnic facilities are available in the lower park. The formal Duncan Gardens is beautiful featuring seasonal perennials. The conservatory is full of exotic plans including many orchids and succulents. Rose and lilac gardens. Plus an unique Japanese garden open seasonal. Additional playground and picnic shelter are available in the upper park.

Shane Oliva

It's very gorgeous. And you can walk through out the whole park and get your exercise

Taylor Ealand

Big park. Much pretty. Will go again.

thomas tran


Jess Benavides

Mirror pond looks more like a swamp it's so green. The gardens however are an easy save when open/in bloom.

Ken Nestor

This gem is amazing, huge park with botanical gardens, if you want to landscape your yard this place showcases plants that grow well in our region. Explore the Japanese gardens they never disappoint me. Rose garden, Duncan gardens, the duck pond and an epic sledding hill can be found here, and so much more it is hard to describe. Of course a playground for the kids. And plenty of places to eat a picnic.

Angela Schneider

Always one of my favorite places to take a client for a dog photography session! There are so many different types of scenery for beautiful backgrounds.

Madison Dailey

LOVE this park! So many different parts, there is something for everyone. It is so beautiful and peaceful.


Must see!!! there are so many different types of flowers and perfect place for a evening walk.

Victoria Giesbrecht

Very beautiful... my favorites are the Japanese gardens ,the conservatory, and the Duncan gardens

Mars Mercury

Very nice expansive park. Lovely place with Japanese Gardens as well. Pictures soon. JESUS Cares say your prayers mm

Bill Gordon

Fascinating place! Completely renovated the old, historic steam plant in downtown Spokane. Beautiful inside, keeping the character of the building and it's original function. Restaurant servers were prompt and friendly. Food preparation and presentation was excellent. Very good flavors. Menu items were pricey. But recommend for a special dinner out.

David Cy

Cool park with a lot of free stuff to do. There is a greenhouse with cactus to see, roses, flowers, squirrels running around everywhere and even got to pet the cutest and most cuddly cat at the park!

Jon Blanchard

Beautiful park with a nice paved greenbelt around the duck pond. The ducks were also friendly without being over bearing (signs say don't feed the ducks).

Daniel Parsons

I love this park. The Japanese garden pond water looks pretty nasty though

Kurt Stranne

The Rose Garden was really nice I would get that at 5 but the Japanese Gardens water was very nasty it needs to be clean I feel sorry for those poor fish. Same with the duck pond water very nasty or green

Dena Davis

Lovely place to walk the dog, take my granddaughters, have a picnic or grab a quick snack at there Lil snack bar! Also check out the Japanese garden and lovely plant area!

Joanne Kukahiko

Beautiful everything every season I absolutely love this part

Alex Culwell

I love going there to see the beautiful sights, and play pokemon Go

Jasmine Johnson

Great Scenery, huge pond to walk around and a beautiful flower garden! Amazing for photography!

cool roblox gg

One of Spokanes most beautiful parks.

Sarah Still

Best place to take my senior dog. Smells amazing in the spring/summer. Beautiful flowers and trees.


It's such a beautiful place. Every garden has it's own beauty, but be prepared to walk a lot. Its is also drivable, but that's not the point you come here.

Stephanie Hart

Always love our experience here. We never see the same things twice. So big! Perfectly maintained, we often picnic around the park. Rose garden, Japanese garden and lilac garden are our favorite!

Katie Bug

Wonderfully put together and can definitely make an afternoon of wondering the gardens. I guess the only thing is the duck pond could be better maintained. It doesn't smell to good n is in need of a good scrub no reason for it to be that nasty.

Kayli Robles

Very cute park. I would actually love some more signage (not a lot needed) as me and my family got lost on the way to the Japanese garden.


So many beautiful things about this park. There's the Rose Garden, the pond, a play area for kids there's a greenhouse; there's lots of things to do here. You can always get a few good photos here, and make a few memories. This place has been here for a very long time, and the people love it. Including me!

Angie Thompson

Always so beautiful. A great place to take a walk and see the ducks.

Jeremy Logan

It's like a plant zoo. They have botanical, Japanese, Lilac, and Rose gardens, plus a greenhouse. Walking g around Manito is a great way to spend a couple hours with someone you care about.


Such a great experience! I love the rose garden, it smells so good! Late June is the perfect time to catch things in bloom. The Japanese garden is very tranquil and calming. Great for photos. The greenhouse has some beautiful orchids and lots of plants too! The English garden is beautiful with the fountains and well manicured gardens. There are even more gardens to visit! Give yourself at least a couole hours when you visit. This is a must see when you're in Spokane!

Kellie Hill

Beautiful. I can’t believe it’s free!

ashley brown

This is the best park with many things to see lots of different Gardens and two different playgrounds for kids the upper level has a splash pad and climbing structures for Little Tikes as well as older children swings for a disabled child and babies.

Russell C

What a treasure for Spokane! Man, I totally underestimated this park. Went for a "quick walk" which turned into me walking and walking and walking. More to discover around every corner. What a gem!

Jovanny Villanueva

This is a great park to come relax, share some family time or have some solitude. You will be amazed by the beautiful gardens, the precious glimpse of creation will show you the signature of a Creator. Colossians 1:16 comes to life and it causes me to reflect over Romans 1:16-32. It's incredible! Thankful for the time I was able to spend here.

jesika morris

Such a great place to hike around with the kids. The upper playground has a splash pad. The flower gardens are gorgeous

Lyuba Vyskribov

This is a must when visiting Spokane! I love taking walks here from Rockwood bakery. Beautiful place!

Joshua Fox

Absolutely gorgeous park! Ranging from natural local gardens to rose gardens to japanese gardens. Make sure to take a whole day to thoroughly explore and visit this park with the family.

Ben Emehiser

I have been to Manito many times, and every time it is stunning. The flower gardens are taken beautiful care of, and provide amazing places to take wedding, prom, etc. pictures. The park is large enough that I feel I find something new every time I visit, with the Japanese gardens, the rose garden, the lilac garden, the arboretum, and many other features.

Olivia Riggs

Beautiful piece of Spokane! I enjoyed the rose garden, native plants, and the Japanese garden is beautiful, tranquil and peaceful. Definitely a place of solitude I will visit from now on whenever I am in Spokane. Must see attraction. I am shocked that I have been visiting this side of the mountains for 10+ years and no one has taken me here until now


Great place to walk, bring the dog and have a cook out. Parking can be tricky,but if you are not afraid to park in the neighborhood, you’ll not have an issue. Love all the gardens.


One of our favorite parks... my daughter did tinker garden there two seasons in a row and love the energy and cleanliness of Manito.. and absolutely beautiful gardens throughout.

Lucia Wiley

Beautiful place to walk through in the summer time. I recommend going in to see the green house there.

Akasha Slighte

Absolutely bigoted. If they don't understand they will treat you as if you don't belong. Praying this has only been our experience. Very privileged area. Needs more diverse friendly areas.

Josh Stirpe

Best park in Spokane, lots of different areas to explore. Park the car and walk the trails - you won't be disappointed.

Paul Marovitch

Wonderful variety of things to do outdoors. You can find some trees to string up a hammock, explore the green house, wander through the gorgeous royal garden, and picnic in the park. I wish there were cool jungle gyms in the parks like this when I was a kid! Plenty of room for the kids to play while parents, friends etc wander through rose gardens. Not into social gatherings? Bring your favorite book and Playlist with you and enjoy the Japanese Garden instead!

Kristy Clark

No matter where you go in this park you will find the perfect backdrop for special occasion photos.

Douglas Scholla

Nice place to walk in the fall colors and for Grandkids to play!

Grove Ayers

Lovely Olmsted-inspired park in the South Hill area of Spokane. A quiet, scenic area all year long.

Peter Sontrop

Folks don’t need me to tell them how beautiful and awesome this place is. It is though. I would have to say the people who take care of it truly love it and are dedicated to its beauty. I never see any trash on the ground and everything is manicured to perfection. It’s different every time of the year you go there. No matter what season it is it is still beautiful.


It's a hidden gem in Spokane. I enjoy coming and seeing the seasonal changes. A nice walk with alot to see. But being a public park, sometimes you get the wall mart family with the wild children and mothers constantly yelling at them so the whole park can enjoy their bellowing.

Jacob Schmitt

One of Spokanes true gems. A great free place to go in Spokane to kill some time and take in some scenery. Use to be able to feed the ducks at the pond. Now they have dont feed the ducks posted, the pond is murky and full of catfish and it could use a little love. Rest of the park continues to shine. Would visit again. Very good walk and perfect for family. Check out the rose garden. Bathrooms are clean

Victoria Neal

The beautiful gardens are amazing. It's always very well kept and they even name the plants so if you decide you want to grow some at your own home you'll know what the plant is named. The rose garden is also stunning with a huge variety of fragrant roses. You won't be disappointed. If you have a little one in a stroller you'll be able to see and experience this beautiful garden.

Michelle Torres

Every season is beautiful at this park! A 'must see' in Spokane. Spring-Fall is best time to visit. Make sure to visit the Duncan Garden, the Conservatory (open year round), the Rose Garden

Ashley M

Our favorite park! It's a must see while in Spokane. Check out the Rose Garden, the Perennial Garden, the annuals in Duncan Garden and walk through the Japanese Garden. It's beautiful at all times during the year but I especially love it in the summer.

Janell Frans

I love this place, either I’m rock hunting, Pokémon hunting or just enjoying the park. It’s always clean and just so beautiful.

Kelli Farrow

This place gets my "Gem" award. It is an absolute Gem! I cried a little while seeing the impressive gardens and just such a lovely place! I love how clean and well maintained this sprawling park is. The ducks were fabulous. We enjoyed the Japanese Gardens and I believe its called the Duncan area. We plan on going here weekly until we get shut out with snow. You all should be proud of yourselves! This place again was truly spectacular!

ka ga

Absolutely stunning area to visit, loved all of it!! So clean and fresh

joselyn henry

Really pretty during the spring and summer. Great flowers.


Duncan Gardens and the Japanese garden are excellently manicured. It’s beautiful and peaceful. A perfect place for a family walk and some pictures.

Philip Sandquist

Awesome park. Started in 1904. It has aged well!

Carol Cochran

A beautiful place to visit, enjoyed the easy walk, and the lovely gardens

Cassandra Cameron

Manito is a serene, beautiful and relaxing place to visit. Spend an hour or two walking through the gardens and enjoy a leisurely afternoon in a gorgeous setting. Going through the rose garden in the summer will feel like you're in a Jane Austen novel. The Japanese garden was a gift from a sister city and includes a bridge overlooking the large koi pond fed by a babbling waterfall. If you're visiting Spokane, this should be on your list.

Tammy Carlisle

Very well kept garden. 90 acres of beauty.

Heather Loudon

it's just so beautiful, lovely to take a walk, or just sit and enjoy the gardens.

Rene Suda

Great place. Not sure who puts in all the hard work but my hats off to one and all of you...well done.

Helen Higgs

Such a great place to meander, grab lunch, see beautiful gardens and people watch. It is a place that seems to make people more relaxed and happy. Need to chill go to the Japanese Garden. Want to be inspired go to Duncan Garden. See Rose Hill, or in spring see the lilacs.

Saleh El-Farraj

Clean, and quite park with a nice play area for the kids and plenty of tables for birthday parties and special events.

Lady Smith

Manito park is a delightful treasure of manicured and glorious gardens without comparison! Every lovely garden has a theme matched only by renowned royal gardens. As a florist's daughter, I've enjoyed thousands of hours lost in the sumptuous gardens, nurtured by their fragrance and beauty. Nature's own health spa, it is worth a full day to explore, and amazingly free.

Cathy Sturtevant

Beautiful, relaxing. A Great place for a walk. Lots of parking. An outdoor restaurant. Gazebo for family celebrations. Kids play ground. Duck pond and Japanese garden. Go see for yourself.

RaMona Pinto

Absolutely beautiful! Even when there are hundreds of people you still don't feel as though you are in a crowd. Be prepared for the lack of parking. But, let me say it's well worth the walk. This should be on the top of your list of must do. No matter if you are single, a family or a group of friends.

Melody Marlow

The variety of gardens to visit are wonderful! The splash pad and playgrounds are lots of fun for the kids. Love the duck pond. Lots of green spaces and trees!

Leka Bogdanova

Beautiful, well taken care of. Lots to do, whether it’s throwing ball with kids or kids playing at the playground, having a picnic, studying, looking at the gardens and ponds or going on a walk or jog. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Great place to go and clear your mind.

Krista Franz

The park is beautiful and very well maintained. The visitors, depending on the time of year, can make parking difficult. However, the park is lovely with multiple play yards for the kids and lots of walking trails.

DR Hertz

So many cool private books and crannies here for a romantic picnic. Go smell the flowers, see the koi fish, and watch some ducks at the pond. Great nearby coffee and bakery's make this a great afternoon.

Neil Christopher Apeles

Great park with open areas, multiple gardens, playgrounds, small greenhouse conservatory, short walking trails and occassional events. There are a few surface parking lots on different ends of the park. Very well maintained grounds. There is a snack bar open during the warmer months. Duncan garden and rose gardens are beautiful in the summer. Definitely worth a visit.

Emily Maupin

Manito is beautiful. A place to bring all your out of town guests. It's also a budding photographer's dream. There are many sections of flowers to enjoy. Although the park is not completely wheelchair accessible, (some areas are only for the regularly abled), there are areas that definitely are wheelchair accessible. Sporadic restrooms can be found thru park as well. Most areas are dog friendly, on leash, so long as you pick up after it. 5/5 stars.

Micah Reim

Really nice park. Not much going on in May, but I can imagine it would be gorgeous later on when things are in full bloom! Pretty big- great for a nice stroll. However, watch out for scooters. Seems to be a prime location of lime scooters. Also, lack of parking options. Overall, really nice park. Definitely worth checking out for sure! Enjoy!

Clinton Green

Such a beautiful park! I took my girlfriend here and I was blown away by the plethora of colors. Manito Park is hands down one of the best spots for photography (Both nature and portrait) HIGHLY recommend

Brian O'Connor

A beautiful park worth visiting many times to see it's changes from season to season.

Raymundo Alvarado

Love this park. Great place to walk your dogs.

Angela Whitecomb

Beautiful public park. I think it is the jewel of the city.

steven hunt

It's a great park lots of things to do. From kids toys great place to walk. Animals, flowers, koi pond. Lovely place for all ages

Rebecca Greedy

Absolutely beautiful place to visit especially in spring and fall. For rose lovers I recommend the rose garden in summer.

Heather Stoney

I wish we'd spent more time here. It was beautiful even for a late summer day. Looks perfect for a family picnic and its probably the cleanest park I've been to in years. We'll definitely go back our next trip to Spokane!

Rey Varela

Tons of fun for the kids. Beautiful, green, clean! Lost me debit card and someone turned it in and wife and I were able to recover it within an hour of realizing we lost it. Great place and great people!!


My favorite park, love the nature there. Used to live in Spokane and we would go there almost every weekend, now I have to travel, two hour drive and I still go there sometimes. Best place for photography.

Jim Dawson

This park is the crown jewel of Spokane's amazing park system! It's huge and has an incredible variety of beautiful gardens, nice walking trails and lots of places for kids to play and families to picnic. Don't miss the Japanese Gardens, and the greenhouses both are incredible.

Joel Acevedo

A beautiful park where you can relax, play, and sight see. There are beautiful gardens and it's mostly shared due to an abundance of tall shady trees. It is dog friendly too.

Wendy Holnagel

Beautiful place to hold the Spokane C.O.P.S. Mounted Unit scavenger hunt!

Jared Berarducci

An absolutely beautiful venue for all things outdoors! But the cutest thing here by far is having your own wedding

Gail Rudgers

Just a just one example of all the beautiful things you will see there! Take your time, have lunch in the park, will take most of a day! Don't miss this beautiful one if a kind place, like visiting the place Alice in wonderland visited!

Joe M. Brabeck

A beautiful, well maintained park. Actually a collection of parks all within one area. A rose garden, a Japanese Garden, the formal Duncan Gardens with a greenhouse conservatory, a perennial plant garden, a duck pond, a picnic pavilion and a kids' playground and more.

Colleen Bement

Gorgeous day at Manito Park in Spokane, WA. Visitors can come and lose themselves in joy for a day. The roses are beautiful, and the Japanese gardens are serene and incredible. There is so much to see so pack a lunch and spend the day there.

Sarah peterson

I absolutely adore this park. My dog Kate and I go every day. We like to walk the hills and sit in the many gardens. The park and rec department go a great job of caring for it. Thumbs up Spokane.

Athena Larson

Beautiful Park! This park would be perfect for weddings or wedding photos or engagement. Lots of photo opportunities here. Also the kids play equipment is up to date and very nice. Clean play area. Great Park


I still think the park is beautiful. However I must say, it is not looking as well groomed these days. The bushes were not trimmed in the Duncan gardens, the flowers gardens had dead patches and weeds. There was graffiti inside one of the cement porticos. The same goes for the rose garden. All the ponds are slimmy and green with algae. It is actually very embarrassing.

loduvina vega

A unique peaceful place, and is very well taken care of

Kristin Ringstad

This park is absolutely incredible! There is something for everyone in this gorgeous park

Kayla Berg

Beautiful place. BUT the new scooters and bikes are attracting more people and you have to make sure you dont get hit by them when you are walking.

Carey Day

Love walking the rose gardens and exploring the Japanese garden. I highly suggest you visit during the summer( weekdays are best)

Jon Happ

Absolutely love this park. Several different gardens to check out at different times of year. One of my favorite places in Spokane.

Jasmine Rae

A magical day in wonderland was how my day was spent here . I have never seen so many roses , except in wonderland... I wish the lilacs had been in bloom I am sure they are just as magnificent.

Sydney Norton

It's a beautiful park filled with different sections of plants, gardens, and a greenhouse. Each section is a very walkable distance from the other. Dogs not allowed in some areas. Absolutely beautiful.

Todd Metivier

Beautiful walk on a partly cloudy day. Roads and paths all around to make it easy to go through the entire park.

Sharon Monje

Pond is a little run-down. It's pretty. It has a trail and playground.

scarlet witch

If you are looking for a place to explore and fun this place is perfect enjoy the wild fun for example parks,garden's of flowers and more

Stephanie Kuhn

Such a beautiful place year round to go walking. Kids enjoy playing at the playground also.

Anita Walls

I loved it. It's a beautiful place to go. So peaceful

Farrell Schulz

This place is amazing! I recommend studying a map of the area before going, if this is your first visit. The park is vast, with several different sections and parking areas so you can park close to the section you want to visit first. If you visit the office, there is a physical map you can use too. Please be respectful of the gardens and the work that went into their creation. In some areas food/dogs and other things are restricted (such as at the Japanese garden). In most other places though, dogs are fine as long as they are on a leash. There are public restrooms as well as water fountains interspersed throughout. Such a marvelous place!

Angel Torres

Very beautiful park for a beautiful afternoon with family, friend or loved one, you have the Rose Garden, Japanese garden and the Duncan garden is a must you will have lots of fun and will take lots of pictures and don't forget the Conservatory. Have fun.

Gowan Kommando

Manito Park is a must visit if you are visiting Spokane, or are a local looking for a place to hang out, grill, play, hit the splash pad, or take in the beautiful gardens and green spaces. The Duncan Gardens are especially beautiful when in bloom.

Sean Zalmanoff

This place is beautiful! 2 awesome playgrounds and the one for smaller children has a great splash pad too!

David Duzenski

Great place I will be leaving so I won't see it next year .

Laura Bensona

The Botanical Gardens at Manito Park was an enchanting place to visit for the day and in particular the Rose Gardens!!! I felt tremendous joy being in the rose garden surrounded by such beauty. I love the trees nearby with benches to reflect upon the gardens. I highly recommend this park if you have an hour or a day.. it is well worth it!!! Many enjoyable areas to enjoy. Bring a lunch or try the small cafe. Rose garden is great , Duncan garden impressive.

David Simmons

Always a beautiful place to visit. Must check out the many beautiful well taken care of gardens.

Martin Rivers

Beautiful gardens! Great flowers, trees and bushes to view and get ideas from. Will definitely return to see again!

Neptune Flower

I love it!!! Pretty scenery!!! I love going here every year with the beautiful flowers

Diane Long

Friday night music at the Park Bench. Very pleasant. I will be happy when they can serve wine again!

Julie Paull

Best park in Spokane, hands down! Loved picnicking there last Friday night with friends, listening to a couple play guitar and sing.

Russ Tliff

Manito park is one of my favorite places when it comes to walk and enjoy nature mood. That is the perfect place for the long summer evenings walks, it has very beautiful Japanese garden, the pond surrounded by beautiful trees with benches under them, rose and lilac fields, beautiful fountain and much more to enjoy.

Jennifer Peat

It was gorgeous! A must see if you enjoy flowers!

The Imperial Empire

Love this park. Peaceful in the mornings.

Ginger Peterson

I have loved Manito Park from the first visit. The trails make for a nice walk, the Lilac Garden has become a Mother's Day tradition and the gardens are so beautiful! My only wish for Manito is that they'd find a solution for the duck pond, which is just pretty gross. It needs to get back to it's former beautiful self.

Beata Chołodowska

I like places like this, green, full colours, different plants. Beautifull roses, trees. Manito park has five gardens like rose garden, lilac garden, Duncan garden, Japanese garden or dahlia garden. Lacation in South Hill is fantastic, I was this place tree times, every different time: the beginning of spring, in may and now. I recommend this place, it is beautifull and exudes calm...


Great park! Wrecked a lime scooter into the road but I wasn't hit by a car and there was a nice bench to rest in pain before driving to Walgreens to buy bandaids.

Southwest Outlaw

absolutely beautiful lilac gardens in the summer as well as rose gardens great place to get out and walk around and see how beautiful it is in Washington

David Ross

What an awesome park! My kid loved the fountain and flowers. There's also a really cool pond with ducks. Don't miss out on the Japanese Gardens either!

Jennifer Belnap

The park is very clean and a wonderful place to bring kids. The duck pond and the gardens are my favorite. Today was the first time we went to the upper playground (I never knew it was there!) and we had a blast!

collin bean

Was such a treat to grow up next to this Park. Spokane is lucky to have this little gem. Worth coming to throughout the year as this place also hosts sledding and skating in the winter (maybe no more skating I did as a kid,but not sure if it's changed). Bring your significant other for points.

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