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10395 Chumstick Hwy, Leavenworth, WA 98826, United States

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Where is Leavenworth Reindeer Farm?

REVIEWS OF Leavenworth Reindeer Farm IN Washington

Jennifer Yost

Amazing!! This was such a fun and super interesting experience! Hans was incredibly knowledgeable and had some great history on all of the animals. Must do in Leavenworth!

Brandy Roberts-Peldyak

Had a good time. The animal education was nice. Very friendly service.

Sue Blanchard

Nine family members, ages 8 to 80 had the most memorable, fun, friendly and educational Christmas experience ever! Beautiful photo ops with Santa’s sleigh, gracious hosts and the reindeer are truly interactive with you. A family Christmas blessing you shouldn’t miss. Many thanks!

Allison L. Smith

The reindeer farm was awesome!!! The people and the reindeer were all very friendly and the tour was well done. My 4 year old loved it!

Melody Walsh

The family is so hospitable and the reindeer are fun to visit

Allie Meyer

The staff was nice during arrival and check in. We got free lemonade and cookies, heard some cool reindeer facts, and then got to pet some! They also let people see the horses and feed chickens on the farm which was pretty fun as well. Could easily spend more time here than the 30 minutes schedule for the tour

Greg Wagner

The service and visit were exceptional. Fun was had by all and is definately recommended for children of all age! A great Santa for photos with the kids and a great opportunity to learn about his Reindeer!

Garrett Curtis

OMG. We loved it. Totally worth it. It is family run. It took about 30 minutes maybe 40. They are very informative and share facts about reindeer. Complimentary apple cider and hit coco. They have horses, ponies, chickens, turkeys, and of course reindeer. Maybe more animals but all I saw. Oh a cat that will sit with you during a short informative q and a about reindeer. We feed reindeers from our hand which feels super weird but exciting. I can not remember the exact number if reindeer but maybe about 10 that you can feed and touch. Photo op while you are inside the fence with them. DO NOT touch their antlers and do not go if you have been around goats or lambs. Go and enjoy.

Tanya Circosta

Definitely a must visit. What a lovely place! The family who run it are lovely and you learn so much about reindeers. The hands on feeding is a unique experience. Definitely worth visiting and the ticket money going to a good cause.

Shelby Beedle

This little family farm was so much fun!! I'm 21 and I had a blast, my mom had even more fun than I did. The family is super knowledgeable about their animals and willing to answer any stupid question, amazingly friendly, and the animals are so adorable and petable! Well worth the (super affordable) price, and a great learning opportunity.

Fifita Ohana

We loved the Reindeer Farm ! We had so much fun learning about reindeer and caribou. We enjoyed feeding the reindeer but also seeing all the other animals there. It was so much fun!

Dan Connell

This was a wonderful experience! You get to learn about Reindeer and then see them up. Lose and even feed them. The owners are kind hearted and clearly love what they do. This place can be visited multiple times a year and have a different experience each time. My wife and I truly loved this place.

Daniela Gaudino

1 The customer service is excellent 2 They give you cookies, hot chocolate and apple cider 3 He explain you everything about Reendieers before you see them 4 You can pet and feed the Reendieers 5 You can also see the HORSES : WARNING

redneck restoration !

Loved getting to touch the reindeer. They look delicious.

Nicole Freidt

This place warms my heart!! We love & enjoy our tours every time!! The farm is great, the staff is great & best of all the reindeer are amazingly great!! One of our favorite places!!

Cary Sims

Great place, wish we would have had the Grandkids with us. Very informative.

Grace Visker

Loved it! So fun and extremely informative!!

shannon Kiehn

I learned a lot about Reindeer that I didn't know. It was very fun! They had campfire stories and you go to go and touch the reindeer. I was very surprised at how soft they were. There is handicap parking. Make sure to make a reservation!

Miranda Reel

Theeee most magical place on earth!!!! The Staff here is incredible and the reindeer are so friendly and fun to pet and feed they have chickens turkeys and horses that you may also pet and feed all around a magical experience even for adults

Carlos Estrada

Amazing experience minutes away from downtown.

weston henderson

The experience is good. Parking lot is up a longer driveway hill. If you have little ones drop off at the bottom then go drive back up to park. Ambience and setting is decent. Barn, hay, everyone in branded outfits. The pre scheduled group sizes we're a little big (30+) and the educational speech on reindeers lasted a little too long. After your multiple warnings and education items you get to see the reindeer . Felt a little like a revolving door for me and the money.

Patt Dolan

Very intimate. Lots of animals to play with. The presentation by Hans, one of the owners, was interesting. We learned a lot. A baby was born while we were there! Getting to feed and touch the reindeer was an interesting interaction for the kids and the adults! Animals all looked very well cared for. I would recommend a quick stop, either with our without the kids.

Kristina Scott

It was really neat for the little one and also us adults.

Paul Hank

Hard to get around with because of the loose gravel inside the barn and the reindeer pens because of the loose mulch with an electric scooter other than that it was wonderful

Tanda Pederson

Cool place. Must see if you go to Leavenworth

Gerri Caldwell

Great family place...we loved the owners and their staff

Jamie Brown

The only Reindeer farm where you are allowed to go hands on. informational and overall great expirience. We don't have children and found this fun, kids were present staff was very aware of their safety. Very very close to Leavenworth. Must see.

Mikel Mickelson

Nice place

David Todd

This place is AMAZING!!! Book well in advance though! It is a family farm, not a Wal-Mart. If you try to walk in during the Christmas season you will probably disappointed. They are super-informative and accommodating and well worth making the appointment!

Troy Hoover

Such a welcoming group of people! And clearly very knowledgeable. We loved our time there.

verlyn glenn

This was a cool place to go for a break from shopping/eating! Great for adults and kids. Hans and his wife are very knowledgeable about the endangered species of reindeer they have and the animals are very friendly and fun to feed. Also hot chocolate and cookies!

Devan Mickelson

Such a great place! The decor is too cute! Staff is Amazing! Our daughter cried because she wanted to stay! Such fun!

Дмитрий Астафьев

Plan to show up 10-15 minutes before start time - so your kids have more time to feed chicken. They also have ducks, pigs, horses and couple adorable cats.

Fanulka Krajcova

Well spend money and time

Debadatta Rautaraya

Staff is friendly and provide good info about the Reindeer. Should be a must visit in itinerary.


Absolutely wonderful place. Highly recommend this farm to anyone you loves animals.

Jean French

Lovely place to visit and our grand daughter loved feeding the reindeer.

Tasha Harrell

Such a great experience, great staff, and great animals! Truly an experience not to be missed!

Kim Ulavale

What a great place to learn about reindeer and interact with them. It's amazing how different they look in the summer vs the winter. So make sure you go back during a different season!

Marc Barringer

My daughter and i love this place and a trip to Leavenworth isn't complete without stopping in to see the reindeer and get a picture with Elsa! We went on a day trip for the the lighting in early December spontaneously and will be dropping back to see the farm the weekend of Jan 25 on our annual Leavenworth Play in the Snow weekend! This would be one attraction I'd give 10 stars to if it were an option!

Tami Hastings

Great way to spend 90 minutes. Less than 1 mile from Leavenworth on Chumstick Rd. The farm has chickens you get to feed, a turkey family, a bunny, pigs, ponies, draft horses, and of course, SANTA (you take your own pics). The staff is great and take the time to answer your questions or just chat. WEAR BOOTS AND SHOE COVERS!!!! You will get poo on your shoes! My husband and I had a great time. I couldn't get enough of the Reindeer.

Charice Holtsclaw

Great family owned business. Loved the reindeer and other animals. The kids got restless during initial speech.

Alexis Littrell

This place was so amazing and fun to go to.

Megan Skaggs

Such a great place! I loved it so much!

Siolaa Fifita

Had a great time here. I learned a lot about the reindeer's and what's harmful towards em. Fun part was feeding them. Kinda scary when their antlers are right in front of your face though lol.

Owen Drew

Going to the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm was an amazing experience. It was even more magical as we were able to take our kids on Christmas Eve. This is an outing that you need to purchase your tickets online in advance. I recommend purchasing your tickets at least a month in advance if you want to go around Christmas. Before going in with the reindeer, the farm has a bonfire to warm up by and the staff provides a very informative presentation about reindeer. You are then given reindeer treats and led in to the the area with the reindeer. You can then walk around the area feeding the animals and getting amazing photo opportunities. This is an amazing experience that you definately want to plan for during your next trip to Leavenworth.

Enrico Sy

A miniscule place but has a lot of reindeers.

Jason Grivois

Loved it, the people and animals are awesome. Strongly suggest checking out the Reindeer Farm if you are looking for something out of the ordinary in Leavenworth. Maybe get a photo with Santa. So informative and interactive.

Michelle Zepf

Loved this place so much. Thank you for keeping the magic of Christmas alive. Our daughter was thrilled to see Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Kirsten Chissus

Such a fun place to visit! Kids had a blast feeding the chickens and petting the reindeer. Would definitely recommend! Will be visiting again.

Camille Foster

This was the highlight of our trip to Leavenworth! My boyfriend and I went on a birthday trip to Leavenworth and our visit to the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm was without doubt the highlight for the both of us. There were hot cocoa, hot cider and cookies provided upon arrival and an opportunity to visit with the rest of the farm animals while we waited to visit the reindeer including chickens, turkeys, pigs and clydesdales. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, they shared some history about reindeer with us and safety precautions we would need to abide by when visiting with the reindeer. We were able to go into the reindeer enclosure and were each provided with a small cup of food to give them. Each group of visitors even got a chance to take individual pictures with one of the reindeer! A visit to the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm is a MUST and will not disappoint.

Mrs. Firey

Amazing, definitely a must do in winter but so much fun in the spring too. The babies are adorable.

Stacy krimetz

Learned so much about Reindeer and the issues surrounding them during a wonderfully presented introduction by owner, Hans. The opportunity to walk among the herd and feed them if you wanted to was a pleasant surprise. The staff is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend a visit here!

Yolan Mistele

Very informative. Friendly family run adventure for kids & adults.

Laurissa Macdonald

The Leavenworth Reindeer farm is an absolute must for anyone, young or old, who loves animals. When we arrived, we had the chance to take some photos with Santa, grab some hot cocoa and get warmed up by the fire. Once everyone had arrived, one of the handlers gives you a little reindeer 101 lesson. He talked about reindeer in general, how they were able to get them and how they care for them and the differences between reindeer and other species. It was very informative but not boring and he had a great sense of humor. After the reindeer talk, we were given food cups and then advised how to interact with the reindeer. I don't know how to describe the experience other than magical. Since you get to go into the pen with the reindeer, it's unlike any other encounter. The reindeer come right up to you and eat from your hands and it's just amazing. It's important to remember that they are animals, with horns, so little children should stay with a parent but there is a keeper in the pen with you at all times keeping an eye out. We were able to take our time, feed the animals and the keepers made sure that everyone who wanted a photo with a reindeer got it. I never felt rushed, which is amazing, and the keepers had lots of fun facts and stories to share. It's clear that the folks at the farm love these animals. I cannot recommend this enough. My only suggestion is to go earlier in the day with the Reindeer have a bigger appetite.

Gaurav Jindal

This tour made our Leavenworth trip memorable. Highly recommend the tour. You will love the farm and the adorable reindeers at the first sight.

Michael Petterson

Great family activity or just you. It’s an odd neat feeling to just be among these little miracles of nature.

Cindy Robens

This was a wonderful experience. The owners are so friendly and I loved interacting with the reindeer

Eric Angeles

Great place to learn and interact with reindeer. If you bring kids, prepare to watch them very closely when you get to be up close with the reindeer in the enclosure. Kids that don't listen to instructions and/or that are unruly should be watched closely. The staff here are knowledgeable, friendly and laid back.

Joseph Bieselin

An awesome experience filling everyone here with joy. It starts off with them informing you that if you've had any contact with sheep or goats that you should remove that clothing (they provide replacements) as they can contain diseases that could kill the reindeer. You then get to walk through the barn and wait for a fire pit for those colder months. One of the owners then gives a great talk on their farm which is certified with all relevant organizations for animal safety along with some A+ jokes. After that you get to walk in the pen of the reindeer who are amazingly friendly. It's simply amazing. They're all domesticated so they look very happy and enjoy running around each other and the humans. They happily come up to you with the feed given by the farm and you get to feel their furry snouts :) In the background of the farm there are chickens, ducks, turkies and horses roaming around. This is the second best experience ever behind the time I got to meet penguin up close. A very magical experience around Christmas time.

Madeline Peacock

Highlight of our trip. You do need to book a scheduled tour in advance. Well worth the price. Very informative and it was such a cool experience. Lots of chickens and other critters to hang out with as well. Very well run.

Jason Chupp

Had an excellent experience here. We made a reservation mishap and the staff were so understanding and helpful. Long story short we were able to get in on short notice on an already sold out day and a father was still able to keep a birthday promise to his 8 year old daughter. They are good people.

Evan Jones

Amazing experience for kids and adults, wonderful people and a ton of fun.

Dottie Dracos

The reindeer were interesting, and we had a fairly nice time. However, I thought the price per person was a bit on the high side for what there was to see/do. On arrival, we were directed to behind the barn where there was a nice fire going and some stumps to sit on. There were "hot cocoa and apple cider"refreshments, which were merely packets that we had to prepare ourselves. There was a tin of not very good butter cookies as well. The talk before meeting the reindeer was interesting. Then we went to see the reindeer, which were very interesting. But that's about it. There were a few chickens wandering around in their pen, a couple of geese, and a couple of horses that could be petted. There was a small playground that was not at all interesting to any of the children present in our "tour." Nice but just not enough "there" for the price.

William Fread


Rick Gehrke

Awesome place. Very informative had a great time

Brandi Raeburn

My favorite experience in Leavenworth! Wonderful local family operation with knowledgeable folks who clearly take pride in their facility and care for their animals- The educational part was informative as well as entertaining, and then you have an opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures! I can't wait to come back during the spring when there are babies as well! Highly recommended a visit!

Jim Western

Great knowledgeable staff, petting the raindeer was fun and also got to feed them. Also, great hot chocolate.

Olia Astafyeva

You certainly should go to this wonderful place!

Matt Polkiewicz

Fun and unique experience

Daniel Wiser

I think I enjoyed as much as the kids

P Sea

Great experience with friendly staff. Our 2 year old loved seeing all of the different animals and of course the reindeer.

Zaira Benavente

So fun! Thanks for having us!

Beatriz Batista

Love love loved it, excellent, great experience

Mark Chuck

It's beautiful. Real nice farm with real animals and of course reindeer very beautiful and friendly. Kids loved it. Always a seasonal visit for us

Sean Moore

Best thing in Leavenworth. We had a great time. The owners are very nice and what they offer isn't available anywhere else.

Justin Cornett

A lot more information and things to do going into it than I had originally expected. Their commitment to maintaining safe/cleanly conditions for their reindeer is a plus and their ability to get large swaths of people but still make it entertaining for everyone was impressive. Would definitely go back when my fiancee travel to Leavenworth again.

Sandra Richey-Wallace

Safe and fun family experience. We had a wonderful time and will definitely return!

Simran Sandhu

If I could give 0 stars I would, the worker was extremely rude and had a condescending voice and attitude. We had a group of 4 people coming from Seattle and were looking forward to this Reindeer Farm but were refused entry.

Lorraine Doerr

A must see.. most do! Learned so much about reindeer that we never knew. The whole farm is charming with lots of animals to enjoy. Felt clean and animals are very well cared for! Great place for kids... we took our grandchildren ages 7 & 9 and they loved it... can't stop talking about it! Farm is just outside town and ready to find... make reservations on line.

Anna Ramsey

What a delightful time! My husband and I visited here for our honeymoon, and it was the highlight of our trip. Extremely affordable, laid-back, innocent fun. The tour is supposed to be 30 minutes, but a lot of people stayed longer and the staff said that was fine. We felt very welcome and had so much fun feeding the chickens and reindeer, as well as seeing all the other furry friends. Seriously, if you like animals, I can't recommend this place enough.

Wakka Wakka

Wonderful place to take the kids!

nancy snow

Sooo much fun!

Nicole Koch

LeavenWorth Reindeer Farm is amazing, very magical this time of year. Santa was there sitting in a sleigh to take pictures with. He talked to us for awhile and put my son on the naught list. Lol JK. The Reindeer were amazingly nice, they let us feed them and pet them and take pictures of them. Do get your tickets in advance on their website

Courtney Vernon

So fun to visit this place before the busy season starts. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable about the reindeer. Highly recommend this experience!

domonique saul

Decent attraction. Nice area, although it could use some TLC. Didn't know that my little boy was allergic until I got home. It wasn't their fault so don't hold them accountable.

Julia Loewen

Very fun farm with a great family who runs it! Before the tour starts, they give you bowls of food to feed the chickens and it was super fun!

John Mc Laughlin

This was a great day out with the family. It is very well run. Clearly it is seasonal, I can't strongly enough suggest that you book in advance. It tends to be fairly consistently fully booked. My family and I had a great time here.

Santa's Reindeer Company Reindeer Games

You got to go see the Leavenworth Reindeer and their Owners! This is one family outing you got to make sure and do! Super Cool Animals and really nice folks. Book your farm tour!

Jared Vetkos

Fun and informative!

Stacey Adams

Great experience! Fun, informative, family run farm. The reindeer were friendly and gentle. Kids and adults all loved it.

james marshall

A great place to take the kids and spend a day with the family. Very well run, very affordable, a must see when visiting Leavenworth!

Norman Dacanay

Great place to visit especially for kids. Information regarding reindeers and cariboo was interesting and interactive portion with the reindeers was fun. My little guy kept saying "oh wow!". Highly recommend.

Travis Irwin

A must do for any family trip to Leavenworth. Santa and a sleigh were available for pictures. Hot cocoa and cider with cookies. Very nice lady checks you in, gives you some feed for the chickens and turkeys that will greet you when you go in. Feed them while waiting for the campfire to become available. At the campfire, given information about reindeer and directions for the rest of the tour. Off to the reindeer. You can feed them, pet them and have pictures taken. These people know what they’re doing. Great experience. Couldn’t have been any nicer. Perfect for the kids. Will certainly be going back.

Denise Laakmann

Absolutely amazing place. I was like a little kid squealing with excitement.

KevJen Moran

This place is MAGICAL...Hans 'n Kari are salt of the earth !

jeff brookins

Really neat place, well run.

Howie Felthersnatch

Great place to go with the family !

sean gerber

Super unique! You can feed and pet reindeer... where else can you do that without finding one in the wild??? Friend and informative staff. Beautiful animals. Fuzzy noses. Lots of fun and education. We have no kids and loved it.

Andrew Watt

Great little family run farm fit for all

Buck Newby

We had a fun time visiting with Elsa and Ana. Lots of reindeer and other fun farm tour activities. Turkeys, lots of chicken, geese, horses, and pony’s. Lots of places to take pictures with different backdrops like sleighs and tractors.

Pam Tucker

Wonderful, hands on reindeer visit!


Great place to learn about reindeer & take some fun pictures!

Tommy Reffalt

Great place and environment for adults and kids. A must if visiting Leavenworth. Such a cool experience being able to feed the Reindeer, Horses, Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys. There was also a sleepy rabbit hanging out with the chickens. Funny tour guide and informational.

comicsand beers

This is a amazing small little farm that everyone should try :)

Sherri Knight

These people are committed to Reindeer. Enjoyed this experience.

Brad Beacom

what a wonderful unique experience, the chance to meet and pet and feed reindeer. A well taken care of farm with good staff what a great attraction.

Soledad Tenorio

I booked a trip to the Reindeer Farm. My 7 yr old and 4 yr old didn’t know we were headed here. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a sweet woman up front. We were welcomed with some chicken feed to feed the healthy and plump chickens. The boys had fun feeding them! We were quickly surprised by Santa and got to take pictures which was so awesome! The tour started by a very knowledgeable fellow. All the staff are so friendly, knowledgeable, patient and committed to what they do. I appreciate local business and I must admit that they are doing a great job at making it fun for families to get up close and personal with the most amazing creatures! Would reccomend it and would love to come back.

Lindsey Stein

This is such an amazing experience!!!! You really get to interact with the sweetest animals.

Jessica Selah Singer Johnson

I cannot say enough amazing things about this Reindeer Farm! All of the staff was super knowledgeable and friendly! Every animal on their Farm seems so healthy and happy to be there it's an affordable and different thing to do in Leavenworth!

Matthew Jones

Such an amazing reindeer experience! Would highly recommend the reindeer tour!

Chrissi Scott

Tons of fun! The family is super friendly and we all learned a great deal about reindeer.

Cindy Williams

What a great time we had at the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm today. Worth seeing for anyone of any age. Santa showed up and the reindeer or ready to play. If you're visiting Leavenworth I would certainly make this a must-see. Cara and Erica did a great job to make sure everyone had a great time. Thank you for the cider and coffee. We will be back again next summer to see how the baby reindeer are doing.

Diana Rigelman

Wonderful to experience - up close and personal - reindeer with those substantial antlers! Welcoming staff give informative orientation to reindeer culture. It's a lovely farm setting to enjoy some of yesteryear .

Now Boarding

From the words of Peter Brady this place is GROOVY in a FAR OUT WAY LIKE HEAVY MAN!!! This is a must see for all ages. I was so amazed at this place the moment we drove up. The signage for parking was super clear. The instructions in our email was perfect and easy to understand. As we walked down the driveway it was like walking back into time of my childhood. The Disney music playing the landscaping was beautiful, cute signs and sleds all around. We were greeted by a very kind employee that welcomes you and asks to clean your shoes as you enter (please do this as it could cause serious illness to the Reindeer). We entered the Giftshop to check in and spoke with another super kind employee. Great items you must get a souvenir before you leave. We did the 1030 time slot and I think that is a super time before it gets to hot, at least during the summer days. We had some time to feed the chickens and look around the farm. Highly recommend this. Then everyone meets off to the right and another wonderful employee talks about the farm and gives you great information. This is no joke they know there polices and you can tell they truly care about the Reindeer and all other animals on the farm. As we're learning about the farm and Reindeer they pass around items to touch and feel. Super cool. After the talk we all head over to the Reindeer and you can pick up some goodies to feed them once another employee explains a few important rules. Please respect their words and DO NOT feed them through the fence this can get them hurt. If it's hot you will walk out to a shaded section if possible and you will encounter the best thing ever!!! You will be feeding the Reindeer!!! Don't forget and take photos of this amazing event to share with others. We can't thank you enough Leavenworth Reindeer Farm Family for all you do to bring the child out of us adults and the children smiling with joy!!! I have posted more photos and video clips on Instagram @nowboardingphantom4drone please enjoy and share your experience to others too.

Brooke Christine Busch

A must-see if your planning a trip to Leavenworth. Family owned (extremely sweet and informative staff) and such a fun experience! Get up close and feed these fascinating animals, while learning a lot about them at the same time. It takes approximately 45min total including the time you spend with the group/all the reindeer. Located very close to downtown Leavenworth (nice and convenient). Overall such a fun and unique experience, I would recommend it to anyone considering stopping by.

random films

Very fun, great for kids who love animals!

Adolfo Hernandez

Loved the tour! It's a great place to go and learn more about these beautiful animals! Kids loved it!!

William Van Keulen

Fun place, with friendly and knowledgeable people and many cute reindeer!

Jodi Woodbury

Our kids loved being able to get up close and personal with so many different types of animals. The staff was knowledgeable and the whole experience was so much fun. Well worth every penny.

Joe D

Great place to learn about reindeer and pet them. The kids loved it.

Jacob Schroeder

The owner is caring and offers tons of good information and fun facts. Getting up close to the reindeer is just an extra perk!

John Alden

Love it! Really interesting, not just for kids but adults as well! I love animals and I couldn't miss it out

Richard Dizon

Extend your trip in Leavenworth a little and visit the reindeer farm! Had fun here with a few friends on our way back home to the west side and got the chance to feed the reindeer up close. Don't be alarmed by the size of the reindeer though -- their antlers have been trimmed and are very docile. They're very eager to have a snack off of your palms, but of course, make sure to sanitize your hands afterwards!

Shantel Stromerson

The staff was kind and friendly and the whole experience was great. Definitely recommend taking your whole family there!

Family Always

Very impressive! This was a last minute activity before we left town and I’m so glad we did it. It was a highlight for us! The owners/staff are incredibly dedicated to this farm, passionate, and knowledgeable. We met two babies too! They took so much care in helping raise one too. I didn’t know how interesting reindeer/caribou are. I’m not that much into livestock BUT this farm was CLEAN!! I look at those types of things :-))

Donna Morvay

Enjoyed it immensely! Worth the time.

backyard enthusiast

Very informative tour. Can pet and feed reindeer.

RJ Noll

Awesome place!! They teach you some reqlly fun facts about reindeer. Then you get feed them as well. The staff are all friendly and the reindeer were so lively. I have gone 3 times and will continue to go back!

Sherry Coty

Love it.❤❤❤

Ronald Snooks

This was a first for my family. It was a wonderful experience. When you arrive you receive your first set of instructions. These include pictures with a legit Santa, complimentary cocoa or cider and cookies by a very cozy fire. Once everyone is seated the next set of instructions is layed out by, honest to goodness, Hans Christian Anderson. He is informative with a playful dry humor everyone can enjoy. Up next the main event. You make your way to the reindeer pen. Where many reindeer impatiently wait to be hand fed and pet. The reindeer are such beautiful and magical creatures they instantly inspire a warm Christmas feeling in everyone present. Although, this place is amazing you need to make sure to plan ahead. The farm is in full swing by this time and tickets the day we went were only available bought in advance.

Ted Mach

The owners are super nice. Allowed me to get my Santa coat to get a few pictures with the reindeer behind the shed. Very informative.

Viacheslav Shvets

Very unique experience. I recommend to come see it.

Anita Nygaard

We had the best time feeding reindeer and learning about them. Family run, very knowledgeable, the animals are so sweet. We also fed chickens and turkeys. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Hader

Visiting this farm was a highlight to our Christmas visit with our children and grandchildren! It was so well organized, informative and fun for both kids and adults!

Timothy Bentrim

Who doesn't love reindeer?

Bryan Clark

This was a really fun experience! The farm is a beautiful location just a few minutes out of Leavenworth. The owners are very friendly and provide a fun, informative tour. They provided cookies and lemonade upon arrival. Kids were able to feed the reindeer as well as chickens. There were also horses, pigs and a few other animals. There were several opportunities to get some great photos! I was really impressed with the condition of the farm and how they cared for the animals. They have to pass a USDA inspection here and it was apparent they provide a quality life for the animals. Both of my kids, age 12 and 15, gave it a 5 of 5 star rating. I highly recommend it as well! This is a very unique experience!

Heather Griffin

We had an amazing experience. The owners were lovely and all of their animals were well cared for. They are truly doing an amazing job with their education and conservation efforts.

Nick Pittman

Kids got to feed reindeer fun for everyone

Juan Padron

It's a nice experience, a little pricey if you bring a lot of family, $15 each. But you get to interact with the reindeers and feed them, as well as some chicken and bunnies.

Kimberly Graves

Wonderful. Loved it. Thank you

Duane Anest, Jr.

Informative and to the point. Great experience and all the people were amazing as well as the beautiful reindeer

Kevin Shannon

Fun place to learn about and interact with Reindeer. Friendly and helpful people.

Kristina Fraughton

We had a wonderful time! the staff was great! It made our Christmas experience magical!

Kevin White

Such a unique, personal, and family-friendly experience! Friendly staff and a wonderful little farm. Warm hot chocolate, apple cider, and cookies available throughout the visit, and even the opportunity for pictures with Santa. With lots of reindeer to feed from the palm of your hand, combined with a quick but super informative info session about reindeer at the beginning of the tour, this place is definitely a must-see while in Leavenworth! :D

Mack A

Great farm and animals! however stay away from the Santa not friendly and pretty rude will crush your kids Santa dreams pretty fast.

lori vadnais

We had the best time! Grandkids and adults loved it. We will be back next year to see how big Sven is!

Fireboat Duwamish

A Really kool place

Philip Good

Magnificent, don't miss this stop. The owners grand daughter was there and she is adorable and knows everything about the farm and she appears to be around5 years old. But the tour was great..these animals are georgeous and friendly. This is one place you don't want to miss.


Nice little farm experience, with reindeer, horses, pigs, turkeys.

Karl Slomchinski

Great place for photos. The deer are tame, they eat out of your hands. The information tour was very interesting.

Shauna Ackett

I would recommend this to everyone! We have been a few times and we always look forward to going back! Who doesnt love reindeers? Best place ever!

Nate Ler

Really fun place to check out during the Christmas season.

Barney Biggs

After taking the horse drawn carriage ride the night before in Leavenworth my Wife decided she had to go to the reindeer farm a mile or so out of town. I sat in the van and read (having a cold) after what seemed to be hours she came back all aglow and bent my ear for the next 30 minutes about how wonderful the experience was all the information she got and how great the people were. She now has us planned to come back in the winter by amtrack and the folks said they would pick us up from the station which was over the top with friendly people. We are sure to be back.

Steph Bean

So fun to meet and feed all the reindeer! The owners and staff are awsome! We enjoyed the presentation about these amazing animals. We will definitely be going back around Christmas!

D.r.Patricks Epic science channel S

Such a fun experiance and nice folks that run the farm. Can be a little scary for younger kids when feeding the reindeer. They are a little aggressive and have big antlers!

Kyle Garner

Great farm, nice folks, friendly and the education and information shared about the Reindeer was super.

Zackary Beach

We absolutely loved visiting the reindeer! We got into town last night and just heard about the reindeer farm. My fiancee, Lexi, sent a message to the owners of the farm through Facebook and thankfully they were able to squeeze us in for a tour for this morning. It was super magical and you can tell the family really loves their reindeer. Visiting the farm made our trip to Leavenworth complete!


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