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18113 Upper Hoh Rd, Forks, WA 98331, United States Located in: Olympic National Park

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Where is Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center IN Washington

Bernard Dubuc

Beautiful area. Well kept, the smells of the rain forest is wonderful, the trails are well maintained with good signage

Nick Pellegrino

Great park with lots to see. Got to see some female elk with their babies near the park entrance booth then later some deer near the river. We didn’t complete any of the backpacking trails, but did wander through the Mosses area which offered pretty unique environments and a lot of well placed informational signed to explain how the moss interacts with the trees.

Don Paynter

Beautiful place to visit.

Charles Hegemeyer

The places was amazing. Never seen a temperate rainforest in the U.S. As a geography teacher I was flabbergasted!

Baron Saturday

This is America's only tempered rainforest & it's the greenest place I've ever seen. Unbelievable.

Dennis Smith

Beautiful place to see, I highly recommend it.

Kelley Miles

The forest walks are wonderful. No rain however. Oh well, maybe another day.

Heng Dju Ong

The visitor center was actually closed when we visited, but there is enough info to just go on the trails. Recommended the mini and short trail for those who does not have too much time to spare

Estel Meeks

The trees are magnificent!! Easy to get a crick in your neck from the upwards views!!

Richard Stevens

Take a visit to the Hoh and witness old growth forests as Lewis and Clark did 200 years ago.

Shankar Raj

Awe inspiring greenery and nature's lab

Becca Robison

Small visitor center. Hurricane ridge is much bigger. If you are looking for a visitor center with a lot of engaging material, go to hurricane ridge. If you are looking for something unique to the PNW here there are hikes in the largest rainforest in the lower 48. I personally love the rainforest.

Grace Hanley Wright

Really stunning. The moss and trees are magical. I wish people would keep their voices down when in places like this. If you listen, the forest reveals itself. We saw two owls! The people in the visitors center were helpful.

Martha Marin

Amazingly beautiful and your feel like you're in another country

Mugunthan M

Nice place to visit and enjoy nature. You have different options for trails. Hall of mosses is a small 0.8 trail and it is very good.

Connie Cornell

Beautiful trails. Wonderful place to take pictures.

Reed Erickson

Amazing Forest hikes short and long.

Lynn Zachow

It's a beautiful piece of nature.

Alexander David Reys Avila

Great expression of nature! Loved that place full of oxygen for your lungs

Alex King

Beautiful and a perfect length walk for just an evening hike. Really nice walk ways without feeling too "man made".

Mark Paquette

The old growth trees are huge

Trina K

How awesome......should be on everyone's bucket list! Beautiful park with a small visitor center with very knowledgeable park rangers. A small variety of souvenirs are available. The walking paths are clearly marked. Several trails to choose from with different distances for all hiking levels.

Ryan McGraw

Great park. 2 easy hikes. Amazing scenery.

Jennifer Herrmann

Beautiful old growth trees. Lush ferns. An amazing experience for the whole family!

Christian S

Good short hikes for family’s. Saw a lot of Banananananana Slugs but have to look.

Dominick Aragon

Cool place to take a hike stop in and get some great information about the trails

Pat Kwiatkowski

The trees are beautiful with the moss hanging on them. Trails are well maintained.

Summers Vincent

A few beautiful, easy trails here.

Annamae Scheuerman

Enjoy visit here, we were not able to access a number of trails due to having a wheelchair user with us.

Michael Mcgrath

Amazing place to go forks is only a few miles down the road. You can rent a place there and travel to this amazing forest in a very short amount of time. We went to the hall of mosses it is a very easy trail I saw an elderly woman with a cane on the trail. Only one hill that is a little bit hard for seniors and disabled but not too bad. Less than a mile loop for that trail. They have easier and harder trails all over so pick your level and get out in that enchanting forest and enjoy some nature.

Nigel Harrison

All of the indy sci fi movie Prospect's exterior shots were filmed in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

thomas zink

Man this place was so awesome. The trees are so cool I've never seen trees like that. I would definitely recommend going here for a little day trip because it is definitely worth it. As soon as we got on the first trail we had wildlife right in front of our face. It was amazing just to be a part of nature and to experience that. That's just something that everybody should experience.

Julieta Bot

Beautiful park and great selection of trails in the area.

Jeremy Lloyd

Awesome. If you are going for the short loops you should arrive early.

Brent Evans

Great displays showing the flora and fauna in the park

Val Gordon

Unique display of fungi- smallish, but very interesting.

Rachel Geerlings

Great walking and hiking here! Really loved this!

Karen Healey

Unbelievable hike through forest of giants!

Brian Quinn

Basing my experience off of two things. 1) The lack of ranger knowledge and 2) the scene of Walt Disney World this place portrays. I was sooooo excited about going here. We stopped from our trip from Port Angeles over to Astoria Oregon. We came on a Tuesday at 2pm a completely non-touristy time/day. IT WAS PACKED!!! No parking, only 3 short trails good for screaming kids and out of shape tourists who want to stop and take a million pictures and be super loud. I was expecting the “quietist place on earth” to reflect that. Such a let down

Kedar Tatwawadi

Cozy visitor center with decent food, stuff for sale can be of better quality (eg t-shirts)

Journey Imaged

Hiked a couple of trails - very comfortable forest walks. The Hall of Mosses is not to be missed. Was dry the day I went, but this would probably be nice in a misty rain too!

Bruce Baker

Nice walking trails don't get lost

Suzanne Dinkel

Closed on the day I was there. Thank goodness the bathrooms were open

mark Ontiveros

Very beautiful national park. We got here early and had the trails to ourselves for most of the morning.

Veronique Oomen

Awesome experience with, as usual, the NPS providing superb information and amenities. Trees can be fun!

jolynn oerlemans

The forest is beautiful and so many trails to choose from to hike. We stayed a few days on the Hoh river. The weather was perfect for early July.

Bailey Cole

Stunning! However I wish the gift shop had a bit more to it, really quite a beautiful trip.

someone else

I tried to go on the weekend and there was an incredibly long line of cars so i came back early on monday and it was peaceful and not nearly as many people. Beautiful area to hike. Interesting plants.

gabriel heck

Fantastic little side trip if you are in the area and driving down the coast. I've been here a few and on a few of the hikes. Look closely in the fields on your way in, Roosevelt elk herd sightings are likely!

Sonja Nagy

We visited in late June, and loved the track through the rainforest, to see the Hall of Mosses. It was an easy walk and an enjoyable time in nature.

Josalyn Van Dorn

Absolutely love the HOH rainforest. The staff inside the visitor office are always so friendly and helpful.

Johanna Albert

Sunny afternoon in the rain forest. Amazing. Beautiful. And no food in the park. Imagine, they just want you to enjoy the rain forest!

Jennifer Vonderwell

Small visitors center with restrooms. Staffed by rangers that can answer questions. There is a ranger led hike in the morning. Small bookstore.

Cathy Marshall

Yes, it can be crowded but just let the noisy people pass and enjoy being transported to a truly unique place. If you're visiting several parks consider an annual pass

jl 8243

The Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center, located at the end of the Upper Hoh Road, is a great place to start. The staff there can give you ideas for your visit and exhibits will help explain what makes this area so special. The visitor center is open daily during the summer, closed December through early March, and generally open Friday through Sunday during the spring and fall seasons (hours may vary according to season.) Two short nature trails loop through the forest near the Visitor Center -- the Hall of Mosses Trail (.8 miles), and the Spruce Nature Trail (1.2 miles). The Hoh's major hiking trail is the Hoh River trail, which leads 17.3 miles to Glacier Meadows, on the shoulder of Mount Olympus. The Hoh Lake trail branches off from the Hoh River trail just after the ranger station and ascends to Bogachiel Peak between the Hoh and the Sol Duc Valley.

Amy Calkins

A great family spot to stop take an easy walk into the rain forest.

Nathan Ruschman

Amazing and unlike anywhere I've ever been.

Jason Quiggle

A friendly, helpful and watchful station.

Matthew Littell

Great short hike through the hall of mosses. Totally worth it

Krystal Rose

The Rangers are friendly and informative. I was able to pick up a couple of books, one on trees and one on birds. There are some neat displays and I think there was a guided talk but not sure. My family went on the trails on our own. Then went back to the campsite for dinner. At dusk we walked back and did a walk through the moss trail. It was great.

Bradley Kramer

Amazing scenic drive up into the forest. If you have the spare time in the area there are a few short trails you can do nearby that will blow your mind. Hall of Mosses was my favorite of the two we did.

Paula Roberts

Amazing temperate rainforest. A handicap accessible mini trail.

Cyrille Leclere

You have to see it to believe it. It was so unreal! Definetly something to see. Hiking trails are really easy.

Randy Sanders 2

Very enjoyable experience trails are laid out nice there's trails for easy moderate advanced, definitely recommend the rainforest.

Larae S

Hoh rainforest is my favorite spot to hike in ONP, looks completely prehistoric and is like something out of a storybook.

Allen Arnold

Did the Hall of Mosses and Big Spruce Trails! Saw an elk heard! Broadened my sense of wonder!

Alyssa Seals

We arrived quite late in the evening, almost dark, so we didn't get to see as much as we would have lijes, but what we saw was gorgeous. Visitor center was closed.

Alan Hall

Located in the very heart of an ancient rainforest, this place offers a campground and several amazing trails. Perfect for a short visit, overnight camping, and even starting a long hike into the wild and untamed Olympic Mountains.

Dawn Woods

it can be crowded but just let the noisy people pass and enjoy being transported to a truly unique place. If visiting several parks consider an annual pass

Brian Jones

This Rainforest delivered as expected! No doubt we were soaked in less than one hour after arrival. Take rain gear and pack a lunch. I would love to go back and backpack/camp this area. We were fortunate to see the Roosevelt Elk on the roadside; marvelous creatures.

Jillian Peterson

It feels like you travel back in time when visiting. The staff are especially great here with the junior ranger program.

wendy foster

Such a very interesting landscape. Loved all the trees

Hongbo Guo

Big trees with mosses are nothing special to west north area like Seattle or Vancouver.

David Mowdy one with Nature.

Just by the reading and the photos of such a beautiful place and the rare plants. It's on my list of places to hike and photograph. WOW!

Hovsep Yaghmourian

This place is beautiful.

Jeffrey State

What a truely amazing place. We saw so much in just a few hours there. We will be going back to explore more of the area and head deeper into the wilderness. We are now planning an overnight hike into the wilderness

Mz Meeno

This is seriously my favorite place on earth. It is so beautiful. The last time we went, an elk walked up to us. That was a surprise! When it is hot, the temperature drops once you are under the trees, making it great for hiking without getting overheated. When it rains, the trees block a lot of the rain so it feels more like a light mist most of the time. It is definitely a must see and totally worth the $30 entrance fee. There are also a lot of stops along the drive that really pretty.

Gristly Adams

The Hoh is beautiful, the visitor center is not. This is a must hike for every backpack enthusiast! All the way to Olympus if you're able! Go in June for wildflowers and wildlife. Take bear cans as there are some big black bear out here. My last trip, we saw a 350+ pounder.

Tracy Hahn

One of the most breathtaking places I've seen! If you're from the east coast like we are, these are not sights you ever get to see in that part of the country - absolutely beautiful! We went in early October & had no issues with traffic or tourists. I feel those complaining about prices, rules, etc didn't do their due diligence in researching where they were going to.

Noufal E

There is not a lot of parking available, be prepared to park on the road side and wherever you can find a spot , and it rain often , weather is unpredictable

Pooja Rajguru

Such a beautiful place. A must visit for all nature lovers. Lush green old growth forest. Mosses are like thick green blanket. Hall of mosses is easy 1.6 mile round trip loop trail. We arrived around 11 o’clock on long weekend and parking lot was full there was long queue of cars at paying station, we waited for hour and half just to enter. There are restrooms near paying station and at visitor center.

Patrick C

This is just a review of the Vistor Center. Clean, Small to medium place to get a maps and souvenirs. Not a lot of interactive information. There are bathrooms to go before you head off on 3-4 different trails. Parking for about 100 cars. Not a lot of help from the one ranger.

jeffersonking castaneda

Fast. Efficient. Lots of books.

K Lee

Beautiful ancient forest with an interesting variety of trees and plants. A couple of easy nature trails as well as some longer hiking trails that lead up into the mountains. Public restrooms near the parking lot.

Matt Jew

Walk on the Great Moss Hiking Trail where it rains over 12 feet of water per year in this Temperate Rain Forest. See the moss and lichens grow amongst the conifer forest. Unlike the tropical Amazon Rain Forest of South America, there are no poisonious snakes here!

Britney Taylor

It was closed! We were there on a thursday morning and so excited to learn at the visitor center. But it was closed and nothing anywhere told us that. We were bummed!

Hilary Croach

First experience of a rainforest. In North America no less!

April Gibbons

It's beautiful here. If you can make it, you should. It will be worth it.

Matthew Arnold

Very unique, didn’t realize there was any place like this in the United States.

David Funk

Living in Washington my whole life and visited the Hoh rainforest my first time this year. Awesome place!

D Swanson

The Hoh rainforest was stunningly beautiful. I highly recommend.

Georgina Neave

Olympic National Park is spectacular. We drove in to Hoh Rain Forest to see another aspect of the park. It is stunning. You can choose from several trails - we picked the 3/4 mile Mosses trail and it was a perfect example. Amazing enormous trees covered in moss. Streams and interesting views everywhere.

Brenda Smith

This beautiful rain forest is a must to go see for all ages. Huge trees and ferns make it an enchanting place.

Dave Sykes

Great stepping off point to exploring this incredibly unique temperate rain forest ecosystem.

neil lamont

Prepare to get wet but apart from that an amazing place it's like going back in time.

Ryan V

Moss, lichen, water, and wood. River, sky, flora, and fauna. So many huge trees! Bring shoes that can get dirty, this is a rainforest. Great hiking trails. It's $30.00 USD for the day, and they prefer a card to cash. Great place for a day trip and picnicking.

Ross Hoseck

Great. Hikes are incredible. See hall of Moses first if you are never coming back again.

Linda Evans

Oh my gosh we love this place. I never thought I'd get to Olympic Peninsula. But the opportunity presented itself on a recent trip to Seattle and Portland. We spent probably two and a half days staying I'm traveling around the Olympic Peninsula. We enjoyed every minute of our trip.

Allen-Paul Templet

Very small visitors and interpretation center. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Several small to very large hikes originating here. Large parking area. Restrooms clean and convenient.


A great place to camp truly in the middle of nowhere. Surprisingly Verizon cell service works here.

Caly Czarnecki

Hoh Rainforest is absolutely gorgeous. Trees soar hundreds of feet high and are draped with a thick coating of moss, hanging like woolen fingers off branches. Off the visitor center are three hikes. Two are smaller hikes at under a mile each and the third trail goes 17 miles out to the top of the mountain to a glacier. We did one of the smaller hikes called the Hall of Mosses and we ventured out onto the 17 mile trail for a few miles before heading back. The scenery is just breathtaking and other worldly at times. All the trails were a little busy but not enough to deter us from the hikes. The hikes were relatively flat as well making it a nice walk versus a strenuous hike. We just missed seeing a black bear and her cubs by a few minutes. Definitely a must do if you are in the area. We stopped at Forks on the way back to Port Angeles for dinner which is a cute town about 30 minutes outside the rainforest.

Alfonso Moure Ortega

Enjoy hiking one of the trails. Even the short one (under 0.2 miles and accesible with wheel chair) is awesome. If you are lucky, you would be able to see some elks crossing the roads while you approach the visitor center. The views from the road are impressive, but as soon as you arrive to the visitor center and park, you will only have to take two or three steps to just go WOW.

George & Linda Preeter

This was such a different view of the area. It really does look like a rain forest with trees that were full of moss. Everything was so green. There are trails you can hike from easy to more difficult. There is a lot of people here so parking can be hard to find. The pictures say it all! There are some trees that are so tall, it’s crazy! One of the trails provides info on what different foliage types are.

Wendy Murphy

One of the most beautiful places I have visited. Hopefully you are well enough to walk the trails, because oh my god it is to worth it. Beauty at after twist and turn. Trees towering so high above your head you can't see the tops. Literally brought tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. Words can't do it justice, you will have to go and see for yourself!

Kathy T

Busy place Sunday of Memorial Day weekend 2019. Long back up at fee entry booth even with already purchased pass. Arrived late afternoon so drove past cars parked 1/2 mile up the road and a great parking spot someone was just leaving. Easy trails but pretty crowded, still awe-inspiring. Group of Roosevelt elk crossing the road on the way out about 6:30 p.m.

Greg Travassos

We were excited to visit the rainforest, but being from Florida I was none too impressed. The trees are huge to be sure, but the actual hiking area looks like a Florida trail. Lots of moss and ferns and relatively flat. If you have limited time in ONP this would be an area to skip as it is so remote from everything else. Additionally there were only a few (3?) short trails and one long trail here. All in all we spent maybe 2 hrs here.

Joshua Olson

It is pretty small with a limited gift shop but has a little rain forest exhibit and the ranger was very friendly and helpful.

Anastasia Capetillo

Great place to hike, easy enough for newbies. Everything about it was gorgeous.


Good atmosphere and trail but parking lots are limited. You should come before 11 am

Colleen Kragen

One of my favorite places to go hike! The visitor's center is clean and nice. There are real bathrooms at the center and great souvenirs!

Sophia Farquhar

Lovely rainforest to hike around, and the visitor center is nice and informative!

Diana CarsonWalker

Want a mysterious green hike in a beautiful forest this is the place.

Jamie Thorness

Nice restaurant right on the water in the Straight of Juan De Fuca. Good food and great server.

Daniel Jurik

Beautiful campground area! Had no trouble finding camping during late September just bring cash or checks if you didn't book ahead of time.

Audrey Zindler

Very nice park rangers & overall lovely area of the Hoh Rainforest. It was a bit more crouded that I prefer. There are some good postcards, magnets, & other trinkets if you want souvenirs.

Lee Wolf

We went mid-week, and smart of us to arrive about 9:30AM. Parking lot mostly empty, but 4-5 hours later the place was packed; so I suggest arriving earlier the better. Really small visitor center. We hiked 10 miles round trip to the 5 Mile Island area. Trail not in great shape with many mudholes, due to rain and heavy use I'm sure (although no rain on our day). No dogs on trails - that was nice to see. For me, having been in every national forest in Washington state and most national parks in the northwest, this wasn't anything special. The 5-mile portion of the river we hiked has no impressive river or mountain views, one decent-sized waterfall, and not that many of what I would call huge trees. People talk about how great the Hoh is, but I was disappointed.

Angel Crain

What a beautiful place! It was almost otherworldly how green the mosses glow, especially now that Spring is thawing things some. The hikes were easy enough that my kids didn't complaint. It was breathtakingly gorgeous!


This place is absolutely beautiful. Only to be outdone by the rainforest behind the visitor centre. Top notch


Gorgeous and beautiful place that's well worth the visit!

Kevin Newcomb

Hall of mossess trail 10/10 go early before the crowds. Incredibly beautiful and atmospheric.

john brunhammer

I live in Santa Cruz and we have the Redwoods. But this forest is the biggest, wettest in the U.S without a doubt. Well worth the trip.

Kenster 362

It was nice enough, but keep in mind it costs 30 bucks to get in, so you need to make sure its worth it.

Alan Shreaves

Nice place, with good trails and a lot to see, we ended up staying the entire day, as there was so much to see. I highly recommend rubber boots, or waterproof hikers you don’t mind getting muddy, and of course a rain jacket and a hat. Oh, and a camera!

Randy Roper

Great center with lots of information for kids and adults alike. Trails from the visitor centers are awesome as well.

Nathan Gehman

Awesome place to hike at esp. along the river!! Love the big trees too! Gr8 place to spend the day.


Visitor center is small ,but surrounding trails are beautiful.

Tanya Cicero

The Visitor center is a great place to start or end your trip to the Hot Rain Forest. We chose to bring lunch and picnic at a table in the center of the parking area. Be aware that the birds are very friendly-- probably due to previous people feeding them. We chose not to encourage this behavior. From the visitor's center, there are a few different trails with different lengths and grades to choose to walk. They have markers and information at various points along the trails to learn about the environment and some excellent photo-taking opportunities. The signs in the beginning give you any idea of how long it takes to walk, and I believe they are factoring in the time you will stop and enjoy the spots along the way. It was wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Juan Aleman

Well kept and clean area... I was surprised by how the area was maintained.

scot white

Well informed park rangers. Gave great advice on future endeavors for hiking the hoh river trail. The beauty of this area is mesmerizing. The hall of moses was by far the most colorful , with the best picturesque Area of the two trails. The spruce trail provided such beautiful steam photos as well the streams were so clear and so beautiful. I highly reccomend going I'd you have the chance

Lisa Young

Great information and super friendly staff!

Eric Meissner

I had not been here for exactly 30 years. Since 1989. Time for me to travel again and see the magnificent forests we have here in Washington State. Folks, it doesn't get any better than this. Take your family. I promise you that you will not regret it. See nature as it once was. See trees as wide as your car. Smell untainted air. Beaches that go on forever. Trust me. You will never forget it.

Yulia Udod

A nice forest for a walk, a little bit crowded on a good weather. But it's very unusual, worth visiting.

Linda Burgan

Gorgeous, awesome, beautiful. We walked on the Spruce trail with a National park service guide. It was very informative. After a short lunch we went on the Hall of Mosses trail. Pictures do not do this justice as it is hard to show these enormous trees, or to hear the streams rippling, or feel the forest envelope you as you enter the trails. A wonderful day

Christine Prelesnik

So cool, all the hanging moss on the trees was pretty awesome!

Carlos Gurrola

Beautiful rainforest. Plus weather is superb

Christian Lenoir

One of our favorite places in Olympic NP: here you can encounter unique flora and fauna such as ancient moss covered trees (spruce, fir, hemlock) or massive banana slugs. We also saw bears and deer at the park

Chelsea Gamble

Arrived just after 8am on a Saturday and were 1 of 5 cars in the lot. Crowds came at 9:30/10am. Fortunately we were able to get out to the Hall of Moss trail and back in just over an hour before the hoards of people were out. We were the only couple on the trail for a couple hundred feet which was nice. Took lots of pics and didnt rush. It started to hail and sprinkle a bit, but it only lasted 5 or 6 min. It was beautiful! The visitor center is clean with real restrooms. Couldn't ask for more.

Sravan Reddy

Excellent experience. Hoh rain forest is true beauty with lush greenery

Alyssa Davis

Amazing area. We went on two smaller trails. Gorgeous examples of the Pacific Northwest forest system. There is a charge to get in, but it was well worth it.

Veronica Gibbs

Great trip up to the visitors centre and interesting displays and exhibits. The walk of the mosses was lovely, despite the fact they are starting to dry out due to the lack of rain.

Stephen Smith

If you dont enjoy the Hoh rainforest and appreciate the old growth preserved forest, than you must be dead inside. This place is truly incredible and serene.

Madeline Irene

A beautiful section if nature in Washington State! The trails were great for all ages and levels, including small small children and elderly adults with canes.

Preston Parks

The Olympic National Parks is beautiful. Stopped by the Hoh Rainforest and it was worth the 3.5 he drive from Bremerton. Highly recommend that you get there before 11 am!!! There are two great short hikes and one really long hike. The entrance fee was about $3O. The discover pass was not required since this is a national park and not a state park. Highly recommend that you check it out.


What a beauty! Better to wear a rain shoes.

Linda Miller

Oh. Yes. This is the right place for you and your family to learn, and what a nice staff. Breath-taking scenery surrounds the building, trails, photo ops, easy free parking, wildlife. Camping. PEACEFUL. CALM. LIFE-CHANGING.

Jenny Frey

If you are a naturalist and love the outdoors, you must see this. Like a movie set but real. Ferns everwhere!

Kristen McCurdy

This was a spontaneous stop we hadn't planned on in our vacation road trip but am I SOOOO glad we did! The hall of mosses was magical, like a fairy forest or prehistoric era or an alien planet. We hiked that and the spruce trail, both were beautiful, had lots of opportunities for great photos and were easy to hike. This is a must stop on the peninsula and I can't wait to explore further!!!

Kevin Dressner

Worth the drive in. In summer, bring bear spray - we had an encounter with a black bear that was a little too close for comfort.

Andrew Brady

Nice short hikes around the visitors center.


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