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REVIEWS OF Future Of Flight Museum IN Washington

Bill Lundeen

Okay, not much to see unfortunately. Maybe 30 mins tops


(Translated by Google) Look good (Original) 看着不错

Arup Paul

Yuanlun Yin

6.29.2019 Totally a trash.

Elliot West

Our tour guide Eric was fantastic, good humoured, able to real off interesting facts and more than able to respond to impromptu questioning. The factory tour itself was impressive and has to be experienced; the scale immense. Spent way too much money at the shop - it’s good value, but they have a lot of great merchandise. The museum section is a little lacklustre and sparse, but to be fair it’s probably interesting enough to kill time before the tour.

Maurizio Frizziero

Simon Bunde

Some very iconic stuff in there. Very worthwhile.

Anthony J. Davenport

If your in Everett, Wa, this should be a mandatory stop.

Madina Trading


(Translated by Google) The world's largest workshop, said to be 400,000 square meters, equivalent to 75 football fields, a Disneyland. The 737 produces 52 aircraft per month and has produced more than 10,000 aircraft. You can make an appointment to see the assembly process of the two workshops. Very shocking, but unfortunately, English listening is not good, many professional can not understand. (Original) 世界上最大的车间,据说400000平米,相当于75个足球场,一个迪士尼乐园。 737每个月生产52架,已经生产了一万多架。 可以预约参观,看两个车间的组装过程。 非常震撼,可惜英语听力不好,很多专业的听不懂。

Mark Britton

I've toured this museum 3 times, and would take it again. If you love & appreciate aviation history, this place won't disappoint!



The tour was cool. They ask you to get there 30-45 minutes early. It became clear to us that this is so people will buy stuff at the gift shop or go to their cafe. The doors to the tour opens ten minutes before the tour actually begins. Buy your tickets online and get the first tour available. I'd probably get there 20 minutes before the tour starts.

Nat Hu


Ivry Hu

turely a waste of money and time

Behzad Bazargan

Nomura Yutaka

(Translated by Google) The tour of the huge Boeing Factory is definitely recommended. (Original) 巨大なボーイング工場のツアーは絶対におススメです。

Poco a Poco

(Translated by Google) You can see the production process of the airplane close up. A facility unbearable for airplane lovers. If you are lucky, you can also see the dream lifter and the touch-and-go test of an airliner. (Original) 飛行機の制作工程を間近で見られる。 飛行機好きには、堪らない施設。 運が良ければドリームリフターや、旅客機のタッチアンドゴーの試験等も観ることが可能。

Leonardo Cabrera

Michel Heijnen

Very impressive tour of the Boeing Factory and an interesting exhibit about Boeing

Holli Margell

Really cool experience, and fun to see behind the Boeing brand, where the planes are made. I think tours vary by guide. Ours was funny and kept us at an interesting pace. Nice variety of features in the museum area for kids of all ages. Only down side was not being prepared for the cost of the simulator with a group of kids.

Gow Number 22

Saumine Chen

Ronald Van Der Put

Johan Ludvig Brattås

Fascinating place. The tour of the factory delivered as promised. The museum itself seemed to be refurbishing.

Sangwoo Kim

Worth visiting place :)

Tom Shelton

Kirby Crane

Kevin Anderson

Most see

Mitch Ceiling

The Boeing tour is a must if you’re in the area! It was amazing to see them building airplanes and the massive size of their factory. Well worth the money and the kids seemed to enjoy it as much as the adults. Great view of the runway too from the main museum building.

Jeffery Agyekum Adjei

Delightful experience just watching planes from this observation deck take off and land. My two boys loved it!

Lauren Addy

The tour is awesome but the rest of the museum isn’t very big and doesn’t take long to look at. It’s also a very long way from downtown Seattle (nearly 2 hours on public transport). Worth it but be prepared for a long day if you’re not driving.

Yukio Iwamoto

Carlos Chavez

An absolutely MUST DO when visiting Seattle. I had no idea about how many stuff is manufactured by Boeing, not just the Airplanes we see at the airports.

Peter W.

(Translated by Google) Very interesting tour of the factory. In the 90 minutes one experiences a lot of interest. You get an impression of the size of the production hall. We even saw a 777X. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures during the tour. (Original) Sehr interessante Führung durch das Werk. In den 90 Minuten erfährt man viel Interesses. Man bekommt einen Eindruck über die Größe der Produktionshalle. Wir sahen sogar ein 777X. Leider darf man während der Führung nicht fotografieren.

Xinye Li

Ben Pasquarosa

The tour was absolutely awesome. The sheer scale of the operation is incredibly impressive to see in person. The future of flight Museum itself is a little lacking in stuff to see, but what they have is worth a walk through. Swag store is fully stocked though for the Disney-esk end to the factory tour.

Janis Isaman

sky uni

Dmitri Gaikovoi

lufee 6688

Gallery is free, tour is $25/ Adult. 90min long. No bag, no carry item during the tour. Free locker available.

Thomas Cutler

I would go again in a heartbeat. Wish I could take pictures!

Mar Tin Rak

(Translated by Google) If you want to take a look at the Boeing aircraft factory, you have to go here. (Original) Pokud se chcete podívat do továrny na letadla Boeing tak musíte sem.

Sridevi RK


A must do for each aviation fan

Eduardo valero domínguez

(Translated by Google) All life dreaming of airplanes. A wonderful experience (Original) Toda la vida soñando con los aviones. Una experiencia maravillosa.


Do not waste your money and time come here. Nothing inside

Ahmad Aldilaijan

The factory tour was truly astonishing, and worth every minute. It did not feel like 90 minutes, it felt like 5 minutes. The observation deck has a nice view, but it gets bothersome when it becomes windy. Make sure to explore the entire facility (the building with the gift shop) to get a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes in the aviation world/industry. Parking was free and abundant within a designated parking lot. I suggest visiting the Museum of Flight (south of Downtown Seattle) right after taking the tour to see the most significant planes in person right after you learn about them.

Michaela Müller-Unterweger

(Translated by Google) Interesting museum to see after the tour through the Boeing area (Original) Interessantes Museum, das man sich nach der Tour durch das Boeing Gelände anschauen kann

Wiebe Helder

Great experience for both adults and kids, and plane fanatics or anyone without an interest in planes. Best to take the tour on a weekday for the best experience when all engineers are at work.

Randy Tan

Nathan Davis

Mattijs Peters

The tour was great! Time flew by and before i New it 90 minutes had gone by. Had a look at the New 777x which was nice! Learned very interesting facts and guides are very competent in answering questions. However... No 5 stars because the tour felt a bit like a rush... Would loved to have spent more time or to see more in detail.


Jeroen Tahey

Impressive ! The tour however is way to short, being rushed through the different assembly halls. I wish I could do a triple your!

Gaurav Borgaonkar

This is one of the highly underrated museums in the US and a very well maintained one. You can just visit the museum or even take a boeing factory tour where you can see some of the models in their manufacturing phases. There are no cameras allowed on the tour but they do have lockers to keep your cameras, cellphones, other stuff. The museum of flight is also very good amd they also have a gift store nearby. Overall, a place you can add on your list if you are making a trip to Seattle.

Rajiv Asthana

Saema Alam

So many of your planes

Alan Frederick

Factory tour was amazing!

diego gonzalez canoura

Min Young Sim


(Translated by Google) Photography is prohibited inside the factory. Come for aviation fans. There are plenty of shops. (Original) 工場内は撮影禁止。航空ファンは是非。売店も充実。

Chris Taylor

Good tour

Nasser S S

(Translated by Google) Ajayeb (Original) عجيييب

Jess Rosmann

I Wayan Musnarendra

Our tour guide, Christine explapined that the work force there artound 35000 worker from the total of 150000 worker world wide. Tourist about 1000 people/day. The tour was passed in the assembly plant area of B747 200 cargo version ordered by UPS arround 200 units, and the assembly plant of B 777, B 787-8ect which uses composite for the skin which a half in weight of Al Alloy. Phone and camera are prohibited during the visit. Hence fictures were taken from outer fence.

wang nancy

Tomoya Hagiwara

Kristina Chausheva

We absolutely loved it there. It's super interesting and they have some fun games to do if you want to. Great place! If you want to know more about planes, here is the place.

Link 2018

The tour was amazing. The guide made sure to tell us many stories about the planes as well as answer our questions when we asked them. The lady in the museum counter even reprinted our tickets. The gift shop is huge and has everything. The observation deck is a great place to get a good view of the park. I was not allowed to bring my phone on the tour so I have no pictures of that. Just take my word for it. Of you see it, you will have a great time for sure. :)

Marvic Bartolome

Love this place

Estee falkenhost

I liked everything in the museum quite a bit, I'm a fan, I'll come back when I visit the city

Foysal Ahmed

Daniel El-kaboutt

Hot as bruv

Juan Banuelos

I love Boeing, they make the best airplanes, the 737 max 10, the 787 dreamliner, the 777X, but my most favorite is the 747-8


(Translated by Google) It is a good place to learn about Boeing aircraft and airplanes. I also had a souvenir shop and had a good time. (Original) 보잉항공기와 비행기에 대해 알수 있는 좋은 곳입니다. 기념품가게도 있고 즐거운 시간 보냈습니다.

Alberto Aldair Osegueda Belloso

Imran Lashari

The tour was good. I wish we could have seen more actual action.

Sean Wang

Jerry Chang

The paper plane cafe is the worst. The cashier return a broken dollar bill to me and refuse to give me another complete bill.

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