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Ebey's Landing Rd, Coupeville, WA 98239, United States

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Where is Ebey's Landing State Park Heritage Site?

REVIEWS OF Ebey's Landing State Park Heritage Site IN Washington

Mark Towers

Very beautiful place. Lots of trails and great scenery. We hiked about 5 miles around the shore.

This Joyfilled Life

This is an amazing place to catch the sunset!! The beach is lovely ❤️

Angie Douglas

The whole area around Coupeville is wonderful to explore. The actual area under National Park control is rather small, mostly made up of the Ebey house. It is worth the walk down the lane to visit the house and block house (one of four remaining). Make sure to visit the other state and local sites in the area.

jackson anyasi

ensure the weather is good ... for a good time...

moran may-rom

One of the most amazing hikes I have been.

Kay Love

Beautiful place to go on a hike on gorgeous Sunday, partly cloudy day.

Hannah Richardson

One of the most beautiful views in Washington. An easy, spectacular hike

Ridge Ostling

Great walk and views, not much has changed in the past 58 years, more trees

Kelley Miles

Wonderful place to hike.

sean siegler

Amazing views and a great walk.

Samantha Morrow

Been wanting to do the bluff hike for quite some time. Finally able to with my best friend on a beautiful day!

Sarah Keum

It doesn’t get better than this.

Benita Miller

Very relaxing.

Christiana Clare

This is my favorite place to go (view wise) for a walk or hike besides Goose Rock. The trail starts down at the beach and takes you up the bluff to the woods. It's the beach on the west side of Coupeville. It's always gorgeous no matter what the weather is like. Need some fresh air? Come here.

Christine Burri

Beautiful place..miles of beach

Chandrashekhar Palande

Hike on bluff trail and return path on the beach is a wonderful experience !

Erik U

Beautiful 3.5 mike hike that goes along a bluff then around a lagoon. Perfect for a late morning stroll

Brian Holle

Best hike on the island Park at Ebey’s Landing or on the street (free) Hike up the bluff and along the ridge for2 miles. The views are AWESOME. Then take the he switchbacks down to the beach (0.3 miles). Then hike the 2 miles on the beach back to the car. Make sure to bring some snacks so you can sit, eat, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous views.

P Thomas Randall

Beautiful view of the Salish Sea and the Olympic Mountains. A great location for an easy beach walk or climb the bluff for a more strenuous hike and 3 mile loop down to the beach and back. Good location to find interesting rocks or just kick back and relax.

Luke Garrison

I enjoyed hiking the upper portion, but the beach was more difficult due to the sand

Lucy Beck

It's a pretty view. That's about it.


A bit out of the way but the view is amazing. Lots of drift wood too!

Ganesh Kumar

We googled places to see in Whidbey Island and this place popped up. Totally loved this place. The views are good. You can take a walk along the beach or a hike to the hill nearby. Lots of different types of pebbles if you like collect. Dogs allowed on leash. The only downside is the parking. There is no designated parking spots. It’s by the roadside so if it gets too crowded, one has to wait for parking.

Tina Dwivedi

One of my favorite place. This was our 4th time there

Miriam MacLeod

What a lovely walk. We took about 2.5 hours at our leisurely pace. We saw fields, a lake, the seaside. Loads of driftwood. Puget Sound traffic was fascinating. Airplane sounds were pervasive throughout. US fighter pilot base nearby. Lots of birds and plans. Lovely driftwood, mountains of it.

jcandlc C

Awesome view!

Kramer Pullino

Quiet, with sea and mountains and a beautiful place to see the sunset

Deidre Buzbee

Beautiful Vista...

Ethan Whitney Smith

Long hike. Short hike. Whatever you are after you can have it at Ebey's landing. Gorgeous.

Elina K

Absolutely beautiful hike

Laura Bergman

One of my favorite hikes on Whidbey Island. For the loop hike along the bluff and the beach, you get stunning views the whole way--mountains, sound, forest, and farmland!

Sara Fish

One of the best hikes for views in the state of washington. Easy hike to take people from out of town and/or kids. You start along the bluff overlooking the ocean and then descend down to finish the 5 mile loop along the beach. We saw eagles and sea lions.

Bo-Yuan Huang

Scenic coastal trails. Fantastic views especially the Mt Rainier on the horizontal line over the sea.

Dori Dailey

It was such a pleasant experience. Mild clear weather. Easy access to beach with easy walk along the water. I made lunch the night before allowing us to spend a big part of our day there. Our biggest trip of the Sumner... actually of the year.

Curtis Dady

Great views of the Olympic mountains on a clear day. Walking the trail provides vigorous exercise.

jamey ullmann

i dont like walking but i was with friends

Marissa Santa Ana

My favorite beach to take a stroll on.


Good walk around ridge trail and beach..3.5 miles...views of beach and lagoon..did picnic on beach and flew my girl is awesome..enjoy J

Roy & Lynne Rains

Happy beach time with grandkids. Beautiful rocks to collect.

Michiel Pruijssers

Perfect place for a great walk.

Diane Owen

Gorgeous views! Fabulous sunsets!

Gaurav Jindal

Amazing views and benches to view sunset

Geoff B.

I love the views here. So amazing.

Kevin Flynn

Parking is limited. We did the bluff trail first then walked the beach back. Views of Rainier, Baker, Pilchuck/Three Fingers, and of course the Olympics.

Serena Hanke

Great Beach! Only partly rocky. Parking lot is small.

Jordan Rudd

Got engaged here, so you could say I had a good experience

Roy McDaniel

Beautiful area to hike beautiful views of the Olympics and the Cascades mountains.

Vanessa Morse

Great hike with beautiful veiws perfect for all ages.

Chad H

Took the pups for a walk here. Both we and the dogs enjoyed it. It's mostly rock and driftwood with a little sand depending on the time. The walk along the shore is beautiful, and if you're into watching ships travel through, this is a good place for that as well.


Beautiful area to just come out and enjoy nature. We love bringing our kids out here to hike and get energy out. You cannot beat the beautiful scenery out here. We come back to Ebey's landing often.

Roy Barbero

Beautiful hike in the Puget sound lowlands. Nice beach access too

Carisa de Leon

Beautiful spot and hike.

Valerie Gerry

Beautiful park! The bluffs are amazing!

Val D

One of the most heartbreaking view trails. One of the most beautiful sunsets..... A must see.

Wayne Balsiger

Great panoramic views of Strait. U.S., Canada. Hiking trails beach walking.

Lee Wallen

The hike is easy and you can go year round. I really enjoy seeing the old buildings.

neal sorensen

Nice Loop hike along the bluff and the water with views of the Strait and Olympic peninsula.

Ava Benthin

Clean friendly

CW Richardson

Such a beautiful place. We didn’t make it to the buildings, but spent time walking up (down?) the coast & back. Got some nice pics of the sun setting behind a cloud, and the overall landscape. It may have been cold, but it was a lovely way to spend some peaceful time with nature. (Bonus: no/few seagulls-birds in general are always welcome, just have a slight seagull phobia from Galveston Island

Arron Braunberger

Would have been higher they need to have info posted about the locations not everyone carries a phone to look stuff up.

Zach Szablewski

Bluff trail, beach trail, veiws of the Olympics, and old homestead of J Ebey.

Irma Leahy

Peaceful place and nice ocean, mountains and valley view when you hiking.

David Meyer

Awsome place to hike!

Steven Coogan

It is terrific here. It is a great walk/hike that is right on the Puget Sound. We went on a cloudy day and we were still quite impressed with the wonderful views. I can only imagine how amazing it would be on a sunny day and a view of the sunset. You can also hit the beach as part of the walk too. I would suggest being careful if you go for sunset since it will get dark quickly and walking back to your car in the dark isn't fun.

Karen Jaeger

Beautiful hikes, views and beach!

Max Miner

An easy hike you don't want to miss. Agates, petrified wood, and beautiful driftwood on the beach. Island view and eagles from the bluff. Start hike in the late afternoon, wander along the water, and hike up the bluff for the sunset. You won't regret it.

Samantha McDougle

Love this hike. Easy to do year round. Situated between 2 old forts along the coast. The bluff has a wild purple flower (pea family) that blooms about mid June. That's a must see.... it is beautiful. The whole trail is constant coastal views. Breathtaking!

Brad Corrigan

In all a great hike on the sound, trail is well maintained and bathrooms are super clean! Will come again

Varun Kamath

Beautiful place. Easy hike trail. Phenomenal views.

Krystal Lowry

Beautiful view, but too rocky of a beach for my preference.

Amy Hoover

Beautiful views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, central Whidbey Island farmland and Puget Sound while walking the trail system and beach

Jan McNeely

Never a bad day when your at Ebey's landing!

Arun Kumar

Amazing place. It is an easy hike that has some amazing views.

Lynn Clark

Great walk along cliff and beach. Beautiful views all around.

Tom Sparks

Expanse Air Sea Nature

Bennet Blake

Nice 3.5 mile hike on the bluffs around the lagoon. Great views of Rainier, Baker, Cascades and the Olympics.

Kay King

One of my favorite hikes. Some elevation but not enough to be strenuous.

Lu Phillips

The ridge loop isn't a big hiking challenge but the views are STUNNING. Definitely a family favorite!

Amanda Keller

Small parking lot but there is parking along the road. Nice, mostly rocky beach but a little sand for small sand castles. One toilet available, it was clean but portapotty-esqu. Beach was clean. Didn't get the chance to take advantage of the trails.

Dana Ontheave

Great walk, gorgeous views.

Debbie Kilmer

Great place to visit, nice park bench for those that wish to not do the hike. The hike has a decent amount of slope to one side which is nice to keep you focused on what you’re doing haha! Beautiful views, we saw an eagle!

Tom Atkinson-Edwards

A nice fairly quiet beach. Very pleasant to walk on.

Dotty Scott

Love this section of beach. Been here a few different times. On a clear day you can see the Olympics. There is also a trail that goes up the hill for a better view. Need a Discovery Pass to park in parking lot.

Patrick Conlan

Beach with long walks including up the bluff. Sandy so the kids can play. Great for contemplating life, or just watching the shipping on the Puget Sound to/from Seattle and Tacoma

Dennis Drummond

On sunny days a view u cant see many other places. An easy 6 mile hike. I do it once a year.

Ben Vanderkooy

Awesome forts and cliffside!

Kathryn Skvarla

Fantastic views and great hiking

el burrito

Beautiful view of the San Juan De Fuca Strait and Mt. Rainer in the Horizon.

shelby svedberg

Great views, even in the rain!

Aashna Garg

Pretty sunset views

Darnell Kebo

Easy stroll along the water. Beautiful views of the bay and Olympic Peninsula. Great for sunsets.

O'Dhaniel Mullette-Gillman

Excellent beach with great variety of rocks. Limited parking in lot, but more spaces along road. Clearly a popular spot, witha good amount of trash left behind. Would be excellent if town set some garbage cans along road parking.

Reena Ramos

Cool little reserve with some fun and easy hiking trails, my friends and I did one that went up along the cliff side than down all the way until we were along the beach. Great location to look out over te water, we saw lots of birds. I’d imagine you’d also be able to see seals and other wildlife here too. Trails were easy to see and only a few sections were uphill, making it an easy hike that a lot of people could do.

Urvashi Gupta

This is a beautiful state park. There is a small walk around 1 mile or so from the parking but the view at the end is beautiful. A great place to capture some great moments with your friends and family.

James Uslan

Don't go. You'll like it and more people will go.

Laurie Fair

Beautiful scenery!

Bambi Reile

Beautiful clear day today to take a walk o. The beach and cool off.

Derrick Gough

Great spot for a quick little half day hike. Some truly awesome views, regardless of the weather. I went when it was mostly cloudy and rained off and on and would definitely do it again.

Shannon Tate

This place has fantastic views on a clear day! The place is slightly confusing, as the area is maintained by several different agencies. Parking is either in a small lot at the bottom of the hairpin turn or on the side of the road, ocean side. The Historic Reserve includes beach access, staircase to bluff-ridge hiking, and trails into the forest or to the historic cabin. Be prepared to walk 3/4mi out for cabin or 3.5mi for the longer forest trail. The historic cabin can be accessed from the main road (if you don't want to park by the beach). American Bald Eagles and other unique birds have been sighted here. Recommended for families and moderate hikers.

Eric Clark

Easy six mile hike with beautiful views and chances to spot wildlife (bald eagles, whales).

Christopher Hartman

Beautiful state park. Great views on the bluff. Highly recommend

Dorian Rolfe

Gorgeous Walk. DO IT. or don't, I ain't the cops.

Thomas Uhlig

Ebey's Landing is a Great! place to take your family for a walk on the beach or a hike around the bluff with a beautiful view of the ocean

Cris Hazzard

What a great off the beaten path park. We did a hiking trail along the bluffs that had great views of the sound and San Juans. We could even see the Olympics. The park has bathrooms and there's a stone beach you can walk on, or watch the surfers from up on the bluff. A great stop if you're driving through.

Travis Ottele

Great natural space with plenty of walking trails that are mostly flat. The beach is great and the views alone are worth the trip out. Dog friendly, but bring a leash and bags!

Tracy Armstring

Nice beach and the historical Ferry House is in walking distance.

Heather Shelby

Family favorite beach

Darlene Olvera

Ebeys Landing is a beautiful place for a visit. By the water with a lot of history including barracks of soldiers at Fort Casey as well as the private quarters of the officers. A great place to spend an afternoon visiting.

Jen Boss

Easy access to this quaint beach with breathtaking views. A must stop when you’re in the area.

Abhijeet Gautam

Amazing scenes with ships passing continuously on one side, lush green fields on the other. Simply mind-blowing !!

Loree Slack

Oh my Goodness if you get a chance you need to go on this trail-, it has a few loops you can take, I can't wait to go back and do the other loops. Great, very great work-out, not real hard, yet not easy we walked 5.12 miles on the trail start to finish so like I said it's not technical but it is a workout with an amazing view. I hope you enjoy the pictures word can't describe this trail as good as the pictures can. I wish I could down load the video but for some reason it would not download. However it is on my (instagram -loreegood1004).

Connie Thowson

Awesome park and hike

Erik T

Nice walk along beach and bluff. Beautiful views. Friendly people. Well worth the drive to get there.

Lisa Johnson

This is a great hike! It's beautiful, and not too difficult. The beginning is the most challenging part, you hike to the top of the bluff, then you walk along the bluff and zig zag back down at the end, and return on the beach. It is easier to walk on the bluff rather than the loose rocks on the shore, so if you are tired, don't zig zag down to the beach, return on the high route. This is the hike we always take our out of town visitors on. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and anyone can do it.

Joshua lecha k

Wonderful location for a great day gateway. Lovely manageable hike with serene views of the sound. The kids had a great time and the people were very friendly.

Jenean Anglin

Great for beach walking. Had a beautiful clear day.

Philip Andrews

Beautiful view

Daniel Huffman

This park offers amazing views. I recommend following the trail along the edge of the bluff. It’s about 1.5 miles, and it gets narrow on the second half. I think the serenity and especially the perspective are worth your while. There is some public parking on the side of Hill Rd* or a State Parks lot that requires a Discover Pass. There’s a public bathroom near the lot. *There is a very narrow section of a Hill Rd without lane markings, be cautious.

Karthik K

It is like one of those places, you do not want others to find out about.For the fear of them finding out about such a lovely trail.

Nitro Neo

Great place to get away from people and enjoy a walk on the beach. The trail was clean and kept, but the beach had a few littered items.

Eric Harke

Great hike with kids and the dog.

Ernest Spragg

I've walked this beach for more than a half century

Kathy Daberko

Just a lovely to come and decompress. Highly recommended.

Dennis Bright

Fantastic sunsets!

Sherry Skym

Super beautiful quiet beach

Travis Fullner

Windswept Ocean views with farmland and praries as well.

Elizabeth Freeman

It's simply beautiful.

Stephen Kong

Beautiful hiking trail on the cliff overlooking Puget Sound. Amazing views of the water and the lagoon below. Loop back along the shoreline.

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