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REVIEWS OF Chihuly Garden and Glass IN Washington

Consuela Hiawatha

The exhibition is stunning, the staff, not so much. It always amazes me when attractions don't keep the gift shop open slightly later than the exhibit. At 6:01pm, we were rushed from the video room to the gift shop... and then immediately bum-rushed out the door. Why not close at a certain time and schedule employees to leave one hour later?

Wayne Fullen

The work in this museum was astounding. I went with friends while we were in town, and I was hooked from when we first walked in. So many pieces had me thinking, “How did he create such fantastic works of art?” Especially works that took up almost the entire room. Will definitely recommend to anyone coming to Seattle!

ben og

I went in with low expectations, like "how good can this be?", But it really impressed both of us. I set aside like 30 minutes for the visit but was the for almost 90. City Pass was awesome

Stephen Willis

This is an experience for the eye. This single artist museum/installation showcases Seattle's most famous contemporary artist. I really recommend this experience to the visitor and local alike. The weather does not come into the question as the glass changes its nature with the light.

Katia OS

This place is amazing, deffinitely worth every penny you pay for it. I recommend you to come here on a sunny day so your pictures are beautiful.


BEAUTIFUL!!! So much to take in and highly recommend watching the documentary videos while you are there, it helps you appreciate your visit more.

Tonia Wooley

The artist used blown glass to represent various different cultures. He used the play of light through the glass and the placement in the room to effect how the viewer perceives and even feels about the piece. The use of texture with plants is fenominol.


Fascinating exhibition of glass art piece. Different themes of art pieces are exhibited both indoor and outdoor in the garden. Although everyone has different taste of art, you will find the rich layers of color and vividness of the sculptures breathtaking.


As this was my first trip to Seattle I wanted to do all of the touristy things. Chihuly was included with The City Pass we purchased so we were able to visit this museum while we waited for our time slot at The Space Needle. It is a pretty unique museum filled with all sorts of beautiful glass art work inspired by nature. The art was gorgeous, but if admission to the museum was not included with the city pass I feel like the admission price wouldn't have been worth it, as the museum is rather small and the works do get repetitive. It is definitely a cool site to see but I don't neccesarily think it is a must see.

Lucy Araya

A must see in Seattle! the entry is a little bit expensive but it worth it. The exhibition is absolutely astonishing, full of color and beauty. The Chihuly’s sculptures are simply wonderful, inspired by the nature, He shows how a material so common as glass can be expressive and beautiful with different shapes and collaborates with the garden enhancing the nature with colors, shades and light reflex.

Lisa Evans

I have always loved glass art so this place was made for me. So beautiful. I would highly recommend.

Allen Skinner

Superb place to visit while in Seattle. Gives the story behind the sculptor and the major designs on display in the inside. Missing the same for the garden displays however. Lighting indoors is a bit dark for good photos. Also caught a glass blowing demo so added to the educational value.

J Sear

I loved this place so much! Such beautiful and amazing glass art. Pics do not do this place justice. We paired this with a trip up the Space Needle and it made for a nice lil outing. Lunch at the cafe there was the icing on the cake. Love Love Love

Adam Bialecki

Beautifully Created exhibits, fascinating & perfect for portraits. The first part is the indoor exhibits which are very Interesting, although most of the indoor exhibits are very dark areas you are allowed to use your camera flash and you can get great reflections in the glass they put under the sculptures. The outdoor part is amazing and you can take pictures of the glass in the gardens with the iconic space needle in view, there is also a glass room with great lighting and a beautiful exhibit hung from the ceiling that is perfect for your portrait.

Mark Dunning

Amazing museum! this place is definitely a most visit for anybody coming to see. We were blown away by both DR and the manner in which the artist displayed his work. We will be back for sure!!!

Fab decor

Beautiful glass sculptures. Fairly small collection. Very impressive. My 6 years old was super impressed by them. I went after 4 pm because the tickets were $10/$5 cheaper for adults/kids if you plan your visit after 4pm. Also,in my opinion lighting it better then in fall season that gets dark earlier.


I bought a space needle glass museum ticket only to find out the glass museum was closed. This was sept 13. For some reason you have to do them both on the same day even though a ticket scan could easily tell if you’ve been to the museum before.

Sharon Xu

I personally liked it and really want to take a look. But they seems not value the tourism at all. I have been here two days in a row, during a weekend, they are closed for private event for both days. What a great attraction.

Ed Altemus

Great venue for Glass art. Amazing displays, we combined tickets for the Garden of Glass and the Space Needle. We put our name on the list to visit the Space Needle and visited her while waiting for our time. It is hard to imagine the many hours and the many people it took to create this display. Worthy of your time for sure.

Emily Klever

A spectacular museum. I was amazed by the scale and intricacies of the pieces. My only complaint is that it is a rather small exhibit overall- I wished it had been a bit more expansive (for the price).

S Lamson

One of a kind With a surprising twist from the normal "indoor" museum,, to a "glass garden" museum halfway through your tour. There is also a small theater showing videos for the history of the artist. Plan on a couple of hours. BTW, it does get busy in the summer and every weekend..

Dennis Rodrigo

The sculptures are stunning! The colors and shapes of Chuhuly's artwork are very unique and beautiful. I'd suggest visiting the museum during the morning though, because the garden section was not properly lighted during the evening.

tommy chong

Both garden and glass areas were awesome! I came here in the evening and the combination of glass and lights were amazing to look at. Visual eye candy for sure! You can also take the coolest pictures of the Space Needle from here.

Spencer Terry

Very cool blown glass artwork & original drawings from David Chihuly. Stunning exhibits indoors and also blown glass art outdoors with a garden. Tastefully blended art & nature right underneath the shadow of the Space Needle.


Absolutely gorgeous pieces. Displays are all setup wonderfully, and the gardens were almost as beautiful as the glass!

Lydia Clay

It was awesome, I'm not into art museum or art galleries, but this was a phenomenal exhibit. Just when I thought I'd seen the most beautiful pieces, around the next corner was something more beautiful. Best if Seattle by far!

E. Scioli

The kiosk made entry smooth. The exhibits are gorgeous. Gift shop was ok, for some reason i expected more pieces available. Overall great experience.

Bobby S

I'm usefully pretty supportive of any form of art but this place seemed lacking. If it wasn't part of the Seattle City Pass, I would have been really bummed to have spent $30. There were like 3 rooms and then a repetive garden. The staff were knowledge and kind, but it was very quick and a standalone ticket would be too much.

John Wheby

Totally worth the money and time at the Space Needle. Not as big as the traveling exhibit at the Royal Museum in Toronto, when they had it, but a great display of his work. They also do glass blowing demos, if interested. Do the combo Needle and museum ticket and save $10 bucks.

Ginny Phillips Allen

Spectacular creativity and forethought into height, texture, color of plants and glass coordination. Beautiful play of color, shadow and light. Movie shorts were fascinating about eras and themes of production. Cool seating was nice break from heat and walking. Prolific body of work. I was wowed!

Natalia Subocz

It is so great to see so much of his astonishing work! The displays are set up to wow you. I really enjoyed the movie room where you get to hear him talk and work on several different locations. A must see when in Seattle!

Carla Bidwell

It was everthing that I expected and more. The exhibits were lovely and well layed out. Well worth your time to visit.

Lisa H

This place give you constant awe. The bold and beautiful creative pieces in the garden are also very fun to view. It looks so much grander in person.

Cory Kurkierewicz

If you’re in Seattle - make it a point to come to This exhibit during the day. Truly a touching and moving garden of wonderful art. You will feel things from these sculptures and not for one second feel as if you’re drudging through another boring museum. WORD TO THE WISE: when you’re in the room with the big shell looking sculptures (see picture of yellow glass below) - Try looking at the sculptures with the normal room lighting - then make a second round through and shine your phone light from beneath the sculptures. You will experience something remarkable and much different than what you initially took the piece for. Only complaint is that I wish this garden was larger and a more extended experience.

Yi Wong

A beautiful museum showcasing Dale Chihuly’s colourful and whimsical glass artworks. A must visit in Seattle. The free photographs taken by their professional photographers which you can opt to send to you email for free is a very nice touch!

Matt Swanson

Absolutely a must if visiting Seattle. The glass is out of this world, and tg he presentation is excellent throughout. A must see.

Debra Mom

Lived in Seattle area most my life. Never been to Chihuly Gardens. What was I missing? New favorite place to take visitors. Well worth it and King County folks get ticket discount after 1800.

Jessica Bundrige

Absolutely gorgeous...whimsical and exquisite at the same time. Try to go early or late as large groups of people can be noisy and distracting. There is so much more to see when you can focus and not be distracted. If you move with the flow of a crowd you will miss so many details.

Carol Bellows

I enjoyed seeing the work as well as the documentaries. It's intimate; the work is close enough to touch (but you must resist). The garden is well kept and planted fully.

Justin Newell

Chihuly is a truly talented human. His works are beautiful. The design, intricacies, execution..all amazing. I was intrigued from the first exhibit. I would say that this museum is a must see whether you're an art or not. Take some time to browse and truly appreciate them.

Nallamai Lakshmanan

The Chihuly museum at the Seattle Centre is one museum where we would love to click pictures but aren't allowed to. Instead there's a better option. They have their own expert photographers who will click our picture beside the exhibit and before we exit we can check it and download the same on to our email id. We happened to reach the museum just a few minutes past 6pm and were happily surprised to realize that the ticket price reduce by half after 6pm. There are musical shows as well so plan to spend time here.

Savannah Hollis

As someone who enjoys art and plants, this is one of the best art exhibits I’ve been to. The artwork itself is incredible, and to see it displayed and installed in so many challenging ways is beyond impressive. I’d highly recommend stopping by to visit this place on your own or with family/friends who come to visit!

Pratishtha Agasar

This place is a stunner, great for some amazing photography opportunities. It’s a must visit if you’re someone who loves art. Thumbs up to this

Jsk Varma

Lovely, Marvelous, colourful and exciting displays. Creativity, technology and the skill of preparing glass sculptures were tremendous and no words for admiration. It is worth, spending the ticket cost.

Carlos Quezada

This place is a must do when In Seattle! Plus the space needle is right next door and the pop culture museum as well. I recommend you get the city pass so worth it! But back to Chihuly! This place is breathtaking it's so amazing what he made with glass. It will take your breath away.

Christine Elzey

So if I'm being honest, I am not a giant Chihuly follower. That said... His work is ridiculously impressive. The scale, the detail, the vibrance, the creativity, the sheer amount of it... When you see it together in one place, it really is quite a spectacle. Check it out when you have the time.

David Farris

Absolutely stunning! Didn't have any plans on my trip to Seattle, but came across this as I was wandering around. Best decision to see these beautiful glass sculptures!

Александра Казакова

Don’t miss this place! It’s like an adventure to another planet ! Such a beautiful garden. I was in love with all of those abstract collections. Tickets can be a little cheaper

Karen Bernhardy

We did not go into the garden. Ran out of time. I have seen his work before and it is really wonderful! I recommend that you do this first. I will next time! We did go into the restaurant and the tables have 'cut outs' covered by glass with different displays at each table. These are displays of items Chihuly collected. Very interesting! One was large fishing lures. Another is antique children's tin spinner toys. On the wall there is a large display of bottle openers. Another wall display has old 'string holder's. The string hangs out of the mouth! You would just pull out what you needed and the string would not get tangled. These were really fun to look at! So much to see and do walking around this area. I recommend you go here!

Dwayne Liddell

Very beautiful Glassworks here. Takes about 1.5 hrs to really take in the art and they have demos on site at specific times if you want to see how it's done. If going to the Space Needle might add well take in this fantastic attraction.

Heather Teske

This museum is so unique. There are tons of Chihuy's works both inside and outside. Everything is vibrant and colorful, it is a great place to wander.

Maciej Ciupa

Wow! I wasn't overly excited about going to a glass museum, but was totally blown away the second I stepped inside. It's unique, it's cool, it's a first rate attraction. I had an absolute blast, go check it out you won't be disappointed.

Dee Hall

A must visit for any fans of Chihuly’s work, garden lovers, anyone really. There are glass blowing demonstrations as well as neat gallery talks. There was one about Ikebana happening while I was there. This museum is breathtaking and the gardens, intoxicating. Do visit.

Stephanie Lee

Definitely a must see. Absolutely gorgeous glass work. Never seen anything like it. Staff is super friendly as well. Love that it is right next to the space needle as well. Absolutely coming back!!!

Erica Turner

A fascinating exhibition of the glass art piece. Different themes of art pieces are exhibited both indoor and outdoor in the garden. Although everyone has a different taste of art, you will find the rich layers of color and voidness of the sculptures.

TerriS Dimarco

Beautiful simply beautiful. I have a client who has a huge 1 of these in her home & I always thought it was lovely but never knew anything about it. Now I do!

Doug Fairall

This place was just beautiful! Nicely laid out walk ways both inside and out. Your eyes will not be disappointed! Highly recommended!

Robert Douglas

This museum has wonderful glass exhibits that are one of a kind. The interior exhibits are just as stunning, if not more so, then the gardens. It's like being transported to another world. The big caveat is that it's very expensive. We were glad we went, but it's a little too expensive to go again.

Montgomery Standefer

From the rich reds to the deep blues, his art will take you from ocean depths to out of this world. There is a cool QR code you can download an audio tour of the gallery. Don't just walk by the sculpture, look closely at the level of detail. The small nuances of the arms the birds nest that has made the sculpture its home. The starfish and sea animals. The are is as fun as it is interesting. Thank you Chihuly for sharing your talent and art.

Graham Booth

A bit pricey but very uplifting and relaxing. I recommend putting in some ear buds and listening to whatever cool tunes lift your soul as you drift through the dark exhibits and the gardens. Works well with Echoes by Pink Floyd.

Cortney Ayers

This exhibit is part of the City Pass, and is well worth the stop. It’s mind blowingly beautiful. The glass features are brightly colored and masterfully designed to create exhilarating pieces for the display. Stop here and enjoy the works of Chihuly. There’s an outdoor section of the exhibit as well. It took us about 90 minutes to get through the whole exhibit. The gift shop is wonderfully unique.

Sarah Teeters

Beautiful, intriguing, and amazing. I loved walking through and seeing all the intricate glass sculptures made by Dale Chihuly. The docents were very knowledgeable and were available in every room. They were more than happy to answer any question anyone had. Best part was their glass blowing demonstration where they showed you how to craft something from blown glass. Very interesting!

Al Thompson

Very unique opportunity to experience an expansive array of artistic glass. Friends recommended that we not miss this exhibit on our tour of the Space Needle. Reviewed several rooms filled with the glass exhibits, and outdoor exhibits in natural lighting. The magnitude of these pieces truly inspire the imagination. Loved the vivid colors on contrasting dark backgrounds. Highly recommend viewing this exhibit.

Casey Widness

Just amazing. Such beautiful and detailed pieces. If you're a fan of art or Chihuly, this is a MUST.

Ajay Balaji

Loved the place and the artwork present. A tourist should never miss to visit this place. Was awestruck by the works of Chihuly. Usually crowded in the evenings, buying a ticket beforehand would be useful to avoid queues.

Joyce Rice

Wow, love the design and beauty around every corner. The demos are fascinating and I could stop and be refreshed in each room.

Andrew Constantinou

Well, one more item off my bucket list! What an amazing place. The man & his crew have created some amazing glass items. It is hard to believe how glass can be molded in so many ways. Well worth the time & money.

Eric Young

Stunning exhibit done in glass. The artistry and talent of the artist is not to be missed. A lovely way to spend sometime in Seattle and its convenient to other interesting exhibits too!

Salimah Lalani

Amazing place! Must see!!! The combo ticket w Space Needle seemed to be the best option. Sold at the counter there. If you are going to stay more than 3 hours, valet parking is only $1 extra. I wish I had done that, would have been so easy!

Imre Pólik

Absolutely unique experience. Come in October to enjoy the autumn colours behind the glass sculptures.

Arun Thulasidharan

A definite must go place if you are an admirer of modern art. The huge glass creations will take your breath away with their sheer beauty. There is also a small projector room where they show the effort that when in to create these items. This is also an ideal spot if you are into photography. Can get crowded on long weekends.

Stefanie Crepin

Great for families, couples and groups of friends, this beautiful indoor/outdoor exhibit, complete with short movie/videos is a must-see. The colours of the blown glass and the artistic beauty are like nothing I've seen. I'll definitely be back and would recommend this to anyone going to Seattle.

Brad Kozza

Beautiful place. A bit pricey for entrance fee but one of a kind art. Very colorful.

Pritesh Chandaliya

I loved this garden. It's so colorful and so creative. It's like a fantasy world. Amazing glass work. You can attend a free glass work session by trained employees here. There is an in-house restaurant too inside. Great place for taking photographs.

William Gan

Absolutely gorgeous sculptures and beautifully put together exhibit. About 1 hour to see the full thing, and reduced price (32->22) after 6pm. Best time to enter is weekdays around 7 as that's when the crowds have died down. Came on a Tuesday 7:15pm and had nearly each room to myself - was wonderful.

Paul Verrilli

Other than to tell you that you'll have to experience it to appreciate it, I don't know what to say. It was an experience like no other and really woke my mind up to the creative imaginative abilities one can use to make glass sculptures.

Jonathan Eckstein

I am not a huge fan of Chihuly pieces in isolation, but seeing them all together was a very worthwhile experience. The garden was also great -- it looks like an invasion of alien plants among terrestrial ones. They had an excellent glass-making demonstration too (but apparently they don't do the same thing off season). A bit expensive for its size.

intl intl

Highly recommend, especially as Chihuly's glass art is really a one of a kind! So beautiful & technically highly complex given the medium: glass! Absolutely loved the Persian ceiling glass installation; harkens to the old days of Persian Empire's glory, who gave us the 1st declaration of human Rights (Cyrus Cylinder-UN) Reading the artist's bio. online before your visit would make it that much more interesting. Have fun!

Lisa Schweizer

I loved visiting Chihuly. My husband took me for the first time for my birthday. We were lucky that day because it was fairly empty and we were able to spend hours in just pure amazement. The awe you feel when seeing this artwork for the first time. It will take your breath away. We have since taken our children and we recommend it as a “Must Do” for anyone visiting Seattle!

Emily Kapostas

Chihuly was very educational and beautiful. We learned a lot about glass blowing from the hourly demonstration! We spent about two hours at the museum and had a great time.

Trimeal M

Very good. Really well done and interesting. Go after 6pm. There is more than enough time to get through it and watch all the videos, sit in the garden, and take a ton of time in each exhibit.

Anh Nguyen

Beautiful art museum. There are also demonstrations for museum goers as well as documentary of the artist. A must visit location for anyone in seattle that enjoy arts

Sandra Adams

Amazing sculptures! The big sculptures are made of hundreds of pieces all carefully assembled. Beautiful

Jenny Fam

This place is AMAZING! I'm happy that I went during off peak season and got to enjoy every single bit of the exhibition with my own sweet time. 120% recommend! Remember to stay and watch the workshop!

Edric Salone

This was an amazing sight to see. Although it is not very large the artistic glass work showcased here is phenomenal! When I say truly breathtaking there are few more words to describe it. Each room has it's own theme and encompasses different styles of glass pieces to create a whole new work of art in itself. You can stare at each piece for hours and still find new subtleties in each one. I really enjoyed the outdoor garden and the short film featuring George Chihuly himself. If you are in Seattle this is a must visit, tourist or not. If you are into glass blowing then this location will definitely strike a chord with you. Im so glad I came and visited. Worth every penny!

Chantal Baxter

Wow! Not going to lie, I wasn't very excited to go to this museum but I was definitely happy with the surprise. The indoor portion takes the cake. Beautiful artwork illuminated by light.

Vanessa Barajas

I loved it! I expected it to be a bigger exhibit, but enjoyed seeing every piece nonetheless. It's fascinating.

Dawn Woods

Great place for Glass art. Amazing displays, we combined tickets for the Garden of Glass and the Space Needle. We put our name on the list to visit the Space Needle and visited her while waiting for our time.


Beautiful walk through illuminated garden (Chihuly) as well as outdoor museum. Prices are average for Seattle at around 30 bucks a head with discounts for seniors and children.They allow you to take pictures and also have photographers in the larger exhibits that will take your picture and hand you a card so you can access the pictures. There is a gift store that wasn't that impressive. Still a must do if you travel to Seattle.

Andres Guarnizo

Stopped by here after my cruise instead of sitting in the airport to waste time. Well i can say it was definitely not a waste. Lots of beautiful artwork made of glass. There was even a demo of how they do some simple glass blowing techniques. Was very awesome and would highly recommend it.

nidhi vaishnav

Breath taking collection. Beautiful garden. Best part is they created glass vase right infront of us. Which was one of a kind experience.

Chenxing Liu

It was closed very early due to a wedding on Saturday. I didn’t see a detailed notice with closing time outside. The only thing there was “The exhibition will be closed early today“. We bought the tickets at almost full price, but were not able to thoroughly enjoy it.

Andy Ng

Magnificent permanent exhibit featuring the glassworks of Chulihuly. All of the art pieces have been thoughtfully put together, and their individual placement from dark interior spaces to the open air gardens is well curated. This is a visitor destination not to missed, and definitely purchase your ticket with the Space Needle admission for discounted rate.


Visited with our Citypass and so glad we did! Such a beautiful space! Went with our kids (Age 8 and 10) and they loved it as well. So many details to look at and admire! There was a great demonstration going on where we could watch an artist make a small vase. Loved the indoor and outdoor art installations. Most rooms don't have a barrier in front of the art which was great for admiring details but we witnessed some smaller children getting dangerously close to the glass. Not an ideal location for young kids.

Patricia Roach

So beautiful!! Loved the spheres. We had our own interpretations of some of the glass works. It is a must see if you appreciate art. Right next door to the Space Needle.

Jacob Schmitt

Fascinating to see what Chihuly made in glass and how he did it. A huge range of objects, mostly glass plants, including giant flowers. Some are inside the building and some intersoersed with real plants in the gardens. A riot of colour, unlike anything else we've seen. Beautiful exhibit! Loved the gardens and how the gorgeous landscaping enhanced the beautiful glass. Enjoyed each aspect of the exhibit both inside and outside!

Hunter Kay

This place is breathtaking. I learned about Chihuly when I was young and quickly became a fan of his work. But seeing this many pieces up close and it person is a different story. I definitely suggest you take the time while in Seattle to head to the exhibit and see for yourself. Pictures don’t do it justice:

Jacob Adams

My family planned the day out around the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass. Today is our last day in Seattle so we we're finishing up the last of our to-dos. Bought tickets on the website for the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass in advance. The tickets for the Space Needle were at 4:30pm and that took until 6pm. When I arrived at the Chihuly Garden and Glass the staff were outside informing everyone who had tickets that the Garden was closed for a private event at 5pm. They told us and many others that since it was closed we could come back tomorrow and visit or get a refund. Even though we told the staff that we were leaving Seattle tomorrow morning they still wouldn't help us out with a refund. When I checked the site, tickets were still available for purchase. I can't understand why they wouldn't disable the ticket option on the website because it would have saved a lot of people the hassle of arriving and then having to come back the next day and get a refund. I'm not sure how any establishment can be okay charging about $30 per person and then turning away people who already payed with instructions to return tomorrow. We are paying customers, it shouldn't be upon us to fix their mistake.

Neil Graham

I did not want to bother seeing this place. But my wife insisted that when we bought our ticket for the Space Needle we should also buy the tickets for Chiluly Garden and Glass at the same time. Reluctantly I did. I am so pleased I did. This place is brilliant! Some of it is outdoors and some indoors. There is also a small theatre playing short films to explain the work. You must see this place because it is literally awesome!

Derek Wong

Beautiful pieces highly recommend. For two it's a better deal to buy along with a Space Needle ticket.

Rachel Pinkesz

A bit pricey for a a tour that can't take more than 45 minutes. Its beautiful but there are about 6 rooms with exhibits plus an outdoor garden that takes very fast to get through. Also would not recommend bringing children since they can't touch anything because it's fragile and were quite bored.

Wynette Jones

Absolutely beautiful sculpture exhibit and garden with sculptures. We arrived at the opening at 8:30 am on a Monday and had the place to ourselves for the majority of the visit. The sculptures are amazing and the outdoor garden is planted in perfect complement to the pieces scattered throughout the garden. A theater runs a half dozen short films in succession about Chihuly over the last 30 years. Highly recommend visiting. You can combine with a Space Needle tour, but having done that in the past, we only visited Chihuly Garden and Glass.

Sarah Concepcion

A museum dedicated to the work of artist Dave Chihuly, who works in a variety of media but is most well-known for his glassware. And indeed, the majority of the museum displays his glass art like an undersea scene, glass balls in a boat, chandeliers or flower collections. However, you also see his paintings, drawings and weavings, such as the area that was inspired by Northwest Native-American art. I loved going into the garden best, with all the different twists and colors of his glass pieces. They fit in wonderfully with the greenery and shine best on sunny days. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who enjoys his art, loves glassware or simply wants to see something unique.

Samantha Farmer

I can’t even put into words what this man Dale Chihuly can do with blown glass. Breathtaking and speechless. Such a cool place to explore and his museum was fantastic to walk through while visiting this area of Seattle

Hachi Machi

Wow. Chihuly's the man with the master plan. Truly unique experience. Beautiful blown glass every corner. Totally worth admission. Once you enter, childlike joy rushes through you. If you appreciate glass blowing, you'll love this place.

Kyle Cagalingan

Highlight of our Seattle Washington trip. I prefer this museum than space needle. The formation of the glass exhibit is phenomenal! A must see if visiting Seattle, Washington.


I went into this exhibit expecting to be disappointed. With a price point of $33 a person I didn't see a way for the exhibit to be worth the price. I was entirely mistaken. The exhibits are mindblowingly complex and must have taken years of dedicated work to complete. Everything is well-placed and the staff are knowledgeable about Chihuly and his influences. Entering each room was breathtaking and the presentation of the exhibits is superb. This art exhibition truly exemplifies what an art exhibition should be.

Carolyn O'dell

We would not have visited had it not been for the strong recommendation made by a couple we met. Stunning blown glass architecture and designs. We bought a “package” Space Needle and Chihuly. So worth it.

Elizabeth Wilson

Expensive. I wish museums would realize this. We couldn't afford to go with four people. It would have been $128. His art is cool, what I could see through the fence.

Lisa Hull

The displays were awesome & the employees were able to share lots of information. My only complaint is that they often close early for public viewing & allow private parties only. Call ahead & be sure they are open before you go.

reshma beesetty

Great art work along with the history of the artist and the process of making the art. Do not miss the live glass blowing showing. Happens mostly every hour or so for 20 minutes, where they actually make a sculpture out of a glass piece.


Absolutely breathtaking and worth seeing at least once if you're in Seattle. The lighting really brings out the beauty of the sculptures and any photos you take are guaranteed to come out looking amazing. The tour leads you outside into the garden which is right underneath the Space Needle. Their gift shop is just as pricey as you would expect, but it's got great finds, especially for artists.

Jeff Y.

Amazing display of glass artwork. Glad we went there finally. We also watched several short documentary films and learned about Dale Chihuly and his creative artwork, vision and philosophy. We also learned that Dale Chihuly is originally from Tacoma, Washington.

Uday Dungarwal

Fantastic museum of art with glass. This was one of the best attractions in Seattle. I would highly recommend visiting chihuly garden. There was a live demo of glass art. The tickets cost $67/per for spaceneedle and garden

Giovanni Severini

Absolutely unique in the world, a must if visiting Seattle. The price of the ticket is very well spent.

Richard Robson

Anytime I can get a close look at a Chihuly, I am happy. It is continuously amazing what talented artists can do with glass as a medium. Spectacular. The demonstrations are mesmerizing.

Deborah East

Our first time visiting after living in Seattle for 13 years and we were not disappointed. We have heard so many greats things and everything was amazing and so beautiful. He really is a great artist. This is a very unique museum in Seattle.

Linda Evans

Toured this in 2013 and also had the chance then to eat in the restaurant. By the time we made our way through the exhibit to the restaurant this time the restaurant was closing for the day which is very unfortunate because there are such exciting things to look at in the restaurant. Chihuly is a collector of all sorts of things and they're well displayed within the restaurant. Maybe this place isn't for everybody but it is for my family and me. We love art we love colors we love Gardens and flowers. We always take plenty of pictures and yes you can wait for an opportunity when you don't get strangers in the background or the foreground of your photos. There are benches to sit down and just admire the amazing works. The roving photographers will take your pictures and you can access these and have a great Memento of your visit. I found the gift shop this time to be a little crowded. Last time I bought all kinds of interesting things. Since this is the beginning of our trip I kind of held back on the souvenir shopping here. Yep there are things I would have liked. Dusk was coming on and I could see that some of the sculptures were starting to light up in the outside garden. I've never seen the exhibit at night yet I have seen pictures of the Chihuly glass lit up at night in this Garden. I was hoping to stay until dark but we had a time to ticket to go up into the Space Needle so we had to get going. In 2013 we stayed at the Maxwell Hotel and walked back and forth from the hotel to this park. This time I was amazed how easy it was to find close parking although it was expensive and we had to guess how long we would be staying when we parked our vehicle and paid for our space. I know you can see Chihuly start work and so many different places but if you're in Seattle do not miss this stop. It is worth every penny you pay to get in.

Regina Carter

The Chihuly Gardens are absolutely gorgeous. The way the colors intertwine with nature are spectacular. We watched several mini movies about some of his instillations all over the world, and they were also fascinating. This was my second time to see the Chihuly, and the first time we got to see a demonstration of glass blowing. The patience and speed at which you have to work is just amazing. In some of the areas, you can see the space needle in the background. It is very worth going to see.

Troy Bausher

I will honestly say I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going here, but the wife wanted to. So here it goes...this place was AMAZING. To see the displays made of glass was just unreal. The imagination and talent of Mr. Chihuly was definitely a mind changer for me. As you walk through the displays you can get very creative with your own photos. The outdoor glass globes in the garden reflect the Space Needle making for some wild pictures. I very highly recommend this stop, believe me you won’t be disappointed as my original mindset was.

Anne Martin

Chihuly glass was my favorite place we visited on our recent trip to Seattle. The glass sculptures and vessels are simply stunning. Everything is beautifully curated to fit together so well and lighted perfectly to show off the colors and shapes. I could have spent hours standing there staring at all the pieces! They take pictures for you as well, and you can download them for free.

Laura C Lin

Excellent display of Chihuly's masterpieces. Wish it were a bigger garden area! Bathrooms very nice. Location perfect for tourists and downtown access. Short films about Chihuly were captivating. Free docent discussions every hour.

Andreas Aristidou

A very interesting and unique experience. Beautiful works kept coming both in the inside and the outside portion of the museum. Definitely a must-do while in Seattle.

La Reine Khawaly

Short but nice activity. Its amazing what they can do with glass , recommended to take the combo with space needle and zoo. Its much cheaper

Urvashi Gupta

I absolutely love this garden! A friend recommended this place to me and I am so glad he did. It’s only $30 but the art work is amazing! It takes about an hour to complete the entire garden and is located at a perfect place.

CJ Mortensen

This place took my breath away. It sits right next to the Space Needle. The sculptures are breath taking. Chihuly has some of Dale's earlier pieces as well as current. There is a small theater area that has 6 different movies about this man's work. Each takes about 5 minutes to view. Very worth while to sit thru all of them if you have time.

B Middleton

Absolutely amazing. Chihuly is America's glass blowing expert and it was awesome to see his pieces in person. Finding out where his inspiration came from was interesting, as was watching the theater show at the end. It made the glassblowing we watched in Seattle even more interesting. I wished they had a water display and the gift shop had some smaller glass pieces to purchase. Their ornaments are about $65, but you can find ornaments for $15 at other glass shops in the city.

Diana Piggee

This isn't about the museum itself. I am a disabled military veteran. I called to see about a discount for Veterans Day. Although they are not doing anything for Veterans Day specifically they do give $5 off to military/veterans. In the past they have given 50% off tickets. I just think it's a shame to change the discount. Thank you for showing your appreciation for those who served {Sarcasm}

Shafreen Sayyed

Beautiful glass work. The effort put into constructing these enormous glass structures is evident. A little room narrates the history of how these structures were built. It’s a two minute walk from the Space Needle and the Pop museum. Worth a visit

Bishma Stornelli

Most amazing place I visited in Seattle... The display is spectacular.

Scott Hunter

We typically visit here when we have visitors in town. It is one of our favorite places to take visitors to Seattle. It is a nice short casual walk through the exhibits. Some days there will be guides explaining how a particular piece was made. And one days with good weather there is an outdoor garden you can walk through that looks like some futuristic world.

Andy Zahn

Absolutely amazing - a new jaw dropping surprise around every corner! We spent hours soaking it all in, and I still feel like I could go back again and be almost as amazed. Photos don't do this place justice. Allow a few hours to experience the wonder of it all, and if you're doing the space needle as well you can purchase tickets as a bundle at a discount.

Joy O

I’ve wanted to go ever since seeing a documentary on PBS years ago. It was better in person. He’s definitely a master artist/craftsman. Best time to go is in the sunshine to completely enjoy the outdoor exhibit.

Claire Doyle

Absolutely amazing place. I have a massive love for glass anyway but this is phenomenal. Even my children who weren't sure when in awe of the exhibition. Loved it!!

Darren E Butler Sr

This museum is amazingly awesome. It is excitingly therapeutic to see the incredible talents and skills of the world-renowned glassworks artist, Mr. Chihuly, on display throughout the facility. A must visit for anyone living in and a tourist to the Seattle area.

Mac Elicious

Cool and unique. Beautiful glass sculptures and history of the man who made them. If they have explain how he lost his eye, I missed it.

Caleb Wilson

I’ve never seen art like this before. Super cool and the exhibits don’t have large amounts of guards or fences around them so everyone can see it up close. The museum is kind of small which is double edged sword. It doesn’t take all day to walk thru, but the ticket price is $20 (with a Seattle city pass) so it may be expensive for some. Outstanding place. Well worth it.

Russ Paperman

So beautiful. The exhibits are incredible and they had a demo of glass making outside in the garden area.

Ellen N

This was an amazing experience, I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys art, nature, culture, inspiring stories, or just beautiful things. The art is otherworldly and you could spend hours looking, or walk through within an hour if you just want a quick stop. Well worth the price, thank you Chihuly Garden!

JoJo Poppy

I absolutely ADORE this place! I was so moved by the beauty of his art pieces and so intrigued by the story of his life and creative process. Such an incredible talent and inspiring life story.

chandra g

Chihuly Glass Museum is a must see in Seattle. Breathtaking glass work!! As you walk through each room, you will appreciate each and every object on the display. They are outstanding. When you move out in the Garden, you will see how skillfully glass work is blended with the nature. It's a great artwork and we are happy that we did go to see it!

Michael C

A beautiful, modern museum in the shadow of the Space Needle, displaying the variety of works and styles of Seattle-native Chihuly. Some of the exhibits are truly breathtaking in their scope and vibrancy. It was awesome to find that the museum had a glass artist demonstration in the Glass House portion. Definitely a must-visit if you’re in the vicinity.

Suzi Stein

This is such a spectacular place. Colorful pretty art work. It makes people ooh and aah. You will be so happy you visited.

Rhonda Gilezane

My husband took me for the first time for my birthday. We were lucky that day because it was fairly empty and we were able to spend hours in just pure amazement. The awe you feel when seeing this artwork for the first time. It will take your breath away. We have since taken our children and we recommend it as a “Must Do” for anyone visiting Seattle!

Sejin Zhao

Amazing art work. Ticket is expensive but so very worth it. Exhibitions are breathlessly incredible. Highly highly recommend!!

Virginia Gray

To make sure to visit this when you are in Seattle. If you have a city pass it is on their. It is right beside the space lead all so make your reservations for that and then enjoy the museum. The glass is absolutely stunning and you will not be sorry.

Gin L

Such an enchanting place! Beautiful glass work and I loved the garden area with the space needle towering over the beautiful landscape of the garden and the glass menagerie. My only complaint is that if you don't have your phone with you to listen to the guided tour, you're not going to know some of the names of the art pieces. But that's not a deal-breaker to me. Come to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum! You'll be amazed!

Megan Billnoske

Amazing art and display well done. The colors, story, plants and layout of the museum was great. It even has a movie theater room where you can watch how he worked on different projects in real life.

Chris Armstrong

Very interesting and beautiful colors. I am not a big fancy glass fan but the vibrant colors are a must see.

Shaylee Carter

Worth a stop!! Such a beautiful and one of a kind museum. Truly amazing museum

Catherine Lewis-Tubre

OMG. This place is mesmerizing. Room after room of master pieces and then you go to the outside garden for more amazing glass sculptures. We also had lunch at the cafe which was very good. Even the water tasted great. Don't forget to stop in the gift shop for some great souvenirs. I could have spent the entire day admiring his art. We bought the combo ticket which gave us entrance to the Chihuly gardens and the space needle. Worth every penny!!!

Teresa Palazzo

Beautiful, as to be expected. In particular, the garden is breathtaking. It feels somehow alien, and organic. It's a magical place .

Stephen Brice

Amazing! Must see! Go through twice. We were in awe the entire time. Wish that we would have found out about the tour. Excellent experience

Victoria Fazio

What an amazing museum. There were a lot of awesome pieces that were just so beautiful. Loved the garden portion and would have loved to see it at night. If you go after 6 you save money and still have enough time to see everything. Check times before hand as sometimes it closes early due to private functions.

Colt Pierson

Very cool exhibit. Really makes the mind imagine. I would not recommend if you have small kids as it can be very boring for them. Also I would recommend that you buy the citypass verse paying full price as it can be expensive for what you are getting.

Nidal Hamzey

I didn't know what to expect and wow, just absolutely gorgeous. Chiuhuly is an expert glass blower. The vivid colors he used and the sheer scale of his artwork will leave you breathless. At the end, there's an outdoor garden interspersed with his work. At the base of the Space Needle at sunset it's just beautiful. They also have live a demonstration of glass blowing. Their hotshop is in an old airstream.

Beverly Swaile

So beautiful! This exhibit was put together masterfully. The glass placed in the gardens was stunning. I was so glad to stumble upon this period I highly recommend you see it especially if you have a Space Needle wait.

Arie Beresteanu

It's nice but I wouldn't do it if it wasn't included in the city pass deal. You can walk the whole thing in 30 minutes, slowly. The glass sculptures are nice and impressive but you get the idea after 5 minutes. The place is air conditioned.

Ilana O

I love it here. For the record, I think it'd be a sweet place to go while stoned. I imagine many people have. My girlfriend and I came on a rainy Saturday (shocking, I know), and paid $34 a ticket. Each room is as stunning as the next. The vibrance. The colors. The shapes. It's all delightful. It's awesome to walk through the garden and see the blending of the glass with the surrounding flora. We probably spent a little over an hour there, which felt like enough time. We caught a little bit of a glass blowing demo, and there were some hecklers, which actually made the show even more engaging. Wish we had this much Chihuly in Chicago.


Breathtaking art! Although the gallery is small, it is in a beautiful building and location. It's a little expensive but well worth the experience (especially if it's you're first time)!

William Eichler

The glass sculptures at this site are intricate and beautiful. It's hard to believe that someone has the talent to create such beauty

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