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REVIEWS OF Bill Speidel's Underground Tour IN Washington

Laurine Parker

The tour was amazing! Dean was awesome! His enthusiasm and energy were great! So were his jokes! I loved his loud voice so I could hear him from anywhere!

czc Khol

This was a very interesting tour. I learned a lot about the Early inhabitants of Seattle and how they survived the huge and destructive fire that devastated this city in the 1800s and how they overcame this tragedy and were resilient and rebuilt it.It was very interesting to me. I'm a history buff.I recommend it to anyone who loves learning about our nation's history.The curator was very knowledgeable about old Seattle and she made it interesting. She was very articulate and her presentation was very informative.

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Ajninja 84

Awesome tour, alot of facts and city info, we had a great guide that we had! About an hour long for 22.00. Not much walking all pretty local arround the area. Ends in the gift shop.

C Schulz

This was awesome. Very educational but in a entertaining way. Sissi was great.

Mike T

Pretty interesting tour. I learned a few things. Sometimes the guide talks way to fast and it's hard to understand what he's saying... But i enjoyed it

Shauna Maguire

The highlight of the underground tour was our wonderful host, Rose. As an international traveller, I appreciated the insightful local history accompanied by dry humour along the way. You get a lot for a $20 ticket so it's definitely a cost effective way to find out more about the city whilst on holiday.

Adam J

It was a lot of fun. A lot of good history. The tour goes between several underground areas and crosses the downtown streets to get there.

Peter Myers

I thought there would be more. It could be that we had a mediocre tour guide, and it WAS cool to see some of the detritus from old Seattle, but on the bright side it was kinda short.

Matthew Godfrey

Def one of the best tours in Seattle that's a must-see. Our tour guide was Clay and was funny and factual about the history. I would recommend this to anyone making a stop in Seattle.

Bethany Amandla

this was a pretty cool tour. reminded me of that history channel show city's of the underworld or something like that. well had a blast

Morgan Lantz

Certainly worth doing once. Great local history and entertainment. Not an accessible tour, lots of stairs and uneven ground.

June Allen

Great tour and roue guide Jim was excellent... They share space with a ghost tour company at night so you will see some creepy exhibits (some of those photos included

Ross Elliott

This was a highlight of our Seattle visit. An amazing back story on Seattle that I doubt many people know about. It was just fantastic. Highly recommend.

Geneviève Ratté

Very interesting! I did read the history of Seattle prior to this visit, and it was helpful because i could understand better what happened! The underground city is more about the underground boardwalks, but still, you can see the old front porch!

Tina Klein

This underground tour was fantastic! We learned a bunch about the city of Seattle that we did not know before. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. This was well worth the $22 per person. I would highly recommend.

Usama Munir Sheikh

Our tour guide was hilarious! She had amazing puns for all sections of the tour and was well rehearsed in the history of Seattle, especially Pioneer Square. About the tour itself, there isn't a lot in it be honest. It's just a lot of old stuff: brick walls, toilets, framed photographs, glass etc. The gift shop at the end had nice souvenirs for sale. The gift shop can be accessed without taking the tour.

Jordan Jennings

This tour was phenomenal! Not only did I learn about Seattle’s origin story, but our tour guide Dean was HYSTERICAL. I normally don’t care for the comedy tours, but Dean was brilliant and made the whole experience exceptionally interesting and entertaining.

tony healy

Jim the tour guide made it so fun and very educational. Great piece of seattle history.

Chris Vialpando

Super cool and educational activity for everyone from Seattle natives to weekend tourists. Adam F does a great job. He's passionate about the history of this great city and it shows in his tours. Highly recommend.

Frank Frost

Really informative and our guide Dean was awesome!! Not your typical tourist attraction was great to learn all the history of Seattle/Pioneer Square. Would recommend to all visitors.

John Wheby

This was such a fun tour and a great way to learn some of the city's more gritty history. Dean was a fantastic, funny guide and made sure we all had a great experience. Now i know why there are glass block on the sidewalks.

Karen Romine

My tour guide, Angie, was great! Very knowledgeable about Seattle's history, and also hilarious! I went in the morning, but if you can, I would recommend the late night, adults only version.

Reed B

This was a really good tour, with an exceptional tour guide! We did the “R” rated Underworld Tour and had a blast. Our guide was the perfect mix of “adult” and informative with a decent amount of history thrown in. You start off the tour at their check in area and bar and then are lead on an hour long tour of the immediate area with a few quick stops “underground”. You do learn a lot about the seedier side of Seattle during this 21+ night time version of the tour. While the underground portions were interesting, they were a little bit underwhelming and stop it from being a 5 star experience. They could really invest in making the underground more of an experience with more props, lighting, sound, etc. With the 21+ tour you end back at the bar for a drink that’s included in the price of your tour. I am looking forward to doing the daytime tour at some point as well.

Karen Warren

Excellent tour of underground Seattle. Amazing history of early Seattle that was so interesting. Our guide was great at describing what happened, where we were and told so many stories. I loved this tour and would recommend to everyone visiting Seattle.

Joy Engelcke

I went on this tour as a work event and I wasn't particularly interested in going, but I actually had a fun time. The tour guide really made the whole thing by telling us the history of Seattle in an interesting and funny way. He did a really great job. The other thing I liked was the spider webs. I seriously had never seen webs like this. They looked like fake Halloween props but were real! Glad I didn't see the spider(s) responsible!

Matt Capper

Pleasantly surprised. Was very unaware of Seattle's history. Adam was an incredibly engaged guide with a true interest in the content. A must do for anyone visiting or living in Seattle.

Squid Crane

It inspired me a lot! It's my first run-through the underground and I've never been more interested in history. They presented it in a very interesting way and most of the places we visited were untouched enough as to not feel like just another museum/showcase, but rather a small glimpse of life in the past. I wanna do it again sometime— they say it isn't the same everytime!

Dude, It's Aaron

A very interesting tour. The guides are very fun and interactive. The whole story is humorous and incredible. Some of the tunnels do have a bit of a smell, but I wouldn't expect anything else from a 100 year old tunnel honestly.

Adam Ross

We did a morning tour and it was very interesting. Our tour guide, Jim, knew the history very well and was hilarious. Even my young kids paid attention and got a kick out of the exploding toilet stories. This is a must-see tour if you're in the area and enjoy offbeat history.

Sean Bird

Highly recommend this tour. Our guide, I believe her name was Lisa?, was very funny but very knowledgeable. I did this with a 5-year-old and a 12-year-old and they both found it very fun and interesting as well. Just make sure you buy your tickets way ahead of time because they sell out.

Bree F

This was a great tour. The tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining, will absolutely do this again. Thank you, David!!

Miss Peeved

We had a fun time exploring the underground with our kooky female guide. The group we were in was very big but it's definitely not the full summer crowd for sure. Can't imagine what things are like with full capacity!! It was quite interesting but involved a lot of climbing up to street level and then back down into the underground several times. The underground is also left in quite an original condition with filth and debris scattered around the place. Some parts are rather damp/musty, so people with allergies should take note.

Danelle Pope

It is pretty neat to get beneath the city and see some history. There are a lot of cool things that remain in tact. Unfortunately, the tour drags things out a bit, probably to make you feel like you have gotten your money's worth. Truthfully, it is interesting, but a bit expensive for what it is.

Seth Banks

We did the 21+ version which they run at 8 and 9 PM. Great tour guide, interesting stories. Kind of wish it were a bit longer but oh well, still very entertaining. The 21+ version has a free cocktail at the end, and you can hang out at the bar where it begins and ends for a bit before and after thebtpur and have beers or cocktails. Decent selection of beer and good cocktails.

Jenn Rynkiewicz

Okay, this was really fun! My husband rarely laughs at other people's jokes but Adam had him chuckling the whole tour. I hardly believed my eyes and ears. It was first funny, second educational, third exciting, fourthly and lastly, some pretty cool history. Bravo!

Jsk Varma

History is always the root for development. Knowing history of any incident makes us to understand the struggles bear by our ancestors. The present stage is not directly created, but by the base of the history. It is very worth who loves the history and who respects the history and ancestors.

Chris Bicknell

Great story telling! Awesome people! Very cool tour. Excellent Seattle history lesson made fun.!

Brandi Dean

We did this tour because my husband wanted to, and it did not disappoint! It was super cool to learn about the history of Seattle. Highly recommend! Also, Jim was our tour guide and he was hilarious and really knew his stuff!

quynh chi tran

4 stars for our very entertaining tour guide. This is for those who like quirky historical facts about places. May seem weird to pay to walk "underground" but it we did learn some fun facts about seattle.

Krishna G

This is a must see attraction in Seattle. Explains how the city has evolved and going through tunnel experience shows the bits and pieces of the past. Guide was friendly and have enough time for visitors to experience the places. I would definitely recommend. Have some spare cash in hand to tip the guide!

Jamie Loper

Interesting for sure! The underground itself is a bit smelly but a fun experience. It sprinkled on my last in Seattle so I saved this for last so that I could enjoy the outdoor activities while the sun was out. Our guide, Adrienne, was really funny and did a great job on the tour. Learning about the origin of the town and some fun facts was worth the cost; which wasn't that much; but cheaper to purchase online. I loved the info about the seamstresses. Definitely recommend if you need an indoor activity.

Derek Wood

Classic tourist trap but informative... our tour guide was super cool and learned and saw some cool stuff...if you got the time and the dime check it out

Bob Haycock

Super interesting underground area, and could have been awesome tour, but tour guides seemed more interested in their comedy act than giving much historical information. We just rushed through some very cool areas without any context at all. I had to do a Google search after the tour to figure out the history of what I had seen.

Jason Gorringe

Go team Xan! It was a blast and only made better by Xan's great storytelling. The tour was very informative about early Seattle history, and there are three different underground areas to see along the way. As someone who recently moved to the Seattle area, I plan to come back and share this experience with family and friends who are in town to visit in the future.

Beth Blankespoor

Very interesting stories of past Seattle. Nice guides, that work hard to keep things funny. Not a 5 simply because it moves pretty slowly at times. Nice tourist activity that is worth doing at least once.

Wyatt Barkman

Been there 3 times... Very interesting And a little different every time.. make sure u get Dean for a guide tho hes great

Cortney Ayers

Tour guide Clay made this tour informational and fun! There’s not a ton to see, but it’s definitely interesting city history. It’s not an excessive amount of walking, as you stay within a close distance to the starting point, but you go underground 4-ish times, but right in the same square area. Check it out - it’s not expensive so it’s worth the hour+ of your time and money.

Christopher I

So we were a little on the fence about this tour considering we were taking our kids with us, but we did the daytime underground tour. Our guide was Clay, who by the way is AWESOME! He made the tour extremely informative and laid back. It felt as if he lived in the times of underground Seattle because of his extensive knowledge and attention to detail...or he was just really good at improv but either way it was a damn good tour! He kept the group laughing and intrigued the whole time. I highly recommend finding out what tours he is the leader for and book those. Once again I’d recommend taking this tour to learn about the mistake that Seattle was built on. Also seamstresses were a lucrative business back in the day!

Jessica Cerchiara

A fun and interesting tour if you’re looking for something to do. The tour guides are funny and have great demeanor. The actual underground itself is a bit boring, just old and musty, but interesting all the same. The natural lighting/windows built into the sidewalks were by far the coolest part of the trip. Definitely would be better as a haunted tour (which was an option).

Adrienne B

The tour was fun and the guides were knowable. It was interesting to learn about the history of Seattle. I wish there was a little more to see from the old days.

Stephen Young

We had a great host, but I forgot his name. He definitely was the funnier of the two hosts that day and we we're lucky to have him. The tour was a bit anticlimactic maybe because we have been wanting to do this tour for a while. It is educational and a good thing to do while in town. Civil engineers will love this tour, as well as all history buffs. I don't think it would be that great for kids. A little mature for them.

Deana Meza

This tour was fun and reasonably priced! Cute bar and the guides were quirky and fun! Make sure to bring cash to tip them. They will give you some cool stories about the city!!!

Susan Jensen

Great info about early Seattle told with fun and enthusiasm. Highly recommend to visitors and residents alike. Will never look at Seattle the same. Fantastic tour guide Adam L made this especially enjoyable.

Anastasia Ross

A fun tour to do in Seattle a lot of walking and going down and up stairs so be prepared for that if you bring an older loved one. We had a great tour guide that filled our time with comedy and fun!

Brad Kosar

Really enjoyed this tour. Surprised at how much fun this was. Our docent was hilarious, knowledgeable, and very engaging. I would definitely recommend this tour as a must do Seattle experience.

Danielle Sparkes

Dean was hilarious! An outstanding guide and really played to the crowd. Tons of history mixed in with the puns and quick witted jokes. My only recommendation is that some people want to take photos and thus spending an extra minutes or two past the history lesson may be beneficial. Or, maybe the photographers just need to be quick.

Leah Ley

Was really looking forward to this tour. Kinda wish we had done the over 21 version on the Our tour guide, Jim, was obviously very knowledgeable.... and had lots of bad puns to go along with his stories. Highly recommend this true Seattle experience.

Angela Trager

Great tour. Very interesting and enlightening. Recommend

Michael Faner

Really enjoyed this tour. Our guide Angie was really informative, funny and entertaining. She went through a short history and only complaint was that it felt really short but that was because it moved really fast. Highly recommend when you're in downtown Seattle

May Malek

Amazing tour to know about history of the city to learn how bad leaders can destroy in 8 years! Aly was an amazing tour guide, I would definitely check the time she's there, as her other colleague called her a "walking encyclopedia" for a good reason. There's nothing scary or creepy about the underground very safe and easy to do, just wear comfortable walking shoes, and watch your head and steps while going down the stairs. If you're planning to go to the adult tour, make sure you to get your tickets in advance. Apparently they have a spooky Halloween tour which can be really cool!

Amy Lines

Entertaining and informative. My 12 year old son enjoyed it just as much as hubby and I.

Melissa Van Der Veen

This was such a fun tour. I went with some family who was visiting from out of town and it was a great way to learn some fun things about my city. I loved our tour guide Andy she knew so much about the city and made the tour such a cool experience. Her passion and enthusiasm were contagious and she was the kind of person that made the tour so special. We don't all get to hang out together very often and this was so amazing. Thank you Andy for helping us have such a special time together!

Keith Barker

Tour was amazing . Awesome information and history right under your feet, definitely a must do. Small walking tour beneath the sidewalks of Seattle. Some stairs are involved. Loved it.

Long Tran

Very comical and entertaining! Great informative knowledge of Seattle’s past. Kids and adults can both enjoy the casual tour.

Dwight Amstutz

This was a great experience. Learning lots of details about how the city was built and the mistakes made along the way. Very insightful. The guides were amazing in their education and details. My kids loved the 75 minute adventure. Included some random pictures. Explanations are in the tour.

Shea Engle

Super fun and educational experience. A great place to learn some Seattle history.


The Seattle Underground Tour is a fascinating trip literally underneath a big city and through history. The first characters you will meet are the ones giving the tour. Each guide is either a teacher, historian, librarian, thespian or combination of all. Your guide will walk you through about one mile of the 11 miles of charted underground. They will captivate you while revealing, in all ages appropriate terminology, the many intriguing and dirty secrets buried by history. Be sure to carefully review your pictures for ghosts. Seattle Underground Tour would love to add your picture to their collection. TheBillo313

Paula Davis

Loved this tour, lots of really interesting information about the history of Seattle. Our guide was very funny and pleasant, well informed too. I would recommend to anyone visiting the city for the first time.

Ryan Cress

Booked up and didn't get to go. adults only tour is only run Thursday-Saturday and just 2 time frames 7&8pm. Recommend buying tickets ahead of time. My be different in the busy season.

Haley Campbell

Serena was amazing! So much fun and had us laughing the whole time. We definitely had a memorable experience and would recommend this to anyone going to Seattle.

Elizabeth Feldman

The host is very knowledgeable and the tour is right at an hour. Got time to kill? Drop I and learn about why Seattle has an underground

Ankita Chatterjee

Funny, weird and very interesting perspective on the history of Seattle! Dean was an amazing your guide! Would highly recommend this! There are a lot of stairs and some areas can be tight, dark or damp with stagnant air.

Spurthi Amba Hombaiah

This was my second time doing the tour! I have enjoyed it thoroughly both the times. My family enjoyed it as well. Our guide was super-cool! Kept cracking us up and made sure it was a great and memorable experience for all of us.

Katrina Johnson

More history lesson and less walking/distance for exploration. Staff very knowledgeable and friendly from beginning to end!

Melanie Peterson

This is 100% a must do when visiting Seattle! The whole tour was so funny and informative, there was never a moment I was bored. I forget the name of my tour guide, but it was the brunette lady with short hair that was really fit- she was awesome

Brian Jones

Entertaining! Worth the price. First stop in Seattle. Lots of pee smell in this area (not on the actual tour). Pee, urine, EVERYWHERE. Months later and I can still smell the pee...I am going to shower again.

John Smith

I'm a local and I do this tour every few years. Great fun, each guide tells different stories. Highly, highly recommended.

Richard Sprinkle

A very fun and informative tour. The guides do a wonderful job of mixing history and humor while you learn about Seattle's sorted past.

Jesse Isenberg

The tour guides were hilarious and had great speeches, which kept the group laughing and interested. It was a very intriguing experience to learn about some of the little-known historical facts of Seattle's early years. The only thing that was slightly underwhelming was that there wasn't a lot of touring. There were three underground buildings that we went into and then just stood and listened to their speeches for a while, which as I said before, were excellent. TL;DR Hilarious guides, very little walking, only a few tour locations, but great experience still

Jolene Latchin

These women tour guides should have their own comedy show! And the history is amazing.

Alvin P

It was interesting at times but I expected alot more. I thought the tour would be longer and further underground. Take some quick walks to what is basically the basement level of a few buildings. Moldy and musty in some parts.

Karen N Cricket

Super fun and interesting. Jim was a terrific tour guide. Easy walk. Don't recommend for young kids.

Jacob Schmitt

We went on this tour in August when the weather was a bit overcast so this was the perfect option for a day that was best spent indoors. The tour was led by the most entertaining Dean who had us all laughing throughout the tour. The history that is recounted during the tour is really fascinating; hard to believe that the city was built up from a tidal swamp but you are shown the evidence from underground. Very educational and fun - highly recommended for nearly all ages (perhaps not very young children as they wouldn't get all the jokes!!).


Our tour guide Mercer did a wonderful job weaving informational history in story form blended with humor, she made learning fun for everyone in our family. The history of Seattle was definitely interesting to learn. Highly recommend this tour.

Silver Horse

Enjoyed learning about Seattle! We loved the history and the underground scenes. This was definitely worth my time and money!!

Kellen van Dorland

We had Dean as a tour guide and he was quite the character! Great tour and very informative. I would highly recommend in order to get the history behind what Seattle is today.

Craig Winters

The tour guide lady should be in comedy. Other than that its some stinky basements, l think they need to add some actors in the bar or somewhere else along tour to get better ratings but l know that costs money... Good information about the city but 3 stars is all l can give on this one....

Katy Matero

I had such a fun time on this adventure with my boyfriend. Perfect way too kick off the spooky Halloween season! Our tour guide was the best and of course I cannot remember his name, but I remember he work a kilt and it was dope. He was informative and funny, I think this is a fun thing to do for visitors and locals!!

Brandon Blain Schwebs

Excellent tour. Fun and entertaining. Our tour guide was extremely funny and really made the tour special. I recommend anyone take this tour.


Cassius was a very informative and charismatic host. I learned much about Seattle and its history. This is the kind of thing everyone should do if they visit Seattle area.


Go on the tour! You will not regret. Great old Seattle history.

Bradley Wyss

This is a GREAT way to spend an afternoon and get to know the history of the city. More fun than any museum I have been to so far and the tour guides and very knowledgeable and hilarious. Definitely go to the late night 21 and older tour if you get a chance.

Sumit Gouthaman

A decent tour. But would have been nice if it was a little more detailed.

Jose Mariscal

Really liked it. Way to short and hard to relate current orientation until about 1/2 way through. Lisa was good.not loud enough.

Nicholas Souza

Really great underground tour of Seattle with hysterical guides and a lot of cool history! I learned a lot about the city and the guide made it a fun learning experience.

jim berneike

Our tour guide was quite a character, very theatrical, I really enjoyed the way he brought his story telling to life.

Elsie Foerster

We had Jim for our tour guide and he was awesome! Loved listening to the history and the funny jokes and puns he had. There are alot of stairs so be prepared. Also make sure you use the restroom before the tour as there are no bathroom breaks. The tour takes about an hour and 15 minutes for a small group.

Preston Goold

Very unique experience and full of Seattle history. Our tour guide was a lot of fun and provided a ton of information on everything from Thomas Crapper to the raising of the streets, how it was done and where the money came from. Crazy history that's hard to believe unless you go on the tour.


I went in a bit skeptical that this would be anything more than just a kitschy hour of my life wasted. I left with a deeper appreciation for Seattle's history and was entertained on top of it! Carl's humor and delivery left me wanting to learn more. A fun morning that I would do again!

Abby Fitts

This was such a fun and surprising experience! I didn’t know what to expect when I went on this tour but I had a great time. It was hilarious and informative and interesting. Angie was our guide and she was awesome!

Christina Spires

Everyone loves this; there are tons of reviews that say so. The Seattle history is a wonderful insight into how Seattle came to be. The story-telling guides were a delight and had tons of energy and to hold your interest. I deducted one star because the 'underground' itself is just okay. There are old boards and trash thrown everywhere, bare stone walls, and tiny pictures that 40 people are all supposed to look at at once. Our guide told us they take 40 people through the tunnels every 15 min. At $22 a pop, they are making a killing. you'd think they would reinvest some of that money to make the underground tour visually appealing as well. Blow some pictures up, set some museum-like scenes, be creative! On another note, watch out they sell out often. We went Friday around 3PM and tickets were sold out for the day. We didn't take a chance the day and bought our tickets in advance online.

Blue Heritage

Very interesting. Lots of information. Tour guide, Dean, has great energy and enthusiasm.

tracey russell

Interesting, humorous and informative. Some of the underground smelled like, well the underground lol but would totally do this tour again. NOT claustrophobic at all, fans to circulate air, lots of information from the guide as well as on the walls as you go, easy to move around

David Cain

A great tour to learn about historic Seattle and see some unusual things. Quite a fun way to spend a few hours.


Really fun tour! Our guide Serena (sp?) was very knowledgeable and extremely witty. Really interesting to know the history of this peculiar city.

Josh Ingalls

Angie was a great tour guide! It was a fun experience, good value and I especially liked learning the history. The underground parts might not be as amazing as you picture in your head, they might just be glorified basements, but it's still a lot of fun.

crawlie ?

Our tour guide, Dean, was an excellent mix of knowledge and comedy. Th tour itself was very informative and covers a lot of ground (both literally and figuratively) but at an easy place. Dean pointed out that we had a smaller than average tour, which meant he could spend a bit more time with us on some of his favourite parts, which was excellent!

Jyeshta Shetty

Highly recommended for those new in the city. Have heard the night version is better

Jeanne Bentley

This was so much fun. The tour guides were amazing. So much information and the kids love it. Even my 5 year old enjoyed it. There is an after hours one that ends with a drink and is more "colorful ". I would recommend that if you don't have kids. But A+++.

Shafreen Sayyed

This is a fantastic tour a must visit if in Seattle. It’s a bit further out from downtown but a quick taxi ride. The hosts were knowledgeable and humours - a fun afternoon

Ross Cavins

Great tour about a part of Seattle I never knew existed. Our guide was full of wonderful bad jokes that made the tour more enjoyable than I could ever have imagined. Highly recommended!

Sky Highwind

Great tour! Tour guide Angie was great! The locations were nice and I liked how some of the tour was above ground.

Kate Weisler

My mom lived in Seattle for 10 years and she even learned some new stuff about the city. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and witty. There was lots of humor mixed in with history of the city formation and history of the tunnels.

AJ Jerome

One of the greatest tours around!! Experienced this tour several times and even the midnight ghost tour. Will go back again!!

Jordan Lewis

First time in Seattle and on the tour. Price was about $22 for adults. The first 15 minutes were extraordinary. Starts with a short presentation from a Seattle historian who gives you an in-depth look at the beginning of Seattle and how it was founded. I was completely immersed in his stories. After learning a bit about the background, you go with a tour guide to the actual underground. Unfortunately, this is where the quality drops. Within the first 10 seconds of listening to our guide speak, we could tell it was probably his first day on the job. Uncomfortable silence, awkward jokes, and dead air. I did not feel engaged or immersed. In order for me to suggest the tour to friends, I would really have to be sure that the quality of the tour will be consistent throughout the experience. I suggest that tour guides have training days where admission is reduced price so they can learn the ropes before doing the real thing.

Brandon Layne

Very fun and educational. Both tour guides we heard speak were good. Tour lasted an hour and you went up and down in and out of alleys and the underground of Seattles downtown.


Xan was our guide, and she was pretty awesome. It's history, with some really well done jokes. The time and price point for the tour are perfect. Definitely good if you want to do something that can kill some time, but doesn't require a huge amount of time to do.

Travis Williams

Must see! Fun tour for all ages. If it's raining you might need something like a hoodie to keep you dry for the short periods of time outside. You have to travel to the different locations up on the side walks.

Greg Stratis

Recommend highly. Tour guide was fantastic. Learned a lot about the history of Seattle

Shaun Schmidt

A must do tour if you are in Seattle. Adrian our guide was AMAZING. She made the experience so great and she is a super cool, down to earth individual. The tour gives you a lot of history on the city and it's actually just a really great tour. Very affordable and at the end if you go to the Market Cafe and Saloon (oldest bar in Seattle) you get 10% of your bill. It was one of the best parts of our Seattle trip!

Shoshanah Weisinger

Truly one of my favorite experiences in Seattle! I only regret not going until the week before I moved out of town. I recommend it to everyone I know! I was nervous when we arrived and there was an information session, but it was very interesting and entertaining. The tour itself was as fascinating as Seattle's very rocky foundation as a city. I need to come back for the booze tour and the ghost tour!

laura ehrhard

Very fun and very interesting history. Our tour guide was great

Chris La Noue

This is a great tour. Very interesting for sure and a must do if you are in the area and appreciate history.

SoCal Punx

This is a most take tour. Great way to learn some local Seattle history while checking out the super cool underground sights. So cool to check out the street level from the mini glass window cubes below. Vey cool.

Brian Trinh

Very entertaining tour with some of the most enthusiastic guides in town! It was interesting to learn about the little known facts of the history of Seattle told from a humorous point of view. Would recommend for any newbies and visitors of the city (as I am)!

Lucas Parry

A must do activity if you’re visiting Seattle. The guides were fantastic! You’ll laugh and learn as you discover the underground city of Seattle’s past.

Kevin Huang

pretty neat place, they take you to the different underground places and tell you all about the history of the city. O'Connor was our tour guide and he was very enthusiastic about everything. Made the experience a blast of the past

Chris Sotraidis

Detailed and fun tour. Since I knew literally nothing about the history surrounding the Seattle underground, it was well worth it. Our tour guide was informative and hilarious. Definitely a highlight of my time in Seattle. Seems like something everyone should check out if they're in town.

King Noelie

Had a very interesting tour with Deitrich (I think?). Had a really good historical perspective with interesting contemporary informational tidbits. This was a more "serious" tour, not as humour-driven as others I saw, but still excellent!

Ornwara Tritrakarn

I like how this tour gives you access to underground areas you wouldn't be able to enter without the guide/wouldn't have been brace enough to enter alone. Our tour guide, Jim, was friendly and entertaining. Along the tour, he also gave us some good recommendations of nearby attractions. It's a kind of experience I think would be good for someone who is visiting Seattle for the first time but probably not a place I would come if I were to revisit Seattle someday.

Karl Stephens

This is the fourth time I've done the speidel's Seattle underground tour and it is the best it's ever been. Jim was our tour guide and he rocks! He is a complete crackup. We were blessed with a very non busy Saturday morning tour. Not a lot of people around. Can I get an amen!? It's an awesome way to spend two hours of a beautiful day whether it's raining or not.

Phil Lim

Excellent tour! Jim tells the story so well; he's fabulous!! A must to do when in Seattle.

Aaron Thomas

Did the tour. Very cool! Bring warm weather clothes even in the summer.

Jessicka Sherwood

Our tour guide Dean was wonderfully hilarious and took the time to engage even my 8 year old (who is now very much in love with Seattle's sewer history

a brown

Great tour. A little shorter than expected, tour guides are amazing and knowledgeable. It is a nice walk around a little part of the city.

David Delepine

Amazing sights and details of what Seattle was like in it's infancy. Our tour guide Lisa was hilarious and extremely knowledgeable. A must see in my opinion.

David Hardy

The underground tour was a fun and unique look at the history of Seattle. Wear your walking shoes and prepare for a good time.

Noah Klein

Great tour. Interesting history presented by a good group of guides. My guide was Michael O'Connor (a little goofy but full of great little tidbits). The underground city is really fascinating. They continued to use it for decades after the fire of 1889. Some real beauty on the tour but most of it is dilapidated obviously. There is a whole bunch of old junk though throughout the tour. Be careful because the underground is dirty. The guide jokingly referred to rats but I didn't see any.

Brent L

This is a tour of the underground passageways and basements in downtown Seattle. A fire in the late 1800’s demolished almost every building in the area. When they rebuilt the area, they rebuilt the new buildings one to two stories higher than the previous street level. There’s an interesting story as to why they chose to do that and how they went about doing that, but I’ll leave that to your tour guide. The tour is really entertaining for history buffs, and the tour guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. I had a great time learning about the what, the why, and the how, but other than that, there’s not a whole lot to see. It’s literally like walking through old basements and staring at brick walls. Tours start every hour on the hour, lasts about 75 minutes and cost $22 per adult. It does involve going up and down several sets of stairs, but the walking distance isn’t terribly long. After purchasing your tickets, you head next door to the attached bar where you can purchase drinks if you want to, and wait for your tour guide to show up. He or she then leads the large group (of 80-90) upstairs and gives some background information on the city and what happened. Mercer gave the presentation in this room and she was quite entertaining. She was hilarious, almost like a comedienne. After this is over, everyone splits into groups of 30-40 people per tour guide. My tour guide was Adam who was also entertaining and had a great sense of humor. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting, and I don’t regret doing it. But again, you aren’t going to see anything really interesting. It’s more about the history and why things were done this way.

Nidal Hamzey

Historical and informative. Light-hearted and playful. Certainly a fun time. Lots of cool stories to be heard.

David Mc

I mean it's good, but as the underground areas are being slowly filled in / renovated and there's no protections it feels like the tours days are numbered and a lot of what's left just looks like crumbly basements rather than former "underground" streets. The guides are excellent, without their stories it wouldn't be half what it is. Go see while you still can however!

Brian Ciano

My fiancee and I took this tour while we were visiting Seattle for a few days and this was our favorite thing out of the whole visit!! Adam was a great tour guide who gave us a lot of cool information about Seattle's history and kept it light and fun with jokes throughout!! I highly suggest taking this tour, definitely worth it and relatively well priced as tourist things go!

James Harding

Brilliant tour with two very funny tour guides. A brilliant story of how the town was rebuilt, bought to life by the guides with some amazing underground sections of Seattle to visit. An absolute must if you enjoy a bit of history and doing something a bit different.

Flurgen Ator

Awesome tour - our very funny and informative guide Dean made it good fun. A side of Seattle history that is very unusual and unique and a great way to see it!

Elaine Lim

My husband and I have been here 3 times over the past 5 years. We never get tired of listening to the stories and exploring the underground. It's a great way to introduce someone to Seattle.

Cody Shaw

Went on this tour twice. The first time around I had a great time and the tour guide knew a lot of facts. I left the tour knowing a lot more about the history of Seattle and felt I got my money worth in facts and knowledge, along with a one of a kind look at the Underground of Pioneer Square. This was in 2017. This year I went back with my brother when he was visiting Seattle as I felt it would be a great addition to his itinerary to learn more about the city. I was floored at how much it had changed. The tour overall was far less factual and had a lot of moments that left me cringing at the choice I had made. My brother left not really learning a whole lot and only remarked about how much the guide could not rap. They seem now to be far more focused on entertaining the group more than giving actual facts about what we are seeing. I felt ripped off honestly. I ended up having to add in a lot of the information myself for him during the tour. I tried to send my feedback but it went unanswered. I'd say give this tour a go still but your results may vary.

Kim Buschkopf

Had a great and entertaining tour with Angie! She made things really fun, taught us about buildings we walked past and under, and her iteration of Seattle's history made it very memorable. I would put this tour on a must-do for a day in Seattle.

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